One Hundred Fifty-Fourth Commencement

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One Hundred Fifty-Fourth Commencement
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ContentsThe Ceremony9 a.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 2 1 p.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 3 4 p.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 4 Academic Traditions ............................................................................... 5 Officers of the College ............................................................................. 6 Honorary Degree Recipient .................................................................... 8 Commencement Speakers ...................................................................... 8 Student Speaker ....................................................................................... 9 Alumni Banner Presenters ................................................................... 10 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student Excellence .......................... 11 College Honors Program and Honors Programs ............................... 12 Possibility Scholars ............................................................................... 12 Honor Organizations ............................................................................. 13 State University of New York Board of Trustees ................................................................................... 14 State University of New York at Oswego College Council ...................................................................................... 14 Retiring Faculty and Professional Staff .............................................. 14Degree Conferrale 9 a.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. e 1 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Education e 4 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Communication, Media and the Arts and the School of Business. Undergraduate Degree Candidates College of Liberal Arts and Sciences ................................................ 15 School of Education ........................................................................... 20 School of Communication, Media and the Arts ............................. 22 School of Business .............................................................................. 25 Division of Extended Learning ......................................................... 28 Graduate Degree Candidates ................................................................ 29 Class of 2015 Senior Class Gifts ............................................................. 32 Public Ceremonies Committee ............................................................. 35 Special Thanks ........................................................................................ 35 Visitor Information ................................................................................. 36 Alma Mater ............................................................................... back cover The College Medallion


2 PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Joan M. Carroll, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Tucker Sholtes, President, Student Association Brad Korbesmeyer, Interim Dean, Graduate Studies Adrienne McCormick, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Jerri Drummond, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students Kerry Dorsey, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Nicholas A. Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael J. Goldych, Member, College Council Brian S. McGrath, Member, College Council Lorrie Clemo, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs The Honorable Margaret A. (Peggy) Focarino, Commissioner for Patents, Honorary Degree Recipient Deborah F. Stanley, President 9 A.M. PROGRA M | C OLL EGE OF LIBE RAL A RT S AND SC IE NC ESThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORD ER OF E XERC ISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 154th CommencementJoan M. CarrollNational AnthemLed by Easton ClarkIntroduction of Platform PartyJoan M. CarrollWelcomeDeborah F. StanleyGreetingsMichael Goldych Tucker SholtesRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaLorrie ClemoRecognition of Honor StudentsLorrie ClemoPresentation and Conferring of Honorary DegreeDeborah F. StanleyRemarks by Honorary Degree RecipientThe Honorable Margaret A. (Peggy) FocarinoPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Brad KorbesmeyerPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*College of Liberal Arts and Sciences , Adrienne McCormickAlumni Banner PresentationRoodline CineusCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Easton ClarkAdjournment of the 154th CommencementJoan M. CarrollRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Lisa Glidden Associate Professor, Political Science Frank Byrne Professor, History HONORS MARSHALSLaura Brown Professor, Human Development Mark Mirabito Adjunct Professor, PsychologyUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSCleane Medeiros Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences Lyn Blanchfield Visiting Assistant Professor, HistoryGRADUATE MARSHALSJames Early Associate Professor, Computer Sciences Gwen Kay Professor, HistoryFACULTY MARSHALSCarolina C. Ilie Associate Professor, Physics Paul Tomascak Associate Professor, Earth Sciences Immediately following the 9 a.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


3 PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Joan M. Carroll, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Tucker Sholtes, President, Student Association Brad Korbesmeyer, Interim Dean, Graduate Studies Pamela Michel, Interim Dean, School of Education Jerri Drummond, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students Kerry Dorsey, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Nicholas A. Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael J. Goldych, Member, College Council Brian S. McGrath, Member, College Council Lorrie Clemo, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Yvonne Spicer, Speaker Deborah F. Stanley, President 1 P.M. PROGRA M | S CHOOL OF E DUCAT I ONThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORD ER OF E XERC ISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 154th CommencementJoan M. CarrollNational AnthemLed by Easton ClarkIntroduction of Platform PartyJoan M. CarrollWelcomeDeborah F. StanleyGreetingsMichael Goldych Tucker SholtesRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaLorrie ClemoRecognition of Honor StudentsLorrie ClemoAddressYvonne SpicerPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Brad KorbesmeyerPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Education, Pamela MichelAlumni Banner PresentationSamantha ReimerCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Easton ClarkAdjournment of the 154th CommencementJoan M. CarrollRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Marcia M. Burrell Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Margaret Martin Associate Professor, Vocational Teacher PreparationHONORS MARSHALSTiphanie Gonzalez Assistant Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services R. Deborah Davis Professor, Curriculum and InstructionUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSTami Sullivan Assistant Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services Ritu Radhakrishnan Assistant Professor, Curriculum and InstructionGRADUATE MARSHALSMichael LeBlanc Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services Sandra Bargainnier Associate Professor, Health Promotion and WellnessFACULTY MARSHALSMark Hardy Associate Professor, Technology Jody Fiorini Associate Professor, Counseling and Psychological ServicesImmediately following the 1 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


4 PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Joan M. Carroll, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Tucker Sholtes, President, Student Association Brad Korbesmeyer, Interim Dean, Graduate Studies Fritz Messere, Dean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Richard Skolnik, Dean, School of Business Jerri Drummond, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students Kerry Dorsey, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Nicholas A. Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael J. Goldych, Member, College Council Brian S. McGrath, Member, College Council David Poleto, Former College Council Chair Lorrie Clemo, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Deborah F. Stanley, President 4 P.M. PROGRA M | SC HOOL OF C OMMUN I CAT I ON , ME D I A AND TH E ART S | SCHOOL OF B U SI N ESSThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORD ER OF E XERC ISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 154th CommencementJoan M. CarrollNational AnthemLed by Amanda JosephIntroduction of Platform PartyJoan M. CarrollWelcomeDeborah F. StanleyGreetingsMichael Goldych Tucker SholtesRecognition of Honor StudentsLorrie ClemoAddressFritz MesserePresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Brad KorbesmeyerPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Communication, Media and the Arts , Fritz Messere School of Business , Richard SkolnikAlumni Banner PresentationNicole SchnorrCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Amanda JosephAdjournment of the 154th CommencementJoan M. CarrollRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS John Huonker Associate Professor, Marketing and Management Michael Riecke Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication StudiesHONORS MARSHALSGuy Rob Scott Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing and Management Mihoko Tsutsumi Assistant Professor, MusicUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSSteven Abraham Professor, Marketing and Management Graig Arcuri Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance and LawGRADUATE MARSHALSStathis Kefallonitis Assistant Professor, Marketing and Management John F. Lalande II Professor, Modern Languages and LiteraturesFACULTY MARSHALSRaihan Khan Associate Professor, Marketing and Management Y. Jane Winslow Associate Professor, Communication StudiesImmediately following the 4 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


5 Academic TraditionsThe Commencement Setting — The 2007 ceremonies marked the first graduations to take place in Oswego’s Marano Campus Center. Located in the heart of campus, the Marano Campus Center represents the college’s social hub and a gathering place for events appealing to a wide range of student, faculty and community interests. This $25.5 million building was the first new construction on our lakeside campus in 35 years when it opened in the fall of 2006.The Academic Procession — The centuries-old pageantry of the academic procession dates from ancient traditions rooted in the early universities. Since the clergy were in charge of the first academic ceremonies, they followed the familiar order of religious processions.The Tradition of Academic Attire — Caps, gowns and hoods worn at college and university functions date from the Middle Ages. Monks and students of that time wore them to keep warm in the damp, drafty halls of learning. From these practical origins they have developed into the accepted garb which symbolizes scholarly achievement. Baccalaureate gowns have a long, pleated front with shirring across the shoulders and back. They are primarily distinguished by flowing sleeves pointed at the fingertips. These gowns may be worn open or closed. The master’s gown is worn open and the sleeve is cut so that the forearm comes through a slit just above the elbow. The lining of the hood is satin and the color represents the school conferring the degree. The velvet border color represents the discipline in which the degree was earned. Doctoral gowns are traditionally worn open, but either open or closed is acceptable. They carry broad, velvet panels down the front and three velvet bars on the full, round sleeves. This velvet trim ming may be either black or the color distinctive of the degree. Mortarboards or caps worn with baccalaureate and master’s gowns generally have black tassels. The tassel of the doctoral cap is usually made of gold bullion. The doctoral hood gives color and meaning to the academic cos tume. Its silk lining bears the color of the institution conferring the degree. The hood is bordered with velvet of a prescribed width and color to indicate the field of learning to which the degree pertains.The College Medallion is worn by the SUNY Oswego president as a symbol of authority at all official ceremonies such as Commencement and Honors Convocation. Oswego is represented in the perfect center of the medallion by a tiny green and gold circle. The dot is located properly on an outline of New York state, which itself surmounts a globe to show the relationship of our institution to the state and the world. Fashioned by Dominic T. DiPasquale of the Art Department for president James Perdue’s 1966 inauguration, the medallion was a gift of the Class of 1966 for the occasion. A wreath of gold leaves surrounds the globe and is circled by a flat band bearing the engraved college name and two dates: 1861, the college founding; and 1948, the founding of the State University of which Oswego was a charter unit. On the clasp above the medallion sits a gold lamp of knowledge, emblematic of a seat of learning. (Photo, page 1.)The College Mace — In medieval times the mace was a weapon of offense with the metal head often heavily spiked. Today it appears chiefly in ceremonial functions of churches, governments, colleges and universities. The head of the Oswego mace holds a jade sphere symbolizing the university of wisdom and knowledge, surrounded by four silver flanges unfolding petal-like without imprisoning the sphere and representing the potential of disciplined imagination, the goal of higher education. The richness of the jade and the rose wood shaft reflect the pomp and solemnity of academic ceremony. A gift of the Class of 1969 for President James Perdue’s inauguration, the Oswego mace has been in use at Commencement ever since. Joseph F. Shoenfelt of the art faculty created its design and silver work, with the rosewood turning by William D. Todd, formerly of the technology faculty. (Photo, page 24.)Academic ColorsBrown ............................. Fine Arts Citron ..................... Social Science Copper ......................... Economics Crimson ..................... Journalism Dark Blue .................... Philosophy Drab ........................ Accountancy, Business Science Gold ..................... Science Kelly Green .................... Medicine Lemon ................. Library Science Light Blue ..................... Education Orange ....................... Engineering Peacock Blue ...................... Public Administration Pink ..................................... Music Purple ..................................... Law Sage Green ...................... Physical Education Salmon Pink .......... Public Health Scarlet ............................ Theology Silver .................. Oratory (Speech) White ........................ Arts, Letters, Humanities


6 Lorrie Clemo Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Clemo oversees all instructional and academic programs, including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, School of Communication, Media and the Arts, facilities such as Penfield Library, and administrative offices such as the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. Previously she served as chief of staff and deputy to the president. In 2007-08 she was an American Council on Education Fellow at the University of Rochester. She is a tenured member of Oswego’s political science department where she directed the public administration and public policy program. She received her Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Binghamton.Nicholas A. Lyons Vice President for Administration and Finance As SUNY Oswego’s officer in charge of financial operations and facilities, Mr. Lyons has overseen the recent years of construction and renovation that have gone far in transforming the campus. He has served the State University since 1978, having worked previously as assistant vice president for administration at SUNY New Paltz, as university internal control officer and in several administrative positions at System Administration and the Research Foundation of SUNY. He holds degrees in business administration from SUNY Morrisville and SUNY Plattsburgh. At Oswego, he oversees finance, student accounts, human resources, environmental health and safety, campus police, physical plant, publications, facilities design and construction, and purchasing.Kerry Dorsey Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Ms. Dorsey is SUNY Oswego’s principal fundraiser and executive director of the Oswego College Foundation, the college’s development operation. First as director of development and then as associate vice president for development and alumni relations, she managed the college’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign, which raised nearly $24 million. In addition to development she oversees alumni and parent relations and WRVO-FM. She previously worked in Oswego County government for 20 years, advancing to deputy county administrator. Gov. George Pataki in 1996 appointed her chair of Oswego’s College Council, where she served until joining the college staff in 2003. She received a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from SUNY Oswego in 1981. Jerald Woolfolk Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Dr. Woolfolk supervises the college’s units dealing with admissions, financial aid, career services, health services, counseling services, athletics, campus life, housing, student advisement and student conduct as well as Auxiliary Services. She previously served as vice president for student affairs, enrollment management and diversity at Mississippi Valley State University, vice president for student affairs at CUNY’s College of Staten Island and associate dean of students for residential life at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. She received her doctorate in urban higher education and her bachelor’s degree from Jackson State University in Mississippi, and a master’s degree from Iowa State University.Officers of the CollegeDeborah F. Stanley President Deborah F. Stanley is SUNY Oswego’s 10th president. Her 18-year tenure has been highlighted by academic excellence, campus renewal and the creation of a learner-centered environment, which prompted Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine to name Oswego a 2015 “best value” college. She established the Presidential Scholarship Program for outstanding academic achievers, the Possibility Scholarship Program, and the pioneering Oswego Guarantee covering cost, class size and time-to-degree matters for students. She laid the foundation for national and international accreditation for the School of Education and School of Business. Under her leadership, such new programs as engineering and human-computer interaction and online MBA programs were established. Oswego is seeing the fruits of her ambitious campus-wide renewal plan, now in its second decade, which encompasses hundreds of millions of dollars in renovations and construction, including the new Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation. She launched Oswego’s first comprehensive fundraising campaigns and spearheaded a massive upgrade of campus technological capabilities. She is tenured in the School of Business. She earned baccalaureate and juris doctor degrees from Syracuse University, which has presented her its Distinguished Alumni Award. The State Senate has named her a New York State Woman of Distinction.


7 Adrienne McCormickDean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dr. McCormick was appointed dean in July, after serving for 16 years at SUNY Fredonia in roles including interim associate provost for curriculum, assessment and academic support, interim assistant provost for special initiatives, professor and chair of English, and director of women’s studies. She received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Faculty Service in 2012. She is the author of publications on contemporary women poets, filmmakers and dramatists. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and dramatic arts and sciences from Queens University of Charlotte, her master’s degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and her Ph.D. in literature in English and a graduate certificate in women’s studies from the University of Maryland.Pamela A. MichelInterim Dean, School of Education Dr. Michel was named interim dean in 2011 after serving 10 years as the chair of the curriculum and instruction department. She previously taught in the graduate literacy program. She earned her bachelor’s degree in music and education from Elmira College and a master’s degree and Ph.D. in reading and language arts from Syracuse University. She is the author of the book The Child’s View of Reading: Understandings for Teachers and Parents as well as many other publications contributing to the field of literacy.Fritz MessereDean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Formerly chair of Oswego’s communication studies department, Fritz Messere was named founding dean of the School of Communication, Media and the Arts in 2010. He is a nationally recognized expert on broadcasting regulation and telecom munications. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Oswego and did post-graduate work at Cornell University. He is the co-author of five books on electronic media and communication, including Broadcasting, Cable, the Internet and Beyond . He has served as external assistant to FCC Commissioner Mimi Wayforth Dawson, as senior fellow of the Annenberg Washington Program in Communication Policy, and on the Rural Policy Research Institute’s National Experts Panel on Telecommunications.Richard J. SkolnikDean, School of Business Before becoming dean of Oswego’s School of Business, Dr. Skolnik served as chair of the accounting, finance and law department and as director of the master’s in business administration program. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has been involved with the CFA Institute in numerous areas. He has published research articles on investments, higher education pedagogy, and financial economics. He has a Ph.D. in managerial economics and a master’s degree in operations research and statistics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Michigan.Brad KorbesmeyerInterim Dean, Graduate Studies and Research Interim dean since January 2015, Mr. Korbesmeyer was previously associate dean of Oswego’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He was director of the creative writing program from 2001 to 2010. He has received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Phi Kappa Phi honor society’s “Love of Learning” award, among other honors. Before joining SUNY Oswego in 1991, Korbesmeyer held corporate communications and human resources management positions for a variety of companies including Denny’s, United Van Lines and Greer Hydraulics. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master of fine arts degree in playwriting from Carnegie Mellon University.Jill PippinDean, Extended Learning Before rejoining Oswego in January, Mrs. Pippin served for eight years as dean for continuing education at Jefferson Community College. Her career, spanning both academic and business positions in roles such as director for graduate services and enrollment, business adjunct instructor, director of operations and major accounts manager, as well as her experience earning her MBA from Franklin University, has instilled a passion for serving adult and non-traditional college students. Most recently, the Oswego alumna developed and managed the Jefferson Higher Education Center, shepherded the growth of Jefferson’s military services on Fort Drum, and won and administered millions of dollars in grants serving those markets. The Continuing Education Association of New York named her the 2013 Outstanding Continuing Educator.


8 Honorary Degree RecipientThe Honorable Margaret A. (Peggy) Focarino Commissioner for Patents U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Honorary Degree Recipient Margaret A. (Peggy) Focarino was appointed to Commissioner for Patents for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in January 2012. She previously served as Deputy Commissioner for Patents, providing administrative oversight to nine Patent Technology Centers and coordinating the activities of patent application examination and reissues of patents. In her role as Commissioner, Ms. Focarino manages and leads the patent organization as the chief operating officer. She is responsible for the management and direction of all aspects of this organization which affect the administration of patent operations, examination policy, resources and planning; and budget administration. She began her career at the Patent Office in 1977 as a patent examiner. She was promoted to the Senior Executive Service in 1997. She received the U.S. Department of Commerce Silver Medal for leadership in 2010 for leading a joint union and management task force that developed and implemented the first significant changes to the patent examiner work credit system in more than 30 years. Ms. Focarino was the 2010 recipient of American University’s School of Public Affairs Roger W. Jones Award for Executive Leadership and was named to Managing Intellectual Property’s 2012 list of the Most Influential People in the world of intellectual property. In May of 2013, the Partnership for Public Service named her a finalist for the Service to America Medal in the category of Management Excellence. A native of Oswego, she received her undergraduate degree in physics from the State University of New York at Oswego, and a Certificate in Advanced Public Management from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. At today’s ceremony for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, she will receive an honorary doctor of science degree from the State University of New York.Commencement SpeakerYvonne Spicer, Ed.D. Vice President of Advocacy and Educational Partnerships National Center for Technological Literacy Museum of Science, Boston Dr. Spicer is a national and international speaker and advocate for pre-college science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. She has been honored by Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology as one of 10 “Women to Watch.” Concerned by how many children in the United States “are shut out of technology and engineering,” she makes a compelling case for closing the underrepresented minority gap in engineering and school leadership. With expertise in technology and engineering education standards development, assessment, and strategic school leadership, she served on the technology and engineering steering committee for the frontrunner of the first national assessment for technology and engineering in the 2014 National Assessment of Educational Progress. She directs the Gateway Project, which originated in Massachusetts and is being replicated across the United States as a model to build leadership capacity for technological literacy. Designed to guide systemic change, the Gateway Project helps school districts develop a strategic plan of action to implement K-12 technology and engineering programs. The Gateway community totals over 400 educational leaders representing 80 urban, suburban, and rural school districts. Dr. Spicer is the former director of career and technical education in Newton, Mass., and served as the statewide technology/engineering coordinator at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Earning her doctorate at the University of Massachusetts-Boston in 2004, she focused her dissertation on how nine African-American female public school principals transformed their schools and thrived as educational leaders. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial arts and technology from the State University of New York at Oswego. A Brooklyn native, she is committed to improving opportunities for females and students of color in STEM fields


9 Student SpeakerTucker Sholtes President, SUNY Oswego Student Association A senior business administration and public relations double major, Mr. Sholtes served as the 50th president of the SUNY Oswego Student Association. Additionally, he is an intern at the college’s Sustainability Office. Previously, he was the president, officer and founder of a variety of clubs and organizations. He has also served as a resident assistant and a peer advisor. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a career in management consulting with the intent to return to school in order to obtain a master’s of science in organizational leadership and a Ph.D. in leadership studies. This will allow him to chase his dream of becoming an executive team coach and leadership consultant. He hopes to ultimately end up in a university setting, teaching leadership courses and conducting research for publication. Mr. Sholtes is a native of Binghamton, N.Y. and currently lives with his loving parents, Marcia and Alan and younger sister Sabrina. Commencement SpeakerFritz Messere Dean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts, State University of New York at Oswego Dean Messere has been involved in the education of communication students since 1973. He has taught hundreds of students at SUNY Oswego in areas related to broadcasting and mass communication, new media and information policy. He has also taught at Ithaca College and Cornell University. His many hats at Oswego have included chairperson of the communication studies department, coordinator of the broadcasting and mass communication program, producer of specialty programming at WRVO-FM, professor of broadcasting and telecommunications, interim dean and founding dean of the School of Communication, Media and the Arts. His work has led to the creation of WTOP, Oswego’s student television station; the approval and licensing of the WNYO-FM, the college’s student radio station; and the creation of programs of study such as Hollywood POV and a study-abroad semester in London. He proposed creating the school’s highly successful Media Summit to fellow alumnus Louis Borrelli and has worked on the summit planning committee for the past 10 years. Dean Messere has served the communication industry in a variety of professional capacities including as senior fellow and faculty fellow of the Annenberg Washington Program in Communication Policy from 1988 to 2006, the National Experts Panel for Telecommunication Policy at the University of Missouri’s Rural Policy Research Institute and assistant to Federal Communications Commissioner Mimi Weyforth Dawson, and he has been a consultant and reviewer of grant applications for the National Telecommunication Information Administration. He is the author and co-author of five textbooks in the communication field, including Broadcasting, Cable, the Internet and Beyond (McGraw-Hill), now in its seventh edition, and Modern Radio and Audio Production (Cengage), now in its tenth edition. His textbooks have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese. The Syracuse native earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the State University of New York at Oswego. He currently serves on the board of directors of Symphoria and CNY Arts.


10 Alumni Banner PresentersRoodline Cineus Banner Presenter, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Roodline Cineus moved to New York State from Haiti when she was 9 years old. A resident of Rockland County, she will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in biology after three years. During her time at SUNY Oswego, she participated in the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. She also self-funded a trip to Haiti, where she volunteered at the Gheskio Health Center and the General Hospital of Haiti, assisting nurses and physicians with physical examinations. Roodline also traveled to Germany, where she worked as an intern conducting aquatic ecology research for the “MetacommuniTree” project. She was a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship. She also received the Maarifa Student of Knowledge award in recognition of her dedication and outstanding research in the field of biology. She is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society and Xi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society. After graduation, she plans to enroll in a graduate program to study molecular medicine and epidemiology, and will later attend medical school. Samantha Reimer Banner Presenter, School of Education A native of Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, Samantha Reimer graduates with a bachelor’s degree in adolescence education with a concentration in French as well as a bachelor’s degree in French. During her time at Oswego, Reimer served as a peer advisor to incoming foreign language education freshmen, as well as a teaching assistant in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. She spent two years on the Oswego crew team and one year playing varsity women’s ice hockey. She is an active member of the French Honor Society (Pi Delta Phi) and served as the vice president this past year. She is also an active member of the Education Honor Society (Kappa Delta Pi) and the American Association of Teachers of French. This past winter, she was a co-presenter at a conference for teachers of foreign language in Syracuse, N.Y. After graduation, she plans to begin her career as a high school French teacher in Ontario. Nicole Schnorr Banner Presenter, School of Business and School of Communication, Media and the Arts Nicole Schnorr of Webster, N.Y., graduates with a Bachelor of Science in human resource management. Nicole has been awarded the Society for Human Resource Management J. Donald Herring, Ph.D. SPHR Senior Award (2015) and Junior Award (2014). Throughout her collegiate experience, Nicole has been an active member of many organizations and departments on campus. During the 20142015 academic year, she was the president of the SUNY Oswego chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Additionally, she worked as a navigator intern and an advanced navigator intern for Career Services, where she assisted students with career planning and development. As a Laker Leader and a Laker Leader team captain, Nicole helped students transition to Oswego. An assistant for the Office of University Development, she has also been active in the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations events, including Reunion Weekend. Nicole is a member of Phi Kappa Phi (student honor society) and Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership honor society). After graduation, she hopes to work in a human resources department of a company and gain some professional experience before returning to school to earn an MBA.


11 Dianora DeMarco Public accounting MBA with economics minor President of the Student Investment Club, the Bronx resident monitored and helped manage a six-figure portfolio to a 30 percent gain in under two years. An honors program graduate, she won a top award at a Shanghai research forum and completed the Costa Rican Business Program. Recipient of multiple scholarships, she competed on Oswego’s 2013 Federal Reserve Challenge Team and served on the School of Business Student Advisory Board and Beta Alpha Psi’s executive board. She and her sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi, established an annual event to benefit an Oswego boy with a rare cancer, raising more than $5,000. The future — “I have received job offers from two Big Four accounting firms where I interned in New York City, but will first accept a oneyear appointment at the Financial Accounting Standards Board,” she said.Joshua Drake Biology Passionate and prolific in community service, the Fulton native served as the Habitat for Humanity Club president, helping home owners in the region. He volunteered as a Mentor Oswego group leader, for Head Start during alternative winter break in New Jersey and for Oswego Health and Oswego Hospital, where he also interned and served as an emergency room technician. Treasurer and a founding member of the PreHealthcare Club, he served as teaching assis tant in “Cellular Foundations” and “Genetics” classes. He received college grants for work in evolutionary genetics, presenting scholarly posters at symposia in Rochester and Oswego. The future — “I will be attending Upstate Medi cal University in the Rural Medical Scholars Medical Doctorate program,” he said.Molly Matott Meteorology with mathematics minor Chief meteorologist at student station WTOP-TV, the North Syracuse resident helped coordinate research for a multi-university lake-effect study, served as project leader to acquire a new weather graphics system, joined the Honors Program and Phi Kappa Phi and Omicron Delta Kappa national honor societies, and made national appearances on Al Roker’s “Wake Up with Al” on the Weather Channel and “The Tomorrow Show” in October. A Meteorology Club officer and peer tutor with the Office of Learning Services, she also has been a member of and choreographer for Del Sarte, Laker Leader captain and a member of the “best problem solving” group at a regional conference on student retention. The future — “I just accepted a full-time meteorologist position at CNY Central in Syracuse after graduation,” she said.David Owens Studio art with Spanish minor Artist, entrepreneur and volunteer, the Cato resident completed “Twelve in Oswego,” paintings to evoke each month in the city, presenting it at the college’s Quest symposium, the State Museum and at Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center in Auburn. Recipient of two Presidential Purchase awards at college exhibitions, he was a cartoonist for the student newspaper and twice Great Lake Review cover artist. He won a Dean’s Writing Award for an art history paper he presented at Quest. Founder of a company to accept freelance work and commissions, he also volunteers for his church, managing a concession crew, planning activities for a youth group and helping coach soccer. The future — “Upon graduating, I plan to begin work full time as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer,” he said. SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student ExcellenceThe highest student recognition through the SUNY system, the award recognizes students who earn high grade-point averages and make outstanding contributions to their campus and community. Eyub Yegen Finance and applied mathematical economics with applied statistics minor International accomplishments underscore the scholarship of the Turkish resident of Germany who has made 10 conference presentations, including ones in China (where he won a best paper award), Dubai and Hungary; published papers in multiple peer-reviewed academic journals; served as a SUNY Big Data Fellow; assisted numerous professors’ research projects; and served as president and founder of the Turkish Culture Club and as president of the International Student Association, Financial Management Association and Future Alumni Network Advisory Board. A teaching assistant and tutor, he has earned many scholarships and his service includes refereeing articles for the Journal of Applied Statistics. The future — “I will start my doctoral studies in finance at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management this August, with an ultimate goal to work on ground-breaking research that will have a positive impact on societies,” he said.


12 College Honors ProgramThe Oswego College Honors Program consists of a core of courses in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, philosophy and history designed to stimulate students’ intellectual growth and develop their analytical abilities. Unlike traditional courses, which present material from a single field of study, Honors Program courses are multi-disciplinary, drawing ideas and information from many fields and addressing concerns common to all the disciplines. In addition to Honors core requirements and all the requirements in their majors, Honors Program students must also meet requirements in laboratory science and a foreign language and complete an Honors Thesis, in which they explore a topic in some depth. The following students from the Class of 2015, wearing silver tassels, are completing the requirements for the SUNY Oswego College Honors Program:Quentin Bartholomew Thomas Bodnar Timothy Bowman Michael Brill Claire Cerra Lily Choi Aubrey Cooper Haley DeCarlo Joshua Drake Lindsey Frazer Mackenzie Gillett Anja Godlewski-Dykes Morgan Gualteri Joshua Heidke Abbigael Hicks Katherine Hilburger Bridget Jackson Rachel Johnston Megan Kale Jillian Keating Thomas Kline Andrew Kowal Adam Krolikowski Renee Lafreniere Emily Markstein Molly Mattot Kaylee May Tashi Namgyal Holly Nosiglia Marissa Pariseau Amanda Radalinsky Bridget Smith Brittni Switser Sarah Torpie Olivia Ugino Erika WilsonHonors ProgramsHonors Programs have been instituted for outstanding students in the fields of biology, chemistry, economics, history, mathematics, meteorology, physics, political science and psychology. The eligibility requirements for these programs are rigorous and the coursework itself is beyond the scope of that of regular classes. The following students from this class are completing an honors program:Stuart Bates – Chemistry Thomas Bodnar – Chemistry Ashley Canning – Chemistry Joshua Drake – Biology Morgan Gualteri – Chemistry Abbigael Hicks – Chemistry Andrew Janiszeski – Meteorology Rachel Johnston – Chemistry Alana Kimmerly – Psychology Temiloluwa Koya – Economics Molly Matott – Meteorology Geoffrey Peterson – Chemistry Htet Oo San – Chemistry Justin Sbarra – Chemistry Bridget Smith – Chemistry Olivia Ugino – Political Science Calee Wilson – Biology Eyub Yegen – EconomicsPossibility ScholarsThe Possibility Scholars Awards are presented to the graduating Possibility Scholars in recognition of their accomplishments in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields throughout their four years as a scholar. Such accomplishments include rigorous laboratory-based summer research projects through the Summer Research Institute and an international service learning experience through the Global Laboratory to study real-world problems such as mitigating climate change, controlling emerging diseases, reducing extreme poverty, developing sustainable energy resources, and wisely managing water and food systems.Katrina DeBaum Sanjeev Kumar Mary DaCosta Aaron MatthewsHonor Cords for VeteransUnited States veterans graduating from SUNY Oswego are wearing red, white and blue honor cords in recognition of their service and sacrifice.


13 Honor Organizations Alpha Delta Omega Public Justice Honor Society – an open, democratic organization of individuals committed to academic excellence and to the ideal of justice, fairness, freedom and equality for all people in all aspects of society. Alpha Psi Omega National Dramatics Honor Society – an honorary society founded in 1924 that recognizes outstanding student achievement in college and university theatre. Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society for Adult Learners – recognizes the special achievements of adult students who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work. Beta Alpha Psi National Business Honor Society – the international honorary organization for accounting and finance students and professionals, recognizes academic excellence and promotes professional development and service activities among its members.Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society for AACSB Accredited Schools – serving business programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Chi Alpha Epsilon Educational Opportunity Program Honor Society – recognizes the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria and serves EOP students. Also, promotes continued high academic standards, fosters increased communication among its members, and honors academic excellence achieved by those students. Delta Phi Alpha German Honor Society – seeks to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship aiming to promote the study of German language, literature and civilization emphasizing aspects of German life and culture of universal value contributing to the eternal search for peace and truth.Epsilon Pi Tau International Honor Society for Professions in Technology – membership based on high scholastic attainment, participation and leadership in Technology in the college and in the community, and professional qualifications and promise. Kappa Delta Pi National Education Honor Society – recognizes excellence and fosters mutual cooperation, support and professional growth for educational professionals. Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society – encourages and stimulates scholarship and research in anthropology by recognizing and honoring superior achievement in the discipline among students, faculty and other persons engaged in the study of anthropology. Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Studies Honor Society – represents what Aristotle described in his book, Rhetoric, as the three ingredients of persuasion: Logos meaning logic, Pathos relating to emotion, and Ethos derived as character, credibility and ethics. Mu Beta Psi National Honorary Musical Fraternity – service fraternity encouraging fellowship among musicians and is devoted to the study and performance of music. Membership is open to both men and women. Omicron Delta Epsilon International Academic Honor Society – recognizes scholastic attainment and honors outstanding achievements in econom-ics — establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics.Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society – recognizes and encourages superior leadership and exemplary character, excellence as students and leaders in student groups, organizations, and activities. Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society – requires a high overall GPA and even higher GPA in history, sponsoring student trips and outside lecturers. Phi Beta Delta is an international honor society that recognizes students, faculty, staff and alumni who possess a deep commitment to international affairs, education, and research. It recognizes outstanding students, faculty, staff, and alumni who have made significant contributions to expanding global engagement and world awareness. Members of this honorary are wearing bronze medallions with red and yellow ribbons. Phi Beta Lambda National Business Organization – aimed at uniting business students in a positive working relationship. Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society – recognizes and encourages superior scholarship in all academic disciplines, honoring students who excel in scholarship in order to stimulate others to strive for excellence. Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society – recognizes outstanding scholarship in the French language and its literatures, to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Americans for the cultural contributions of the Frenchspeaking world, to stimulate and to encourage French and francophone cultural activities. Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society – members are indicative of superior attainment in music and personal qualifications pertaining to an outstanding exponent of the art. Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society – stimulates scholarship and intelligent interest in political science to provide a framework for enriching the exposure of its members and community to the study of government and issues of public concern. Psi Chi National Honor Society for Psychology – encourages, stimulates and maintains excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. Sigma Pi Sigma National Honor Society in Physics – honors outstanding scholarship in physics; encourages interest in physics at all levels; promotes service of its members toward fellow students, colleagues and the public; and provides fellowship of those who excel in physics. Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society – The Alpha Sigma Eta chapter at Oswego confers distinction for high academic achievement in English and Creative Writing and aims to promote interest in literature and writing on campus and in surrounding communities. Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society – recognizes scientific achievement, enhances health of research enterprise, fosters integrity in science and engineering and promotes the public’s understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition.Tau Sigma Academic Honor Society – designed specifically to recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students. Vega Junior and Senior Women’s Honor Society – women’s junior and senior honor society which places strong value on academic leadership and community service.


14 State University of New YorkBoard of TrusteesH. Carl McCall Chairman Joseph W. Belluck Eric Corngold Henrik N. Dullea Ronald G. Ehrenberg Angelo M. Fatta Tina Good Peter Knuepfer Eunice A. Lewin Marshall A. Lichtman Lori Mould John L. Murad Jr. Linda S. Sanford Richard Socarides Carl Spielvogel Cary F. Staller Lawrence WaldmanChancellor of the UniversityNancy L. ZimpherSUNY Oswego College CouncilJames McMahon Chair Darlene Baker Saleem Cheeks Richard Farfaglia Michael J. Goldych Brian S. McGrath Baye Muhammad William Scriber Gary Sluzar Tucker SholtesSUNY Oswego Retiring Faculty and Professional StaffRobert Ballentine Associate Professor, Earth Sciences Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1985 Cynthia Fuller Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1992 Lawrence Fuller Assistant Professor, Chemistry Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1974 John Huonker Associate Professor, Marketing and Management Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2000 Thomas J. Kubicki Assistant Professor, Technology Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2001 Joseph LeFevre Professor, Chemistry Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1985 Robert Moore Professor, English and Creative Writing Director, Honors Program Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1978 Ellen Wahl Director, Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1981


15 ** Thomas Anthony Bodnar, Hamilton Jeremy Curtis Bogan, Oswego Fabianna Stephanie Bonilla, Lindenhurst * Kaila Marie Booth, New Hartford Andrew Gerard Bordash Jr., Highland Mills Adam Lansing Bornt, Troy * Kendra Lynn Bowman, Seneca Falls ** Timothy Charles Bowman II, Gouverneur Andrew John Boyea, Schenectady Makenzy Rae Bradford, Oswego Zachary Michael Bernard Bradley, Farmingville Diana Renee Bravo, Huntington Station *** Laura J. Brazak, Oswego * Kelsey Sharon Brewster, Newfield John Francis Britzzalaro, Kenmore * Courtney Marie Brooks, Le Roy Margret Thresa Brower, Cicero Aaron Brown, Brooklyn Adrian Jeremy Brown, Brooklyn Justin James Brown, Marion Shamika Brown, Syracuse David Owen Bubbins, Plattsburgh *** Carin Michelle Budka, Liverpool Scott Douglas Bullard, Fulton Kevin Patrick Burke, Lynbrook Maxwell Tyler Burke, Hammondsport Rory Joseph Burke, Oswego Jordan Arthur Burnett, Wolcott Sierra Christine Butler, Oswego Aimee Maria Calabrese, Baldwinsville Andrew Philip Calvi, Millbrook Eric Joseph Campbell, Webster Natyia Campbell, Syracuse Robert Raymond Canale, Oswego Jessica Joan Canby, Jamestown Melissa Ruth Cannady, Sterling ** Ashley Joy Canning, Oswego Benjamin Capito, Amsterdam Jeffrey Aaron Capul, Seaford Thomas Richard Carone II, New Hartford Chandler Nikol Carpenter, West Monroe * Cassidy Tanawianita Carroll, Westport Christopher Alan Carroll, Oriskany Falls * Michael Joseph Carroll, Oswego Sarah Beth Carroll, Central Square Karyssa Nichole Carson, Oswego Desire D. Cruz, Newark Mario J. Castillo III, Fishkill Stephanie Renee Caucci, Lakewood, PA * Claire Elizabeth Cerra, Williamsville Karina A. Chalas, New York Maura Rose Chapman, Binghamton ** Kayla Marie Christiano, Gloversville * Chelsea Marie Chromeck, Tabernacle, NJ *** Shannon Nichole Cilento, Oswego Roodline Cineus, Spring Valley College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the largest academic division in SUNY Oswego, boasting eighteen academic departments, fifteen interdisciplinary programs, five graduate programs, and several certificate programs. Providing a learning-centered community committed to high intellectual standards, the College offers more than forty undergraduate majors in subjects ranging from American Studies to Zoology, nearly as many minors, and eight cooperative degree programs. Through in-depth study in traditional and interdisciplinary programs we prepare students to identify and develop productive solutions to the many challenges facing regional, national, and global civil society.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2014, May 2015 and August 2015. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80–4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Nouf Abdulhamid, Baldwinsville Edina Mensah Aboagye, Bronx ** Justine Abramowski, Levittown ** Cathrine Adamo, Manorville Anthony Kwasi Aggrey, Corona Carolyn Ahart, Oswego Robert Lee Alexander, Oswego Hannah Joanne Allen, Oswego Lane Anthony Allen, South New Berlin William H. Allen III, Fairport Gianna Marie Aloisio, Lockport Nicholas Anthony Altaro, Warwick Daniel Amorese, Endicott *** Felicia Leigh Anfuso, Milford, NH Thomas Michael Anthony Jr., Syracuse Bryan Matthew Apa, Fulton * Dylan James Ardila, Greenlawn Justine Elizabeth Arold, Auburn Ian Alexander Nikoli Ashley, West Point Kelli Jane Atherton, Palmyra, IN Amanda Leigh Austin, Massapequa Park Vivian Ayala, Harrison * Karl John Backhaus, Troy Brian Gerald Bailey, Parish Brittany Nicole Bailey, Newfane Stephanie Joyce Bailey, Schenectady Brandon Anthony Banach, Lacona Jeffrey Elam Barrett, Brooklyn Garrett Edward Bartnik, Cheektowaga * Kaleb Barton, Clayton ** Zachary Emmett Basso, Poughkeepsie ** Sarah Elizabeth Bastedo, Clyde ** Stuart William Bates IV, Brewster Zachary Elias Bath, Somers ** Cody Michael Battista, Oswego * Matthew T. Battles, Oswego *** Patrick O’Neill Bauer, Warwick Andrew Joseph Baumgras, Delmar * Brianna Rose Becker, East Syracuse Abdul Razak Bello, Bronx Angela Rose Bendyk, Syracuse Jeffrey Philip Benjamin, Bernhards Bay Lora Elizabeth Benjou, Greenwood Lake Jack Marcus William Berkley, Oswego ** Norman Joseph Berlin III, Oswego Christine Marie Bermudez, Highland Mills Alison Joelle Berson, DeWitt Caren Elizabeth Bertrand, Canastota Joleyne Marie Besaw, Hannibal Armin Besic, Albany * Jordan Nicholas Bianchi, East Amherst * Alison Marie Bickert, Ulster Park *** Amanda Rose Bintz, Herkimer Erica Blaha, New Paltz * Gina Nicole Blocchi, Rochester Samantha Boben, Poughkeepsie


16 Easton James Clark, Fayetteville Shelby Beth Clark, Watkins Glen Mary Katherine Margaret Clerkin, Parish Summer Lynn Cluette, Plattsburgh Christie Nicole Cockayne, Newfane Sara Evalynn Coe, Cassville Tamoy L. Coke, Saint Albans Cassandra-Marie Jean Cole, Schenectady * Elizabeth A. Collins, East Syracuse * Lisa Marie Conte, Syracuse Tiraya Lorraine Conyers, Syracuse Sarah Marie Coon, Central Square * Morgan Elizabeth Cooney, Camillus ** Aubrey Joy Cooper, Auburn * Brett T. Corbett, Fulton Nancy Cordero, Brooklyn *** Jesse Jaymes Corfield, Auburn * Rachel Phoenicia Corin, Hopewell Junction * Mary Katherine Joy Cornfield, Corning * Gerianne Patricia Corradino, Chittenango Kristie M. Cory, Mexico Allison Jane Cosey, Granville Zachary Arthur Costello, Brockport Jordan Lucas Covert, Penn Yan Molly Elizabeth Cox, Schenectady Kendell Sinclair Cozart-Middleton, Brooklyn Heather Nicole Crean, Plainview Andrew D. Cross, Liberty Karina Cruz, Maspeth Victoria Rose Cullaro, Yorktown Heights *** Danielle Lynne Currier, Oswego * Mary DaCosta, Syracuse * Ashley Marie Darling, West Seneca Dylan Gary Davis, Russell ** Marleigh Ann Davis, Horseheads * Nija Monique Davis-Pedlar, Rensselaer * Christopher J. Davius, Cambria Heights Alexandra Elisabeth Day, Utica Kelvin De La Cruz, Bronx * Katrina Marie DeBaun, Oswego * Kyle W. DeCarr, Antwerp Jordan Lynn Dedrick, Ballston Spa ** Hannah Olivia Dennison, Corning Jessica Lamice Denton, Selden Alyssa Ann Derasmo, Massapequa Jennifer Lynn Desormo, Watertown Lindsay Ann Devendorf, Syracuse Roger Devers, Bronx * Maureen DiCosimo, Jamesville Britany M. Dievendorf, Oswego ** Kenneth Paul Dill, Dunkirk * Kristina Lee DiMartino, Patchogue Matthew James Dinwoodie, Hornell Brianna June Dolan, Fayetteville Allan David Donahoe, Marcellus * Erin Marie Donahue, Oswego Lauren Patricia Donovan, Bronxville James Taylor Doran, Ballston Spa Tiana Douglas, New York David Patrick Downum, Central Square Kieran James Doyle, Selden *** Joshua Trent Drake, Fulton Richard J. Dufresne, Amsterdam Stephen DuMont, Rochester *** Tristen Joan Durand, Redwood John Thomas Durkin III, Suffern * Daniel Richard Durocher, Sterling Emily B. Dwelle, Somerset, NJ Sandra Jeann Eareckson, Wantagh Erin Gayle Earl, Ilion * Dannielle N. Edick, Mohawk Meghan Renee Edwards, Hannibal * Rachel Lynn Edwards, Oswego ** Elizabeth Ashley Eibert, Middletown * Connor Eugene Emmert, Central Valley William L. Ernest Jr., Arkport * Erin McKenzie Ernestine, East Syracuse Alexandria Hundede Esheyigba, New York * Dennis Michael Espadas, Seaford Andrew Nicholas Evans, Marcy *** Ashley Evans, Auburn * Victoria Paige Faccini, Islip Jacquelyne Rae Fancett, Waterville Diana Gonzalez Farfan, Riverside, CA Devyn Jill Farina, Port Washington Angela Lillian Fasano, Port Jeff Station ** Karissa L. Favata, Oswego Chelsea Marie Fearon, Union Springs Kayla Marie Fenimore, Cobleskill Jonathan Thomas Ferguson, Oakland Gardens Chelsey Marie Files, Cicero Carlos H. Fillmann, Webster Andrew Vincent Fina, North Syracuse Brittany Lyn Finley, Hamburg Mary Katherine Finn, Oswego Gregory Grant Fitzsimmons, Corning * Casey Ellen Connor Fleming, Mexico Ryan Caleb Fleming, Mexico Rachel Joyce Flood, Somers Chelsea Marie Flores, Rockaway Park Edward Anthony Flouton III, Liverpool Katelyn Nicole Ford, Hannibal Keith Michael Fosmire, Fulton Tara Marie Fox, Greenfield Center Nicholas Ryan Fragosa, Gansevoort Tiffany Alexis Francis, Far Rockaway Ashley Nicole Freeze, Wingdale Jonathan Robert French, Cicero Emily A. Fulfarr, Huntington Station * Michael Joseph Fuss, Webster Brendan Thomas Gaffga, Southold Victoria Lynn Galbraith, Patchogue Delia Marie Gallmeyer, Penfield * Keith David Gallucci, Heuvelton Ashley Galvez, Bronx Jamie Carolina Garcia, East Islip Yomairis Adelaida Garcia, New York Stacey Marleyna Rohling, Mexico Dana Garguilo, Gloversville * Richard Vincent Garuckas III, Kirtland, OH *** Imani Safiya Gary, Brooklyn Latisha Marie Gary, Utica Carissa Megan Gaylord, Vestal Najet Gharsallaoui, Baldwinsville Gina Nicole Ghianni, Bronx Anthony James Giacovelli, Endicott Thomas Salvatore Gianni, East Islip Joel William Gilfillan, Dexter Alexis Eileen Gillard, Oswego Molly Elena Giller, Pittsford Michael J. Ginnick, New Paltz Elana Ariel Ginsburg, Albany John Robert Perley Gleason, Apalachin James Kevin Goebel Jr., Ontario Matthew J. Gogis, Pattersonville Rodney Golden, Bronx Amie Zainabou Gomez, Bronx Stephanie Dianne Gonzales, Rocky Point Darlene Gonzalez, Bronx Kayla Ann Gonzalski, Syracuse Thomas Joseph Goodwin Jr., Clifton Park ** Colin P. Gooley, Baldwinsville * Ethan Sean Snyder Gormley, Ballston Spa Anthony Edward Gornic, Delmar Kyle Alexander Goshorn, Webster Erin Fee Gould, Big Flats Laura Elizabeth Gould, Hannibal Rachel Hannah Gower, Oswego ** Angela Noelle Graci, Oswego Luke K. Grahnert, Lancaster Joseph Nicholas Grande, Whitesboro Kassidy J. Graves, Camden Paige Nicole Gray, Oswego Benjamin James Green, Walton * Crystal Danielle Green, Hyde Park * Ryan Susan Greenfield, Oswego * Chad Mitcheal Grevelding, Hastings Alicia Lynn Griffing, Brewerton Samantha L. Grogan, Prospect Bradley Philip Gross, Commack Bogdan Stepanovych Grynyk, Clay ** Morgan A. Gualtieri, Camden * Bo Guan, Clarksburg, MD * Rebecca Lynn Guess, Ballston Spa Dan Michael Guglielmo, Rome Alyssa Guida, Melville Brenna Marie Guinan, Rockville Centre


17 Marc Charles Gummerson, Seneca Falls Amanda Jean Gunther, South New Berlin Aneesha Marissa Guruge, Colombo, Sri Lanka Genevieve S. Hall, Oswego Zachary T. Hall, Hoosick Falls Marie Abagael Halpin, Caledonia Catherine Marie Hammond-Gray, Minetto April N. Hampton, Endicott Sarah Rose Hansen, North Tonawanda Dylan Michael Hardesty, Trumansburg Ethan Christopher Hargarther, Ontario Jaclyn Mina Harr, Fairport Kristen Marie Harrigan, Buffalo Matthew R. Harrington, Mexico Ryan Scott Harrington, New Berlin Emily Anne Hart, Cortland Cory James Hartman, Rochester Matthew Michael Hayes, Watkins Glen * Sasha Elizabeth Hayes, Fulton Margaret Patricia Karen Hazen, Endicott Thomas Patrick Heaton, Amsterdam * Hannah Jo Hecht, Penfield Joshua I. Herina, Fort Drum *** Abbigael S. Hicks, East Greenbush * Emily L. Higgins, Fulton * Katherine Anne Hilburger, Elba Zachary Michael Hill, Cicero Justin Hilt, Conesus Nicholas Thomas Hoefer, Fulton Violet Ann Holbrook, Parish Breanna Holzhauser, Selden Bryan Hopkins, Bronx * Nicole E. Horn, Rochester Austin Chase Horna, Baldwinsville ** George Harold Hort, Oswego Stephanie Anne Hotaling, Fulton Megan L. Howard, Oswego * Paul Martin Howden, Syracuse ** Robert Hoyt Jr., Bernhards Bay Tessa Rose Hudon, Patterson *** Laurel Joyce Huff, Brewerton Ryan Michael Hughes, Putnam Valley Jessica M. Hulihan, Rexford Leah Kathryn Humbert, Rose Joseph Duane Hutchins, Oswego Erica Leonora Huttunen, Brewster Kimberly Marie Ingram, Coxsackie Schantavia M. Ivery, Virginia Beach, VA Kiersten Maria Ives, Sidney Center Kelly Ann Jackson, Bronx * Samantha Jean Jackson, Rochester * Jeremiah Ezra Jacobson, Baldwinsville * Andrew Ryan Janiszeski, Boston Alexander Patrick Jansing, Clinton Nicholas C. Jao, Hicksville ** Jessica Ruth Jarett, Cazenovia Phillip John Jenkins, North Rose Amanda Jensen, Commack * Anne Marie Johnson, Syracuse ** Jenna Ashley Johnson, Waterford *** Lindsey Loi Johnson, Binghamton Nicole M. Johnson, Fulton Rebecca Marie Johnson, Baldwinsville Brittany Erin Johnston, Centereach Lauren Rachel Johnston, Liverpool *** Rachel Jane Johnston, Cayuga Kary Fabre Jolivert, New York Zachary Aaron Jonas, Woodbourne Branden T. Jones, Palmyra Tyree Joseph, Brooklyn * Yadira Junco, Syracuse Lawrence Matthew Kalk, Rome * Jillian Rose Keating, Latham Ben Steven Keeler, Marcellus Michael Joseph Kelly, Utica Rhiannon Mairi Khoury, Jordan Hyeji Kim, Busan, South Korea *** Alana Danielle Kimmerly, Fulton Steven M. Kimpland, Hannibal Jesse Clark King, North Tonawanda Melissa Delores King, Brooklyn Shawn Robert King, Syracuse * Tyler John Kingsley, Oswego * Mackenzie Rose Kjerstad, Baldwinsville Candice Lynn Knibbs, Mechanicville Olivia Ann Knierman, Fulton Wai Chiu Kong, Patterson * Andrew Michael Kowal, Averill Park Cristine Marie Kowalski, Westfield, NJ *** Temiloluwa Sophia Koya, Lagos, Nigeria * Andriy Krasiy, Monroe ** Kathleen Ann Kratz, Whitney Point Shawn William Krecker, Rochester John Henry Krell, Warwick Jessica Leigh Kretschmann, Savona Sarabeth Jin Kreuter, Glen Cove Adam Mitchell Krolikowski, Glenwood Jonathan James Krupa, Cato * Matthew Thomas Krupka, Baldwinsville Isatou Kujabi, Bronx Charles James Kulesa, Phoenix Sanjeev Kumar, Syracuse Kristina Marie Kushin, Syracuse ** Seongeun Kwon, Hwacheon-gun, South Korea Nicholas Kydon, Nyack *** Kelsey Lynn Labb, Blasdell Nicholas J. LaCross, East Syracuse * Heather Lynn Ladd, Hannibal * Renee Rose Lafreniere, Schenectady Megan Gabrielle Lajoie, Carthage Zachary Owen Lanahan, Gansevoort Deven LaQuay, Watertown John Hemrick Larkin, Schenectady Allyson Mary Latour, Brewerton Danielle Rose Latour, Watertown Jamal Omar Lavine, Brooklyn Timothy J. Lawlor, Centereach ** Makenzie Jean Laws, Hastings Kristen Marie Lawson, Fulton Meagan Lee Lecuyer, Cicero Hannah Elizabeth Lee, Camden Carli Nicole Legonelli, Rochester Mary Catherine Lenhart, Hannibal Michael Christopher Leone, Valley Stream Christopher Lewis, Fulton Ebony Selise Lewis, Brooklyn Courtney Anne Livoti, Wantagh Megan Elizabeth Loper, Port Chester Robeira Lopez, Bronx Christopher A. Lounsbury, Rock Tavern Christopher R. Love, Syracuse ** Alexa R. Lucera, Manorville Adrianne Lunau, Highland Mills Bryan P. Maccarrone, Selden Hannah Tess Macko, Cicero Melissa Diane MacManes, Syracuse ** Lauren E. Madlin, Cicero Chukwufumnaya Victoria Maduemezia, Wingdale ** Daichi Mae, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan Kelly Ann Maestri, Camillus Michael James Mahaney, Rochester Joseph Alan Mahar, Rochester Aaron Joseph Maher, Marietta Jacky Marie Maldonado, Bronx Joshua Malone, Phoenix Samantha Manicone, Copiague James Edward Manton, Deer Park Raeann Mariella, Wading River Sandra Louise Marin, Fulton Michael A. Marini, Fulton ** Emily Rosalia Markstein, Binghamton Evan T. Maroun, Tupper Lake Cynthia Maria Marroquin, Inwood *** Emilie A. Martin, Syracuse Arnaldo M. Martinez, New York Mark Victor Marzullo, Cicero Ethan Richard Maslyn, Clifton Springs ** Corinne Elizabeth Mather, Keeseville Stephany Faye Matos, Staten Island *** Molly Aileen Matott, Syracuse Chelsea Mayorga, Great Neck Kyle Thomas McArdell, Baldwinsville * John Thomas Mcauliffe, Jupiter, FL Andrea Warner McCabe, Watertown


18 Zachary Daniel McCaleb, Baldwinsville Christopher David McCallops, Canastota Gavin James McCarthy, Blooming Grove Christina L. McCormack, Massapequa * Matthew Oran McDorman, Wolcott * Brianna Noel McElligott, Clyde Amanda Christine McFarland, Oswego Augustus Basil McGiver, Schoharie Neil Andrew McGlynn, Canandaigua ** Melissa Kathleen McGowan, Carthage Nicole Elizabeth McGowan, Dolgeville Rachel Maria McGriff, Rochester ** Kyle Douglas McIntyre, Oswego * Alexandra Anne McKay, Fairport Jonathan Daniel McKibbin, Patchogue Kathryn Michele McKinney, Watertown *** Bethany Charlotte McMillen, Hannibal Ni-Asia Lashae McMurty, Rochester William Andrew Meaney, Oswego * Marta Lorena Mendoza, Oswego Anthony John Mercurio, Oswego ** Kelsey Eryn Merritt, Spencer Angelo Messina, Lynbrook ** Nolan John Metcalf, Red Hook Jennifer Meza, New York Benjamin Cory Mikelberg, East Northport * Haley Jessica Miller, Springwater Valerie Miller, Oswego Jacob Jon Mills, Pennellville Robyn Reshell Mills, Hannibal Oluwakemi Rasheedat Mogaji, Syracuse Alyssa Danielle Molnar, Williamsville Lori A. Mondragon, Port Washington * Nicole Marie Montana, Valley Stream Shannon F. Monterone, Piffard Heather Marie Moore, Monroe Sarah Elizabeth Morash, West Babylon Patricia Jo Morrison, Fulton Jennifer Raven Morrison-Gurley, Queens Village Michael Andrew Morsch, East Hampton Kathleen Alleena Morton, Oswego *** Georgiana Negoita Mosher, Baldwinsville Simonique Samantha Moss, Colorado Springs, CO Leah Moua, Winton, CA Rachel Christine Muntz, Philadelphia Rebekah May Murray, Wolcott Victoria Ann Muscato, Webster * Peter Yoors Myers, Red Hook Kaylee M. Napolitano, Weedsport Brittany Rose Naughton, Buffalo Genesis Herminia Nery, New York Erica Lynn Nesfeder, Syracuse ** Jenna Dean Neupert, Fulton Victoria Lynn Nguyen, Liverpool Molly Elizabeth Niblo, Cornwall Joanne Carol Nimec, Elmira Heights Julie A. Noga, Auburn Brenden Thomas Nollet, Oswego Benjamin E. Nordmark III, Fulton Kathryn Nunez, Highland Mills Melissa Ann Nuzzi, Merrick Alane Katherine O’Brien, Liverpool Ashley Ting O’Brien, Altamont Daniel O’Brien, Syracuse Caileigh O’Connell, West Henrietta Nelson Oduro Jr., Bronx Samantha Kaitlyn O’Hearn, Gouverneur Nwamaka Vanessa Okafor, Jamaica * Elena Beatrice Oldenburg, Oswego Austin Andrew O’Neill, Tupper Lake * Selina Diandra Oquendo, Yonkers ** Christopher Lawrence Alvord O’Rourke, Camden Marissa Madeline Osier, Cicero ** Alyssa A. Otoski, Wolcott Joseph F. Ottaviano, Liverpool Faith Dorothy Page, Hermon Benjamin Joseph Palais, Norwalk, CT * Ann Marie Pallifrone, Albion ** James Daniel Palma, Syracuse ** Marissa Marie Pariseau, Somerset, MA Kasey Jo Parkhurst, Fulton Gregory Scott Parks, Johnson City * Steven T. Parshall, Williamson * Luke Michael Parsnow, Sterling Samuel Jose Pascal, New York Alec Fredrick Paterek, Fort Belvoir, VA Sheldon Joseph Paura, West Monroe * Chulee Paw, Syracuse Tyler Robert Perez, Oswego Daniel Jason Perlin, Bellmore Ian Alexander Perry, Miller Place * Geoffrey Peterson, Bridgeport * Colin Ryan Petramale, Schenectady Jacqueline Alyda Phaneuf, Plattsburgh Desaree Kristine Phillips, Prattsburgh Jennifer Marie Phillips, Fulton Kelly Mari Phillips, Clay Patrick Joseph Piascik, Weedsport * Nicole Marie Picarello, Monticello Mysteria Elizabeth Mary Pike, Fulton Alexander Thomas Piscitelli, Greenlawn Tyler Scott Platten, Caledonia Karen Avery Ploch, Cromwell, CT * Patricia Joan Pollard, Rexford Gabriela Aisha Pond, Bronx *** Sarah Anne Popovitch, Germantown Johnathon Edward Presher, Prattsburgh * Carrie E. Preston, Dansville Christopher D. Pritchard, Oswego Joshua Joseph Pritchard, Oswego Amanda L. Propp, Syracuse Brittany Marie Pryor, Fulton Corey James Pschierer, Rochester Zack R. Pudney, Bridgeport Ronel A. Puello, Rego Park Danny Puleo Jr., Centereach Ryan Michael Purdy, Stormville Gina M. Racculia, Liverpool Alison M. Rachubka, Camillus * Amanda Renee Radalinsky, Wading River Shane Reginald Ragin, Brooklyn Kathleen Kristen Raleigh, Pulaski Janneth Marie Ramirez, Oyster Bay John Frederick Ramirez III, Bellport * Kevin L. Ramkishun, South Ozone Park Quinn Parker Rasmus, Eagle Bridge Dana Ranaj’ Rawson, Pennellville Morgan Sonja Rayvals, Brockville, ON Mareena Razik, Richmondville Brice Henry Rebeor, Fulton Stephanie Lyn Redmond, Oswego Raven J. Reese, Edwards * Gabrielle L. Reimann, Somers * Nicholas Kelly Reinsdorf VIII, Niverville Matthew Thomas Reitz, Fulton Vanessa Maria Reyes, Jackson Heights Michael Andrew Rice, Canandaigua Taylor Allen Richards, Mayfield Payton Nicolette Richer, Syracuse Thomas Michael Rigney Jr., Albany Alyssa N. Rioux, Liverpool Nicholas Joseph Rivait, Kingsville, ON Cody James Robenski, Westernville Vanessa Kaitlyn Roberts, Saugerties Zachary Donald Roberts, Central Square Brianna L. Robinson, Conklin Elizabeth Anne Rockwood, Fairfax, VA ** Erica Gretchen Roff, Huntington Station Renee Janelle Rooche, Brooklyn Nicholl Renee Root, Elmira Emily Patricia Helen Rose, Johnson City Gregory Douglas Roth, Webster Juliana S. Rouhana, Rochester * Rebecca Lee Rowback, Broadalbin * Gwendolyn Marie Rowland, Corinth Andrew Otto Rubio, Ozone Park Molly Eileen Rudrow, Catonsville, MD William Anthony Rusaw, Syracuse ** Kristopher Joseph Saber, Syosset * Zachary Benjamin Saccocio, Schenectady Erik Patricio Salguero, Ellenville ** Htet Oo Khaing San, Syracuse *** Elena Maria Sanchez-Freeman, Champlain *** Nichole Marie Sanford, Homer Richard Evan Santini, Cortlandt Manor


19 Aleema-jadesola Esuu Sanusi, Staten Island * Chaskin Saroff, Queensbury Jason Bryan Savlov, Liverpool Shiba Sayon, Bronx * Justin Thomas Sbarra, Endwell Kelly Nicole Scanlon, Bethpage Erin Elisabeth Schenosky, North Syracuse Joseph Robert Schickling, Oswego Matthew William Schmidt, Getzville *** Zachariah Steven Schrecengost, Oswego ** Alysia Lee Schreyer, Parish Christopher Ryan Schroth, Syracuse *** Kelly M. Schulz, Bethpage Michael V. Schuster, West Babylon Evelyn Elizabeth Schwartz, Fulton Emily Karina Schwerzmann, Watertown ** Catherine Hannah Scott, Averill Park Lucia Elise Searles, Endwell Tiffany Marie Segady, Fulton Tia Marie Segretto, Memphis Brian Selom Senajor, Jamaica * Cynthia Serpas, Brentwood * Vincent Frank Servadio, New Hartford Heather Elaine Sharkey, Oswego Brett O. Shea, Webster Allyssia Jane Shipley, Parish Courtney Marie Short, Massapequa Mylisha Simmons-Rutty, Kingston Dylan Tanner Simonson, Irondequoit ** Demi Gabrielle Siskind, Monroe * Erica Kristen Sitek, Tonawanda ** Kayla Elizabeth Skipper, Oswego ** Yvonne Grace Slemmer, Hamburg *** Michelle Ann Slowik, Syracuse Bradley Douglas Smith, Hannibal ** Bridget P. Smith, Hamburg ** Matthew Christopher Smith, New Windsor Richard Thomas Smith, Oswego Steven Thomas Smith, Port Washington *** Jason Michael Snider, Mexico Matthew Jake Soffietti, Oswego ** Lauren Marie Sorce, Grand Island Daniel J. Sorokti, Victor Anthony Christopher Spallone V, Oswego *** Brittany La’Ree Sperino Horsford, Oswego * Kelly Renee Stacey, Dexter William Edward Stahl, Islip Justus Christopher Stahrr, Liverpool Alexis Kristen Stanton, Elmira Kyle Michael Starks, Mechanicville ** Tessa Marie Stathis, Marietta Kimberly Rose Staves, Fulton Justin Joseph Steinman, Syracuse Krystal Lynn Stevens, Weedsport Emily Ann Stewart, Baldwinsville Ryan Stone, Cicero MacKenzie J. Stone-Sweeting, Mexico Gabrielle Annalise String, Vestal *** Audrey Irene Stryker, Cato ** Cody David Stryker, Oswego Joshua Dale Stuper, East Syracuse * Cynthia Lydia Marie Suggs, New York Katie Elizabeth Sullivan, Yorktown Heights ** Natalie Louise Sumski, Lindenhurst John Sundberg, Cicero * Allysa Krystyna Swilley, Mehoopany, PA * Brittni Trier Switser, Schenectady Rikki Kelsey Ann Terrance, Buffalo * Jessica Jo Terrano, Oneonta ** Kelsey Thomas, Mechanicville Tyler Edward Tichenor, Canandaigua Cassandra Jayne Tighe, Phoenix Jeremy Nathan Tobias, Liverpool Cassandra Lee Tomasello, East Aurora * Nicole E. Tombolesi, Buffalo Sarah Elizabeth Torpie, New Milford, NJ Erik Raymond Towers, Nesconset Ignatius William Trentanelli, Corning ** Dylan Michael Trost, Vernon * Andriy Troyanovych, Syracuse Daniella D. Tucker, Bronx Brendan James Tymon, Monroe Stanley Franklin Tyrrell Jr., Suffern * Daniel Joseph Ulrich, Elma Dillon Ross Ulrich, Clarence Center Rebecca Moira Unger, Blasdell Andrew Day Urtz, Oneida Esthephani Johalmi Valdez, New York Michael Anthony Valentino, Manlius Andrea Silvana Valenzuela, Queensbury * Kelsie K. VanBuren, Fulton Darynn Kaine Vanwie, Cayuga Jacky Y. Vazquez, New York John Paul Vella, Rochester Stephen James Vertucci, West Sayville * Jamie Lynn Vescio Sosenko, Fulton Elizabeth Lynne Vickery, Oswego Nicolette Marie Viscusi, Schenectady Audra Elizabeth Voldbakken, Macedon Matthew Ryan Wagenhauser, Greenlawn Jennifer Suzanne Wakefield, Ilion Andrew Wallace, Rome Danielle Marie Walters, Oswego Brandi Lynn Walts, Fulton Yixuan Wang, Taiyyan, Shanxi, China Arthur Jay Wanzer, Liverpool Ashley Lynn Ward, Fulton Kristi Marie Ward, Richland Ryan S. Warner, Fulton Jordan Michael Weaver, Binghamton * Kathryn Ashly Weiner, Old Bethpage Logan Matthew Wells, Mexico * Katelyn L. Wethey, Auburn Jamie P. White, Jamesville Jessica Ann Marie White, Memphis Jordan M. White, Ilion * Mitchell Evan White, Rockaway, NJ Brianna Lynn Downs-Wright, Oswego Victoria Lynn Wild, Oswego Brian Jun Wilder, Carthage Adam W. Wilhelmi, Mexico * Amy Jean Williams, Gansevoort Brittany Jean Williams, Skaneateles ** Mark Stephen Joseph Williams, Central Square Maurice Tyshaun Williams, Bronx Nicholas Robert Willsea, Croton-on-Hudson Jason Andrew Willsey, Mexico Sean Hayden Willson, Syracuse * Calee Marie Wilson, Baldwinsville ** Erika Ann Wilson, Ontario Kevin David Wiltsie Jr., Oswego Kevin Michael Winahradsky, North Syracuse Katelyn Mae Winn, Oriskany Falls Brian E. Wisely, Liverpool Jason J. Wolinski, Richland Kevin K. Wong, Mamaroneck Lauren Nicole Woodrick, Bay Shore * Sarah Rose Woodworth, Oswego Tyler James Worzel, Glen Spey Tyler Dennis Wuest, Holland Patent Daniel M. Wysocki, Poughquag Jacob Charles Zaft, Rochester Caitlin Jane Zielinski, Honeoye Falls * Michelle Catherine Ziemba, Cicero David Matthew Zimmerman, Stony Brook ** Cassandra Lynn Zocco, Lowville


20 School of EducationInnovation in authentic learning has been a hallmark of SUNY Oswego since its found ing in 1861. This creative spirit still thrives in the School of Education, where innovative methods grounded in research and early experiences in the field help students become teachers, counselors, school leaders, and wellness and technical professionals ready to meet the challenges of today’s global and diverse educational institutions and com munities. The school is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2014, May 2015 and August 2015. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Gladys Acosta, Bronx Eniola Anuoluwapo Alawoya, Brooklyn * Alyssa Nicole Anderalli, East Syracuse Katie Anglin, Massapequa Raquel Ann Apuzzo, Lindenhurst Jessica Lynn Aswad, Binghamton Andrew Antonio Atkins, Cambria Heights ** Karly Marie Babcock, Oswego Kenneth Akil Bailey, Central Islip Kelly Michelle Balcom, Pulaski Angela Margaret Barone, Voorheesville * Daniel Joseph Batchelder, Salem ** Amanda M. Baumann, Aquebogue * Cathryn Beeman, Lake View Jillian Denise Bergemann, Baldwinsville Philip J. Bianchi, Montauk Samantha Richelle Boies, Morrisville Nekeita Amoy Bowlin, Schenectady ** Lauren Lynne Boyd, Delanson * Kieran Hennascy Brennan, Pearl River * Dustin A. Brown, Wayland * Patrick Ryan Brown, Wilmington, DE Phillip Dylan Bruning, Port Washington * Allison Stewart Cady, Clifton Park Dominic Christopher Camillaci, Hilton Jordan E. Camp, Marion Rashawn Antoine Campbell, Brooklyn Emily Rachel Cantillon, Methuen, MA * Luke Colbert Carbonaro, Ossining Ariana Rae Carmona, Brooklyn * Jennifer Rose Carrieri, Saint James ** Allison Hastings Cavallario, Watertown Alicia Maria Ceely, South Setauket Vincent Anthony Cesario III, Black River Kimberly Ellison Chamberlain, Macedon * MacKenzie Kathryn Clark, Windsor * Gillian Sydney Constantino, Middletown Jared L. Cooper, Oswego Ryan M. Creeden, Rock Tavern * Laura Anne Critelli, Clay Sara Elizabeth Crudo, Clifton Park Nicholas Andrew Curcio, Hicksville Matthew DeGilio, Syracuse Douglas F. DelleFave, Walworth Adam John DeMay, Williamson * Holly Sarah Dempsey, Brewerton * Marci Jo DeTorio, Lyons Alexandra Lydia D’Huy, Baldwinsville Rebecca Lee Dirschberger, Irving *** Ryan Joseph Donovan, Utica * Sarah Anne Downum, Central Square Shanequa Dumpson, Port Washington * Nicholas Durso, Rock Tavern * Alexander Edward Elkins, Rochester Nathalie H. Escano, New City ** Angela Maria Esposito, Monroe Donald John Esposito Kelley, Sayville * Meghan Theresa Everett, Antwerp Kelley Marie Evertz, Camillus * Kara Anne Fahsel, Carthage William Michael Farr, Washingtonville * Jeremy Blake Ferrara, Ridge *** Alexandra Elizabeth Fishman, Seaford ** Sara Lyn Fochtman, Westfield Emily J. Fragale, Webster *** Abigail Julia Fraser, Camillus Audia Tessa Frazer Dacas, Lewis McChord, WA Michael John Frohm, Winthrop Antonio Robert Gabriele, Ransomville Robert Heath Gamache, Seneca Falls * Leiska Norelis Garcia, Utica * Dwayne Thomas Ghostlaw, Brushton Michael David Giardino, Rome Stephanie Marie Gibney, Bohemia *** Peter Alexander Gierlach, Vestal Matthew Stephen Gilmore, Fayetteville Gleydis Gonzalez, Syracuse * Lauren Lee Eva Gregory, Pulaski * Cody James Gustafson, Sayville Caitlin Helen Hammond, Ogdensburg * Thomas Jack Harris, Massapequa Park ** Torie Renee Hax, Pulaski Megan Lorraine Hayes, Liverpool ** Amanda T. Heberger, Liverpool Joshua Taylor Heidke, Ballston Lake Christopher F. Helmke Jr., Bohemia Kaitlyn Marie Hernandez, Sackets Harbor Courtney Larissa Hirsch, Farmingville Jency Lear Holden, Baldwinsville Jessica Nicole Iannuzzo, Mamaroneck Shuave Laray Jackson, Long Island City Samantha Joan James, Sag Harbor Carli Rae Jankowski, South Glens Falls Lauren Marie Johnson, Syracuse * Ashley Nicole Johnston, Liverpool ** Kathryn Joanne Kasky, New Hartford *** Ryan Kelly, East Greenbush Marissa Jean Kinter, Marathon ** Helen Grace Krupski, Clifton Park * Cathy Lam, Little Neck ** Brittany L. Lamie, Fulton * Courtney Lynn LaQuay, St. Johnsville Heather Eve Lee, Oswego


21 Kelsey Corrine Leggett, Wallkill ** Samuel Anthony Leone, Fredonia Douglas Scott Licciardi, Ridge Melissa Diana Logatto, Copiague James Walter Loomis III, Mexico Vincent Anthony Lopresti, Johnson City * Janelle Leigh LoSurdo, Baldwinsville ** Julie Elizabeth Lundgren, Highland Christine Lupoli, Bohemia John Andrew Mackie III, Bellport * Philip Roger MacLeod, Liverpool Nicholas A. Mallett, Rochester ** Jordan Elisa Mangano, Oswego * Alyssa Jade Mangieri, West Islip * Charlotte Elizabeth Marasco, Poughkeepsie Kelsey Ann Mathis, Salisbury Mills * Carrie Ann Mattes, Auburn Alexandria Marie Mauras, Coram ** Natalie Brynn Mazur, Liverpool John Edward McCabe V, New Windsor Edward Norman McCormack, Angola *** Kayla Marie McCune, Ballston Spa Matthew Timothy McGee, Ballston Lake * Caroline Susanne McGuire, Albany Rebecca Sean McGurk, Monroe Marie Lisa McKiernan, Massapequa Megan Marie McNitt, Pulaski Christopher Brian Mendez, Bronx Evan Nicholas Merulla, Clay * Kara Ann Michelsen, Lake View Ashley Christine Michlovitch, Liverpool Dinah Beatrice Miller, Bay Shore Keith Anthony Mirra, East Patchogue ** Danae Louise Mitchell, Clay Christina Nicole Mohan, Floral Park Daniel David Moltion, La Fayette Brittany Lynne Mondore, Delancey Jennifer Andrea Montoya, Garnerville Theodore Jacob Morris, Watkins Glen Julie Elizabeth Muldoon, Fishkill * Meghan Elizabeth Murphy, Dix Hills Derek G. Neidig, Hopewell Junction *** Kailea Anne Nelson, Ontario Lindsey Ann Nelson, Fulton Taylor Victoria Newman, East Rockaway * Kaylyn Emily Nobis, Camden *** Holly Morgan Nosiglia, Cicero * Haley Lynn Nosky, Woodbury, MN Amie Ellede Oldmixon, Massapequa Edward P. Oliva III, Valhalla Catherine Elizabeth Osborn, Spencerport ** Mackenzie Carrolan Parrish, Gansevoort Nichelle Catherine Pawlikowski, Clay Dustin Jordan Peabody, Brewerton Shaughn Ryon Perkins, Fulton ThomasJ Richard Perry, Syracuse * Jessica Sue Peters, Mexico Nicholas James Pignatti, North Syracuse * Michelle Marie Pinkevicz, Fulton Michael Joseph Piro, Calverton * James Joseph Pope, Red Hook Anthony Gerard Prisco, Levittown ** Brittany Jordan Pritchard, Walworth Kelly Leigh Prucker, Liverpool Jason Marcel Ramirez, Bronx * David Matthew Randall, Ontario Samantha Jane Reimer, Beamsville, ON Patrick Douglas Reiser, Barryville Gregoire Remy, New York Trisha-Emilia Reyes, Flushing Raylinn Mae Reynolds, Brewerton Emily Elizabeth Rhodes, Henderson * Margaret Mary Rice, Copenhagen Karen Riche, Liverpool Alexis Ida Robinson, Mexico Elizabeth Irene Robinson, Arkport ** Olivia Adeline Roggie, Carthage Trevor William Roorda, Herkimer Adam James Rosenbarker, Endicott ** Catherine Elizabeth Ruland, Hopewell Junction Melissa A. Ryan, Chittenango Frederick Salvador, Syracuse * David Edward Salvetti, Fulton ** Barbara Anne Scheibel, Fabius Gina Marie Schultz, Rochester Daniel Sellick, Oakdale ** Dante Michael Siletti, Warrensburg Kevin Michael Silk, Ashville ** Quinn Marjorie Simmons, Shortsville * Taylor Lynn Sinicropi, Auburn * Collin Patrick Sivers, Baldwinsville * Jessica Lynn Slight, Oswego Deion Charles Smith, Gloversville * Kristin B. Smith, Webster Mariah Kathleen Smith, Pine Plains Kristina Elise Spero, East Syracuse Kaitlyn Nicole Stahl, Rochester * Alyssa Starace, Campbell Hall ** Elizabeth Lauren Steria, Brewerton Allison Mae Stevens, Syracuse Stephanie Marie Stine, Staten Island * Morgan Stone, Sherrill Shelby Taylor, Weedsport * Brittany Anne Thompson, Oswego Rebecca Nicole Thoreck, Oswego Annastasia Marie Thurlow, Fulton * Jessica Almeida Tomas, Manorville * Katherine Tonzi, Auburn Riley Lynn Torbitt, Fulton Gabriel James Torchon, Spring Valley *** Nicole Marie Tritten, Constantia Kelli Marie Vachon, Johnson City * Domonique Marie Valenti, Clifton Park ** Brian T. Valesky, Oneida Kristina Marie VanBuren, Parsippany, NJ Brandin Joseph Vanderbush, Newark Michael Paul VanDoren, Cato * Patricia Vasili, Glendale Samantha Paige Veltri, Stony Point Eric William Verillo, Denville, NJ Steven John Vincent, Hannibal * Andrew Steven Wager, Averill Park Cruz Otis Walcott, Oswego Brian Michael Wersebe, New Windsor Joseph Ryan White, Locust Valley Kelly Sue Windey, Central Square Jaclyn Ann Woods, Milton Kyle Brennan Wright, Red Hook * Benjamin Joseph Zalewski, New Hartford Katie Marie Zehr, Castorland * Philip Michael Zola, Webster


22 School of Communication, Media and the ArtsCreated in 2007, the School of Communication, Media and the Arts brings together programs related to the study and creation of messages through art and music, electronically and via the spoken word. The school combines the strengths of fine and performing arts programs in art, music and theatre with the highly diverse department of communication studies. Eight undergraduate degree options and one master’s degree are offered in addition to interdisciplinary majors and minors. Graduates in this division are identified by tri-colored cords representing brown for art and theatre, crimson for communication studies, and pink for music.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2014, May 2015 and August 2015. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Darcy Hannah Abramson, Scarsdale William Thomas Affourtit, Selden Samantha Jo Allen, Phoenix Kathryn Victoria Alonso-Bergevin, Jordan Nana Yaa Sakyiwaa Ansah, Oswego Maurice Antoine Jr., Raleigh, NC Alfred T. Archer, Oswego Gregory Thomas Archer, Utica David Joseph Armelino, Liverpool Stephanie Armour-Dobrowolski, Oswego Hibatullah Ashraf Attia, Jamesville Christina Ann Aurience, Altamonte Springs, FL Marisa Joy Bacchetta, Lake Hopatcong, NJ Ashley Ray Barker, Camden ** Quentin Fowler Bartholomew, Homer Matthew Ryan Bartlett, Caledonia ** Clarissa MacKenzie Bawarski, Fulton Robert Edward Beaudoin, Ballston Lake * Brittney Ann Beckstead, Massena ** Kristy Alan Benicase, Highland Justin Louis Berrios, Bronx Andrew Best, Oswego Jennifer Rebecca Blanchard, Sterling Stephen John Borgna, Endicott Michaella Terese Bristol, Williamson Russell T. Broderick, Somers Jenna Lee Brown, Middle Granville Kadeidra Alexis Brown, Middletown * Shauna M. Brunea, Forestville * Madelaine Rose Buckley, Seaford Kevin Michael Burdick, Rome Felix Luis Burgos Jr., Garnerville Beth Florence Burke, Lacona Brian James Burkhard, Latham Shinnell T. Burroughs, Valley Stream Travis M. Butts, Auburn Ryan M. Calkins, Liverpool Humberto Camacho II, Brooklyn Vanessa Ashley Capobianco, Huntington Katelyn Jeannette Cardone, Glens Falls Ryan Carley, Le Roy Lee Carlson, Mattituck Melanie S. Carman, Rome * Sarah Elizabeth Carton, Newburgh Brianna Marie Case, Phoenix Brittany-Jill Caselnova, Glens Falls Heather Patrice Casey, Washingtonville Samuel Louis Castaldo, Oswego * Theresa Denise Castilano, Syracuse * Chelsea Rene’e Charbonneau, Utica Juliana Marie Chauncey, Nanuet Katherine Lynn Chetney, Oswego Robert William Chmiel, Miller Place *** Lily Choi, Johnson City Travis Shane Clark, Burlington Flats ** Taylor Michael Clock, Niskayuna * Leanne Renee Cole, Buffalo Desirae Janelle Collins, Fulton Lucinda Elizabeth Collins, Bedford Hills Joseph William Colomban Jr., Oakdale Nicole Ryan Colurciello, Newburgh Daniel John Conklin, Binghamton Taylor Frances Cooke, Cairo ** Monique Marie Cornett, Potsdam Samantha Rae Corrigan, Rochester Michael Joseph Cothren, Catskill Kari Marie Cramer, Oswego Brett Alexander Cummings, Camillus ** Alicia Elizabeth Daddario, Baldwinsville Christopher John Darr, Levittown Chancery Lynn Daugherty, Ithaca Charles Raymond Daugherty IV, Latham Christopher Michael Davenport, Liverpool * Alex Joseph de Chaves, Pleasantville Veronica M. DeFazio, Syracuse Christina Defurio, Syracuse ** Christina Carolyn Dehm, Oswego Austin Barrett DeLany, Apalachin * Christina Marie DeMott, Hannibal * Steven Michael DenBleyker, Pennellville Paul Joseph DeRycke, Penfield Joseph John DeSantola, Washingtonville Alaina Lee Dethier, Rochester Ashley Elizabeth Deveney, Oswego Robert Charles Dezendorf, Huntington Justin Stephen Dezio, Pittsford Derek Anthony Diaz, White Plains * Mollie S. Didio, Cicero Tyler Robert Dieckman, East Amherst Eric B. Dieterich, Ronkonkoma Jordan Anthony Dietterich, Glen Park Cassie Elizabeth Donoghue, Pittsford Tyler Clinton Dorien, Croton-on-Hudson * Rebecca Irene Duquette, Plattsburgh Aundrea Durham, Bellport ** Sebastian Martin Edmond, Bay Shore Daniel Steven Eye, Cheektowaga * Joseph Nicholas Fabian, Syracuse Maggie Lee Faller, South Huntington Jordan Nicole Farrell, Auburn * Jessica Helen Fatigate, Pearl River Michael Joseph Ferraro, Clifton Park Sarah Jacqueline Fessler, Rochester Kevin B. Figaro, Bronx Krysten Alexandra Figueroa, Wallkill * Vanessa Ann Fitch, Liverpool Crystal Shavonne Flowers, New York Brittany Tyler Foley, Saratoga Springs Griffin Krey Foley, Pleasantville


23 Michelle Elizabeth Foltmer, Carmel Frances Eileen Forcier, Queensbury Ryan Flynn Franklin, Camillus Chelsea Lynn Frisbie, Hawthorne Alexis Mae Froio, Hastings Kaitlynn Virginia Fuller, Clyde *** Samantha Kimberly Fuller, Philadelphia Connor Martin Gannon, Johnsonville Daniel Joseph Gervasi, Lindenhurst Gregory Michael Giannantonio, Harrington Park, NJ Michael Larson Giblin, Newark Valley *** Mackenzie Reed Gillett, Adams *** Mara Helene Giordani, Endicott ** Anja Moselle Godlewski-Dykes, La Fayette Jose Luis Gomez, Baldwinsville Carlos E. Gonzalez-Clemenz, Brea, CA Nicholas J. Goodman, Waterloo Anthony Thomas Gray, Binghamton * AnnMarie Elaine Griffith, Fredonia *** Daniel Joseph Gross, Pittsford Mohamedou Lamine Gueye, Bronx Sarah Marie Guidone, Port Byron Ryan James Haas, Newark ** Hans G. Habelt, Corning Crystallin Rose Hamilton, Liverpool Peter J. Hanley, Loudonville Mark Toufik Hanna, Clinton Jordan Harmon, Liverpool * Jaclyn Mary Hart, Schenectady Denvol Anthony Haye, Hempstead Paola Gabriela Heras, Woodside Jordan Tyler Hermann, North Syracuse David Michael Hermanovitch, Greene Danielle Ashley Herschel, Saugerties Javier Higgins, Brooklyn Andrew Jeffrey Hill, Binghamton ** Blaise Steven Hill, Liverpool * Alyssa Nicole Jackson, Hadley ** Bridget Marie Jackson, Buffalo Matthew Joseph Jackson, Hauppauge * Christopher Jankovski, Liverpool Andrew L. Jernigan, Horseheads Kristan Lorraine Johnson, Minetto ** Amanda Lynn Joseph, East Rochester ** Hannah Joy, Brant Lake * Kendi Gacheri Kajogo, Congers Lauren Marie Kappauf, Holbrook * Kaitlin Anne Karr, Saratoga Springs * Joshua Christian Kay, Camillus Ryan James Kelley, Erin * Hye Min Kim, Seoul, South Korea Eli Kim-Swallow, Toronto, ON Micheal King, Brooklyn * Garrison Walter Kingston, Geneseo * Emily Susan Kinnicutt, East Chatham Max Alexander Kiviat, Monroe Ashley E. Klein, Las Vegas, NV Shawn Klein, Inwood Matthew Eric Kraut, Hauppauge * Elizabeth Krise, Elmira Samuel Jonathan Kun, Huntington Jason Joseph Kwilos, Syracuse ** Na Kyung Kwon, Seoul, South Korea ** Dylan Michael Labadia, Central Bridge Dena Santina LaChiana, Bardonia James Robert Landry, Minoa Cassandra Mary Langone, Chichester, NH Alexandra Jayne Leclerc, Camillus Maureen Joan Lenehan, Syracuse Jesse Tedesco Lessner, Tivoli Jill M. Little, Fulton Stephanie Lynn Loguidice, Central Square Alexander Anthony Lucarelli, Webster Katelyn Johanna Luce, Central Square Seamus Daniel Lyman, Loudonville Daniel A. Lynch, New City Destiny Lynch, Bronx Lauren Elizabeth MacBlane, Liverpool Morgan Macey, Vestal Logan Harter Macy, Watertown *** Jordan David Magil, Niagara Falls * Chelsea Anne Mahaffy, Constantia Joshuwa Sanchez Maiolo, Rome Joseph Vincent Makram, Hauppauge Andrew Joseph Malaney, Burdett Luke Joseph Manley, Washingtonville James Salvatore Mann, Brewerton Quentin John Mariano, Nanuet * Kimberly Regina Markell, Syosset Matthew George Marshall, Gansevoort * Allison Paige Martin, Salamanca * Kaylee Elaine May, Pennellville ** Julie Lynn McCarthy, New City ** Alfred Ray McEvoy III, La Fargeville Allison Marie McGinley, Phoenix Marissa L. McGinn, Rochester Christine McIlravy, Floral Park Steven Joseph McLaughlin, Floral Park Colin James McLean, Endicott Kellie Ann McMenemon, Pine Bush Desire’ Harriet-Ann McNeil, Rochester Aidan M. Meehan, Levittown Matthew James Mello, Bayport Francesca Caterina Mesiti, Albany ** Lauren Deborah Micale, Liverpool ** Tyler G. Michaelson, East Syracuse Amanda Millier, Syracuse * Justin R. Mills, Brooklyn * Stephanie Mirambeaux, Bronx Marlena Marie Montero, Bronx *** Nicholas John Montesano, Apalachin Samuel Dylan Moores, Honeoye Racheal Elizabeth Morrow, Brewerton Timothy Martin Mullhaupt, Warwick * Aubrey Lynn Mulvey, Red Hook ** Brigid Anna Munafo, Loudonville Kaitlyn Elizabeth Murphy, Jamesville * Thomas Frank Murphy, Victor Joshua Peter Murray, Chittenango Michael Patrick Nakoski, Nedrow ** Amber Elizabeth Naramore, Johnson City Michael Joesph Natale, Rochester Chanelle Isis Isabella Nau, New York Michael Wade Nedrick, Brooklyn Cory John Nichols, Syracuse Devon Elizabeth Nitz, Farmingville Kaede Ogawa, Ashikitagun, Japan ** Buchi Stephanie Okafor, Jamaica Michael David Olender, Clifton Park Osaze E. Olumhense, Cortlandt Manor Christopher Richard O’Neill, Monroe Evan Samuel Orth, Gloversville Francisco Alberto Ovalle, Bronx Caitlin E. Owens, Union Springs *** David Raymond Owens, Cato Chantelle Sade Paguandas, Brooklyn * Emily Marie Palermo, Johnson City Kurtis Christian Ross Palmer, Palmyra Matthew Steven Pamlanye, Holbrook Kristen Ann Pareti, Cortlandt Manor Stephen Parker, East Patchogue ** Marrietta Irene Partrick, Mexico ** Ian Allen Pauchard II, Liverpool Johaeli Payano, New York Joshua Nathan Peelman, Liverpool Alexandra Elizabeth Peretin, Burlington Flats Ashley Corinne Peretin, Burlington Flats ** Adrianna Flora Petrus, Clyde James Pfister, Mahopac ** Pornsiri Neeny Phakdeetham, Williamsville Alain Pierre-Lys, Central Islip Nicholas William Edward Pike, Fulton Kaitlin Eileen Ports, East Patchogue Tianna Marie Powers, Queensbury Ryder Jacob Pratt, Lee Center *** Allison Ann Provost, Ferrisburgh, VT Michael Vincent Puliatti, Minoa Arlene Quinones, Haverstraw Kaci Quintin, Liverpool


24 The College Mace * Steven Matthew Radford, Statesville, NC ** Kaitlyn Mae Rajner, Antwerp Eric William Randall, Youngstown * Katie P. Ranno, Saint Johnsville Hannah Irene Rawlings, Ithaca Benjamin L. Rebstein, North Chili Michael V. Reynolds, Mahopac *** Allison Michelle Rhode, Watertown Maiya Lamae Rice, New York Renee Ashley Ricketts, Brooklyn Alexander Jefferson Riesz, Buffalo Nicholas Kime Ristoff, Syracuse Dominic D. Rivera, Bronx *** Maeghan Elizabeth Roberts, Buffalo Connor John Robertson, Montauk Justin D. Rodriguez, Ridgewood Brian Christopher Roe, Auburn Jeremy Robert Rokjer, Herkimer Alexa Ann Rosamino, Niskayuna ** Sarah Lea Rose, Shoreham Hayley Jena Rosenbluth, Irvington Josh Andrew Rosengrant, Loch Sheldrake Medgeen Ross, Jamaica Nicole Alise Rotunno, Liverpool * David Leonard Russell, Scotia Ashley Patricia Ryan, Garnerville Michael Patrick Ryan, Tappan Zuly Sanchez, Ellenville Gabriela Michelle Santos, Salisbury Mills Marissa Leanne Sarbak, Warwick Jessica Nicole Sarubbi, Pleasantville Scott Clark Sasina, Endicott * Erin Colette Sayer, Mattituck Bridget M. Sedlacek, Syracuse * Lesley Alyssa Semel, New City * Lawrence Anthony Senecal, Central Square Stephen Andrew Shumaker, Binghamton Andrew James Sigadel, Delmar Ashley Marie Simmons, Brooklyn Julian Jeffrey Sledge, White Plains ** Lana Kay Slinkard, Cato Matthew Edward Slocum, Mexico Kendall Jaye Smith, Great Neck Morgann Simone Smith, Rome William Busby Smithson V, Newark * Christine Nicole Somers, Monroe Courtney Jennifer Lee Soule, Rochester * Claire E. Spengler, East Syracuse Scott Anthony Spink, Hastings Vincent T. St James, Cicero * Kiana Amber St. Louis, Brooklyn Daniel Stalter, Hicksville ** Allison Elaine Steel, Coram Shannon E. Stewart, Johnson City Brooke Kristian Stone, Los Angeles, CA Matthew Ian Stone, Cortlandt Manor * Devin Alexandra Storment, Spencerport Kyle S. Sweetapple, West Babylon Kindra Syphertt, Brooklyn Charles Kofigah Tamakloe Jr., Bronx * Anna Ruth Tarantino, Bayville * Mary Kathleen Taylor, Avon Jack Emerson-Perry Tiebor, Brewerton Amanda Lee Tomaselli, Cedarhurst Shannah G. Topolski, Syracuse Brian Carl Trainor, Boonville Kimberly Thi Tran, Liverpool Brian Michael Trionfero, Oswego Cameron Michael Turner, Norwich Gian Michael Uceta, Johnson City * Olivia Ugino, Latham Thomas Vincent Urtz Jr., Highland Mills Olivia Lee Valdes, Poughkeepsie Jeffrey Valenzuela Rodriguez, Bronx Claudia Valera, Syracuse * Lucille Vaneck, Merrick Allison Kay VanNosdall, Montgomery Anthony Tonez Varone, Medford Kara Amber Vormwald, Dryden Candice Claire Votke, Massapequa * Clayton Lee Votra, Phelps Brittany Waszkiewicz, Cicero * Emily Ruth Weldin, Hannibal Dominique Aurora Wiggins, Montgomery Brandon Wilcox, Vernon ** Joseph William Wilcox, Massapequa Allison L. Williams, Redwood Rebecca Leigh Williams, Buchanan Elizabeth Mary Wilson, Syracuse Nicole Ashley Wilson, New York *** Kevin William Winant, Fishkill * Amy Lynn Wise, Hollis Hills *** Anthony Pierre Wizner, Hamburg Bentley Wong, New Hyde Park James Young, Farmingdale Joseph Philip Yovino, Wading River Suzanne Zajic, Yaphank


25 The College Mace School of BusinessTo keep pace with a rapidly evolving business world, programs in the School of Business integrate classroom learning with advanced computer applications and various forms of applied education, such as case studies, simulations, group projects and internships. Nationally accredited by AACSB International — the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business — the school offers seven undergraduate majors and a master’s of business admin istration programas well as two five-year combined bachelor’s/MBA degree programs, one in accounting and one in psychology.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2014, May 2015 and August 2015. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Dominique Addeo, West Islip Yiadom Boakye Adu, Bronx * Gina Kathleen Agostinelli, Webster Felix Nana Akomea Agyei, Kumasi, Ghana Alex Michael Ahern, Briarcliff Manor Sung Woo Ahn, Black River Jennifer Uzoamaka Akosa, Bronx * Charles Thomas Albert, Baldwinsville * Jordan Philip Alhart, Fairport Madeline Allen, Webster Hassan Al-shareffi, North Potomac, MD Elliott David Altland, Rochester Luis B. Alvarez, Bronx Eric Scott Anderson, Wantagh Anthony Michael Andron, Staten Island * Damian Anthony Archie, Binghamton Gabrielle Shelby Austein, Staten Island Trevor Alexander Bacon, Massena Shaka Ballantyne, Calverton * Maureen Lena Bamerick, Baldwinsville Shana Bamerick, Baldwinsville Bryan P. Barnes, Windsor Anthony Angelo Barone, Clifton Park Nicole Marie Barone, Bellmore ** Alan J. Barrile, Albion Janelle Marie Barry, Orchard Park Frank James Basile, Monroe Andrew James Batruch, Liverpool *** Mark A. Baumes, Liverpool * Christopher Mosseau Beaulieu, Syracuse Rachael Elizabeth Beckwith, Fulton Orion Todd Behling, Mexico Matthew Edward Beisner, West Islip Samantha Janee Belnavis, Valley Stream Thomas Richard Benson, Slingerlands Jared Alexander Benton-Ramirez, Saratoga Springs *** Nicole Berg, Walworth Ashley Bertrand, Ballston Spa Kaleb Joseph Bertrand, Lisbon Patrick J. Bertrand, Baldwinsville Austin William Berube, Buffalo Emily Elizabeth Birchall, Endicott Kevin F. Black, Webster Nicholas Allen Blakeslee, Conklin Edward William Bohl, Garrison ** Maria Christine Bonacore, Sayville Morgan Garrett Bonner, Aurora, ON Meghan Pauline Booth, Highland Mills Svitlana Bosovyk, Syracuse ** Katherine Margaret Bott, Camillus Scott Otto Bova, Poughquag * Matthew Robert Bower, Rush * Nicholas Ryan Brain, Suffern Amie Branch, Cortland *** Michael Robert Brill, Mount Morris Kelly Lynn Brinkel, Hamburg Alexandria R. Broadwell, Oswego Kyle David Brockmann, Fairport * Sean Joseph Brooks, Holley Melissa Marie Brown, Webster Somora Lachell Burgess, Bronx Nicole M. Caiola, Commack Paige Ann Calderwood, Phoenix * Christopher Reinhold Carr, Burlington, ON Eric James Cash, Endicott Grady Francis Catallo, Beaver Dams Patrick V. Cerminaro, New Hartford Michael Anthony Chiocchio, Clifton Park Amber Nicole Christensen, Fairport Matthew Chrostowski, Airmont * Stephen T. Chwalek, Oswego Cara Ciaramella, Liverpool Marco Emil Cicchetti, Merrick Kent Cintron, Bronx Kenneth D. Cisson, Oswego Kyle Clasen, Shoreham Tyler Anthony Claypoole, Victor Keven Michael Coleman, Little Falls Courtney Catherine Collins, Pittsford Michael J. Collins, Troy Sean Paul Colucci, New Paltz Brandon Michael Comden, Holley Tracy Lynn Condie, Cayuta Matthew Jared Cope, Rockville Centre James Robert Cordon, Camillus ** Alaina Rose Cordone, Jamesville * Jade Elizabeth Cowper, Middle Grove ** Tyler M. Crandell, Fulton Connor William Crawley, Washingtonville Kyle Michael Crisafulli, Phoenix Thomas Matthew Cristo, Sand Lake * David Douglas Crowder, Ogdensburg Andrew James Crumrine, New Hartford Kevin William Curley, Garnerville * Vincent Nicholas Cusumano, Syracuse Adam Herschel Cypes, Congers Miranda Mae Czechowski, West Seneca * Ryan Christian Dadey, East Syracuse * Michael Edmond Damiani, Monroe Christian Martin Damico, Williamson Victoria Mae Danquer, Fulton Robert Joseph Davies, Slingerlands Jason Benjamin Davis, Webster *** Dianora Aria De Marco, Bronx *** Haley Rae DeCarlo, Schenectady Stephen C. DeLoatch, Selden ** Joseph Russell Demma, Liverpool * Ronald Carmen DeSarro, Liverpool Giancarlo Diaz, Jersey City, NJ Danielle Marie DiBacco, Watervliet Olivia Sue DiCapua, Seaford Michaela Elizabeth Dietterich, Watertown Dylan Alexander DiFante, Webster James Patrick Donnelly, Pittsford Gabrielle Nicole Doten, Oswego * Eva Karges Drake, Fulton


26 ** Alexis Audrine Drickel, Milford, MA Conor Richard Driscoll, Victor * Megan Lynne Ducey, Williamsville Jason Micheal Ducorsky, Woodmere Brandon Michael Dzwonkowski, Syracuse Reuben Edwards, Bronx Erica Suzan Eiche, Apalachin *** Sophia Ann LaViola Elacqua, Utica Justin Espinal, Bronx Andrew Failmezger, Fulton Natasha Nicole Falter, Cato Geraldo Febles, Kissimmee, FL Michael James Ferlenda, Auburn Juan Miguel Fermin, Bronx * Nico Tuscani Fernandez, Bronx Taylor Patricia Ferranti, Penfield Andrew Ferremi, East Islip Zachary John Scott Ferrini, Liverpool * Sabia Rose Filiaci, Schenectady Erica N. Finch, Fulton * Alicia Marie Fine, Manlius Gregory Michael Finger, Nanuet McKenzie Deanne Finnerty, Pulaski ** Danielle Rae Fiorello, Cicero * Michael Patrick Fitzgerald, Endicott Marcus Ford, Binghamton Michael Wallace Fox, Walworth * Jackson Arthur Frauel, Walworth Joseph Paul Friedel, West Shokan Kyle Samuel Gaillard, Brooklyn Daniel J. Gambardella, Darien, CT Kristopher L. Gardner, Baldwinsville Gary Gates, Vestal Nathan Jeffrey George, Little Falls Anthony G. Gerchman, Endicott * Michael Sean Gersten, Suffern Robert Theodore Gertsakis, Pickering, ON Nicholas Gregg Giampaolo, Setauket Ryan Gibbs, Old Forge Lauryn Mary Goldstein, Rensselaer Gavin Joseph Goodman, Hammondsport Chad John Gosson, Cicero * Steven Robert Grabowski, Victor Ian Edward Graham, Wappingers Falls Danielle Alexis Greenidge, Brooklyn Andrew J. Gregware, Clayton Collin Joseph Griffith, Endicott Marcus Oliver Griggs, Cortlandt Manor Kevin Alden Groff, Copenhagen Ryan James Grogan, Tuckahoe Adam Julius Guardado, Hillburn * Amanda N. Hagen, Coram Joshua Robert Hamilton, Oswego Amanda Jewel Hand, Jamesville Rebecca Suzanne Harder, West Oneonta * Zachary Harder, Homer *** Allyssa Marie Harmer, Hastings Amy Verdi Heath, Auburn Rachel Emily Hebert, Webster Brianne Rose Hecker, West Edmeston John Charles Hendrick, Cicero Stephanie Alice Hernandez, Massapequa Erik Lloyd Hessel, Hicksville Brianca C. Hill, Syracuse Sean Timothy Hines, Cornwall-on-Hudson Brandon Ray Hoenig, Schenectady *** Nicole A. Holbrook, Newark Valley Ryan William Hopf, Patterson Omari Lawrence Howard, Elmsford * Senaida Hrustanovic, Utica Erin Iaia, Auburn ** Ross Domenic Insalaco, Liverpool Lorne Tylo Jacobs, Constantia Corey R. James, Owego Brittany Nicole Johnson, Oswego Leanne Marie Johnson, Rochester Matthew Thomas Johnson, Elbridge Matthew Joseph Jones, Schenectady Tyquan Perry Jordan, Brooklyn Brendyn P. Karinchak, Walden Alia Rose Kawar, Oswego Erin Kathleen Keenan, Sayville Emily Desiree Kelly, Fleischmanns Francis T. Kelly, Stony Point * Mackenzie Elizabeth Kennedy, Camillus * Meaghan Kerrigan, Bay Shore * John Robert Keymel, Ontario Timothy Joseph Kimmel Jr., Greenlawn Christopher King, Liverpool Khayri Klass, Jamaica Dylan James Kohlman, Vestal * Antonina Konstantinidi, Syracuse Michael Patrick Koos, West Islip Alexander Nicholas Korol, Fairport Nicholas Martin Koziol, Auburn Thomas James Kraebel, Laurel Brian James Krohl, Clifton Park Ian Robert Lambert, Endicott Padraic Law, Norwich Christopher Michael Laymon, Herkimer * James Brian Leach, Pennellville *** Yeawon Lee, Seoul, South Korea * Jennilee Lewis, Wolcott Alan Wayne Lindsey Jr., Baldwinsville Ryan Jon Linehan, Rochester Kyle Thomas Liner, Milford Samantha Rae Link, Camden Benjamin Augustus Loder, East Syracuse Kathryn Jennie Lombardo, Oswego Steven Joseph Lombardo, Campbell Hall * Jacqueline Nicole Loveland, Saint James Meredith Eileen Lumpkin, Baldwinsville Maximilian Charles Luttinger, Liverpool Matthew J. Lutz, Airmont *** Kelsey Ann Magraw, Henrietta Michael Damian Maines, Appleton ** Emilio Jerome Mammolito, Phoenix Michael Anthony Mangino, Schenectady Zachary James Marciniak, Clifton Park Brittany Ann Marino, Indian Land, SC Brandon Douglas Marshall, Lowville Abby R. Martin, Brewerton Christian Wolcott Martin, Sackets Harbor Daniel Edward Marvin, Syracuse Laura Elizabeth McAuliffe, Oceanside Geoff McCarthy, Patterson Jessica Marie McGinley, Massapequa Jacquelyn Malianoelani McGuire, Mexico Brian Joseph McIntyre, Wappingers Falls Ronald Roger McKay III, Waterford Mathew Andrew McKeon, Stony Point Eric Gordon Mehaffy, Ogdensburg Meagon Leigh Metcalf, Brewerton *** Mark Gregory Michel, Swan Lake Stephanie Raesel Williams Mickle, Corning * Aaron Timothy Millard, Carthage Daniel P. Mills, La Fargeville Thomas Andrew Mills, Macedon Benjamin Mitchell, Clay Kaitlyn Marie Mitchell, Baldwinsville James Molina Encarnacion, Oswego *** Michael Scott Montagna, Fulton Dylan James Montana, Bohemia * Brian Williamson Moore, Auburn ** Samantha Milagros Moreno, Mount Vernon Davaun Morgan, Stamford * Benjamin Richard Morrill, Webster * Katie Marie Mott, Lodi Nicholas Earl Munoff, Chittenango Brian Martin Murphy, Vestal * Thomas Eli Mustard, Rochester ** Tashi Namgyal, East Elmhurst * Michael Kieffer Nash, Chittenango Tyler Bruce Nelson, Walworth Taylor Lynn Newcomb, Pulaski Trisha Kimberly Nojaim, Syracuse Sean Patrick Nolan, Palmyra Mohamed Rizly Noor Mohamed, New Rochelle * Jessica Valeria Nurczynski, Owego ** Nicole Marie O’Connor, Seaford * Kristi R. O’Donaghy, Syracuse Jessica Ann O’Laughlin, Marcellus * John Robert Oleyourryk, Oswego Patrick Robert Omlor, Manorville Nicholas S. Oppedisano, North Syracuse Timothy John O’Sullivan, Syracuse Andrew Paul Owen, Lockport Benjamin Paige, Sterling


27 ** Nicholas John Valerio, Medford Brett James Van Giesen, Cicero ** Timothy Martin Van Hine Jr., Apalachin * Pieter Jakob van Ingen, Skaneateles Kynan Patrick Vandenburgh, Troy James Westly Virola, Brooklyn Amanda Jane Vitagliano, Jordan *** Kevin Joseph Vold, Williamstown Connor Walsh, West Islip ** Rose A. Ward, Fulton Jameel Elam Watson, Uniondale Katie Elizabeth Weber, Sayville Colden David Weiler, West Leyden * Bryan Matthew Weinert, Wappingers Falls William Jackson Wescott, Endicott *** Torry B. Whitcher, Rush Jesse R. Whittaker, Endwell * Adam Joseph Wichlinski, Highland Mills Thomas Fibbe Wickham, Hector Tyler James Wilcha, Poughkeepsie Paige Anne Williams, Skaneateles Walter Mackenzie Wilmshurst, Massena Thomas Winkler, Getzville Thomas William Witkowski, Saint James Aaron Jeffrey Wolk, Spencerport Christine Ann Wood, Liverpool Dustina J. Wortman, Apalachin Teris Kiahl Wright, Dover, NJ Liu Xinsijian, Flushing ** Chenfan Xu, Oswego *** Eyub Enes Yegen, Ankara, Turkey Douglas John Yorks, Sparrowbush Irene Lijun Yu, Flushing Orlando Yupanqui, Syracuse ** Gongjie Zhang, Ningguo, Anhui, China ** Miao Jun Zhang, Jincheng, Shanxi, China ** Yue Zheng, Qingdao, China Jonathan Michael Zonneville, Webster Zachary Michael Zukowski, West Islip Matthew R. Palmer, Pittsford Meghan A. Parrish, Brooklyn * Joshua Richard Pascucci, Endicott Kenneth John Pattridge, Henrietta Thomas John Pearce Jr., Croton-on-Hudson Katherine Marie Pearse, Niskayuna Joseph William Pecoraro, Commack Kendra Elaine Pedersen, Fayetteville John Edward Pender, Brownville * Ruth Esther Perez, Bronx Genesis Shirley Pinales, New York * Matthew Ralph Placito, East Syracuse David Michael Poleto Jr., Latham Tyler I. Popick, Oswego Jessica Eileen Presti, Schenectady * Anthony John Prettitore, Holtsville Collin James Price, Ballston Spa Javier B. Primicias IV, Watertown Samantha Lynn Pritty, Hilton Marcus Anthony Quarles, Katonah * Gregory Lawrence Rabideau, Burnt Hills Najee A. Rahman, Jamesville Elizabeth H. Ramsay, Manlius * Ryan Herbert Rankin, Orchard Park Dexter Reardon, Manlius William James Reese II, Apalachin Brian Joseph Reichel, Vail, CO Alessander Reyes, West Babylon James C. Reynolds, Garden City Connor Arthur James Rhodes, Lowville Hannah Elizabeth Richard, Cazenovia * Shane Thomas Riley, Cohoes * Jamie Lynn Rizzi, West Babylon ** Peter Joseph Rodrigues, Markham, ON * Katherine Rodriguez, Brooklyn Aaron Matthew Rogers, Rome Christopher Romita, Bronx * Alexander Bernard Ross, Red Hook Daniel Jordan Ross, Syracuse Taylor John Ross, Lowville Steven Aaron Roth, Wantagh Hartley Benjamin Ruch, Thornhill, ON Joseph W. Rusaw, Fulton Breanna Michele Ryan, Brewerton Dylan Matthew Sabene, Camillus Daniel Paul Saccocio, Schenectady Christopher James Sale, Rochester ** Dena Marie Sangese, Fulton Eric Santamaria, Elmhurst Giovanna Marie Santiago, Bronx Danielle Lynn Saturno, Solvay Matthew R. Savello, Commack Kurt Thomas Sbaschnik, Hopewell Junction * Nicole E. Schnorr, Victor Vincent Joseph Schultz, North Massapequa Gina Marie Scollo, Syracuse Kristen Mae Scott, Sodus Samantha Nicole Sears, Clay Jeffrey William Shaffer, Walworth Malory Morgan Shain, Latham * Matthew R. Sheffer, Corning Talor James Sheldon, Copenhagen Nicole Shepard, Hannibal Griffen Tyler Sheridan, Blauvelt Matthew Craig Shikitino, Marlton, NJ * Annemarie Shimizu, Cortlandt Manor Tucker Steven Sholtes, Endwell Erik Michael Sidnam, Camillus William Cartella Siembor, Fairport Edmund Jan Silvestro Jr., West Sayville Justin Joseph Sinisi, Florida * Alison Patricia Sito, Bellerose Ryan James Smith, Airmont * Spencer Allen Smith, Camillus Robert Raymond Sova II, Syracuse Evan Mayo Sovring, Oswego Kevin H. Spillett, Camillus Jennifer Ann Sportiello, Manorville Jessica Lynn Sportiello, Hicksville ** Rebecca Jean Spoto, Baldwinsville Jeremy David Sprague, Mattydale Leah M. Stanford, Liverpool Peter John Steinmann, Nesconset Nicole Lee Steinruck, Seneca Falls Alexander Paul Stern, New Windsor Harrison Joseph Stockwell, Brewerton Kevan Christopher Strom, Saratoga Springs * Tre’ Lynne Stroud, Sanborn Randi Shea Strumpfler, Rome Christopher Matthew Stuhlman, Whitesboro Thomas Peter Sullivan, Oswego Lauren Marie Sutter, Newburgh * Corey Hubner Sveinsson, Albion Gene Michael Swartz, Windsor * Michael Patrick Sweeney, Highland Brendan Michael Taguer, Monroe Michael C. Takvor III, Roslyn Heights *** Elise Marie Tartaglia, Liverpool Nicholas Joseph Tellefsen, Staten Island Macy Lynn Thayer, Clayton Chelsey Nicole Thompson, Bronx Ryan W. Thurston, Corning Riya Faith Tocci, Newburgh Catherine Torlentino, Farmingville * Anthony R. Torrese, Fulton Nathan Taylor Toutant, Calcium Georgia May Traynor, Tomkins Cove *** Travis John Trexler, Baldwinsville Frank Paul Tufano, Setauket Kevin Michael Tyler, Scotia Seth Liyouji Tyler, Martville Raymond Resat Ulger, Monticello Christopher M. Urato, New Hampton Samuel Miguel Vaimberg, Yorktown Heights


28 Division of Extended LearningThe Division of Extended Learning serves adult students returning to the classroom to update or enhance their skills, open a gate way to a new career, or pursue the pleasures of lifelong learning. Oswego offers a schedule friendly to part-time learners that includes intensive summer and winter sessions, online classes through the SUNY Learning Network, and degrees that can be earned entirely through evening study. Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2014, May 2015 and August 2015. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Kimberly Lyn Beeles, Phoenix Heather Lynn Bergman, Minetto *** David Gordon Cleaver-Bartholomew, Manlius * Benjamin Robert Greutman, Oswego Cynthia E. Hans, Glens Falls Joel Thomas Lee, Fulton David Michael Roof, Oswego Jennifer Ann Salisbury, Elbridge Kelly Lyn Spilman, Fulton Jason M. Utter, Hannibal Erin Nicole Valdez, Roseville, CA S heldon Hall, the historic home of Oswego S tate, was first opened in 1913. I t is named after Edward Austin S heldon, who founded the college in 1861.


29 Division of Graduate StudiesThe Division of Graduate Studies’ aim is to provide an environment in which qualified students may join a competent faculty in the quest for advanced learning. The graduate program is conducted through academic course work and research that lead students toward professional enrichment and scholarly achievement. Candidates for Master’s Degree and Certicate of Advanced StudySubject to completion of all degree requirements, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in May and August 2015. Graduate degree recipients are hooded by the graduate marshals and receive congratulations from their dean and the president.MASTER OF A RTS Major in Art Julia Elizabeth Baldovin, BFA SUNY Oswego Bari M. Chavis, BA SUNY Oswego Gina M. Fargnoli, BA SUNY Potsdam Devin Chad Hu, BA SUNY Oswego Jennifer M. Osborne, BA SUNY Oneonta Patricia Sarah Steinberg, BFA SUNY Oswego Major in English Krista Marie Becker, BS SUNY Oswego Major in History Donald A. Little III, BS SUNY Oswego Suzanne Kari Preston, BA SUNY Buffalo State College Major in Human-Computer Interaction Samantha Ripley Bielli , BS SUNY Oswego Christopher Robert Bucher, BA SUNY Oswego Elizabeth Kim Cuzzacrea, BA SUNY Oswego Edward Gerome Hinge , BA SUNY Oswego Andrew John Houck, BS SUNY Oswego Jonathan Andrew Leeuwen, BA SUNY Oswego Daniel J. Nicolai, BA SUNY Oswego Alexa Lindsay Spillane, BA SUNY Oswego Wei Wang, BS Southwest University of Science & Technology M ASTER OF A RTS IN T EACHING Major in Art Education Luzmaria Marcela Cruz, BFA SUNY Oswego Michael Andrew Korinek, BFA SUNY Oswego Adrianna E. Lambrecht, BA SUNY Oneonta Jordan Therrien, BA SUNY Cortland Ashley Rae Wilson, BFA Cazenovia CollegeM ASTER OF B USINESS A DMINISTRATION Major in Accounting Felix Nana Akomea Agyei, BS SUNY Oswego Hassan Al-shareffi, BS SUNY Oswego Damian Anthony Archie, BS SUNY Oswego Matthew Edward Beisne, BS SUNY Oswego Katherine Margaret Bott, BS SUNY Oswego Connor William Crawley, BS SUNY Oswego Vincent Nicholas Cusumano, BS SUNY Oswego Dianora Aria De Marco, BS SUNY Oswego Danielle Rae Fiorello, BS SUNY Oswego Daniel J. Gambardella, BS SUNY Oswego Zachary Harder, BS SUNY Oswego Allyssa Marie Harmer, BS SUNY Oswego Nicole A Holbrook, BS SUNY Oswego Emily Desiree Kelly, BS SUNY Oswego Antonina Konstantinidi, BS SUNY Oswego Jacqueline Nicole Loveland, BS SUNY Oswego Kelsey Ann Magraw, BS SUNY Oswego Emilio Jerome Mammolito, BS SUNY Oswego Brian Williamson Moore, BS SUNY Oswego Trisha Kimberly Nojaim, BS SUNY Oswego Nicole Marie O’Connor, BS SUNY Oswego Jessica Ann O’Laughlin, BS SUNY Oswego Alessander Reyes, BS SUNY Oswego Edmund Jan Silvestro Jr., BS SUNY Oswego Spencer Allen Smith, BS SUNY Oswego Rebecca Jean Spoto, BS SUNY Oswego Corey Hubner Sveinsson, BS SUNY Oswego Elise Marie Tartaglia, BS SUNY Oswego Chelsey Nicole Thompson, BS SUNY Oswego Travis John Trexler, BA SUNY Oswego Rose A. Ward, BS SUNY Oswego Chenfan Xu, BA Nan Jing Xia Zhuang University Major in Business AdministrationKristin S. Alongi, BA Hamilton College Robert D. Argentine, BS SUNY University at Buffalo Rachel M. Belair, BA LeMoyne College Carlye Melissa Brand, BS SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry Nakiya T. Brown, BA CUNY John Jay College Brian Cababe, BS SUNY New Paltz Martha Dunbar Cameron, BS Syracuse University Shane Kennedy Cameron, BA Calvin College Robin L. Carter, BS University of Phoenix Meaghan Ellen Corning, BS SUNY Oswego Donald David DeMarzo III, BS Canisius College David William Ellis Jr., BS SUNY Oneonta Mark David Ferguson, BA SUNY Oswego Michael Grandinetta, BA Ithaca College Danielle N. House, BA Syracuse University Sarah Elizabeth Kane, BS SUNY Oswego Branden Michael Kuzel, BS SUNY Oswego Jessica Marie Lalande, BS SUNY Cortland Bryan M. Lotano, BS LeMoyne College Maria Anne Martusewicz, BS SUNY Oswego Robert Mitchell, BS SUNY Alfred College of Technology Jessica Lynn Moore, BS SUNY Oswego Shawn M. Niles, BA SUNY Oswego Brandan S. Rainey, BS Siena College Inna Reznik, BS CUNY Brooklyn College Eric Kenneth Widanka, BS SUNY Oswego


30 Major in Health Services AdministrationErin E. Foley, BS SUNY IT Utica/Rome Angelina Marie Roche, BPA SUNY IT Utica/RomeMajor in PsychologyBrenden Thomas Nollet, BA SUNY Oswego Major in Public Accounting Brian James Crowley, BS Northeastern University Eric Michael Dauphin, BS SUNY Geneseo Jeffrey Steven Jackson, BS Syracuse University Brian G. Johnson, BS St. John Fisher College John Alexander Merecki Jr., BS Ithaca College Steven G. Neuhauser, BS SUNY Oswego Hanxue Zhu, MS Capital Normal University M ASTER OF S CIENCE Major in Chemistry Jessica Ilean Maire Blodgett, BS SUNY Oswego Ashlee Elizabeth Mein, BS SUNY Oswego Michael M. Molnar, BS SUNY Brockport Kathryn Elizabeth Tylock, BS SUNY Potsdam Leann June Valentino, BS Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMajor in Counseling ServicesBryanne L. Bowman, BS St. Lawrence University Major in Mental Health Counseling Rebecca Mae Brennan, BA SUNY Oswego Jamie Jean Butler, BFA SUNY Brockport Angela Mary Contento, BA SUNY New Paltz Jennifer Marie Delles, BA Nazareth College Steven W. DiMarzo, BA SUNY Oswego Erin E. Doyl, BA Hartwick College Stephanie Arleen Gamboa, BFA SUNY Oswego Jacob Andrew Hedges, BA SUNY Oswego Melanie Eve Hoffman, BA SUNY Oswego Geordan Maryssa Holmes, BA SUNY Oswego Brittany Ann Kaise, BA SUNY Fredonia Theresa M. Kiernan, BA SUNY Oswego Alexandra Marie Lang, BA SUNY Oswego Yvonne M. Law-Stokes, BS Siena College Amanda E. LeBeau, BA SUNY Oswego Adara Ebu Leckie, BS SUNY Brockport Jessica Lynn Miller, BA SUNY Oswego Ryan Christopher Pabis, BA SUNY Oswego Kristy Marie Pryor, BA SUNY Oswego Domenica Anne Robinson, BA SUNY Oswego Rebecca Lynn Sernett, BA Syracuse University Christina Marie Strauss, BA SUNY Oswego Vicki L. Wolfe, BS SUNY Empire State CollegeM ASTER OF S CIENCE IN EDUCATION Major in Adolescence Education Biology Emily R. Bielejec, BS SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry Connie Lynn Catherman, BA SUNY Oswego Matthew Thomas Smith, BS SUNY Geneseo Major in Adolescence Education Chemistry Viktorija Andra Sprancmanis, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education Earth ScienceMatthew Duncan Miller, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education EnglishSamuel Vergal Disalvo, BA SUNY Oswego Ryan Christopher Lubba, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education MathematicsJames J. Mazzarano Jr., BA SUNY Oswego Laura Marie Murtha, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education Social StudiesMichael J. Howard Jr., BS SUNY Oswego Eric Michael Zenzel, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education TESOLJacqueline M. Dahar, BS SUNY Oswego Jeffrey Scott Finnigan, BA SUNY Oswego Loreley Gomez, BA SUNY Oswego Gregory James Johnson, BA SUNY Binghamton University Morgan Jean McGuire, BA SUNY Stony Brook Major in Art Education K-12Matthew Verlynn Hill, BS SUNY University at Buffalo Priscilla J. G. Reyer, SUNY University at Buffalo Jaclyn T. Tyler, BS Nazareth CollegeMajor in Childhood Education Cammie Michelle Holmes, BS SUNY Oswego Karista F. Lewis, BS SUNY Geneseo Caelan M. Tracy, BS SUNY Fredonia David Joseph Wahrendorf, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Childhood Special Education 1-6Marissa Rose Bacon, BS SUNY Oswego Alicia Marie Brown, BS SUNY Oswego Brittany Lynn Kadamus, BS Keuka College Kristin M. Rice, BS St. John Fisher CollegeMajor in Literacy Education Birth-6 Jessica Anne Ancona, BS SUNY Oswego Katie A. Briggs, BA SUNY Potsdam Alexandra Sue Files, BA SUNY Potsdam Michelle R. Gillette, BA Nazareth College Mary A. LaPlaca, BS SUNY Brockport Jennifer Louise Pellett, BS SUNY Oswego Jaclyn Rossi, BS LeMoyne College Christopher Michael Trapasso, BS SUNY Oswego Roy P. Trumble, BS LeMoyne College Leanne Strader, BS SUNY Oswego Tina Michelle Wheeler, BS SUNY OswegoMajor in Literacy Education 5-12Justine Elizabeth Devlin, BA LeMoyne College Travis Orion Knight, BS SUNY Oswego Daniel James Mannix III, BS SUNY Oswego Karen A. Springer, BS SUNY Potsdam Major in Music Education K-12Jordan R. Ashley, BM Houghton College Major in Technology EducationBrian William Gates, BS SUNY Oswego Anthony T. Greene, BS SUNY Oswego Steven Arthur Gromling, BS Adelphi University William Paul Mehr, BS SUNY Oswego Nicholas Mark Oetinger, BS SUNY Oswego David C. Wilcox Jr., BS Ball State University M ASTER OF S CIENCE IN EDUCATION , V OCATIONAL TEACHER P REPARATION Major in Agricultural Education Alyssa Erin Cresswell, BT SUNY CobleskillMajor in Career and Technical EducationMitchell Chavez Galvin, BS SUNY Cortland Christie Cameron Hegarty, BT SUNY Cobleskill Julie Ann Liccion, BS SUNY Empire State College Robert B. Shepard, BS SUNY Cortland Major in Family and Consumer Science Education K-12Tina Marie Lanzafame, BS SUNY University at Buffalo Major in Health Careers EducationDonna Marie Burgess, BS Valley Forge Christian


31 G RADUATE C ERTIFICATE GerontologyBarbara B. Brooker, BA Syracuse University Health Information TechnologyJonathan Andrew Leeuwen, BA SUNY Oswego Integrated Health Systems Jonathan Andrew Leeuwen, BA SUNY Oswego Interdisciplinary Trauma StudiesJamie Jean Butler, BFA SUNY Brockport Kate Clauss, BA SUNY Potsdam Jacob Andrew Hedges, BA SUNY Oswego Geordan Maryssa Holmes, BA SUNY Oswego Brittany Ann Kaiser, BA SUNY Fredonia Amanda E. LeBeau, BA SUNY Oswego Rebekah Tanner, MLS George Peabody CollegePlay TherapyStaceyann B. Reid, BA CUNY Queens College Adara Ebu Leckie, BS SUNY Brockport Kristy Marie Pryor, BA SUNY OswegoMajor in Vocational-Technical EducationSteven James Berkey, BS SUNY Oswego M ASTER OF S CIENCE IN T EACHING Major in Adolescence Education Biology 7-12Matthew Franklyn Tabor, BA SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education English 7-12Jamie Lynn Gibbons, BA SUNY University at Albany Jonathan Michael Pol, BA SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education Physics 7-12 Joseph Michael Bennett, BA SUNY Oswego Brian Joseph Familo, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education Social Studies 7-12Lissette De Los Santos, BA SUNY Oswego James Austin O’Donnell, BA SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education Spanish 7-12Ashley Victoria Oxenford, BA SUNY Potsdam Kristopher Jon Trinka, BA SUNY OswegoMajor in Childhood Education 1-6Holley Ann Bradshaw, BS LeMoyne College Jennifer S. Kittell, BA SUNY Cortland Shannon Kelly Taylor, BA SUNY GeneseoM ASTER OF S CIENCE & C ERTIFICATE OF A DVANCED S TUDY Major in Counseling Services Christopher Battles, BM SUNY Potsdam Thane R. Green, BA University Rochester Amanda Marie Maroney, BA SUNY Oswego Molly A. Maroney, BS LeMoyne College Daniel Joseph Rogers, BS SUNY Oswego Amanda Rose Schadt, BA SUNY Oswego Alicia MacKenzie Swan, BA Columbia College Corinne Amethyst Vinette, BS SUNY Oswego Darnell Michael Webbe, BA SUNY Plattsburgh Jessica L. Woods, BA SUNY Cortland Major in School Psychology Rachel L. Belair, BA North Central College Max T. Benz, BS University Rochester Elizabeth A. Blunden, BA St. John Fisher College Allison Nicole DeForrest, BA LeMoyne College Kelly Elizabeth Fredericks, BA SUNY Oswego Lynn B. Fryer, BA University Rochester Ryan John Raflowski, BA SUNY Oswego Lee Marvin Aldea Roquero, BA SUNY University at Buffalo Amanda Kathleen Sprague, BA SUNY Brockport C ERTIFICATE OF A DVANCED S TUDY Major in Counseling ServicesAlisha Ann Nielsen, BA LeMoyne College Melissa M. Stevens, BS LeMoyne CollegeMajor in Educational LeadershipAmy Marafino Albanese, MSED RIT Kathaleen M. Beattie, MSED St. Lawrence University Michelle Blain, MS Roberts Wesleyan College Michelle G. Burke, MS Nazareth College Scott A. Cannan, MM Ithaca College Marc Joseph Copani, MSED SUNY Oswego Joelle Ann Decillis-Parsons, MS SUNY Potsdam Daniel James Nelson Doore, MSED Walden University Janelle Ruth Dupee, MSED SUNY Oswego James R. Giancursio, MS Nova Southeastern University Richard J. Hartwell, MS Syracuse University Erica M. Hawkins, MA Touro College Dawn Kivlehan, MSED LeMoyne College Jane M. Kobos, MSED SUNY University at Buffalo Jennifer J. Koskowski, MS SUNY Oswego Susan E. Lohret, MS LeMoyne College John J. Lombardi III, MS West Virginia University James Nieves, MA Syracuse University Danielle Marie O’Brien, MSED SUNY Cortland Timothy H. Patterson, MSED SUNY Oswego Melissa H. Phelps, MSED Nazareth College Angelina P. Pound, MSW Roberts Wesleyan College Matthew W. Priest, MS Walden University Cheryl H. Rogers, MSED Nazareth College Jennifer Frey Sawyer, MSED SUNY Oswego Nickolas R. Scholz, MS Syracuse University Jessica L. Silsby, MSED SUNY Geneseo Carrie Marie Tibbles, MSED SUNY Potsdam Valarie Torrence, MS LeMoyne College Sheri Lynn Webber, MSED SUNY Brockport


32 Class of 2015 Senior Class GiftsThe Oswego Alumni Association congratulates and thanks the Class of 2015 for raising $7,189.34 (as of April 17, 2015) for The Fund for Oswego . More than 4 percent of the senior class supported this effort, along with over 214 families, parents, faculty and staff. We offer a special thanks to the Class of 2015 Coordinators and Planning Committee, as well as student volunteers who assisted The Fund for Oswego with the Senior Class Gift. All gifts count toward the college’s historic $40 million fundraising effort — With Passion and Purpose: The Campaign for SUNY Oswego .Contributors Barry Abramson in honor of Darcy Hannah Abramson ’15 Raliat Adeleye in honor of Bilikiz Adebayo ’15 The Advancement Services Department in honor of Nicole Schnorr ’15 The Altaro Family in honor of Nicholas Altaro ’15 The Andron Family in honor of Anthony Andron ’15 The Annual Fund Team in honor of Miranda Czechowski ’15 The Austein Family in honor of Gabrielle Austein ’15 The Austin Family in honor of Amanda Austin ’15 Vincent Barone in honor of Nicole Barone ’15 The Basso Family in honor of Zachary Basso ’15 Sarah Bastedo ’15 in honor of Rose Bastedo Stuart Bates ’15 Jonathan Bath and Claire McDonnell in honor of Zachary Bath ’15 Chris Beaulieu ’15 in honor of the good times in Admissions The Beaulieu Family in honor of Christopher Beaulieu ’15 The Beers Family in honor of Daniel Guglielmo ’15 The Benjou Family in honor of Lora Benjou ’15 John and Grace Bergemann in honor of Jillian Bergemann ’15 Louis and Nersa Berrios in honor of Justin Berrios ’15 Steven and Sonja Berson in honor of Alison Berson ’15 The Bianchi Family in honor of Jordan Bianchi ’15 The Billings Family in honor of Kaitlyn Mae Rajner ’15 John Borgna in honor of Stephen John Borgna ’15 Kendra Bowman ’15 The Bowman Family in honor of Kendra Bowman ’15 Andrew and Sabrina Brantley in honor of Justin Brantley ’15 Michael Brill ’15 Robert and Monica Brill in honor of Michael Brill ’15 The Buckley Family in honor of Madelaine Buckley ’15 Shinnell Burroughs ’15 in honor of Sharon Burroughs Lorenzo and Mary Jean Calvi in honor of Andrew Philip Calvi ’15 Reach for the Stars! The Cantillon Family in honor of Emily Cantillon ’15 Jennifer Caretta in honor of Cassie Donoghue ’15 for earning your degree Scott and Kathi Carley in honor of Ryan S. Carley ’15 The Carroll Family in honor of Cassidy Tanawianita Carroll ’15 Dr. and Mrs. Caucci in honor of Stephanie Caucci ’15 Susan Choi in honor of Lily Choi ’15 The Chrostowski Family in honor of Matthew Chrostowski ’15 Taylor Clock ’15 in honor of the Art Department Charles and Jamie Jo Cooney in honor of Morgan Cooney ’15 The Cruz Family in honor of Andrea S. Valenzuela ’15 The Cullaro Family in honor of Victoria Cullaro ’15 Lisa Cusumano in honor of Vincent Cusumano ’15 Miranda Czechowski ’15 Valerie Daugherty in honor of Chancery Daugherty ’15 The Delgado Family in honor of Taylor Marie Delgado ’15 Ronald and AnnMarie DeMarco in honor of Nicholas Tellefsen ’15 Justin Dezio ’15 Joseph and Carol DiCapua in honor of Olivia DiCapua ’15 Michael Donoghue in honor of Cassie Donoghue ’15 for a successful 4 years The Donovan Family in honor of Lauren Donovan ’15 Kerry Dorsey ’81 in honor of the Class of 2015 The Ducey Family in honor of Megan Ducey ’15 Daniel Durocher ’15 The Durocher Family in honor of Daniel Durocher ’15 John and Mariann Durso in honor of Nicholas J . Durso ’15 Dave and Beth Dwelle in honor of Emily Dwelle ’15 Carlton Dykes ’00, M’06 and Karen Godlewski in honor of Anja Godlewski-Dykes ’15 The Edwards Family in honor of Reuben Edwards ’15 Dina Farnham in honor of Jesse Whittaker ’15 Walter and Barbara Fiedler in honor of Danielle Kara Fiedler Azua ’15 Sabia Filiaci ’15 The Finger Family in honor of Gregory M. Finger ’15 The Fiorello Family in honor of Danielle Fiorello ’15 The Galbraith Family in honor of Victoria Galbraith ’15 Scott Gallmeyer in honor of The Gallmeyer Family ’15 The Garuckas Family in honor of Rick Garuckas ’15


33 The Gerchman Family in honor of Anthony Gerchman ’15 Larry Gertsakis in honor of Robert Gertsakis ’15 James and Bernadette Giacovelli in honor of Anthony Giacovelli ’15 James and Jodi Gianni in honor of Thomas Gianni ’15 Anja Godlewski-Dykes ’15 in honor of Carlton Dykes ’00, M’06 and Karen Godlewski Martha Goering in honor of Mariah Goering ’15 Kipp, Kirstin, and Emlyn Goodman in honor of Nicholas J. Goodman ’15 Judy and Will Gorley in honor of Brianna McElligott ’15 Anthony Gray ’15 The Gray Family in honor of Anthony Gray ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gregware in honor of Andrew J. Gregware ’15 The Griffith Family in honor of Collin Griffith ’15 Marsha and Robert Gross in honor of Daniel J. Gross ’15 Michael and Patricia Hagen in honor of Amanda Hagen ’15 Bradford and Judith Harris in honor of Janelle Harris ’15 Donald Harris in honor of Thomas Harris ’15 Joseph Hassey in honor of Jay Hassey ’15 Denvol and Rosemarie Haye in honor of Denvol Haye ’15 Hannah Hecht ’15 The Heidke Family in honor of Joshua Heidke ’15 Thomas and Linda Jenkins in honor of Phillip J. Jenkins ’15 Jim and Julie Johnson in honor of Nichole Sanford ’15 Donald Kelley in honor of Donald Kelley ’15 The Kelly Family in honor of Michael Joseph Kelly ’15 Steven and Julann Kennish in honor of Ryan Kennish ’15 Jillian Kerby in honor of my baba (Jonathan T. Ferguson ’15) Max Kiviat ’15 Grace Kowalski in honor of Cristine Kowalski ’15 Stanley and Mary Krupka in honor of Matthew Thomas Krupka ’15 The Kydon Family in honor of Nicholas Kydon ’15 The Lafreniere Family In honor of Renee Lafreniere ’15 Jessica Lalande M’15 in honor of Anthony Tundo for your support and accompanying me into the future Jessica Lalande M’15 in honor of my parents (John ’71 and Jeanne) for your unwavering love and support Cassandra Langone ’15 in honor of my three favorite men Dad, Nathan and Nate Bruce and Cheryl LaQuay in honor of Courtney LaQuay ’15 Richard and Gina Lombardo in honor of Steven Lombardo ’15 Elyse Lunau in honor of Adrianne Lunau ’15 Timothy Magill in honor of Chris Magill ’15 The Maines Family in honor of Michael Damian Maines ’15 The Mangieri Family in honor of Alyssa Mangieri ’15 Melissa Manwaring ’01 in honor of the Ice Effects Synchronized Skating Seniors Julie McCarthy ’15 The McGinley Family and Bap in honor of Allison McGinley ’15 Donna McGinley in honor of Jessica McGinley ’15 Nicole McGowan ’15 in honor of my parents Nancy Rasbach, Richard Ferguson, and Edward McGowan The McGuire Family in honor of James McGuire ’15 Tom and Carol McKiernan in honor of Marie Mckiernan ’15 Steven and Diane McLaughlin in honor of Steven Joseph McLaughlin ’15 Marta Mendoza ’15 in memory of my father, Ismael Mendoza The Merrit Family in honor of Kelsey E. Merrit ’15 The Mikelberg-Caren and Pollino Family in honor of Benjamin Mikelberg ’15 Laura Monterone in honor of Shannon Monterone ’15 Kim and Tom Moore in honor of Heather Moore ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Moores and Charlie in honor of Samuel Moores ’15 The Morrison Family in honor of Patricia Morrison ’15 Christine Mosseau and Grant Dobbins in honor of Christopher Beaulieu ’15 Vincent and Patricia Mullhaupt in honor of Timothy Mullhaupt ’15 The Muscato Family in honor of Tori Muscato ’15 Mike Natale ’15 in honor of Joseph Natale Edmund and Kathleen Nitz in honor of Devon Nitz ’15 Ronald and Jean Nuzzi in honor of Melissa Ann Nuzzi ’15 Jerry and Betsy Oberst in honor of the Class of 2015 John and Elizabeth Osborn in honor of Catherine Osborn ’15 Jennifer Otto and Jonathan Wilson in honor of Nicole Ashley Wilson ’15 Benjamin Palais ’15 Fern Parent in honor of Lora Benjou ’15 Joseph and Christel Pecoraro Sr. in honor of Joseph Pecoraro ’15 The Peters Family in honor of Jessica Peters ’15 The Peters Family in memory of Michael D. Peters ’15 Joan Petramale in honor of Colin R. F. Petramale ’15 Gabriela Pond ’15 in honor of friends and family Ronald Pope in honor of James Pope ’15 Larry and Sheila Rabideau in honor of Gregory Rabideau ’15 Renee Radalinsky in honor of Amanda R. Radalinsky ’15 Linda Randazzo in honor of Jenna Randazzo ’15 The Ranno Family in honor of Katie Ranno ’15 The Reimer Family in honor of Samantha Reimer ’15 The Rhode Family in honor of Allison M. Rhode’s ’15 accomplishments The Riesz Family in honor of Alexander J. Riesz ’15 Yashica Rivera in honor of Dominic Rivera ’15


34 Michelle Robinson in honor of Brianna Lynn Robinson ’15 Justin Rodriguez ’15 Sue and Ralph Rotunno in honor of Nicole Rotunno ’15 The Rudrow Family in honor of Molly Rudrow ’15 The Rulands Family in honor of Catherine Ruland ’15 Michael and Susan Ryan in honor of Michael Patrick Ryan ’15 The Saber Family in honor of Kristopher Saber ’15 Fred and Sheri Saccocio in honor of Zack Saccocio ’15 Giovanna Santiago ’15 The Saturno Family in honor of Danielle L. Saturno ’15 Doreen Sbaschnik in honor of Kurt Sbaschnik ’15 The Scanlon Family in honor of Kelly Nicole Scanlon ’15 Rick and Sue Schenoksy in honor of Erin Schenosky ’15 Lisa ’87 and Mark ’89 Schnorr (Mom and Dad) in honor of Nicole Schnorr ’15 Alysia Schreyer ’15 The Schwartz Family in honor of Evelyn Schwartz ’15 John and Lynn Scott in honor of Catherine Hannah Scott ’15 Tiffany M. Segady ’15 The Semel Family in honor of Lesley Semel ’15 Alan and Marcia Sholtes in honor of Tucker Sholtes ’15 Lynn Silk in honor of Kevin M. Silk ’15 The Snyder Gormley Family in honor of Ethan S. Gormley ’15 The Somers Family in honor of Christine Somers ’15 Linda Sorce in honor of Lauren Marie Sorce ’15 Jennifer Sportiello ’15 in honor of Peter and Maureen Sportiello The Sportiello Family in honor of Jennifer Sportiello ’15 James and Julie Sprague in honor of Jordan Covert ’15 Jeremy Sprague ’15 Mark, Roxanne and Britt Sprague in honor of Jer ’15 Kiana St Louis ’15 Kelly Stacey ’15 Scott and Christine Stanford in honor of Leah Stanford ’15 President Deborah F. Stanley and Michael J. Stanley in honor of the Class of 2015 Allison Steel ’15 in honor of the Steel Family The Stine Family in honor of Stephanie Stine ’15 Carville and Rosalee Stoddart in honor of Michael Wade Nedrick ’15 Michael and Judy Stoffel in honor of Kyle DeCarr ’15 The Sullivan Family in honor of Katie Sullivan ’15 The Sullivan Family in honor of Austin Berube ’15 Alberta Sumpter in honor of Melissa King ’15 Elise Tartaglia M’15 Felicia Tedesco in honor of Jesse T. Lessner ’15 Thomas and Lynette Thayer in honor of Macy Thayer ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jenkins in honor of Philip Jenkins ’15 The Trionfero Family in honor of Brian Trionfero ’15 Gian Uceta ’15 in honor of Eddy and Evelyn Uceta Joe Beth and Rudi Ugino in honor of Olivia Ugino ’15 The Urato Family in honor of Chris Urato ’15 Nelson Valenzuela and Helen in honor of Andrea Silvana Valenzuela ’15 Allison VanNosdall ’15 Candice Votke ’15 Gary and Doris Votke in honor of Candice Votke ’15 Ellen T. Wayne in honor of Phillip J. Jenkins ’15 The Weiner Family in honor of Kathryn “Katie” Weiner ’15 Robert and Laura Weinert in honor of Bryan Weinert ’15 The White Family in honor of Mitchell White ’15 Sonia White-Belnavis in honor of Samantha Belnavis ’15 Brian and Mary Wickman in honor of Kieran Doyle ’15 Ronald and Catherine Wilcox in honor of Joseph Wilcox ’15 and his accomplishments David and Mary Jean Williams in honor of Brittany J. Williams ’15 David and Mary Jean Williams in honor of Paige A. Williams ’15 Craig and Nique Wilson in honor of Erika Wilson ’15 Nicole Wilson ’15 in honor of Jennifer Otto and Jonathan Wilson Tyler Woods ’15 in honor of Marie Alden and Bob Woods ’15 The Wysocki Family in honor of Daniel Wysocki ’15 Miao Jun Zhang ’15 The Zola Family in honor of Philip M. Zola ’15


35 Public Ceremonies Committee Special ThanksA special word of thanks is extended to those individuals who volunteer to serve as marshals and ushers for the day. Thank you also to the Maintenance and Custodial Staff, University Police, Registrar’s Office, Publications Office, Campus Technology Services, and Auxiliary Services, including the College Store and Dining Services staff, for their work and participation in Commencement. An additional thanks to our Trumpeters: Rachel Bortin, Monroe, NY Sophomore, Childhood Education Meghan Gillen, Hannibal, NY Senior, Studio Art Corey King, Oswego, NY Senior, Music Matteo Piraino, Syracuse, NY Freshman, Broadcasting Richard Bush Technology Department William Canning Campus Technology Services Lori Cook Facilities Maintenance and Operations Patrick Devendorf Disability Services Michael Flaherty Auxiliary Services, Public Ceremonies Committee Chair William Hammond Facilities Maintenance and Operations Malcolm Huggins Intercollegiate Athletics Rebecca Kempney Facilities Maintenance and Operations Joy Knopp College Foundation Katie Maxwell Office of Admissions Ellen McCloskey Office of the President Tyrone Johnson-Neuland Campus Technology Services Karen Moore Extended Learning Tim Nekritz Office of Public Affairs Jose Ramos Facilities Maintenance and Operations Vernon Reynolds Facilities Maintenance and Operations John Rossi University Police Michelle St. John Office of the Registrar Barbara St. Michel Campus Life Jeanne Sevigny Residence Life and Housing Holli Stone Campus Life Daniel Tryon Technology Department Trumpeters announce the beginning of the commencement ceremony.


36 Visitor InformationEmergency AssistanceMedical assistance is available on the ground floor in the Marano Campus Center.University Police315.312.5555Lost and FoundInquiries should be directed to University Police at the phone number listed above.RestroomsRestrooms are on all Marano Campus Center levels. Ground floor restrooms are in the main lobby; second-level facilities serve upper seating.RefreshmentsRefreshments are not permitted on the arena floor. However, refreshments are available before and during the ceremony at Crossroads on the upper level of the Marano Campus Center.College StoreFresh flowers, frames and an assortment of emblematic clothing and merchandise will be available before and after the ceremonies in the concourse of the Marano Campus Center.ReceptionAll graduates, family members, guests, faculty and staff are invited to attend a reception north of the Convocation Center immediately following each ceremony.Photographs and VideotapingAudience videotaping and photography are permitted only from seats. A professional photographer will be present at the ceremony. Graduates will be emailed a link from the photography company to view their photos. Graduation pictures can be ordered online at to Audience MembersOur commencement ceremony is taped and broadcast via tv, radio, and/or the internet in both live and delayed time formats. By attending this event, you are granting permission to have your likeness or image and your voice broadcast without restriction and without right of inspection or approval. Entrance into the event grants permission for your likeness or image to be used without remuneration and releases the campus and its representatives from all claims and liability relating to these broadcasts or their reuse. DepartureAudience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty and platform party recess.Contact SUNY OswegoOffice of Admissions, 315.312.2250 229 Sheldon Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126