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Sullivan, Mark V.

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SobekCM Install and Configuration 1) Installation ( ) a. Preparation i. Internet Information Services (IIS) ii. Microsoft SQL Server (Express) with Advanced Tools (Full Text) iii. For SOLR Java and Tomcat Apache (currently) iv. For Builder ImageMagick and GhostScript b. Run MSI 2) Configuration a. Register b. Create aggregations, upload materials, etc.. c. Settings d. Configuration files i. Main configuration file ii. Default / User folders iii. Additional configuration files e. Customization i. Missing page ii. No r esults page ( noresults.html fragment file ) f. Builder i nstallation i. Folders ii. Scheduled Task 3) Upgrades a. In general b. Version 4.9.0 4) Setting up your development environment Sobe kCM 5.0 Architecture and APIs 1. Upcoming Roadmap a. Version 4.9.0 just released b. Version 4.10.0 i. Builder updates ii. Add better builder visibility into web iii. Localization iv. Item viewers new API and object ( Brief_Item ) c. Version 5.0.0 i. Searching 1. New version of Solr ( 5.3 ) 2. Searching can happen in database (ms sql) or solr/lucene 3. Searching new endpoints ii. Translations iii. Increased modularity for each HTML writer and ( sub ) viewers 2. New architecture ( sobekcm/architecture/overview ) 3. API introduction and consuming the APIs in simple HTML/jQuery ( ) 4. Code introduction


5. Endpoint examples a. WebContent Endpoint b. CustomEndpoint c. Create your own! S obekCM Builder Architecture: What can the builder do for you? 1. New architecture a. New modular design ( ) b. Service vs. Scheduled Task 2. Code introduction ( )


New SobekCM Architecture