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While students were away for the summ er, Penfields building got some much needed attention. First, although few people will see this, we got a new roof. And, a new elevator was installed. Although we had to carry books up and down three flights of stairs all summer, it was definitely worth it to make elevator rides less adventurous! We also had many of the areas in the library painted. Last, and most noticeable, is the replacement of the carpets in the large study areas on the second and third floors. The old orange and blue carpets were installed in the late 1970s, so the new carpets are a welcome addition to the new furniture weve been adding throughout the last several years. Were sure youll enjoy these improvements as much as we do.Shannon Pritting Earlier Hours and Quick Print Station 2 Scanning of Ontarian 3 Mobile Website 3 Library Program Plan Completed 4 New Digital Collections and 5 READ Posters 5 SUNY Information Literacy 6 Quest at Penfield 8 Penfield Tests Information Literacy 7 Staff News 7 Penfields Promise 2 Calendar of Events 8 Penfield Loves You and April Egg Hunt 6 Inside Issue 14: SUNY Oswego Issue 14 Fall 2011 @ Penfield Penfields Summer Improvements Barbara Shaffer and Tom Larson cut the ribbon for the elevators official opening. View of 3rd floor carpeting before renovation Work on Penfields roof View of newly renovated 3rd floor corner


The Penfield Library Customer Service Task Force comprised of several staff and librarians, has recently created a new Promise to Patrons. This promise has also been endorsed by the library department, and will be used as a document to guide our efforts to continuously improve services. Copies of Penfields Promise will be displayed prominently throughout the library. Page 2 @ Penfield Penfield Adopts Promise to Patrons In response to student requests, Penfield Library started the new semester with our new 15 minutes earlier opening time! One of our most popular services at 7:45 AM will likely be our quick print stations, wher e students can make those last minute printouts in time for their 8 AM deadline. This time is also pe rfect for a little early morning book browsing or getting a head-sta rt on a big research pa per before going to class. Come try it out, help us spread the word and send us your feedback on this new service. (Please note: Full library services will begin at 8.) Barbara Shaffer New Earlier HoursNow Open at 7:45 a.m. Penfield is excited to announce the expansion of its quick print station area! We have now added a second quick print computer as well as a printer dedicated to these machines. Standard lines at the quick print station last year were si x to seven people; with this years improvements we hope to cut that by more than half ensuring more students are getting to class on time. With the addition of the printer, students will no longer need to hunt to find their printouts as they will be right where they are standing. Also, with Penfield now opening at 7:45 we hope students are able to easily take care of their early morning printing needs and arrive for their 8 AM classes on time and ready to focus on their classwork. Tim Yager Penfield Adds Print Station Penfields Promise to Patrons Penfield promises to: Treat you with respect, and work to understand your needs. Offer you high quality services and resources. Make sure we are knowledgeable about the services and resources we offer. Continuously improve how we serve you and correct mistakes.


Memories of Oswego abound in the Ontarian, the college yearbook. Penfield Library, in collaboration with the Northern NY Library Network, is pleased to announce that a digitization project is underway to preserve those memories in an electronic fo rmat. Whether you are seeking classmates, an aerial view of the campus in the seventies registration before computers a reminder of an icy day along the Lake Ontario Shoreline ,or images of performers who have come to campus like Harry Chapin and Bruce Springsteen there is something for everyone who has attended SUNY Oswego. Check back frequently, as this collection continues to grow. Tom Larson, class of 1975 Page 3 Issue 14 Scanning of Ontarian Underway! Penfield Goes Mobile Library resources & services are now even closer to your fingertips thanks to the Librarys new mobile web site. Using your smartphone or other mobile device you can check library hours, work on research, or consult with a librarian. The mobile Ask-A-Librarian site allows you to talk, email, text or chat with our librarians. The mobile catalog allows you to find books, ebooks, government documents, cds and dvds and you can even read the ebooks on your smartphone or device! You can search databas es for journal articles, too. The mobile site includes links back to the full site for more in-depth research and services. Click the mobile icon at the top of th e library home page, or go directly to: http:// Natalie Sturr Images from the Ontarian Archives of the campus 30 years ago, snowstorms, and registration without computers.


Page 4 Issue 14 Library Program Plan Completed As we anticipated in our Fall 2010 issue, during the past year we have been involved in conversations with Sasaki Architects as they developed a program plan for Penfield Library. Meetings were held with many teams and departments at the Library to determine the needs of each unit, and the functional relationships between them. For example, our Cataloging department needs lots of space for processing newly purchased books and our Library Instruction Team wants to be sure there are an appropriate number of well-equipped classrooms. Other meetings were held across campus with administrators students and faculty to gather more ideas and get feedback from our various user populations. We were all eager to hear about the results of the study and see what preliminary designs Sasaki would propose, so in July the room was full when the architects returned to make their presentation to library staff and faculty. They presented three options, all of which had unique design features in one a covered atrium between Lanigan and Penfield, for example. All also incorporated some key elements that we think are critical for a library of the future, including a centrally located Learning Commons where many services could come together in support of student learning, and enhanced space for faculty development and collaboration. Now we look forward to the next phase of the process, the creation of architectural designs based on these program plans and our responses. We expect construction to be a few years in the future, but our discussions are ongoing about our dream spaces and collaborations we want to develop. Your suggestions are welcome as we continue this process. Image from June 28th Sasaki Presentation View of concept with connected Lanigan and Library as seen from Hewitt Quad Image from one concept at June 28th Sasaki PresentationFloor plan of second floor of Lanigan and Penfield


Penfield regularly adds digital collections that feature the research of the Oswego community and the local history of the college. Two new digital collections were recently completed. The Rice Creek Rese arch Collection, which features research reports, bulletins, and other research from the last 30 years at Rice Creek Field Station, can be viewed online at: Through the support of a Summer Sc holars Grant, a collection of Mycology SEM slides scanned over the career of Dr. Terry Hammill, emeritus professor of Biology, was also recently completed. The project was initiated by Dr. Sofia Windstam, and the work of creating the digital collection was completed by Biology major Sandra Rookey. You can find the Digital Collection at: Shannon Pritting Page 5 @ Penfield New Digital Collections: Rice Creek Research and Mycology SEM Collection 2011 READ Posters In the Spring 2011 Semester, Penfield again featur ed Oswego Faculty and Staff on READ Posters and Bookmarks. In addition to faculty and staff, we al so featured several students this year, including the officers of the Black Student Union, The Student Government President, and student athletes. In all, we featured 15 figures from Oswego State. Posters were displayed throughout the end of the semester in the main first-floor gallery area, and over 1,500 bookmarks have been handed out so far. The READ Posters and Bookmarks were created by Taylor D antz, who recently graduated from the Graphic Design program. To see all 15 bookmarks, go to the READ Bookmark album on Penfields Facebook page: Shannon Pritting Examples of READ bookmarksfrom left Damien Schofield, Quindell Williams, and Renee Landers Img 92 from Mycology EM Collection Logo from Rice Creek Associates


On February 14th, Penfield Library once again offere d its popular Penfield Loves You day. We celebrated Valentines Day and gave librarians, staff, faculty, and students a chance to meet and share what they love about the library, and offer us suggestions for new services and improvements. This year, we offered hundreds of baked goods, coffee, and poster gi veaways. Students also took advantage of craft stations where they could make their own Valentines Day cards (and a few people even made cards for Penfield). The technology petting zoo featuring the variety of technology available for st udents to borrow also proved popular. The librarians and staff worked hard to gather input from students. With the help of an SU Library Science Graduate Student, we administered about 150 surveys and received lots of great feed back we are using to improve services. Shannon Pritting Page 6 @ Penfield Penfield Loves You Day 2011 As a way to promote our new Text-a-Librarian Service, Librarians created an interactive marketing campaign, the April Egg Hunt. Librarians hid over 50 paper April Eggs with unique codes on them throughout campus and students texted librarians the codes from the Eggs. Dozens of students participated, and almost 1000 codes were texted to the librarians. Penfield recently added text-based reference as part of its Ask a Librarian suite of reference consultation services. Anyone who wishes to ask a que stion via texting should contact us at 315878-8237, during our regular texting hours of 8-5 Monday-Thursday and 8-4:30 on Friday. If you text after hours, we w ill respond when were back at the reference desk. Shannon Pritting April Egg Hunt 2011 Example of an April Egg Penfield Loves You logo designed by Taylor Dantz Information Literacy Assessment Across SUNY: Oswego Librarians Join Task Force In March the SUNY Librarians Association (SUNY LA) formed the Information Literacy Assessment Task Force to develop professional standards and practices for the assessment of information literacy learning outcomes across SUNY. The standards should provide a toolbox that all campuses can use to improve instructional programs and to better meet S UNY and Middle States requirements. Oswego librarians Karen Shockey and Jim Nichols are active parti cipants in the Task Force. Karen is working to collect and compare the tools currently in use for assess ment of basic level learning outcomes. This review of the available tools can lead to recommendations for wider use of one or more of them. Jim is working to improve the alignment of the existing SUNY general education requirements and learning outcomes with the national standards on which Middle States relies. This team seeks to clarify the learning outcomes and goals that should form the basis for assessment and improvements. Oswegos assessment tools have already served as a model at other campuses. James T. Nichols


Librarian Mary Bennett retired in June after 29 years of service at Penfield Library. She wore many hats during her time here, most recently as Govern ment Documents Librarian, Assistant Coordinator of Reference Service and liaison librarian for the depa rtments of Biology and Health. We have missed her friendly smile and the excellent help she gave all our students and faculty, so were really glad shes returning for fall semester as an adjunct Reference and Instruction Librarian. Penfield Library welcomes temporary assistant libra rian Tina Chan to the staff. Tina comes to us from Syracuse University, where she worked in the Learni ng Commons, and was also the librarian liaison to the English Language Institute. At Penfield, Tina is part of the reference team and is the librarian liaison to the Art and Biology Departments, teaching information literacy classes in those areas. Page 7 @ Penfield Penfield Tests Students Information Literacy In February and March we had 136 students complete the Information Literacy Test (ILT) developed at James Madison University. The ILT is a nationally recognized measure used in higher education to assess proficiency in Information Literacy. It is al so used as a tool for comparison with other similar institutions. Students who took the ILT were recruited through sections of HIS 202 and HIS 203, which are high enrollment general education courses with students from a wide range of majors. The 93 students included 27 first semester Freshmen ( who reported completing less than 15 credit hours), 69 second semester Freshman, 24 Sophomores, 10 Juniors, and 6 Seniors. The results of the ILT support our three basic level assessments for the SUNY General Education Assessment Report and the variety of assessments of information literacy learning outcomes at the Capstone level. Our Sophomores appear to be more proficient than our First Semester Freshmen suggesting that our First Year programming has an im pact on the information literacy of our students. The students weakest area, and only non-proficient ar ea, is in Standard 2, Acc esses needed information effectively and efficiently, which is also an area in which students from most comparable colleges scored below proficiency. In general, Oswego students scored higher on the ILT than most other similar colleges that have used the ILT. This initial analysis of the ILT results leads to two main observations and some ideas for future improvements in information literacy education: This test confirms that our students are reasonably proficient in information discovery and use by the time they finish their sophomore year, and that our information literacy efforts in the first year are effective. The ILT confirms that the proficiency of our students is comparable to that of students in other fouryear colleges. For the 51% of our students that are proficient or bette r, we need to investigate ways to elevate learning when it comes to information literacy. In our instructional activities we need to avoid re-hashing the basics and move on to activities that are more challenging. For the other half of the students, and the many more that appear to be less pr oficient in Standard 2 (Assessing Needed Information), we may need to deve lop means to more effecti vely teach and reinforce the practices of searching for useful and credible information sources. Penfields Assessment Team and Information Lite racy Team have already begun work to adjust instructional practices based on the lessons learned from the ILT. James T. Nichols and Shannon Pritting Penfield Staff News


During this years Quest Day, Penfie ld Library hosted the Deans Writing Awards Reception, which featured the best writing from across all majors and disciplines on campus. The reception allowed students and faculty to browse the prize-winning essays, which were displayed in the librarys first floor gallery and Lake Effect Caf and remained on exhibit until the end of the academic year. Organized by the Writing Across the Curriculum Program and sponsored by the Deans of the four academic units, the program honored forty students in departments across campus for work chosen by faculty readers in each discipline. Thank ing Penfield Library for its generous support of the program, Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator Michael Murphy called the Awards Reception and Exhibit a wonderful way to make p ublic the really fine writing done in undergraduate courses, which too often remains known only to the faculty member to whom it was submitted. The Deans Writing Awards reception and exhibit will be an annual event. Winning essays are archived on the Writing Across the Curriculum website Penfield also hosted an art exhibition by Marisa Hill, Our Walk: A Journey through Poetry and Illustration. This exhibition included an artists discussion of her process and was well attended by faculty, students, and community members. Michael Murphy and Shannon Pritting Information Desk 315-312-4267 Circulation Desk 315-312-2560 Penfield Library Penfield Library: Where Ideas, Learning, and Innovation Connect Quest at Penfield Library Whats Going on In Penfield this Semester? September 8th from 1-4 in Penfield LobbyStudent Se rvices Fair with Lifestyles, CTS, Penfield, and Counseling Services Center. September 14, 12:00 Noon Constitution Week Debate (caf) September 26, 9-10:30am and 1:30--3pm Banned Books Readings (caf) October 22nd, 11am-3pmFriends and Family Weekend Book Sale (basement) October 31st Display to Archives De adline for Submitting Scholarly Works November 1st-23rdFood For Fines Week Before FinalsCoffee For Finals and Extended Hours Also, see Penfields Facebook page, found on the librarys homepage for future additions to our calendar. Fall Calendar of Events Illustration from Marissa Hills exhibit