SobekCM Digital Repository Resource Object Metadata and Class Structure

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SobekCM Digital Repository Resource Object Metadata and Class Structure
Sullivan, Mark V.
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SUNY Oswego Institution
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SUNY Oswego Institution
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All rights reserved by the source institution.


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Learning Object Metadata Module( LearningObjectMetadata : iMetadataModule )Aggregation Level Classifications Contexts Difficulty Level Intended End User Roles Interactivity Level Interactivity Type Learning Resource Types Status System Requirements Typical Age Range Typical Learning Time EAD Metadata Module( EAD_Info : iMetadataModule )Container Hierarchy Full Description TOC Included Sections Performing Arts Metadata Module( Performing_Arts_Info : iMetadataModule )Performance Date Performance Performers Geo-Spatial Metadata Module( GeoSpatial_Information : iMetadataModule )KML Refernce Lines Points Polygons Behaviors(Behavior_Info)BibID Bib Info(Bibliographic_Info)Divisions(Division_Info)Metadata Modules METS Header(METS_Header_Info)Tracking(Tracking_Info)VIDSobekCM Resource Object(SobekCM_Item) Abstracts Access Condition Affiliations BibID Classifications Containers Donor (Name_Info)EncodingLevel Genres Identifiers Languages Location Main Entity Name Main Title Manufacturers Names Notes Origin Info Original Description Other Titles Publishers Record RelatedItems Series Part Info SeriesTitle SortDate SortTitle Source Subjects TableOfContents Target Audiences TemporalSubjects Type VIDBibliographic(Bibliographic_Info : iMetadataModule) Create Date Creation Software Individual Creator(s) Individual Creator Note(s) Last Modified Date METS Record Status ObjectID Organizational Creator Organizational Creator Note(s)METS Header(METS_Header_Info) Abstract Text Display Label Language TypeAbstracts(Abstract_Info) Display Label Language Rights Text Rights TypeAccess Condition(AccessCondition_Info) Campus Center College Department Institute NameRef Section Subsection Term Unit UniversityAfilliations(Affiliation_Info) Authority Classification Display Label EditionClassifications(Classification_Info) Level Name TypeContainers(Finding_Guide_Container) Given Name Main Entity (bool)Name Type Roles Terms of AddressNames(Name_Info)Affiliation Dates Description Display Form Family Name Full Name Authority Genre Term LanguageGenres(Genre_Info) Display Label Identifier TypeIdentifiers(Identifier_Info) ISO Code RFC Code TextLanguages(Language_Info) EAD Name EAD URL Holding Code Holding Name Other URL Other URL (Label) Other URL (Note) PURLLocation(Location_Info) Name Places ( ISO, MARC, Text )Publishers(Publisher_Info) Display Label Note Note TypeNotes(Note_Info) Titles(Title_Info)Authority Display Label Language Non Sort Part Names Part Numbers Subtitle Title Title Type Extent Form (Authority, Form, Type) NotesOriginal Description(PhysicalDescription_Info) Record(Record_Info)Catalog Languages Description Standard Main Record Identifier MARC Creation Date MARC Record Content Sources Record Content Source Record Origin Display Label End Date Identifiers Names Notes PublisherRelated Items(Related_Item_Info)Relationship Start Date Title SobekCM ID URL Issuances MARC Date Issued MARC Date Issued End MARC Date Issued Start Places PublishersOrigin Info(MODS_Origin_Info)Date Copyrighted Date Created Date Issued Date Reprinted Edition Frequencies Code StatementSource(Source_Info) Collection(bool)Manuscript(bool)MODS Type(enum)Uncontrolled TypeType(TypeOfResource_Info) End Year Start Year Time PeriodTemporal Subjects(Temporal_Info) Area City Section City Continent Country County Island Province Region State TerritorySubject Keywords(Subject_Info...)Authority Language Genre Geographics Occupations Topics Temporals Name Title Coordinates Projection Scale PALMM Metadata Module( PALMM_Info : iMetadataModule )PALMM Project PALMM Server PALMM Type Send To PALMM? Oral History Metadata Module( Oral_Interview_Info : iMetadataModule )Interview Date Interviewer Interviewee Zoological Taxonomy Metadata Module( Zoological_Taxonomy_Info : iMetadataModule )Class Common Name Family Genus Higher Classification Kingdom Order Phylum Scientific Name Specific Epithet Taxonomic Rank ETD Metadata Module( Thesis_Dissertation_Info : iMetadataModule )Committee Chair Committee Co-Chair Committee Members Degree Degree Discipline Degree Grantor Degree Level Graduation Date VRACore Metadata Module( VRACore_Info : iMetadataModule )Cultural Contexts Inscriptions Materials Measurements State/Editions Style/Periods Techniques Lifespan Name Occupation Sex TitlePerformer(Performer) DAITSS Metadata Module( DAITSS_Info : iMetadataModule )Account Archive(bool)Project SubAccount Requirement Type Maximum Version Minimum Version NameSystem Requirements(LOM_System_Requirements) RightsMD Metadata Module( RightsMD_Info : iMetadataModule )Access Code Copyright Statement Embargo End Version Statement Bounding Box Edge Points ID Internal Points LabelPolygons(Coordinate_Polygon) Label PointsLines(Coordinate_Line) Altitude Label Latitude LongitudePoints(Coordinate_Point) Containers Did TypeContainer Hierarchy(Description_of_Subordinate_ Components) Children BiogHist Did Level ScopeContainers(Container_Info) Internal Link Name Section TitleTOC Included Sections(EAD_TOC_Included_Section) Containers DAO DAO Link DAO Title Extent Unit Date Unit TitleDid(Descriptive_Identification)SobekCM Digital Repository Resource Object Metadata and Class StructureMark Sullivan April 2013 LEGEND Standard Resource Object Metadata and Classes Metadata Extenstion Modules Archive Media Born Digital Digital Acquisition Milestone Disposition Advice Disposition Advice Notes Disposition Date Disposition Notes Disposition Type Image Processing Milestone Internal Comments Large Format Last Milestone Locally Archived Material Received Date Material Received Notes Online Complete Milestone Quality Control Milestone Remotely Archived Tracking Box VID Source Work HistoryTracking(Tracking_Info) Date Burned FileRange Images Media Number SizeArchive Media(Tracking_ArchiveMedia) Completed Date FilePath Note Work Performed By Workflow NameWork History(Tracking_Progress) Aggregations Can Be Described Checkout Required Dark Flag Expose Full Text For Harvesting IP Restricted Main Thumbnail Notify Email Serial Information Tags Text Searchable Ticklers Views Webskins Wordmarks Behaviors(Behaviors_Info) Code NameAggregations(Aggregation_Info) Code HTML Link TitleWordmarks(Wordmark_Info) Date Added Description Tag Tag ID User ID UsernameTags(Descriptive_Tag) Attributes Filename Label View TypeViews(View_Object) Source Directory Physical/Page Files/Divisions (Division_Tree) Downloads ( Division_Tree ) Outer divisionsFiles and Divisions(Division_Info) Checksum Checksum Type Height Metadata Modules Size System Name WidthFiles(SobekCM_File_Info) ID Label Metadata Modules Type FilesPages(Page_TreeNode) ID Label Metadata Modules Type NodesDivisions(Division_TreeNode) Purpose Source Taxonomic Paths Taxonomies (ID, Entries)Classification(LOM_Classification)