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One Hundred Fifty-Sixth Commencement
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ONE HUNDRED FIFTYSIXTH OSWEGOVoices ll the air Singing reverently Pledging our school fair Truth and loyalty This our song we raise In her name and praise Oswego, Alma Mater Hail to thee! SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2017 MARANO CAMPUS CENTER STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT OSWEGO


ContentsThe Ceremony9 a.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 2 1 p.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 3 4 p.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 4 Academic Traditions ............................................................................... 5 Officers of the College ............................................................................. 6 Commencement Speakers ...................................................................... 8 Student Speaker ....................................................................................... 9 Alumni Banner Presenters ................................................................... 10 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student Excellence .......................... 11 College Honors Program and Honors Programs ............................... 12 Possibility Scholars ............................................................................... 12 Honor Organizations ............................................................................. 13 State University of New York Board of Trustees ................................................................................... 14 State University of New York at Oswego College Council ...................................................................................... 14 Retiring Faculty and Professional Staff .............................................. 14Degree Conferrale 9 a.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. e 1 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Business. e 4 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Communication, Media and the Arts and the School of Education. Undergraduate Degree Candidates College of Liberal Arts and Sciences ................................................ 15 School of Business .............................................................................. 20 School of Communication, Media and the Arts ............................. 23 School of Education ........................................................................... 26 Division of Extended Learning ......................................................... 28 Graduate Degree Candidates ................................................................ 29 Class of 2017 Senior Class Gifts ............................................................. 32 Public Ceremonies Committee ............................................................. 35 Special Thanks ........................................................................................ 35 Visitor Information ................................................................................. 36 Alma Mater ............................................................................... back cover The College Medallion


2 9 A.M. PROGRAM | COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCESThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORDER OF EXERCISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 156th CommencementLisa GliddenNational AnthemLed by Zachary RileyIntroduction of Platform PartyLisa GliddenWelcome Deborah F. StanleyGreetings Darlene Baker Emily NassirRecognition of Active Duty Military and VeteransWalter RoettgerRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaWalter RoettgerRecognition of Honor StudentsWalter RoettgerAddressDr. Vincent IntondiPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Mary ToalePresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*College of Liberal Arts and Sciences , Adrienne McCormickAlumni Banner PresentationSasha HuffCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Zachary RileyAdjournment of the 156th CommencementLisa GliddenRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Lisa M. Glidden Associate Professor, Political Science Leigh Wilson Professor and Director of Creative WritingHONORS MARSHALSLaura Brown Professor, Human Development Rachel Lee Associate Professor, Atmospheric and Geological SciencesUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSRobert Zuber Adjunct Instructor, Computer Science Helen J. Knowles Assistant Professor, Political ScienceGRADUATE MARSHALSLyn Blanchfield Visiting Assistant Professor, History Gwen Kay Professor, HistoryFACULTY MARSHALSElizabeth Wilcox Assistant Professor, Mathematics Evelyn A. Clark Assistant Professor, Sociology PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Lisa Glidden, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Emily Nassir President, Student Association Mary Toale, Interim Dean, Graduate Studies Adrienne McCormick, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Mary Canale, Interim Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Nicholas A. Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Kathleen Evans, Assistant Vice President, Student Development Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael Goldych, Member, College Council Walter Roettger, Acting Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Vincent Intondi, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Institute for Race, Justice, and Community Engagement at Montgomery College Deborah F. Stanley, PresidentImmediately following the 9 a.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


3 1 P.M. PROGRAM | SCHOOL OF BUSINESSThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORDER OF EXERCISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 156th CommencementLisa GliddenNational AnthemLed by Angela RussellIntroduction of Platform PartyLisa GliddenWelcome Deborah F. StanleyGreetings Darlene Baker Emily NassirRecognition of Active Duty Military and VeteransWalter RoettgerRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaWalter RoettgerRecognition of Honor StudentsWalter RoettgerAddressThomas W. SchneiderPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Mary ToalePresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Business, Richard SkolnikAlumni Banner PresentationMarcus McFee-WaltersCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Angela RussellAdjournment of the 156th CommencementLisa GliddenRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Irene E. Scruton Director, MBA Programs Andrea M. Pagano Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance, and LawHONORS MARSHALSGuy Rob Scott Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing and Management Victoria Chiu Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance, and LawUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSSteve Abraham Professor, Marketing and Management Sarah Bonzo Assistant Professor, Marketing and ManagementGRADUATE MARSHALSSusan Wright Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance, and Law Stathis Kefallonitis Associate Professor, Marketing and ManagementFACULTY MARSHALRaihan Khan Associate Professor, Marketing and Management Graig Arcuri Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance, and Law PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Lisa Glidden, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Emily Nassir President, Student Association Mary Toale, Interim Dean, Graduate Studies Richard Skolnik, Dean, School of Business Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Mary Canale, Interim Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Nicholas A. Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Jerri Howland, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael Goldych, Member, College Council Walter Roettger, Acting Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Thomas W. Schneider, President and Chief Operating Officer, Pathfinder Bank Deborah F. Stanley, President Immediately following the 1 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


4 4 P.M. PROGRAM | SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION, MEDIA AND THE ARTS | SCHOOL OF EDUCATIONThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORDER OF EXERCISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 156th CommencementLisa GliddenNational AnthemLed by Claire Beshures Introduction of Platform PartyLisa GliddenWelcome Deborah F. StanleyGreetings Darlene Baker Emily NassirRecognition of Active Duty Military and VeteransWalter RoettgerRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaWalter RoettgerRecognition of Honor StudentsWalter RoettgerAddressRichard EinhornPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Mary ToalePresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Communication, Media and the Arts , Julie Pretzat School of Education , Pamela Michel Alumni Banner PresentationClaire LacureCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Claire BeshuresAdjournment of the 156th CommencementLisa GliddenRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Jessica Reeher Visiting Assistant Professor Joanne E. O’Toole Associate Professor, Curriculum and InstructionHONORS MARSHALSCynthia J. Giovo Adjunct Instructor, Curriculum and Instruction Amy Bartell Assistant Professor, ArtUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSJessica Harris Visiting Assistant Professor, Health Promotion and Wellness Mihoko Tsutsumi Assistant Professor, MusicGRADUATE MARSHALSMichael LeBlancProfessor, Counseling and Psychological ServicesSandra Bargainnier Associate Professor, Health Promotion and WellnessFACULTY MARSHALSMark Hardy Associate Professor, Technology Aleksandra Kraszpulska Assistant Professor, Theatre PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Lisa Glidden, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Emily Nassir President, Student Association Mary Toale, Interim Dean, Graduate Studies Pamela Michel, Dean, School of Education Julie Pretzat, Dean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Mary Canale, Interim Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Nicholas A. Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Jerald Woolfolk, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael Goldych, Member, College Council Walter Roettger, Acting Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Richard Einhorn, American Composer Deborah F. Stanley, President Immediately following the 4 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


5 Academic TraditionsThe Commencement Setting — The 2007 ceremonies marked the first graduations to take place in Oswego’s Marano Campus Center. Located in the heart of campus, the Marano Campus Center represents the college’s social hub and a gathering place for events appealing to a wide range of student, faculty and community interests. This $25.5 million building was the first new construction on our lakeside campus in 35 years when it opened in the fall of 2006.The Academic Procession — The centuries-old pageantry of the academic procession dates from ancient traditions rooted in the early universities. Since the clergy were in charge of the first academic ceremonies, they followed the familiar order of religious processions.The Tradition of Academic Attire — Caps, gowns and hoods worn at college and university functions date from the Middle Ages. Monks and students of that time wore them to keep warm in the damp, drafty halls of learning. From these practical origins they have developed into the accepted garb which symbolizes scholarly achievement. Baccalaureate gowns have a long, pleated front with shirring across the shoulders and back. They are primarily distinguished by flowing sleeves pointed at the fingertips. These gowns may be worn open or closed. The master’s gown is worn open and the sleeve is cut so that the forearm comes through a slit just above the elbow. The lining of the hood is satin and the color represents the school conferring the degree. The velvet border color represents the discipline in which the degree was earned. Doctoral gowns are traditionally worn open, but either open or closed is acceptable. They carry broad, velvet panels down the front and three velvet bars on the full, round sleeves. This velvet trim ming may be either black or the color distinctive of the degree. Mortarboards or caps worn with baccalaureate and master’s gowns generally have black tassels. The tassel of the doctoral cap is usually made of gold bullion. The doctoral hood gives color and meaning to the academic cos tume. Its silk lining bears the color of the institution conferring the degree. The hood is bordered with velvet of a prescribed width and color to indicate the field of learning to which the degree pertains.Honor Cords for Active Duty Military and Veterans — United States active duty military and veterans graduating from SUNY Oswego are wearing red, white and blue honor cords in recognition of their service and sacrifice.The College Medallion is worn by the SUNY Oswego president as a symbol of authority at all official ceremonies such as Commencement and Honors Convocation. Oswego is represented in the perfect center of the medallion by a tiny green and gold circle. The dot is located properly on an outline of New York state, which itself surmounts a globe to show the relationship of our institution to the state and the world. Fashioned by Dominic T. DiPasquale of the Art Department for president James Perdue’s 1966 inauguration, the medallion was a gift of the Class of 1966 for the occasion. A wreath of gold leaves surrounds the globe and is circled by a flat band bearing the engraved college name and two dates: 1861, the college founding; and 1948, the founding of the State University of which Oswego was a charter unit. On the clasp above the medallion sits a gold lamp of knowledge, emblematic of a seat of learning. (Photo, page 1.)The College Mace — In medieval times the mace was a weapon of offense with the metal head often heavily spiked. Today it appears chiefly in ceremonial functions of churches, governments, colleges and universities. The head of the Oswego mace holds a jade sphere symbolizing the university of wisdom and knowledge, surrounded by four silver flanges unfolding petal-like without imprisoning the sphere and representing the potential of disciplined imagination, the goal of higher education. The richness of the jade and the rose wood shaft reflect the pomp and solemnity of academic ceremony. A gift of the Class of 1969 for President James Perdue’s inauguration, the Oswego mace has been in use at Commencement ever since. Joseph F. Shoenfelt of the art faculty created its design and silver work, with the rosewood turning by William D. Todd, formerly of the technology faculty. (Photo, page 25.)Academic ColorsBrown ............................. Fine Arts Citron ..................... Social Science Copper ......................... Economics Crimson ..................... Journalism Dark Blue .................... Philosophy Drab ........................ Accountancy, Business Science Gold ..................... Science Kelly Green .................... Medicine Lemon ................. Library Science Light Blue ..................... Education Orange ....................... Engineering Peacock Blue ...................... Public Administration Pink ..................................... Music Purple ..................................... Law Sage Green ...................... Physical Education Salmon Pink .......... Public Health Scarlet ............................ Theology Silver .................. Oratory (Speech) White ........................ Arts, Letters, Humanities


6 Walter Roettger Acting Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Roettger oversees all instructional and academic programs, including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Education and School of Communication, Media and the Arts. He is President emeritus of Lyon College, which he led to top-tier status among national liberal arts colleges, and served other colleges and universities as a vice president, provost, and dean, among other administrative roles. Since his retirement from Lyon, he has provided interim leadership to institutions around the nation. He received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, both in political science, and served with the U.S. Air Force.Nicholas A. Lyons Vice President for Administration and Finance As SUNY Oswego’s officer in charge of financial operations and facilities, Mr. Lyons has overseen the recent years of construction and renovation that have gone far in transforming the campus. He has served the State University since 1978, having worked previously as assistant vice president for administration at SUNY New Paltz, as university internal control officer and in several administrative positions at System Administration and the Research Foundation of SUNY. He holds degrees in business administration from SUNY Morrisville and SUNY Plattsburgh. At Oswego, he oversees finance, student accounts, human resources, environmental health and safety, University Police, physical plant, publications, facilities services and construction and purchasing.Mary Canale Interim Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Mary Canale, the college’s interim vice president of development and alumni relations, came to Oswego in 1996 as the coordinator of the Oswego State Fall Classic. She later became assistant director of development and, in 2002, instituted the major gifts program before becoming associate vice president for development. A 1981 alumna, Canale worked on the college’s first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign and was part of the team that spearheaded the most recent comprehensive campaign, With Passion & Purpose. As interim vice president, Canale is a member of the President’s Council and serves as the college’s principal fundraiser and executive director of the Oswego College Foundation. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Jerald Woolfolk Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Dr. Woolfolk supervises the college’s units dealing with admissions, financial aid, career services, health services, counseling services, athletics, campus life, housing, student advisement and student conduct as well as Auxiliary Services. She previously served as vice president for student affairs, enrollment management and diversity at Mississippi Valley State University, vice president for student affairs at CUNY’s College of Staten Island and associate dean of students for residential life at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. She received her doctorate in urban higher education and her bachelor’s degree from Jackson State University in Mississippi, and a master’s degree from Iowa State University.Officers of the CollegeDeborah F. Stanley President D eborah F. Stanley is SUNY Oswego’s 10th president. Her tenure has been highlighted by academic excellence, campus renewal and the creation of a learner-centered environment. She established the Presidential Scholarship Program for outstanding academic achievers, the Possibility Scholarship Program, and the pioneering Oswego Guarantee covering cost, class size and time-to-degree matters for students. She initiated the successful national accreditation for the School of Education and national and international accreditation for the School of Business. Under her leadership, new programs such as engineering, humancomputer interaction and online MBA programs were established. Her ambitious campus-wide renewal plan, now in its second decade, encompasses hundreds of millions of dollars in renovations and construction, including the environmentally designated LEED Gold Richard S. Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation. She launched Oswego’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign and spearheaded a massive upgrade of campus technology. She serves on the American Council on Education’s Commission on Leadership and is chair of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities board of directors. President Stanley earned baccalaureate and juris doctor degrees from Syracuse University, which has presented her its Distinguished Alumni Award. The State Senate has named her a New York State Woman of Distinction.


7 Adrienne McCormickDean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dr. McCormick was appointed dean in July 2014, after serving for 16 years at SUNY Fredonia in roles including interim associate provost for curriculum, assessment and academic support; interim assistant provost for special initiatives; professor and chair of English; and director of women’s studies. She received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Faculty Service in 2012. She is the author of publications on contemporary women poets, filmmakers and dramatists. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and dramatic arts and sciences from Queens University of Charlotte, her master’s degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and her Ph.D. in literature in English and a graduate certificate in women’s studies from the University of Maryland. Pamela A. MichelDean, School of Education Dr. Michel previously served as chair of the curriculum and instruction department and taught in the graduate literacy program. She earned her bachelor’s degree in music and education from Elmira College and a master’s degree and Ph.D. in reading and language arts from Syracuse University. She is the author of the book The Child’s View of Reading: Understandings for Teachers and Parents , as well as many other publications contributing to the field of literacy. Julie PretzatDean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Dr. Pretzat became dean in 2015 after serving as the school’s first associate dean. Previously she chaired Oswego’s music department. While a professor of music, she received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. She has organized and conducted hundreds of performances by community and college choral groups and has collaborated with college, community and professional choral, musical theater and opera groups throughout Central New York. She co-chaired the college’s most recent accreditation review. Appointed to Oswego in 1985, she holds a bachelor’s degree from Smith College, a master of music degree from the University of Michigan, and a doctor of musical arts degree from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Richard J. SkolnikDean, School of Business Before becoming dean of Oswego’s School of Business, Dr. Skolnik served as chair of the accounting, finance and law department and as director of the master’s in business administration program. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has been involved with the CFA Institute in numerous areas. He has published research articles on investments, higher education pedagogy and financial economics. He has a Ph.D. in managerial economics and a master’s degree in operations research and statistics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Michigan. Jill PippinDean, Extended Learning Before rejoining Oswego in 2014, Mrs. Pippin served for eight years as dean for continuing education at Jefferson Community College. Her career, spanning both academic and business positions in roles such as director for graduate services and enrollment, business adjunct instructor, director of operations and major accounts manager, as well as her experience earning her MBA from Franklin University, has instilled a passion for serving adult and non-traditional college students. Previously, the Oswego alumna developed and managed the Jefferson Higher Education Center, shepherded the growth of Jefferson’s military services on Fort Drum, and won and administered millions of dollars in grants serving those markets. The Continuing Education Association of New York named her the 2013 Outstanding Continuing Educator. Mary ToaleInterim Dean, Graduate StudiesA 2015 participant in the American Council on Education’s Leadership Academy for Departmental Chairs, Toale joined SUNY Oswego in 2014. As communication studies chair at Oswego, her achievements included spearheading creation of a new graduate program in strategic communication. Recently honored as a Teaching Fellow of the Eastern Communication Association, Toale serves as the organization’s marketing director for its 2017 annual conference. Toale also served on the National Communication Association’s Learning Outcomes in Communication team. She was a member of the National Faculty Advisory Board for Lambda Pi Eta, the national communication honor society, from 2011 to 2015. Toale previously taught at West Virginia University, Baldwin Wallace University and West Virginia Wesleyan.


8 Commencement SpeakerDr. Vincent Intondi Associate Professor of History and Director of the Institute for Race, Justice, and Community Engagement at Montgomery College in Takoma Park, Maryland Director of research for American University’s Nuclear Studies Institute in Washington, D.C., Intondi annually teaches in Hiroshima and Nagasaki alongside atomic bomb survivors and nuclear policy experts. In 2016, he began working with the Union of Concerned Scientists exploring new efforts to expand the nuclear disarmament movement to include more diverse voices, specifically from the black community. He earned his master’s in history from Oswego. Intondi is the author of the book African Americans Against the Bomb: Nuclear Weapons, Colonialism, and the Black Freedom Movement with Stanford University Press and is currently working on a new book, which focuses on the famous June 12, 1982, nuclear disarmament march in New York City. A regular contributor to the Huffington Post , he has appeared publicly alongside Benjamin Jealous, Bobby Seale, Julian Bond, Tom Hayden and Daniel Ellsberg. Prior to teaching at Montgomery College, Intondi was associate professor of history at Seminole State College in Sanford, Florida. In 2011, he was named Distinguished Visiting Scholar of African American Studies at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, where he co-created the “Harry T. Moore Legacy” program. Intondi earned his bachelor’s degree in economics at SUNY Potsdam before earning his master’s in history at SUNY Oswego. His doctorate in history is from American University. Commencement SpeakerThomas W. Schneider President and Chief Operating Officer, Pathfinder Bank Employed by Pathfinder Bank since 1998, Schneider has served as president and CEO since January 2000 and has spent his entire career in the financial services industry. At SUNY Oswego, he teaches a graduate-level finance course, “Management of Financial Institutions, A Risk Based Approach,” in the School of Business. Intensely and generously active in the community locally and regionally, Schneider is past chairman of Oswego Health and currently serves as a board member. He also serves on the boards of CenterState CEO, the Shineman Foundation, WCNY and the Port of Oswego Authority. Past president for Oswego Health affiliate Springside at Seneca Hill, Schneider has served on the board and as officer and chairman for the Community Bankers Forum. He is a current member of the Executive Committee and current board member of the New York Bankers Association. Schneider also has served on the boards of Home Aides of Central New York, the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Small Business Program, the Greater Oswego Chamber of Commerce, the United Way of Oswego County and the Oswego YMCA. He has a bachelor’s in economics from SUNY Cortland and a master of business administration degree from Fairfield University.


9 Commencement SpeakerRichard Einhorn American Composer Central New Yorkers might remember Einhorn for The Origin , a multimedia oratorio SUNY Oswego commissioned and premiered in 2008. Voices of Light , Einhorn’s oratorio with silent film — hailed by reviewers as “a great masterpiece of contemporary music” and “a work of meticulous genius” — has sold out such venues as the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival, Avery Fisher Hall, Kennedy Center, Sydney Opera House and Disney Hall in Los Angeles. Other major works include Red Angels for New York City Ballet; The Shooting Gallery , a multimedia collaboration with filmmaker Bill Morrison; and A Carnival of Miracles for Anonymous 4, featuring a translation by Elaine Pagels. Einhorn’s film music catalog includes scores for the Academy Award-winning documentary short Educating Peter (HBO); Arthur Penn’s thriller Dead of Winter starring Mary Steenburgen (MGM); John Coles’ Darrow (PBS) starring Kevin Spacey; and Fire-Eater directed by Pirjo Honkasalo, for which Einhorn won a Finnish Jussi Award for Best Musical Score. His production of the Bach Cello Suites with Yo-Yo Ma won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Performance. A summa cum laude graduate in music from Columbia University, Einhorn studied with Vladimir Ussachevsky and Mario Davidovsky. Before turning his attention exclusively to composition, Einhorn produced over 30 classical CDs for major classical artists. Einhorn has received numerous music awards and grants, and is also a well-known advocate for people with hearing loss. He is a board member of the Hearing Loss Association of America and his advocacy has been featured in the New York Times , Washington Post , NPR, and other major media. He lives in New York with his daughter Miranda and wife Amy Singer. Student SpeakerEmily Nassir President, SUNY Oswego Student Association Emily Nassir is a senior communication and social interaction major at SUNY Oswego with a minor in psychology. The president of Student Association since February 2016, she serves as the chief executive officer of a $1.7 million nonprofit organization. Nassir serves on numerous boards including the SUNY Student Assembly, Campus City Relations Committee, Faculty Assembly, College Council, Economic Development Advisory Council and the Auxiliary Services Board of Directors. Her professional interests include event planning, project management, business organization and fundraising. After graduation, she will be participating in the Disney College Program as a vacation planner in Orlando, Florida.


10 Alumni Banner PresentersSasha Huff Banner Presenter, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Raised in Harlem, N.Y., Sasha Huff graduates with a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in human development. During her time at Oswego, Sasha enjoyed being involved on campus in as many ways as she could. Sasha was actively involved with the African, Latino, Asian and Native American (ALANA) Student Leadership Conference since her freshman year and held three positions on the Black Student Union (BSU): director of social media, director of programing and executive director. She spent two years as a resident assistant in Oneida Hall. During her first year as an RA she was also the executive director of BSU, then her second year she stepped out of her comfort zone and became a peer educator at the Lifestyles Center for a semester. Sasha’s passion for diversity, community and wellness led her to facilitate many programs that addressed those topics and educated the school community. Sasha’s ultimate goal in life is to help and inspire others. After graduation she will pursue a career in education as a high school English teacher in New York City, where she hopes to ignite the fire in her students to reach for the stars and follow their own passions in life.Marcus McFee-Walters Banner Presenter, School of Business Born and raised in West Babylon, N.Y., Marcus McFee-Walters graduates with a bachelor’s degree in finance. During his time at Oswego, McFee-Walters was deeply involved in Greek life on campus, holding various positions for Sigma Alpha Epsilon since his sophomore year. In addition, McFeeWalters has maintained an impressive grade point average as a business student and was involved with the Student Investment Club. He has also interned for the Student Philanthropy Council at SUNY Oswego. He served as the student manager of the Telefund Office, a group of 30 student callers who contact more than 85,000 Oswego alumni, friends and parents on behalf of The Fund for Oswego annually. He plans to pursue a career in the financial or marketing fields where he can put to use his abilities to communicate and manage multiple tasks and competing deadlines.Claire Lacure Banner Presenter, School of Education and School of Communication, Media and the Arts Claire Lacure is a native of Rochester, N.Y. She graduates with a bachelor’s degree in public relations with a concentration in marketing, accompanied by a minor in business administration with a concentration in leadership. Claire has been very involved during her years here at SUNY Oswego. In addition to serving as the treasurer for the Oswego Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, she has had several positions on the executive board of the Future Alumni Network; including events director, coordinator of public relations and marketing, and vice president. Additionally, Claire sits on the Oswego Alumni Association’s Board of Directors as the student representative and interns in marketing for the Oswego State Athletics Department. Her commitment to extracurricular activities stems from her desire to give back to the school that she credits for shaping who she is as a person. Claire hopes to eventually work in public relations or marketing for major league sports. A leader in education and an advocate of free public schools, Edward Austin Sheldon (1823-1897) was responsible for opening the Oswego Normal School in May 1861. Sheldon’s pioneering ideas in object teaching became a model for other normal schools throughout the nation and around the world. Sculptor John Frances Brines designed the statue that was constructed with penny contributions from school children throughout the state in 1899.


11 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student ExcellenceThe highest student recognition through the SUNY system, the award recognizes students who earn high grade-point averages and make outstanding contributions to their campus and community.Abigail Boyce Senior Finance Major A founding member and treasurer of Women in Business, the Lockport resident has served as team leader of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Research Challenge Team, sector leader of the Investment Club, vice president-human resources for the Financial Management Association and advertising manager of The Oswegonian . A track and field athlete for four years and team captain for two, she has set several school records while competing in hurdles and triple jump. She has finished in the top eight in her events at the SUNY Athletic Conference meet since sophomore year. Boyce has been named to the national and SUNYAC All-Academic teams.Nicholas Noviasky Senior Physics Major Recipient of a highly selective National Science Foundation internship last summer in materials science and engineering at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Cassville resident also co-authored of a study on lithium-ion batteries, in submission to a journal. The Physics Club vice president and Sigma Xi honor society member won the Best Undergraduate Poster Award at the 2016 statewide meeting of the American Physical Society, and his abstract has been accepted for a research poster at the 2017 APS meeting in New Orleans. Noviasky has volunteered the past four years for Friends & Neighbors, providing food and clothing in his home community.Tatiana Gregory Senior Biochemistry Major Gregory has served as president of the Student Association Volunteer Ambulance Corps, cofounded Hands-Only CPR seminars on campus, and served as secretary of Colleges Against Cancer, a coordinator of Relay for Life and treasurer of the Shaun Cassidy Fan Club Improv Comedy Troupe. The Brooklyn native was a research assistant during academic travel to the Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil, and conducts research with chemistry faculty member Kestas Bendinskas. Gregory earned induction to Omicron Delta Kappa national leadership honor society is an Honors Student Advisory Board member. She has logged more than 800 hours of community service and earned SAVAC’s Director of the Year Award.Lauren Saroli Senior Zoology Major Founder and president of the Oswego Zoological Student Association, Saroli’s key research involves assessing impacts of Lake Ontario’s contaminants on lake trout physiology. The Fairport resident is recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, including those supporting research on dolphin behavior and fish abundance in Honduras and bird populations in Melbourne, Australia. Saroli helped rebuild homes after Hurricane Sandy, worked for the Carolina Tiger Rescue and repaired flooded homes in Oneida. Secretary of Omicron Delta Kappa leadership honor society, she also is a member of Vega junior and senior women’s honor society and former member of the Honors Advisory Board.


12 College Honors ProgramThe Oswego College Honors Program consists of a core of courses in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, philosophy and history designed to stimulate students’ intellectual growth and develop their analytical abilities. Unlike traditional courses, which present material from a single field of study, Honors Program courses are multi-disciplinary, drawing ideas and information from many fields and addressing concerns common to all the disciplines. In addition to Honors core requirements and all the requirements in their majors, Honors Program students must also meet requirements in laboratory science and a foreign language and complete an Honors Thesis, in which they explore a topic in some depth. The following students from the Class of 2017, wearing silver tassels, are completing the requirements for the SUNY Oswego College Honors Program:Lukas Benjamin Zachary Bennett Julia Brennan Emilia Chrostowska JoAnn DeLauter Andrew Doxey Rachel Edic Casey Fetsko Sequoya Fitzpatrick Diana Galiatsatos Dylan Gates Aiyana Huger Olivia Jacobsen Kelly Jones Camillo Licata Kristen McCarthy Miranda Nelson Shawna O’Donovan Stacy Palacios Jane Pascar Jacqueline Rayburn Zachary Riley Kenneth Roffo Lauren Saroli Serena Schaeber Holly Thomas Madison Tinney Justiss Usborne Sarah WoodsHonors ProgramsHonors Programs have been instituted for outstanding students in the fields of biology, chemistry, economics, history, mathematics, meteorology, physics, political science and psychology. The eligibility requirements for these programs are rigorous and the coursework itself is beyond the scope of that of regular classes. The following students from this class have completed an Honors Program:Tessila Abbott – Chemistry Zachary Bennett – Chemistry Marianna Butera – Chemistry Kevin Clark – Chemistry Vincent DeBiase – Physics Gary Ellis – Chemistry Sequoya Fitzpatrick – Psychology Tatiana Gregory – Chemistry Kimberly LaGatta – Chemistry Jesse Mazur – Chemistry Theron Richardson – Chemistry Diana Rispoli – Chemistry Kevin Spath – Biology Iain Thompson – ChemistryPossibility ScholarsThe Possibility Scholars Awards are presented to the graduating Possibility Scholars in recognition of their accomplishments in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields throughout their four years as a scholar. Such accomplishments include rigorous laboratory-based summer research projects through the Summer Research Institute and an international service learning experience through the Global Laboratory to study real-world problems such as mitigating climate change, controlling emerging diseases, reducing extreme poverty, developing sustainable energy resources, and wisely managing water and food systems.Fernando Baez Vincent Debiase Dylan Gates Marisa McDonough


13 Honor Organizations Alpha Delta Omega Public Justice Honor Society – an open, democratic organization of individuals committed to academic excellence and to the ideal of justice, fairness, freedom and equality for all people in all aspects of society. Alpha Epsilon Rho Scholastic Honor Society – recognizing academic achievement among students in the field of electronic media (including web/ internet technologies, broadcasting, mass communication, radio, television, cable and/or film). Alpha Psi Omega National Dramatics Honor Society – an honorary society founded in 1924 that recognizes outstanding student achievement in college and university theatre. Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society for Adult Learners – recognizes the special achievements of adult students who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work. Beta Alpha Psi National Business Honor Society – the international honorary organization for accounting and finance students and professionals, recognizes academic excellence and promotes professional development and service activities among its members. Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society for AACSB Accredited Schools – serving business programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Chi Alpha Epsilon Educational Opportunity Program Honor Society – recognizes the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria and serves EOP students. Promotes continued high academic standards, fosters increased communication among its members, and honors academic excellence achieved by those students. Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society of Professional Counseling and for Professional Counselors – established in 1985 to provide recognition for outstanding achievement and service within the profession by counselors-in-training, counselor educators, and professional counselors whose career commitment is to research and serve through professional counseling. Delta Phi Alpha German Honor Society – recognizes excellence in the study of German; promotes higher scholarship and study of German language, literature and civilization; emphasizing aspects of German life and the culture of universal value contributing to the eternal search for peace and truth. Epsilon Pi Tau International Honor Society for Professions in Technology – membership based on high scholastic attainment, participation and leadership in Technology in the college and in the community, and professional qualifications and promise. Kappa Delta Pi National Education Honor Society – recognizes excellence and fosters mutual cooperation, support and professional growth for educational professionals. Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society – promotes scholarship and research in anthropology by recognizing and honoring superior achievement in the discipline among students, faculty and other persons engaged in the study of anthropology. Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Studies Honor Society – represents what Aristotle described in his book, Rhetoric, as the three ingredients of persuasion: Logos meaning logic, Pathos relating to emotion, and Ethos derived as character, credibility and ethics. Mu Beta Psi National Honorary Musical Fraternity – co-ed service fraternity encouraging fellowship among musicians and is devoted to the study and performance of music. Omicron Delta Epsilon International Academic Honor Society – recognizes scholastic attainment and honors outstanding achievements in economics — establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics. Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society – recognizes and encourages superior leadership and exemplary character, excellence as students and leaders in student groups, organizations, and activities. Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society – requires a high overall GPA and even higher GPA in history, sponsoring student trips and outside lecturers. Phi Beta Delta – an international honor society recognizing students, faculty, staff and alumni; who possess a deep commitment to international affairs, education, and research; who have made significant contributions to expanding global engagement and world awareness. Members of this honorary are wearing bronze medallions with red and yellow ribbons. Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society – promotes superior scholarship in all academic disciplines, honoring students who excel in scholarship in order to stimulate others to strive for excellence. Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society – recognizes outstanding scholarship in the French language and literatures, to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Americans for the cultural contributions of the French-speaking world, to stimulate and to encourage French and francophone cultural activities. Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society – members are indicative of superior attainment in music and personal qualifications pertaining to an outstanding exponent of the art. Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society – stimulates scholarship and intelligent interest in political science to provide a framework for enriching the exposure of its members and community to the study of government and issues of public concern. Psi Chi National Honor Society for Psychology – encourages, stimulates and maintains excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. Sigma Delta Pi National Hispanic Honor Society – recognizes excellence in the study of Spanish and provides incentive for Spanish language study, leadership, and service. Its motto is the Greek phrase “Spanas Didagi Progomen” meaning “Let’s go forth/continue forth under the teaching/guidance of the Spanish language.” Sigma Iota Rho is an interdisciplinary international affairs honor society. Promotes and rewards scholarship and service among students and practitioners of internal studies, international affairs, and global studies. Fosters integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs. Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society – confers distinction for high academic achievement in English and Creative Writing and promotes interest in literature and writing. Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society – recognizes scientific achievement, enhances health of research enterprise, fosters integrity in science and engineering and promotes the public’s understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition. Vega Junior and Senior Women’s Honor Society – women’s junior and senior honor society which places strong value on academic leadership and community service.


14 State University of New YorkBoard of TrusteesH. Carl McCall Chairman Joseph W. Belluck Courtney Burke Marc Cohen Eric Corngold Robert Duffy Ronald G. Ehrenberg Angelo M. Fatta Peter Knuepfer Eunice A. Lewin Marshall A. Lichtman Stanley Litow Richard Socarides Carl Spielvogel Edward Spiro Cary F. Staller Nina Tamrowski Lawrence WaldmanChancellor of the UniversityNancy L. ZimpherSUNY Oswego College CouncilJames M. McMahon Chair Darlene Baker Saleem Cheeks Richard Farfaglia Michael J. Goldych Brian S. McGrath Baye Muhammad Emily Nassir (Student Representative) SUNY Oswego Retiring Faculty and Professional StaffDr. Michael S. Ameigh Associate Professor, Communication Studies Assistant Provost for Budget and Operations General Manager, WRVO Public Media Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1990 R. Deborah Davis Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2002 Winfield Ihlow Academic Tutor, Math Specialist, Office of Learning Services Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1985 James Molinari P rofessor, Marketing and Management Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1977 Terrance O’Brien Visiting Assistant Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2005 Catherine Santos Associate Provost for Multicultural Affairs Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1987 John Shaffer Director, ARTSwego Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2012 Natalie Sturr C oordinator of Library Technology, Penfield Library Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1980 Margaret Tiballi Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1990 Elaine Wenderholm Associate Professor, Computer Science Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1998


15 Alyssa Janice Bilello, Smithtown Nicole Black, College Point Evan Edward Blaski, Sayville * Jasmine Von Blaylock, Brooklyn Ryan F. Blinkhorn, Schenectady Jennifer Stanton Bodnar, Auburn Sarah E. Bonaker, Amsterdam Caden Gregory Bonzerato, Liverpool ** Megan R. Bortz, Fairport * Valerie Lynn Boscia, Cold Spring Sarah N. Bower, Camillus Patrick Kenneth Boynes, Mahopac Patrick V. Boynton, Fairmount Allison Boyzuck, Mexico Kimberly M. Bracken, Greenport * Dana J. Brandenberger, East Northport Hannah Brennan, Saratoga Springs *** Julia M. Brennan, Phoenix Ivana Bresovska, Camillus Cody L. Brett, Oswego ** Alissa Michele Brooks, Rochester Jared David Brower, Gloversville Justin James Brown, Marion Morgan Riley Brown, Bloomingburg Laurelle Elizabeth Bryington, Odessa Akwasi S. Buansi Jr., Brooklyn Benjamin Adam Buchar, Bloomfield Katherine Emily Buehrer, Bath, ME Deanna Ashley Buley, Lacona ** Gwynndolynne Sue Buster, Yukon, OK *** Marianna Carmella Butera, Hamburg Michael Peter Byrne, Slate Hill Jonathan Charles Caimano, Orchard Park Ivan J. Calero, Valley Stream * Marlon A. Calliste, Port Jeff Sta Michael A. Calobrisi, East Northport * Chelsie Olivia Campbell, Brooklyn * Ian W. Campbell, Akron Nathalie Campos, Manorville Mark Candelario, Greenfield Park Jemsley Canela Uribe, Bronx Christina Lee Cannizzo, Oswego Nick Capella, Clay * Marissa Lynn Capuano, Wappingers Falls Ryan Carpenter, Smithtown *** Collin M. Carr, Clyde Kheiyasa Carter, Ossining * Patrick Anthony Caruso, Schenectady Amanda Casella, Staten Island Alyssa Cassar, Miller Place * Paige Toren Castle, Fairport Taylor James Catlin, Dryden Leanne Marie Cellura, Rochester College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the largest academic division in SUNY Oswego, boasting eighteen academic departments, fifteen interdisciplinary programs, five graduate programs, and several certificate programs. Providing a learning-centered community committed to high intellectual standards, the College offers more than forty undergraduate majors in subjects ranging from American Studies to Zoology, nearly as many minors, and three cooperative degree programs. Through in-depth study in traditional and interdisciplinary programs we prepare students to identify and develop productive solutions to the many challenges facing regional, national, and global civil society.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2016, May 2017 and August 2017. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80–4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Tessila Abbott, Pulaski James P. Abraham, Webster Keearaha S. Abrahams, Rosedale * Megan C. Adelman, Jacksonville, FL ** Maria Fernanda Pimenta Aguilar, Sao Paulo, Brazil Alyssa R. Aldrich, Warsaw ** Zachary J. Allen, Macedon Ashley Cherise Allwood, Brooklyn Morgan Timothy Altland, Rochester Saoni Alvarado, Bronx Zachary James Anderson, Camillus * Janelle Marie Andolina, Leicester ** Brittany Christine Androsko, Weedsport Domenico Antonio Angerosa, Glenville * Allison B. Anthony, Elmira * Skye Lynn Aponte, New York Brian William Arendt, New City ** Shannon L. Ariel, Larksville,PA Justine Elizabeth Arold, Auburn German Adrian Arzu, Bronx John Christopher Ashley Jr., Stormville ** Ariel Jessie Ashline-Winters, Hilton Porcia Asiedu, Bronx Jennifer Janily Auceda, Brooklyn April L. Aungier, La Fayette Casondra C. Auricchio, East Syracuse *** Benjamin George Aylsworth, Attica Jenna N. Babbitt, Le Roy Liam A. Bader, Voorheesville * Fernando Alberto Baez, Bronx Jonathan Baker, Hopewell Junction Richard Thomas Balch Jr., Ilion Zoe Barnholdt, Wellesley Island Samantha Barrows, Oxford Matthew Evan Bartholomew, Clay Julie Marie Barton, Stony Brook *** Alex Michael Bateman, Fulton *** Stacy L. Baum, Alexandria Bay Joshuah David Beach, Clay Amani Jamella Beauzile, Saint Albans * Stephanie M. Becht, Amherst James Robert Bechtel, Parish ** Susanna Mary Becker, Hyde Park ** Roderick A. Bell, Liverpool ** Erick Xavier Benavides, New Windsor Lukas Andrew Benjamin, Norwich *** Zachary Scott Bennett, Bloomsburg, PA *** Lucy Elizabeth Bergemann, Westwood, MA Tasina M. Berkey, Staten Island Miranda M. Berrios, New York Chelsea Elizabeth Beshures, Mexico Isadora Gail Bevan, Amherst


16 Alec C. Cepeda, Ossining Dylan J. Charland, Saranac Sage Owen Chase, Forestport *** Courtney C. Cherry, Endicott Sui Yau Cheung, Brooklyn Kristie Kelly Chiasson, Memphis Nyeema S. Chisolm, Bronx ** Margaret Rachel Choroser, Marcellus Deanna L. Christiansen, Poughkeepsie * Kathleen A. Christman, Stephentown * Emilia E. Chrostowska, Sackets Harbor Jiyon Chu, Oswego Alexis Chung, Elmont Angelique Marie Chung, Valley Stream Alana Cimijotti, Rensselaer * Jake Jeffrey Claflin, Cicero Amanda Lynn Clark, Moravia * Gwendolyn Marie Clark, Watertown Kevin Robert Clark, Wappingers Falls Megan Ann Cleary, Bronx Patrick Cleaver, Watertown Kylie Clifford, Fulton Brian K. Clowes, Lacona Nicholas D. Cocks, Oswego Holly Grace Cohen, Buffalo Joshua M. Collette, Rockville, MD Benjamin G. Collins, Central Square Jordan Colvin, Hoosick Falls Meaghan Come, Taberg Thomas R. Comer, N. Syracuse Joseph P. Conway, Merrick Kaitlin M. Cool, Mohawk James Justin Lucki Cooper, Brooklyn Joshua Richard Costo, Oswego Amanda Marie Courtney, Kings Park Abigail Paige Craft, Ellenville Troy J. Crevier, Webster Ryann E. Crofoot, Fulton * Timothy Cronin, Walden * Nathan Raymond Allen Crowell, Hastings Rafael Roman Cruz, Valley Cottage Gabriele Elizabeth Curley, Monroe Robert Michael Curran, Holbrook Kyle Cushman, Oswego ** Maxwell T. Cutie, Baldwinsville * Lauren Nicole Cutler, North Canton, OH Maria Cutolo, East Quogue Harry A. Dadson, Bronx Anthony Vincent Dahl, Auburn Rebecca Elizabeth Dailey, Johnson City ** Deborah Dakin, Fredericton, NB Alex R. D’Alessandro, Sackets Harbor ** Zachary Vincent D’Alessandro, Sackets Harbor Lincoln Daniel, Swarthmore, PA Michael Lee Daniel Jr., Dansville * Tyler Dee Danzy, Central Islip * Gabrielle A. Darling, Freedom Akeem J. Davis, Mount Vernon Shelby Kathryn Davis, Watertown ** Bryna Daykin, Geneva James Anthony DeBiase, Oswego *** Vincent Phillip DeBiase, Oswego * Megan Elizabeth DeBolt, Baldwinsville * Jalana M. Decambra, Brooklyn Frances Rosemarie DeFilippo, Patchogue Braiden William DeGraw, Hurleyville *** Nathan Daniel Delaney, Minoa Joseph J. DeSilva, Garrison Brianna Ellen Devine, Oradell, NJ Morgan E. Devine, East Setauket Zachary Diamond, Slingerlands Aaron Rashad Diaz, Rochester Stephanie Lee DiBiase, Syracuse Claudia Ann DiCalogero, Port Jefferson Kami Nicole Doane, Bolivar Kelly Ann Doering, Monroe * Micaela Catherine Donabell North Syracuse * Caroline M. Dougherty, Oswego *** Mandi Nicole Douthit, Allegany * Andrew Miller Doxey, Marathon John Andrew Dromms, Liverpool Julia R. D’Rozario, Chaffee * James Anthony Duffy, Holbrook Richard J. Dufresne, Amsterdam Matthew E. Dunham, Cicero * Miranda Riley Dunn, Lowville Bryanna Nicole Duval, Utica Connor M. Dwyre, La Fayette ** Dereck Allen Eddards, Gloversville ** Abigail Lu Ellert, Glen Spey ** Gary Hunter Ellis, East Greenbush * Gary Ellison Jr., Fishkill * Christopher Robert Emproto, Huntington Alyssa C. Everly, Gerrardstown, WV * Melinda Falcon Gomez, Brentwood Marcus Farnham, Phoenix *** Allison M. Fausner, Huntington * Ashley Feble, New York Edwin Francisco Febus-Munoz, Hannibal Matthew Joseph Federation, Freeville Samantha Hope Feldman, Oceanside Janet Marie Ferguson, Palmyra Samantha Michael Fernandez, Bronx * Casey L. Fetsko, Ithaca Paige Marie Files, Cicero ** Sequoya Anita Fitzpatrick, Lake Luzerne Nyasia Flowers, East Elmhurst Nagnouma Fofana, New York *** Jeremy Michael Fontaine, Woonsocket, RI Keith Michael Fosmire, Fulton MaKayla Rose Foster, Canastota Olivia Nicole Fradette, Central Square Allison L. Fralick, Syracuse * Jamie Leigh Fredericks, Fort Plain ** Austin J. Frost, Oswego Emily A. Fulfarr, Huntington Station Samuel P. Gagliardi, Auburn Julie D. Gagliardo, Tonawanda Margaret Gaiero, Rumney, NH * Diana Galiatsatos, Seaford * Selena R. Gancasz, Central Square Jake Anthony Ganpat, Brooklyn *** Dylan J. Gates, Binghamton * Alyssa Gau, Otisville Katherine Gaurnier, Baldwinsville Jackson Tierney Gavin, East Aurora Anne Emily Geiss, Oswego Letisha Ganyard, Flushing Kristal Ynes Geraldino, Bronx Jonathon Gianchetta, Smithtown Gavin Michael Gilbert, Oswego Matthew James Gilchriest, Syracuse * Ariel S. Gill, Brooklyn Katie Nicole Gilley, Buffalo Mary Gilmore, New Paltz * Christopher F. Gomez, Bronx ** Amber L. Gonzalez, Brooklyn Daliana S. Gonzalez, Rochester * Coleen R. Goss, Fulton Sohrab Ghaffari Gousheh, New York Jenelle Elizabeth Graham, Syracuse * Alecia M. Grandy, Liverpool * Tyler Thomas Granger, Hadley Maggie Kathleen Graser, Syracuse Toni L. Gray, Sandy Creek Joseph Vincent Greco, West Islip Ethan Daniel Green, Unadilla Idalis Ann Mary Green, Mount Sinai Kimberly Michelle Green, New Paltz Shaquile Antonio Greene, Middletown ** Tatiana Rachelleah Gregory, Brooklyn ** Harleen Kaur Grewal, Oswego Benjamin Hall Griffin, Sterling Richard C. Grimaldi, Patterson Amber Lee Grochan, Mattydale *** Jennie Marie Grose, Whitesboro


17 Sarah Elizabeth Hadlock, Oxford Travis Daniel Hafner, Hannibal ** Rachel E. Hald, Reno, NV Benjamin W. Hale, Ballston Lake Grace M. Hall, Herkimer Eric F. Hamilton, Liverpool Dorcas N. Hammond, Brooklyn * James P. Hannan, Poughkeepsie Dana Lee Harper, Potsdam Daniel A. Harris, Canandaigua * Mikaela Grace Harris, Cobleskill Gary Hayden Jr., Oswego Steven James Healt, Forestport Thomas M. Hellen, Rocky Point Samantha Kelley Henderson, Oswego Joseph R. Henriques, New City Christopher A. Henriquez, Jackson Heights Kaitlin Hernndez, Brooklyn Oscar Jesael Hernandez Vasquez, Amityville Rachel S. Hernon, New Hartford Davis R. Herold, Tully Erin Elizabeth Herr, Auburn Amanda Sarah Hewes, Fairport *** Mara Anne Hogan, Syracuse Keith Michael Horbachewski, East Aurora * Nathan Hornbostel, Palo Alto, CA Julia K. Hoshino, Ithaca Stephen James Hotaling, Gloversville Emily P. Hotchkiss, Shortsville Nina M. House, Phoenix Devorah S. Howe, Central Islip Breanna Leigh Hoyt, Binghamton * Robert Hoyt, Bernhards Bay Dennis Hsu, Bethpage Dillion Spencer Hudson, Clifton Springs Sasha Huff, New York * Aiyana LRoy Huger, Yonkers * Kelsey E. Hughes, Oswego Matthew Thomas Hughes, Endicott Laura A. Hussing, Hopewell Junction ** Adam Kenneth Jackson, Boonville Abigail Joy Jago, Garden Grove, CA * Maxiel Jaime, Bronx Jocelynn Jakaub, Union Springs * Michael A. Jaquez, Jamaica Robert D. Jarvis, Palmyra Stephen Mccormick Javier, Highland Mills Katherine M. Jensen, Mexico Anna Ivette Jimenez, Mount Vision Roberto Manes Joachim, Jamaica Nicholas Vincent Joannides, Middletown Jeralee Veronica Jobson, Watertown * Ingrid Elizabeth Johansen, Sammamish, WA Jeanette Ann Johnson, Watertown ** Clayton Jones, Sauquoit Dustin Todd Jones, Palmyra * Kelly E. Jones, Fairport Mathew Thomas Jones, Oswego Timothy Tiljevang Jones, Apopka, FL Sebin K. Joseph, New Hyde Park * Cire Kaba, Bronx Corey Alexander Kane, Erin * Jillian L. Katz, East Amherst ** Michael J. Kelkenberg, Oswego * Kasey A. Kelleher, Penfield Brianna Keller, Cicero Taran T. Kerrigan, Pine Bush Hongki Kim, Gwangyang, South Korea Jungho Kim, Oswego Corinne Kimmelman, Jamesport Alyse C. Kirk, Camden Shannon Marie Kleespies, Endwell Erin Marie Knaul, Baldwinsville Jisu Ko, Seoul, South Korea John Paul Koenig, Auburn Christina Charlene Koonce, South Park, PA Sara Faye Koutrouby, Patchogue * Joseph Kraus, Syracuse * Vincent Joseph Krawiecki Jr., Rexford Alicia N. Kreamer, Patchogue Tyler Krebs, Vernon Sarabeth Jin Kreuter, Glen Cove Patrick M. Krinsky, Suffern Nathan Ronald Krome, Johnson City Julia Elizabeth Kubacki, Cicero *** Sonali Kumar, Amsterdam * Paul Kwoyelo, Manlius Desirae Laezza, Selden Cody L. LaFever, Delhi * Kimberly Eileen LaGatta, Blossvale * Benjamin S. Laine, Fresh Meadows * Tenzin W. Lama, Brooklyn Connor D. Landers, Rochester Alicia Anne Landis, Phoenix Sarah Langer, Rye Brook Jinekqua Langston, New York * Jesus Lara, Bronx Joseph James Laricchiuta, Farmingville * Alicia Marie Lauber, Central Square Jason David Lavarnway, Morrisonville Nicholas John Lazarich, Deer Park Brittany Ann LeBlanc, Liverpool Chelsea Lynne Legates, Oswego * Lewis P. Lenard, Sherman Oaks, CA Mary Catherine Lenhart, Fulton Andrew Alexander Leo, Corona Noelle Courtney Law LeRoy, Schuylerville Jessica Lyndsey Levasseur, Holbrook Deanna P. Levy, North Massapequa * Camillo Julian Licata, Pine Bush Connor J. Lind, Ballston Lake *** Angela M. Livingston, Oswego Sabina Gabrielle Longo, Schenectady Dylan M. Longworth, Huntington Station * Lacey Loughlin, East Northport Nina Menga Lukelo, Corona Ashley A. Lyman, Lockport Anthony Macchiano Jr., Mount Vernon Justin P. MacCreery, Phoenix * Laura Macdonald, Northport Kaitlynn Susan MacIsaac, Accord Nicholas C. Macro, Syracuse Alexandra Jade Mannise, Fulton Dominick Manno, Victor ** Mariana E. Manou, Webster April M. Manzella, Albany * Elizabeth Anne Mapley, Akron Zachary R. Marani, Theresa Blake Marion, Latham Katie Bea Marrano, Bayside Alexandra Pitarra Mars, Binghamton Keith C. Martin, Delmar ** Sachelle Olivia Martin, Bronx Tyler A. Martin, Hastings Daniel Robert Massarini, Union Springs Nicholas P. Massaro, Dexter Esther A. Mateo, Bronx Ryan Michael Matthews, Syracuse Seth Michael Matthews, Liverpool Brian Conner Mattioli, Cortlandt Manor * Brandon Kyle Maxwell, Greenville * Jordan Michael Maxwell, Liverpool * Jesse Levi Mazur, Liverpool * Mary Catherine Mazzella, Plattsburgh * Shelbi June McIlroy, Watertown * Briana A. McCall, New York Jayme A. McCreary, Baldwinsville *** Marisa Mae McDonough, Saranac Lake * Joanna Kathryn McIntyre, Pearl River Ashante McLeod-Perez, Manlius Maureen Elizabeth McMahon, Ilion Oliver Ranjula Medonza, Kandy, Sri Lanka *Rolando Mejia, Elmira Michael F. Mekker, Syracuse MacKenzie A. Meleca, Webster Amanda Asieduwaa Mensah, Syracuse Caitlyn Mensch, Nesconset David Anthony Merrow, Central Square Kellie-Anne Metcalf, Cicero Joseph Louis Meyer III, Wayland


18 Hiroshi Mikami, Furano, Japan Amber Marie Miller, Oswego Nathan Kelly Miller, Minetto Ryan Christopher Miller, Manorville * Rosanna Minaya, Bronx *** Scott Phillip Minihkeim, Oswego * Dana Corinne Mitchell, Baldwinsville Brittney Maryellen Sophia Mitsiell, Fulton Margaret Mooney, Oswego Jamie Nicole Morris, Elmira Destiny Jamae Morrison, Atlanta, GA *** Roger A. Morrison Jr., Binghamton Everette Lee Moses III, Clark Mills ** Jennifer Emily Moss, Oneonta Annalise Desiree Mousaw, Niskayuna Lileth Tatjana Muench, Malone * Sarah Mul, East Northport Crista Noelle Mullady, Smithtown Andrew Jacob Munger, Mexico Ryan M. Murphy, Duanesburg Emma Nicole Murray, Burlington, CT Justine Napoleon, West Babylon Taylor J. Napoleon, West Babylon *** Matthew J. Needle, Baldwinsville Kelsey Negron, Bronx Brett Cardone Nelson, Whitesboro *** Miranda Lea Nelson, Beverly,NJ Maddison Grace Neuland, Oswego Courtney Marie Neville, Fulton Kyle Everett Newman, Goshen Peter T. Nichik, Richmond Hill *** Nancy E. Nieder, Leeds Michael Anthony Nielsen, Cornwall Thomas Richard Nolan II, Syracuse Matthew J. Norton, Evans Mills ** Nicholas John Noviasky, Cassville Storey Alessandra Nowaczyk, East Amherst Michael Robert Nuccitelli Jr., Webster Jorge Obregon, New York Gabriel A. Odugbesi, Valley Stream Christy Lee Ogden, Honeoye Falls ** Tara L. O’Grady, Lake Peekskill *** Cahmlo Olive, Erieville Allison J. Olivier, Clinton Adam Edward O’Neill, Ontario Roland Opoku, Bronx Justin Ortega, Bronx Mara O’Shei, Orchard Park Marissa Madeline Osier, Cicero Christopher Joseph Pacelli, Ballston Lake Stacy Irene Palacios, East Elmhurst ** Joseph A. Palluconi, Spencerport Sicily Mary Palmeri, Buffalo Gina Marie Palumbo, Sayville Zachary J. Paquette, West Islip Annamaria Paradiso, Syracuse ** Nathanial S. Partridge, Liverpool * Jane Alexandra Pascar, Corning Dayna Aurora Passer, Mexico David Michael Passino Jr., Peru *** Danielle Marie Peck, Fulton * Kyan Robertson Peffer, Wading River ** Kassidy Lynn Pekarek, Minetto Grayson Pellerito, Jamestown Kenneth James Pembleton, Liverpool Luis Paulo Pereira, Yaphank Daniela Melody Perez, Bronx Savannah Grace Perez, Yorktown Heights *** Alaina Leigh Perkins, Williamstown Devon J. Perkins, Watertown Nicole Ellen Perniciaro, West Islip Jonathan Neil Petillo, Centereach Taylor Renee Petry, Rochester Olivia Pexton, Portsmouth, NH James S. Pharo, New York Janelys Pichardo, New York * Marissa Pierce, Harpursville * Katelyn Pingelski, Mechanicville Jeremiah Amaya Pisagih, Rochester Dana Kristine Virginia Pitts, Endicott Sierra L. Plemenik, Schenectady Jonathan Reid Plescia, Woodgate Monika Pohudo, Clearwater, FL Stephen J. Porter, Port Jervis Hilda Viviana Posada Pacheco, Oswego Angelica Ashleigh Post, Syracuse Joshua Law Post, East Syracuse Matthew J. Potrzeba, Whitesboro Morgan Pratt, Oswego Chris M. Prestia Jr., Manlius * Evan Roy Priest, Rock City Falls * Katelyn M. Proulx, Tunkhannock, PA Melissa Ann Pryor, Oswego Sydney C. Prystal, Auburn Jonathan Ptacek, New Hyde Park Andres Ramos Faneytte, Bronx Alexis M. Rank, Bridgeport Peter Michael Rapp, Elmont Nirender Rathor, New York Tyler Richard Rawson, Baldwinsville Dillon Michael Ray, Utica ** Nicole K. Reed, Oswego Jeff G. Registre, Stony Point Maura Rose Reilly, Sauquoit Alda C. Reis, Yorktown Heights Kristian William Reynolds, Cortland Jason Michael Rice, Canastota MaryCatherine Elizabeth Rice, Oswego * Robert A. Rice, Pulaski Dana Carol Richards, Phoenix ** Theron Richardson, Brooklyn * Kendall E. Richer, Syracuse Rachel Amanda Richie, Utica Richard Corey Riehm, Middlesex Christopher Rigobello, Brooklyn * Zachary Keith Riley, Rocky Point * Diana Marie Rispoli, Amityville * Renny Jasmin Rivera, Bronx *** James Robert Robello, Webster Benjamin Raymond Roberts, Ballston Spa Christian T. Roberts, Clifton Park Max William Robertson, Pittsford Xavier R. Robles, South Glens Falls ** Gaitri Devi Rodhan, Jamaica Alexa Nicole Rodriguez, Warwick Annez Rodriguez, Bronx Daniel Angel Rodriguez, Monroe ** Kenneth Raymond Roffo Jr., Phoenix Destinee S. Rogers, Westfield Alexandra C. Rohrs, Freeport Richard K. Rojas, Monroe * Silvia Roman, Bronx Zachary Michael Rombough, Eden Kyle Patrick Rooney, Kingston Jonathan H. Ross, Gansevoort Megan Ross, Spencer Michael A. Rotolo, Lake Ronkonkoma Kaitlin M. Rousseau, Poughkeepsie * Nicholas Blake Roy, Rutland, VT * Marina Lynne Ruffalo, Newark * Maria Nicole Ruffino, Oneonta Nicholas Wayne Rumpf, Porter Corners Lacey Rose Rusaw, Fulton Joshua Russo, Ballston Spa Patrick John Russo, Seneca Falls * Brooke D. Ryan, Marcellus Heather Christine Rybacki, Endicott *** Zachary Kent Sabin, Highland, UT Cameron J. Sacchet, Yonkers Scarlett Marie Pia Salerno, Wilmington,MA Shakira S. Samuels, New York ** Alyssa Marie Santagato, Mechanicville Alexis Jade Santiago, Solvay Natalie A. Santiago, Elmont Carmyn Joyce Santore, Hannibal *** Lauren E. Saroli, Fairport Jason Bryan Savlov, Liverpool Olivia Colleen Schaeber, Liverpool *** Serena M. Schaeber, Liverpool Cloie E. Schessl, Fairport


19 * Jack Schirtz, Oswego Courtney Lynn Schneeberger, Poughkeepsie Joshua Joseph Sclafani, Hopewell Junction Steven Kyle Scott-Mohammed, Huntington Austin C. Scro, Delmar Kaylee Lynn Searor, Oswego Alec Michael Sebastian, East Aurora James Laird Seegars II, Syracuse James Vincent Segretto, Oswego Khairunisa Hasnein Sharif, Elmont Justin J. Sharlow, Oswego Ashley Ann Sherman, Oswego * Alexa Ray Shumway, Tupper Lake Nicholas Louis Siciliano, Fishkill ** Melissa Ann Siegfried, Laurel Carly Simmons, Savannah Emily Lynn Simons, Ontario Kinsey Elise Simons, Honeoye Falls Emily Caroline Sischo, Schenectady Alexander Heung Smith, Barrytown ** Carlene Alexandra Smith, Freeville Marissa Nicole Smith, Oneida Morgan Elizabeth Smith, Montgomery Nancy Smith-Jennings, Middletown Morgan Elizabeth Snyder, Rochester Thomas A. Sobiech, Pine Island Angela M. Sobotka, East Amherst * Max Sokolovsky, Oswego Christel E. Solomon, Bronx Kailey Briana Somers, Lake Ronkonkoma Kevin Adrian Son, Brooklyn * Alyssa Rose Sovocool, Homer Amy M. Spath, Webster Kevin M. Spath, Rochester Reneasia T. Speed, Bronx * Steven D. Spier, Fulton * Dariah Nychelle Spriggs, New York Donald Robert Spurrell, Seaford Tyler Thomas St. Onge, Oswego ** Colin Stafford, Liverpool * Elyssa Gail Stallcup, Liverpool Johnathan C. Stanford, Bath Amanda Lee Stankus, Albany Cameron R. Steele, Auburn ** Nathaniel Lee Stemmler, Fayetteville Katrina Stevens, Altamont * Emily Elizabeth Stott, Liverpool ** Grace U. Stratton, Oswego Thomas C. Stratton, Oswego * Kristen Leigh Streichert, Sugar Loaf Kayla Marie Streit, Corfu Andrew Alexander Stuart, Schenectady Alyssa Blair Suits, Minetto *** Sarah D. Swarthout, Watkins Glen ** Anna I. Swisher, Wadsworth Cassidy Lynn Taranto, Schenectady De-Anna D. Tate, Brooklyn Karina Tavarez, New York Travis P. Taylor, Montgomery *** Kenneith G. Teamoh, Watertown Matthew Alan Tebaldi, Ballston Spa Rachael Templeton, Pulaski John TeNyenhuis, Mastic ** Taylor R. Tessier, Nedrow Amy M. Testa, Auburn ** Jenna M. Testa, Rochester *** Holly Joy Thomas, Orangeville, IL *** Iain James Thompson, Oswego Sarah Marie Timney, Fulton Aloaye I. Tisor, Bronx Jessica Louise Toach, New Hartford ** Rafael Oscar Torres Jr., Brooklyn Kaela R. Towne, Oswego * Alexis Marie Traina, Middletown Karlee Trautwig, Deer Park Elizabeth Marie Travers, Oswego Rachel Elizabeth Treiling, Wading River Anthony Rocco Trivigno, Deer Park *** Matthew J. Trudeau, Rochester *** Megan Leanna Truesdale, Owego Kylie Margaret Tucker, Chittenango * Angela Rose Tylock, Mechanicville * Sidney S. Uquillas, Woodhaven * Esosa B. Uwadiae, Cambria Heights Brina Agustina Valencia, Rocky Point Brian Thomas Van Horne, Gansevoort Brandon M. Vandermalle, Webster ** Krista M. Vann, Oswego Danni Tatiana Vasquez, Bronx John Carlo Pineda Verceles, Oswego Celia Vertino, Blasdell * Rachel A. Vincent, Copenhagen Rudra Bahadur Wagley, Reynoldsburg, OH Matthew Robert Wagner, Fulton Khalil Jae Waldron, Bronx * Mara Devine Waligurski, Cortland * Alec Walter, Shirley Kevin Nirmal Wanniarachchi Kankanamalage, Batalanda, Sri Lanka * Cydney C. Ward, Oswego Matthew J. Warhola, Virginia Beach, VA Sandra Violet Warren, Sandy Creek Hannah J. Warriner, Albany Matthew W. Waszkiewicz, Clinton * Meaghan P. Weinell, Sherburne Abigail C. Wentworth, Geneva Thomas Albert Werth Jr., Oswego Keyra Amanda Westby, Bronx Mateusz Wiater, Arverne Breanna Williams, Brooklyn ** Jonah Alexander Williams, Deposit * Nicholas M. Williams, Oswego Shunia C. Williams, Bronx Colin P. Wilson, Delmar * Nicholas James Winters, Saratoga Springs * Heaven Wong, Saint Albans ** Jenna Nicole Wood, Cobleskill Lillian Wood, Candor Ashlie Woodcock, Cleveland Marquis Jules Wright, Far Rockaway Miranda C. Yonkasky, West Islip Diamond T. Young, Syracuse Amanda M. Yousey, Syracuse Evelyn Lorena Zevallos, Bethpage Nicole Marie Ziegler, Mexico Derek Ivan Zinter, West Henrietta * Alec Jason Zuch, Yorktown Heights


20 Sarah Lynn Adamo, Staten Island Bilikiz Mopelola Adebayo, Brooklyn James Adydan, Pulaski Kayana Makela T. Akez, Mount Vernon Yousef Pervez Akhtar, Dayton, NJ James Alexander Albright, Syracuse Mohammed Abdulrahman Alfarouqi, Brighton, MA Alexander Victor Allen, Pennellville ** Jeffrey B. Allen, Penfield * Nicole Alvarez, Copiague Joseph William Amedio, Oswego Christopher Thomas Ames, Binghamton Matthew Daniel Anarumo, Levittown * Alex J. Anderson, Mamaroneck Anthony Richard Angora, Rochester Sarah C. Anzalone, Spencerport ** Charlene Ayamo Effa Assam, Douala, Cameroon Luke John Aston, Binghamton * Andrew Michael Aubin, Fulton Samantha Bakaitis, Hoosick Falls *** Christopher Thomas Bankard, Carthage Alec James Basehart, Tonawanda Connor Douglas Bashaw, Fairport Yekaterina Basman, Bronx Daniel Jay Baumgardt, Port Washington Alexa Marie Beatrice, Massapequa Kyle Dennis Beck, Lindenhurst ** Madison L. Beckley, Phoenix * Marquel Alexis Bedrossian, Webster *** Danielle Alyssa Benigno, Oswego Kevin Daniel Bennett, Minoa Monica Laura Bennett, Minoa Melissa Sue Bent, New York Jessica Bevilacqua, Albany Sean Patrick Biggie, Syracuse Katelyn Elizabeth Billings, Fulton Robert Birrenbach, Clinton Corners ** Alexander Robert Blaise, Ilion William Anthony Bogarski Jr., Valatie Alexander Robert Botten, Sharon, ON *** Abigail M. Boyce, Lockport * Berk Bozaci, Rochester Neil P. Brennan, Saint James Joseph Steven Breslawski, Hamlin Sean M. Breslin, Fairport Alexander M. Brown, Rexford Jason William Brown, Rochester Carolin Milagros Burgos, Tomkins Cove *** Daniel Patrick Burke, Schenectady Michael Everett Buselli, Syracuse Rachel Maee Bush-Muncy, Copenhagen Jessica Butchen, Great Neck Nicholas A. Califano, Holbrook Collin Noel Campbell, Schenectady Zana J. Campbell, Bronx Michael Gregory Carballada, Williamsville Megan Elizabeth Cardish, Averill Park Richard Lloyd Carpentier, Oswego ** Madison Rae Carr, Saratoga Springs Dylan Joseph Carter, Liverpool Aaron Edward Cassidy, Albany Rachel Castellani, Liverpool ** Joshua M. Catrine, Watervliet Brylea J. Caughill, Marcellus Claudia Lynn Cedrone, Queensbury Lindsey Michelle Champitto, Rensselaer Sean Everette Charles, Elmont Inseong Choi, Jangsu-gun, South Korea Rocco Samuel Christian, Hancock Sarah Anne Christiansen, Cazenovia Chrystal L. Chung, Penfield Stephen T. Chwalek, Oswego * Ashley L. Cianciabella, East Northport Peter Edmund Clark, Baldwin Thalia C. Clerveau, Saint Albans Destani D. Cleveland, Cheektowaga Louis M. Cohen, Rockaway Park Matthew Lawrence Cohen, East Setauket ** Kevin Michael Coleman, Oswego ** Kelly Collishaw, Fishkill John Conrad Colwell, Ridge Robert Colyvas, Greenvale Emma Catherine Connors, Cicero Cristal Contreras, Bronx Patrick Gerard Cooke, Wantagh * Scott Cooper, Burnt Hills Warnakulasuriya Nilushika Cooray, Ja Ela Western, Sri Lanka Alexis Nicole Corcoran, Highland Mills Melissa Catherine Cottorone, Rochester Brandon James Courtney, Albany * April Anastasia Crane, Little Falls Annalise Marie Crescenzo, Bay Shore Matthew J. Crockett, Breezy Point Marie Cronk, Penn Yan Adam Scott Crumb, Ontario Peter T. Cummings, Valley Cottage Matthew J. Cuoccio, Niskayuna Kristine Marie Czirr, Oswego Bryan Dalfonso, Amsterdam Benjamin Keith Daniels, Selkirk * Danielle Marie Dannheim, Loudonville * Katia Marina D’Arcy, Newark Valley Joseph Davies, Demorestville,ON Matthew P. Davoult, Melville Nicholas Cameron De Amicis, Manlius Elizabeth Susan De Veau, East Islip Priscilla Debrah, Hackensack, NJ * Sloand Kathryn Deeter, Pittsford Joseph DeFranco, Adams David DeLand, Oswego * Nicholas Delgaizo, Webster Nathaniel Pascal DeMarree, Williamson Theodore J. Demos, Massapequa * Corey Michael Dennison, Rochester Allison Nicole Derby, Bemus Point * Khristian Diaz, Bronx ** Lindsay K. DiGiacomo, LancasterSchool of BusinessTo keep pace with a rapidly evolving business world, programs in the School of Business integrate classroom learning with advanced computer applications and various forms of applied education, such as case studies, simulations, group projects and internships. Nationally accredited by AACSB International — the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business — the school offers seven undergraduate majors and a master’s of business administra tion programas well as three five-year com bined bachelor’s/MBA degree programs, one in accounting, one in broadcasting and mass communication, and one in psychology.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2016, May 2017 and August 2017. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel.


21 Penda Diop, New York Peter Dodge, Cato Jamie Lynn Doherty, Holbrook Gabrielle Priscilla Domian, Schenectady Minying Dong, Brooklyn ** Carolyn Patricia Donnelly, Ramsey, NJ *** Erin M. Donnelly, Eldred Zachary Tyler Donofrio, Huntington Station Kaleigh Donohoe, Central Square ** Bernard Stephen Douglas III, Mexico Nicholas A. Drumm, Greenfield Center Luke Durland, Slate Hill * Devin A. Durner, Latham Timothy M. DuShane, Syracuse Lucas J. Eisele, Hauppauge * Emily Lucille Elter, Fabius Julia Endres, Oswego Nicolas Michael Epping, Webster Dylan Alexandre Ernst, Nissequogue Hector Alexis Escamilla, Bronx Anna Nicole Eusebio, Saint James Christopher Evans, East Northport * Paree V. Evans, Alexandria Bay * Robert Aaron Fairchild, Cicero Corey J. Fay, Geneva Javier Bernardo Fernandez, Bronx * John G. Ferranti, Binghamton Tyler James Fey, Massapequa Park Joshua B. Filler, Glenmont *** Ryan Thomas Fitzpatrick, Dix Hills ** Connor J. Flaherty, Scotia Stephanie Floeser, Ballston Lake Elaine Janae Flowers, Brooklyn * Jake Thomas Ford, Cortlandt Manor Jonathan Edward Fowler, Syracuse * Ryan Michael Franz, Vestal * Brandi Freytag, Pennellville Christopher Jay Fuller, Chittenango Erika Rachel Gadasi, Bellmore Damien R. Galindo, Lagrangeville Joseph Gallo, Guilderland * Dylan J. Galusha, Ontario Erin E. Ganley, Baldwinsville Sarah Renee Garmany, Rome * Timothy J. Garrett, Oceanside William Owen Gauthier, Ghent Gage C. Geminn, Ontario Anthony Ernesto Gentile, Oswego ** Alex Willem George, Camillus John Anthony Gergely Jr., Saint James Drew Hamilton Gerhart, Binghamton As Bianca Gibbs, Medford, OR Alexander John Gillingham, Slingerlands Brian Stafford Gittens, Bronx Zarnee Goe, Syracuse * Tal Gordon, East Quogue Steven Chris Gouvakis, Albany * Eric R. Grills, Rochester Daniel R. Groves, Clarence Peter B. Gryga, Queensbury John-Michael Guarino, New Hampton Jackson Thomas Haber, Syracuse * Justin Hagag, Stony Brook Kavon Elijah Hall, Rahway, NJ Natasha M. Hall, Bronx *** John P. Haran Jr., Rochester * John James Hart, Plano, TX ** Matthew Joseph Hathaway, Liverpool ** Erica Nicole Hausler, Ballston Spa Elizabeth Hayes, Syracuse *** Yibei He, Oswego Kelsey E. Henderson, Cazenovia Anthony Hernandez, New York * Dillon Jason Hertel, Commack Kateryna Heryak, Syracuse Ryan Thomas Holmes, Florida Nicholas William Hoskin, Glenville * Nicole Taylor Houliares, Victor Timothy Joseph Hourigan, Stony Brook Taylor L. Howell, Seneca Falls Alexis Danielle Hull, Nedrow * Shawn Micheal Hulshof, Stouffville, ON Shelby W. Hunter, Herkimer Ashen Diminda Hunukumbura, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka Peter R. Ianniello, Mamaroneck Adrian John Ignagni, Mississauga, ON Alexandra R. Izzo, Hamburg Allison M. Jackson, Arcade Tae Hyun Jang, Oswego Ashly Marie Januszka, Auburn Julianna Marie Jardin, East Syracuse *** Justin Matthew Jarecki, Clayville Matthew James Jesella, Buffalo * Jennifer N. Jevons, Latham Jake Kenneth Johnson, Manorville * Stephen Stuart Johnson, Mississauga, ON Cathy A. Johnston, Martville * J. Taylor Jones, Palmyra Nicholas Donald Jones, Cornwall * Nicholas A. Jordan, Endicott Michael Jared Josselyn, Penfield Dylan Andrew Julian, Webster Jared M. Justice, Fabius ** Alexandra Kabunova, Clay ** Adam Michael Kalish, Commack * Kevin Charles Kania, Endicott Stuart Jeffry Kapps, Waterloo ** Emily N. Karszes, Stanley *** Zhiyuan Ke, Kingston Carolyn Michelle Kelly, Kirkville Shane T. Kenyon, Canandaigua John G. Kilmartin, Ridge ** Eunbi Kim, Siheung-si, South Korea Bryan Kerry Kimball, Oriskany Falls *** Shawn Robert Kimball, Fulton Briana Nicole Kimble, Rochester Matthew W. Kistner, Windsor Madeline E. Klatt, Barker Ryan Benjamin Korn, Somers Alex Koski, Corning Jillian Sophie Kranz, Babylon Joshua James Krause, Webster Alex Kresner, Huntington Matthew A. Kriever, Cortland Melanie Anita Krug, Merrick Jorjienne Bailey Labarge, Norwood * Taylor Landuyt, Clifton Springs Nicholas John Lapolla, Stony Brook Harrison Charles LaPorta, Centerport Nicholas D. Latona, West Seneca Amanda M. Lattimore, Syracuse Michael Layman, Corinth Alexander Leana, Camillus So Jin Lee, Seoul, South Korea Sunghee Lee, Oswego Joseph Louis LiCausi, Port Jeff Sta Kassidy R. Liljeblad, West Islip Samantha Katharine Lind, Rensselaer *** Kayla M. Lippke, Phoenix Richard Lizza, Syosset * Zachary G. Loura, Fulton Kevin Jeremiah Lubanski, Beekman * German Edwin Lucero, Nyack * Megan Lyn MacCheyne, Webster * Renee Macdonald, Penfield ** Andrew Edward Maczonis, Oswego Brody Storm Magro, Rochester Staci Chelsea Malmstrom, Binghamton Sean P. Maloney, West Nyack Marissa R. Mammarello, Rochester Marty Joseph Mandresh, Medford Christine Elizabeth Marinace, Levittown Charles Warren Marsden, Hurleyville Jacob Evan Martin, Bernhards Bay Liam A. Martin, Syracuse Lorissa J. Martin, Lake Placid Timothy James Mascia, Smithtown Matthew Ryan Mc Mullen, Syracuse Liam Peter McAleer, Washingtonville Sean McCabe, Coram Alexander Thomas McCarthy, Manlius ** Ted McCarthy, Clifton Park Michael J. McDermott, Bethpage Marcus James McFee-Walters, West Babylon Sean McGivney, Port Jefferson Amber McRae, Oswego Joshua T. Medina, Monroe ***Zachary D. Melite, Clifton Park Jansen Mercado, Auburn Crystal Frances Miller, Auburn Daniel P. Mills, La Fargeville *** Corinne Margaret Milnamow, Chittenango Patrick Miraval, West Islip Kaitlyn Mitchell-Griffis, Baldwinsville


22 Samuel Andrew Mitchell, Marion Devyn Amadeus Earley Moldt, Gloversville Evan Jeffrey Moore, Pine Island Laurence Michael Moore, Syracuse Jibin S. Moosariparambil, West Haverstraw Andrew J. Morano III, Clintondale Michele N. Moreno, Putnam Valley Benjamin Carl Moretti, Elmira * Kaitlyn A. Morgan, Macedon Dylan Jordan Morgia, Oswego Emma Jordan Moriarty, Port Jeff Station ** Matthew P. Murphy, Round Lake Paul T. Murphy, Bronx Malik Omar Murray, Monticello Christopher A. Muscarella, Fultonville * Rachael M. Musengo, Liverpool Rafael Nacaj, Bronx Kristen Elizabeth Needham, Huntington Station Kenneth David Neil, St John’s, NF Emily G. Netti, Oswego Kalee F. Neumann, Clifton Park Dylan Richard Niewiemski, North Chili Justin Michael Nitz, Farmingville Joseph Noce Jr., Smithtown Emily Jewel Notaro, Wantage, NJ John Robert Novitsky, Victor Jeremiah Noyd, Windsor Heather Lynn Owen-Robinson, Fishkill * Chad Owusu, New City Jeffrey Andrew Palmer, Albany Michael Paolillo Jr., Rome James J. Parisi, Cornwall Quayshawn James Parker Sr., Binghamton Dhaval N. Parmar, Moosic, PA Brandon A. Patino, Sleepy Hollow Cristal Pena, Monroe Ismy Pena, Monroe * Tyler D. Penberthy, East Amherst Anthony Pesce, Fairport ** Matthew David Peters, North Tonawanda * Jacqueline G. Petrow, Commack ** Marissa L. Petrus, Clyde Alex Christopher Pettit, Niskayuna ** Abigail Eileen Phillips, Windsor ** James Piccirillo, Lake Ronkonkoma Brett A. Piperni, Victor Michael Joseph Piwinski, Auburn Jane Polack, Staten Island * Theodore F. Potenza, Latham *** Mark Tyler Prezioso, Fairport Colton Walter Price, Syracuse Kyle Price, Tuxedo Park Jillian E. Primicias, Watertown Franklin Pullano, Potsdam * Hongyi Qin, Oswego Joseph Quinn, Clay Ryan M. Rabideau, Utica Michael John Rahm Jr., Florida Kathleen Shannon Regan, Lawrence Kevin J. Reilly, Massapequa *** Holly L. Reitmeier, Mexico *** Joshua Remington, Adams *** Lindsay Elizabeth Rice, Canandaigua Harrison J. Rieber, Hicksville * Luke O. Riesbeck, Vestal Maeva A. Rigaud, Brooklyn Vincent Paul Rinaldo, Appleton Timothy John Ritch, Camillus James C. Rivera, Monroe Robert Lee Robbins, Truxton Andrew L. Rockefeller, Watertown Jonathan Rodriguez, Highland Melina Rodriguez, Port Washington Jesse Michael Romano, Shirley Phillip Alexander Romero, Saratoga Springs * Bridget Mary Rooney, Chester Christopher W. Roque, Suffern Tyler Anthony Rotolo, Red Hook * Katelyn L. Rowley, Rochester Dawn R. Rush, Liverpool Wyatt Louis Russo, Massapequa Park Lauren Christine Ryan, Garnerville Zachary Sabella, Syracuse ** Nicole M. Sagrestano, Selden ** Tracey Sanchez, Staten Island Derek C. Sanders, Baldwinsville ** Nicole Rose SantaMaria, New City Rodolfo Jose Sapp, Baldwinsville Giovanna Lucia Saulle, Smithtown Joseph Paul Savino, Massapequa * Eric Russell Scherer, Camillus ** Marie-Luise Schmalzl, Watertown * Nicholas Schneller, Fairport Jack Nicklaus Schnitzer, Slate Hill Zachary David Schrader, Elbridge Zachariah Paul Schuck, Carthage Matthew Schultz, East Islip Brandon Joseph Schultzkie, Oswego * Andrew Schutt, Vestal Kristen Mae Scott, Clyde Michael John Seeley, Owego Emily Mary Shackleton, Warners *** Shiyi Shen, Oswego Kevin Sheridan, Buffalo * Bridget Marie Sherlock, Syracuse Colin John Sickles, Yorktown Heights Lubna Arshad Siddiqui, Warners Kyle Joseph Simmons, Watertown Caitlin Joan Slatcher, Hancock Conor Craig Smith, Port Washington David Christopher Smith, Gardiner Abubakarr Sow, Brooklyn Luke Patrick Stapleton, Syracuse * Michael Leonard Stern, Monroe Allyson Elizabeth Stewart, Newark Valley Samantha Ann Stilson, Harpursville Connor J. Stumpf, Laurel Kayla Nicole Sumell, Parish * Vincent Michael Sutera, Holbrook * Brianna E. Sweeny, Syracuse Drew J. Swenson, Sea Cliff Brooke Ann Szabo, Cicero ** Kaitlyn Marie Thomas, Schenectady ** Kelsey L. Thomas, Clifton Park Derek Tishman, Pleasantville Ryan J. Todora, Baldwinsville Brian Alexander Torchia, Rochester * Nicole Torres, Oswego * Daniel Peter Toscano, Syracuse Erika Marie Truschke, Lemont, IL Jonathan Ukunc, Brooklyn Gregory Paul Ulrich, Binghamton * Justiss Elaine Usborne, Oneida Brian Usobiaga, Pleasantville Evan Geoffrey Van Epps, Guilderland Michael Robert Vanderhoof Jr., Auburn Walter A. Vargas, Jamaica Tarrance Ann Vassallo, Liverpool Christopher C. Versaci, Bedford * Kaylee Marlene Walker, Weedsport Gina Nicole Wallace, West Islip Alex Joseph Wapniewski, Williamsville Alexander R. Ward, Watertown * Conor Michael Ward, Warwick * Ashley A. Waring, Fulton Haasan Rendell Washington, Utica Christopher Waterstreet, Northville, MI Kyle S. West, Ballston Spa William Joel Whaley, Norwich ** Brett M. Wilder, Eden Joelon L. Williams, Mexico Jessica Williamson, Cicero * Sheneya J. Wilson, Yonkers * Alicia M. Wise, Fulton Kevin Joseph Withus, Lagrangeville Michael S. Wolf, Smithtown Robert Tyler Woods, Cicero * Sarah Elizabeth Woods, Cohoes * Carissa Elizabeth Woolson, Oswego * Brendon Christopher Wormley, Wilton ** Lingyun Wu, Xinyang, China Joshua Yager, Liverpool * Justin Yokajty, Webster ** Wanjuan You, Columbus, OH Ashley Lauren Yusin, Melville *** Cuifen Zhuang, Brooklyn Jacob Samuel Zive, Ossining


23 School of Communication, Media and the ArtsCreated in 2007, the School of Communication, Media and the Arts brings together programs related to the study and creation of messages through art and music, electronically and via the spoken word. The school combines the strengths of fine and performing arts programs in art, music and theatre with the highly diverse department of communication studies. Nine undergraduate degree options and two master’s degrees are offered in addition to interdisciplinary majors and minors. Graduates in this division are identified by tri-colored cords representing brown for art and theatre, crimson for communication studies, and pink for music.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2016, May 2017 and August 2017. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Amanda J. Adams, Pittsford Tyler Morgan Ahart, Oswego Nicole Aiello, Rome David Almaviva, Clifton Park Jeffrey M. Ames, Marcellus Gloria Ampofo, Bronx Kailyn Nicole Andrews, Brooktondale Kayse L. Andriola, Middle Island Morgan Alissa Atwood, Horseheads Palexenia Babb, Saint Albans Kyle T. Bailey, Farmingdale *** Travis R. Barend, Ontario Michaela Rose Barone, Lake View * Alyssa Marie Barrett, Honeoye Falls * Carol M. Bautista, New York Kyle Francis Bedient, West Henrietta Isabella Bellizzi, Eastchester Nathan Bettisworth, Eastchester Melissa Anne Blair, Syracuse * Thomas Francis Boccardo, Webster Malik B. Bogues Beauzile, Saint Albans Cheyenne Marie Bonnewell, Prattsburgh Michael T. Boyd, Tallman *** Natalie Marie Brophy, North Tonawanda Isaiah Malik Brown, Binghamton * Ellen Irene Bryant, Skaneateles Ronald Bryant III, Bronx * Brian J. Bueche, Hicksville Chelsea Elizabeth Burgett, Phoenix ** Allison Nicole Burnett, Oswego * Zoe Calabrese, Hastings Nees Calderon, New York Stefanie Angeline Calise, Commack Bridget Justine Callahan, Northport * Renaud Charles Cameron-Beauregard, Binghamton Elizabeth R. Campbell, Moravia Matthew Gerard Cancel, Poughquag Natalie A. Cardamone, Fayetteville Allison Rose Carpenter, Caroga Lake * Alexa M. Carrascal, Loudonville Bryan Joseph Castiglione, Holtsville Carla Raquel Castro, Patchogue Asha Charles, Brooklyn Calvin Cheung, Hicksville *** Adam Michael Christel, Carle Place Michael Cicero, Leicester Issack William Cintron, Bay Shore * Heather Leigh Clark, Cortlandt Manor *** Emily Alice Cecelia Clarke, Oswego Ryan Lee Cochrane, Baldwinsville Emily Mae Cole, Oswego * Tia Margaret Collier, Sodus Max Vincent Collins, Liverpool Jane Conaway, Fulton ** Olivia Marie Coppeletti, Middletown Steven H. Cordero, Brooklyn * Peter Joseph Cormie, Whitehall Daniel Ryan Corona, Massapequa Alyssa Noelle Cotsalas, Smithtown Diana Crobar, Baldwinsville Imani Noemi Cruz, Flushing Shannon Alycia Cummings, West Hempstead Catherine Elizabeth Danielewicz, Lewiston Chan Daniels, New York * Dorothy Elizabeth Davis, Parkton, MD ** Victoria de la Concha, Levittown * Evan Randall Debevec-McKenney, Windsor, CT * Matthew Gregory Debonis, Hopewell Junction Jacqueline Decker, Liverpool Rocco Peter DeFranco, Auburn * Connor P. DeHaan, Warwick Enjoli Shannel DeLaRosa, Yonkers * JoAnn Lee DeLauter, North Bellmore * Tiffanie Lynne Delozier, Shokan * Mariana Diaz, Syracuse Melissa Rose DiGiovanna, Hauppauge * Justin A. Dobrow, Selden Bethany G. Dohman, Fredonia Anthony Arthur Dolce, Forestville Patrick A. Donovan, Bethpage *** Cody R. Doran, Pennellville Shawna Renee Dorsey, Rochester Kevin M. Dragos, Selden * Matthew T. Drexler, East Norwich Shaquille Thomas Duberry, New York * Lauren Rose Eaton, Syracuse Amanda Rose Ebrahim, Bayville Nicholas Edward Endres, Syracuse Andres Omar Escobar, Valley Stream ** Haley Rebecca Everts, Clay * Margaret Therese Farragher-Gnadt, Rochester Maxwell Jack Feldman, Great Neck Kyle Ferguson, Moravia Thomas Ryan Fichter, Nesconset ** Haley L. Filippone, Clarence ** Lindsey Marie Fink, South Setauket William Fitzpatrick, Holtsville * Anne Francine Flaherty, Smithtown Nicolette Malthide Francisco, Brooklyn Zachary Taylor Fregoe, Massena * Erin Nicole French, Fishkill Tyler Francis Fudzinski, Waterville Kaitlynn Virginia Fuller, Clyde


24 Andrew J. Gaita, Wantagh Americo Galindez Jr., Bronx Angelina Garcia, New York Matias Garcia Jr., Fulton ** Phillip J. Gebhardt, Syracuse Emily Ruth George, Fairport Rebecca Gillette, Frankfort *** Samuel Joseph Gilroy, Binghamton ** Lydia Goerner, Utica Pedro Antonio Gomez, Centereach Leah Elizabeth Goodcoff, Clifton Park Joseph Anthony Governale, Mount Sinai Brian Michael Graves Jr., Oswego Nicholas J. Greco, West Islip Jasmine Green, Beacon Falls, CT Sean Kenneth Green, Warnerville * Derek Robert Greenough, Camillus * Genna Rae Gross, New Windsor * Miranda Marie Guarno, Cicero Sarah Ann Haber, New City Conor Thomas Halton, Solvay * Laura Louise Hammond, Rochester * Kaylee M. Harrigan, Orchard Park Mary K. Harrigan, Oneida * Zachary B. Harris, Liverpool Taylor Marjorie Hart, Fairport Rebecca Danielle Harvey, Rhinebeck Halle Nicole Heimowitz, Syosset Kevin Sean Hennessy, Manlius Jacqueline Mary Himberger, Rocky Point Briana M. Hnatko, Fulton Gustav Albert Hoffmann, Syracuse * Brandon Patrick Holmes, Florida Zachary J. Holt, Liverpool Marissa Anne Hovey, Baldwinsville Kalie Hudson, Hilton Latisha Asa Hudson, New York Kyle T. Huniford, Pennellville Paige Elizabeth Hunt, Trumansburg Yarbrielle Ingram, Hampton, GA Louis J. Ingrassia, White Plains * Ryan Aloysius Ivers, Syracuse Kaylyn E. Izzo, Fort Edward * Olivia Anne Jacobsen, Irvington Joshua K. Jarvi, Syracuse Dicarri Jacquet Jean, New Rochelle Ricardi Jacquet Jean, New Rochelle Kimberly Jimenez, Brookhaven Aric Thomas Johnson, Webster * Breanna A. Johnson, Richmond Hill Creighton Fredrick Joscelyn IV, Palatine Bridge Stacey K. Julius, Brooklyn ** Cassandra Jeanette Kaiser, Waterloo Ryan Daniel Kanavy, Syracuse * Benjamin Michael Kane, Palatine Bridge * Marc Aaron Kaplan, Farmingville Lindsay Karback, Lincoln Park, NJ Noah Joseph Kasman, Chester Thomas John Kasperowicz Sr., Selden Tyler James Kawryga, Skaneateles * Samantha E. Keeney, Pulaski Kathleen Anne Keffner, Bardonia Theophilus Briant Kendall, Brooklyn ** Rachael Marie Kepler, Barre, VT * Ella Marie Kikkert, Hall Donavon O’Brian King, Albany Brittany Anne Koch, New City * Conor James Kolupski, Rochester Jaime Sara Krasner, Rockaway Park Trevor Joseph Krencik, Ronkonkoma Sameer Kumar, Monroe * Jessica Emily Kummrow, La Fayette Kate Lynn Labozzetta, Mattydale Claire Elizabeth Lacure, Rochester Taisha Laird, Alexandria Bay Brittani J. Lamb, Dexter * Dustin Edward LaMontagne, Cicero Daniel Laverde, Hopewell Junction * Jamie M. LaVigueur, Rochester Jiyoung Lee, Seongnam-Si, South Korea Robert E. Lee, Oswego Ryan T. Lee, New Haven Patrick Edward Lenihan, Centereach Nick Lewandowski, Troy Michael Robert Lewis, Plainview Anthony Limandri, Jr., Pearl River Mark Linkletter, Yorktown Heights ** Rachel C. Long, Hopewell Jct Chelsea Janell Lyons, New York ** Christina Madera, Yonkers * Kathlene Elizabeth Mahaffey, Watertown Nicole Marie Maio, Utica ** Daniel J. Manou, Webster Shanna B. Mansfield, Pearl River * Sean Michael Maphia, Herkimer Criselda Figueroa Mapoy, New York * Michael McKinley Mariuz, Pittsford Nicole A. Marlowe, Brewster Arlene N. Martin, Coram Geselle Martinez, Central Islip Dion J. Matthews, Saint Albans ** Corrin Marie Mays, Penfield Melissa Amelia McAnulty, Smithtown Conor B. McCormick, Manorville ** Jordan Michael McGee, Manlius Jillian Mary McKee, La Fayette Amanda Michele McKnight, Newburgh Brendan M. McLaughlin, Floral Park Daniella Anne Melita, Hobe Sound, FL Carmen Pilar Mendoza, Brentwood Hannah D. Merewether, Orchard Park Drew R. Mertens, Tully Gabrielle A. Messier, Saratoga Springs * Kenneth Migliore, Massapequa Park ** Marissa L. Miksad, Yonkers Daniel G. Miller, Whitesboro Vanessa Lucas Miranda, Monticello Alexander Monachino, Williamson Dominic Joseph Mondi, Bellport Tyler Mone Sr., Mechanicville Cris R. Moore, Oswego Sabine D. Moore, New York Matthew Thomas Moran, Buffalo *** Adriana Mucedola, Auburn * Margaret Anne Murphy, Elmira Courtney D. Myers, Fairport Jamie Mysel, Commack Jean-Phillip Narcisse, Davie, FL Emily Shi Nassir, Great Neck Samantha Nieto, Merrick * Shawna Parker O’Donovan, Pearl River Meghan Marie Olson, Budd Lake, NJ Eric John Ortiz, Wyandanch Noah Joseph Paccia, Marietta ** Sarah Grace Pasquarelli, Whitesboro Stephen P. Payette, Syracuse ** Emily M. Pease, Massena James Wolfram Pecori, Syracuse Lauren Peel, Oswego Mikael Elena Pelkey, Hilton Briese M. Penaherrera, Binghamton Andrew Anthony Perrella, Cortlandt Manor * Laura Kathleen Perwitz, Fulton Sydney N. Peters, Syosset Hunter Pettingill, Seneca Falls * Ryan M. Pfeifer, Ballston Spa Jacob Bernard Podgorsky, Lynbrook Brian Patrick Potter, East Islip Rane Renique Prieto, Elmsford Lauren E. Proctor, Jamestown Samantha Elizabeth Puckhaber, Lake Placid * Andrew M. Pugliese, Schenectady ** Stephanie Lauren Jiao Pulaski, Cicero *** Kaitlin Rebecca Pullis, Auburn Meaghan E. Quinn, Ontario


25 The College Mace Sahar Rajput, Solvay Steven Ramnanan, Jamaica Matthew Christopher Raynor, Mastic Erin Reff Fulton, Depauville Remington, Red Creek Chantel A. Richardson, Staten Island Gracemary Rinaldi, Ramsey, NJ Daniel Roach, Huntington Station Maryssa Louise Catherine Romeo, Vermontville Daniela Rosario, Brentwood * Zachary C. Ross, Auburn ** Aaron Michael Roth, Binghamton ** Victoria Audrey Ruggiero, Selden ** Morgan Ashley Rumpf, Greenfield Center ** Daniel J. Ryans, Woodside * Xochitl Abigail Santamaria, White Plains *** Ashley B. Santmyer, Central Square *** Brianna C. Santmyer, Central Square Gayle Schiller, Valley Stream ** Alyssa Rae Schock, Liverpool * Ian Rich Schoonmaker, Schenectady * Christina Kelly Schretzman, Holbrook * Katie E. Schulz, Mahopac * Arielle Schunk, Orchard Park Hannah Lynn Scott-McGrail, Oswego * Alyssa I. Scruton, Baldwinsville Elena Anne Semenza, Somers Sheridan S. Seward, Rome Sarah Regan Shallowhorn, Buffalo * Ymoni N. Shavuo, Bronx Sarah Elizabeth Sheehan, Schenectady Brianna E. Sloth, Canandaigua Austin Michael Smith, Angola Kyana NaQuelle Snow-Eason, Rochester Sherrod Spencer, Brooklyn Ebony L. Staley, Springfield Gardens *** Allison Mary Stango, Melville William Anthony Steele IV, Mount Sinai * Sarah Ashley Stephens, Wantagh Nicole Emily Sussman, Roslyn Heights * Tess Alexandra Sydlo, Horseheads Rebecca Ann Szabo, Lockport * Zachery J. Taylor, Greene Julia Lauren Thomas, Rhinebeck Connor A. Thompson, Rochester ** Mikala Kimberly Thompson, Spencerport Spencer R. Thorn, Clyde *** Daniel S. Tielbaard, Baldwinsville *** Madison Kaye Tinney, Barton Anna Mae Tofolo, Clayville Darren Michael Tomasulo, Queensbury Andrew Michael Torak, Syracuse * Lauren S. Toscano, Dix Hills Brian Carl Trainor, Boonville Mary Elizabeth Trimble, Northport * Madalene Ulrich, Owego Jessica Marie Urrutia, Middletown Leslie Caryn Usherwood, Oswego Chad Vanriel, Bronx Jennifer Rose Varvaro, Lynbrook Jake Alexander Villeneuve, Nassau * Katelyn Marie Wainman, Hancock ** Claire Elizabeth Wajda, Staatsburg Stephanie L. Walsh, New York Libbie Wansink, Pulaski Elizabeth A. Warner, Oswego Sam R. Watkins, Port Jefferson Cassandra Watts, Cincinnati, OH Ayana Monae Webb, Brooklyn Lauren M. Wedemeier, Blauvelt ** Ilyssa Chelsea Weiner, Woodridge Michael J. Welsh, Marcellus Mackenzie Ann Wetzel, Glenville Ashley Brook White, Sodus Nicole M. Willoughby, Bellport Melissa E. Wilson, Port Byron Samantha Kaye Wilson, Oswego Eian Gordon Woodcock, Jordan Kahnoy-Akim Moret Woodfolk, Carthage Katherine A. Woods, Syracuse Brandon Woolfolk, Baldwinsville *** Songling Ye, Wenzhou, China Xian Zhao, New Castle, DE *** Rachel Rose Zoanetti, Syracuse Anthony Zulferino, Dix Hills Rachel Pilar Zurita, Oakland Gardens


26 ** Rita Aliperti, Centereach Magnolia Almonte, Bronx * Joseph Dominick Amen, Stony Brook Kendall Grace Appelbaum, Buffalo Alexa Hartman Aramburu, Glen Rock, NJ Abigail Ellen Atkins, Oswego Leeann Clare Azzano, Ontario * Beth Baglio, Kenmore ** Emily Elizabeth Baker, Red Creek Margot C. Balzer, Congers Madison Jane Bates, Chittenango Andrew J. Benson, Carthage * Melanie B. Bleiberg, Merrick Courtney Michelle Bobbett, Memphis Brittany L. Bonin, Cicero Jessica Rene Bordonaro, Seaford *** Rachel Ann Caldwell Bortin * Jacquelyn Renee Bourgeois, Liverpool * Ashleigh Morgan Bradt, North Syracuse Danielle Elizabeth Brennan, Endicott Jeremy Edward Brewster, Pennellville * Mitchell M. Brickman, Rochester Alexandra Nicole Brittman, Lynbrook ** Alyssa Nicole Brockmann, Fairport * Hanna Brovka, Camillus * Kevin Matthew Brown, Poughkeepsie Maeghan E. Bruyn, Poughquag ** Asenath K. Bryant, Troy * Brittany Justine Bullock, Stony Brook Cayman P. Burke, Phoenix Brennan Liberte Butler, Lake Placid Jessica T. Bye, Jordan Julia R. Calandra, Suffern * Nicole J. Camardella, Clay ** Carson J. Case, Ithaca * Shannon Ann Casey, Deer Park Caitlyn Nicole Cassidy, Southold John L. Catanzaro, Carmel Marla Jean Chayban, Liverpool Daniel John Ciaramella, Latham ** Erin N. Clegg, Hillsdale Madelyn Joan Cloutier, Glenmont * Raven Zara D. Coffiel, Greenwood Lake * Devon Cohen, West Hempstead ** Lizette Saraflor Colque, Cochabamba, Bolivia Marisa-Marie Conslato, Locust Valley Christopher Keesler Coomey, Monroe * Ryan Christopher Coomey, Fulton Maureen E. Corcoran, Poughkeepsie Morgan R. Cropsey, Lindenhurst Morgan Marie Dailey, Newark Amber M. Danner, Bronx Rebecca Marie Davis, Pulaski * Elizabeth Rae DeJesus, Hicksville Angie Nathalia Delgado Aguirre, Hampton Bays ** Courtney Lynne DeLong, Fulton Kathryn E. Deverell, Webster * Marissa Nicole Diedrick, Hopewell Junction ** Ronald Joseph Diego Jr., Delmar James Charles Dillon, Oswego Michael P. Dober, Liverpool * Kali JoAnne Domicolo, Mexico Kristen Anne Durlacher, Delmar ** Allison M. Dwyer, Syracuse Michael Paul Eardley, Fulton * Rachel N. Edic, Baldwinsville Lauren Eileen Edwards, Apalachin * Luke F. Evans, Baldwinsville Gary Anthony Falchi, Sauquoit * Cassidy Morgan Farr, Sayre, PA * Dana Elizabeth Farris, Valley Cottage * Brianna M. Favata, Oswego * Sean Paul Federow, Niagara Falls, ON *** Troy N. Feldman, Medford Zachary Michael Field, Tribes Hill Teresa Louise Finn, Marcellus *** Haleigh Alexis Flint, Watertown Jay Michael Forman, Fairport * Caitlyn Jayne Foster, Chittenango Caitlin E. Francz, Webster Nicole Z. Fudrini, Hewlett ** Matthew Nicholas Galati, Toronto, ON Shannon Marie Galindez, Bronx ** Allison Laurel Gallaher, Pleasant Valley Marianna Gillis, Syracuse ** Danielle Leah Gomolka, Johnson City * Edward Christopher Gonzalez II, South Otselic Kelly K. Granteed, Liverpool Ashley Nicole Graulich, Bay Shore Simon Tory Greebel, Woodmere Albert Sterling Green, Loudonville Andrea S. Gungor, Glen Head * Kyle Thomas Hanzl, Holbrook ** Ethan J. Harrod, Webster Heather N. Hebert, Hilton * Kathryn Elizabeth Heselden, Fabius Sarah J. Hill, Webster Scott C. Hinckley, Pearl River Lindsay Noelle Hladik, Ballston Spa Conor William Hughes, Campbell Hall * Shannon Marie Hurley, BaldwinsvilleSchool of EducationInnovation in authentic learning has been a hallmark of SUNY Oswego since its found ing in 1861. This creative spirit still thrives in the School of Education, where innovative methods grounded in research and early experiences in the field help students become teachers, counselors, school leaders, and wellness and technical professionals ready to meet the challenges of today’s global and diverse educational institutions and com munities. The school is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2016, May 2017 and August 2017. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel.


27 Teresa Angela Ivarson, Oxford Chase Edward Izyk, Oswego Kelly Ann Jackson, Bronx ** Keith Daniel Jacobsen, Huntington Station Trecia T. Jansen, Jamaica Erin Johnson, Miller Place Heather Marie Johnson, Camden Lindsay J. Jones, Spencerport Haralambos Kandaras, Elmira Maya Kaplan, Fair Lawn, NJ * Taylor Marie Kelly, Bardonia * Brenna K. Kenney, Wantagh ** Christopher James Kilmartin, Fort Plain ** Mackenzie Kohl, Ballston Spa Zachary A. Kollar, Endwell Danielle Marie Krause, Fulton * Lindsey N. Kregel, Watertown * Valeria Jane Kudinov, Patchogue Cody R. Laflamme, Eagle Bridge Shanice Decarlo Laing, Brooklyn * Emily L. Lamb, Fulton ** Dakota Marie Latham, Afton Jake R. Lawley, Grand Island Scot Edwin Laws Jr., Hastings Marissa A. Leccarde, Penfield Bryan Ogden Leggett, Ballston Lake Rebecca Allison Levenberg, Amityville Sunny Can Li, Long Island Gabrielle J. Loftus, Baldwinsville * Nicholas J. Luppino, Little Falls * Renee Lynn Lyman, Central Square Taylor Nicole Macdougall, Halfmoon ** Courtney H. MacEwen, Fulton * Elizabeth A. Mackey, Lindenhurst Tarik Khalid Mahdi, Brooklyn Leander R. Manning, Cobleskill Katie Lynn Mannise, Fulton Markie Rose Mannise, Fulton ** Mackensey L. Martens, Cayuga Sydney R. Martin, Silver Creek * Matthew Masenzio, Syracuse * Sara Ann Mateyunas, Northport Kelsey Ann Mathis, Salisbury Mills * Kyle A. Matura, Miller Place * Samantha R. Mayer, Chittenango Elizabeth Ann McAndrews, Garden City * Max Niles McBride, Setauket * Kristen Anne McCarthy, Bohemia Dillon John McCauley, Oswego Eric Michael McClain, Bronx Christopher McDermith, Delmar Paige McDonald, Cicero * Laura Ann McDorman, Wolcott * Joanna Lyn McKinney, Angola Kaitlyn Marie McMahon, Stormville * Lauren J. McNamara, Holmes Maura Anne Meaney, Franklin Square * Brian E. Messmer, Hudson Mark S. Milisci, Washingtonville ** Yasmine Natasia Moreira, Yonkers Tyler R. Morris, Newton, NJ * Mary Elizabeth Morrison, Fulton Jacob William Mullett, Syracuse Erin Michelle Murtha, Owego Alexis Musco, Garrison *** Jennifer Marie Nally, Yorktown Heights Timothy J. Nixon, Getzville ** Sara Elizabeth Noll, Liverpool Alison Nunziato, West Sand Lake Erin K. O’Brien, Northport *** Hannah Kate O’Brien, Marietta * Paula Jean Orr, Oneida Taylor Nicole Owens, Mattydale Tyler Z. Palmitese, Oswego * Haley Rose Parker, Perry Sylvia Pericles, Brooklyn Ashley Marie Pernice, Staten Island Brittany Lyn Perrin, Schenectady * Sydney Elizabeth Pfaff, Wolcott * Noah M. Pierce, Hilton Marisa Marie Pinner, Webster * Samuel J. Platt, Camden * Emily Grace Plotzker, Fairport Emily Rose Popple, Eden * Caroline Marian Power, Port Jeff Station * James V. Punzone, Kings Park Cortnie May Purce, Sterling ** Christopher Raguseo, Pickering, ON Sidney Rajab Sr., Rochester Marissa A. Randall, Vernon ** Jacqueline M. Rayburn, Victor * Eileen Nicole Renzi, Albany Jyeisha Lorraine Reyes, Bronx Kevin A. Reynoso, Cortlandt Manor Gabriel Rodriguez, Bronx Alexander Daniel Rosario, Highland Mills Ashley B. Ruffin, Great Falls, MT Megan E. Russell, Wantagh Jonathan Russo, Mount Kisco Kaela R. Russo, Fulton * Michael Abanoub Saad, Irvington Christina N. Santospirito, Nesconset Timothy J. Scalisi, Waltham, MA Kayla Rose Scandale, Port Jefferson Carolyn Ann Scanlon, Oswego Raymond Peter Schaeffner III, Seaford * Taylor Lorraine Scheuing, Grand Island *** Courtney Renee Schlesinger, Massapequa Kevin Walter Schulz, Syracuse Samantha Dawn Seith, Smithtown *** Madison Emily Marie Shaw, Canandaigua * Amanda Ann Sherman, Fulton * Devin R. Smith, Wilton * Emily Virginia Smith, Northport Gabriel Lee Smith, Mohawk * Jesslynn Marie Smith, Endwell Breanne R. Soper, Fayetteville James Russel Sorrentino, Buffalo Mark A. Spano, New Hyde Park Evyn H. Steinberg, Getzville * Nicole C. Stephenson, Baldwinsville Alessandra M. Suriano, Hopewell Junction Nathan Taylor, Avon Robert Francis Teifke, Mexico Sydney Telek, Pittsford Megan Elizabeth Terry, East Syracuse Daniel Joseph Valachovic, Fultonville * Thomas C. Waldt Jr., Baldwinsville Jenna Patricia Wallon, Baldwinsville Katelynn Leigh Webster, Wolcott Andrea Elise Wedemeier, Blauvelt Marc Allen Weyl, Pittsford Serena Whitaker, Saugerties * Noelle J. White, Brewerton Meghan Mary Wiacek, Syracuse Lucas Williamson, Ithaca ** Courtney Lynn Wingerden, Penfield Ewelina Wojnowska, Hannibal Christopher M. Wood, Webster Emily Ann Wright, Ronkonkoma Samantha Christine Wright, Port Jeff Sta Shelby Catherine Yates, Cazenovia * Matthew James Zawadzki, Sterling Heights, MI Riley Charles Zimmerman, Webster


28 Sheldon Hall, the historic home of Oswego State, was first opened in 1913. It is named after Edward Austin Sheldon, who founded the college in 1861. Division of Extended LearningThe Division of Extended Learning serves adult students returning to the classroom to update or enhance their skills, open a gate way to a new career, or pursue the pleasures of lifelong learning. Oswego offers a schedule friendly to part-time learners that includes intensive summer and winter sessions, online classes through the SUNY Learning Network, and degrees that can be earned entirely through evening study. Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2016, May 2017 and August 2017. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Anthony Buckalew, Oswego *** Michael R. Buza, Liverpool Richard Lewis Cranston, Webster Brandy M. Earl, Oswego Sean Fazio, Watertown *** Joshua Gardner, Liverpool Derrick John Hamilton, Bath Andrew Thomas Lazzaro, Oswego * Kathleen M. MacPherson, Oswego Adam Scott McNulty, Watertown Jane Anne Schirtz, Syracuse * Christopher Gerald Wagner, Lyons


29 Division of Graduate StudiesThe Division of Graduate Studies’ aim is to provide an environment in which qualified students may join a competent faculty in the quest for advanced learning. The graduate program is conducted through academic course work and research that lead students toward professional enrichment and scholarly achievement. Candidates for Master’s Degree and Certicate of Advanced StudySubject to completion of all degree requirements, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in May and August 2017. Graduate degree recipients are hooded by the graduate marshals and receive congratulations from their dean and the president.MASTER OF ARTS Major in Art Erin Janet Farrell, BA SUNY Potsdam Major in English Jordan Lynn Dedrick, BA SUNY Oswego Sean Thomas Milligan, BA SUNY Oswego Major in Graphic Design and Digital Media Lily Choi, BA SUNY Oswego Alejandro J. De Jesus, BFA Syracuse University Julia Rachel Cutler Furlong, BA Hofstra UniversityMajor in History Mary F. Buckley, BS Syracuse University Erin Marie Conway, BS SUNY Martime College Daniel Richard Durocher, BA SUNY OswegoMajor in Human-Computer Interaction Cassie Marie Breen, BS SUNY Oswego Julia Chowdhury, BA Agnes Scott College Christian Martin Damico, BS SUNY Oswego Adam Friedman, BA CUNY Queens College Connor Martin Gannon, BA SUNY Oswego Jamie Carolina Garcia, BA SUNY Oswego Jordan Tyler Hermann, BA SUNY Oswego Christopher Jankovski, BFA SUNY Oswego Ryan Henry Kikta, BA SUNY Polytechnic Melissa Delores King, BA SUNY Oswego Nicholas J. LaCross, BA SUNY Oswego Robert Joseph LeDone III, BA Purchase College Lauren V. Mulvehill, BS Rochester Institute of Technology Francisco Alberto Ovalle, BA SUNY Oswego Kristopher Joseph Saber, BA SUNY Oswego Christopher James Stultz, BA SUNY Oswego David Charles Swift, BA SUNY Oswego Patrick Shaughnessy Toohey, BS Clarkson University Logan Matthew Wells, BA SUNY OswegoHuman Computer-Interaction Professional Track Thomas M. Rigney Jr., BA SUNY OswegoStrategic Communication Kristan Johnson-Thomas, BA SUNY OswegoMASTER OF ARTS IN TEACHING Major in Art Education Chelsea Anne Allen, BFA SUNY Oswego Kathryn Victoria Alonso-Bergevin, BFA SUNY Oswego Rachael Lynn Fleming, State University of New York College at Buffalo Gigina Yu Long, BA Scripps CollegeMASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Major in Accounting Bilikiz Mopelola Adebayo, BS SUNY Oswego Anthony Richard Angora, BS SUNY Oswego Charlene Ayamo Effa Assam, BS SUNY Oswego Luke John Aston, BS SUNY Oswego Alexander Robert Blaise, BS SUNY Oswego Alexis Nicole Corcoran, BS SUNY Oswego Danielle Marie Dannheim, BS SUNY Oswego Nicholas Cameron De Amicis, BS SUNY Oswego Joseph M. DeFranco, BS SUNY Oswego Khristian Diaz, BS SUNY Oswego Lindsay K. DiGiacomo, BS SUNY Oswego Sarah Renee Garmany, BS SUNY Oswego Matthew Joseph Hathaway, BS SUNY Oswego Timothy Joseph Hourigan, BS SUNY Oswego Adam Michael Kalish, BS SUNY Oswego Kevin Charles Kania, BS SUNY Oswego Emily N. Karszes, BS SUNY Oswego Amanda M. Lattimore, BS SUNY Oswego Staci Chelsea Malmstrom, BS SUNY Oswego Kaitlyn Mitchell-Griffis, BS SUNY Oswego Matthew P. Murphy, BS SUNY Oswego Dylan Richard Niewiemski, BS SUNY Oswego Lauren Christine Ryan, BS SUNY Oswego Tracey Sanchez, BS SUNY Oswego Kaitlyn Marie Thomas, BS SUNY Oswego Daniel Peter Toscano, BS SUNY Oswego Sheneya J. Wilson, BS SUNY Oswego Cuifen Zhuang, BS SUNY OswegoMajor in Broadcasting and Mass CommunicationAllison Nicole Burnett, BA SUNY Oswego Major in Business AdministrationAndrew David Barton, BS SUNY Oswego William Lyle Bitler, BS Roger Williams College Veronica Clavell, BBA University of Puerto Rico SirVantis Levitticus Dennis, BS Grand Canyon University John Nicholas DiFlorio, BS Rochester Institute of Technology Nikola Dimitrijevski, BS SUNY Polytechnic Institute Michael D. Dudley, BS Rochester Institute of Technology Luke Wayne Ellingworth, BS SUNY Oswego Justin Russell Farrar, BS St. John Fisher College John P. Fazio, BA University of Dayton Christopher M. Hollensen, BS University of Florida Tyler G. Jenks, BA SUNY Potsdam Ang Li, BS University of Science and Technology Beijing Chun-Wen Liao, BA Tamkang University Laura A. Livingston, BS Columbia College Margaret Ellen McCormick, BS Ithaca College Jonathan Morgan Peck, BS Clarkson University Michael A. Pecoraro, BS Rochester Institute of Technology Kevin J. Peirson, BS SUNY Brockport Xinyu Peng, BA Beijing Hospitality Institute Hugo Antonio Pilco Sanchez, MS Rochester Institue of Technology Mitchell Paul Ruffos, BS SUNY Oswego


30 Shivangi Singh, MBA Uttar Technical University Hunter Coyote Snowmoro, BA SUNY Oswego Sean M. Sperato, BA LeMoyne College Corey Albert Stockman, BS LeMoyne CollegeHuda Sirageldin Suliman, BA Manhattanville CollegeThomas William Thomson, BA SUNY Potsdam Rachel Elizabeth Vryhof, BS SUNY Oswego Colden David Weiler, BS SUNY Oswego Michael T. Wheeler, BA Brown UniversityMajor in Business Administration OnlineBecky Lee Callan, BS SUNY Cortland Teresa Florence Carosa, BA Penn State University Erin Corbett, BA Syracuse University James P. Crisci, BS SUNY University Albany Ryan Christian Dadey, BS SUNY Oswego Anthony Raymond DeMarco Jr., BA University of Delaware Joseph Nicholas Fabian, BA SUNY Oswego Katherine Elizabeth Finn, BS SUNY Oneonta Christopher A. Heaslip, BS Clarkson University Kyle A. Kelly, BS SUNY Albany Megan Elizabeth Lawson Clark, BA Dominican University Daniel K. Lebeau, BS SUNY Oswego Timothy A. Lincoln, BS SUNY Brockport Tanya Theresa Lindsay, USC University of Southern California Daniel Patrick McEvoy, BS SUNY Stony Brook Scott McWilliams, MS San Jose State University Nathaniel James Molinari, BA Hobart College Tania Mutsuddi, MA University of Calcutta Scott E. Nadzan, MS State University of New York College at Buffalo Joanna Orzechowska, BBA CUNY Baruch College Bryan J Payne, BS SUNY Brockport Connor Arthur James Rhodes, BS SUNY Oswego Benjamin Edward Rogers, BA University Pittsburgh Madeleine Ann Morehouse, PMD Albany College PharmacyJoseph Thomas Troia, BS SUNY Binghamton UniversityS tephen Thomas Varughese, BA CUNY Baruch CollegeJack A. Venditti, BS LeMoyne College Peter Welker, BA Mount Saint Mary College Erin Elizabeth Whiting, BS SUNY Brockport Major in Health Services Administration Matthew Joseph Borowski, BS University of New England Diana Young Cho, BS Long Island University Antoinett Dufort, BS Drexel University Kathleen Anne Ochs, BS SUNY Brockport Usman Kareem Qadeer, DM St. George’s University Jayne Sierra Rotella, BS SUNY Fredonia Major in Public Accounting Jack W. Adelman, BS SUNY Oswego Kyle David Brockmann, BS SUNY Oswego Jenna M. Crispo, BS SUNY Oswego Michael A. Downs, BS SUNY Geneseo Adam Larret Kroft, BA SUNY University at Buffalo Suzanna J. Levesque, BS SUNY Empire State College Michael S. Lucarelli, BS SUNY Oswego Alison G. Mondo, BS SUNY Oswego Katherine Rose Regin, BS SUNY Oswego David J. Robertson, BS Siena College Caleb J. Winne, BS Roberts Wesleyan College Samantha Wyatt, BS SUNY Oswego Guannan Zhang, BA SUNY Oswego MASTER OF SCIENCE Major in Biomedical and Health Informatics Cassie Marie Breen, BS SUNY Oswego Major in ChemistryJames Anthony Calvert, BA SUNY Oswego Geoffrey Peterson, BS SUNY Oswego Christopher John Pitts, BS SUNY Oswego Andrenna Christina Sykes, BS Utica College Major in Counseling Services Kelsie K. VanBuren, BFA SUNY OswegoMajor in Mental Health Counseling Brianna Rose Becker, BA SUNY Oswego Cody Bowser, BA SUNY Potsdam Cory Ann Brosch, MS Queens College Danielle M. Carr, MS SUNY Potsdam Alison Marie Cramer, BA SUNY Oswego Robert Watson Curriden, BA University South Carolina Sara Jane Donals, BS SUNY Brockport Jamie Eileen Eipp, BS SUNY New Paltz Sarah Angharad Davies Hasegawa, BS Utica College Molly Macewen Heagerty, BA SUNY Oswego Kelsey Leigh Naklick, BA SUNY Oswego Jessica Clare Naramore, BA Malone College Gabrielle Irene Navarra, BS LeMoyne College Aericka LeenaMay Pawlikowski, BA SUNY Oswego Amy M. Pelow, BS SUNY Oswego Emily Mariah Wolf, BS LeMoyne College MASTER OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATIONMajor in Adolescence Education Chemistry Sarah Wazenkewitz, BS Nazareth College Major in Adolescence Education Social StudiesJustin Scott McAuslan, BS SUNY Oswego Matthew James Stufano, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education SpanishKristina Nicole Licatese-Linn, BA SUNY GeneseoMajor in Childhood EducationHeather Lynn Bianco-Whitcomb, BS SUNY Oswego Paige E. J. Culver, BA Nazareth College Melissa Myrtle Geroux, BS SUNY Oswego Michelle Kathryn Gibbs, BS Syracuse University Jordan Kinne Heussler, BS SUNY Oswego Kimberly M. Mathews, BS LeMoyne College Nestor Luis Aviles, BS SUNY Oswego Samantha Lee Randall, BA SUNY Alfred College Technology Joyce I. Sawyer, BA LeMoyne College Kristopher Thomas Shirley, BA SUNY Brockport Zikai Wang, BS Shandong Normal University Physical Education K-12 MSED Ryan T. Jones, BS Syracuse University Morgan Lee Nandin, BS Syracuse University Major in Childhood Special Education 1-6Molly Jane Fournier, BS SUNY Oswego Ashley Nicole Johnston, BS SUNY Oswego Emily E. Scheutzow, BS SUNY Oswego Rebekah Geraldine Springer, BS SUNY Cortland Katherine Tonzi, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Literacy Education B-6Patricia Marie Adams, BA Northwestern College Alyssa Nicole Anderalli, BS SUNY Oswego Karly Marie Babcock, BS SUNY Oswego Cassandra Gene Emily Baniewicz, BS SUNY Oswego Whitney Taylor Brassard, BS SUNY Plattsburgh Emily Caster, BS SUNY Oswego Brian D. Cole, BS SUNY Oswego Anne Catherine Cramer, BA Wells College Emily Lauren DiFabio, BS SUNY Oswego Sarah Anne Downum, BS SUNY Oswego Brittany Rose Ekross, BS SUNY Brockport Shaye Mackenzie Gardner, BS LeMoyne College Caitlin Marie Genalo, BS St John Fischer College Amanda T. Heberger, BS SUNY Oswego Lauren Marie Johnson, BS SUNY Oswego Kassandra E. Kleine, BS SUNY Oswego Brittany L. Lamie, BS SUNY Oswego Nicholas J. Little, BS SUNY Cortland Christopher David Mack, BS SUNY Oswego Kristen Lee Nehrbauer, BA Saint Vincent College Ashley Danielle Malchoff, BS SUNY Oswego Jessica Nicole Pasik, BS SUNY Geneseo Brittany Jordan Pritchard, BS SUNY Oswego Kristen Marie Schaefer, BS SUNY Oswego Teanna Smith, BA SUNY Potsdam Allison Mae Stevens, BS SUNY Oswego Cassie Marie Story, BS SUNY Oswego Heidi Helene Williams, BS SUNY Oswego Kelly Sue Windey, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Literacy Education 5-12Leah Elizabeth Ford, BA LeMoyne College Richelle Lyn Hartranft, BS SUNY Oswego Briana L. LaRocca, BS SUNY Oswego Kevin Francis Morgan, BS SUNY Oswego Holly Morgan Nosiglia, BS SUNY Oswego Richard Romeo, BS SUNY Oswego Rachelle Marion Salmonsen, BS SUNY Oswego Molly Katherine Sedlacek, BA SUNY Brockport Ashley Lynne Stevens, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Technology EducationMichael Joseph Piro, BS SUNY Oswego Kristin B. Smith, BS SUNY Oswego Jonathan K. Stacey, BS SUNY Oswego


31 Diana Lynne Radley, MS Nazareth College Robyn S. Ross-Squirrell, MS Nazareth College Laura M. Rundell, MS Chatham University James Joseph Santonastaso IV, MS Walden University Amanda Sue Simmons, MSED SUNY Oswego Samantha A. Spaulding, MS Elmira College Shawn Strege, MS Nazareth College Jamie Mark Sykut, MSED SUNY OswegoMegan Sarah Thackston, CAS St. Lawrence UniversityJennifer Marie Kelly Wall, MA SUNY Cortland Brandi Lynn Wallace, MSED SUNY Oswego Krystal Irene Ward, MS LeMoyne College Deborah J. Wilkinson, MS SUNY Potsdam David Lee Wise, MS University at Buffalo Joanne M. Witt, MS SUNY Potsdam TESOL ITI Advanced CerticateTara E. Finnegan, BS SUNY OswegoGRADUATE CERTIFICATE Behavioral ForensicsJoanna Jesse Politi, BA Stonehill CollegeGerontologyJessica Clare Naramore, BA Malone College Health Information TechnologyLogan Matthew Wells, BA SUNY Oswego Health Promotion and WellnessMarissa Danielle Davila, BA SUNY Oswego Frances El Sawah, BA Hunter College Kalie Anne Moore, BS SUNY OswegoIntegrated Health SystemsJason Alexander Chase, BA SUNY Oswego Kristopher Joseph Saber, BA SUNY OswegoIntegrated Media & Social NetworksBrian E. Doolittle, BA SUNY Oswego Connor Martin Gannon, BA SUNY Oswego Jaclyn Mary Shyptycki, BA SUNY Oswego Matthew Edward Slocum, BA SUNY Oswego Interdisciplinary Trauma StudiesCory Ann Brosch, BS SUNY Cortland Bruce Brumfield, BS SUNY Cortland Kelefa Diakite, MS Cambridge College Sara Jane Donals, BS SUNY Brockport Jamie Eileen Eipp, SUNY New Paltz Elizabeth A. Williams, BA SUNY Oswego Online Integrated Health Systems CertificateMelissa Delores King, BA SUNY Oswego Nursing Home AdministrationKayla Kelly, BA SUNY Oswego Play TherapyAllsion P. Meyers, BS Utica College Aericka LeenaMay Pawlikowski, BA SUNY OswegoMASTER OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION, VOCATIONALTEACHER PREPARATION Major in Agricultural EducationCathryn E. Dymond, BS Cornell University Sieara Megan Fraczek, BA SUNY Cobleskill Stephanie Mehlenbacher, BS Cornell University Tanya Kay Nickerson, BS West Virginia UniversityMajor in Career and Technical EducationAlaina Michelle Coon, BS College of Misericordia Michael Allen Dolson Jr., BS State University of New York College at Buffalo Dennis Joseph Gladle, BS SUNY Oswego Teraisa Sarah Matuszak, BS California Polytechnic State University Jenna Nicole Raia, BS Johnson & Wales University Karen Riche, BS SUNY OswegoMajor in Business and Marketing EducationBrittany Irene Labigan, BS Niagara UniversityMajor in Technical EducationAmanda Gargano, BS SUNY OneontaMajor in Trade EducationAshleigh Nicole Gross, BT SUNY MorrisvilleMASTER OF SCIENCE IN TEACHING Major in Adolescence Education Biology 7-12Jessica Lynne Suboski, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education Chemistry 7-12Penny M. Paolo, BS SUNY Stony Brook Major in Adolescence Education Earth Science 7-12Paige E. Haney, BS SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education English 7-12Rachael Lynn Davis, BA SUNY Potsdam Major in Adolescence Education French 7-12Carolyn Diane Delles,BA Western Governors UniversityMajor in Adolescence Education Mathematics 7-12Lauren Ann Emigholz, BS University at Buffalo Major in Adolescence Education Social Studies 7-12Dylan J. Muller, BA SUNY Oswego Major in Adolescence Education Spanish 7-12Natalie Marie Meyer, BA Syracuse University Major in Childhood Education 1-6Morganne Michel Atutis, BFA Rochester Institute of Technology Tiffany Lynn Bartlett, BFA SUNY Oswego Michael Edward Clark, BA LeMoyne College Matthew D. Grecco, BA SUNY University at Albany James E. Guth, BS SUNY Brockport Amy Lynn Kohler-Haskins, BM Shenandoah College ThienAn Le Huynh, BS Cazenovia College Jarrod Christopher Keihl, BS SUNY Brockport Michelle Kotary, BS SUNY Brockport Jiashu Lei, BA Hangzhou Normal University Chad James William Leuthauser, BA University at Buffalo Rachel S. Little, BA SUNY Oswego Robert Michael Lyng Jr., BS SUNY Brockport Andrew William Oak, SUNY Plattsburgh Marlena Rain Shortslef, BA SUNY Plattsburgh Janine M. Turner, BS Florida State UniversityMASTER OF SCIENCE & CERTIFICATE OF ADVANCED STUDY Major in Counseling ServicesAshley Elizabeth Buckley, BS Syracuse University Kimberly Lara, BA SUNY Oswego Jamie Mary Maccarone, BS SUNY Oswego Marnie Kelly Moss, BA LeMoyne College Kaylee Marie, BA SUNY Oswego Bryan M. Rapholtz, BS SUNY Potsdam Julianna Eliza Sheridan, BS St. Bonaventure University Ryan Shane Warner, BA SUNY OswegoMajor in School PsychologyShannon Rosemary Flanagan, BS St. Lawrence University Carrie A. Jessen, BA LeMoyne College MacKenzie Layne Kievit, BS The College of Saint Rose Henry John Salamy, BA SUNY Oswego Srah Ellen Vonderohe, BA University of Nevada, Las Vegas CERTIFICATE OF ADVANCED STUDY Major in Educational LeadershipAlicia Alley, MS Niagara University Shannon L. Babbie, MS SUNY Cortland Karissa D. Blamble, MS Nazareth College Matthew C. Burdick, MS SUNY Potsdam Cary Lynn Burke, MS Cornell University Kristine Elizabeth Cameron, MS Nazareth College Kevin Joseph Casler, MSED SUNY Oswego Lisa I. Coleman, MS SUNY Brockport Joshua DeLorenzo, MS Walden UniversityChristie Lynn DeWald, MS SUNY University at BuffaloKarl Dinyar Dubash, MS St. John Fisher College Thomas Anthony Dunckel, MS SUNY Potsdam Jennifer L. Granholm, MS James Madison University Alynda O’Reilly Haycock, MS SUNY Potsdam Kristine Marie Kaufman, MS University Albany Colleen Marie Jackson, MSED SUNY Oswego Todd Ancel LaValley, MS SUNY Oswego Faith J. Lewis, MS Grand Canyon University Rachel Ann Liberatore, MS Keuka College Amanda J. Masters, MA Nazareth College Sarah E. Matteson, MS SUNY Potsdam Sherri Lynn Monell, MS SUNY Cortland Nicki Lee O’Donnell, MS SUNY Potsdam Jessica Rose Piscitelli, MS LeMoyne College Jennifer Kathleen Poindexter, MSED SUNY Oswego


32 Class of 2017 Senior Class GiftsThe Oswego Alumni Association congratulates and thanks the Class of 2017 for raising $7,999.50 (as of April 24, 2017) for The Fund for Oswego. More than 235 seniors, families, parents, faculty and staff helped support the senior class. We offer a special thanks to the Class of 2017 Coordinators and Planning Committee, as well as student volunteers who assisted The Fund for Oswego with the Senior Class Gift. Keearaha Abrahams ank you to my parents and family for always supporting me! Amanda Adams In honor of Diana and Rollie Adams e Adams Family In honor of Amanda Joy Adams e Alagna Family In honor of Gabriel Alagna e Albright Family In honor of James Alexander Albright Matthew Anarumo Jim, Julie, and Matt Anderson Zach we are very proud of you! David and Shereen Androsko In honor of Brittany C. Androsko Nico Angerosa In honor of my family and my SUNY Oswego family Sarah Anzalone ank you to my family for supporting me these past four years! e Arendt Family In honor of Brian Arendt e Baez Family In honor of Fernando Alberto Baez Rimentel Alyssa Barrett In honor of my parents Christine and James and my loving and supportive family e Basehart Family In honor of Alec Basehart Alexa Beatrice ank you to my Mom, Dad, and sister for all your love and support these past four years! e Becker Family In honor of Susanna Becker Stephen J. Bero Margaret Bevan Izzy’s Family in honor of Isadora Bevan Katelyn Billings anks Mom and Dad! Jasmine Blaylock In honor of my Brooklyn, Basic and Gospel Choir Family. I bless God for all of you. e Bonzerato Family In honor of Caden Gregory Bonzerato Valerie Boscia In honor of my family Daniel Brandenberger For my daughter Dana Brandenberger , Congrats Dana Brandenberger anks Mom, Dad, Grandma, Samantha, and Sarah. I couldn’t have done it without your support! Alexandra Brittman ank you to my Mom, Joe, and Dad for all your support! I wouldn’t have made it this far without you! e Burke Family In honor of George Burke Don, Kerri, and Tommy Burns In honor of Julie Barton Jonathan Caimano anks Mom and Dad! Bridget Callahan In honor of the Callahan Family Ian Campbell In honor of the Computer Science and Philosophy Departments e Campbell Family In honor of Ian W. Campbell e Campos Family In honor of Nathalie Campos Steven and Mary Canale In honor of the Class of 2017 e Carpenter Family In honor of Ryan Carpenter Alvaro and Gaby Carrascal In honor of Alexa Carrascal e Caruso Family In honor of Patrick A. Caruso Ladeen A. Case Carson J. Case , in honor of all of your accomplishments! omas and Cathleen Casella In honor of Amanda J. Casella Cathleen Casella Grandpa loves you, congratulations Amanda Casella ! e Cassidy Family In honor of Aaron E. Cassidy Caitlyn N. Cassidy ank you Mom, Dad, Erin, Brian, and Max for all your unconditional love and support. I love you! Paige Castle In honor of my biggest fans. I couldn’t have done any of this without your constant love and support, thanks Mom, Dad, Tate, Grant, Grandma, Grandpa, Chris, and Maisy Courtney Cherry In honor of my Mom and Dad. anks for all you’ve done for me e Cleary Family In honor of Megan Cleary Maddie Cloutier In honor of my family e Cohen Family In honor of Devon Cohen e Cole Family In honor of Emily Cole Emily Mae Cole ank you Mom and Dad for all of your love and support Benjamin Collins In honor of my family e Coppeletti Family In honor of Olivia Marie Coppeletti Olivia Coppeletti ank you Mom and Dad, I love you! e Cotsalas Family In honor of Alyssa Noelle Cotsalas Joe and Sharon Cuoccio Matthew Congratulations! We are so proud of your accomplishments! We love you Harry Dadson ank you Dad for all your support e Daniel Family In honor of Michael Daniel, Jr. Lincoln Daniel We survived a war and broke many systematic rules, but we made it, Mom, Dad, brother, and sisters Gerald and Elaine Danzy In honor of Tyler D. Danzy Shelby Davis In honor of Stephen Watson e Davis Family In honor of Dee Dee Davis Dorothy Davis ank you Mom, Dad, Sam, Grammi, Paul, and friends. I love you! e Delluomo Family In honor of Paul Delluomo e Derby Family In honor of Alison Derby e DeSilva Family In honor of Joseph DeSilva e DiGiacomo Family In honor of Lindsay DiGiacomo Justin Dobrow In honor of my family, friends, faculty, sta, administration, and WTOP e Donovan Family In honor of Patrick Donovan e Doran Family In honor of Cody Doran


33 Brian and Barbara Durland In honor of Luke Durland Allison Dwyer ank you to my parents for getting me where I am today! TC Eddards In honor of Dereck Eddards Rachel Edic e Ellert Family In honor of Abigail Lu Ellert e Ellis Family In honor of Gary Ellis e Favata Family In honor of Brianna Favata Samantha Feldman ank you Mom, Dad, Zach and Family. I couldn’t have made it without your love and support! I love you! Casey Fetsko In honor of my family Barbara Fike In honor of the graduating Telefund callers e Filler Family In honor of Joshua Filler e Francz Family In honor of Caitlin Francz Chris Fuller anks to the sacrices of my Wife and son Patrick Erin Fulton In memory of Sheila Wilkie Re Dylan Gates In honor of those who have helped me get here Diane Gears In honor of Kyle Bedient from your Family Anthony Gentile e George Family In honor of Alex George e Gerhart Family In honor of Drew H. Gerhart e Gilroy Family In honor of Sam Gilroy Sohrab Ghaari Gousheh In honor of my family e Granger Family In honor of Tyler Granger Tyler Granger anks to my supportive family and once-in-a-lifetime friends e Green Family In honor of Ethan Green e Grills Family In honor of Eric Grills Andrea Gungor ank you Mom, Dad, Sara, and Venessa for your constant love and support. I love you! Guzman and Negron Families In honor of Kelsey Evette Negron Mary Kate Harrigan ank you Sidney Crosby, Mom, Dad, and Karl. Go Bills e Harris Family In honor of Zachary Harris e Hart Family In honor of John James Hart omas Hellen In honor of my Dad Aiyana Huger In honor of my many teachers along the way e Ingrassia Family In honor of Louis James Ingrassia Alexandra Izzo In honor of the Izzo Family — ank you for your constant support and motivation, I love you! Olivia Jacobsen ank you Mom and Dad for all your patience, love, and support! Julianna Jardin In honor of my family e Jardin Family In honor of Julianna Marie Jardin Peter and Deborah Javier In honor of Stephen M. Javier Jennifer Jevons Big thanks to my friends, family, and Devin Durner e Joachim Family In honor of Roberto Joachim Erin Johnson ank you Mom, Dad, Colin Sickles, and Caitlyn Zimmerman for all you do for me and getting me through college! Cathy Johnston In honor of my very supportive family e Jones Family In honor of Clayton Jones e Kaleta Family In honor of Katharine Kaleta Samantha Keeney In honor of the eater Department Carolyn Kelly ank you to my family and friends, I wouldn’t be here without you. I love you! Briana Kimble anks Mom and Dad, and beer Alyse Kirk In honor of my parents Angi and Kevin, and those I have lost e Korn Family In honor of Ryan B. Korn Jaime Krasner ank you Mom and Dad! Trevor Krencik Mom, I couldn’t have made it to this point without your boundless love and support. ank you for everything, I love you! Alex Kresner anks for everything e Landuyt Family In honor of Taylor Landuyt Noelle C. LeRoy In honor of my mother, Suzanna; if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I am today Robert Lee e Lewis Family In honor of Michael Lewis e Linkletter Family In honor of Mark Brian Linkletter Rachel Long ank you Mom and Dad for all your support! Megan MacCheyne anks family and friends for all your love and support! Renee MacDonald ank you to my loving family for all your support. I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Melissa Manwaring In honor of the Ice Eect seniors: Lucy Bergemann, Amanda Lattimore, and Renee Lyman Christine Marinace Mom, Laura, Melissa, and Family, I wouldn’t be where I am without your endless support and love! Katie Marrano ank you Mom, Dad, Ti, and Dan. I love you all Lorissa Martin In honor of my parents e Martin Family In honor of Keith Martin Sara Ann Mateyunas Dion Matthews In honor of my parents Sharmaine and Trevor Matthews e Mayer Family In honor of Samantha R. Mayer Corrin Mays ank you to my amazing family for your love and support e McCarthy Family In honor of Kristen McCarthy Kristen McCarthy ank you Mom and Dad for everything you’ve done! I love you! Madonna McClain In honor of Daniella Melita e McCue Family In honor of Kaitlyn Marie McCue Marisa McDonough In honor of my family Susan McFee In honor of Marcus McFee Walters Amanda McKnight ank you Mom and Dad for everything you’ve done for me! Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Miller and Family In honor of Nathan Miller Mark Mirabito In honor of Sidney Uquillas Mark Mirabito In honor of Lauren Peel Mark Mirabito In honor of Alexa Rodriguez Mark Mirabito In honor of Caroline Dougherty Maureen Miraval Congratulations Patrick Miraval , with all our love Mom, Dad, Connor, and James! Garth and Nadine Mitchell In honor of Sam Mitchell Radha Mohan In honor of Steven Ramnanan e Morano Family In honor of Andrew Morano Ray and Dina Morris In honor of Tyler Morris


34 e Morrison Family In honor of Mary Morrison Destiny Morrison In honor of those who have paved the way, thank you! e Myers Family In honor of Courtney Myers Courtney Myers ank you to my friends and family for being an amazing support system, I wouldn’t be here without you! Emily Nassir To my amazing family, I couldn’t have done it without you Kalee Neumann In honor of my family e Nitz Family In honor of Justin Nitz Emily Notaro ank you Mom and Dad! Betsy Oberst, Alumni Oce and Jerry Oberst , Admissions Oce In honor of the Class of 2017 e O'Brien Family In honor of Hannah O'Brien Hannah O’Brien ank you so much to my family and friends, I love you all! Meghan Olson ank you Mom and Dad for all your love and support, you are my #1 fans! Roland Opoku In honor of my family e Owusu Family In honor of Chad M. Owusu e Palmer Family In honor of Jerey Palmer e Pascar Family In honor of Jane Pascar e Pasquarelli Family In honor of Sarah Pasquarelli e Payette Family In honor of Stephen P. Payette e Pecori Family In honor of James Pecori e Pelkey Family In honor of Mikael E. Pelkey Olivia Pexton ank you to my phenomenal parents for loving and supporting me e Pfeifer Family In honor of Ryan Pfeifer Abigail Eileen Phillips In honor of my family and their support e Plotzker Family In honor of Emily Plotzker Chris Prestia In honor of my Mom and Dad e Prezioso Family In honor of Mark Tyler Prezioso Rane Prieto To my Mom and Dad! ank you for everything! e Proctor Family In honor of Lauren Proctor Jim and Joyce Proulx In honor of Katelyn Proulx e Ptacek Family In honor of Jonathan M. Ptacek e Purce Family In honor of Cortnie M. Purce e Regan Family In honor of Kathleen Regan Holly Reitmeier In honor of those who provided me love and support for the past four years e Reitmeier Family In honor of Holly Reitmeier Carolyn Renko In honor of Jamie N. Morris e Rice Family In honor of MaryCatherine E. Rice Rachel Richie In honor of John Richie Zachary Riley In honor of my family David Rodriguez-Rivera In honor of Christopher Rodriguez-Castro Bridget Rooney ank you Mom, Dad, and family! It’s a great day to be a Laker! Morgan Rumpf In honor of my family e Russo Family In honor of Patrick J. Russo Daniel Ryans In honor of my family e Salerno Family In honor of Scarlette Salerno Scarlett Salerno In honor of my family e Santmyer Family In honor of Ashley Santmyer e Santmyer Family In honor of Brianna Santmyer Christina Santospirito In honor of my incredible family! I love you, xo Joseph Savino anks Mom and Dad for all the support along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you! e Schneller Family In honor of Nicholas Paul Schneller Christina Schretzman ank you Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Family. I couldn’t have done it without you and our 7 pooches. Doreen Scott Love Mom and Richie! In honor of Trevor J. Krencik , Congratulations! Elena Semenza In honor of all the incredible things SUNY Oswego provides for their students e Sickles Family In honor of Colin Sickles Colin Sickles ank you to the best family for your support Caitlin Slatcher ank you Mom and Dad for all of the continuous love and support! I love you! President Deborah F. Stanley and Mr. Michael J. Stanley In honor of the Class of 2017 e Stapleton Family In honor of Luke P. Stapleton e Steinberg Family In honor of Evyn Steinberg e Stephenson Family In honor of Nicole Stephenson Grace Stratton Education is not a preparation for life; education is life. — George Washington Carver e Sussman Family In honor of Nicole Sussman Nicole Sussman In honor of my family e Taylor Family In honor of Travis Taylor Kevin and Kim omas In honor of Kaitlyn omas Sarah Timney ank you to my amazing family and boyfriend for all your love and support! e Timney Family In honor of Sarah Marie Timney Krista M. Vann In honor of my parents and my sisters John Carlo Verceles In honor of my family and friends e Villano Family In honor of Kassidy Liljeblad Charmaine Wagstae In honor of Chad Andrew Michael Vanriel Gina Wallace ank you to my family for all your support and to Miranda for taking the journey with me! e Wansink Family In honor of Libbie Wansink Lauren Wedemeier ank You Ilyssa Weiner e Williams Family In honor of Jonah Williams Jay and Vicki Williamson In honor of Lucas Williamson e Willoughby Family In honor of Nicole Willoughby Miranda Yonkasky In honor of my family and their unwavering support and Gina for helping me through it all! Caitlyn Zimmerman ank you to my amazing family for all your love and support! e Zoanetti Family In honor of Rachel R. Zoanetti Alec Zuch In honor of my parents and Meteorology Faculty


35 Public Ceremonies Committee Special ThanksA special word of thanks is extended to those individuals who volunteer to serve as marshals and ushers for the day. Thank you also to the Maintenance and Custodial Staff, University Police, SAVAC, Walker Health Center, Registrar’s Office, Publications Office, Campus Technology Services, and Auxiliary Services, including the College Store and Dining Services staff, for their work and participation in Commencement. An additional thanks to our Trumpeters: Cole Brookins Freshman, Music Noah Davidson Sophomore, Chemistry Tyler Doan Sophomore, English and Education Adrian Naaktgeboren Freshman, Computer Science Richard Bush Technology Department William Canning Campus Technology Services Lori Cook Facilities Maintenance and Operations Patrick Devendorf Disability Support Services Erin Dorsey Office of Business and Community Relations Michael Flaherty Auxiliary Services, Public Ceremonies Committee Chair Jacob Gardener Residence Life and Housing William Hammond Facilities Maintenance and Operations Malcolm Huggins Intercollegiate Athletics Tyrone Johnson-Neuland Campus Technology Services Rebecca Kempney Facilities Maintenance and Operations Joy Knopp College Foundation Ellen McCloskey Office of the President Mark Mirabito Psychology Karen Moore Extended Learning Tim Nekritz Office of Communications and Marketing Jordan Perry Office of Admissions Jose Ramos Facilities Maintenance and Operations Vernon Reynolds Facilities Maintenance and Operations John Rossi University Police Michelle St. John Office of the Registrar Barbara St. Michel Campus Life Holli Stone Campus Life Daniel Tryon Technology Department Trumpeters announce the beginning of the commencement ceremony.


36 Visitor InformationEmergency AssistanceMedical assistance is available on the ground floor in the Marano Campus Center.University Police315.312.5555Lost and FoundInquiries should be directed to University Police at the phone number listed above.RestroomsRestrooms are on all Marano Campus Center levels. Ground floor restrooms are in the main lobby; second-level facilities serve upper seating.RefreshmentsRefreshments are not permitted on the arena floor. However, refreshments are available before and during the ceremony at Crossroads on the upper level of the Marano Campus Center.College StoreFresh flowers, frames and an assortment of emblematic clothing and merchandise will be available before and after the ceremonies in the concourse of the Marano Campus Center.ReceptionAll graduates, family members, guests, faculty and staff are invited to attend a reception north of the Convocation Center immediately following each ceremony.Photographs and VideotapingAudience videotaping and photography are permitted only from seats. We plan to post a recorded version of the ceremonies after the events on the college’s YouTube channel, sunyoswegovideo. A professional photographer will be present at the ceremony. Graduates will be emailed a link from the photography company to view their photos. Graduation pictures can be ordered online at to Audience MembersOur commencement ceremony is taped and broadcast via tv, radio, and/or the internet in both live and delayed time formats. By attending this event, you are granting permission to have your likeness or image and your voice broadcast without restriction and without right of inspection or approval. Entrance into the event grants permission for your likeness or image to be used without remuneration and releases the campus and its representatives from all claims and liability relating to these broadcasts or their reuse. DepartureAudience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty and platform party recess.Contact SUNY OswegoOffice of Admissions, 315.312.2250 229 Sheldon Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126


ONE HUNDRED FIFTYSIXTH OSWEGOVoices ll the air Singing reverently Pledging our school fair Truth and loyalty This our song we raise In her name and praise Oswego, Alma Mater Hail to thee! SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2017 MARANO CAMPUS CENTER STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT OSWEGO