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Correlation Analysis of Urinary Metals on Cardiovascular/Psychological Parameters
Charlotte Labrie-Cleary
Christopher Gayvert
Kestutis G. Bendinskas
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A set of tools within a statistical program called RStudio was used to explore the associations between urinary metals and the cardiovascular disease potential in 300 children between the ages 9 and 12 years old from Syracuse NY, as part of the Environmental Exposures and Child Health Outcomes study. A total six covariables were used to account for potential confounders contributing to cardiovascular/psychological health: race, child age, gender, BMI percentile, and socioeconomic status (SES) z-score. A correlation analysis was performed on the urinary metals to themselves as well as to the covariates, using a combination of Pearson’s correlation for non-continuous variables (creatinine, child-age, BMI, SES), and F-test and t-tests for categorical variables (gender and race), to account for any interaction terms within the model. This study involved a counterfactual model of mediation of confounders between urinary metals on cardiovascular/psychological parameters. There has been a plethora of statistically significant results obtained from this analysis. In addition to these initial models performed on our data, the concentration of creatinine in the urinary samples was measured this summer in our laboratory. Creatinine is known to be directly associated with the concentration of metals in urine. When running correlation analysis between urinary metals and creatinine in this study, it was found that all such associations were highly significant. For this reason, for all future work, the concentration of heavy metals in our urinary samples will be adjusted for the individual creatinine level within each subject.
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