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One Hundred Fifty-Third Commencement
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STATE UNIVER S ITY OF N EW Y ORK AT OS WEGOSATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014C A MP U S CEN T E R Voices fill the air Singing reverently Pledging our school fair Truth and loyalty This our song we raise In her name and praise Oswego, Alma Mater Hail to thee!Hail OSWEGO O NE H U NDRED F IFTY T H IRDCOMMENCEMENT


ContentsThe Ceremony9 a.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 2 1 p.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 3 4 p.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 4 Academic Traditions ............................................................................... 5 Officers of the College ............................................................................. 6 Commencement Speakers ...................................................................... 8 Student Speaker ....................................................................................... 9 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student Excellence .......................... 10 College Honors Program and Honors Programs ............................... 11 Possibility Scholars ............................................................................... 11 Honor Organizations ............................................................................. 12 State University of New York Board of Trustees ................................................................................... 13 State University of New York at Oswego College Council ...................................................................................... 13 Retiring Faculty and Professional Staff .............................................. 13Degree Conferrale 9 a.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. e 1 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Communication, Media and the Arts and the School of Business. e 4 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Education. Undergraduate Degree Candidates College of Liberal Arts and Sciences ................................................ 14 School of Communication, Media and the Arts ............................. 19 School of Business .............................................................................. 22 School of Education ........................................................................... 25 Division of Extended Learning ......................................................... 28 Graduate Degree Candidates ................................................................ 29 Class of 2014 Senior Class Gifts ............................................................. 32 Public Ceremonies Committee ............................................................. 35 Special Thanks ........................................................................................ 35 Visitor Information ................................................................................. 36 Alma Mater ............................................................................... back cover The College Medallion


2 PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Joan M. Carroll, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Anthony Smith, President, Student Association Richard Back, Interim Dean, College of Liberal Art and Sciences Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Kerry Dorsey, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Nicholas A. Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Jerald Woolfolk, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Saleem Cheeks, Member, College Council Michael J. Goldych, Member, College Council Brian S. McGrath, Member, College Council William Scriber, Member, College Council Lorrie Clemo, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Peter Bocko, Speaker Deborah F. Stanley, President 9 A.M. PROGRA M | C OLL EGE OF LIBE RAL A RT S AND SC IE NC ESThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORD ER OF E XERC ISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 153rd CommencementJoan M. CarrollNational AnthemLed by Easton ClarkIntroduction of Platform PartyJoan M. CarrollWelcomeDeborah F. StanleyGreetingsWilliam Scriber Anthony SmithRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaLorrie ClemoRecognition of Honor StudentsLorrie ClemoAddressPeter BockoPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Jill PippinPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*College of Liberal Arts and Sciences , Richard BackAlumni Banner PresentationBrittney FedeleCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Easton ClarkAdjournment of the 153rd CommencementJoan M. CarrollRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Brad Korbesmeyer Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Frank Byrne Professor, History HONORS MARSHALLaura Brown Professor, Human DevelopmentUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSCleane Medeiros Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences Lyn Blanchfield Visiting Assistant Professor, HistoryGRADUATE MARSHALSJ. Graham Bradley, Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences Evelyn A. Benavides-Clark, Assistant Professor, SociologyFACULTY MARSHALSLeigh Wilson, Professor, English & Creative Writing Carolina C. Ilie, Associate Professor, Physics Immediately following the 9 a.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


3 PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Joan M. Carroll, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Anthony Smith, President, Student Association Fritz Messere, Dean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Richard J. Skolnik, Dean, School of Business Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Kerry Dorsey, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Nicholas A. Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Jerald Woolfolk, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Saleem Cheeks, Member, College Council Michael J. Goldych, Member, College Council Brian S. McGrath, Member, College Council William Scriber, Member, College Council Lorrie Clemo, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Mark Baum, Speaker Deborah F. Stanley, President 1 P.M. PROGRA M | SC HOOL OF C OMM UN I CAT I ON , ME D I A AND TH E ART S | SCHOOL OF BUSI N ESSThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORD ER OF E XERC ISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 153rd CommencementJoan M. CarrollNational AnthemLed by Easton ClarkIntroduction of Platform PartyJoan M. CarrollWelcomeDeborah F. StanleyGreetingsWilliam Scriber Anthony SmithRecognition of Honor StudentsLorrie ClemoAddressMark BaumPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Jill PippinPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Communication, Media and the Arts, Fritz Messere School of Business , Richard J. SkolnickAlumni Banner PresentationNicole PoppCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Easton ClarkAdjournment of the 153rd CommencementJoan M. CarrollRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Mark Cole Professor, Theatre John Huonker Associate Professor, Marketing and ManagementHONORS MARSHALSGuy Rob Scott Adjunct Instructor, Marketing and Management Mihoko Tsutsumi Assistant Professor, MusicUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSSteven Abraham Professor, Marketing and Management Eileen Gilligan Assistant Professor, Communication StudiesGRADUATE MARSHALSStathis Kefallonitis Assistant Professor, Marketing and Management Christopher McEvoy Assistant Professor, ArtFACULTY MARSHALSRaihan Khan Associate Professor, Marketing and Management Y. Jane Winslow Associate Professor, Communication StudiesImmediately following the 1 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


4 PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Joan M. Carroll, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Anthony Smith, President, Student Association Pamela A. Michel, Interim Dean, School of Education Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Kerry Dorsey, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Nicholas A. Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Jerald Woolfolk, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael J. Goldych, Member, College Council Brian S. McGrath, Member, College Council Lorrie Clemo, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Linda Clement, Speaker Deborah F. Stanley, President 4 P.M. PROGRA M | S CHOOL OF E D U CAT I ONThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORD ER OF E XERC ISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 153rd CommencementJoan M. CarrollNational AnthemLed by Easton ClarkIntroduction of Platform PartyJoan M. CarrollWelcomeDeborah F. StanleyGreetingsDarlene Baker Anthony SmithRecognition of Honor StudentsLorrie ClemoAddressLinda ClementPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Jill PippinPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Education , Pamela A. MichelAlumni Banner PresentationMelissa LogattoCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Easton ClarkAdjournment of the 153rd CommencementJoan M. CarrollRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Marcia M. Burrell Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction Margaret Martin Chair, Vocational Teacher PreparationHONORS MARSHALMark Mirabito Adjunct Instructor, Health Promotion and WellnessUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSBonita Hampton Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Sandra Bargainnier Associate Professor, Health Promotion and WellnessGRADUATE MARSHALSMichael LeBlanc Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services Jody Fiorini Associate Professor, Counseling and Psychological ServicesFACULTY MARSHALSMark Hardy Associate Professor, Technology Eric Olson Associate Professor, Curriculum and InstructionImmediately following the 4 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


5 Academic TraditionsThe Commencement Setting — The 2007 ceremonies marked the first graduations to take place in Oswego’s Campus Center. Located in the heart of campus, the Campus Center represents the college’s social hub and a gathering place for events appealing to a wide range of student, faculty and community interests. This $25.5 million building is the first new construction on our lakeside campus in 35 years.The Academic Procession — The centuries-old pageantry of the academic procession dates from ancient traditions rooted in the early universities. Since the clergy were in charge of the first academic ceremonies, they followed the familiar order of religious processions.The Tradition of Academic Attire — Caps, gowns and hoods worn at college and university functions date from the Middle Ages. Monks and students of that time wore them to keep warm in the damp, drafty halls of learning. From these practical origins they have developed into the accepted garb which symbolizes scholarly achievement. Baccalaureate gowns have a long, pleated front with shirring across the shoulders and back. They are primarily distinguished by flowing sleeves pointed at the fingertips. These gowns may be worn open or closed. The master’s gown is worn open and the sleeve is cut so that the forearm comes through a slit just above the elbow. The lining of the hood is satin and the color represents the school conferring the degree. The velvet border color represents the discipline in which the degree was earned. Doctoral gowns are traditionally worn open, but either open or closed is acceptable. They carry broad, velvet panels down the front and three velvet bars on the full, round sleeves. This velvet trim ming may be either black or the color distinctive of the degree. Mortarboards or caps worn with baccalaureate and master’s gowns generally have black tassels. The tassel of the doctoral cap is usually made of gold bullion. The doctoral hood gives color and meaning to the academic cos tume. Its silk lining bears the color of the institution conferring the degree. The hood is bordered with velvet of a prescribed width and color to indicate the field of learning to which the degree pertains.The College Medallion is worn by the SUNY Oswego president as a symbol of authority at all official ceremonies such as Commencement and Honors Convocation. Oswego is represented in the perfect center of the medallion by a tiny green and gold circle. The dot is located properly on an outline of New York state, which itself surmounts a globe to show the relationship of our institution to the state and the world. Fashioned by Dominic T. DiPasquale of the Art Department for president James Perdue’s 1966 inauguration, the medallion was a gift of the Class of 1966 for the occasion. A wreath of gold leaves surrounds the globe and is circled by a flat band bearing the engraved college name and two dates: 1861, the college founding; and 1948, the founding of the State University of which Oswego was a charter unit. On the clasp above the medallion sits a gold lamp of knowledge, emblematic of a seat of learning. (Photo, page 1.)The College Mace — In medieval times the mace was a weapon of offense with the metal head often heavily spiked. Today it appears chiefly in ceremonial functions of churches, governments, colleges and universities. The head of the Oswego mace holds a jade sphere symbolizing the university of wisdom and knowledge, surrounded by four silver flanges unfolding petal-like without imprisoning the sphere and representing the potential of disciplined imagination, the goal of higher education. The richness of the jade and the rose wood shaft reflect the pomp and solemnity of academic ceremony. A gift of the Class of 1969 for President James Perdue’s inauguration, the Oswego mace has been in use at Commencement ever since. Joseph F. Shoenfelt of the art faculty created its design and silver work, with the rosewood turning by William D. Todd, formerly of the technology faculty. (Photo, page 9.)Academic ColorsBrown ............................. Fine Arts Citron ..................... Social Science Copper ......................... Economics Crimson ..................... Journalism Dark Blue .................... Philosophy Drab ........................ Accountancy, Business Science Gold ..................... Science Kelly Green .................... Medicine Lemon ................. Library Science Light Blue ..................... Education Orange ....................... Engineering Peacock Blue ...................... Public Administration Pink ..................................... Music Purple ..................................... Law Sage Green ...................... Physical Education Salmon Pink .......... Public Health Scarlet ............................ Theology Silver .................. Oratory (Speech) White ........................ Arts, Letters, Humanities


6 Lorrie ClemoProvost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Clemo oversees all instructional and academic programs, including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, School of Communication, Media and the Arts, facilities such as Penfield Library, and administrative offices such as the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. Previously she served as chief of staff and deputy to the president. In 2007-08 she was an American Council on Education Fellow at the University of Rochester. She is a tenured member of Oswego’s political science department where she directed the public administration and public policy program. She received her Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Binghamton.Nicholas A. LyonsVice President for Administration and Finance As SUNY Oswego’s officer in charge of financial operations and facilities, Mr. Lyons has overseen the recent years of construction and renovation that have gone far in transforming the campus. He has served the State University since 1978, having worked previously as assistant vice president for administration at SUNY New Paltz, as university internal control officer and in several administrative positions at System Administration and the Research Foundation of SUNY. He holds degrees in business administration from SUNY Morrisville and SUNY Plattsburgh. At Oswego, he oversees finance, student accounts, human resources, environmental health and safety, campus police, physical plant, publications, facilities design and construction, and purchasing.Kerry DorseyVice President for Development and Alumni Relations Ms. Dorsey is SUNY Oswego’s principal fundraiser and executive director of the Oswego College Foundation, the college’s development operation. First as director of development and then as associate vice president for development and alumni relations, she managed the college’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign, which raised nearly $24 million. In addition to development she oversees alumni and parent relations and WRVO-FM. She previously worked in Oswego County government for 20 years, advancing to deputy county administrator. Gov. George Pataki in 1996 appointed her chair of Oswego’s College Council, where she served until joining the college staff in 2003. She received a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from SUNY Oswego in 1981. Jerald WoolfolkVice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management At Oswego since Jan. 1, Dr. Woolfolk supervises the college’s units dealing with admissions, financial aid, career services, health services, counseling services, athletics, campus life, housing, student advisement and student conduct as well as Auxiliary Services. She previously served as vice president for student affairs, enrollment management and diversity at Mississippi Valley State University, vice president for student affairs at CUNY’s College of Staten Island and as sociate dean of students for residential life at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. She received her doctorate in urban higher education and her bachelor’s degree from Jackson State University in Mississippi, and a master’s degree from Iowa State University.Officers of the College Deborah F. StanleyPresident Deborah F. Stanley is the 10th president of SUNY Oswego. Among her many significant contributions are the Oswego Guarantee, unprecedented merit scholarship programs, and a decade-long $772 million campus renewal plan. She has fostered a deeply thoughtful ethic of planning and action. She built a development staff and has raised over $52 million dollars in donor funding. In addition, under her leadership, programs in engineering and human-computer interaction, the college’s School of Communication, Media and the Arts, and MBA programs — including two online — have been established. She initiated national accreditations for the School of Business and School of Education. Nationally, she serves on the American Council on Education’s Commission on Leadership. She is a member of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Millennium Leadership Initiative Executive Steering Committee and is secretary-treasurer on AASCU’s Board of Directors. She is a charter signatory of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. Regionally, she is the chair of the board of CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity and a member of the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council. She earned a baccalaureate degree with honors in English, a juris doctor degree and a Distinguished Alumni Award from Syracuse University. The New York State Senate has named her a New York State Woman of Distinction.


7 Richard BackInterim Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dr. Back was named interim dean in 2012, after serving for seven years as an associate professor and chair of the department of biological sciences. He has taught courses in zoology and aquatic ecology as well as the department’s freshman seminar and senior capstone research courses. He has published research articles on the ecology of lake plankton, including the transfer of heavy-metal contaminants through Great Lakes’ food webs. His research has been supported through grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, his master’s degree from Clemson University and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Center for Great Lakes Research.Pamela A. MichelInterim Dean, School of Education Dr. Michel was named interim dean in 2011 after serving 10 years as the chair of the curriculum and instruction department. She previously taught in the graduate literacy program. She earned her bachelor’s degree in music and education from Elmira College and a master’s degree and Ph.D. in reading and language arts from Syracuse University. She is the author of the book The Child’s View of Reading: Understandings for Teachers and Parents as well as many other publications contributing to the field of literacy.Fritz MessereDean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Formerly chair of Oswego’s communication studies department, Fritz Messere was named founding dean of the School of Communication, Media and the Arts in 2010. He is a nationally recognized expert on broadcasting regulation and telecom munications. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Oswego and did post-graduate work at Cornell University. He is the co-author of five books on electronic media and communication, including Broadcasting, Cable, the Internet and Beyond . He has served as external assistant to FCC Commissioner Mimi Wayforth Dawson, as senior fellow of the Annenberg Washington Program in Communication Policy, and on the Rural Policy Research Institute’s National Experts Panel on Telecommunications.Richard J. SkolnikDean, School of Business Before becoming dean of Oswego’s School of Business, Dr. Skolnik served as chair of the accounting, finance and law department and as director of the master’s in business administration program. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has been involved with the CFA Institute in numerous areas. He has published research articles on investments, higher education pedagogy, and financial economics. He has a Ph.D. in managerial economics and a master’s degree in operations research and statistics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Michigan.David W. KingDean, Graduate Studies and Research Before becoming graduate dean at Oswego, Dr. King was a professor of history, history department chair, associate dean and acting dean of arts and sciences, associate provost and interim provost, and chair of Faculty Assembly. Most recently, he collaborated with the Division of Extended Learning on the development of the SUNY Oswego Metro Center in downtown Syracuse. In addition to his duties overseeing graduate studies and research at Oswego, he is director of the SUNY/Sloan Foundation Professional Science Masters Program for the State University system. Dr. King studied at the University of Rochester, University of London and SUNY Stony Brook, where he earned a Ph.D. in modern European history.Jill PippinDean, Extended Learning Before rejoining Oswego in January, Mrs. Pippin served for eight years as dean for continuing education at Jefferson Community College. Her career, spanning both academic and business positions in roles such as director for graduate services and enrollment, business adjunct instructor, director of operations and major accounts manager, as well as her experience earning her MBA from Franklin University, has instilled a passion for serving adult and non-traditional college students. Most recently, the Oswego alumna developed and managed the Jefferson Higher Education Center, shepherded the growth of Jefferson’s military services on Fort Drum, and won and administered millions of dollars in grants serving those markets. The Continuing Education Association of New York named her the 2013 Outstanding Continuing Educator.


8 Commencement SpeakersMark Baum Senior Vice President of Industry Relations, Chief Collaboration Officer, Food Marketing Institute As a top executive advocating on behalf of the retail food industry and representing nearly 40,000 grocery stores and 25,000 pharmacies, Mr. Baum engages retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers to help raise the bar on industry collaboration at all points of the food retail chain. He has spent more than 25 years in the food, beverage and consumer products industries. He formerly was managing partner with MARCAT Group LLC, an independent consulting advisory firm specializing in business, market and customer development, and executive vice president of the Grocery Manufacturers Association. He graduated from Oswego with a degree in political science in 1981 and earned his master’s degree in marketing from Marymount University. Since 2006, Mr. Baum has been a board member of the Oswego College Foundation and held several leadership roles, such as chair of the development committee and national chair of The Fund for Oswego . He currently resides in Reston, Va., with his wife, Cathy Baum. Dr. Peter Bocko Chief Technology Officer, Glass Technologies Group, Corning Inc. A foremost expert in glass for display and electronics applications, Dr. Bocko earned a doctorate in physical chemistry from Cornell University and joined Corning Inc. in 1979 as a senior scientist with research interests in glass composition, surface chemistry and novel optical fiber materials. His responsibilities now center on building and sustaining the global influence of Corning’s largest business group, developing and bringing to market glass — such as ultra-thin, super-tough Corning Gorilla Glass — used in cutting-edge technologies as well as smartphones, tablets and other devices. He was on a team that early on explored the market value of fusion glass, now well known for large-screen LCD televisions, and served as technical adviser for Corning’s popular futuristic videos “A Day Made of Glass.” Among his previous positions within Corning Inc. was chief technology officer in East Asia, managing innovation for the company in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Dr. Bocko received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1975 at Oswego, where he met his wife, Andrea Guglielmo Bocko, a 1973 graduate of the college. A leader in education and an advocate of free public schools, E dward Austin S heldon (1823-1897) was responsible for opening the Oswego Normal S chool in May 1861. S heldon’s pioneering ideas in object teaching became a model for other normal schools throughout the nation and around the world. S culptor John Frances B rines designed the statue that was constructed with penny contributions from school children throughout the state in 1899.


9 The College MaceStudent SpeakerAnthony Smith President, SUNY Oswego Student Association Mr. Smith, of Trumansburg, is graduating with a degree in physics with a minor in math. During his time at SUNY Oswego, he took part in Oswego’s Global Laboratory, conducting astrophysics research in Taiwan; was involved with the Student Association as a senator and vice president before being elected president; and served as a resident assistant. He is a member of the SUNY Oswego College Council, the Campus-City Relations Committee, and other college-related groups. He plans to attend graduate school to study engineering. Dr. Linda Clement Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Maryland With oversight of 15 departments and more than 1,500 employees at the University of Maryland, Dr. Clement’s duties involve her in all aspects of student life there. As a faculty member in counseling and personnel services, she regularly teaches undergraduate courses and also teaches and advises master’s and doctoral students. She began her career at the University of Maryland in 1974 as a staff member in the departments of resident life and orientation. From the late 1970s until 2000, she served as director of undergraduate admissions and later as assistant vice president for academic affairs. She has chaired the board of trustees of the national College Board and is co-author of a book on student services leadership. A native of Oswego, Dr. Clement earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education English at SUNY Oswego in 1971, the same year that her now husband, Peter Clement, graduated from the college with a degree in history. She earned her master’s degree at Michigan State University and doctorate at the University of Maryland.


10 Larissa Assam Biology President and founder of the Minority Association of Pre-health Students’ Oswego chapter, Assam completed an internship at Oswego Hospital, did research in Calcutta as part of the college’s Global Laboratory, job-shadowed physicians as a peer leader with CSTEP Health Connections and was named Peer Educator of the Year in 2012 by the Oswego chapter of the National Alliance of Black School Educators. The native of Cameroon, West Africa, also served as a tutor in the Office of Learning Services, a Laker Leader orientation guide, teaching assistant and as director of programming for the African Student Organization. The future — “I will be starting medical school this August at SUNY Upstate,” Assam said.Kyle Brayton Accounting MBA Following internships with Biogen Idec in Boston and accounting firms in New York City and Syracuse, Brayton serves as assistant to the director of SUNY’s Professional Science Masters Consortium. He was chapter president of the Accounting Society and the Financial Management Association, as well as finance vice president of WTOP-TV and Beta Alpha Psi honor society. He also helped organize “Meet the Accountants Night” and assisted community members with tax returns through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society. The future — “In July, I will move to New York City, where I will start with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as an audit associate,” Brayton said.Lindsay King Global and International Studies and Communication and Social Interaction Recipient of CAPA’s Jose Ramon Perez International Beijing Scholarship, King served as an international marketing intern for the Great Wall Club in that Chinese city. She also had study-abroad experiences in Istanbul and Havana. She interned for U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressman Dan Maffei. King has volunteered as a peer mentor for first-year students, teaching assistant, study-abroad mentor and intern for Admissions open houses. She is a member of the Vega and Phi Beta Delta honor societies. The future — “I’m currently in the process of applying to law school. Ultimately, my goal is to work in legislation or government affairs,” King said.Nicole Leader Childhood Education Four-year member and two-year captain of the women’s tennis team, Leader is a four-year member of the SUNY Athletic Conference All-Academic team. Focused on leadership, she completed “The Program” captains’ training with the Marines and StrengthsQuest Captain’s Training. Leader won the Dean’s Writing Prize for curriculum and instruction and is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies. She served as a math tutor and is now student teaching in Baldwinsville and Parish. The future — “After graduation, I plan to begin my career as an elementary school educator while obtaining my master’s degree at Oswego State,” Leader said. SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student ExcellenceThe highest student recognition through the SUNY system, the award recognizes students who earn high grade-point averages and make outstanding contributions to their campus and community. Rhiannon Peshniak History and Anthropology With a historical research presentation in Kielce, Poland, and an anthropological one in Chicago, Peshniak has had her latest research project accepted by the American Association of Physical Anthropologists for presentation next month in Calgary. This semester, she is helping analyze artifacts at Fort Drum, and serves as a history, writing and anthropology tutor and as an anthropology research lab assistant. The two-time president of the Anthropology Club is a member of the Lambda Alpha and Phi Alpha Theta national honor societies. The future — “I am pursuing internships and jobs at national and state museums and plan on attending graduate school within the next two years,” Peshniak said.


11 College Honors ProgramThe Oswego College Honors Program consists of a core of courses in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, philosophy and history designed to stimulate students’ intellectual growth and develop their analytical abilities. Unlike traditional courses, which present material from a single field of study, Honors Program courses are multi-disciplinary, drawing ideas and information from many fields and addressing concerns common to all the disciplines. In addition to Honors core requirements and all the requirements in their majors, Honors Program students must also meet requirements in laboratory science and a foreign language and complete an Honors Thesis, in which they explore a topic in some depth. The following students from the Class of 2014, wearing silver tassels, are completing the requirements for the SUNY Oswego College Honors Program:Kevin Bachmann Lacey Brown Rachel Cary Naomi Chalfin Allison Cramer Dianora DeMarco Shannon Donahue Yvaline Dorce Dana Ernest Andrew Graff Jennifer Glenn Lena Gluck Holly Granat Rachel Henault Aimee Hirsch Ryan Kiely Alexandra Klindienst Vincent Kovach Johana Lambert Ashley Lefebvre Megan McNulty Colleen Monday Octavia Morrison Aericka Pawlikowski Francisco Perez Madeline Pierce Alexis Ponte Meaghan Puff Jeanne Marie Pungello Katherine Riley Spencer Saraf Cassandra Schumacher Rose Ward Allen WengertHonors ProgramsHonors Programs have been instituted for outstanding students in the fields of biology, chemistry, economics, history, mathematics, meteorology, physics, political science and psychology. The eligibility requirements for these programs are rigorous and the coursework itself is beyond the scope of that of regular classes. The following students from this class are completing an honors program:Lyndon Flynn-Roach – Biochemistry Bryan Koller – Political Science Spencer Saraf – Chemistry Viktorija Sprancmanis – Biochemistry Amara Steele – Biology Marissa Wimer – BiochemistryPossibility ScholarsThe Possibility Scholars Awards are presented to the first class of graduating Possibility Scholars in recognition of their accomplishments in the Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics fields throughout their four years as a scholar. Such accomplishments include rigorous laboratory-based summer research projects through the Summer Research Institute and an international service learning experience through the Global Laboratory to study real-world problems such as mitigating climate change, controlling emerging diseases, reducing extreme poverty, developing sustainable energy resources, and wisely managing water and food systems.Nicole Vandeuson K. C. VerhageHonor Cords for VeteransUnited States veterans graduating from SUNY Oswego are wearing red, white and blue honor cords in recognition of their service and sacrifice.


12 Honor Organizations Alpha Delta Omega Public Justice Honor Society – an open, democratic organization of individuals committed to academic excellence and to the ideal of justice, fairness, freedom and equality for all people in all aspects of society. Alpha Psi Omega National Dramatics Honor Society – an honorary society founded in 1924 that recognizes outstanding student achievement in college and university theatre. Beta Alpha Psi National Business Honor Society – the international honorary organization for accounting and finance students and professionals, recognizes academic excellence and promotes professional development and service activities among its members.Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society for AACSB Accredited Schools – serving business programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Chi Alpha Epsilon Educational Opportunity Program Honor Society – recognizes the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria and serves EOP students. Also, promotes continued high academic standards, fosters increased communication among its members, and honors academic excellence achieved by those students. Delta Phi Alpha German Honor Society – seeks to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship aiming to promote the study of German language, literature and civilization emphasizing aspects of German life and culture of universal value contributing to the eternal search for peace and truth.Epsilon Pi Tau International Honor Society for Professions in Technology – membership based on high scholastic attainment, participation and leadership in Technology in the college and in the community, and professional qualifications and promise.Eta Gamma Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society for Adult Learners – recognizes the special achievements of adult students who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work. Kappa Delta Pi National Education Honor Society – recognizes excellence and fosters mutual cooperation, support and professional growth for educational professionals. Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society – encourages and stimulates scholarship and research in anthropology by recognizing and honoring superior achievement in the discipline among students, faculty and other persons engaged in the study of anthropology. Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Studies Honor Society – represents what Aristotle described in his book, Rhetoric, as the three ingredients of persuasion: Logos meaning logic, Pathos relating to emotion, and Ethos derived as character, credibility and ethics. Mu Beta Psi National Honorary Musical Fraternity – service fraternity encouraging fellowship among musicians and is devoted to the study and performance of music. Membership is open to both men and women. Omicron Delta Epsilon International Academic Honor Society – recognizes scholastic attainment and honors outstanding achievements in econom-ics — establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics.Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society – recognizes and encourages superior leadership and exemplary character, excellence as students and leaders in student groups, organizations, and activities. Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society – requires a high overall GPA and even higher GPA in history, sponsoring student trips and outside lecturers. Phi Beta Delta is an international honor society that recognizes students, faculty, staff and alumni who possess a deep commitment to international affairs, education, and research. It recognizes outstanding students, faculty, staff, and alumni who have made significant contributions to expanding global engagement and world awareness. Members of this honorary are wearing bronze medallions with red and yellow ribbons. Phi Beta Lambda National Business Organization – aimed at uniting business students in a positive working relationship. Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society – recognizes and encourages superior scholarship in all academic disciplines, honoring students who excel in scholarship in order to stimulate others to strive for excellence. Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society – recognizes outstanding scholarship in the French language and its literatures, to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Americans for the cultural contributions of the Frenchspeaking world, to stimulate and to encourage French and francophone cultural activities. Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society – members are indicative of superior attainment in music and personal qualifications pertaining to an outstanding exponent of the art. Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society – stimulates scholarship and intelligent interest in political science to provide a framework for enriching the exposure of its members and community to the study of government and issues of public concern. Psi Chi National Honor Society for Psychology – encourages, stimulates and maintains excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. Sigma Pi Sigma National Honor Society in Physics – honors outstanding scholarship in physics; encourages interest in physics at all levels; promotes service of its members toward fellow students, colleagues and the public; and provides fellowship of those who excel in physics. Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society – The Alpha Sigma Eta chapter at Oswego confers distinction for high academic achievement in English and Creative Writing and aims to promote interest in literature and writing on campus and in surrounding communities. Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society – recognizes scientific achievement, enhances health of research enterprise, fosters integrity in science and engineering and promotes the public’s understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition.Tau Sigma Academic Honor Society – designed specifically to recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students. Vega Junior and Senior Women’s Honor Society – women’s junior and senior honor society which places strong value on academic leadership and community service.


13 State University of New YorkBoard of TrusteesH. Carl McCall Chairman Joseph W. Belluck Eric Corngold Henrik N. Dullea Ronald G. Ehrenberg Angelo M. Fatta Tina Good Stephen J. Hunt Peter Knuepfer Eunice A. Lewin Marshall A. Lichtman John L. Murad Jr. Tremayne Price Linda S. Sanford Richard Socarides Carl Spielvogel Cary F. StallerChancellor of the UniversityNancy L. ZimpherSenior Vice Chancellor and General Counsel, Secretary of the UniversityWilliam F. HowardSUNY Oswego College CouncilJames McMahon Chair Darlene Baker Saleem Cheeks Richard Farfaglia Michael J. Goldych Brian S. McGrath Baye Muhammad William Scriber Gary Sluzar Anthony SmithSUNY Oswego Retiring Faculty and Professional StaffDaniel Barach Professor, Music Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1964 Mark Cole Professor, Theatre Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1979 Susan Coultrap-McQuin Professor, English and Women’s Studies Director, Institute for Global Engagement Former Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2004 Nicholas Della Penna Associate Director, Business and Community Relations Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2001 Charles G. Echelbarger Professor, Philosophy Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1970 Frances Hildahl Visiting Assistant Professor, English Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1988 Mary Hoben Senior Human Resources Associate Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2008 Jody A. Longeill Publications Associate, Office of Publications Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1981 Dave McQuin Assistant Director, Instructional Support, Campus Technology Services Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2004 Michelle Parry Associate Librarian, Penfield Library Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2005 Paul Roodin Director, Experience Based Education Professor, Psychology Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1969 James Seago Professor, Biological Sciences Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1968 Marilynn Smiley Distinguished Teaching Professor, Music Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1961 Glenn Wachter Associate Professor, Educational Administration Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2003


14 * Katherine Louise Blake, Loudonville Sarah Kaitlin Blanton, Callicoon Center Courtney Renee Bledsoe, Newfield Justin Alexander Bliss, Oswego Kathryn Elizabeth Boardman, Slaterville Springs Anissa M. Bochiechio, Buffalo Jeremy Curtis Bogan, Oswego Matthew Milo Bonn, Buffalo Tarin Anne Bonvino, Moravia ** Marilyn Regina Borth, Goshen ** Virginia M. Bough, Mexico CarolAnn M. Bradish, Camden Melinda Christina Bradtke, Deposit Christen E. Brambley, Queensbury Katherine Ann Bredin, Oneonta * Cassandra M. Brewster, Geneva Kyle Leon Briddell, West Babylon * Anthony John Brigandi, Stony Point ** Victoria Lynn Brodeur, Delhi Gregory Vanderbilt Brookfield, Haymarket, VA Chad Arthur Brooks, Central Square * Matthew Warren Brooks, Utica Aaron Brown, Brooklyn * Ethan Bruce Brown, Carthage *** Lacey Alane Brown, Edwards Corey Martin Bruet, Binghamton Heidi-Jo N. Buanno, Gloversville * Andrew Patrick Charles Buchmann, Liverpool Jennifer Michelle Buckley, Oswego Michael S. Buono, Yorktown Heights Colleen Marie Burke, West Seneca Rory Joseph Burke, Oswego Jordan Arthur Burnett, Wolcott ** Brittany Lynn Burns, Oswego Lisa A. Burton, Sackets Harbor Kyle Gregory Buscaglia, Akron * Michael Buscemi, Ogdensburg Matthew E. Buske, Oswego Cassandra E. Cadet, Westbury ** Nicholas James Calcagno, Syracuse *** Anne Cynthia Cali, Oswego Tyler Parker Calkin, Endicott Amanda Jean Calkins, Seneca Falls * Michelle Callahan, Schenectady Lesslie Paola Calle, East Elmhurst James Anthony Calvert, Mount Vernon Anthony John Campanella, Syracuse Nicholas James Henson Campbell, Nyack * Suzanne Marie Campbell, Syracuse * Tamibeth Pohai O’Nalani Campbell, Watertown Brian Thomas Camporese, Yorktown Heights * Paul Lewis Canaski, Tonawanda College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the largest academic division, both in number of students and in number of courses of study. Providing a broad basis for a liberal education, Liberal Arts and Sciences offers about 40 undergraduate majors in everything from American studies to zoology, nearly as many minors, five cooperative degree programs, pre-professional advisement, several special-interest tracks and four graduate programs.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2013, May 2014 and August 2014. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80–4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Nouf Abdulhamid, Baldwinsville Ashley Erin Ableman, Albany Lisa Michelle Abrams, East Syracuse Andrea E. Adam, Red Creek Stephanie Marie Adams, Brooklyn Kaylee Amanda Adler, Montezuma ** Lindsey Reid Adrian, Latham ** Desiree Arlene Alcala, Bronx Lyndsey Rose Allen, Constantia Odis T. Allison III, Oswego Kaleo Muniz Ferreira Almeida, Salvador, Brazil Daniel Amorese, Endicott Emily Rose Anderson, Commack Robert John Andrews II, Oswego Elizabeth Anoff, Mount Vernon Ashley Elizabeth Antinora, Ontario Matthew Antos, Clay Alyssa Mae Appel, Chittenango Cheyenne Mabel Applebee, Red Creek * Deanna Catherine Apps, Camillus Emily Mary Arikian, Neponsit Thomas J. Armento, Brooklyn Elizabeth Mary Arnone, Bronx Michael J. Asofsky, Commack ** Larissa Ndip Assam, Douala, Cameroon ** Kevin William Bachmann II, Depauville Brian Gerald Bailey, Oswego * Mindi Jo L. Baker, Oswego Ryan Albert Baker, Clifton Park Andrew Patrick Baldwin II, Fulton Sunday O. Bamgbose, Bronx * Tyler Gregory Barbariantz, Florida Alexa Faith Barber, Cortland Seth W. Barber, Pulaski Mindy Jo Barker, Lacona Zachary Clark Barnett, Ballston Lake Brittany Taylor Barrett, Binghamton Jeffrey Elam Barrett, Brooklyn ** Megan Leigh Bassler, Altamont * Adriana Mari Batista, Flushing Mark Andrew Becker, Branchburg, NJ *** Alara Bedka, Hopewell Junction Kathryn Elizabeth Been, Glens Falls Abdul Razak Bello, Bronx Kara Anne Benson, Oswego Arthur Michael Benware, Delmar Elmer Manuel Beriguete, Bronx * Kayla Beyer, Camillus Patrick Clifford Beyer, Canajoharie Jason Patrick Biasini, Amsterdam ** Samantha Ripley Bielli, Gloversville Michael Anthony Bifaro, Rochester * Elise Marie Billstein, Centereach


15 Olivia Jinsun Cantanucci, Troy Rachel A. Carbonaro, Auburn Zachary Francis Cardinal, Utica *** Susana Patricia Carman, Mexico City, MX Ryan David Carr, Laurens *** Rachel Elizabeth Cary, Fulton * Delvison Castillo, Valley Stream * Ivan E. Castro, Central Square Connie Lynn Catherman, Fulton Luis Alonso Cavallini, Elmont Colin J. Cerniglia, Liverpool ** Joseph Cesta, Camillus ** Naomi Rose Chalfin, Commack * Brooke Eleanor Chamberlain, Grand Island ** John Hooper Chamberlain, Wyoming * Christopher James Chambers, Chase Mills * Jason Alexander Chase, Oswego Wei Chen, Elmhurst Megan Ashley Cheng, Brooklyn ** Robert Winslow Cherry, Ballston Spa Stephanie Joan Chytalo, Hamden ** Adam Joseph Clawson, Oswego Kathleen M. Clifford, Hicksville Rebecca Sylvia Coccia, Elma Justin Alexander Cole, Oswego Samuel Wesley Cole, Cazenovia *** Jocelyn Amber Coleman, Vestal Sarah Kathryn Colletta, Jordan Colin James Comerford, Oswego * Joshua M. Conley, Lorraine Michael P. Conners, Fulton * Chad Richard Cook, Phoenix Jordan Thomas Cook, Pine City *** William R. Cook, Clay * William Richard Cook, Central Square * Melinda Lee Copeland, Lagrangeville * Kathryn Marie Costello, Seneca Falls Catherine Ct, Val D’Or, QC * Emma Mariah Cote, Penfield Chelsea Coyle, Clifton Park Nicholas Albert Coyne, Fulton Cynthia Lee Crandall, Liverpool James Creamer Jr., Monroe Tyler Donlon Cretti, Clifton Park Jeffrey Raymond Crofoot, Oswego Sean Crowder, Greenwich * Kyle Stephen Crowell, Liverpool * Leah Renee Tackling, Rochester Andrew C. Cupp Jr., Bath * Steven Thomas Curry, Warwick Elizabeth Mary Curtin, Holbrook Jennifer Lilian Curtin, Bronx ** Elizabeth Kim Cuzzacrea, Lockport Sinead C. Daniell, Philmont ** Andrew P. Darwin, Ferrisburgh, VT Alexandra Lee Davidson, Shakopee, MN Marissa Danielle Davila, Mastic Denise C. Davis, Plainview Alexandra Elisabeth Day, Utica Michelle L. M. De Jesus Reyes, Watertown Lissette De Los Santos, Bronx * Anthony Nicholas DeCausemaker, Wolcott Claire Elisabeth Decker, Sandy Hook, CT Daniel Robert Dedeo, Jamesville Samuel Demareo, Marion Jessica Lamice Denton, Selden Kyle Francis DeRosa, Fairport Jami Lynn DeRycke, Baldwinsville * Anne Marie DeSantis, Oswego Destiny Monae Desgouttes, Bronx Lauren Rebecca Devendorf, Syracuse * Ashley Marie Devine, Massena Joshua Darren Diffenderfer, Walworth * Samuel Vergal Disalvo, Batavia * Erika Susan Dobereiner, Cato Kaitlyn E. Dobkowski, Liverpool Kaitlyn Elysse Dodge, Liverpool Emma Constance Doerrier, Lagrangeville *** Shannon Elizabeth Donahue, Ballston Spa Gregory Renel Donastor, Spring Valley Emma Kathleen Donovan, Oswego Yvaline Dorce, Wyandanch Patrick Jason Dougherty, Oswego Brianna Lynn Downs-Wright, Oswego Nicholas Waldron Dreimiller, Oneida * Kayla Ann Drickel, Milford, MA Rachel Michelle DuBose, Oswego Daniel Robert Dugger, Brentwood Heather Marie Dunham, Hornell Alyssa Ann Dunlop, Millbrook Marisa Lucille Dupras, Manlius Andre Alfonso Duran, New York Aralis Liselot Duran, Bronx Kyle Phillips Durgin, Philadelphia * Katherine Elizabeth Durkin, Queensbury Jocelynn Noel Duvall, Port Deposit, MD Nicole Marie Dwyer, Clay Nichol M. Dye, Cuba Trey Timothy Dyer, Watertown Amber Rose Earl, Oswego Meghan Renee Edwards, Hannibal * Robert Donald Effinger, Deer Park * Timothy Ehlers, Rochester Alyssa Sue Eighmey, Minoa Jessica A. Ekert, Smithtown Kari Ann Ellinger, Savannah * Joshua Nigel Ellis, Brooklyn Maggie Mae Ellis, Oswego Robert James Elmer, Liverpool Nicholas John Elsenbeck, East Syracuse Brandon James Engel, East Amherst Elizabeth Cathleen Enwright, Oswego * Alyssa Renee Estus, Peru Andrew Nicholas Evans, Marcy Sean C. Evans, Oswego Kaylie Marie Ewers, Livonia * Brian Joseph Familo, Oswego *** Ryan Christopher Farmer, Lake Clear Amber Ann Farrell, Liverpool * Brittney Sue Fedele, Syracuse Kayla Erin Fermoile, Grand Island Cristina Delilah Fernandez, Binghamton Samantha Paige Ferrante, Farmingville Grace Carol Ferrarone, Jamesville Joseph Edmond Fiore, Utica Thomas Fitzgerald, Warwick Timothy Fleece, East Islip ** Tara Rose Fleming, Oswego Vincent J. Fleszar, Seneca Falls Devin Charles Flynn, Oswego ** Lyndon Sebastian Flynn-Roach, New York * Naomi Leona Fogg, New Hampton Shannon Nicole Fooks, Syracuse Danielle Marie Formica, Gasport Irene Catherine Franco, Uniondale Craig Neil Frederick, Watertown *** Dylan Arthur Fredette, Troy Ashley Nicole Freeze, Mount Vernon * Robert Charles Gage, Auburn Michael Frank Gagliostro, Auburn Michael Patrick Galka, Auburn Julianne T. Galla, Merrick Jacob Stephen Gallagher, Apalachin * Kristina Galuppo, Liverpool Maxwell Drew Garnett, Bay Shore John F. Garnsey, Averill Park Nicholas William Gaworecki, Baldwinsville Jacob John Gilchriest, Syracuse Christopher Orlando Gilkes Jr., Syracuse *** Kelsey Ann Gillett, Fulton Jennifer Rebecca Glenn, Schenectady *** Lena Michelle Gluck, Syracuse * Daniel J. Goldman, Oswego Analis Gonzalez, Bronx Caroly E. Gonzlez, Bronx Gabriel Antonio Gonzalez, Bronx Mariana Gonzalez, Bronx * Sabrina Gonzalez, Bronx


16 Haley Alexa Gordon, Long Beach * Holly Grace Granat, Niagara Falls Nicole B. Granieri, Kings Park Thomas Ernest Graniero, Patchogue * Dakota Rose Grasman, Seaford Cristina Marie Grassi, Marion Catherine Marie Hammond-Gray, Minetto * Corynn Marie Gray, North Syracuse Corey A. Grayson Jr., Hempstead Tasigh Greenidge-James, Brooklyn Kristen N. Greeson, Calcium Jessica Kristine Griswold, Ontario Bradley Philip Gross, Commack Rhay Guillen, New York Michelle Sara Gundersen, Deer Park Larry Raul Gutierrez II, Watertown Sam Gutzmer, Sodus Point Kristen Andrea Hachmann, Kings Park ** Courtney Zobeydeh Hadjeasgari, Hamburg Megan Jeanne Hagg, Pickering, ON Elisabeth Anne Hall, Bath Genevieve S. Hall, Oswego Daniel Patrick Haller, Warrensburg Diana Michelle Halstead, Laurens Thomas William Haney, Unadilla Ashley Marie Harbison, Burlington Flats Ashley Nicole Harden, Bronx * Jackie Thelma Hardin, Oswegatchie Jaclyn Mina Harr, Fairport Megan Murphy Harrington, Oswego Blair Marie Harvey, Hannibal ** Adam Nicholas Hawker, Port Byron * Michael Kenneth Hayes, Canastota ** Maame E. Hayfron, Brooklyn Sara Beth Haynes, Oswego Mary Katherine Healy, Newark * Hannah Jo Hecht, Penfield Kenneth Heelon, Liverpool * Rachel Jean Henault, Washingtonville ** Haley Ann Henderson, Central Square Lacey Rae Henderson, Oswego Zeth Edward Henneman, Barton Cait Ellen Lane Hennessy, Bronx *** Colleen Henry, Montgomery Daniel Adam Hereth, Sherrill Ezeleni Herrera, Long Island City Vanya C. Hersh, Bronx Danielle Marie Hershey, Syracuse Kylie Marie Herzig, Castorland *** Leanne Grace Higby, Constableville Kathy Marie Hilton, Pennellville Luke Stephen Hinman, Potsdam Joseph Anthony Hirtreiter, Tonawanda Janelle Tynisha Holmes, Rochester * Marian Claire Holmes, Kings Park Ayla Gloria Homer, Glens Falls Kyle Patrick Honness, Horseheads Bryan Hopkins, Bronx Andrew Waylin Horvath, Williamsville Katherine Mackenzie Hoss, Highland Mills Sarah Rose Houlihan, Amsterdam *** Patrick J. Howard, Manlius Chelsea Marie Huff, Caledonia Amanda L. Huggins, Roscoe Tiffany Rose Huynh, Oswego Shaun Sweeney Hyde, Clay Stephanie Janine Hymowitz, Smithtown Richard William Inclima, Spencerport Steven D. Iversen, Fishkill ** Lauren Jamison Jackson, Saratoga Springs David Jacobs, Ontario * Logan Edward James, Oswego Adam Benjamin Jean, Tully * Elizabeth Katherine Jerome, Syracuse Heather Marie Johnson, Wellsville ** Jessica Brooke Johnson, Black River Lauren Adele Jonaitis, Rocky Point Derek Wesley Jones Jr., Liverpool Devyn Renee Jones, Auburn Lesley Ann Jones, Selden Paul Joseph Jones, Cato Robert James Jones, Endwell Evelyn Anne Josbena, Syracuse Marcus T. June, Yonkers Andrew Christopher Juszczak, Brooklyn Lauren Elizabeth Kahl, East Amherst ** Laura Beth Kahn, Cohocton * Heather Ignacia Kalbfliesh, Greenwich Abdulai Kamara, Bronx Thorin Beck Kane, Dewittville Gregory Michael Kardos, Carmel * Daniel Patrick Karleski, Syracuse Bryan Michael Kastelan, North Tonawanda * Alexandra Emily Kaye, Brooklyn Benjamin S. Keel, Romulus Gregory H. Keith, Pennellville ** Danielle Alyssa Kelly, Endwell * Matthew Robert Kelly, Clay Katelyn Michelle Kerker, Collins Megan M. Kettles, Fairport * Ryan Michael Kiely, Ransomville * Amy Virginia Killie, Ridgefield, CT Chase Richard Kilmer, Homer Richard R. Kimmerer, Fly Creek Amanda R. Kindler, Dix Hills ** Lindsay Carolyn King, Troy * Samantha Nicole Kirby, Albion * Owen Fitzpatrick Klaus, Little Rock, AR Haley Lynn Klemenich, Hamburg * Alexandra Marie Klindienst, Liverpool * Sharlette Elizabeth Kneer, Troy Brittany Nicole Koelmel, Dexter ** Bryan Matthew Koller, Sanborn Wai Chiu Kong, Patterson * Kristen Lee Kopper, New Hartford Ryan Thomas Korzinski, Ballston Lake * Kelsey Lauren-LaGoe Kostoroski, Oswego Brittany Mary Koudelka, West Babylon Demetrius Andrew Kramarchyk, Menands ** Kari Chantel Kranz, Pulaski Joshua M. Krocke, Walworth * Lauren Irene Krzos, Oakdale Daniel Roy Labuz, Binghamton * Chad B. Ladue, Henderson Harbor Troy LaFave, Cicero ** Johana Marie Lambert, South Glens Falls Daniel George Land, Ilion Valerie Rene Langevin, North Syracuse Christian Jesse Lapointe, College Point Kayla Anne Lappino, Phoenicia Nicholas Thomas La Torre, Warwick * Felicia Marie Lattanzio, Cicero *** Ryan Robert Laughlin, Arlington, WA Meagan Lee Lecuyer, Cicero * Elaine Fontaine Lee, Oswego * Kaitlyn Rose Lefeve, Kirkville Jamica Ann LeGrand, Spring Valley Jenell Monique Leonardo, Rochester ** Stephanie Leung, Maspeth Nicole Marki Liadka, Liverpool Bryan Alexander Liberty, Pennellville Melissa Marie LiCausi, Port Jefferson Station ** Christina Lynn Liddell, Fulton ** Danielle E. Limer-Nies, Oswego *** Courtney Rae Lindon, Waterloo Amy Rose Lipsky, Bayport Malena M. Lloyd, Penn Yan John P. Lohan, Patchogue Saverio Anthony Lombardi, Bay Shore * Amy Rose LoPrete, Hopewell Junction Johnathan Michael Lord, Oneonta Wilson Edward Lord, Apalachin Alexandria Basile Louison, Hauppauge * Samantha Faymarie Lucas, New Haven Daniel Nicholas Lupia, Minoa Alexander Conner Lykins, Scotia Kareem Amir Lyons, Oswego


17 Rock Fely Mabaka, Riverhead Eric Stephen Mack, Burdett Knathan Darryl MacKenzie-Roy, Oswego Kirsten Mary Mahalick, Constantia Jason Andrew Maher, Delmar Christopher George Manfredi, Stony Brook Christopher James Manglos, Syracuse Daniel Marfo, Pomona Michelle Katherine Mariano, Oswego Lisa Marie Marinaro, Sparrowbush Michael A. Marini, Fulton Elizabeth Ann Markley, Richmondville Vincent Andrew Marks, North Rose *** Kathleen S. Marscher, Clinton Bryan Joseph Martin, Saint James Craig Daniel Martin, Cazenovia Olivia Angel Martinez, Bronx Michael Paul Mascari, Syracuse Kurt Michael Masiello, Garnerville John Kimball Mason II, Gilbertsville Benjamin Thomas Massarini, Union Springs Joshua Andrew Massarini, Mountain Dale * Emily Christina Massiello, Forest Hills Daniel Massmann, Bohemia Derek Matthews, Red Creek Jacob Thomas May, Camillus Deirdre Grace Maynard, Amityville James J. Mazzarano Jr., Mohegan Lake Kyle Thomas McArdell, Baldwinsville John Thomas Mcauliffe, Jupiter, FL Mark Joseph McAuliffe, Baldwinsville Andrew Garvey McBride, Syracuse John William McBrinn, Suffern Joseph Robert McCann, Parish Christina Louise McCormack, Massapequa Rebecca Ellen McCullough, Dexter ** Maxwell Alexander McCune, Hilton ** Heather Grace McGovern, Castleton John Julius McLoughlin, Goshen ** Megan Elizabeth McNulty, Holbrook Evan Matthew Megiel, Westbury Julie Ann Meleski, Mexico Alyssa Marie Mendolia, North Syracuse * Ryan Metzger, Chapel Hill, NC Christina M. Michels, Baldwinsville Christina Harte Millar, Oswego Jamie Elizabeth Millen, Wallkill Kolbie Allen Millett, Liverpool Robyn Reshell Mills, Hannibal * Allison Leigh Milne, Rochester *** Nadia Davitree Misir, South Ozone Park * Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell, Hempstead Lillia Emilova Mitov, Astoria LeeAnn Hannah Mogel, Brooklyn Graham Matthew Molella, Millbrook Nicholas John Molocznik, Ballston Lake Joseph Michael Montambo, Smithtown Julie Ann Victoria Moodie, Brooklyn * Harry Christopher Moore, Hoosick Falls Timothy Joseph Moran, Albany Sarah Elizabeth Morash, West Babylon Christopher Joseph Moreo, East Islip Arielle N. Morris, Highland Mills Marcus Shannon Morris, East Syracuse * Octavia Jeaunine Morrison, Brooklyn Katherine Antoinette Morrow, Corinth Michael Paul Mosher, Clay Lauren Janine Moskovic, Jericho Sean Matthew Mott, Oswego Robert Mroz, Yorktown Heights Rebecca Lee Mt. Pleasant, Gansevoort * Jake Patrick Mulholland, North Syracuse Meagan Elizabeth Mullahy, Pearl River * Clayton Lee Munger III, Baldwinsville * James Thad Musial, Liverpool Ronald Gilbert Myers, Waverly Kelsey Leigh Naklick, Pierrepont Manor ** Sierra Nash, Rochester Ryan James Navarre, Brooklyn Tiffany Denise Newkirk, Arlington, TX Brittany Sara Ng, Ozone Park Hoangvy Pham Nguyen, Katy, TX Runako Adisa Nicholson, East Syracuse Holly Beth Niederhofer, Homer * Victoria Lee Nielsen, Port Jefferson Station * Benjamin Nix, Painted Post Bobby Tavish Nollet, Hannibal Jennifer Mary Norris, West Sayville Abdifatah Abdirahmaan Nur, Syracuse * James Joseph Nyreen, Massapequa Donald C. O’Brien, Fulton Alyssa Corinne O’Bryan, Auburn Lindsey Rae O’Connell, Calcium Michael Timothy O’Donnell, Cortland Morgan Marie O’Hara, Baldwinsville Nicholas Michael O’Hare, Cheektowaga Abigail Marie Ohlmeyer, Syracuse Nwamaka Vanessa Okafor, Jamaica Elizabeth Nicole Okst, Middletown Brett Joseph Olbrys, Binghamton * Kaitlin Theresa O’Meara, Wappingers Falls * Corey Patrick O’Neill, North Syracuse Carlee Sara Pacht, Kerhonkson Wendy A. Padmore, Coram Justin David Pagan, Staten Island Benjamin Joseph Palais, Norwalk, CT Taylor Moore Pangman, Schenectady Nico David Paniccia, Diamond Point Nicole Eileen Parker, Oswego Daniel James Parks, Shoreham * Allicia Marie Parrott, Oswego Benjamin Nelson Parsons, Fulton * Jessica Allaire Partridge, Spencerport Mark Andrew Patane, Oswego Alec Fredrick Paterek, Syracuse Kimberly Elizabeth Patterson, Fairport Portia Simone Patterson, White Plains Joseph Nicholas Patyi, Garnerville *** Aericka LeenaMay Pawlikowski, Parish Zachary David Pentland, Phoenix Lorraine Perdomo, Yonkers Daniela Melody Perez, Bronx ** Francisco Perez, Rochester Luke Joseph Perreaud, Rochester *** Rhiannon Nicole Peshniak, Hopewell Junction Katrina Melanie Pevsner, Seaford Matthew Craig Pfeifer, Ballston Spa Carly Jessica Phelan, East Aurora Desaree Kristine Phillips, Bath Nicholas Paul Phillips, Rodman Matthew Michael Piasecki, Hyde Park Frank Jeremiah Pierce, Hannibal ** Madeline Clare Pierce, Hilton Kristina Marie Pinto, Walworth *** Bethany Alleen Piquet, Constantia Daniela Marie Pirraglia, Liverpool Amanda Marie Pittinger, Warwick Christopher John Pitts, Endicott Holly Beth Pitts, Endwell Jyllian Nikol Pitzrick, Baldwinsville Alyssa Nicole Plue, Latham Rachel Emily Polhamus, Fayetteville Patrick David Polley, Youngstown ** Alexis Ponte, Cohoes Andrew James Postiglione, Selden ** Nicholas Philip Powers, Mexico Michael Sean Prime, Fulton Adara Lee Proulx, Hastings * Stephenie Vaughn Przepiora, Celoron ** Jeanne Marie Pungello, Chester Ronald James Purpura III, Spencerport Christopher Carl Putzer, North Syracuse ** Veronica Pysnack, Auburn Kelsy Marie Quigley, Lansing Pamela Ann Quigley, North Syracuse Jordan Louis Rabinowitz, East Meadow Brooke Abigail Radley, Pulaski


18 Thomas John Rahill, Stony Point * Alexander Robert Rau, Chittenango Morgan Sonja Rayvals, Brockville, ON Jessica Lynn Recor, Kirkville Damian Andrew Reichel, Brewerton Brian Peter Reilly, Tomkins Cove Mallory Elizabeth Reilly, East Setauket ** Melissa Lynn Reilly, Cicero Denise Remedios, Yonkers William Lawerence Resch, Eastport * Shirley A. Retz, Sterling Raymond Ricci, Stony Point * Brian Nicholas Richmond, Oswego * Brandon Louis Riese, Central Square Katharine Perry Riley, Port Byron Stephanie Ruth Robbins, Watkins Glen Mary Angela Robinson, Syracuse Amanda Rocchio, Wantagh ** Ashley Carolina Rode, Hilton Jessenia Rodriguez, Bronx * Mary Adriana Rodriguez, Bronx Vania Rondon, Bronx Carrie Mae Rooker, Port Byron Angelica Marie Rosario, Bronx * Christopher Roulston, Mastic Adrianna Marie Rozell, Earlton Andrew Otto Rubio, Ozone Park Eric Scott Rucky, East Islip Johnathan Matthew Rudy, Binghamton Joshua David Ruel, Fulton Joseph Stephen Ruggiero, Holbrook Peter N. Rukis, Brooklyn * James Robert Rusinko, Clifton Park Richard Frank Russell III, Amsterdam Paige V. Ryan, Center Moriches ** Paul Josue Headd Ryan, Syracuse Kristy Lynn Sagneri, Oswego ** Zuzi Elisabet Salais, Plano, TX ** Henry John Salamy, Tupper Lake Erik Patricio Salguero, Ellenville Brittany Sanchez, High Falls Eve Michelle Sandler, Delmar Tyler L. Sands, Liverpool Jessica S. Santonocito, Springville Yoira Santos, New York ** Spencer Rose Saraf, Lockport Logan Nathaniel Scalise, East Rochester * Andrew J. Scheuer, Liverpool * Amy L. Schiminske, Auburn * Kaela Schimpf, Rochester Ashley Marie Schneider, Hannibal *** Bethany Joyce Schneider, Oswego *** Julie Ann Schofield, Oswego Jacob Schreiber, Elmira Samantha Linden Schroeter, Schenectady Christopher Ryan Schroth, Syracuse *** Cassandra Marie Schumacher, Lockport Sarah Rae Schwartz, Rochester Matt Dalton Scofield, Sound Beach Tyler Justin Scoins, Corfu * Victoria Kelley Scurti, Highland Mills Emily Frances Seirup, Patterson Fay O. Shapiro, Brooklyn Brandon Martin Shaw, New Hartford * Daniel Thomas Shaw, Merrick Daniel Patrick Sheridan, Pearl River Kyle Jeffrey Sheridan, Syracuse Chelsea Anne Sherman, Troy Bryan Adam Sicurelli, Merrick Rowena Amir Siddiqui, Endicott Zachary Siegel, New York Ashley Marie Sikorski, Chicopee, MA Joshua L. Simmons, Fulton * Tamara Leigh Sims, Avoca * Kathryn Elizabeth Siskin, Conklin Calvin Siu, Flushing Terrence Michael Slattery, Plano, TX Shannon Therese Slowik, Syracuse McKenzie Eileen Smallcomb, Horseheads Aliza Jane Smith, Mexico * Anthony Wayne Smith, Trumansburg Brian Anthony Smith, Vestal Carolanne Jane Smith, Churchville Richard Thomas Smith, Oswego Trevor Randall Smith, Spencerport ** Amber Elizabeth Snyder, Bath Jennifer Cerella Sovine, Carthage ** Ryan Marshall Spall, Cohocton Chelsea Irene Sparling, Phoenix ** Meg Elizabeth Spinder, Rochester Ashley Irene Spinelli, Camillus ** Viktorija Andra Sprancmanis, North Syracuse * Lynsie Aliina Sprouse, Freeville * Jocelyn C. St. Clair, Cambridge, ON Wilbert St. Hilaire, Spring Valley Marissa Nicole St. Onge, Fulton Brett Donald St. Pierre, Auburn John St. Leger, Croton on Hudson Sean William Stagnari, Mineola Hayley Nicole Stanbro, Franklinville Jorie Mae Stanton, Scio Melinda Louise Stapleton, Fulton Todd Robert Stark, Nanuet Joseph Wallace Starr, Wilson * Amara Rhiannon Steele, Mexico Simone A. Steele, Hastings Caitlin Heather Steffens, Point Lookout Renee Phelisha Sterling, Brooklyn Michelle Erin Stiles, Howells Maxwell Lowell Stratton, Accord *** Benjamin P. Street, Watertown * Kevin John Streeter, Bridgeport * Charles Andrew Stulck, Oswego Christopher James Stultz, Oswego Sabrina Marie Sutton, Fulton Leah Suzanne Sweeney, East Syracuse * Kyle Davis Sweers, Rochester Benjamin Samuel Sweet, Pine Bush Sarah Christine Swierupski, West Islip Francis John Szyjkowski, Amsterdam Richard W. Taegtmeier, Washingtonville Cristofer A. Tamayo, Auburn Jason Morris Tannenbaum, Melville Candace Ann Tarana, Rochester Dana M. Tarantelli, Saranac Lake Joseph T. Taylor, Marion Kevin Michael Taylor, Syracuse *** Annibel Tejada, Ozone Park Yohanes Tekeste, Bronx Brian Andrew Thayer, Middleburgh * Megan Elizabeth Therrien, Johnstown Sarah Ann Thomas, Oswego * Connor James Thuotte, Liverpool Lauren Clare Tomaino, New Hartford Anais Ashante Torres, Bronx * Rachel Lynn Tortora, Brewerton Shain Toth, Hornell Kenneth Ernest Tousley III, Pulaski Chelsea Anne Tracy, Greenwich April M. Trainor, Boonville Daniel Moc Truong, Fulton ** Anthony Turnbull, Amsterdam ** Sarah Jane Turner, Oswego Meghan Catherine Tyo, Adams Joel Thomas Tyrrell, Camden Donald Ardell Tyson, Hastings Andrew Day Urtz, Oneida Keegan Patrick Urtz, Oneida ** Estefania Valencia, North Bergen, NJ *** Benjamin Rudolph Valentino, Mexico Jason M. Vallee, North Babylon Nicole M. VanDeuson, Syracuse Justin Richard Vanmeter, Rochester Adriana Patricia Vargas, Corona Daisy Lizette Vasquez, Fulton Benjamin A. Veglia, Schenectady K. C. Allen VerHage, Syracuse * Gautam Verma, Hicksville


19 ** Raquel Paige Vescio, Syracuse Catherine Amanda Vezzose, Oswego Megan Rose Vollmer, Cleveland Michael James Vuotto, Staten Island Brian Walter Waggoner, Mattituck Danielle Mary Waldron, Fishkill Daniel Joseph Walter, Hamlin Christopher James Walters, Newark Valley Crystal Ann Walters, Cayuga * Kaitlynn Marie Ward, Syracuse Cody Paul Waterman, Camden Amanda Rose Watkins, Webster Joseph Vincent Weaver, Chittenango Benjamin William Weber, Schenevus Bradford Paul Webster, Oswego * Gabrielle Amanda Weil, Merrick Maxwell Scott Weinstein, Dix Hills Steven Whalon, Vestal Jamie P. White, Jamesville Clinton Andrew Whittaker Jr., Manchester Erin Lynn Wilcox, Fulton Brian Andrew Williams, Yorktown Heights Erin Elizabeth Williams, Cheektowaga Hal C. Williams, Oneida Jace Ivor Williams, Staten Island Nicole M. Williams, Oswego *** Mark Houston Willson, Syracuse Jacob William Wilson, Niagara Falls * Marissa Lynn Wimer, Spencerport Dale Winchell, Clay Christopher John Winker, Staten Island Katelyn Mae Winn, Oriskany Falls Megan Elizabeth Winnick, Penfield Brian E. Wisely, Liverpool * Eric J. Wittern, Clinton Matt Christopher Wood, Shoreham * Alexis Nicole Woodcock, Queensbury Lauren Nicole Woodrick, Bay Shore ** Amanda Rose Woods, Newark Valley * Dylan Thomas Woods, Lindenhurst Timon J. Woods, Syracuse ** Thomas Micheal Wowkowych, Rochester Rachael Elizabeth Yavorka, Mount Sinai * Alamin Yohannes, Bronx Sarah Anne Yonnick, Liverpool Anastasia Yorke, Brooklyn Julia Margaret Yurco, Auburn * Jane Marie Zeller, Ellisburg Guannan Zhang, Shandong, ChinaSchool of Communication, Media and the ArtsCreated in 2007, the School of Communication, Media and the Arts brings together programs related to the study and creation of messages through art and music, electronically and via the spoken word. The school combines the strengths of fine and performing arts programs in art, music and theatre with the highly diverse department of communication studies. Eight undergraduate degree options and one master’s degree are offered in addition to interdisciplinary majors and minors. Graduates in this division are identified by tri-colored cords representing brown for art and theatre, crimson for communication studies, and pink for music.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2013, May 2014 and August 2014. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Leonard Abramovich, Potsdam * Taylor Marie Achin, New Hartford Brittany L. Agustin, Coeymans Adam Scott Aigen, Stony Brook Wyatt Aledort, Sea Cliff Corey Anthony Almanzi, Syracuse Timothy Ano Jr., Sherrill Jenna Leigh Arcese, Oakland Gardens Theodore Charles Athanas Jr., Poughkeepsie Sophia Marie Augugliaro, Glendale * Amanda E. Auwarter, Binghamton Tyler Baker-Carr, Scarsdale Stephanie Lynn Barkley, Clay Jasmine C. Barlow, Staten Island * Julie Elizabeth Barriere, Camillus Olivia Rose Basile, Buffalo Robert Edward Beaudoin, Ballston Lake Mark C. Bellucci, Baldwinsville Saad Bennani, Astoria Ross Michael Bentley, Greenville Lawrence Joseph Bergin Jr., Holtsville ** Brien J. Bianchi, Auburn * Matthew Louis Bishop, North Syracuse *** Sandra Helena Bodzon, Rochester Amy Theresa Boerger, Newport * Casey Marie Borchick, West Islip * Kristin Alanna Boreanaz, Williamsville *** Christina B. Born, Westernville Robert Marshall Born II, Syracuse Kaylee Bottini, Alpharetta, GA Sean Allen Bourgeois, Canisteo Peter Bovalino II, Syracuse Jessica Lauren Brandt, North Bellmore Rachel M. Brennan, Apalachin Jessica Teri Brenon, Tonawanda Christopher Robert Brockway, Eaton * Kelly Marie Brodeur, Richland Caitlin Brodfuehrer, Derby Dashawn Anthony Brown, Brooklyn Melissa Ann Brown, Camillus Carly Jean Brundige, Latham * Daniel Patrick Burdick, Herkimer Brian James Burkhard, Latham *** Susan Jane Burnett, Baldwinsville * Breanna Marie Busch, East Aurora Lauren Nicole Calabrese, Latham Michael P. Calabrese, Brooklyn Thomas James Campbell, Monroe Moraima Capellan Pichardo, Brooklyn Samuel W. Carges, Brockport Dylan Anthony Carpenter, Auburn Kevin Patrick Carr, Camillus


20 Thomas J. Giordonello, Garrison Sean Matthew Gnau, Freeville * Patrick Michael Godfrey, Watertown * Mary Jo Godnick, Fort Edward Alissa Marie Graves, Oswego * Anne L. Greco, West Islip Nicole Greco, Syracuse Page Madeline Greenblott, Binghamton Emanuel Greene, Rochester * Christina Marie Grehlinger, Niagara Falls Jessica Marie Guarino, Rochester Mohamedou Lamine Gueye, Bronx Lauren Guilfoyle, Farmingville ** Hans G. Habelt, Corning Sarah Norine Hahn, Cicero Alexa Rae Haller, Latham Kaitlin J. Halsted, Hemlock ** Chelsea Amanda Hamlet, Mount Vernon Sarah Jean Harbacz, Cohoes * Kelley Noreen Harrigan, Baldwinsville Rebecca Elise Hess, Altmar Timothy P. Hickey, Oceanside Kathleen Higgins, Rushville Sarah Bernadette Higgins, Bronx * Anthony Hill, Bronx ** Aimee L. Hirsch, Peekskill Brittany Nicole Hoffmann, Baldwinsville Joshua Alan Hunt, Auburn Ariel Hutchison, Barton Katlin Ann Inzero, Webster Brenna Christine Johnston, Troy ** Ian Abraham Jones, Cortland Keivanna Monquie Jones, Berlin, NJ Jaimie Kaplan, South Setauket ** Kimberly Ann Kittleson, Liverpool Daniel John Kolb, Cortlandt Manor Deanna Krolowitz, Endicott Jordan Leigh Krugman, New York Gillian Nicole Kuhlman, Brooklyn Jazmin Lee Margaret Kukla, West Sand Lake Nicholas Joseph Kuri, Sayville Jared Michael Lahm, Bradenton, FL Pauline Lam, Ballston Spa Amy Kathleen Lancaster, Honeoye Tori Nicole Lant, Queensbury Jacob Michael LaPan, Clifton Park Morgan Nicole Lavner, Oswego * Collin Aaron Leadbeater, Binghamton Aaron M. LeMay, Schenectady Mark A. Levine, Shirley Jordan L. Levitan, Manorville Christopher Gerard Lewand, Smithtown Sarah Lynn Lisuzzo, Rochester Shawn Patrick Lockwood, Oswego Jeremy Richard Long, Baldwinsville ** Michael K. Lord II, Stony Point Ryan Anthony Loucks, Albany Thomas James Loughlin, Babylon Joshua Hunter Lowe, Bronx Katelyn Johanna Luce, Central Square Megan Jeanne Lynch, East Meadow Ryan James Mackie, Liverpool * Emily Catherine Mahaney, Corfu Martina Lynn Maio, Utica Andrew Lorenzo Maisonette, Thiells ** Patrick Thomas Malowski, Herkimer * Joseph Gerard Manganiello, Liverpool Corbyn Manning, Canandaigua Andrea Rose Mannino, Ridge John F. Marrero, Bronx Joshua Barkley Martin, Syracuse Nicole Matarese, Oyster Bay Nicole McElroy, Latham * James Morgan McLaughlin, Roslyn ** Jillian Kim Meisenzahl, Ontario Omy Melo, Jackson Heights Chelsey R. Merlino, Spencerport * Andrew David Metz, Fayetteville * Christianna Louise Miller, Ballston Spa Elizabeth M. Minelli, East Syracuse Anna Teresa Moeller, West Islip John Mongiello, Washingtonville Shannon Montgomery, Massapequa Tyrell I. Moore, Jamaica ** Katherine Michelle Morelli, Nanuet Marc Albert Morello, East Setauket *** Kathryn Marie Morris, Preston, MD Eric J. Muldoon, Hillsborough, NJ Joshua Peter Murray, Chittenango Garrett John Mutz, Oneida Kristen Marie Muzik, Liverpool James Arnold Nast, Mendon Joshua Robert Newcombe, Manorville Joseph Paul Noel, Schenectady Maura Kathleen Noonan, Glenmont * Julia Lorraine Nuzzo, Montrose Raymond Deshawn Griffin Nwambuonwo, Staten Island Lily Marie O’Connell, West Falls Daniel James O’Connor, West Islip Jessica R. Carrara, East Northport * Kathleen Renea Caruthers, Columbia, SC Brian Michael Chojnacki, Hamburg * Shannon Elizabeth Christiansen, Corfu Stacy Lynn Cich, Grand Island Brittany Kimberly Cole, Syracuse *** Sara Marie Cooper, Schenectady Connor John Corcoran, La Fayette ** Alison Marie Cramer, Schenectady Kari Marie Cramer, Oswego Brendan Edwin Culver, Fairport Kaila Jaclyn Curatalo, Rochester Mackenzie Lawrence Curran, Cooperstown *** Molly Amber Darrow, Endicott Charles Raymond Daugherty IV, Latham Christopher Michael Davenport, Liverpool Kathryne Julia Davis, Ava * Ryan Daniel Deffenbaugh, Conesus Shelby J. Demers, Marietta *** Joel N. Dodge, Oswego Kyle James Dolan, Pennellville Stanley Samuel Dorelien, Pomona ** Gracie Ariel Dreher, Troupsburg Emily Dutt, Rome Mallory Catherine Eckert, Edmeston Tara Elliott, Bronx Jessica Amanda England, Campbell Hall Robert Todd Engwer, Queensbury Nicholas M. Episcopo, Minoa * Halley M. Erhardt, East Rochester ** Dana Jo Ernest, Rome Nicole Beth Falzone, Liverpool Dustin Matthew Farley, Utica Michelle Lee Farley, Oswego Emily Catherine Feeley, Buffalo * Bryan Garrett Feener, Rome Mariel Teresa Feld, Port Washington * Lauren Michelle Fleming, East Amherst Janelle Francisco, New City * Andrew Ryan Funfgeld, New City William John Furdyn, Syracuse Alexandra Courtney Victoria Galvez, Valley Stream Joshua Michael Garguilo, Clifton Park * Jacqueline Rosalie Gaul, Schenectady Cassandra Leigh Genua, Port Jefferson Station Michelle Lynne George, Sauquoit Zachary Aaron Gewelb, Montebello Jessica Anne Gilbert, Fulton Kyle Todd Gilyard, Endicott


21 ** Jessica Lynne Salamone, Rochester Clare Salisbury-Ruf, Liverpool Joseph Charles Salvatore, Clarence Center Shannon Elizabeth Sampson, Jamestown Jessica Nicole Sarubbi, Pleasantville Thomas Michael Schmid, Liverpool * Adam L. Shear, Roslyn Heights Kyle Anton Sheehan, Congers Corey Sheen, Brooklyn * Elizabeth S. Shepherd, Potsdam Lavon Shim-Johnson, Saint Albans Amy Elizabeth Shutter, Oswego ** James William Simon, Nanuet Colin K. Sixt, Rochester William Busby Smithson V, Canandaigua Hannah Lea Sokol, Endicott Kaitlyn R. Sperduti, Liverpool Megan L. Stachnick, Lake Luzerne Daniel Stalter, Hicksville Susan D. Steinbaugh, Syracuse Zachary Michael Steuer, White Plains *** Rocco Rodney Stevens, Spencer Courtney Laura Stewart, Mahopac Brooke Kristian Stone, Los Angeles, CA Angelo Michael Storms, Rome ** David Charles Swift, Rush Michael Vincent Tanzini, Endicott Nicole A. Tarantelli, Carmel Jesse Marie Tehonica, Liverpool Ryan D. Thayer, Williamson Charisse Alicia Thompson, Bronx Elizabeth Annie Thurlow, Fulton * Tamara Tyshay Tingman, Bronx Shawn James Tobin, Mount Sinai * Michael Robert Tombolesi, East Amherst ** Michelle Lynn Tomei, Little Falls Pamela W. Townsend, Cooperstown Rebecca Lynn Townsend, Greene Stefanie Lia Traynor, Clifton Park * Matthew Treglia, Staten Island Sean Taylor Tulumello, Buffalo Thomas Vincent Urtz Jr., Highland Mills Janet Lynn Uzzell, Albertson Gregory Robert Vaga, Syracuse Joseph J. Varecha, Commack Marlon Omar Vassell, Brooklyn * Michael F. Venuti, Geneva * Alaine Renee Vescovo, Huntington Erik Hubert Vuillaume, Burnt Hills Roddy James Wahl, Binghamton Paula A. Odhiambo, Dover Plains Imani Aisha Odom, Utica Matthew W. Oill, Mount Sinai Osaze E. Olumhense, Cortlandt Manor Shannon Lee O’Shea, East Northport * Joseph James Ostrom, Sterling Patrick John Ostwald, Queensbury Brian Matthew Oven, Vestal Matthew Steven Pamlanye, Holbrook Alexandra Faith Parry, Waterford Natalie Brooke Pearl, Elbridge * Stephanie E. Peck, Jordan Christine Maria Peets, Saint Regis Falls Molly Catherine Perreaud, Rochester Jordan Alice Perry, Fulton Anjoua D. Perryman, Syracuse Lindsay Pesner, Commack Duy Pham, Binghamton *** Brendon Murray Phillips, Schenectady Matthew Keith Phillips, Oswego ** Jillian Nicole Phipps, Monroe Nicholas William Edward Pike, Fulton Nicole Swensen Popp, Liverpool Amy Elizabeth Popper, Shirley Akilah Monet Portee, Brooklyn Christopher William Porten, Auburn Maximilian Eugene Principe, Williamsville ** Gianna Marie Putrino, Endicott Sierra Victoria Quiros, Valley Cottage Tyler Shea Race, Binghamton Elizabeth Juliette Raymonda, Syracuse Benjamin L. Rebstein, North Chili Elizabeth Marion Redmond, Lee Center Sara E. Reed, Troy Kevin M. Restaino, Modena Olga Stephany Reyes, East Northport * Emily Anne Marshall Richmond, Oswego Gregory Jay Rifanburg, Auburn * Caitlin Elizabeth Roberts, Queensbury Corbin David Roberts, Liverpool Jordan Lee Rockower, New City Morgan Felicia Rook, Watertown Timothy James Rooney, Nesconset Catherine Rosario, New York Molly Margot Ross, Locust Valley Seth Evan Ross, Liverpool Noah Rougeux, Youngstown Adam Robert Rupczyk, Ashville Katie Mae Russell, Rochester Domenick Russo Jr., Franklin Square Robert Ryan Wassmuth, Shirley Benjamin Henry Weiss, Baldwinsville *** Allen Michael Wengert, Edmeston Danielle F. White, Phoenix Emily Alise Wild, Webster Patrick Mitchell Williams, Syracuse Zachary T. Wilson, Binghamton Anastasia E. Winchell, Sag Harbor * Bryan Vincent Wood, Dansville * John Lorrel Woodworth, Hudson Falls Brian Dana Wright, Solvay Ronette Wright-Washington, Brooklyn Carol Wu, Brooklyn Kylie Elizabeth Wyman, Oswego Karli Beth Yard, Pulaski Sabrina Helen Young, East Worcester Tuqa Youssry Youssef, Hicksville


22 School of BusinessTo keep pace with a rapidly evolving business world, programs in the School of Business integrate classroom learning with advanced computer applications and various forms of applied education, such as case studies, simulations, group projects and internships. Nationally accredited by AACSB International — the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business — the school offers seven undergraduate majors and a master’s of business admin istration programas well as two five-year combined bachelor’s/MBA degree programs, one in accounting and one in psychology.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2013, May 2014 and August 2014. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. The college community is saddened by his recent death. Michelle Kathryn Abbass, New Hartford Timmy Abraham, Nanuet Anthony John Agnese Jr., Hicksville *** Danielle Aguilar, Pulaski Darlene N. Akanmu, Staten Island Ryan Michael Alesandro, Utica * Jordan Philip Alhart, Fairport Grant J. Allen II, Syracuse Cody Anna, Lee Center Anthony D. Artz, Oswego Stephen Aschkenes, New York Johanna Christine Austin, Lyons * Nicole Louise Azero, Tonawanda Kyle David Badham, Oakville, ON Shane Robert Baer, Kauneonga Lake Breanna Laura Baker, Ballston Spa Casey McCrea Balzer, Nassau * Katelyn M. Barber, Mexico Katherine Elizabeth Barnum, Oswego ** Jordan James Barry, Fairport Corrine Elizabeth Bartlett, Oswego Frank James Basile, Monroe ** Christopher D. Beal, Sherrill * Brendan Thomas Beisner, West Islip Kanta Marie Benjamin, Brooklyn Thomas Francis Bennett, Melville Kathryn Lynn Benoit, Syracuse * Alexis Irene Bentley, Sodus ** Irene M. Benton, Saratoga Springs Peter John Billias, East Amherst Zachary Bird, Katonah Thomas William Birkmire, West Islip Jessica Bodoh, Fulton Olivia Chantel Boersen, Stratford, ON Jonathan Edward Bos, Weedsport Jonathan Isaiah Bowen, Bronx Matthew Christopher Boyle, Baldwinsville *** Kyle W. Brayton, Fulton ** Ryan M. Brennan, Syracuse Justin Andrew Brignola, Clifton Park Joseph Daniel Brinkman, Troy Connor John Brown, Syracuse Laura Lynn Brown, Binghamton Philip M. Brown, Washingtonville Richard Stephen Buckley Jr., Friendsville, PA * Jacob Christopher Burby, Saratoga Springs Justin Jude Burns, Cortland Richard Philip Butera, Pennellville ** Brandon James Butler, Sodus * Kelsey Marie Byrne, Webster Steven Calisto, Bay Shore Matthew Callari, Williamsville Christopher Michael Callender, Ronkonkoma Dylan M. Campany, Spencerport Mitchell Thomas Campbell, Liverpool * Kayla Dominica Cardinale, Theresa Dominic J. Cardone, Ballston Lake Wesley Andrew Carmichel, Syracuse Anthony Michael Caroccia, Castleton on Hudson James Anthony Casino, Schenectady Mariah Castleman, Liverpool Charles Martin Celemin, Fayetteville Emily A. Chambers, Macedon Ashley Chayka, Red Creek * Annie Chen, Jamestown Jack Zhe Chen, New York * Maxmillian Chen, Hicksville * Zhe Cheng, Brecksville, OH *** Robert Anthony Chiappone, Clifton Park Nicholas Christopher, Williamsville Catrina Joan Clarke, Warwick Shawna Leann Cliff, Holley ** Jessica Leigh Cobb, Greig Carlos German Coca, New York Leonard M. Coccaro, South Richmond Hill Michael J. Collins, Troy Sean Thomas Confrey, Nanuet Christopher Cooper, Saint James Michael J. Cox, Albany Joshua William Crespo, Bronx Thomas Matthew Cristo, Sand Lake Sarah Marie Crucitti, Oswego Arjenis Jose Cruz, Thiells * Vincent Nicholas Cusumano, Syracuse *** Alyssa Nicole Dalrymple, Schenectady Steven Robert Darling, Charleston, SC Brett Robert Davis, New City Jenson Thomas Davis, Sodus Zachary Michael Davis, Clyde *** Dianora Aria De Marco, Bronx Taylor Joseph De Santis, Cicero Ryan Benjamin Demann, Marathon Sean David DeMerchant Jr., Mechanicville Kevin Michael Dennis, Syracuse Kristopher Anthony Scott Dennison, Central Square Zachary Martin DePoint, Buffalo Christopher Desangles, Bronx Matthew Charles Deveney, North Syracuse * Tyler Patrick Diez, Lockport Lauren Gabriella DiMarco, Oswego ** Rachael Suzanne Dolan, Pennellville Dean Louis Domenici, Sparkill * Rebecca Ann Doruszewski, West Seneca


23 Addison Spenser Elko, Massapequa Park Matthew J. Ellis, Hicksville *** John Robert Enkosky, Syracuse Brian Daniel Ephraim, Kings Park Daniel Christopher Erne, Rochester Danielle Michele Ernst, Saratoga Springs Maria Noelle Failla, Miller Place Andrew M. Falvey, Cicero Kevin Joseph Farrell, Johnson City James Tyler Fazio, Syracuse Adam Louis Feinberg, Kerhonkson Sarina Rose Ferro, Rochester Michael J. Fiederlein, Oakdale * Rachel Lorraine Filosofos, Lewiston Zackary John Finsel, Cicero Keith Forter, Bloomingburg Mark Anthony Fraboni, Watkins Glen Matthew William Franzino, Greenlawn ** Nicholas James Friedman, Walworth David Benjamin Gallagher, Delmar Abigail Rose Gamba, Auburn Daniel J. Gambardella, Darien, CT Brandon Charles Gardineer, Yorktown Heights Alexandria Susan Gazetos, Queensbury Thomas John Geoghegan, Poughquag Ryan Gibbs, Old Forge Ray B. Gibson, Bath * Michael Bruce Gilchrist, Pittsford Ian J. Gillis, Gloversville Nicholas James Girling, Williamsville Shelby Lynn Godfrey, Baldwinsville Xavier Alexy Gonzalez, Bronx * Jason M. Goodwin, Lindenhurst * David Eliyahu Goro, Scarsdale Ekaterina Gounko, College Point Christopher Michael Gray, Nunda Adam John Graziani, Lancaster ** Daniel Matthew Grossman, Buffalo * Brendan Joseph Groth, Liverpool Marie Janine Hage, Utica Krissy Hallman, Oneida Rachel Lynn Halsey, Pulaski Charles David Harden, Amityville * Zachary Harder, Homer John Paul Harmatuk, Syracuse * Drew Dominick Harmon, Fulton Paul Joseph Harnish, Mahopac *** Megan Joan Haufe, Poughkeepsie Matthew Scott Hausman, Plainview William Alexander Hayes, Syracuse John Charles Hendrick, Cicero Stephanie Alice Hernandez, Massapequa Cara Lea Hill, Camillus * Rachael Margaret Himes, Oswego Sean Timothy Hines, Cornwall on Hudson Abigail L. Hodownes, Victor Kurt Horman, Smithtown Jennifer Ann Hughes, Liverpool Katlyn N. Humphreys, West Monroe Miranda Grace Hunter, Webster *** Hanh Do Hieu Huynh, New York City * Abigail J. Hyde, Pulaski Daniel Iskaros, Little Neck Kathryn Lynn Jablonicky, Orchard Park *** Angela Rose Janack, Oswego Justin Allan Jarvis, Syracuse Tiffany Michelle Jenkins, Brooklyn Gregory M. Johnson Sr., Bronx Tyquan Perry Jordan, Brooklyn William Julich, North Bellmore Alexander Christopher Jurczynski, Schenectady Arthur C. Katt III, West Islip Brendan William Keogh, Massapequa Park Jonathan David Keyes, Staten Island ** Alexander Kingston, Rochester Mirjana Kominovski, Webster John M. Konrad, Thompson Ridge Rhett Edward Kristl, Whitesboro ** Daniel J. Krol, Whitesboro Richard S. Krompinger, Holbrook Philip Joseph Kugler, Erieville Mike Jordan Lang, Syracuse Kevin Glenn Lee Jr., Massapequa Park *** Ashley Nicole Lefebvre, Malta Eric Leiponis, Glen Cove Steven Brett Leventoff, Cortlandt Manor Jordan Ian Levy, East Islip ** Amy Elizabeth Lewandowski, Lancaster Tania Leydi Leyva, Bellerose * Jiayuan Li, Qingdao, China David Robert Liadka, Baldwinsville * Bethany Renee Lindsay, Central Square Travis T. Linton, New York ** Alan James Lippincott, Philadelphia Vincent Michael Livreri, West Islip Iveliz Lopez, Oswego ** Xiaodong Lou, Hangzhou Zhejiang Province, China Colin James Lucey, Fairport ** Bryan W. Ludwig, Rochester * Christina Marie Lynch, West Seneca Kerri Rose MacAlpine, Manorville Lauren Elizabeth MacHose, Cazenovia Stephanie Nicole Mackey, Geneseo * Cullen Grant Mahoney, Penfield Andrew Anthony Mancino, Utica * George Manou Jr., Webster Keiara Monay Marable, Albany * Alexander Anthony Marano, Manlius Joshua Marburger, Syracuse Zachary James Marciniak, Clifton Park Corinne Marie Marsh, Endwell Lucas Reed Martin, Fayetteville James Matassa Jr., Wantagh Rina Matsuura, Shimane, Japan Jordan Anthony McAvoy, Carthage * Brittany Ann McBurnie, Speonk * Jakira Charise McCampbell, Fulton Meghan Marie McCann, Fulton Patrick McElduff, Poughkeepsie ** James T. McKenna, Bohemia Mathew Andrew McKeon, Stony Point Morgan Leigh McMahon, Painted Post Ryan Henry McMillian, Henderson * Michael Patrick McMullen Jr., Syracuse Meryl Courtney Means, Syracuse Marque Salvador Melita, Fulton Ryan Jack Mellon, Rotterdam Junction *** Kristin Marie Metzger, Lee Center Edward George Meyerhofer, Williamsville Rachel B. Miley, Sherrill Daniel P. Mills, La Fargeville Andrew Thomas Minnick, Latham Bryana Minnick, Rochester Jacquelyn Joyce Mir, Fabius * Samantha Marie Modafferi, Holbrook Gregory M. Molfese, Buffalo Colleen Renee Monday, Norwich Anthony Morehouse, Oneida James Justin Moser, Florida Connor James Nagle, New City Kelly Lindsey Nassar, Manlius * Robert Thomas Natoli, Oswego Lena M. Netto, Watertown Steven G. Neuhauser, Manlius * Brianna Lindsey Newell, Rush * Erin Michele Newkirk, Dallas, TX ** Luke Newton, Oneida *** Elizabeth Louise Nirchi, Endicott Dylan Scott Norwick, Yorktown Heights * Andrew Scott Nugent, Camillus Daniel Steven Obuchowski, Commack Louis Ohemeng Ofori, Bronx


24 * Nicholas Jon Verginio, Baldwinsville James Westly Virola, Brooklyn Amanda Jane Vitagliano, Jordan Daniel Raymond Viviano, New Hyde Park Ryan Paul Von Braunsberg, Massapequa Park Corey Vosefski, Holbrook Erin Elizabeth Walls, Buffalo * Thomas James Walsh, Honeoye Falls * Sicong Wang, Weifang, China *** Yixuan Wang, Taiyuan, China *** Michelle Loke Wen Wee, Oswego Colden David Weiler, West Leyden Nicholas D. Wheeler, La Fayette Robert Patrick Whitcomb, Setauket *** Alycia Marie White, Marathon * Michael James White, Floral Park Peter Matthew White, Syracuse ** Kate M. Whiteman, Victor * Eric Kenneth Widanka, Henrietta Robert Michael Williams, Webster Steven Wilock, Ballston Lake * Steven R. Wilson, Fulton Brendan Sean Witherspoon, Canandaigua Joshua R. Wolcott, Ballston Spa Julia Anne Wolf-Crawley, Camden Racquel Wood, Staten Island Jeffrey Andrew Worden, Tonawanda Dustina J. Wortman, Apalachin Colin Matthew Wrba, Fly Creek Borui Wu, Wuhan, China *** Dengqiusa Yang, Deyang, China ** Sophie Mae Young, Ellisburg Carmen Anthony Zammiello, Whitesboro Victoria Jade Zinna, Stony Point Alexander Donald Zubrowski, Liverpool James Otieno Okello Sr., Bloomingburg * Tatyana Okhman, Syracuse Karinna H. Okkonen, New Rochelle ** Michael Edward Olbrych, Scotia * Marian Omidiji, Marlboro Patrick Robert Omlor, Manorville Kwesi Kodua Osei, Farmington Caitlin May Outen, Dryden Chelsea Alinda Paine, Ontario Nicholas Gerald Palermo, Lockport Sean Robert Parrington, Middletown * Gregory James Pasho, Moravia Danielle Christine Pauba, Rome Madeline Toel Paul, Incline Village, NV * Kayla Marie Pawlewicz, Fulton Thomas John Pearce Jr., Croton on Hudson Kendra Elaine Pedersen, Fayetteville Michael Edward Perra, Cicero Nikki Marie Perrine, Raleigh, NC Cindy Leigh Perry, Westbrookville Brandyn Tyler Peters, Baldwinsville Kayla Rae Petruzzelli, Huntington ** Leah Michele Phillips, Fulton Brooke Lucille Pidkaminy, Parish Dominick Joseph Pistone, Middletown Ina Poro, Syracuse * David G. Powers, Phelps Zachary Michael Prashaw, Norfolk Brandon Michael Presley, Lacona Kali Jean Purt, Oswego Marcus Anthony Quarles, Katonah Ken Ralph Quinn, Oakdale * Jared Benjamin Raffa, Oswego Katherine Ramirez, Bronx Trevor Patrick Rector, Fairport Alexander James Rego, Hastings on Hudson Timothy George Reid, Lake Placid Chasee Hoon Reilly, Medford Raymond Anthony Resto III, New York James C. Reynolds, Garden City Hannah Elizabeth Richard, Cazenovia Ayana Agira Darci Rivera, Bronx Britney Robinson, Syracuse Sara Ann Root, Lockport Joseph D. Rosetti, Dryden Daniel Jordan Ross, Syracuse *** Jody Lynn Roth, Jamesville Heather Lynn Rougeux, Manlius Samuel Isaiah Rudin, Putnam Valley ** Taylor Ryzuk, Westhampton Kevin J. Saintey, Baldwinsville * Nicholas Richard Salamone, Warwick Eudora Therese Saunders, Brooklyn Samuel John Savelli, Binghamton William Louis Scala, Auburn Terrence John Scanlan, Hopewell Junction Jessica L. Schauer, Phoenix James Matthew Schock, Port Jervis Alaina Lynn Schoonmaker, Auburn Bridget Grace Schroeder, Clifton Park Gina Marie Scollo, Syracuse Kelly Nandini Seecharran, Monroe Scott Hayden Seiter, Latham Ashley Nichole Sensibaugh, Carthage Michael Joseph Shampine, Phoenix ** Matthew Thomas Sheehan, Tribes Hill Rachel Rose Silvestro, Lancaster Jeremy Evan Simek, Syracuse * Cory Matthew Sisson, Caledonia Emma N. Smetaniuk, Frankford, ON Alison Elizabeth Smith, Penn Yan Danielle Marie Smith, Fulton Jasmine Alisha Smith, New York Justin C. Smith, Wallkill ** Shelby Marie Smith, Webster Daniel Alan Smyth, East Northport * Nianci Song, King of Prussia, PA Kamille F. Sorber, Weedsport Christopher Michael Sorrentino, Port Jefferson Station Bradley Lloyd Spergel, East Meadow Cara Anne Sprague, Red Creek Jeremy David Sprague, Mattydale *** Nicholas Ralph Staiano, Monroe * Michael Patrick Stairs, Syracuse Nicholas Japaul Sullivan, Mattydale Ryan J. Sullivan, Glenmont Michael O. Taber, Oswego Andrew Michael Taylor, Fort Edward Jordan Arthur Thomas, Adams Ryan Julian Tibbetts, Liverpool Christopher E. Timmons, West Islip Gabrielle N. Tofani, Liverpool Shaun Tonyes, Hopewell Junction * Melissa Rose Torella, Cheektowaga Julian Eugenio Torriente, New Windsor * Roger Gabriel Trigo, Rome Erin Marie Turner, West Islip Joanna Frances Vaccaro, Liverpool Kyle William Vachon, Johnson City Brett Vanatta, McGraw Genesis Clarissa Vasquez, Middletown J. Vazquez Jr., Oswego


25 School of EducationInnovation in teaching methods has been a hallmark of SUNY Oswego since its founding as a teachers college in 1861. This creative spirit still thrives in the School of Education, where advanced techniques and early experi ences in the classroom help students become teachers ready to meet the expectations of today’s students. The School of Education is nationally accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2013, May 2014 and August 2014. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Jeffrey Michael Abbott, Baldwinsville * Tiffani L. Ackley, Sherburne *** Emily Ruth Aikens, Perry Nicole Mary Anjos, Fishkill Michael Eugene Audi, Clifton Park Andrew Thomas Auriemma, Milford Bridgette Nicole Auyer, Oswego Alexis Nicole Avery, Vestal Steven John Badaracco, Webster ** Jessie James Ball, Savannah * Shannon Elizabeth Bandinelli, North Tonawanda Brent J. Bareham, Rochester Brianna Lynn Barry, Valley Stream Katie Lynn Bartholomew, Oswego Harrison James Barton, Glens Falls Bahar Bay, Rochester Kaitlyn Rose Beardsley, Camillus Taylor H. Belge, North Syracuse * Mary Anne Bergman, Phoenix Talia Caryn Berk, Nanuet Michael Henry Beshures, Webster Bridget Kathryn Biagini, Massapequa *** Heather Lynn Bianco-Whitcomb, Martville *** Alyssa Catherine Bick, Baldwinsville Adam James Bishop, Syracuse Rachel Christine Bishop, Liverpool Shannon Rose Bishop, Port Jefferson Station Dustin Harold Blodgett, Orwell * William Paul Boles, Auburn Alexandra Nicole Bottino, Liverpool Matthew Reade Brady, East Elmhurst Melissa Ann Brangan, Mexico * Sophie Breed, Liverpool Caitlin Elizabeth Brewster, East Syracuse Rebecca Lynne Brigham, Liverpool Jesse D. Bright, South Kortright Katharine Marie Britt-Busler, Albany Nathan August Brock, Penfield Pamela Sue Brown, Guilford Darlynda DeMaria Brownlee, Nyack Victoria Leigh Brudz, Brockport * Scott Gregory Buniak, Clifton Park Brittany Rose Calcagno, Massapequa Joseph Edward Calder, Massapequa Nicole Danielle Campea, Montrose Stephanie Ann Canonico, Carmel Katlyn Michelle Carnachan, Norwich *** Brianna Carnevale, Massapequa Park Noah Luke Carroll, Fulton Jessica Catricala, Wynantskill * Stefan J. Cavedine, Camillus Michael John Cavender, Baldwinsville Sarah Mee Cerroni, Baldwinsville Kelly Chan, Brooklyn *** Jenna Lynn Chewens, Vestal Candice Lee Choppy, Gansevoort * Stephanie M. Ciesla, Oswego Lauren Aaronson Cihanek, Carmel * Leah Antoinette Ciotoli, Endicott Dennis William Clancy Jr., Montgomery Tiffany Mae Cleveland, Syracuse Adam Cory Clute, Johnstown Kristina J. Colao, Port Jefferson Station * Ashley Nicole Collins, Binghamton Nicole Coluzzi, Long Beach Christopher R. Conrardy, Southold * Emily Eileen Conway, Oswego Timothy J. Conway, New City *** Owen John Cook, Delhi Courtney Kathleen Cosentino, Syracuse * Ashley Christine Costantino, Hoosick Falls Colleen Ann Cracchiola, Smithtown Kyle Francis Crawford, Cassville ** Ashley Taylor Curaba, Bohemia Thomas John Curry, Richland * Caitlin M. Dabkowski, East Northport James E. Dale, Taberg Alaina DaRin, Jamesville Amanda Davis, Liverpool * Erin Gloria Dearing, Whitehall, PA Patrick Donald Decker, Spencerport Jane M. DeForge, Central Square Melissa Anne DeGeronimo, Shoreham Alesha Maria Del Gaizo, Webster * Patrick Jonathan Dennis, Canandaigua Jenna Marie Derasmo, Massapequa * Kristen Mary DerGurahian, Castleton * Cailee DeWolf, Hannibal Joshua Harrison Dietterich, Glen Park * Emily Lauren DiFabio, Oswego ** Kristen Leigh Dingman, Lorraine Katelyn Marie Dittes, Cicero * Deirdre Donley, Cooperstown Don T. Dowd, Oswego Jodi Marie Downs, Oswego Robert William Drexler Jr., Rochester Sean E. Ebanks, Bronx * Madeline M. Egelston, Fultonville * Paula Anne Egelston, Fultonville Sally Ann Eichler, Sabael ** Erin Marie Erwin, Syracuse Anthony Joseph Esposito, East Northport Anthony Nicholas Facchini, Seaford


26 ** Danielle Marie Falci, Islip Terrace Katherine Louise Falise, Mattydale * Michael Joseph Farnach, Manlius William Michael Farr, Washingtonville Jillian Quinn Ferrall, Miller Place Angela Noel Finch, Olean * Ashley Katherine Fiorille, Pittsford Blake Ellwood Fisher, Seaford * Lindsey Anne Fisher, Seaford Michael J. Fisher, Islip Terrace * Katie Marie Flood, Yonkers Matthew Joseph Folta, Hamilton Troy Robert Forbes, Owego * Kaitrin Mary Freeman, Kings Park Aleksander Friedrich, Fishkill ** Aaron Michael Frohm, Pittsford Catherine Jane Furletti, Oswego * Monica Lynn Gage, Hannibal Kaitlin Elizabeth Gallo, Merrick *** Alyssa M. Gauthier, Mattydale * Cassamira Leigh Gearing, Ballston Spa Alyssa Lynn Georgiade, Clay Nathaniel Tate Badman Gilman, Baldwinsville Tyler S. Ginett, Williamson Elizabeth Gomez, Long Beach Patrick James Goodwin, Baldwinsville ** Andrew Graff, Rochester Sean Patrick Graham, Wallkill Ashley Nicole Graulich, Bay Shore Holly Anne Greenfield, Sandy Creek Francesca Terese Grimaldi, Marcy Jenna Rebecca Grubman, Port Washington * Evaguel Guadalupe, Oswego Jordan Gualtieri, Rome Hannah Rose Guy, Tully Jason Michael Hagerman, Baldwinsville Jennifer Lynne Hand, Poughkeepsie Chelsea Victoria Hans, Fulton Talia Ann Harrison, Jamesville * Emily M. Hartman, Verona Rose Marie Hartman, Liverpool Jennifer Lynne Hauk, East Northport * Sara E. Herbrand, Rochester Cecilia Marie Hill, Palatine Bridge Spencer Raechelle Hill, Liverpool Brittany Mae Hilton, Cato Danielle Marie Hinckley, Pearl River Kayla Lynn Hoffman, Central Square Kyle D. Hollander, Rye Brook Nicholas Michael Holz, Gansevoort ** Brandon Wade Everett Hood, Fulton Nathaniel Mark Horn, Cortland Bethany Rose Humphrey, Westmoreland * Chelsea Nicole Hunt, Brockport Jessica Nicole Iannuzzo, Mamaroneck * Tara Lynn Jackson, Brockport Leslie Laurena Jarvis, Newmarket, ON Elizabeth Maureen Jenners, Central Square Caitlin Moriarty Johnson, Clifton Park Emma Kathleen Kelley, Syracuse Vincent Joseph Kemp, Albany John Michael Keruskie Jr., Watertown Matthew James Killion, Amherst ** Jenna Maggie King, Farmington Joseph Andrew Kissinger, Fairport Kyla Knapp, Owego * Debra Ann Kohlhepp, Dix Hills * Sara Ann Kosiorowski, Islip Terrace * Vincent St. John Kovach, Le Roy Chelsea Lynn Kowalski, Camden Robert O’Connor Kristel, Queensbury Brittany G. Kulesza, Watertown Branden Michael Kuzel, Johnson City ** Nicole Marie Lamphier, Camillus *** Briana L. LaRocca, Cleverdale Jeremy Alden Lasda, Northport *** Nicole Lynn Leader, Baldwinsville Michael Robert Lenardi, Kings Park Adam Richard Lesh, Syracuse Douglas Scott Licciardi, Ridge * Jessica Lynn Licciardi, Florida Thomas Keating Liguori, Lynbrook James Christian Lindquist, Patchogue Sophia Barbara Lookretis, Clearwater, FL * Elle Francesca Lorica, Albany * Ethan Michael Lucas, Johnson City * Michael Christopher Lynk, Syracuse ** Matthew Taylor Maggio, New Hartford Macy Kaye Mahony, Fayetteville *** Diane Marie Maitland, Adams Center * Danielle Elizabeth Manzone, Auburn * Nina L. Marollo, Herkimer Julian Martinez, Allegany Julian George Marzocchi, Flushing * Melissa Masci, Dix Hills Lauren E. Mason, Camillus ** Angela Leigh Matarazzo, Liverpool Amy Marie Mattison, Pulaski Mihail George Maznikovski, Rochester * DJ Mazzoni, Camillus Colleen Elizabeth McBride, Rensselaer Sherade Antoinette McKitty, Yonkers Megan Marie McNitt, Pulaski * Genesis Janille Melo, New York Christopher Brian Mendez, Bronx Lisa Nicole Mettelman, Whitesboro Kathleen Ellyn Mifsud, Bellmore ** Kimberly Nicole Mina, Smithtown Ethan William Mitchell, Westhampton * Shannon Ainsley Moldoff, Nassau Erin Christine Molloy, Canandaigua * Justin David Montois, Rochester Kalie Anne Moore, Delhi Theodore Jacob Morris, Watkins Glen Corinne Elizabeth Moshier, Nichols Samantha Elizabeth Moss, Smithtown Benjamin Howard Murray, Syracuse *** Laura Marie Murtha, Central Square ** Alyson Marie Napiorski, Malta Sarah Jane Nasholts, Aurora * Adam Robert Nesbitt, Johnson City Brianna Caitlin Nichols, Putnam Valley Chelsea A. Nightingale, Liverpool * Hannah Katherine Noone, Fairport Courtney Blake Norell, Franklin Square * Lauren Nichole Nunziato, West Sand Lake Garrett Stiles O’Beirne, Islip Liam Daniel O’Brien, Airmont * Nicholas Mark Oetinger, Getzville Edward P. Oliva III, Valhalla Kyla Anne Oliver, Croton on Hudson *** Michelle Hope O’Mara, Bellmore Zachary Michael O’Neill, Ontario Thomas Michael O’Riley, Watertown * Marian Otenwarder, Bronx *** Page Ellen Owens, Cato * Jennifer Parrish, Saratoga Springs ** Elizabeth Joan Peavey, Verona *** Anika Rae Perkins, Fulton Katlain Elizabeth Petrella, Blossvale * Joseph James Pike, Rochester Martha Pilat, East Amherst * Kasi Pilny, Jeffersonville * Matthew C. Pilo, Freeport Nicholas Pinho, Dix Hills Macaulay Jay Porter, Oswego ** Lindsay Prentice, Amherst Amanda Lillian Prince, Lowville Anthony Gerard Prisco, Levittown ** Meaghan Davis Puff, Newfane Joanna Radzimowski, Wappingers Falls


27 Jason Marcel Ramirez, Bronx * Rebecca Susan Rappold, Rochester Sara Francessca Reale, New Hartford Nikolaus Norman Reff, Little Falls *** Rachel Elaine Reid, Rome * Kirsten Danielle Reimers, Walworth *** Holly Jean Rhoads, Mexico Rachel Lee Rhynders, Syracuse Jillian Joan Rice, Bronx Andrew Richards, Ogdensburg Alissa Anne Rifenburg, Wampsville ** Katherine M. Riley, Camillus ** Meagan Celeste Ripple, Fort Hunter Frank Joseph Risole III, Wappingers Falls Jennifer Robbins, Geneva Elizabeth Irene Robinson, Arkport Jonathan Rodriguez, New York Louis Rodriguez, New York ** Jeanni Christean Romanowski, North Norwich * Brent Farrell Rose, Kenoza Lake Brittanie Grace Rose, Fulton * Bryan C. Rose, Oneida Jenifer M. Rotz, Waterloo David Timothy Royce, Warsaw Shelby Lee Rusaw, Mexico ** Jami Megan Saladin, Greece Jessica Sandler, Plainview Omar Santiago, Huntington Station * Michael A. Schifano, Rochester Jillian Marie Schneller, West Islip * Ashley Blair Schoeppler, Ballston Lake Michael Joseph Scro, Wantagh Melissa Anne Sharon Seamont, North Bay, ON Shay Nichol Sheldon, West Monroe * Amanda Lyn Shultz, Woodville Jonathan James Shyne, Montville, NJ Maya Faye Siegel, Queens Village *** Kasey Ruth Simmons, Cicero Melissa Catherine Simms, Brewerton Kajuan Lateif Smith, Syracuse Michael Vincent Spadaro, Liverpool Ashley Lynn Spencer, Schenectady ** Lillian Frances Stensland, South New Berlin Joshua James Stockwell, Belleville Meagan Elizabeth Stover, Lake George Brianna Marie Streeter, Fulton Jennifer Elizabeth Strother, Oswego Eric J. Sullivan, Seneca Falls Caileigh Docherty Sweeney, Saratoga Springs * Karli Marie Tait, Andes Michael Thomas Tarnowski, Dunkirk ** Courtney Lane Broussard Terrell, Bear Creek, AL Annastasia Marie Thurlow, Fulton Peter Francis Tierney, Wappingers Falls *** David Alexander Titanic, Markham, ON Samantha Baxter Todd, Pasadena, MD Amanda Lynn Toscano, Medford Jessica Lynn Tourot, Oswego Brittany Anne Traver, Friendsville, PA Caitlyn A. Trimble, Washingtonville ** Benjamin Truesdail, Richford Madison Jane Tuller, Conklin Brad Thomas Ulrich, Stony Brook ** Ashlee Ann Upchurch, Canandaigua Allegra Pokracki Uva, Denver, CO * Tracey Mary Vail, Tully * Elaine Christine VanDerVeeken, Castorland Reina E. Vasquez Beato, Bronx Joshua Patrick Veator, Manlius Amanda Kay Vero, Airmont Kyle Henry Vimislik, Vestal * Daniel L. Vinette, North Syracuse * Marissa Waggoner, Depew Kristy Lynn Wall, Taberg * Daniel Walsh, West Islip * Teagan Alysse Ward, Redwood Brittany Ann Watkins, Constableville *** Rachel Rose Weimar, Minoa Donald Joseph Weisansal, Williamsville *** Sarah Kristine Weller, Tonawanda ** Sarah Mae Wellington, Arkport Britnie Marie West, Central Square Becca M. Whitcher, Rush Jennifer Margaret White, Queensbury Michael Steven Whitford, Elmira * Zo Elizabeth Whitney, Copenhagen * Nicole Suzanne Whittum, Webster Courtney Michelle Widrick, Croghan Brittany Wingerter, Nineveh John Peter Woodburn, West Islip Breanna Marie Woolson, Oswego Erika Marie Yerina, Little Falls Kyle Joseph Yost, Webster Deborah Lynne Young, Apulia Station Vincent Peter Zarrillo, Schenectady


28 Division of Extended LearningThe Division of Extended Learning serves adult students returning to the classroom to update or enhance their skills, open a gate way to a new career, or pursue the pleasures of lifelong learning. Oswego offers a schedule friendly to part-time learners that includes intensive summer and winter sessions, online classes through the SUNY Learning Network, and degrees that can be earned entirely through evening study. Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2013, May 2014 and August 2014. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Robert Eric Alexander, Perrysburg, OH Chad Michael Buske, Oswego * Bryan Adam Conte, Syracuse * Jason William Crawford, Jamesville * Ashley N. Davis, Fulton Cynthia L. DeWolf, Hannibal Holly Lynne Laprade, Skaneateles Milton Lopez, Oswego Jason Richard Niver, Fulton Philip V. Perry, Huntington David Michael Roof, Oswego Kelly Lyn Spilman, Fulton David Edward Swift, Syracuse *** April Lynn Willix, Alexandria Bay Kelly S. Wright, Watertown S heldon Hall, the historic home of Oswego S tate, was first opened in 1913. I t is named after Edward Austin S heldon, who founded the college in 1861.


29 Division of Graduate StudiesThe Division of Graduate Studies’ aim is to provide an environment in which qualified students may join a competent faculty in the quest for advanced learning. The graduate program is conducted through academic course work and research that lead students toward professional improvement and scholarly achievement. Candidates for Master’s Degree and Certicate of Advanced StudySubject to completion of all degree requirements, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in May and August 2014. Graduate degree recipients are hooded by the graduate marshals and receive congratulations from their dean and the president.Master of Arts, Major in Art Tong Lu, BFA Shanghai Normal University Mark Anthony Taitt Jr., BA SUNY Oswego Master of Arts, Major in English William T. Brangan, BA SUNY Oswego Christopher Richard Cook, BS SUNY Oswego Raymond James Hoover Dale, BA SUNY Oswego Master of Arts, Major in Human-Computer Interaction Aaron Michael Gehan, BA SUNY Oswego Carly Joanna Karas, BA SUNY Oswego Phillip Maurice Moore, BFA SUNY Oswego Patricia Tanner, BA SUNY Potsdam Master of Arts, Major in History Christopher Lawrence Mancini, BA LeMoyne College Jeremy Taylor Pekarek, BA SUNY Oswego Adam Casey Shoop, BS SUNY Oswego Garrett Paul Curry Wilson, BA SUNY Oswego Jon Vincent Zella, BA SUNY Oswego Master of Arts in Teaching, Major in Adolescence Education Biology Melissa A. Flint-Morgan, BS SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry Melanie Ann Groff, BS SUNY Oswego Kelly N. Long, BS SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry Kelley Purcell, BS LeMoyne College Allison M. Tapley Thompson, BA Manhattanville College Mariah A. Wallace, BS SUNY Oswego Stefanie Carolyn Cornnell, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Arts in Teaching, Major in Adolescence Education ChemistryNicole Hutchinson, BA SUNY Alfred College Technology Master of Arts in Teaching, Major in Adolescence Education Math Ashleigh Mae Gerstner , BS SUNY Oswego Michelle Katherine Mariano, BS SUNY Geneseo Cassandra E. Pryor, BS SUNY Brockport Master of Arts in Teaching, Major in Adolescence Education, TESOL Hannah Diffenderfer, BA SUNY Geneseo Jeffrey J. Gatje, BA University Delaware Benjamin Matthew Noonan, BA SUNY Oswego Anette Rivera, BA LeMoyne College Luisa Elaine Ruiz, BA SUNY Oswego Maureen Ann Scoville, BS SUNY OswegoMaster of Business Administration, Major in Accounting Irene M. Benton, BS SUNY Oswego Zachary Bird, BS SUNY Oswego Kyle W. Brayton, BS SUNY Oswego Wesley Andrew Carmichel, BS SUNY Oswego Zhe Cheng, BS SUNY Oswego Brett Robert Davis, BS SUNY Oswego Kevin Michael Dennis, BS SUNY Oswego Rachel Lynn Halsey, BS SUNY Oswego Angela Rose Janack, BS SUNY Oswego Alexander C Kingston, BS SUNY Oswego Rhett Edward Kristl, BS SUNY Oswego Daniel J. Krol, BS SUNY Oswego Kevin Glenn Lee Jr., BS SUNY Oswego George Manou Jr., BS SUNY Oswego Kristin Marie Metzger, BS SUNY Oswego Jody Lynn Roth, BS SUNY Oswego Alaina Lynn Schoonmaker, BS SUNY Oswego Daniel Alan Smyth, BS SUNY Oswego Nicholas Ralph Staiano, BS SUNY Oswego Christopher E. Timmons, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Business Administration, Major in Business AdministrationHeather Marie Bennett , BS SUNY Brockport Michael Edward Bloss, BS SUNY University at Buffalo Daniel Timothy Carelli , BS SUNY Oswego Samantha L. DeFruscio, BS SUNY Buffalo State College Michael Peter Duschen, BS SUNY Geneseo Kenneth C Edick, BS SUNY Oswego Robert Louis Gallo Jr., BA SUNY Oswego John David Gattuso, BA SUNY University at Buffalo Karolyn Maureen Kipper, BS SUNY Oswego Katie Ryan Knudsen, BS LeMoyne College Justin Robert Kozlowski, BS SUNY University at Albany El Hadji Samba Leye Fall, BS University Wyoming Tasha Pauline Larrabee, BS SUNY Geneseo Stephanie Anne Mayernik, BA SUNY Oswego Tanya L. Milazzo, BS Babson College Patrick Daniel Miller, BS SUNY Brockport Marcus Mindell, BS SUNY Brockport Nicole Moskal, BA SUNY Buffalo State College Kaitong Pan, BA University of Western Ontario Christina Marie Pratt, BS SUNY Oswego Lindsay RayAnna Price, BS SUNY Oswego Yizhou Shi, BA Guangxi University, China Amy E Simon, BS SUNY Fredonia Michelle Lynn Stark, BS Siena College Lisa L. Stewart, BS SUNY Oswego Sydney E. Sullivan, BS SUNY Brockport Lisa A. Tamilia, BS SUNY Oswego


30 Master of Business Administration, Major in PsychologyAshley Elizabeth Antinora, BA SUNY Oswego Master of Business Administration, Major in Public Accounting Stephanie L. Berry, BS SUNY Potsdam ZheBiao Jiang, BA SUNY Oswego Kyle David Mullane, BS SUNY University at Albany Matthew Robert Noonan, BS St. Bonaventure University Matthew Joseph Phelan, BS SUNY Oswego Lawrence Joseph Riedman Jr., BS SUNY Oswego Teryl Lynn Sullivan, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Business Administration, Major in Health Services Administration Shivanand B. Utlasar, MD Karnataka Medical College, India Michelle Kuss Vielhauer, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science, Major in Chemistry Ryan Christopher Cotroneo, BS SUNY Oswego Jacob D. DeMarree, BS SUNY Oswego Ahmeda Hrustanovic, BS Utica College Nicholas P. Massaro, BA SUNY Oswego Cihad Sigindere, BS Uludag University Master of Science, Major in Mental Health Counseling Tori Bean, BA Bowling Green State University Kristie Jane Connor, BS SUNY Empire State College Shonda Loraine Cruz, BA SUNY Oswego Jessica A. Freeman, BA SUNY Oswego Craig Jack Gilkey, BA SUNY Oswego Emily DePaull Groce, BA SUNY Oswego Michelle Elaine Farino, BS SUNY Oswego Melinda Iketau, BA Ashford University Kelly Ann LaBarge, BA SUNY Oswego Kdee Amanda Luke, BS SUNY Oswego Grace Ann Maxon, BA SUNY Oswego Brenda D McAuslan, BA SUNY Potsdam Daniel David McManus, BS SUNY Fredonia, BA SUNY Oswego JoHanna Molascon, BA SUNY Oswego Hannah Elizabeth Noel, BA SUNY Oswego Jordan Elizabeth Oathout, BA LeMoyne College Mary Pham, BA SUNY Oswego Kathleen Cary Purington, BA SUNY Potsdam Tania Ramalho, BA Guanabara State University, Brazil John Milton Randall III, BS University of Maryland University College Alicia Monique Beth Small, BA SUNY Oswego Bailey Diane Smith, SUNY Oswego Danielle Marie Urbaniak, BA SUNY Oswego Adam DeForest Wilson , BA Cornell UniversityMaster of Science in Education, Major in Adolescence Education English Emel Y ksel, BA Middle East Technical University, Turkey Master of Science in Education, Major in Adolescence Education MathematicsJoseph Michael Baldwin, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science in Education, Major in Music EducationChristopher J. Ganey, BA Ithaca College Master of Science in Education, Major in Adolescence Education ScienceDavid William Stoelzel, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science in Education, Major in Adolescence Education Social StudiesDavid Richard Runge, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science in Education, Major in Childhood EducationJane S. Brown, BS Houghton College Brian K. Monica, BS SUNY Cortland Anthony Paul Pignatti, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science in Education, Major in Childhood Special Education Camille Lauren Grubbs, BS College St. Rose Emily Margaret Moreau, BS SUNY Oswego Shannon Mulvaney, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science in Education, Major in Literacy Birth-6 Shannon Beth Baker, BS SUNY Oswego Sara Elizabeth Bauer, BA SUNY Oswego Rebecca Sue Campbell, BS SUNY Oswego Breanna M. Casler, BS SUNY Oswego Jennifer Lynn Culp, BS SUNY Oswego Nicole Angelene Dolan, BS SUNY Oneonta Matthew S. Frost, BS SUNY Oswego Shannon Hatton, BS SUNY Oswego Lisa Marie Ladouceur, BS SUNY Oswego Amy Marie McKinstry, BS Houghton College Corrine Renee Morey, BS SUNY Oswego Angela Mia Tombolillo, BS SUNY OswegoMaster of Science in Education, Major in Literacy 5-12Michael Joseph Diglio, BS SUNY Oswego Christine Diane Elmer, BS SUNY Oswego Brandon Anthony Farmer, BS SUNY Oswego Christopher Sean Gentile, BS SUNY Oswego Mary S. Koskowski, BS SUNY Oswego Casey Lynn LaBrake, BS SUNY Oswego Allison Elizabeth Medsger, BS SUNY Oswego Derrick Thomas Smith, BS SUNY Oswego Karen A. Springer, BA SUNY Potsdam Samantha M. Streiff, BS SUNY Cortland Master of Science in Education, Major in Technology EducationJoseph Lorefice, BS SUNY Oswego Timothy Patrick Lyons, BS SUNY Oswego Erica Lynn Querns, BS SUNY Oswego Jonathan Robert Remley, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science in Education, Vocational-Teacher Preparation, Major in Family and Consumer Science Education Peter Barry Sullivan Jr., BS SUNY Empire State College Master of Science in Education, Major in Career and Technical Education Brittany M. Sharpe, BS SUNY Oneonta Alan Gregory Smith, BS SUNY OswegoMaster of Science in Education, Major in Agricultural Education David Ignatius Sookey III, BT SUNY Morrisville Nicholas D. Testa, BT SUNY Cobleskill Master of Science in Education, Major in Health Careers EducationAlejandro Williams Jr., BA University Central Florida, BS SUNY Downstate Medical Center Master of Science in Education, Major in Vocational-Technical EducationMatthew Luke Heckerman, BT SUNY Morrisville Master of Science in Teaching, Major in Childhood EducationJacquelyn E. Boulter, BS Clarkson University Chad Gregory Bryant, BA SUNY Binghamton University Brian J. Burrows, BA Syracuse University Michelle Clark, BA St. Bonaventure University Gregory J. Delaney, BA SUNY University at Albany Alicia Marie Hafner, BS SUNY Oswego Roma G. Matott, BA St. Lawrence University Julie Lynn Shires, BA Syracuse University Traci Lynne Thompson, BS SUNY Oswego Zachary P. Zulauf, BA SUNY Geneseo Master of Science in Teaching, Major in Adolescence Education Biology John Griffin Carmody, BS SUNY Oswego Rebecca Lynn Stryker, BA SUNY Oswego Matthew Franklyn Tabor, BA SUNY Oswego


31 Master of Science in Teaching, Major in Adolescence Education ChemistryBrianna Jean Graham, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science in Teaching, Major in Adolescence Education English Adam Michael Lonergan, BS SUNY Oswego Jasmine Hope Price, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science in Teaching, Major in Adolescence Education Physics Danielle Marie Citro, BS SUNY Oswego Master of Science in Teaching, Major in Adolescence Education Social StudiesBenjamin George Ormsby, BA SUNY Geneseo Master of Science & Certicate of Advanced Study, Major in Counseling Services Brittany Nicole Almonte, BFA New York Institute Technology Courtney Lee Claflin, BS SUNY Brockport Thea Kaitlynne Durant, BA SUNY Potsdam Alina D Morbillo, BS SUNY Cortland Ariel Perez, BA SUNY Oswego Kerin L. Schmid, BA St. Bonaventure University Jason Mark Taber, BA SUNY Oswego Jennifer Lynn Thiel, BA SUNY Oswego Master of Science & Certicate of Advanced Study, Major in School Psychology Amanda Darlene Barker, BS SUNY Oswego Danielle M. Burgos, BA St. John Fisher College Sara Dool, BA Syracuse University Elizabeth A. Ladd, BS Penn State University Gregory Michael Rossi, BA SUNY University at Albany Alyssa M. Spawn, BA LeMoyne College Elizabeth Jane Tiffany, BA SUNY New Paltz Terran Lili Turetsky, BS SUNY Oswego Certicate of Advanced Study, Counseling ServicesNoel Montero, BA SUNY OswegoCerticate of Advanced Study, Educational LeadershipMichele M. Alagna, BS Dyouville College Anne Marie Bertram, BA SUNY Potsdam Doreen Bergman, BS SUNY Oswego Todd Burker, BA St. Lawrence University Kasey Kathleen Dolson, BS St. John Fisher College, MS SUNY Oswego Maren Farney, BS SUNY Oswego, MS SUNY Potsdam Lisa B. Freitag, BA Wells College Jeffrey L. Ginger, BA SUNY Geneseo Barbara J. Grenga, MSED SUNY Oswego Joelle Marie Grifa, BA SUNY Brockport Michael J. Jorgensen, BS SUNY Cortland Joanne G. Keim, BS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Erin Elizabeth King, BS Elmira College Erica Leach, MS LeMoyne Eric M. Luther, BS St. Lawrence University Jeffrey Mitchell McCarthy, BS Keuka College Jason A. Nephew, BS SUNY Fredonia Chadwick Kulak Nower, BS SUNY Cortland Michael Frank Pincelli, BS SUNY Brockport Brian David Read, BA SUNY Geneseo Emily Cecile Remington, BS SUNY Oswego Pamela L. Ratliff, BS SUNY Oswego Jeanette L. Rushford, BA SUNY University at Buffalo Neal Casey Sanderson, MS Nazareth College Heather Ahern Silvia, BS SUNY Cortland Erin Patricia Simmons, BS SUNY Brockport, MS SUNY Oswego Julie Lynn White-Bearup, BA SUNY Empire State College Marjory Jo Ball Williams, BA University of Iowa Graduate Certicate, Integrated Media & Social NetworksCatherine Marie Bower, BA SUNY Oswego Jamie R. McLaughlin, BFA SUNY Oswego Azania J. Phillips, BA University of West Indies Barbados Graduate Certicate, Interdisciplinary Trauma Studies Michelle Elaine Farino, BA SUNY Oswego Joshua Paul Gallogly, BS SUNY Oswego Daniel David McManus, BS SUNY Fredonia, BA SUNY Oswego Hannah Mae Wadsworth, BA SUNY Oswego Graduate Certicate, Play Therapy Kristie Jane Connor, BS SUNY Empire State College Melinda Iketau, BA Ashford University Kdee Amanda Luke, BS SUNY Oswego Hannah Elizabeth Noel, BA SUNY Oswego Bailey Diane Smith, BA SUNY Oswego Danielle Marie Urbaniak, BA SUNY Oswego


32 Class of 2014 Senior Class GiftsThe Oswego Alumni Association congratulates and thanks the Class of 2014 for raising $13,449.90 (as of April 8, 2014) for The Fund for Oswego . More than 4 percent of the senior class supported this effort, along with over 305 families, parents, faculty and staff. We offer a special thanks to the Class of 2014 Coordinators and Planning Committee, as well as student volunteers who assisted The Fund for Oswego with the Senior Class Gift.Contributors The Ableman Family in honor of Ashley Ableman ’14 Anonymous in honor of Professor Carolyn D’Argenio Jenna Arcese ’14 in honor of the Arcese family Donald E. ’87 and Laurel J. Artz ’83 in honor of Anthony D. Artz ’14 Salvatore and Susi Augugliaro in honor of Sophia Marie Augugliaro ’14 The Azero Family in honor of Nicole Azero ’14 Chris and Denise Barbariantz in honor of Tyler G. Barbariantz ’14 Tyler G. Barbariantz ’14 Alexa F. Barber ’14 Lori and Robert Barber in honor of Alexa F. Barber ’14 The Becker Family in honor of Mark Becker ’14 Kathryn Been ’14 Ross Bentley ’14 Elmer Beriguete ’14 Barbara and Matt Bishop in honor of Matthew L. Bishop ’14 The Bishop Family in honor of Shannon Bishop ’14 Maureen and Brian Bishop in honor of Shannon Bishop ’14 Shannon Bishop ’14 Donna and Jonathan Blake in honor of Katherine Louise Blake ’14 Sandra Bodzon ’14 Tarin Bonvino ’14 in honor of Stephanie Pritchard & Karol Cooper Tarin Bonvino ’14 in honor of Maureen Curtin Alexandra Bottino ’14 Margaret and David Bottino in honor of Alexandra Bottino ’14 Dana and Catherine Brambley in honor of Christen Brambley ’14 Baxter and Susan Brigham in honor of Rebecca Lynne Brigham ’14 Dominick and Ellen Brignola in honor of Justin Brignola ’14 James Brown in honor of Philip Brown ’14 Lacey Brown ’14 in honor of Julie Towne and Lawrence Brown Judith and Matthew R. Burkhard ’82 in honor of Brian James Burkhard ’14 Brittany Burns ’14 in honor of Kay Walter Lisa Burton ’14 in memory of the late Katey Chapman. My beloved friend, you’re truly missed. Brittany Calcagno ’14 Robin and Thomas Calcagno in honor of Brittany Calcagno ’14 Dennis and Candace Canfield in honor of Tarin Bonvino ’14 Jeffrey Carlson in honor of Lee Carlson ’14 Brianna Carnevale ’14 Michelle Caroccia in honor of Anthony Michael Caroccia ’14 Kevin Carr ’14 in honor of Professor Michael Riecke Tyler Baker Carr ’14 Brooke Chamberlain ’14 in honor of Greg, Cheryl & Sarah Chamberlain Emily Chambers ’14 Kathleen A. ’81 and Christopher Chambers in honor of Emily Anne Chambers ’14 Annie Chen ’14 in honor of my parents and sister Linda and Thomas Clifford in honor of Kathleen M. Clifford ’14 Tom and Pat Confrey in honor of Sean Confrey ’14 Ashley Costantino ’14 Alison Cramer ’14 in honor of Mary-Ellen Raup Congratulations from the Creative Writing Program Joseph and Renee Crockett in honor of Portia Simone Patterson ’14 Ronald Curaba in honor of Ashley Taylor Curaba ’14 James and Anne Curry in honor of Steven Curry ’14 Melanie and Frank in honor of Jennifer Curtin ’14 Alyssa Dalrymple ’14 in honor of The Dalrymple Family Todd and Cindy Dalrymple in honor of Alyssa Dalrymple ’14 Molly Darrow ’14 Kathryne J. Davis ’14 Michael and Kathleen Davis in honor of Zachary M. Davis ’14 The Day Family in honor of Alexandra Day ’14 Glenn and Laura Dearing in honor of Erin Dearing ’14 Kristopher Dennison ’14 Lauren Devendorf ’14 Cailee L. DeWolf ’14 in honor of Cindy and Ed DeWolf Sam and Michele DiSalvo in honor of Samuel DiSalvo ’14 Shannon Donahue ’14 Yvaline Dorce ’14 in honor of Dr. Casey Raymond Jobie and Heidi Downs in honor of Jodi Downs ’14 Pat and Sandy Durkin in honor of Katie Durkin ’14 Brian and MaryEllen Elliott ’84 in honor of Tara Ellen Elliott ’14 Josephine and James Ellis in honor of Matthew Ellis ’14 Patricia and Leslie Ephraim in honor of Brian Daniel Ephraim ’14 Alyssa Estus ’14


33 Maria Failla ’14 in honor of Paul and Dale Failla Denise and Mark Falvey in honor of Andrew Mark Falvey ’14 Mark and Sharon L. Farmer in honor of Ryan Christopher Farmer ’14 The Feeley Family in honor of Emily Feeley ’14 Paula and Steve Feener in honor of Bryan G. Feener ’14 Susan and Dennis Feld in honor of Mariel Feld ’14 Barbie Fike in honor of the Telefund graduating seniors Lisa A. and Tracy O. Fleming ’87 in honor of Tara Rose Fleming ’14 Kevin Flood in honor of Katie Marie Flood ’14 Janelle Francisco ’14 Marianne and Raymond Franzino in honor of Matthew William Franzino ’14 Dale and James Gallagher in honor of David Benjamin Gallagher ’14 The Gallo Family in honor of Kaitlin Gallo ’14 Kim Garnett in honor of Maxwell Drew Garnett ’14 Simone and Lorraine Genua in honor of Cassandra Genua ’14 Keith and Laura Girling in honor of Nicholas James Girling ’14 Alice Bates and Ethan Gluck in honor of Lena Gluck ’14 Barbara Godfrey in honor of Shelby Lynn Godfrey ’14 Mary Jo Godnick ’14 Sabrina Gonzalez ’14 Jeffrey and Susan Goro in honor of David E. Goro ’14 Page Greenblott ’14 Francesca Grimaldi ’14 in honor of my parents Elaine and Paul Hage in honor of Marie Janine Hage ’14 David Haller in honor of Alexa Rae Haller ’14 Jennifer Hand ’14 Drew Harmon ’14 Katherine and Steven Harr in honor of Jaclyn Mina Harr ’14 Susan Harrington in honor of Megan Murphy Harrington ’14 Enid and Hendrick in honor of Raymond Resto ’14 Ezeleni Herrera ’14 Mark and Jolene Higby in honor of Leanne Higby ’14 Cara Hill ’14 in honor of Kayah Lynlea Aimee Hirsch ’14 in honor of Ed and Christine Hirsch ’87 Bryan Hopkins ’14 Andrew Horvath ’14 John and Kathleen Horvath in honor of Andrew Horvath ’14 Keith and Sharon Hughes in honor of Jennifer A. Hughes ’14 Jennifer A. Hughes ’14 in honor of the Maluchnik and Hughes Families. Hales, Humphreys and Karpinskis in honor of Katlyn Humphreys ’14 Brian and Ann Hyde in honor of Shaun Hyde ’14 Stephanie Hymowitz ’14 Doris and Ralph Iskaros in honor of Daniel Iskaros ’14 Jeff and Lois Jackson in honor of Lauren Jamison Jackson ’14 Elizabeth K. Jerome ’14 in honor of the Jerome Family Frank John ’81 and Kathy Jerome in honor of Elizabeth Katherine Jerome ’14 Caitlin Moriarty Johnson ’14 Eileen and Michael Johnson in honor of Caitlin Moriarty Johnson ’14 Phyllis and Brian Jonaitis in honor of Lauren Jonaitis ’14 Lesley Jones ’14 Paul Jones ’14 in honor of Robert and Diane Jones Mark and Krystina Juszczak in honor of Andrew Juszczak ’14 Jaimie Kaplan ’14 in honor of my proud family The Killie family in honor of Amy Killie ’14 Sergio and Serena Kindler in honor of Amanda R. Kindler ’14 Jenna M. King ’14 Gene and Patricia Klindienst in honor of Alexandra Marie Klindienst ’14 Laurie and William Koelmel in honor of Brittany Nicole Koelmel ’14 The Kuhlman Family in honor of Gillian Kuhlman ’14 Mom, Dad, Jenn, Ann and Helene in honor of Steven Leventoff ’14 Andrew and Clare Levine in honor of Mark Levine ’14 Lauren Lewand in honor of Christopher Gerard Lewand ’14 Tania L. Leyva ’14 in honor of my parents Miriam and Vladimir Lisa and Louis Licausi in honor of Melissa Marie Licausi ’14 Rita Pochter Lowe and son, Russell in honor of Joshua Hunter Lowe ’14 Megan Lynch ’14 in honor of Margaret Racioppi Nancy and Wilbert Lynch in honor of Christina Lynch ’14 Laura and Jay Mahoney ’89 in honor of Cullen Mahoney ’14 Andrew Marks in honor of Vincent Andrew Marks ’14 Janis and John Martin in honor of Lucas Reed Martin ’14 Andrea Mannino ’14 in honor of Ronald Mannino The Marzocchi Family in honor of Julian G. Marzocchi ’14 John K. Mason II ’14 Lauren E. Mason ’14 Diane and Lawrence Matarese in honor of Nicole Matarese ’14 James J. Mazzarano, Jr. ’14 Brittany Ann McBurnie ’14 in honor of the School of Business Elizabeth and Mark McBurnie in honor of Brittany Ann McBurnie ’14 Holly English-Payne and James H. McLaughlin in honor of James Morgan ’14 John McLoughlin ’14 Megan McNulty ’14 in honor of the McNulty Family Eric and Kim Meisenzahl in honor of Jillian K. Meisenzahl ’14 Omy Melo ’14 in honor of Ramona Melo and Belis Melo Kim Mina ’14 in honor of James and Mary Ann Mina Jacquelyn Mir ’14 Ann Marie and Michael Mongiardo in honor of Shawn Tobin ’14 Noel Montero ’14 in honor of Nora Guadalupe Torres Ishmael and Belinda Moore in honor of Tyrell Moore ’14


34 Kalie Moore ’14 Lauren Moskovic ’14 The Mulholland Family in honor of Jake Mulholland ’14 Jake Mulholland ’14 in honor of Meterology Professors John and Valerie Murphy in honor of Stephenie Przepiora ’14 George Rose and Georgie Myers in honor of Ronald Gilbert Myers ’14 Kim and Jeff Navarre in honor of Ryan Navarre ’14 Kim and Jeff Navarre in honor of Olivia Martinez ’14 Courtney Norell ’14 in honor of Andrea Norell Betsy and Jerry Oberst in honor of the Class of 2014 Michelle O’Mara ’14 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Oven in honor of Brian M. Oven ’14 Nicholas and Judy Paonessa in honor of Brandon Shaw ’14 Nicholas and Judy Paonessa in honor of Holly Granat ’14 Joe and Carol Perreaud in honor of Luke ’14 and Molly ’14 David and Judy Pesner in honor of Lindsay Pesner ’14 Brandyn T. Peters ’14 Craig and Laura Pfeifer in honor of Matthew Pfeifer ’14 Michael and Theresa Piasecki in honor of Matthew Michael Piasecki ’14 Joseph and Bonnie Pistone in honor of Dominick J. Pistone ’14 Robert Popp in honor of Nicole Swenson Popp ’14 Akilah Portee ’14 in honor of my family Andrew J. Postiglione ’14 James and Ginger Postiglione in honor of Andrew J. Postiglione ’14 Sierra Quiros ’14 in memory of my uncle, Joseph P. McNally Jr. Sheryl and Paul Rabinowitz in honor of Jordan Rabinowitz ’14 Trevor Rector ’14 Patrick and Pamela Rector in honor of Trevor Rector ’14 Kristen Reimers ’14 Shirley Retz ’14 in honor of Dr. Leigh Bacher Andrew Richards ’14 in honor of Kim Todd Richards & Timothy Richards Leslie and Gregg Rockower in honor of Jordan Rockower ’14 Jessenia Rodriquez ’14 in honor of Carmen Cardona Edith Dern-Ross in honor of Jordan Rabinowitz ’14 Eric Rucky ’14 Domenick and Valerie Russo in honor of Domenick Russo, Jr. ’14 Carol ’81 and Vincent Salvatore ’81 in honor of Joseph Charles Salvatore ’14 Jerry and Pamela Schmid in honor of Thomas Michael Schmid ’14 Jack and Paula Scollo in honor of Gina Marie Scollo ’14 Karen and Thomas Seiter in honor of Scott Hayden Seiter ’14 Ashley Sensibaugh ’14 Tara and Daniel Sheehan in honor of Matthew Sheehan ’14 Dr. Christopher Shyne in honor of Jonathan J. Shyne ’14 Jeffrey, Debra, Kara, Mikey and Bernie Siegel in honor of Maya Siegel ’14 Rachel Silvestro ’14 in honor of Dr. Raihan Khan Adriane Simmons in honor of Destiny Desgouttes ’14 Calvin Simmons & Kelly A. Mitchell Simmons ’82 in honor of Kasey Ruth Simmons ’14 Eileen and Arthur Simon in honor of James Simon ’14 Special Collections, Penfield Library in honor of Kylie Herzig ’14 Ashley I. Spinelli ’14 Joe and Jodie Sprouse in honor of Lynsie Sprouse ’14 Starr Ann Stockwell in honor of Joshua James Stockwell ’14 Gerard Sweeney in honor of Caileigh Docherty Sweeney ’14 Michael and Deborah Taylor in honor of Joseph Taylor ’14 Annibel Tejada ’14 Richard Thayer in honor of Brian Andrew Thayer ’14 Rose Throop in honor of Jody Longeill Daniel Bacon Tierney in honor of Peter Francis Tierney ’14 Paul and Linda Titanic in honor of David Titanic ’14 Amanda Toscano ’14 in honor of Bam and Peep Rotella Caitlyn A. Trimble ’14 Robert and Andrea Vail in honor of Tracey M. Vail ’14 Tracey Vail ’14 in honor of Robert and Andrea Vail Carl ’83 and Joanne Veglia ’84 in honor of Benjamin A. Veglia ’14 K.C. Verhage ’14 Gavin Vuillaume in honor of Erik Vuillaume ’14 Michael and Lisa Walters in honor of Christopher Walters ’14 Louise and Thomas Washington in honor of Ronette Wright-Washington ’14 Cody Waterman ’14 Rachel Rose Weimar ’14 in honor of Bruce Peng and Jean Ann Zo Whitney ’14 in honor of my parents, Darla and Andreas Whitney, and my fiance, Don Overfield Steven Wilson ’14 in honor of Amie Wilson Bruce and Rhodi Winchell in honor of Anastasia Winchell ’14 Dolores and James Wortman in honor of Dustina J. Wortman ’14 Peter and Connie Wrba in honor of Colin Wrba ’14 The Youssef Family in honor of Tuqa Youssef ’14 The Zarillo Family in honor of Vincent P. Zarillo ’14


35 Public Ceremonies Committee Special ThanksA special word of thanks is extended to those individuals who volunteer to serve as marshals and ushers for the day. Thank you also to the Maintenance and Custodial Staff, University Police, Registrar’s Office, Publications Office, Campus Technology Services, and Auxiliary Services, including the College Store and Dining Services staff, for their work and participation in Commencement. An additional thanks to our Trumpeters: Rachel Bortin, Monroe, NY Freshman, Childhood Education Corey King, Oswego, NY Junior, Music Kelsey Labb, Welland, Ontario Junior, French and Music Tom Patterson, Cattaraugus, NY Sophomore, Technology Management Richard Bush Technology Department William Canning Campus Technology Services Lori Cook Facilities Maintenance and Operations Patrick Devendorf Disability Services Michael Flaherty Auxiliary Services, Public Ceremonies Committee Chair William Hammond Facilities Maintenance and Operations Malcolm Huggins Intercollegiate Athletics Rebecca Kempney Facilities Maintenance and Operations Joy Knopp College Foundation Katie Maxwell Office of Admissions Ellen McCloskey Office of the President David McQuin Campus Technology Services Karen Moore Extended Learning Tim Nekritz Office of Public Affairs Jose Ramos Facilities Maintenance and Operations Vernon Reynolds Facilities Maintenance and Operations John Rossi University Police Jeanne Sevigny Residence Life and Housing Michelle St. John Office of the Registrar Barbara St. Michel Campus Life Holli Stone Campus Life Daniel Tryon Technology Department Trumpeters announce the beginning of the commencement ceremony.


36 Visitor InformationEmergency AssistanceMedical assistance is available on the ground floor in the Campus Center.University Police315.312.5555Lost and FoundInquiries should be directed to University Police at the phone number listed above.RestroomsRestrooms are on all Campus Center levels. Ground floor restrooms are in the main lobby; second-level facilities serve upper seating.RefreshmentsRefreshments are not permitted on the arena floor. However, refreshments are available before and during the ceremony at Crossroads on the upper level of the Campus Center.College StoreFresh flowers, frames and an assortment of emblematic clothing and merchandise will be available before and after the ceremonies in the concourse of the Campus Center.ReceptionAll graduates, family members, guests, faculty and staff are invited to attend a reception north of the Convocation Center immediately following each ceremony.Photographs and VideotapingAudience videotaping and photography are permitted only from seats. A professional photographer will be present at the ceremony. Graduates will be emailed a link from the photography company to view their photos. Graduation pictures can be ordered online at to Audience MembersOur commencement ceremony is taped and broadcast via tv, radio, and/or the internet in both live and delayed time formats. By attending this event, you are granting permission to have your likeness or image and your voice broadcast without restriction and without right of inspection or approval. Entrance into the event grants permission for your likeness or image to be used without remuneration and releases the campus and its representatives from all claims and liability relating to these broadcasts or their reuse. DepartureAudience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty and platform party recess.Contact SUNY OswegoOffice of Admissions, 315.312.2250 229 Sheldon Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126 Commencement program is printed on paper manufactured. with wind power and containing 30% post-consumer content.


STATE UNIVER S ITY OF N EW Y ORK AT OS WEGOSATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014C A MP U S CEN T E R Voices fill the air Singing reverently Pledging our school fair Truth and loyalty This our song we raise In her name and praise Oswego, Alma Mater Hail to thee!Hail OSWEGO O NE H U NDRED F IFTY T H IRDCOMMENCEMENT