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Contributing to the SUNY Oswego Institutional Repository
Ochoa, Marilyn N.
Mitchell, Emily
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SUNY Oswego
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
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Penfield Library
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This session focuses on the SUNY Oswego Digital Library's Institutional Repository (Oswego IR) collection, a database that provides a central, searchable archive for the scholarly, research, and creative production of both faculty and students, and other materials developed across the College. Many faculty members have scholarly or creative work like pre-publications, open access works, or associated resources like datasets and media files, or lead programs that result in a number of works, such as the DigitalOZ. The library is developing an institutional repository as a home for those resources. Please join us in a step by step training session on how to add your resources to the Oswego IR. This session is a companion to two additional sessions. To Collect, Preserve, and Disseminate: The Oswego Digital Library discusses the Oswego Digital Library that houses both Special Collections' historical materials and College faculty and student works, while Exploring the SUNY Oswego Institutional Repository: A contributors' panel offers a deeper look into the OswegoDL's institutional repository component. 50 minute facilitated: What is your program and what works are produced through that program? 1. Which of those works will you try to contain in your OswegoDL collection? 2. What kinds of things have you been thinking about as you decide what to put in OswegoDL? (answers may include what's appropriate to add, what the workflow and timeline might look like, etc.) 3. What are you hoping to get out of putting materials in OswegoDL? 4. ("What's in it for me or your user?".) 5. What are you planning or hoping to do with OswegoDL in the future? 6. (For example, adding older content, adding more collections, etc.) ( , )
Thu, May 19, 2016 | 3:00pm – 3:50pm | Marano Campus Center 208 | 31:34
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This session is one of a three-part series of Oswego Digital Library (OswegoDL) training provided by Penfield Library at the Spring 2016 Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Breakout Workshops. The OswegoDL will officially be launched and available for use in Fall 2016.

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