One Hundred Fifty-Seventh Commencement

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One Hundred Fifty-Seventh Commencement
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1 ContentsThe Ceremony9 a.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 2 1 p.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 3 4 p.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 4 Academic Traditions ............................................................................... 5 Officers of the College ............................................................................. 6 Commencement Speakers ...................................................................... 8 Student Speaker ....................................................................................... 9 Alumni Banner Presenters ..................................................................... 9 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student Excellence .......................... 10 College Honors Program and Honors Programs ............................... 12 Possibility Scholars ............................................................................... 12 Honor Organizations ............................................................................. 13 State University of New York Board of Trustees ................................................................................... 14 State University of New York at Oswego College Council ...................................................................................... 14 SUNY Distinguished Faculty ............................................................... 14 Retiring Faculty and Professional Staff .............................................. 14Degree Conferrale 9 a.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. e 1 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Business. e 4 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Communication, Media and the Arts and the School of Education. Undergraduate Degree Candidates College of Liberal Arts and Sciences ................................................ 15 School of Business .............................................................................. 20 School of Communication, Media and the Arts ............................. 23 School of Education ........................................................................... 26 Division of Extended Learning ......................................................... 28 Graduate Degree Candidates ................................................................ 29 Class of 2018 Senior Class Gifts ............................................................. 33 Public Ceremonies Committee ............................................................. 35 Special Thanks ........................................................................................ 35 Visitor Information ................................................................................. 36 Alma Mater ............................................................................... back cover The College Medallion


2 9 A.M. PROGRAM | COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCESThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORDER OF EXERCISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 157th CommencementLisa GliddenNational AnthemLed by Matthew UprightIntroduction of Platform PartyLisa GliddenWelcome Deborah F. StanleyGreetings Richard Farfaglia Dalton BissonRecognition for Military ServiceScott FurlongRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaScott FurlongRecognition of Honor StudentsScott FurlongPresentation and Conferring of Honorary Degree Deborah F. Stanley Christene BarberichCommencement SpeakerChristene BarberichPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Kristen EichhornPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*College of Liberal Arts and Sciences , Adrienne McCormickAlumni Banner PresentationAbigail McCormick-FoleyCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Matthew UprightAdjournment of the 157th CommencementLisa GliddenRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Lisa M. Glidden, Associate Professor, Political Science Leigh Wilson, Professor and Director of Creative Writing, English and Creative WritingHONORS MARSHALSSarah Hanusch, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Elizabeth Wilcox, Assistant Professor, MathematicsUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSHelen J. Knowles , Assistant Professor, Political Science Robert Zuber , Adjunct Instructor, Computer ScienceGRADUATE MARSHALSLyn Blanchfield, Visiting Assistant Professor, History Nikita Miasnikov, Assistant Professor, MathematicsFACULTY MARSHALSEvelyn A. Clark, Assistant Professor, Sociology Ming-Te Pan, Assistant Professor, History PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Lisa Glidden, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Dalton Bisson, President, Student Association Kristen Eichhorn, Dean, Graduate Studies Adrienne McCormick, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Mary Canale, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Jerri Howland, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Richard Farfaglia, Member, College Council Michael Goldych, Member, College Council Brian McGrath, Member, College Council Scott Furlong, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Christene Barberich, Refinery29 Global Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters Deborah F. Stanley, PresidentImmediately following the 9 a.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


3 1 P.M. PROGRAM | SCHOOL OF BUSINESSThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORDER OF EXERCISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 157th CommencementLisa GliddenNational AnthemLed by Shannon FranceIntroduction of Platform PartyLisa GliddenWelcome Deborah F. StanleyGreetings Richard Farfaglia Dalton BissonRecognition for Military ServiceScott FurlongRecognition of Honor StudentsScott FurlongPresentation and Conferring of Honorary DegreeDeborah F. Stanley Robert E. MoritzCommencement SpeakerRobert E. MoritzPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Kristen EichhornPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Business, Richard SkolnikAlumni Banner PresentationJordan MalloreCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Shannon FranceAdjournment of the 157th CommencementLisa GliddenRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Dean Crawford, Professor, Accounting, Finance, and Law Irene E. Scruton, Director, MBA ProgramsHONORS MARSHALSEric Tsai, Associate Professor, Accounting, Finance, and Law Mary McGowan, Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance, and LawUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSSteven Abraham, Professor, Marketing and Management Yilong Zheng, Assistant Professor, Marketing and ManagementGRADUATE MARSHALSStathis Kefallonitis, Associate Professor, Marketing and Management Heather Losi, Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance, and LawFACULTY MARSHALGraig Arcuri, Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance, and Law Michele Thornton, Assistant Professor, Marketing and Management PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Lisa Glidden, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Dalton Bisson, President, Student Association Kristen Eichhorn, Dean, Graduate Studies Richard Skolnik, Dean, School of Business Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Mary Canale, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Jerri Howland, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Richard Farfaglia, Member, College Council Michael Goldych, Member, College Council Brian McGrath, Member, College Council Scott Furlong, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Robert E. Moritz, PwC, Global Chairman, Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters Deborah F. Stanley, PresidentImmediately following the 1 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


4 4 P.M. PROGRAM | SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION, MEDIA AND THE ARTS | SCHOOL OF EDUCATIONThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORDER OF EXERCISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 157th CommencementLisa GliddenNational AnthemLed by Samantha Grogan Introduction of Platform PartyLisa GliddenWelcome Deborah F. StanleyGreetings Richard Farfaglia Dalton BissonRecognition for Military ServiceScott FurlongRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaScott FurlongRecognition of Honor StudentsScott FurlongCommencement SpeakerJeff HoeferPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Kristen EichhornPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Communication, Media and the Arts , Julie Pretzat School of Education , Pamela Michel Alumni Banner PresentationTyler SingletonCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Samantha GroganAdjournment of the 157th CommencementLisa GliddenRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Joanne E. O’Toole, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Michael Riecke, Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication StudiesHONORS MARSHALSBonita Hampton, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction James Weinschreider, Assistant Professor, TechnologyUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSTamara Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services Mihoko Tsutsumi, Assistant Professor, MusicGRADUATE MARSHALSMichael LeBlanc, Professor, Counseling and Psychological ServicesJudy McCabe, Professional Staff, TheatreFACULTY MARSHALSRitu Radhakrishnan, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Mark Hardy, Professor, Technology PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Lisa Glidden, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Dalton Bisson, President, Student Association Kristen Eichhorn, Dean, Graduate Studies Julie Pretzat, Dean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Pamela Michel, Dean, School of Education Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Mary Canale, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Jerri Howland, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Richard Farfaglia, Member, College Council Michael Goldych, Member, College Council Brian McGrath, Member, College Council Scott Furlong, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Jeff Hoefer, Google, Head of Digital Imaging for Brand and Hardware Deborah F. Stanley, President Immediately following the 4 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.


5 Academic TraditionsThe Commencement Setting — The 2007 ceremonies marked the first graduations to take place in Oswego’s Marano Campus Center. Located in the heart of campus, the Marano Campus Center represents the college’s social hub and a gathering place for events appealing to a wide range of student, faculty and community interests. This $25.5 million building was the first new construction on our lakeside campus in 35 years when it opened in the fall of 2006.The Academic Procession — The centuries-old pageantry of the academic procession dates from ancient traditions rooted in the early universities. Since the clergy were in charge of the first academic ceremonies, they followed the familiar order of religious processions.The Tradition of Academic Attire — Caps, gowns and hoods worn at college and university functions date from the Middle Ages. Monks and students of that time wore them to keep warm in the damp, drafty halls of learning. From these practical origins they have developed into the accepted garb which symbolizes scholarly achievement. Baccalaureate gowns have a long, pleated front with shirring across the shoulders and back. They are primarily distinguished by flowing sleeves pointed at the fingertips. These gowns may be worn open or closed. The master’s gown is worn open and the sleeve is cut so that the forearm comes through a slit just above the elbow. The lining of the hood is satin and the color represents the school conferring the degree. The velvet border color represents the discipline in which the degree was earned. Doctoral gowns are traditionally worn open, but either open or closed is acceptable. They carry broad, velvet panels down the front and three velvet bars on the full, round sleeves. This velvet trim ming may be either black or the color distinctive of the degree. Mortarboards or caps worn with baccalaureate and master’s gowns generally have black tassels. The tassel of the doctoral cap is usually made of gold bullion. The doctoral hood gives color and meaning to the academic cos tume. Its silk lining bears the color of the institution conferring the degree. The hood is bordered with velvet of a prescribed width and color to indicate the field of learning to which the degree pertains.Honor Cords for Military Service — United States veterans and reserve and active duty military graduating from SUNY Oswego are wearing red, white and blue honor cords in recognition of their service. The College Medallion is worn by the SUNY Oswego president as a symbol of authority at all official ceremonies such as Commencement and Honors Convocation. Oswego is represented in the perfect center of the medallion by a tiny green and gold circle. The dot is located properly on an outline of New York state, which itself surmounts a globe to show the relationship of our institution to the state and the world. Fashioned by Dominic T. DiPasquale of the Art Department for president James Perdue’s 1966 inauguration, the medallion was a gift of the Class of 1966 for the occasion. A wreath of gold leaves surrounds the globe and is circled by a flat band bearing the engraved college name and two dates: 1861, the college founding; and 1948, the founding of the State University of which Oswego was a charter unit. On the clasp above the medallion sits a gold lamp of knowledge, emblematic of a seat of learning. (Photo, page 1.)The College Mace — In medieval times the mace was a weapon of offense with the metal head often heavily spiked. Today it appears chiefly in ceremonial functions of churches, governments, colleges and universities. The head of the Oswego mace holds a jade sphere symbolizing the university of wisdom and knowledge, surrounded by four silver flanges unfolding petal-like without imprisoning the sphere and representing the potential of disciplined imagination, the goal of higher education. The richness of the jade and the rose wood shaft reflect the pomp and solemnity of academic ceremony. A gift of the Class of 1969 for President James Perdue’s inauguration, the Oswego mace has been in use at Commencement ever since. Joseph F. Shoenfelt of the art faculty created its design and silver work, with the rosewood turning by William D. Todd, formerly of the technology faculty. (Photo, page 11.)Academic ColorsBrown ............................. Fine Arts Citron ..................... Social Science Copper ......................... Economics Crimson ..................... Journalism Dark Blue .................... Philosophy Drab ........................ Accountancy, Business Science Gold ..................... Science Kelly Green .................... Medicine Lemon ................. Library Science Light Blue ..................... Education Orange ....................... Engineering Peacock Blue ...................... Public Administration Pink ..................................... Music Purple ..................................... Law Sage Green ...................... Physical Education Salmon Pink .......... Public Health Scarlet ............................ Theology Silver .................. Oratory (Speech) White ........................ Arts, Letters, Humanities


6 Officers of the CollegeDeborah F. Stanley President President Deborah F. Stanley is the tenth president of SUNY Oswego. Her tenure has been highlighted by academic excellence, campus renewal, the creation of a learner-centered environment and the pioneering of the Oswego Guarantee and Graduation ROI. She initiated the successful national accreditation for the School of Education and national and international accreditation for the School of Business. She led the creation of the School of Communication, Media, and the Arts, and recently established the college’s Syracuse campus. Under her leadership, new programs such as electrical and computer engineering, human-computer interaction, human development, biomedical and health informatics, cinema and screen studies and the online MBA programs were established. Her ambitious campus-wide renewal plan, now in its second decade, encompasses hundreds of millions of dollars in renovations and construction, including the environmentally designated LEED Gold Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation, and the revitalization and modernization of the college’s arts building Tyler Hall. President Stanley launched Oswego’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign, and, in 2016, celebrated With Passion and Purpose: The Campaign for SUNY Oswego that raised $43.48 million. President Stanley serves on the American Council on Education’s Board of Directors, is immediate past chair of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities board of directors, is a board member of the American Academic Leadership Institute and is a member of The Presidents’ Trust. She is a charter signatory of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. President Stanley served a three-year term as board chair of CenterState CEO, and is a member of the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council. She earned a baccalaureate degree with honors and juris doctor degree from Syracuse University. Scott Furlong Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs The college’s chief academic officer, Furlong joined the Oswego family in July 2017. Furlong is responsible for leadership of all instructional and academic programs, overseeing more than 100 academic programs in the college’s four schools with more than 550 faculty, as well as a range of academic support staff and offerings. A renowned public policy scholar, Furlong previously served as dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where he led and participated in many efforts to further integrate the ideals of a liberal arts education into the UW-Green Bay curriculum. Nicholas A. Lyons Vice President for Administration and FinanceAs SUNY Oswego’s officer in charge of financial operations and facilities, Lyons has overseen 16 years of construction and renovation that have gone far in transforming the campus. He has served the State University since 1978, having worked previously as assistant vice president for administration at SUNY New Paltz, as university internal control officer and in several administrative positions at System Administration and the Research Foundation of SUNY. He holds degrees in business administration from SUNY Morrisville and SUNY Plattsburgh. At Oswego, he oversees finance, student accounts, human resources, environmental health and safety, University Police, physical plant, facilities services and construction and purchasing. Mary Canale Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Canale came to Oswego in 1996 as the coordinator of the Oswego State Fall Classic. She later became assistant director of development and, in 2002, instituted the major gifts program before becoming associate vice president for development. A 1981 alumna, Canale worked on the college’s first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign and was part of the team that spearheaded the most recent comprehensive campaign, With Passion & Purpose. Canale serves as the college’s principal fundraiser and executive director of the Oswego College Foundation. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Jerald Woolfolk Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion OfficerWoolfolk provides oversight to the offices of admissions, financial aid, career services, health services, counseling services, athletics, campus life, residential life, and student conduct as well as Auxiliary Services. She previously served as vice president for student affairs, enrollment management and diversity at Mississippi Valley State University, vice president for student affairs at CUNY’s College of Staten Island, and dean of students for residential life at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. She received her doctorate in urban higher education and her bachelor’s degree from Jackson State University in Mississippi, and a master’s degree from Iowa State University.


7 Adrienne McCormickDean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences McCormick has supported faculty development in the digital liberal arts, collaboration and diversity initiatives, and new engineering programs. She previously served for 16 years at SUNY Fredonia as professor and chair of English and director of women’s studies. She received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Faculty Service in 2012. She publishes on contemporary poets and filmmakers , and takes students every summer to study and meet poets writing in London. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Queens University of Charlotte, master’s from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Ph.D. in English and a graduate certificate in women’s studies from the University of Maryland. Pamela A. MichelDean, School of Education Michel previously served as chair of the curriculum and instruction department and taught in the graduate literacy program. She earned her bachelor’s in music and education from Elmira College and a master’s and Ph.D. in reading and language arts from Syracuse University. She is the author of the book The Child’s View of Reading: Understandings for Teachers and Parents , as well as many other publications contributing to the field of literacy. She has presented widely at local, regional, state, national and international levels throughout her career on issues related to evaluation of reading difficulties, future directions of literacy clinics and children’s perceptions of reading. Julie PretzatDean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Pretzat became dean in 2015 after serving as the school’s first associate dean. Previously she chaired Oswego’s music department and served as interim chair of theatre. While a music professor, she received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. She has organized and conducted hundreds of performances by community and college choral groups and has collaborated with college, community and professional choral, musical theater and opera groups throughout Central New York. She has done extensive work at the college in accreditation, academic advisement and creating first-year seminar courses. She holds a bachelor’s from Smith College, a master of music from the University of Michigan and a doctor of musical arts from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Richard J. SkolnikDean, School of BusinessBefore becoming dean of Oswego’s School of Business, Skolnik served as chair of the accounting, finance, and law department and as director of the master’s in business administration program. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has been involved with the CFA Institute in numerous areas. He has published research articles on investments, higher education pedagogy and financial economics. He has a Ph.D. in managerial economics and a master’s degree in operations research and statistics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Michigan. Jill PippinDean, Extended Learning Before rejoining Oswego in January 2014, Pippin served for eight years as dean for continuing education at Jefferson Community College. Her career, spanning both academic and business positions such as director for graduate services and enrollment, adjunct business instructor, director of operations, and major accounts manager, as well as her experience earning an MBA from Franklin University, has instilled a passion for providing access to higher education at all levels of the educational pipeline. Previously, the Oswego alumna developed the Jefferson Higher Education Center, facilitated the growth of Jefferson’s military services on Fort Drum, and established other innovative and community-oriented programs for adult and non-traditional students. In 2013, she was awarded the 2013 Continuing Education Association of New York’s Outstanding Continuing Educator Award. Kristen EichhornDean, Graduate Studies Eichhorn was appointed dean in July 2017 after serving the institution in several leadership roles, including Presidential Faculty Fellow, interim dean of extended learning, SUNY Faculty Senator and chair of communication studies. Eichhorn was nominated and accepted as an American Council On Education Fellow in 2016-17, spending a year in Cornell University’s Office of Provost. Eichhorn has a distinguished record of teaching and research and her publications include co-authoring the Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships textbook and research papers in multiple international journals. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Canisius College, master’s from West Virginia University and Ph.D. in communication from the University of Miami.


8 Commencement Speaker sChristene Barberich Global Editor-in-chief and Co-founder of Refinery29 The company Barberich co-founded, Refinery29, reaches 550 million visitors across media and platforms globally. She is also the New York Times best-selling author of Style Stalking and the creator/host of the acclaimed podcast UnStyled . A 1991 Oswego graduate in both English writing arts and in art, Barberich has produced pieces for T Magazine , Travel & Leisure , New York magazine and Amuse , among many other titles. In 2017, she participated as the first ever Mentor-inResidence at Savannah College of Art & Design and was also selected as a fellow for the Edith Wharton Writers-in-Residence program. Prior to co-founding Refinery29 in 2005, she held posts at Gourmet Magazine , The Daily and The New Yorker , and was the founding editor of the award-winning CITY magazine. She was named one of Folio’s Top Women in Media for Industry Leadership, as well as a top female in media on the AdWeek Disrupters List. Barberich is a frequent industry speaker and has provided brand consulting and/ or content for a mix of fashion and lifestyle clients, including American Eagle, Nine West, Prada Beaut, Nike, Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance and others. She serves on the Steering Committee of the New York State Council for Women and Girls.Robert E. (Bob) Moritz Global Chairman of PwC After joining PwC (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers), following his 1985 SUNY Oswego graduation in accounting, Moritz rose steadily through the ranks of the professional services firm, which now spans 157 countries and 236,000 people providing audit, tax consulting, and deals services around the world. A partner since 1995, Moritz has an audit and assurance background, primarily dealing with financial services, banking and capital markets clients. During the course of his career, he spent three years with PwC Japan, working with European and U.S.-based financial services companies operating in Asia.Prior to taking on the global role, Moritz led the U.S. firm of PwC as its chairman and senior partner. During his seven-year tenure, the U.S. firm focused on increasing quality service, enhancing the collective reputation of the PwC network through talent development and capabilities expansion, growing profitably, and championing diversity and inclusion efforts. PwC is a founding member of the United Nations’ HeforShe 10x10x10 IMPACT Champions network. Moritz is also a trustee of The Conference Board and a member of the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy. Moritz recently completed two terms as the chairman of the Governing Board for the Center for Audit Quality, a non-partisan and non-profit group dedicated to enhancing investor confidence and public trust in the global capital markets. An active alumnus, he serves as a member of the Oswego College Foundation, has participated in the Alumni-In-Residence program, and has made numerous visits to campus to give guest lectures and to mentor students.Jeff Hoefer Head of Google’s Digital Imaging Group for Brand Marketing and Hardware Hoefer grew up in Binghamton and graduated in 1980 with a bachelor of fine arts degree from SUNY Oswego. After graduation, his interests led him to pursue employment in California as a model maker, which launched a career spanning 38 years in Silicon Valley. As the computer made its way into everyday tasks, his occupation focused on computeraided design (CAD). Beginning with Atari Inc. and Lunar Design for 19 years, he then joined the Apple Industrial Design team in 2005, spending 10 years creating products from the first iPhone to the “iWatch,” now known as Apple Watch. Hoefer joined Google four years ago, and presently heads up the Digital Imaging group for Brand Marketing and Hardware in Mountain View, California. Throughout his profession he has collaborated on over 1,500 projects in product design, movies and the gaming industry. His experiences over these years have taught him the high value and power of visualization, starting at the early stages of product development, and how to leverage those assets through to packaging and marketing of products. A model of the SUNY Oswego campus that Hoefer built in 1979 still adorns one of the walls of Hewitt Union, giving credence, he said, to a valuable start on his future.


9 Tyler Singleton Banner Presenter, School of Education and School of Communication, Media and the Arts Born and raised in Harlem, Singleton graduates with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. During his time at Oswego, he was very active in student organizations and campus life. He was president of the African American Empowering Network and served as the director of programming for the Association of Black Psychologists. Additionally, Singleton was a resident assistant in Oneida Hall. This past year, he worked with Campus Life as a public relations intern, and conducted a radio show on WYNO that focused on pop culture and interconnectivity. He plans to pursue a career in community and childhood development, where he can optimize his passion for people and leave a path for generations to follow.Student SpeakerDalton Bisson President, SUNY Oswego Student Association A junior double major in history and political science from Canisteo, NY, Bisson became Student Association president in June, after serving as vice president the previous year. His term has included leading an online petitioning system to promote greater student involvement and creating new executive board positions, such as director of military and veteran affairs, to provide greater representation to underrepresented groups. In addition to his SA leadership, Bisson is a voting delegate for the systemwide SUNY Student Assembly, and a member of College Council and the Auxiliary Services board of directors. Alumni Banner PresentersAbigail McCormick-Foley Banner Presenter, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences McCormick-Foley is from Albany and graduates from the college’s Honors Program with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and Spanish plus a minor in public justice. She wrote her honors thesis, “Debunking the Myths of Eating Disorders,” in Spanish and English. McCormick-Foley’s many involvements included working for the Office of Learning Services as a content and writing tutor, and for the Fitness Centers as a group exercise instructor/facility attendant. She served as president of the Honors Student Advisory Board for two years and co-founded the Honors Club. As a First Year Peer Advisor, she worked to help freshmen transition to the college atmosphere. McCormick-Foley is a member of Alpha Delta Omega, Phi Kappa Phi and Psi Chi. She will attend Albany Law School in the fall with a Dean’s Scholarship and plans to work as a criminal defense attorney. Jordan Mallore Banner Presenter, School of Business This Syracuse native graduates with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Mallore has been very involved during her years here at SUNY Oswego. In addition to being a member of the Accounting Society and Del Sarte Dance Club, she has held several positions on the executive board of the Future Alumni Network, including director of finance, junior class liaison and president. Additionally, she sits on the Oswego Alumni Association’s Board of Directors as the student representative. Mallore plans to pursue a career in accounting, eventually earning a master’s degree and becoming a certified public accountant.


10 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student ExcellenceThe highest student recognition through the SUNY system, the award recognizes students who earn high grade-point averages and make outstanding contributions to their campus and community.Rachael Bishop December 2017, Communication and Social Interaction Major The Scotia native first attended the College at Brockport, maintaining a perfect GPA. She went on to enroll at SUNY Oswego in January 2016 and graduated summa cum laude in December 2017. The communication and social interaction major and psychology minor designed a health curriculum emphasizing strengths-based recovery models and motivational interviewing, and has trained healthcare workers and presented her research at the National Communication Association convention and an International Association of Relationship Research mini-conference. She served as president of the college’s Non-Traditional Student Organization. Bishop was inducted into the Omicron Delta Kappa national leadership honor society, and has advocated for It’s on Oz, served as guest lecturer in healthcare facilities, earned a Student Ambassador Scholarship to attend the Eastern Communication Association convention, and served as a teaching assistant and as a volunteer public relations assistant for Fulton Public Library.Ian Evans Senior Physics Major Recipient of a highly competitive National Science Foundation fellowship last summer at University of NebraskaLincoln’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Evans studied inkjet-printed inorganic perovskite solar cells and gold terminated graphene. The physics major has made several research presentations, had research published and was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi honor society. A member of Downbeat Percussion, a professional drumline that performs for the Buffalo Bills and along the East Coast, Evans — who minors in both mathematics and audio design and production — combined scholarship and drumming in research titled “From Music to Physics: an Acoustic Study of Sound and Ultrasound Waves,” with the support of a SUNY Oswego grant. He interned at Subcat Studios, volunteered with the marching band in Phoenix, his hometown high school, and worked as winter marching percussion director at Baldwinsville’s Baker High School. He won the Emmet Stopher Award for Outstanding Achievement in Freshman Calculus.Stephanie Facchine Senior Zoology Major Distinguished scholarship and dedication to service highlight Facchine’s collegiate accomplishments. The zoology major interned at University of Michigan Biological Station last summer as a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates fellow, studying climate change and its impacts. A sustainability studies minor, she works on a cattail mitigation project in Oswego County and serves as student coordinator of Shining Waters, a campus freshwater initiative to increase awareness of Great Lakes environmental and stewardship issues. The Rochester native served as president of Newman Club for two years, and earned a SUNY Oswego Dedication to Community Service Award. Facchine coordinates the Newman Center’s Peer Ministry, attended the National Campus Ministry Leadership Conference and twice received the Moroney Family Newman Center Scholarship for leadership, volunteer service and academic achievement. A member of Omicron Delta Kappa national leadership honor society, she serves as a department mentor, familiarizing new students majoring in biology and zoology with campus resources.


11 Zachary Hiris Senior Meteorology Major A respected, competition-winning weather forecaster, Hiris is president of the Meteorology Club, organized the annual Great Lakes Atmospheric Science Symposium, and co-directs the student forecasters working for the college’s Lake Effect Storm Prediction and Research Center, which serves a state agency and school districts. Thanks to a NOAA Hollings Scholarship, the meteorology major interned for the National Weather Service last year in Iowa, researching storms that produce large hail and high wind. A member of the golf team for three years, he has made the SUNY Athletic Conference Commissioner’s Academic Honor Roll and the Commissioner’s List All-Academic Team. Unprecedented for SUNY Oswego, he has won five trophies in the WxChallenge, a United States and Canada forecasting competition. The Bowling Green, Ohio, native serves as first-year peer advisor for meteorology and helped organize the collection of canned goods and stuffed animals for the hockey team’s annual Teddy Bear Toss and Toy Drive to benefit the United Way.Holly Reitmeier May 2017, Business Administration Major A summa cum laude graduate in business management in 2017 and now in Oswego’s humancomputer interaction graduate program, Reitmeier has continued as a high achiever, conducting research on cybersecurity that has been accepted for publication as a book chapter by Wiley Publishers, taking on a leadership role in the Human-Computer Interaction Club, attending the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in British Columbia, doing Alternative Spring Break service restoring trails in Virginia with the American Hiking Society and, as graduate assistant to the School of Business Dean’s Office, working as co-building representative for the most recent Holiday Toy Drive at SUNY Oswego. The Oswego resident also has assisted on a research study titled “Algoritmi: global: A collaborative online lab for the study of social algorithms.” Among her accomplishments as an undergraduate, Reitmeier volunteered for Habitat for Humanity during Alternative Winter Break, helped lead the Business Management Club and won the Most Outstanding Leadership Award for business management. The College Mace


12 College Honors ProgramThe Oswego College Honors Program consists of a core of courses in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, philosophy and history designed to stimulate students’ intellectual growth and develop their analytical abilities. Unlike traditional courses, which present material from a single field of study, Honors Program courses are multi-disciplinary, drawing ideas and information from many fields and addressing concerns common to all the disciplines. In addition to Honors core requirements and all the requirements in their majors, Honors Program students must also meet requirements in laboratory science and a foreign language and complete an Honors Thesis, in which they explore a topic in some depth. The following students from the Class of 2018, wearing silver tassels, are completing the requirements for the SUNY Oswego College Honors Program:Gabriel Alagna Brianna Bealo Anna Beggel Sarah Bonomo Emily Brockman Jolie Brustein Cotler Christopher Byrne Emily Casazza Nova Casillo Claire Chiarelli Amanda DeSellems Kelly Dineen Kayla Eason Erin Egan Ian Evans Mia Fasanella Rhianna Franchini Jason Furphy Mark Goodwin Brian Greene Mackenzie Grow Emma Hanlon Kerina Herard Zoe Leader Abigail Leahey Colleen Macbride Matthew McCabe Abigail McCormick-Foley Katherine Mietus Corrine Monaco Miranda Moore Shannon Moran Devin Murphy Nicholas Pittari Kyle Pollicove Imran Razik Samuel Rodgers Kristina Rovison Emily Rundle Noah Seabrook Dillon Spall Holly Spiess Katherine Thomas Austin Votypka Yingying XiaHonors ProgramsHonors Programs have been instituted for outstanding students in the fields of biology, chemistry, economics, history, mathematics, meteorology, physics, political science and psychology. The eligibility requirements for these programs are rigorous and the coursework itself is beyond the scope of that of regular classes. The following students from this class have completed an Honors Program:Kacy Baum – Chemistry Brianna Bealo – Meteorology Thomas Cain – Meteorology Brianne Comstock – Chemistry Andrew Giromini – Chemistry Nichole Hammond – Meteorology Kyle Harbour – Chemistry Steven Jester – Meteorology Ilayda Kelley – Chemistry Deirdre Leo – Psychology Kaitlyn McCue – Chemistry Kyle Pollicove – Chemistry Joshua Roys – Chemistry Dillon Spall – Chemistry Kaleigh Tinker – Chemistry Darryl Webber – Chemistry Aaron Wilson – History Cameron Wunderlin – MeteorologyPossibility ScholarsThe Possibility Scholars Awards are presented to the graduating Possibility Scholars in recognition of their accomplishments in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields throughout their four years as a scholar. Such accomplishments include rigorous laboratory-based summer research projects through the Summer Research Institute and an international service learning experience through the Global Laboratory to study real-world problems such as mitigating climate change, controlling emerging diseases, reducing extreme poverty, developing sustainable energy resources, and wisely managing water and food systems.Kimberly Anderson Jonathan Backus Norman Lei Yingying Xia Kacy Baum Cayla Hung Wa Turner


13 Honor Organizations Alpha Delta Omega Public Justice Honor Society – an open, democratic organization of individuals committed to academic excellence and to the ideal of justice, fairness, freedom and equality for all people in all aspects of society. Alpha Psi Omega National Dramatics Honor Society – an honorary society founded in 1924 that recognizes outstanding student achievement in college and university theatre. Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society for Adult Learners – recognizes the special achievements of adult students who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work. Beta Alpha Psi National Business Honor Society – the international honorary organization for accounting and finance students and professionals, recognizes academic excellence and promotes professional development and service activities among its members. Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society – recognizes high academic achievement of students in biological sciences. Dedicated to stimulating interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in the biological sciences, as well as promoting research, innovation, and collaboration among students of the life sciences. Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society for AACSB Accredited Schools – serving business programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Chi Alpha Epsilon Educational Opportunity Program Honor Society – recognizes the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria and serves EOP students. Promotes continued high academic standards, fosters increased communication among its members, and honors academic excellence achieved by those students. Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society of Professional Counseling and for Professional Counselors – established in 1985 to provide recognition for outstanding achievement and service within the profession by counselors-in-training, counselor educators, and professional counselors whose career commitment is to research and serve through professional counseling. Delta Phi Alpha German Honor Society – recognizes excellence in the study of German; promotes higher scholarship and study of German language, literature and civilization; emphasizing aspects of German life and the culture of universal value contributing to the eternal search for peace and truth. Epsilon Pi Tau International Honor Society for Professions in Technology – membership based on high scholastic attainment, participation and leadership in Technology in the college and in the community, and professional qualifications and promise. Epsilon Upsilon Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG) National Health Honorary Society – Established in 1967 is an honorary for health education known for its rich history of serving students and the health profession through teaching, service, and research. Gamma Kappa Alpha National Italian Honor Society – formed to acknowledge superior scholastic performance in the field of Italian language, literature and culture, and is open to membership at institutions of higher learning in the United States and Canada. The society encourages college students to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of, Italian culture, art and history. Kappa Delta Pi National Education Honor Society – recognizes excellence and fosters mutual cooperation, support and professional growth for educational professionals. Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society – promotes scholarship and research in anthropology by recognizing and honoring superior achievement in the discipline among students, faculty and other persons engaged in the study of anthropology. Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Studies Honor Society – represents what Aristotle described in his book, Rhetoric, as the three ingredients of persuasion: Logos meaning logic, Pathos relating to emotion, and Ethos derived as character, credibility and ethics. Mu Beta Psi National Honorary Musical Fraternity – co-ed service fraternity encouraging fellowship among musicians and is devoted to the study and performance of music. Omicron Delta Epsilon International Economics Honor Society – recognizes scholastic attainment and honors outstanding achievements in economics — establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics. Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society – recognizes and encourages superior leadership and exemplary character, excellence as students and leaders in student groups, organizations, and activities. Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society – requires a high overall GPA and even higher GPA in history, sponsoring student trips and outside lecturers. Phi Beta Delta – an international honor society recognizing students, faculty, staff and alumni; who possess a deep commitment to international affairs, education, and research; who have made significant contributions to expanding global engagement and world awareness. Members of this honorary are wearing bronze medallions with red and yellow ribbons. Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society – promotes superior scholarship in all academic disciplines, honoring students who excel in scholarship in order to stimulate others to strive for excellence. Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society – recognizes out standing scholarship in the French language and lit eratures, to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Americans for the cultural contributions of the Frenchspeaking world, to stimulate and to encourage French and francophone cultural activities. Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society – members are indicative of superior attainment in music and personal qualifications pertaining to an outstanding exponent of the art. Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society – stimulates scholarship and intelligent interest in political science to provide a framework for enriching the exposure of its members and community to the study of government and issues of public concern. Psi Chi National Honor Society for Psychology – encourages, stimulates and maintains excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. Sigma Delta Pi National Hispanic Honor Society – recognizes excellence in the study of Spanish and provides incentive for Spanish language study, leadership, and service. Its motto is the Greek phrase “Spanas Didagi Progomen” meaning “Let’s go forth/ continue forth under the teaching/guidance of the Spanish language.” Sigma Iota Rho is an interdisciplinary international affairs honor society. Promotes and rewards scholarship and service among students and practitioners of internal studies, international affairs, and global studies. Fosters integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs. Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society – honors outstanding scholarship in physics; encourages interest in physics at all levels; promotes service of its members toward fellow students, colleagues and the public; and provides fellowship of those who excel in physics. Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society – confers distinction for high academic achievement in English and Creative Writing and promotes interest in literature and writing. Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society – recognizes scientific achievement, enhances health of research enterprise, fosters integrity in science and engineering and promotes the public’s understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition. Tau Sigma Academic Honor Society – recognizes and promotes the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students. Vega Junior and Senior Women’s Honor Society – women’s junior and senior honor society which places strong value on academic leadership and community service.


14 State University of New YorkBoard of TrusteesH. Carl McCall Chairman Merryl H. Tisch Vice Chairman Joseph W. Belluck Courtney E. Burke Marc J. Cohen Eric Corngold Robert J. Duffy Angelo M. Fatta Gwen Kay Eunice A. Lewin Marshall A. Lichtman Stanley S. Litow Richard Socarides Carl Spielvogel Edward M. Spiro Cary F. Staller Nina TamrowskiChancellor of the UniversityKristina M. JohnsonSUNY Oswego College CouncilJames M. McMahon Chair Darlene Baker Saleem Cheeks Richard Farfaglia Michael J. Goldych Brian S. McGrath Baye Muhammad Dalton Bisson Student RepresentativeState University of New York Distinguished FacultyThe Distinguished Faculty Rank programs encourage an ongoing commitment to excellence, kindle intellectual vibrancy, elevate the standards of instruction and enrich contributions to public service. They demonstrate the State University’s pride and gratitude for the consummate professionalism, the groundbreaking scholarship, the exceptional instruction and the breadth and significance of service contributions of its faculty. Appointment constitutes a promotion to the highest academic rank, and it is conferred solely by the State University Board of Trustees. The list below recognizes SUNY Oswego’s active teaching faculty recognized by such rank. Alok Kumar, 2016 Distinguished Teaching Professor, Physics Tracy Lewis, 2014 Distinguished Teaching Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures Alfred Frederick, 2010 Distinguished Service Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Alfred Stamm, 2007 Distinguished Service Professor, Atmospheric and Geological SciencesSUNY Oswego Retiring Faculty and Professional StaffJean Dufore Assistant Registrar Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1998 Mark Elmer Assistant Professor, Mathematics Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1985 Marie Germain Associate Director, Residence Life and Housing Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1994 Howard Gordon Executive Assistant to the President Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1976 Mary Kerr Faculty-Led Program Specialist, International Education Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1990 John F. Lalande II Professor, Department Chair, Modern Languages and Literatures Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2000 John MacDonald Associate Professor, Finance, Risk Management and Insurance Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2007 Mehran Nojan Director, Institutional Research and Assessment Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1985 Kathleen L. Pagano Associate Director, Financial Aid Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1977 John Kares Smith Professor, Communication Studies Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1974 Terry Tiballi Associate Professor, Mathematics Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1990


15 ** Lauren N. Berberich, Lake Grove ** Justin M. Bergen, Baldwinsville Zachary Thomas Berle, Whitesboro * Curtis M. Bernard, Orchard Park Emanuel Bernard, Binghamton William A. Berntson, Rocky Point Amanda Rose Beswick, Fulton * Thakur Bhattarai, Syracuse Ian Edward Blatnick, Burnt Hills * Jamie Kevon Blaylock, Brooklyn Ethan Tanner Bleau, Rensselaer * Kodua Boateng, Bronx Shannon Marie Bogaski, Wading River James Douglas Boise, Sodus Thomas Robert Bolen Jr., Oswego Gabrielle Christine Boni, Oswego * Sarah J. Bonomo, Cortlandt Manor * Sevarin T. Borrelli, Le Roy * Olivia Rose Botting, North Syracuse James Noel Bottoms, Minoa Tyler W. Bouldin, Martville ** Howard R. Boutelle III, Jamestown ** Alicia R. Britton, Wilson * Emily A. Brockman, Saratoga Springs Morgan Ashley Bronner, Hammond Jacob A. Brooks, Hewlett * Dariel E. Brown, Oswego Emily Joanna Brown, Marcellus ** Nicholas Joesph Brown, Poughkeepsie Randolph George Brown, Pleasantville ** Jolie M. Brustein Cotler, Sloatsburg Akwasi S. Buansi Jr., Brooklyn Natalie C. Buck, Port Jefferson Richard D. Buck, Baldwinsville Katherine Emily Buehrer, Bath, ME Konrad Bulat, Brooklyn * Jessica R. Bullock, Cobleskill Brendan Ian Burgie, Ozone Park * Leianna Jean Burke, Williamstown Kevin Burkey, Carle Place Cassie Sue Burnam, Oswego Patrick M. Burns, Hilton ** Robert Thomas Burns, Rochester Madison C. Bush, Central Square Perla J. Buten, New York Zachariah Joseph Butler, Bethesda, MD Tyler H. Buxbaum, New York * Christopher R. Byrne, Smithtown Roselyn D. Cabral, Bronx * Thomas Aaron Cain, Alexandria Bay Jodi Marie Neshia-Gaye Calder, Syracuse Tyler R. Calhoun, Marion Gareth K. Campbell, Chaumont College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the largest academic division in SUNY Oswego, boasting eighteen academic departments, fifteen interdisciplinary programs, five graduate programs, and several certificate programs. Providing a learner-centered community committed to high intellectual standards, the college offers more than 40 undergraduate majors in subjects ranging from American studies to zoology, nearly as many minors, and eight cooperative degree programs. Through in-depth study in traditional and interdisciplinary programs we prepare students to identify and develop productive solutions to the many challenges facing regional, national, and global civil society.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2017, May 2018 and August 2018. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80–4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Abedallah Abedrabbah, Syracuse Brendan C. Abrams, Greenlawn ** Moreli Abreu, Bronx Kyle P. Acly, Elmira Hussein O. Adams, Hancock Anna Leigh Adamski, Brewerton Verinoca Adjin, Bronx ** Maria Fernanda Pimenta Aguilar, Sao Paulo, Brazil *** Gabriel R. Alagna, Glens Falls Nahounha Lafleur Alexandre, Brooklyn Yherelly Almanzar, Teaneck, NJ Sammy Ahmed Alsaedi, Richmond Hill Snowitta Anaston, Colombo, Sri Lanka *** Kimberly T. Anderson, Brooklyn ** Xaria Amari Anderson, Brooklyn Greyson C. Ankenman, Oswego Bethany L. Annal, Fairport *** Ryan A. Aponte, Blasdell Michael P. Arietta, Blauvelt Stephanie Elaine Arnold, Mexico Taiza Jazmien Arrington, Brooklyn Naa Mor Aryeetey, Bronx George Ebai Assam, Douala, Cameroon Cody Thomas Atwell, West Winfield * Lauren Avery, Cornwall Justina Ann Babcock, Southold ** Jonathan E. Backus, Fulton Daisie Jane Bancroft, Rochester ** Christina Marie Bandru, Syracuse Sean Bari, East Northport Morgan E. Barker, Buffalo *** Joel Alexander Barnett, Rochester Daniel D. Barrancotta, Lockport Akeile Barrett, Elmont * Jessica Lauren Bartkowski, Port Washington Thomas P. Bassett, Watertown * Kacy R. Baum, Alexandria Bay ** Thomas Gerhard Bauschke, Black River Alexander P. Baxter, Oswego Brent Baynon, West Islip Katherine E. Wallace, Oswego *** Brianna Grace Bealo, Endicott Stephanie Marie Beaumont, Rochester James Robert Bechtel, Parish Margaret Lynne Bechtel, Amsterdam Hunter M. Beckwith, Hannibal Joshua M. Belfiore, Sauquoit Brooke A. Bellows, Millport Kenneth L. Belvin, New Rochelle Aleisha Benjamin, Queens Village * Gabrielle Alysha Bennett, Arverne ** Kendra M. Benware, Watertown


16 * Ian W. Campbell, Akron Christine Marie Canova, Oswego * Holly R. Capella, Wallkill Jackson R. Capenos, Pennellville ** Patrick John Caracci, Fort Salonga Caitlyn A. Carlisle, Adams ** Michael A. Carlucci, Baldwinsville Ryan Carpenter, Smithtown *** Justin A. Carroll, Tivoli * Kristi C. Carter, Syracuse Nicholas Carusone, Parish ** Nicole Elizabeth Carvey, Oswego * Samuel David Carwile, Depew * Julianne Elyse Cary, Farmington Alyssa Cassar, Miller Place Alexandra Lyn Cassick, Jordan ** Brittney Ann Castagna, Brooklyn * Joseph R. Cavallaro, Baldwinsville *** Michael Joseph Cavataio, Liverpool Timothy M. Cerniglia, Liverpool * Wesley E. Chajkowski, North Syracuse *** Jerry Chamnichanh, Buffalo Sarita Louise Charap, Woodbine, NJ Colton V. Charles, Pomona * Erica Lorraine Chase, Manlius WeiYe Chen, Shanghai,China Allayah Y. Chirinos, Bronx Sooyeon Chung, Incheon, South Korea Samantha Marie Cipriano, Glen Cove Kiley Clancy, Syracuse ** Kaitlyn Marie Clapp, Phoenix ** Korine Clark, Chaumont Ryan A. Clarkin, Highland Mills Donald Cleveland Jr., Fulton Kristen M. Cole, Rochester Kevin Darnell Coleman, Oswego Benjamin G. Collins, Central Square Jailene Rubith Coln, Staten Island Erika N. Compton, Cicero ** Brianne M. Comstock, Webster Elizabeth Conrad, Oswego Erin Michelle Cook, Fulton Emily Grace Cooley, Seneca Falls Hannah Catherine Cooper, Angola Brandon Copeman, Theresa * Amber L. Corgnell, Jordan Zachary R. Cornish, Cortland Joseph Edward Corradino, Oswego ** Kimberly Clare Corrie, Lancaster Will Francis Corrigan, Mamaroneck Jamie Lee Coulter, Memphis Roniece T. Crawford, New York Sydney Credle, Phoenix, AZ Loni Geneva Crittenden, Buffalo Danielle Louise Cronk, Endicott Jessica Lynn Crouch, Oswego Raven S. Cruz, Brooklyn Alexander William Csorny, Wading River David Cuevas Jr., Walden Maria Cutolo, East Quogue Mary Irene Czerwinski, Valley Cottage Derek A. Dalleo, Saugerties Nicole R. Damboise, Oswego Brian Ruthven Davis, Oswego ** Priyanka Sandamal De Silva, Pita Kotte Western, Sri Lanka Erik Decker, Walworth Sebastian DeCrescenzo, Canajoharie Daniel Anthony Defranco Jr., Auburn * AnneMarie Rose Dehm, Oswego Emilio Jose Del Valle, New York * Madeleine Leah DeLoria-Mancini, Endicott * Jordan Anthony DeLucia, Syracuse Joseph George DeLucia, Dryden Kathaleen M. DeMott, Oswego Claudia Paris DePalma, Oswego *** Amanda H. DeSellems, Camillus Dominic F. Dewhurst, Pleasantville Ryan Jacob DiBenedetto, Webster Stephen Nicholas DiCerce, Mechanicville Jessica Autumn DiCesare, Rensselaer * Bridget C. Dinan, Geneva Kelly Anne Dineen, Cortland Jessica S. Doherty, Central Square Brianna June Dolan, Manlius * Alexandra Dolzhenko, Forestburgh Charles Michael Domicolo, Oswego Robert J. Donnelly, New City Brian Patrick Dorsey, Suffern Emily Ann Dougherty, Clinton Adam Christopher Downey, Schenectady Lauren Kelly Driscoll, Fairport ** Gina Lauren Duffy, Liverpool Jillian Marie Dunleavy, Sayville Steve Duran, Beacon * Kayla Eason, Staten Island Cameron Ebersold, Slingerlands *** Madelynn Rose Edwards, Piffard * Erin Patricia Egan, Massapequa Park Edgar Ekure, Baldwinsville Skyler Robert Elkins, Medford Corey B. Elsby, Roswell, GA Brian Alexander Emanuele, Salisbury Mills Sarah Endress, Cortland ** Jacqueline Emily Epp, Marcellus * Jhessett Estrella, New York Dajah Evans, New York *** Ian Russell Evans, Phoenix *** Stephanie E. Facchine, Rochester Anuoluwa Mary Famotibe, Liverpool MacKenzie Fanciulli, Oswego Lucas Fanning, Mexico Lauren Farnsworth, Minetto ** Mia Fiorentina Fasanella, Hampton Bays Dana Lucille Fauth, Fort Salonga ** Emily R. Fenner, Nedrow * Anne KM Fenzl, Auburn Meghan E. Feocco, Auburn Meagan L. Ferguson, Owego * Michael J. Ferrara, Syracuse Alexis Marie Ferrare, Syracuse Ashlee Marie Fiorini, Cicero *** Kimberly A. Fischer, Syracuse Aedan J. Flaherty, Walton Perri E. Fleischman, Scotch Plains, NJ Britney Leigh Flint, Brownville Nagnouma Fofana, New York Stephanie Forman, Monroe ** Jessica Denise Fortune, Tupper Lake * Hannah Foster, Liverpool Zachary T. Foster, Hyde Park Scott Christopher Fox, Mahopac Susan Theresa Fox, West Nyack Olivia Nicole Fradette, Central Square Shannon Marjorie France, Tillson * Rhianna Mae Franchini, Ravena Keegan M. Freese, Ballston Spa Jade Frost, Syracuse Jessicca K. Fuller, Lowville Craig S. Furey, Wallkill Jason T. Furphy, Cortlandt Manor *** Shelby S. Gallaro, Auburn Robert E. Gallasch, Moravia Ross A. Gardner, Fulton Edna M. Gennarino-Lopez, Rochester *** Austin Gentile, Oswego Marcus R. Giarrusso, Camillus Jessica Victoria Gibbons, Oswego Brianna Rose Gicola, Owings Mills, MD *** Andrew Philip Giromini, Baldwinsville Kyle Paul Glenister, Pulaski Thomas Aaron Glenister, Pulaski Sabrina Gonzalez, Bronx Jonathan A. Goodhines, Remsen * Austin Alexander Goralski, Lake Clear Tyler Joesph Gornick, Hudson, WI Gus Gosson, Syracuse Nicole C. Granteed, Liverpool


17 Brett Thomas Gray, Cato Gabriella Nichole Green, East Hampton Brian Patrick Greene, Massapequa *** MacKenzie Kristin Murphy Grow, Fulton Sarah Nicole Grupp, Charlottesville, VA Marianne Nicole Guerrette, Moravia Katelyn Marie Gurney, Oswego Nathaniel S. Haga, Watertown ** Jamie A. Hager, Buffalo ** Nichole Jayde Hammond, Marathon * Keturah Lynn Hancock, New York * Kara Sue Hann, Central Square Anthony R. Harbour, Manlius *** Kyle Mikael Harbour, Manlius *** Joshua Richard Harkness, Red Creek * Monica Gartner Harvey, Queensbury Austin John Haskins, Fulton ToniAnn Hawkins, East Setauket Brianna Elizabeth Helfeld, Syracuse Brian A.J. Henn, Ronkonkoma * Kyle Santor Henry, Endwell Kerina Kernst Herard, Massapequa Niklas Alexander Hesse, Stony Brook Daniel Ryan Higgins, West Islip Jessica Higgins, Buffalo ** Zachary A. Hiris, Bowling Green, OH Alexander Evan Hochberg, Ballston Spa Rachel Hoffman, Twp Washinton, NJ Tanner Matthew Horan, Utica Breanna Leigh Hoyt, Binghamton Dennis Hsu, Bethpage * Yvonne Sachet Jasmin Hudson, Roosevelt Daniel John Hufnal, Harriman Joseph R. Hughes, New City Ryan Martin Hurley, Brownville ** Samantha M. Hussey, Penfield Hye Jin Hwang, Busan, South Korea Kimberly S. Hydar, Yonkers Jesse Fechukwu Ijomah, Monroe Vincent M. Ingersoll, Smithtown Donny Ismail, Clifton Park Schantavia Monique Ivery, Virginia Beach, VA Joshua B. Ivey, Syracuse Daniel K. Jackson, Cortlandt Manor Kaitlyn M. Jackson, Brewerton ** Kaitlin Gail Jacobbi, Buffalo Kassie Nicole Jacobson, Poughquag Zachary Michael Jacomowitz, Suffern ** Jeffrey Eugene Jacques, Williamson Sophie Kate James, Napanoch Martin A. Jaworowski, Wading River *** Victoria Catherine Jayne, Moravia Ryan Christopher Jelen, Nanuet Andrea Elena Jemmott, Valley Stream ** Steven Michael Jester, Phoenix Yuqin Jin, Shanghai, China Jerome Jacob Job, Wappingers Falls Aleyah D. Johnson, Bronx Theodore Richard Johnson, Big Flats * Amy E. Juliano, Malverne * Elizabeth A. Jurkowski, Springville Salman Kabir, East Northport * Michael G. Kaefer, Ramsey, NJ Corey Alexander Kane, Erin Daniel John Erik Kaplan, Dobbs Ferry * John Henry Green Karlya, Flushing Jenna Kasza, Fonda Helena May Kaszluga, Albany Daniel H. Katz, Dix Hills Connor Kawola, Rexford ** Micah Nathanael Keach, Clay Lindsey Marie Keller, Melbourne, FL Zackary John Keller, Jeffersonville *** Ilayda Kelley, Izmir, Turkey *** Andrea Catherine Kelly, Watervliet Stephanie Anne Kelsey, Bernhards Bay Brittany R. Kemp, Fulton Gabrielle Mary Kerr, Beacon Justin Daniel Ketchum, Endicott Sara J. Kiesinger, Lycoming * Patrick K. Kilkelly, West Islip * Carter John Kimball, Sherrill * Alyssa Noelle King, Summerville, SC Whitney Elizabeth Kithcart, Windsor Porshya Shani Kithsiri, Colombo, Sri Lanka Jo Klein, Westbury Matthew R. Klein, Orangeburg Lorial Bernadette Knack, Washingtonville Cassandra Joan Knight, Syracuse Kerriann Elizabeth Knopp, Fulton Philip Charles Koehler, Holbrook Alexander James Konopka, Pine Island *** Alexander R. Kouthoofd, Oswego Lacey Gabrielle Kowalski, Parish Dennies P. Krecko Jr., Peekskill * Hannah Rose Kruse, Amherst * Kathryn Anna Kubinski, Elmira Melissa Sue Kunz, Mexico Luc Bruce John LaCroix, Arlington, VT Brandon Ladd, Fulton *** Jennah Brian Lamb, Fulton Brandon T. Lanthrip, Oswego * Nicolette P. LaRosa, Copiague Randy Lau, New York Ross P. Lauber, Rome Neely B. Laufer, Williamsville Calvin Charles Albert Lawrence, Wappingers Falls *** Mary Katherine A. Lee, Camillus David Lefevre, Oswego * Norman Lei, New York Francheska Renee Leija, Calcium Brianna M. Lembo, Amity Harbor Andrew Alexander Leo, Corona ** Deirdre E. Leo, Wappingers Falls Joshua Daniel Leonard, Oswego Francesca Hope Leparik, Greenlawn Kerisha A. Lewis, Mount Vernon Michael William Liguori, West Babylon Ethan Locey, Massena Stephanie Lopez, Mount Vernon Anthony P. Loria, Wingdale Jaclyn M. Lovell, Baldwinsville Jason A. Lowery, Oswego Connor Michael Lunduski, Baldwinsville Dylan Erin Lundy, Depauville Cassandra Mae Luvadis, Parish ** Jarred T. Lyndaker, Carthage Jai C. Lynn, Saint Albans Brian D. Lyudmer, Ocean Beach ** Colleen MacBride, Merrick * Justin P. MacCreery, Phoenix Brenna Marie MacIsaac, Accord Sean Patrick Macisaac, Poughkeepsie Colin Joseph Madia, Sauquoit Emily Louise Magee, Hamburg Andrew Vincent Magnemi, Westbrookville Jaydee Anand Maldonado, Bronx Shannon Erin Brittain Malone, Wappingers Falls * Kristen L. Manahan, Somerville, NJ Sydney Frances Ascenzi Mangano, Oswego Charlene Antoinette Mangold, East Windsor, CT Alina Sonia Ruth Mangual, New York Benjamin Alan Manzer, Phoenix Jennifer Marie Marino, Saratoga Springs Adam Douglas Markham, Bernhards Bay Emily R. Marsh, Latham Christopher R. Marte, New York Dylan John Martin, Norwood, MA Keshawn Mashore, Brooklyn Seth Michael Matthews, Liverpool Kelsey Marie Mattoon, Oswego Nicole McCabe, Massapequa Gabrielle Marie McCarty, Corning * Kyle M. McCauley, Oswego Keimon McCleary, Hauppauge ** Abigail K. McCormick-Foley, Albany


18 * Kaitlyn Marie McCue, Hopewell Junction Dillon Emory Mcdonald, Geneva Gregory A. McDonald, Glen Cove Brian Patrick McFarlin, Poughkeepsie Jillian Kathryn McGrath, Clifton Park Brandi M. McGrier, New York Carrie Lynn McIntosh, Central Square Katie Susan McIntyre, Syracuse *** Alan Roy McReynolds, St. Louis, MO Michael F. Mekker, Syracuse Joshua Adonis Mendez, Bronx Rebeca I. Mendoza, Oswego Taylor Anne Messina, Liverpool Lyn Dorcia Mezier, Westbury ** Alyssa C. Militello, Horseheads Allyson K. Millard, Carthage Caitlyn Miller, Buffalo Camille Kennedy Milton, Galway Micky Zayaoni Mokola, Manhasset *** Corrine Frances Monaco, Selden Michael A. Monico, Endicott * Soyoung Moon, Bucheon, Republic of Korea * Brionna Mercede Moore, New Windsor Nelson Morales, Staten Island Allison Moran, Washingtonville Kevin J. Morgan, Saranac Lake Fred Morrison, Syracuse Jamel A. Mosley Jr., Buffalo * Tyler Parry Moson, Valley Cottage Hayden Alexander Moss, Montour Falls Lilly R. Motz, Roslyn Heights Michelle Julia Mourino, Valley Stream Madelyn M. Muckey, Oswego Tanya Marie Muhlnickel, Cato * Brianna Muncy, Copenhagen Jillian M. Munson, Fairport Elizabeth Louise Myers, West Henrietta Alexis Rae Nasta, Trumbull, CT Adam David Neider, Cicero Michelle Nelson, Fulton Thuy Vi Thi Nguyen, Oswego Alandra Rose Nichols, Putnam Valley Shania A. Nichols, Brentwood Hayden P. Nickla, Brookhaven * Jennifer Ashley Niebling, Massapequa Evan William Oatis, Middle Island Christopher R. O’Connor, Rochester Morgan Claire O’Grady, Chester * Timilehin Femi Ogunjana, Amsterdam Jennifer L. Olsen, Sayville Michael David Olson, Falconer Samantha Ong, Brooklyn Amanda Lee Onorato, East Meadow Ryan Patrick Ortolano, Lagrangeville Devin R. O’Shaughnessy, Gloversville Matthew Ryan Paciulli, Ronkonkoma Bryan Irvin Padua, Bronx Nathan D. Palmer, Dansville ** Mia Grace Palone, Lyons Tyler Edward Parkhurst, Oswego Kathryn Irene Pataky, Gouverneur Nicholas R. Peacock, Bath *** Danielle Marie Peck, Fulton Brendan Connor Peek, Penn Yan * Alyssa M. Pellegrino, Farmingville Katherine L. Pepperl, Montgomery Village, MD * Angelica Chelsea Perez, New York Gabrielle Perez, Syracuse Kaitlyn Rose Perez-Giron, Woodhaven Christopher R. Perilli, Saratoga Springs Phillip D. Perriello, Rochester * Dalila N. Perry, Brooklyn Reston Alan Pettit, Bolivar *** Colin M. Phillips, Rochester Nadelyn Victoria Pichardo, Manhattan Jamie Shin Pilcher, Jamesville Dan Pilewski, Manlius Jeremiah Amaya Pisagih, Rochester Nicholas Steven Pittari, Vestal *** Elizabeth L. Platz, Berkshire Elena Alexandra Pobedinsky, North Syracuse ** Kyle M. Pollicove, Whitesboro * Mia G. Poste, Lyons Falls * Matthew Russell Prawel, Medina Diamond T. Preston, New York Rebecca A. Prosser, Blossvale Melissa Ann Pryor, Oswego Anna Elizabeth Puccia, Watertown Andrew Patrick Pullen, Oswego Eynna Qian, New York Ashley Nichole Radder, Manlius * Christina K. Ramdeo, North Baldwin Lindsey J. Ramsey, Oswego Swin Ratnayake Ratnayake Mudalige, Minuwangoda, Sri Lanka Melissa Raut, Cicero * Kristen Ann Ray, Elmont *** Imran Razik, Richmondville Matthew J. Reeves, Queensbury Charles A. Reid, Sackets Harbor * Lucas Andrew Reilly, Latham Alex Joseph Reitz, Central Square * Joseph R. Revello, Williamstown, NJ Anne Elizabeth Reynolds, Oswego Bernadette Mary Rice, Red Creek Timothy J. Richards, Baldwinsville * Peggy Riddle, Deer River Cesar David Rincon, Philadelphia, PA Gabriela Stephanie Rivas, Central Islip Robert W. Robak, Rexford Shavonte Adonis Roberts, Brooklyn * Samuel J. Rodgers, Pavilion Chelsea Yamiles Rodriguez, Bronx Miguel A. Rodriguez, Manlius Naomi Itzel Rodriguez Jose, Bronx Christopher David Rodriguez-Castro, Walworth Astrid Achilles Roe, New York Zachary Michael Rombough, Eden Angely M. Rosa, Bronx Andreina Rosario, Bronx Nemesis Rosario, Spring Valley Cassitty Tytannya Rose, Saranac Lake ** Kristina M. Rovison, Tonawanda Logan Elizabeth Rowe, Gloversville ** Joshua S. Roys, Bridgewater Kevin E. Rudd, Clay David E. Rukki, Forest Hills * Emily Jean Rundle, Ava Briana Russ, Warners Kasey Elizabeth Ruthven, Cicero Cashley Saintilus, Brooklyn * Zachary J. Salvador, Oswego * Alexandria Rose Samson, Liverpool Solange Andrea Sanchez Cuellar, Brooklyn *** Lauren M. Sandford, Clinton Corners Lizmarlin Santiago, Bronx Evelyn K. Santos, Brewster Evan Michael Saur, Farmingdale * Jessica L. Schafer, Rochester William Edward Schell, Liverpool Nichole Ann Schillinger, Lorraine *** Adam J. Schmidt, Hamburg Sam Schneller, East Rockaway * Daniel R. Schrank, Camillus Ian Andrew Schupp, New Hampton Christian James Scoville, Fulton Alex Scrimale, West Monroe Noah T. Seabrook, Baldwinsville ** Tessa Anastasia Seils, Clifton Springs * Yaritza Sencion, Bronx Daniel M. Seymore, Liverpool Dillon M. Sforza, Poughkeepsie Colton Earl Shanahan, Cold Brook Christopher Ross Shannon, North Syracuse Khairunisa Hasnein Sharif, Elmont Daniel Jon Shatrau, Oswego


19 Kevin F. Shaw, Schenectady Jordan Elizabeth Sheehy, Latham Danielle Daune Szabo, Marcellus Alyssa K. Shoemaker, Albany Natalie Shopland, Mexico * Nicholas Short, Rochester Joseph Charles Henry Sigurdson, North Tonawanda Eric Tyler Silvanic, Binghamton Sabrina Singh, Woodside Nichole L. Slocum, Fulton Kimberly Alexis Smith, Ozone Park Laura G. Smith, Hopewell Junction *** Meghan E. Smith, Hancock Ryan M. Smith, Frankfort David Edward Snell, Barton Jasmilly Solares, Bronx Justin P. Sommer, Massapequa Shelby L. Soper, Auburn Sarah Elizabeth Sorensen, Smithfield, RI Louis Spagnola III, Baldwinsville Andrew Spagnuolo, Camden * Dillon W. Spall, Hilton Gabrielle Marie Spencer, Syracuse Chelsea M. Springs, Fayetteville *** Barbara Ann St. Michel, Oswego ** Kirsten Rae Staller, Quaker Hill, CT Zackery Allen Stanard, Richland Ryan Edward Staring, Parish Jessica J. Starken, Marion * Jackie Starr, Malta *** Molly Joy Stayer, North Syracuse Alexander Kenneth Steiner, Auburn Julia C. Stephens, Spencer Celene Silva Stewart, New City Kristen Stone, Chaumont Amanda Rose Stout, Middletown Emma Strujo, Macedon Kevin Sun, Fresh Meadows * Hunter M. Sutherland, Mount Morris Benjamin L. Swanson, Lakewood * Kirstin Marilyn Isabelle Swartz, Clifton Park Jacques M. Sylvain Pena, New York Raymond John Tapio, Brewster * Jennifer Lynn Tardelli, Potsdam Geoffrey Davis Taylor, Oswego Zachary Scott Taylor, Rochester Steven Tejeda, New York James Douglas Terzian Jr., West Seneca Veronica Ann Tesser, Newburgh Katherine E. Thomas, Buffalo ** Rebecca M. Thomas, Staatsburg Alexis Denise Thompson, Rochester Junior Rodolphe Time, Binghamton * Kaleigh A. Tinker, Northport ** Kaitlyn A. Tkachuk, Staten Island * Sabrina Mia Tomassetti, Massapequa Park Joseph Francis Toomey II, Ballston Spa *** Sonja B. Treu, Manlius * Gabrielle Marie Trivigno, Ronkonkoma * Karolina Iwona Trojanowski, Ridgewood Tanner Nathaniel Trzepacz, Whitesboro Elexis Tucker, Aurora Tina T. Tucker, Bronx *** Megan Elizabeth Tuohey, Hilton Brian D. Turan, Syracuse Cayla Hung Wa Turner, Brooklyn * Matthew Frederick Upright, North Bennington, VT Daniel James Valastro, Goshen Brina Agustina Valencia, Rocky Point Emily Valentin-Arroyo, Brewerton Benjamin R. Valentino, Mexico Ulysses E. Van Buren, Bronx Brandon M. Vandermalle, Webster ** Michael J. Vanfleet, Wolcott Megan Elise VanVorce, Binghamton Lewanny Vargas, Bronx Ashley Yadely Vazquez, Bronx Malena S. Vazquez-Larose, Liverpool Sable Mildred Velasquez-Peralta, North Baldwin Thomas M. Vetrano, Wappingers Falls * Shannon Johanna Vigh, Richfield Springs Elizabeth Joan Villa, New York Emily Viola, Liverpool *** Madison Vono, Liverpool * Austin Nortier Votypka, Wayland * Chase C. Walker, Locke Taylor Elizabeth Walpole, Oswego Rachel M. Walsh, Wantagh Shary Daleysha Walters, New York Brittany Marie Warchol, Richland Sally Ann Warnock, Chester Sandra Violet Warren, Sandy Creek Lula Mae Weaver, Phoenix * Darryl John Webber, Moira Aaron Webster, Phoenix ** Bailee Mikayl Welker, Batavia * Carlyanna Marie Wells, Oswego Sarah Lynn Wells, Mankato, MN * Anthony Edward Wenzel, Port Jefferson Station Shannon Alyssa White, Edmeston Aeriell Nicole Williams, Syracuse Brandon Scott Williams, Syracuse Shania J. Williams, Mexico Hunter Willoughby, Lakeville Brooke E. Wills, Oswego *** Aaron Lee Wilson, Clay Kira Sky Wilson, Kingston ** Siara Reyanne Wilson, Oswego Isabella Marie Winklestine, Oswego Timothy Wolverton, Leicester Sandra Wong, College Point Haylie Anne Wood, Parish Sarah A. Woods, East Setauket * Michael E. Wright, Waterloo Morgan Wrobleski, Liverpool * Cameron Wunderlin, Massapequa Christopher William Wypyski, Nesconset * Yingying Xia, Woodside Ji-won Yang, Oswego Brent Andrew Young, Syracuse Faizon Zaman, Pittsford ** Jesse Zavaro, Taberg ** Noah Gregory Zazulak, Pittsford *** Zhixin Zhai, Kunming, China


20 Oluwagbemisola Aderonke Abiola, Getzville Awni Aburamadan, Fayetteville Alysha Michele Adams, Painted Post Troy A. Aikey, Vestal Christopher Thomas Ames, Binghamton Jenna L. Amo, Rochester Devin M. Andrieu, Pittsford * Joshua Philip Andrus, Wolcott Brian Christopher Antalek, Endicott Abiola Oluwaseun Arawumi, Brooklyn Sebastian Ardila, East Meadow Gavin M. Ashman, Binghamton ** Alexis Brooke Ashton, East Amherst Louis Henry Avellino, Fayetteville Karen Elizabeth Babick, Middletown Matthew J. Baccoli, Farmingville William Fay Bacon V, New City Christopher M. Baich, Hamburg Eric R. Bak, Whitestone Morgan A. Barcus, Bronx Thomas Enrico Bartyzel, Cicero Brandon Michael Baumgartner, Bay Shore Mireya Tanaye Baxter, Bronx Christopher Nelson Becker, Atlanta Anna Beggel, Warwick Evan Behr, Rochester Joshua S. Beniamino, Monson, MA Julia Bennett, Webster Andrew John Berberich, Holtsville William Beresford, Leicester *** Judith Bernard, Binghamton Jamie B. Bernstein, Rockaway Park Sara Bernstein, Plainview Jessica Anne Bevilacqua, Albany Ivanna Lucia Bitetti, Syracuse Benjamin Black, Melville Chad Blunt, Horseheads James T. Boedicker, Endicott * Brian James Boise, Marcellus Brian T. Boyle, Wappingers Falls Kristin Elizabeth Briggs, Fulton Geoff Allen Brightman, Oswego Aaron D. Brody, Commack Noah Samuel Brooks, Hewlett Haley Josephine Bucklin, Fayetteville Gregory Ethan Bunkis, Staten Island George Vincent Burke, Commack Madison Rae Burlingame, Binghamton Megan Elizabeth Caiaccia, North Bellmore *** Autumn Keanu Caldwell, Rosedale Jorge Campos, Mahopac ** Aliza Canell, Evans Mills Alexis Brooke Carey, Nanuet Christopher J. Carmel, Waterford Jenna Rose Carr, Hopewell Junction Lauren Marie Carr, Syracuse Jillian Emily Casey, Canton, CT Francis Castelletti, Sauquoit Robert E. Caswell, Rochester Alexander W. Chan, Bethpage Coco Chan, New York * Celine Qin Chen, Brooklyn * Ronnie Chen, Brooklyn * Michael Chewens, Vestal Jack E. Choinski, Wading River Chrystal L. Chung, Penfield *** Brianna Nicole Ciganek, Endwell Catherine Clancy, Oswego ** Kevin James Clifford, Seaford * Andrew James Clina, Milford, NH * Miranda L. Congdon, Port Crane Sabrina G. Contreras, Sparkill Cody M. Conway, Fuguay Varina, NC Joseph Correia, Clay Gabriel A. Corso, Bronx Lydia J. Cosgrove, Malone Daniel J. Costello, Saratoga Springs Shatia Cowan-Witherspoon, Brooklyn Steven James Cox, Amsterdam Tanner M. Cretti, Clifton Park Matthew Peter Cummings, North Syracuse Jeffrey D. Curtis, Petersburg Jonathan A. Daley, Holtsville Nickolas DaPrano, Castleton on Hudson Michael Jon D’Auria, Livingston Manor Jim-Michael David, Latham Malik I. David, Brooklyn Nicholas E. Davidson, Brooklyn * Dillon Tyler Deckert, Queensbury Anne V. DeGeorge, Cropseyville Marissa Anne DeLand, Camillus Paul Delluomo, Howard Beach * Jake M. DeLorme, Fairport Joseph Robert Demarco, Fresh Meadows Theodore J. Demos, Massapequa Chelsea Marie DeRouchey, Morrisville Dylan C. Diaz, Mount Sinai Blaise Nicholas Diblasi, Syracuse Daniel A. DiBlasi, Amherst John George Di Blasi, Smithtown Nicholas Vincenzo Dicecca, Rochester Kevin Dickson, Huntington Station Kristen Courtney Dietz, Schenectady * Michael J. DiFabio, Latham Michael Louis DiFabio, Elmira * Julien DiGiorgio, Clinton Matthew Patrick DiSorbo, Scotia * Micaela L. Dobereiner, Sterling Julian F. Donneys, Tuckahoe James Thomas Doolittle, Phoenix Justin William Doty, Baldwinsville *** Alexander D. Duca, Fulton Matthew Michael Duncan, Endicott Ugonna Duru, Bronx Mason R. Egan, Baldwinsville Luke Robert Ehlers, Stony Brook ** Olivia Veronica Ellis, Ridgeway, ONSchool of BusinessTo keep pace with a rapidly evolving business world, programs in the School of Business integrate classroom learning with advanced computer applications and various forms of applied education, such as case studies, simulations, group projects and intern ships. Nationally accredited by AACSB International — the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business — the school offers seven undergraduate majors, a master’s of business administration, an MBA health services administration program as well as three five-year combined bachelor’s/MBA degree programs, one in accounting, one in broadcasting and mass communication, and one in psychology.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2017, May 2018 and August 2018. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel.


21 Nicholas A. Enaigbe, Mount Vernon Dylan Alexandre Ernst, Nissequogue Ludwing Miguel Espinal Vidal, New York Alyssa Lindsay Facteau, Mexico Natasha Nicole Falter, Oswego Emily M. Farrell, Cold Spring Harbor Anthony Philip Fedele II, Rochester Anna Fedorenko, Syracuse ** Elizabeth Anne Fehrman, Cicero Austin J. Feltrinelli, Fayetteville Judith Antonia Ferguson, Bronx Elizabeth Grace Figler, Grand Island * Connor James Finizio, Auburn ** Alexander James Flemming, Syracuse * Abigail J. Florio, Ontario Taylor Brewer Folchetti, Pawling Devon P. Foster, Conesus *** Francis Joseph Foster, Cicero Michelle Rose Fredericks, Massapequa Park Joseph David Fritz, Auburn * Michael J. Fusco Jr., Schenectady Damien R. Galindo, Lagrangeville Brandon James Gallagher, Liverpool Kristin Gates, Cato Jason M. Gavigan, Nanuet * Samantha N. Giguere, Phoenix Elishah E. Gilliam, Queens-Cambria Heights Matthew Glasgow, Buffalo William Glover, Mount Kisco Harrison Goebel, Ontario Jordan Nicholas Goldenberg, Asheville, NC * Andrew Hatheway Golembiewski, Central Square * Marek Gonzalez, Camillus Jack A. Goodfellow, Manlius Randall Frank Gordon, Oswego * Sepand Ghaffari Gousheh, New York Maryanne Gozzi, Camillus Clark Grabb, Burnt Hills * Danielle Redington Grasmeder, Queensbury * Roger N. Greenidge, Saint Albans ** Colin Robert Greenseich, Cicero Bailey L. Grenga, Eastport Alexa R. Grosskopf, Stony Brook * Qiuting Gui, Syracuse ** Jiaoyu Guo, Shanghai, China Matthew Joseph Guyette, Watertown ** Jessica Michelle Guzman, New York Erin Mary Hanson, Islip Thomas Francis Harding, Rome Lianne E. Harkins, Schenectady Eric E. Harley, Rochester Rachel Marion Hartter, Henrietta Olivia Lynn Hawley, Rockville Centre Tara Marie Haynes, Mexico Jeremy Quinton Head, Trumansburg Thomas Herbert, Auburn Mitchell Paul Herlihey, Nepean, ON * Stephen R. Hermann, Buffalo Jessica Diane Hernandez, Central Square Joshua Tyler Hoagland, Whitehall * Kari Lynn Holbrook, Fulton Leslie J. Hollenbeck, Oswego * Andrew Allen Hoover, Corning QiaoYan Hu, Ning Bo, China Matthew J. Hughes, Syracuse Patrick W. Hunt, Syracuse Jeffrey W. Hust, Tully ** Brian Anthony Intermaggio, Hampton Bays * Spenser James Iodice, Rochester Dimitri Karl Jean, Huntington Rachel A. Jensen, Mexico Gregorio M. Jimenez, Syracuse Shesenia Elizabeth Jimenez, Spring Valley Tyler D. Jodeit, Waterloo Andrew JaVaughn Reynell Johnson, Rochester * Eun Sol Jung, Seoul,South Korea * Adriane M. Juracka, Saratoga Springs ** Adarsh Ramesh Kakarania, Kolkata, India ** Andrew Kaleta, Baldwinsville Miranda Kaywood, Deer Park *** Zhiqiang Ke, Brooklyn Justin Michael Kelly, Kingston * Reid Benson Kelly, Endicott Nicholas A. Kersey, Syracuse Ahran Kilmeade, Bayport * Hyung Kee Kim, Palisades Park, NJ ** Kali L. Kimak, Elbridge *** Christine Elizabeth King, Martville Casey A. Kitrinos, Spencerport Julia Marie Knight, Oswego * Yosef Kohn, New York ** Jason Lee Krause, Hastings Luke M. Krizman, Manlius Ann M. Krupenye, Patterson * Melissa T. LaBonte, Salt Point Brett Lahey, Beacon * Kevin J. LaMantia, Oceanside Joseph John Landi, New City Jason Michael Landl, Inlet Tyler Paul Lariviere, Adams * Olivia Beshar Lascari, New York Joseph M. Latella, Whitesboro Logan M. Lawlor, New Windsor Justine Louise Leathley, Manlius ** Jung Chan Lee, Seoul, South Korea * Nam Joo Lee, Seoul, South Korea * Sang Lee, Seoul, South Korea Victor Leeber, Stony Point Zachary James Leo, Baldwinsville * Thomas John Leprine, Massapequa Kyle Scott Leysath, Fredonia ** Henry Joseph Liebentritt, Canandaigua Kyra B. Liebson, Rochester ** Stephanie Liew, Brooklyn Brooke M. Liner, Milford Jeffrey T. Little, Middletown John Little, East Northport * Dylan James Lloyd, Oswego Robert C. LoCurto, East Patchogue * Austin Patrick Luczak, Lewiston John D. Lynch, North Chili * Thomas J. Mack, Washingtonville Brandon H. MacMorris, East Islip Michael Joseph Macri, Port Jefferson Station Mariah M. Madrigal, Trenton, MI Brianna Maglione, Liverpool Jordan Marcia Mallore, Baldwinsville Conor J. Malone, Oswego * Andrew T. Mangione, Pomona Mackenzie Rose Mannion, Memphis Matthew Christopher Marchese, Albany ** Elena Marjorie Margrey, Baldwinsville Nicholas J. Marinelli, Auburn Abebe Marr, New Woodstock ** Adam Robert Marren, North Syracuse Liam A. Martin, Syracuse Lorissa J. Martin, Lake Placid Ryan Anthony Martin, Cicero Nicholas Martinez, New York Ryan Patrick McCabe, Hyde Park Lauren E. McFall, Victor Kevin P. McMillen, Webster Alexander John Merrill, Glenmont Nicholas Raymond Meyer, Cato Devin C. Meyers, Great Bend * E. Nicholas Alexander Michel, Loudonville * Katherine Marie Mietus, East Amherst * Daniel Richard Miller, Valley Cottage Daniel P. Mills, La Fargeville Joseph Mirth, West Haverstraw Deandrea P. Mitchell, Jamaica Sophia Mocciaro, Syracuse ** Shannon Kelley Moran, Buffalo Michael Robert Morgigno, Commack * Nicholas Joseph Motola, Montgomery Matthew Bryant Mulligan, Garden City Melissa Rose Mulvaney, Yonkers Cody Jack Murphy, Central Square *** Luke Murray, North Rose * Noah Joseph Murrock, Watertown Christopher A. Muscarella, Fultonville Oleksandra Narytnyk, Brooklyn Caitlin Elizabeth Nash, Carthage Tyler Nason, Bohemia Matthew D. Nawrot, Clarence Jade Elaine Nelson, Oswego Lena M. Netto, Watertown George Neubauer, Warwick Mark M. Niechcial, Syracuse * Stephanie Lynn Noga, Oriskany * Andrea Elizabeth Noss, Orange, CT Meg Patrice O’Brien, Long Beach Justine Taylor Ochs, Schenectady Daniel Patrick O’Connell, Marcellus * Austin Odell, Utica Chris Q. Oglesby, Ridge


22 Laura Michelle Ogozaly, Henrietta Gemma Rose O’Kane, Memphis * Noah James Oliver, Delancey Nicole Jordan Olszewski, Syracuse Michael Thomas O’Reilly, Yorktown Heights * Molly Patricia O’Rourke, Commack Alan Ortiz, Middletown * James Philip Osborne, Sherburne John Thomas Osiecki, Apalachin Meaghan Elizabeth O’Toole, Syracuse Christopher Louis Paglia Jr., East Setauket Jeffrey Andrew Palmer, Albany Max Papele, Clifton Park Kenya Paredes, Jamaica Colin M. Parish, New City Justin P. Passelli, West Islip Nathaniel David Passino, Salem Rachel Elizabeth Pawlewicz, Camillus George Pearlman, Airmont Erik Jeffrey Pedersen, Bloomingburg * Taylor Nicole Peris, Syracuse Jeffrey Peterson, Westtown Jordan K. Peterson, Fairport Nicolo B. Petrocci, Skaneateles Dennis A. Petteys Jr., Scotts Valley, CA * Amanda Lynn Pfitscher, Hyde Park * Lindzi Nicole Pfluger, Altmar Theodore Wayne Phillips, Cortland * Kimberly R. Picerno, North Babylon ** Lenna E. Piteo, Wappingers Falls Angela Rose Ponto, Syracuse Mackenzie K. Porch, Baldwinsville Andrew Taylor Potocki, Orangeburg Michael James Potter, Oswego * Nicholas Timothy Presicci, Penfield Jadon Kristoffer Prettitore, Holtsville Zachary F. Price, Niskayuna Patrick James Prioletti, Marcellus Rebecca Gail Quandt, Fredonia Nicholas Quigley, Clifton Park * Isabella Danielle Quiones, Wappingers Falls Nicholas Quiroz, East Hampton Austin Raleigh, Rochester Joshua Alan Raleigh, Rochester ** Cierra Renee Ralph, Worcester Gerardo Rodrigo Ramirez, Maricopa, AZ Chelsea Anne Rapp, Port Jefferson Station Eric M. Rausa, Liverpool Conor Michael Rayder, Belle Harbor Austin Raydo, Poughkeepsie Brent T. Reed, Lake Luzerne * Adam Reeder, Livonia Brian Regel, Suffern David A. Renko, Schenectady * Amanda Resnick, Dobbs Ferry Nicolas Oren Retzkin, Fair Lawn, NJ Daniel Alberto Reyes, Trenton, NJ Niki Reyes, Bronx Eric W. Richardson, Rochester Ryan M. Ringwood, Auburn Raymond Juaquin Rivera, Bronx Amber Roberts, Pulaski Antonia Diamond Roros, Smithtown Douglas John Rose Jr., Vestal Alan S. Ross, Liverpool Michael Brett Ross, Liverpool Thomas Anthony Roussos, Massapequa Alexie Jessica Rowe, Yonkers Justin Charles Rozen, Binghamton Joseph M. Ruggiero, East Islip Joseph James Ruggio, Oswego ** Jonathan M. Runge, East Syracuse Joshua Ryan, Webster Gabrielle R. Sacco, Oswego Thing Sai, Syracuse Alexis Nicole Salkey, Bronx * Paula A. Sanchez, Dix Hills Analie Santana, Sodus Tulio Santos, Bronx Cyrus Sassouni, Great Neck Madlyn M. Schafer, Greenwich Matthew Eugene Schafran, Suffern *** Elizabeth Janelle Scott, Oswego Mallory Elizabeth Scriber, Pulaski Kenneth Sebastian Segura, New York Othmaro C. Service, Bronx Tyler J. Shaffer, Liverpool * Jordan Glenn Shutts, Queensbury ** Jeffrey R. Silber, Jackson Heights * Michael B. Sill, Liverpool Kyle Joseph Simmons, Watertown * Eric David Smith, West Islip ** James D. Smith, Syracuse Kyle R. Smith, Mallory Samuel Smith, Port Washington William Theodore Smith, Port Washington Joseph A. Soltysiak, Poughkeepsie Aaron David Soman, Williamsville Brian Sortino, Fairport Matthew Phillip Stallone, Ronkonkoma Joseph D. Starita, Bronx * Hannah Camille Steffen, Depew James R. Stoltz, Syracuse *** Jessica Strail, Brewerton Dong Hyun Sul, Oswego Than Aung Sumlut, Syracuse Logan Talbot, Cortlandt Manor Matthew M. Taroli, Commack Michael Tartaglia, Mahopac Alicia Temple, Dryden * Danielle L. Testa, Penfield Jacob Testerman, Wappingers Falls * Daniel Paul Thomas, Liverpool Anthony J. Toffenetti, Albany * Nicholas James Tortolon, Dundee Claire Marie Towey, Fairport Cole Tracy, Whitesville Jillian N. Travis, Clifton Park Regina Marie Tully, Monroe Keith Levoid Tyson II, Syracuse Jonathan Ukunc, Brooklyn Skylar N. Unger, Huntington ** Brian Usobiaga, Pleasantville Eden J. Vail, North Tonawanda * Daniel A. Valdivia, Nanuet Taylor Anne VanDyke, Brewerton Elijah Caleb VanOrman, Rochester Walter A. Vargas, Jamaica Bree-Anna Theresa Vaughn, Farmingville Mercedes Encarnacion Vazquez, Albany Matthew J. Venerus, Ballston Spa Vivian Lisette Vila, Stony Point Kevin A. Villarreal, Brooklyn * Paul J. Vinciguerra, Cicero Nicholas Volz, West Islip Patrick John Wahl, Webster Vince Walker, Dryden Davia Wallace, Brooklyn Matthew James Walsh, Oakdale * William E.J. Walsh, Stone Ridge Alexander Jonathan Walters, Chittenango Ryann Archer Ward, Montauk * Ashley A. Waring, Fulton Veronica Warner, Waverly Magic B. Washington, Paterson, NJ Michael T. Webb, Tully Zachary H. Weigand, Syracuse * Qing Wen, Oswego ** Marin Jill Wenig, Ellenville Lindsay Michelle Westfall, Kirkville Samantha Beth Wexler, Pittsford Kaitlyn Nichole White, St. Regis Falls ** Spencer Christian Wieland, Poestenkill Larissa Ann Williams, Endicott Timothy Wilson, West Monroe Troy James Wilson, Binghamton Thanh Tran Woods, Bronx Alexander Sol Wyczawski-Anderson, Saratoga Springs * Saloua Yahia, El Jadida, Morocco Krystal Yasruel, Baldwin Richard C. Yonkers, Massapequa * James Christopher Zeitler, Holtsville Melanie Zimbelmann, East Northport * Caitlyn Nicole Zimmerman, West Nyack Austin M. Zsedely, Webster


23 School of Communication, Media and the ArtsThe School of Communication, Media and the Arts brings together programs related to the study and creation of messages through art and music, electronically and via the spoken word. The school combines the strengths of fine and performing arts programs in art, music and theatre with the highly diverse department of communication studies. Nine undergraduate degree options and three master’s degrees are offered in addition to interdisciplinary majors and minors. Graduates in this division are identified by tri-colored cords representing brown for art and theatre, crimson for communication studies, and pink for music.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2017, May 2018 and August 2018. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Elizabeth A. Albers, Babylon Kurt S. Albrecht, Chester * Kaitlin Elizabeth Alexander, Sterling * Lydia Marie Anaka, Akron Zackery Michael Anarella, Webster Adam Armstrong, Auburn Daniel S. Arons, Hewlett Molly Elsbeth Cena Bacon, Rochester Kyle T. Bailey, Farmingdale ** Fergelyn Gabion Baliclic, Clay *** Angelmarie Margaret Bambino, Mount Marion ** Brittany N. Barna, Webster Brandon Lee Barnes, Constantia Anthony De’Shunn Barney Sr., Benton Harbor, MI Alesha Barrett, Brooklyn Megan Nicole Barry, Liverpool ** Cody Lynn Bateson, Syracuse Tyler David Battist, Oswego * Cherilyn Noella Beckles, Brooklyn * Breanne C. Beightol, Lockport Marissa Lynne Berardi, Liverpool Ryan Berger, Medford Jackson D. Berner, Glen Cove * Daniel Z. Besemer, Ithaca * Christian Walker Billotto, Selden Melissa Anne Bish, East Syracuse *** Rachael Elizabeth Bishop, Fulton *** Winnie Tyler Blackwood, Johnstown Nicolas C. Blanco, Tuxedo Park Thomas Francis Boccardo, Webster Shannon Bodo, Sea Cliff Alex M. Borland, Oswego Benjamin G. Boucicaut, Huntington Kyriaki Bougalis, Clearwater, FL Michael T. Boyd, Tallman Hunter M. Boyle, Larchmont * Samantha Michelle Boyle, Bolton Landing * Alexander M. Brautlacht, West Seneca Carlan R. Bridge, Bronx Yolanda M. Bridges, Amityville *** Shenandoah Briere, Syracuse Michael Thomas Brown, Mahopac Rahkiya J. Brown, Binghamton Christopher O. Bruce, Ellenville *** Griffin S. Bruce, Baldwinsville * Mercedes Elizabeth-Maria Buhner, Schenectady * Tami S. Bullard, Oswego * Julianna L. Bullis, Syracuse Tian W. Burte, Tuckahoe Nees Calderon, New York * Alyssa R. Caldwell, East Syracuse Stefanie Angeline Calise, Commack Brendon Michael Candella, Marcy Ciara Cecile Cannon, Holbrook Karla Raquel Cano, Elmhurst ** Jackalyn Jean Carione, Commack Allison Rose Carpenter, Glen Cove Evan Carrobis, New City * Patrick Thomas Casey, Rochester * Nova Grayson Casillo, Niagara Falls Ashley Cavallo, Endicott ** Adam M. Cesarini, Kirkville * Tyler Chase, Scotia * Claire Marie Chiarelli, East Setauket Bintou Cisse, Albany Joseph Robert Clavelli, Oswego Ryan Lee Cochrane, Baldwinsville * Krystal Lynn Cole, Albany Kieran Coleman, Coxsackie ** Joel Francis Collard, Skaneateles Kelsie Ann Conroy, Scotia Khari H. Constantine, Jamaica Amber D. Cordero, Oswego Nathaniel Nicolas Correa, Bronx Nicholas Dean Costanzo, Clay A’Dayja Brionna Cotton, Rochester Nicholas A. Craner, Syracuse Zackary James Crawford, Cortland Brittani M. Cunningham, Mount Vernon Kevin Damoah, Bronx Sarah Lola Damsky, Old Bethpage Starquasya S. Daniels, Syracuse Christopher Darling, Fulton Dylan J. Davanzo, Oswego Jenna Christine DeBlasiis, Rome Reggie A. Debrah, Corona * Emily Kristina Dee, Seaford * Rocco Peter DeFranco, Auburn * Sarah Anne DeGeorge, Middletown Nicholas Carter Devito, Mechanicville Bageot Dia, Bronx Jack Diamond, Newark Alexis Marie Diaz, Baldwinsville Erin R. DiBenedetto, Webster Alissa Grace DiCesare, Ransomville Emily A. Dickinson, Windsor Vincent DiGiacomo, Centereach Phillip Michael Diminno, Syracuse Kyle A. Dinges, Poughquag Brendon Joseph DiSanto, Greenwich David Robert Dross Jr., Beacon Olivia Dominique Dunn, Manlius Rene Grace Dunn, Wading River Abeer Ezzeldin Elbannan, Hackensack, NJ Lucas P. Ellison, Fishkill Christina Lee Episcopo, Cicero


24 Lani Esealuka, Pelham Arleny M. Espinoza, Port Chester Brian Ewanyk, Little Falls Genesis Lissette Felipe Rossi, East Elmhurst Rosa Linda Fernandez, Pearl River Jazmyn Alexis Fields, New York Eileen M. Fioramonti, Fayetteville * Mattison Marie Fleming, Mexico Itzel Flores, Middletown Kristen Ann Foster, Oswego Kimberly Ann Francavilla, Ridge *** Keith J. Frislid, Sayville * Alyssa Jayne Fuller, Queensbury Ryan C. Furness, Campbell Samantha Michelle Furtzaig, Croton on Hudson Samantha M. Futter, Batavia Caitlin K. Galvin, Hopewell Junction ** Shannon Payge Gamble-McWhite, Yonkers Thomas C. Garland, North Bangor Zachary D. Garner, Ballston Spa Talia Marie Gennarelli, Binghamton Zakary Edward George, Jamesville Max Gerling, Fairport Jason Ross Gilbert, Bethpage Pedro Antonio Gomez, Centereach * Mark Goodwin, Hamburg Amanda Paige Gordon, Dix Hills ** Alahna E. Grady, Brockport * Miranda Marie Green, Glen Aubrey Nicholas James Grieve, Ronkonkoma Samantha L. Grogan, Ilion Dori Gronich, Plainview * Matthew James Guarnieri, Holmes Madeline R. Hagen, Cicero R. Marshall Hall, Lockport ** Bailey E. Halligan, Dansville Conor Thomas Halton, Solvay * Cadi Lynn Hannold, Sherman * Robert V. Hart, Nassau * Sarah Elizabeth Hart, Fredonia Patricia C. Hartnett, Cornwall * Kathleen E. Haynes, Croton on Hudson Emanuel Blair Henderson IV, Syracuse Richard W. Henglein, Broad Channel Stephanie N. Herbert, Hilton Crystal A. Hernandez, Bronx Elizabeth K. Hernandez, Massapequa Marisol Mirna Hernandez, Farmingdale Monica Hernandez, Bronx ** Megan Hickey, Haledon, NJ Corinne M. Hildreth, Camillus Sydney K. Hoefer, Olcott Robert Jonathan Hohman, Apalachin Maribeth E. Homa, North Syracuse John Winchester Horne III, Worcester * Molly Margaret Horth, Lacona Marissa Anne Hovey, Baldwinsville Christian Howles, Cazenovia ** Alicia Lynn Hughes, Ransomville Paige Elizabeth Hunt, Trumansburg Leah Margaret Iannone, Wappingers Falls Mary Elizabeth Ilardi, Lake Grove Chelsea R. Jodway, Fulton Ashley Simone Johnson, North Baldwin Matthew S. Johnson, Sodus Xavier N. Johnson, Bronx Corrigan Hugh Jones, West Winfield David Timothy Kalwarovski, Charlotte, NC Jessica Lynne Kaminsky, Rochester Allif Khandoker Karim, Upper Darby, PA Danielle Joy Kehoe, Corning Alexander Henry Kemper, Oswego * Maegan E. Kenny, Walden * Scott D. Kesselring, Spencerport ** Joseph L. Kienzle, Sound Beach Aran C. Kilcoyne, Hornell ** Elena Katherine Kilgore, Lancaster Jessica R. Korson, Warwick Adam Korzeniewski, Camillus Troy Edward Kozlowski, Ronkonkoma Brian William Krosky, Schenectady Taylor C. Ksiazek, Lackawanna ** Dylan James Kuhn, Binghamton Jean Paul La Rosa, Franklin Square Amber Michelle Laning, Auburn ** Zoe Denae Leader, Webster * Gyeo Re Lee, Daegu,South Korea *** Ye Jin Lee, Cheongju-si, South Korea Shannon Legott, Geneva Alexandra Renee Leo, Central Square * Camry Autumn Liddle, Old Forge Thomas James Lindsay, Old Forge Vincent Locasto, Valley Stream Oscar Alberto Londono Jr., Otisville Samantha L. Longton, Voorheesville Andrew Luces, Lake Grove Steven M. Lupo, Warwick Ashley L. Macdowell, Albany Jackie Magurno, Suffern ** David Gregory Manke, Skaneateles ** Samantha E. Marti, Cazenovia * Jonathan Matros, East Islip * Alexandra C. Matsu, New York * Nicole Rose Mauro, Holley Lindsey Marie May, Pennellville Nicole Elizabeth McCraith, Frankfort Haylie Ilene McAuley, Fulton * Matthew I. McCabe, Jordan Colleen M. McClure, Salamanca * David J. McCormick, Oswego ** Kaitlyn Rose McDonough-Genari, Bethpage Megan C. McGarvey, Levittown James S. McGregor, Cicero Robert W. McKissick, North Baldwin ** Erin Marietta McNeely, Milford, PA * Jonathan Price McNeely, Jacksonville, FL Thomas Paul Meaney, Johnson City * Peter J. Mehlek, Clay Pablo I. Mendoza, Oswego Brianna R. Messina, Bay Shore ** Erin Marie Meyer, Troy ** Michela Kim Mickaluck, Walden ** Paige Christine Miller, Binghamton Vanessa Sue Minges, Fairport Tsugumi Mizutani, Souraku-Gun, Japan Leslie Montalvo, Bronx ** Andrew Scott Moore, Seneca Falls Mary K. Moriarty, Mahopac * Nathan Richard Moser, North Tonawanda Emily Motti, West Nyack Jessica Nicole Mulder, Hillsborough, NJ Juanita Ann Mullen, Geneva Jesse Mura-Pelkey, Pittsford * Kayla J. Murphy, Amesbury, MA Melanie Murphy, Camillus Emily Nestor, Syracuse Haley E. Noel, Fulton Grant Matthew Novo, North Salem Derek Nugent, Huntington * Jordan Oatman, Oswego * Deirdra O’Boyle, Monroe Meghan Marie Olson, Budd Lake, NJ * Matthew J. Overend, Falconer *** Nellie Kay Owens, Cato Matthew J. Paddock, Baldwinsville Ian Padgett, Sparrow Bush ** Marina Grace Pantoliano, Tarrytown Sydney Marie Papa, Camillus Shaylee C. Parsons, Rochester ** Lena Jane Pawlewicz, Fulton Alexander Norman Peck III, Commack


25 Lauren Peel, Oswego * Nathalie Pena, New York ** Justin Matthew Penman, Saratoga Springs Jennifer R. Perez, Massena Kayla J. Peterson, Waterford * Stephen Pinchak II, Auburn Matteo John Piraino, Syracuse ** Kelly Marie Platt, Camden Hayley L. Prenatt, Buffalo Michael Robert Prentice, Endicott Benjamin T. Priestley, Binghamton Frederick C. Prinzivalli, Mastic Beach ** Victor Pusateri, East Northport Stephen Quigley, Bellmore Courteney Angela-Ariel Reed, Baldwinsville Eberton J. Reed, Brooklyn Alisha Renner, Stillwater Isaiah Resto, New York Edwin Jose Reyes, Albany * Amanda Coryn Riley, Syracuse Daniel Roach, Huntington Station Shane Robinson, Binghamton * Shelby Rose Rogers, Hyde Park Jonathan Roman, New York * Angela Mary Russell, Richmond, MA Anthony C. Russo, Moriches Lamont K. Sadler, Brooklyn Jacob Francis Saeva, Scottsville *** Anthony Alexander Sagrestano, Easton, PA * Katherine A. Sagrestano, New Hartford ** Mia Sampson, Monroe * Michael A. Sanchez, North Babylon Dalton Stone Sargent, Florida Nathan J. Scalisi, Manlius Liliana Giovanna Hazel Scano, Antwerp Milagros M. Scano, Antwerp Shanika M. Scarborough, Pulaski Nicholas P. Schmidt, Ballston Spa Kristopher William Scott Sennett, Rushville Emily Lynn Shaben, Jamesville * Jacqueline Shikora, East Meadow Samantha Ann Shubert, Louisa, VA * Geoffrey Shumer, Syracuse Alexander J. Simone, Oswego Tyler Singleton, Bronx Stephanie Elizabeth Skinner, Syracuse Keira Maureen Slater, Afton * Corey S. Slifkin, Monroe Ezekiel J. Sliwka, Auburn Alicia Smith, Rochester Ameen Shakir Smith, Webster ** Derek L. Smith, Frewsburg Rebecca Ann Smith, Oswego * Kirby Elizabeth Tracy Socker, Baldwinsville * Alexandria P. Southard, West Sand Lake * Kevan Edward Spencer, Camillus Sherrod Spencer, Brooklyn *** Holly Spiess, Sharon Springs Madison Elizabeth St. Gelais, Crestview, FL Eric James Staropoli, New Rochelle * Emily Rose Stasko, Huntington Station William Anthony Steele IV, Mount Sinai Sarah Elisabeth Steinbrenner, Derby Shaun P. Streb, Fairport Kyle R. Tack, Newark Miranda Elizabeth TenEyck, Auburn *** Sophie Rose Theis, Guilderland Alex Theoret, Huntington Station Kristen Emily Tomlinson, West Islip Mariel Vivian Torres, Binghamton Kimberly Thi Tran, Liverpool Victoria Elizabeth Trivison, Liverpool * Madeline N. Troia, Memphis Tenzin Tseyang, Rego Park Chanel M. Turnquest, Syracuse Megan Twamley, Webster Lindsey F. Ubeda, Yorktown Heights Corey Patrick Usavich, Poughkeepsie A leader in education and an advocate of free public schools, Edward Austin Sheldon (1823-1897) was responsible for opening the Oswego Primary Teachers’ Training School. Sheldon’s pioneering ideas in object teaching became a model for other normal schools throughout the nation and around the world. Sculptor John Frances Brines designed the statue that was constructed with penny contributions from school children throughout the state in 1899. Tyler V. Verderame, Lincolndale ** Ellen Patricia Vibbard, Cooperstown Jay Vollmer, Penn Yan * Michael Ciotoli Vollmer, Camillus Nicholas Bartholomew Wallace, Centereach ** Caitlin Weinell, Sherburne Sayvon A. Whidbee, Monticello Matthew J. White, Fairport * Tyler William Wied, East Pharsalia Jade Hope Wilbur, Spencer Casey Oliver Wilcox, Candor * Robert Edward Williamson, Huntington * Alexander Robert Wright, North Syracuse Avery T. Yates, New York ** Dustin Michael Young, Phoenix Angela Zheng, Oakland Gardens Nicholas P. Zogas, Rockville Centre


26 Emmanuel Agyapong, Bronx ** Jennifer Celeste Asitimbay, Corona Bryce Bachus, Ballston Lake Emily Backes, Jordan Jabari Kamau-Ayendi Baker, Brooklyn Kayla Balfe, Whitesboro * Peter Aubrey Balzani, Endwell Allison Marie Batchelor, Oswego Sonia Benn, Brooklyn Emma Victoria Bernhard, White Plains Austin Stone Bettinger, Hannibal Gabriella Marie Bianco, Medford Robert G. Blackstock, Watertown Victoria Duke Blake, Irmo, SC * Nicole Helen Bouchard, Fort Plain James Mazurett Boyle, Mendon Matthew Todd Brennan, Baldwinsville Christopher J. Britts, Port Jefferson Station ** Emily Brockwell, Northport Alajah S. Brooks, Syracuse ** Branden K. Brown, Fulton Maeghan E. Bruyn, Poughquag * Jalen E. Buckhout, Yorktown Heights ** Kristen Anne Budd, Fulton * Jenna N. Burke, Hopewell Junction Adam Burlew, Thiells Brennan Liberte Butler, Lake Placid Gianna Marie Capanelli, East Islip ** Emily M. Casazza, Highland Mills John Louis Catanzaro, Carmel Iana Samone Cathey, Buffalo Hayden Max Chodes, Plainview Samuel Cino, Webster Genevieve Marie Clifford, Buffalo Allison Samantha Cohen, Freeport Taylor R. Cohen, Stony Brook * Nicole A. Collins, Macedon Emily Colloca, North Babylon * Kaitlin Johanna Concannon, Monroe * Laurel F. Conley, Syracuse Wesley A. Cotton, Ballston Spa Alexander J. Cowan, Massapequa Park Monica Helen Marie Cramer, Coraopolis, PA * Wyoma Anne Crandall, Oswego Andy Cruz, New York Brianna E. Culliton, Baldwinsville * Diana Nicole Dalaba, Rochester * Audrey L. Delany, Camillus * Jill Christian Dempsey, Sparta, NJ * Beatrice Baah Denkyi, Bronx Mimi K. Denteh, Bronx * Elizabeth J. Deugan, Rome Nicholas Jon Dolbear, Mexico Jack Marino Drevnyak, Lynbrook Drew J. Dunlay, Blauvelt Gaellie Alexa Duplessy, Valley Stream Trent Robert Durocher, Canton Garrett Walter Edick, Poughkeepsie ** Alexia Nichole Esposito, Liverpool Francisco J. Esposito III, Lake Grove Haley Margaret Evans, Bainbridge * Kelsey S. Eveleigh, Rodman *** Kara Lynn Farrands, Fulton Anna Virginia Femia, Clinton Caitlin E. Francz, Webster * Alena Ruth Fresch, Oswego Brianna C. Gadsden, Staten Island David Isaac Gafner, Central Square Kimberly Taylor Gallagher, West Babylon Katelyn J. Geer, Pulaski ** Emma Rose Geyer, Liverpool * Alexis Ginther, Williamson Lillian Goh, Brooklyn * Erin H. Green, East Syracuse Helen Marie Haas, Springfield, TN Tommie Ann Hanlon, Hudson Falls ** Kevin Hanretty, Liverpool Tara Ashley Hansen, Nanuet Mairead Hanson, Islip * Sarah P. Hard, Garrison William Peter Harvey, Liverpool Brenaisha Y. Henry, Brooklyn * Jennifer Lisseth Hernandez, Roosevelt Albert Joseph Herrera, Liverpool ** Jacob Douglas Herrick, Auburn *** Joshua John Herrick, Auburn Sarah J. Hill, Webster * Haley R. Hindes, Rensselaer Rachel Marie Hoenings, North Bellmore *** Rachael R. Humphrey, Constableville * Erin P. Hussey, Cornwall * Andy Huynh, Syracuse Miyeon Hwang, Gwangju-si , South Korea *** Jihee Im, Busan, South Korea Joshua T. Janiszewski, Webster Ashalee Joseph, Freeport Rachel Marie Karashay, Saugerties *** Kristen Yuen Kee, Patchogue Cassandra Kelly, Franklin Square Luke James Kelly, Barrington, IL * Morgan Jewel Kelly, Clifton Park School of EducationInnovation in authentic learning has been a hallmark of SUNY Oswego since its found ing in 1861. This creative spirit still thrives in the School of Education, where innovative methods grounded in research and early experiences in the field help students become teachers, counselors, school leaders, and wellness and technical professionals ready to meet the challenges of today’s global and diverse educational institutions and com munities. The school is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2017, May 2018 and August 2018. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel.


27 * Jessica M. Kennedy, Stony Brook Brad M. Kermes, Syracuse Alexander S. Koval, Westtown Lucas Krucher, Baldwin Myles F. Kutscher, Glen Head Nicole I. LaFleur, Oswego ** Rebecca Kaitlyn LaMora, East Syracuse Emily Joan Langton, Saugerties Bryan Ogden Leggett, Ballston Lake Justin Michael Leitch, Deer Park Tiffany Marie Lerch, Verona Abigail Linchangco, Centereach * Patricia Loiacono, Canandaigua * Christopher W. Lowe, Binghamton Ethan D. Lynch, Baldwinsville * Rebecca R. Markajani, Penfield * Jillian Danielle Martin, Lake Clear * Marisa Martone, North Babylon Brianna N. Mastrobattista, Syracuse MacKenzie Danielle Mayo, Goshen Caitlin Marie Mazzeo, Ronkonkoma *** Kevin Christopher McCann, Glenville William John Michael McCauley, Queensbury * Kimberly Toni McDonald, Uniondale Kathleen Ann McKenna, East Northport Dana Marie McLaughlin, Tomkins Cove * Rachel E. McQuade, Schenectady *** Ryan M. Milano, Valley Stream Mary Anna Miskell, Geneseo *** Laura Lynne Mocyk, Warners * Bernice Abena Momay, Brooklyn * Miranda Rose Moore, Batavia ** Robert Spencer Moore, Seneca Falls Dominic J. Mosconi, Liverpool Jacob William Mullett, Syracuse * Devin Jay Murphy, Liverpool Tila Chand Neopaney Sr., Syracuse Ngoc Tuyet Thi Nguyen, Utica ** Cameron D. Nosiglia, Cicero * Molly Emer O’Riordan, Tappan Bernard K. Osei, Syracuse *** Douglas Richard Osgood, Binghamton *** Leanne Paganelli, Fishkill ** Shannon Elizabeth Pakusch, Rochester Nicole Marie Perugino, Newburgh Vincent James Petrone, Hadley Devyn A. Phelps, Webster * Emily Lauren Phillips, Rochester ** Rachel H. Piazza, Buffalo Rebecca Pierre, Valley Stream Larisa Pinchin, Clayton * Alessia Theresa Pizzino, Valley Cottage *** Emma Mary-Elaine Post, Cleveland * Nina Puglisi, Medford Christine Jolanta Pyrda, Whitesboro Heroina Qelaj, Verplanck ** Anali Quesnay, Bronx Seth Rasmussen, Cato Daniel Alexander Rau, Oceanside Tracy B. Reeves, Middletown Heidi E. Reichert, East Syracuse * Alexa C. Restante, Erieville Joshua James Reveal, Hoosick Falls * Michael R. Rice, Baldwinsville Chelsea Roach, Fulton * Candice Ashley Rodriguez, Mount Sinai Phillip Anthony Rovitelli, Webster Ashley Brittianah Ruffin, Dover, DE * Brenna N. Ryan, North Syracuse * Peri McDuffie Saat, New York Fior Liz Sanchez, New York Jordan A. Scharfe, Webster *** Samantha Ann Scott, Parksville David Seecharan, Bronx Courtney L. Shadbolt, Patchogue Justin Christopher Sheffer, Glenmont * Jessica Mary Sheppard, Lancaster Alanna Nicole Sieb, Jericho ** Leea M. Sinay, Syracuse * Dylan Walter Smith, Copenhagen * Jaclyn Smith, Pulaski Kiersten Snitchler, Florida * Michaela Sontheim, Lyons Kaylee L. Spack, Camillus Cody Joshua Spade, Rochester * Susannah Rebecca St. Clair, Binghamton *** Rachel Marie Stewart, New York Mills Kegan Burgess Storjohann, Anthem, AZ * Trinity Stupp, Hannibal Tiffani A. Suhm, West Sand Lake ** Taryn Rae Surprenant, Remsen Sienna Morgan Tantillo, Penfield Alexa Kaitlyn Terry, Weedsport Scott Taylor Thomas, Greenwich Marisa Lynn Torres-Dashner, Oswego Teresa Tsang, Brooklyn Erin Wade Tucholski, Hicksville Allison Erin Ullrich, Saint Louis, MO * David Uridia, Oswego Christopher VanDuser, Wallkill * Taylor Joseph Vavruick, Clifton Park Robert Lewis Vazquez, Fulton Gabriella A. Vertuccio, Massapequa Amber Nichol Walker, Wolcott McKennan Walton, Rochester *** Jamie A. Walzer, Rochester * Matthew F. Warren, Oswego Colleen Elizabeth Waters, Poestenkill * Laurie Juliana Werner, White Plains Madisyn Taylor Bartholomew Whalen, Oswego Trevor William Wilcox, Webster Stephen A. Wildman, Huntington * Alexis Tyhesia Williams, Auburn Lucas Williamson, Ithaca Christian Hanlon Wilson, Liverpool Aliette Windfield, Staten Island Stuart Robert Winn II, Camillus Meghan R. Witkowski, Syracuse Shelby J. Wittenrich, West Falls * Brooke Alexandra Wyand, Plattsburgh * Farrah C. Ziaie, Liverpool


28 Division of Extended LearningThe Division of Extended Learning is committed to providing access to highquality education to people at all ages and stages of life and career. The division works with academic departments to create, deliver and support innovative and responsive credit and non-credit programming to diverse audiences in order to open gateways to new careers, enhance skills or pursue lifelong learning, spanning multiple modalities and locations. Non-traditional and part-time students earning baccalaureate completion degrees online, in the evening, and in blended programs at our Syracuse campus receive the same high quality education as on-campus students while maintaining the ability to balance their personal and professional commitments. Degrees include Broadcasting & Mass Communication, Business Administration, Human Development, and Public Justice.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80 – 4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60 – 3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30 – 3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Abdel-Rahman Omar Abdel-Razzaq, Syracuse * Sahara Beaulieu, Marcellus Francisco Cordero Alvarez, Houston, TX ** Austin Robert Donaghue, Syracuse * Heather Marie Kandt, Central Square Adam Scott McNulty, Watertown Jane Anne Schirtz, Syracuse Kaitlyn Nichole White, Oswego, Aaron Edward Wren, Syracuse


29 MASTER OF ARTSReid Michael Adler, BA SUNY Oswego Eunseo Bang, BA SUNY Oswego Suzanne L. Beason, BFA SUNY Oswego James Bryant Bowe, BA SUNY Oswego Kelly Kristine Cullinan, BA SUNY Oswego James Alan Dunagan, MA SUNY Oswego Jingyuan Duan, BS Kunming University of Science and Technology Paul T. Farinelli, BA SUNY Plattsburgh Donald A. LaPointe Jr., BS SUNY Buffalo State College Ashley Nicole Lefebvre, BS SUNY Oswego Christopher Gerard Lewand, BA SUNY Oswego Jayme A. McCreary, BA SUNY Oswego Olivia Frances Melinski, BS SUNY Fredonia Nichelle Catherine Pawlikowski, BS SUNY Oswego Thomas R. Pickett, BFA SUNY Oswego Holly L. Reitmeier, BS SUNY Oswego Joseph Robert Schickling, BA SUNY Oswego Brandon Wesley Smith, BFA SUNY Oswego Sharon M. Souva, BFA SUNY Oswego Marissa E. Specioso, BFA SUNY Oswego Forrest E. Stata, BA SUNY Oswego Sharon Marie Strong, BS SUNY Oswego Mulin Zhang, MA University of Shanghai for Science and TechnologyMASTER OF ARTS IN TEACHINGMarie Silvia DiLorenzo, BFA SUNY Potsdam Travis George Duffy, BFA Cazenovia College Carla A. Senecal, MA SUNY OswegoMASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONRobert Steven Allen, BS Worcester Polytechnic Institute Christopher Thomas Ames, BS SUNY Oswego Anthony Richard Angora, BS SUNY Oswego Karren Bee-Donohoe, BS Cornell University Nicholas Bellucci, BS SUNY Empire State College Erica Marie Bentley, BS SUNY Oswego Robert L. Blanco, BS Cornell University Brent Thomas Boeing, BS SUNY University at Buffalo Erin E. Bolsei, BS SUNY Binghamton University Lanbing Zhang Bowman, BBA Pace University George Vincent Burke, BS SUNY Oswego Donghao Cai, BS Chang’an University Rebecca T. Cain, BA SUNY University at Buffalo Matthew Emil Caldwell, BS SUNY Oswego Dominique Canham Canale, BA LeMoyne College Mallory Elaine Cavanaugh, BS SUNY Oswego Adam M. Cesarini, BA SUNY Oswego Xin Chen, BA Northeast Normal University Celine Qin Chen, BS SUNY Oswego Michael Chewens, BS SUNY Oswego Christie Nicole Cockayne, BA SUNY Oswego Steven James Cox, BS SUNY Oswego Jonathan A. Daley, BS SUNY Oswego Sherwin Andrew Damdar, MS Rochester Institute of Technology Steven Thomas Darcangelis, BS SUNY Oswego Sarah Anne DeGeorge, BA SUNY Oswego Michael A. DeMasi, MS SUNY Stony Brook Micaela L. Dobereiner, BS SUNY Oswego Jessica Leigh Dodaro, BS SUNY Oswego Bruce Rashaad Douglas, BBA Howard University Luke W. Ellingworth, BS SUNY Oswego Christie A. Fabiano, BA SUNY University at Buffalo Rachel Lynn Fancher, MA University of North Carolina at Greensboro Carrie Felkner, BS SUNY Oswego Anne KM. Fenzl, BA SUNY Oswego Alexander James Flemming, BS SUNY Oswego Carlee Elizabeth Francisco, BM SUNY Fredonia Keith J. Frislid, BS SUNY Oswego Joseph David Fritz, BS SUNY Oswego Anna Fyodorova, DPT Northeastern University Joseph Gabriele, BS Siena College Kristina Galuppo, BA SUNY Oswego Kathryn Antonia Glynn, BA SUNY Potsdam Clark Grabb, BS SUNY Oswego Stephen R. Greiner, BS SUNY Oswego Qiuting Gui, BS SUNY Oswego Jason Andrew Hart, BS Babson College Kathleen E. Haynes, BA SUNY OswegoD ivision of Graduate StudiesThe Division of Graduate Studies’ aim is to provide an environment in which qualified students may join a competent faculty in the quest for advanced learning. The graduate program is conducted through academic course work and research that lead students toward professional enrichment and scholarly achievement. Candidates for Master’s Degree and Certicate of Advanced StudySubject to completion of all degree requirements, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees. Graduate degree recipients are hooded by the provost and college or school dean, and receive congratulations from the dean of graduate studies and the president.


30 Ashen Diminda Hunukumbura, BS SUNY Oswego Spenser James Iodice, BS SUNY Oswego Jestine D. Jennings, BS Western Carolina University Thomas R. Joyce, BS SUNY Oswego Adriane M. Juracka, BS SUNY Oswego Prasannakumar Kalahasthi, BT Pondicherry University Zhiqiang Ke, BS SUNY Oswego Reid Benson Kelly, BS SUNY Oswego Kayla Kelly, BA SUNY Oswego Dylan Kinsella, BS SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Jason Lee Krause, BS SUNY Oswego Sergiy Georgievych Krasutsky, MS University of Minnesota Nicholas John Lapolla, BS SUNY Oswego Thomas John Leprine, BS SUNY Oswego David Luck III, BA SUNY University at Albany Austin Patrick Luczak, BS SUNY Oswego Thomas J. Manzo, BS Clarkson University Matthew Christopher Marchese, BS SUNY Oswego Elena Marjorie Margrey, BS SUNY Oswego Dena Renee Martin, BS SUNY Upstate Medical University Liam A. Martin, BS SUNY Oswego Justin Joseph Mazza, BS Philadelphia University Erin Elizabeth McLaughlin, BS William Smith College Maureen Kathrine Bilbo Melville, BS Rochester Institute of Technology Corinne Margaret Milnamow, BS SUNY Oswego Steven Mosher, BS Clarkson University Laurie F. Mottram, MS SUNY University at Albany Melissa Rose Mulvaney, BS SUNY Oswego Basil Ugonna Njoku, MA University of Lagos Meg Patrice O’Brien, BS SUNY Oswego Carl Richard O’Connor, MSED SUNY Brockport Noah James Oliver, BS SUNY Oswego Max Papele, BS SUNY Oswego Lloyd Lee Peck, BA SUNY Oswego Timothy Aaron Pethybridge, BS SUNY Oswego Usman Kareem Qadeer, Doctor of Medicine St. George’s University Matthew Michael Rakoczy, BS SUNY Cortland Yafei Ren, BM Henan University Adam Reeder, BS SUNY Oswego Michael M. Riego, BA New York University Ryan M. Ringwood, BS SUNY Oswego Timothy John Ritch, BS SUNY Oswego Natasha Nickole April Roberts, BS CUNY Lehman College Richard Mark Rosenfeld, MS University of Pittsburgh Taylor Rowe, BS SUNY Oneonta Joseph M. Ruggiero, BS SUNY Oswego Scott Louis Ruling, BS SUNY University at Albany Jonathan M. Runge, BS SUNY Oswego Erin Colette Sayer, BA SUNY Oswego Michael Howard Schaff, BMD Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Wendi M. Shepherd, MS SUNY Stony Brook Gagan Jot Singh, BA of Medicine and BA of Surgery Government Medical College, Patiala David Christopher Smith, BS SUNY Oswego Kyle R. Smith, BS SUNY Oswego Leah Kai Souza, BS Penn State University Daniel Joseph Spanfelner, BS SUNY Oswego Casey Stock, BS Keuka College Jessica Strail, BS SUNY Oswego Than Aung Sumlut, BS SUNY Oswego Brianna E. Sweeny, BS SUNY Oswego Jenna Talbot, BS SUNY Potsdam Olivia Ingrid Tchamba, BBA University Texas at San Antonio Veronica Ann Tesser, BA SUNY Oswego Logan Forest Tousaw, BS Marquette University Colin Francis Turek, BA University of Massachusetts Stephen Thomas Varughese, BA CUNY Baruch College Kelsey Mary Margaret Wagner, BA SUNY Geneseo Ashley A. Waring, BS SUNY Oswego Yakov Wartenberg, PMD Long Island University Brooklyn Tina Miriam Weiss, BA CUNY Queens College Devin Maureen Whalen, BA SUNY University at Albany Benjamin James Whipple, BS Rochester Institute of Technology Joshua Hugh Wilson, BS Virginia Military Institute James M. Wyzykowski, MS SUNY Institute of Technology Xiayidan Xuehailaiti, BBA Tianjin University of Science and Technology Zichen Zhao, BS Canvard College, Beijing Technology and Business University Caitlyn Nicole Zimmerman, BS SUNY OswegoMASTER OF SCIENCEStacy Anais Araujo, BA SUNY Oswego Kate Marguerite Bailie, BS SUNY Oswego Chad Michael Buske, BA SUNY Oswego Natyia Campbell, BA SUNY Oswego Ekaterina V. Cole, BS Higher School of Economics Alison Marie Cramer, BA SUNY Oswego Melinda Jean Fatiga, BA SUNY Oswego Shaun M. Henderson, BS SUNY Oswego Joseph Duane Hutchins, BA SUNY Oswego Christina Angeline LaBella, BA SUNY University at Albany Cory T. Ludwig, BS SUNY Oswego Jack Malfitano, BS LeMoyne College Mohamed Mari, PMD Jordan University of Science and Technology Kaila Marie McClelland, BA SUNY Oswego Rachel Maria McGriff, BA SUNY Oswego Allison P. Meyers, BS Utica College Joseph Adam Miles, PMD SUNY University at Buffalo William Manuel Nunez, BS SUNY Oswego Mackenzie Michael O’Brien, BA Binghamton University Mariya L. Pawlikowski, BA SUNY Oswego Kara Lenore Stoffel, BA SUNY Oswego Andrenna Christina Sykes, BS Utica College Daniel Philip Szakielo, BS Ramapo College of New Jersey Alison Taylor, BS SUNY Oswego Mahemuti Xiadiman, BS Kunming University of Science and TechnologyMASTER OF SCIENCE AND CERTIFICATE OF ADVANCED STUDYKarissa D. Blamble, MS Nazareth College Rita Marie Boettger, BS SUNY Brockport Jenna Lee Brown, BA SUNY Oswego Jessie Lynn Buecheler, BA LeMoyne College Tamibeth Pohai O’Nalani Campbell, BA SUNY Oswego Ashley Marie Darling, BA SUNY Oswego Ashley Kay Davison, BA SUNY Potsdam Yahnique Melanie Dawson, MPA Clark University Victoria Lynn Galbraith, BA SUNY Oswego


31 Rachel Mary DiGeorge, BA LeMoyne College Molly Caitlin Duffy, BS SUNY Oneonta Rodney Golden, BA SUNY Oswego James Heinegg, BA SUNY Oswego Brianna Katherine Janes, BA SUNY Polytechnic Institute Amanda M. Lawrence, BS SUNY Brockport Brittany Nicole Manuel, BA SUNY Cortland Emily Lynn Marshall, BA SUNY Buffalo State College Margaret Anne McCabe, BA SUNY Potsdam Michelle Lois Moisan, BA SUNY Oswego Michael Thomas Moore, BS LeMoyne College Tracy Opeka, BA SUNY Potsdam Kasey Jo Parkhurst, BA SUNY Oswego Amanda Ann Sehres, BA SUNY Oswego Jacob Sereno, BS Clarkson University Amy J. Tavico, BS Rhode Island College Alison Taylor, BS SUNY Oswego Ashton Cathlene Triplett, BS Kansas State University Yanfang Wang, BS Hebei University Deborah J. Wilkinson, MS SUNY Potsdam Joanne M. Witt, MS SUNY PotsdamMASTER OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATIONJeffrey M. Abbott, BS SUNY Oswego Patricia Marie Adams, MST SUNY Oswego Kubra Akturk, BS SUNY Oswego Mitchell Gregory Alpha, BS SUNY Oswego Christopher Auffredou, BBA Siena College Sarah Elizabeth Baber, BS SUNY New Paltz Michael J. Baldino, BS SUNY Buffalo Jillian Denise Bergemann, BS SUNY Oswego Lindsey Corey Biedekapp, BS Canisius College Caitlin Elizabeth Brewster, BS SUNY Oswego Rebecca L. Brigham, BS SUNY Oswego Madeline A. Brown, BS SUNY Oswego Sarah J. Brown, BS SUNY Brockport Kristen Lynn Burdick, BS SUNY Cortland Heidi Lynn Burkett, BM SUNY Potsdam Kaitlin Marie Collins, BS SUNY Oswego Kathleen Elizabeth Conese, BA LeMoyne College Julie Ann Corey, BT SUNY Morrisville Rebecca Star Bekanich Cossa, BA University of Wyoming Anne Catherine Cramer, BA Wells College Cara DeJohn, BS SUNY Empire State College Jenna Elizabeth Delaney, BS SUNY Cortland Holly Sarah Dempsey, BS SUNY Oswego Ashley Elizabeth Deveney, BA SUNY Oswego Megan Jacqueline Dignean, BS SUNY Oswego Rachel N. Edic, BS SUNY Oswego Samantha Erika Esposito, BA SUNY Oswego Leisel P. Everdyke, BA Calvin College Mark W. Falcone, BS SUNY Oswego Justin Connor Foster, BS Lehigh University Jessica M. Gattus, BS SUNY Cortland Katharine Gibson, BA LeMoyne College Asia Mary Godzwon, BS SUNY Potsdam Marek M. Gonzalez, BS SUNY Oswego Nicole Maria Hadsell, BS SUNY Oswego Catherine Elizabeth Halstead, BS SUNY Oswego Keegan Ashley Harris, BS SUNY Oswego Richelle Lyn Hartranft, BS SUNY Oswego Diana Gonzalez-Haumann, BA SUNY Geneseo Samantha Christine Hickmott, BS SUNY Geneseo Danielle Marie Hobb, BS SUNY Oneonta Tommy James Honors, BS SUNY Cortland Renee Johnson, BT SUNY Cobleskill Jillian Marie Keevil, BS SUNY Oswego Courtney Lynn LaQuay, BS SUNY Oswego Nicole Lynn Leader, BS SUNY Oswego Marisa A. Licari, BA LeMoyne College Yuqi Liu, BS Shandong Normal University Shannon Marie Maloney, BS SUNY Cortland Julie Elizabeth Manion, BS Syracuse University Emily Elizabeth Mastrobattisto, BS Nazareth College Justin McAuslan, BS SUNY Oswego Eric J. McCrobie, BS SUNY Oswego Laura Ann McDorman, BS SUNY Oswego Stephanie Mehlenbacher, BS Cornell University Tyler R. Morris, BS SUNY Oswego Kristen Lee Nehrbauer, BA Saint Vincent College Adam J. Niemiec, BS SUNY Cortland Holly Morgan Nosiglia, BA SUNY Oswego Mara Lee O’Neill, BS Medaille College Jessica Anne Parzych, BS SUNY Buffalo State College Bradley J. Pyle, BS SUNY Delhi Bridget G. Quaranta, BT SUNY Cobleskill Katherine M. Riley, BS SUNY Oswego Callianne Robbins, BS SUNY Oswego Colleen Ryan, BS SUNY Oswego Jessica Lynn Slight, BS SUNY Oswego Nicole C. Stephenson, BS SUNY Oswego Andrew C. Strack, BS SUNY Oswego Christine Anne Superak, BS SUNY Oswego Lynn A. Szczygiel, BS SUNY Oswego Pamela Thomas, BS SUNY University at Albany Ashlee N. Treglia, BS SUNY Oswego Emily E. White, BS Syracuse University Shana Latrell White, BA SUNY Oswego Jonathon Gordon Whitelaw, BS SUNY Oswego Amanda Donae Whitney, BS SUNY Oswego Emily Wingenbach, BM Nazareth College Amanda K. Wolsley, BS SUNY Oswego Bailey M. Woodard, BS SUNY Oswego Mengting Xia, BA Shandong Normal University Jiahui Xu, BA Hangzhou Normal University Tori A. Zerrahn, BS SUNY BrockportMASTER OF SCIENCE IN TEACHINGMonika Koyuki Kobashigawa Beck, BS SUNY University of Environmental Science and Forestry Cassandra L. Berg, BA LeMoyne College Patrick Boyle, BS Cazenovia College Michael Joseph Brisson, BA Syracuse University Sara Elizabeth Casper, BA SUNY Oswego Angela Marie Cataldo, BA Elmira College David Patrick Downum, BA SUNY Oswego Chanel H. Francis, BA SUNY Plattsburgh Jiahui Fu, BA Hangzhou Normal University Arlene Dawn Hamilton, MS D’Youville College Rachel G. Harris, BA University of Vermont Emily P. Hotchkiss, BA SUNY Oswego Krystal N. Jones, BA Clark Atlanta University Akeem Joseph, BA SUNY Oswego Tho Duc Le, BS SUNY University at Buffalo Anthony Michael Lupia, BS SUNY Oneonta Mikaela A. Manbeck, BA Messiah College


32 Corrine Jacqueline Mansfield, BS Syracuse University Jessica Anne McChesney, BS SUNY Oswego Bethany C. McMillen, BA SUNY Oswego Zachary Plantz, BS SUNY Polytechnic Institute James Robert Polak Jr., BA SUNY Geneseo Nicholas Philip Powers, BS SUNY Oswego Ashlie N. Pritchard, BBA SUNY Delhi Brice Henry Rebeor, BS SUNY Oswego Philip Richard Rizza, BS SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Alicia Ann Schaumberg, BS SUNY Geneseo Elizabeth K. Schell, BA SUNY Oswego Brook Spencer, BS LeMoyne College Jessica Suboski, BS SUNY Oswego Kenneith G. Teamoh, BA SUNY Oswego Shana Latrell White, BA SUNY Oswego Justin Timothy Wilder, BA SUNY Oswego Kyle James Winter, BS SUNY OneontaCERTIFICATE OF ADVANCED STUDYSharon L. Archer, BS SUNY Oswego Jordan R. Ashley, MSED SUNY Oswego Helen Patricia Battista, MS SUNY Oswego Lindsey Corey Biedekapp, BS Canisius College Karissa D. Blamble, BS SUNY Plattsburgh Natyia Campbell, BA SUNY Oswego Peter Alexander Colleluori, BA Niagara University Susanna Brown Cook, BS College of Saint Rose Kristi L. Curtin, BS Nazareth College Chelsey Morgan D’Eredita, BS SUNY Oswego Melissa K. Daniels, MED Grand Canyon University Cayla Defren, MS Syracuse University Shane William Dehn, BS SUNY Geneseo Carrie Virginia Felkner, BS Niagara University Timothy Ivan Filiatrault, BA SUNY Potsdam Jorielle Marjorie Elizabeth Finney, BS Syracuse University Meredith Lynn Furlong, MS SUNY Oswego Mary E. Grover, BA SUNY Binghamton Chrystal Leigh Guarasci, MSED SUNY Oswego Daniel M. Hammond, MA SUNY Potsdam Phillip James Helmer, MSED SUNY Oswego Jessica Ann Hitchcock, BA SUNY Potsdam Jonathan Thaddeus Kilian, BA SUNY Potsdam Paige J. Kinnaird, MS SUNY Oswego Heather Lynn Ladd, BA SUNY Oswego Karrie Ann LaMacchia, MS SUNY Oswego Christina Marie Lazzaro, BS SUNY Empire State College Angela M. Livingston, BA SUNY Oswego Shannon Marie Maloeny, BS SUNY Cortland Everien Malone, BS SUNY Fredonia Daniel Mincer, MSED SUNY Oswego Corey L. Mitchell Sr., BS SUNY Oswego Chelsea L. Morse, BS Keuka College Breana Therese Mullen, BA SUNY Geneseo Stephanie Ann Murphy, BA LeMoyne College Gabrielle Irene Navarra, MS SUNY Oswego Jessica Lynne Newby, BS SUNY Brockport Andrew Robert Nolan, BA College of Saint Rose Melissa Rose O’Donnell, BS SUNY Cortland Alyssa Christine Olsen, BS LeMoyne College Kasey Jo Parkhurst, BA SUNY Oswego Leigh Parry-Benedict, BM SUNY Potsdam Erin Kathleen Peck, BS Keuka College Vanessa Cheryl Phillips, MSED SUNY Oswego Heather Jean Puchta, BA SUNY Oswego Deborah Lynn Ratcliff, MSED SUNY Cortland Heidi Robb, BS SUNY Fredonia Scott F. Ryan, MSED University of New England Carol Ann Scaccia, MSED SUNY Oswego Tara M. Simko, BA LeMoyne College Andrea R. Smith, BS SUNY Geneseo Natalie Rae Sonneville, MS St. John Fisher College Kara Lenore Stoffel, BA SUNY Oswego Shawn Strege, BS Nazareth College Michael David Thurlow, MSED SUNY Oswego Jennifer Noele Valente, BA Niagara University Deborah J. Wilkinson, BS Kutztown University Joanne M. Witt, BA SUNY PotsdamGRADUATE CERTIFICATELindsey Corey Biedekapp, BS Canisius College Chad Michael Buske, BA SUNY Oswego Jennifer Lynn Harris, BS SUNY Oswego Jessica Ann Hitchcock, BA SUNY Potsdam Kelsey E. Hughes, BA SUNY Oswego Shannon Blair Isham, BA SUNY Oswego Heather Lynn Ladd, BA SUNY Oswego Christina Marie Lazzaro, BS SUNY Empire State College Angela M. Livingston, BA SUNY Oswego Shannon Marie Maloney, BS SUNY Cortland Emily Elizabeth Mastrobattisto, MSED SUNY Oswego Shannon Lorraine Nelligan, BS Elmira College Kasey Jo Parkhurst, BA SUNY Oswego Mariya L. Pawlikowski, BA SUNY Oswego Holly L. Reitmeier, BS SUNY Oswego Amy M. Spath, BA SUNY Oswego Kara Lenore Stoffel, BA SUNY Oswego Ryan S. Warner, MS/CAS SUNY Oswego


33 C lass of 2018 Senior Class GiftsSUNY Oswego congratulates and thanks the Class of 2018 for their philanthropy to The Fund for Oswego. More than 100 seniors, faculty and staff helped support the senior class. In recognition of their philanthropy to their college, student donors are wearing a green cord today. Kurt Albrecht In honor of my family.Christopher Baich In honor of my family.Emily Backes anks, Mom and Dad, I love you!Sara Bernstein ank you to my family and friends for all your support!Olivia Botting ank you Mom and Dad for all of your love and support.Richard Buck In honor of my family. Haley Bucklin ank you Mom and Papa for all your support. Kevin Burkey To my family, professors, and my beautiful girlfriend — ank you for all the support throughout the years!Madison Burlingame In honor of my unbelievably supportive parents.Steven and Mary Canale In honor of the Class of 2018.Ciara Cannon ank you to my family! Without you I would not have made it this far!Sarita Charap XOXO family and friends.Tyler Chase To my family, friends, and fellow resolute men — thank you for all your love and support. And as always, cheers.Allison Cohen anks Mom and Dad for being so amazing and supportive! I love you!Danielle Cronk In honor of the most supportive parents, siblings, and grandparents. Love You. Kevin Damoah In honor of my time here at Oswego!Emily Dee ank you Mom and Dad for allowing me to receive a great education and for all the love and support!Daniel DiBlasi ank you to my friends and family.Jessica Dicesare Alexandra Dolzhenko ank you to my family! I couldn’t have done it without you!Jessica Dorans anks to my supporting family and classmates.Alinda Dygert A huge thank you to my mom, I love you so much and I’ll always be your forever young sunshine!Mia Fiorentina Fasanella ank you Dr. Bell for being an outstanding professor and mentor throughout my education.Mattison Fleming In honor of my family. Abby Florio anks to my family and friends for all your love and support throughout my four years at Oswego!Sepand Gousheh In honor of my family. Roger Greenidge In honor of my journey here. Madeline Hagen ank you to my parents and family. Mom, Dad, Matt and David, thanks for helping me through this adventure. I love all of you.Tommie Hanlon Couldn’t have done it without my grandma, sister and 15 best friends!Tricia Hartnett Mom, thanks for being my best friend. Dad, thanks for never making me actually “call her.” To my best friends, it’s been an incredible ride. I love you all!Tom Herbert ank you mom and dad for you endless support!Elizabeth Hernandez anks to my Mom and Dad for always supporting me these past four years, I love you both!Monica Hernandez Para mis padres y familia que me apoyaron. Gracias por ayudarme lograr mi sueos. Los amo!Andrew Johnson In honor of my family. anks for everything Mom and Dad.Amy Juliano In honor of my family and friends who supported me through my years at Oswego. Daniel Kaplan ’18 In honor of American Studies Department. Mark, Joy and Katherine Knopp In honor of Patrick Prioletti .Kathryn Kubinski ank you to my parents for the opportunity to get a higher education.Rebecca LaMora ank you to my family for all their support!Neely Laufer ank you Dad for being the best. Francheska Leija In honor of my mom and dad, thank you for all your love, guidance and support.Deirdre Leo In honor of Counseling Service Center Outreach.Kyle Leysath ank you to my parents as well as my sisters Annelise and Megan!Camry Liddle In honor of my Mama, my Papa, and my sister for encouraging me to never give up. I love you!Colleen MacBride In honor of my family.Jaydee Maldonado In honor of my family. My mother Nancy, siblings Nancy, Aliesha, Aziz, and Mia.


34 Jordan Mallore ank you to my family for supporting me!Mackenzie Mannion In honor of my supportive mom and dad!Melissa Manwaring In honor of the Oswego State Ice Eects’ seniors. Ryan Martin In honor of my family. Abby McCormick-Foley ank you Mama and Malu for helping me become the woman I am. I love you.Dana McLaughlin In honor of my 15 best friends, my big brothers, my Ethel and my Jack and Char. Allyson Millard In honor of Dr. Murphy.Mark Mirabito In honor of Abigail McCormick-Foley.Mark Mirabito In honor of Kelly Dineen. Cori Monaco Kelsey Morgan Barbarbabrara, thank you for passing on your hard work. Dad, thanks for paying the bills. Kel-C.Kayla Murphy In honor of my family, friends, and mentors who believed in me.Betsy Oberst, Alumni Oce and Jerry Oberst , Admissions Oce In honor of the Class of 2018Meg O’Brien ank you Mom and Dad for always believing in me! I love you!Lena Pawlewicz ank you Mom and Dad! With your love and support, I can do anything by your side!Katherine Pepperl For my family and the friends I made here.Kayla Peterson In honor of my parents and grandparents. Rachel Piazza In honor of my family and friends. Lenna Piteo ank you to my incredible family for their support, love you all so much!Matthew Prawel ank you, Mom, Dad and Papa for all the support over the years. I love you! David Renko ank you Mom and Dad — I owe it all to you. ank you for your endless love and support!Miriella Rosenblum In honor of my family. Justin Rozen I’d like to thank the Academy.Alex Scrimale ank you to my family, I could not have done these four years without you!Michael Sill ank you to my friends and family for all the support. Kimberly Smith ank you so much to all the friends, family, and faculty that have made this possible!Kaylee Spack In honor of my family. Kirsten R. Staller In honor of Professor Laura Donnelly.President Deborah F. Stanley and Mr. Michael J. StanleyIn honor of the Class of 2018.Hannah Steen In honor of Professor Graham.Celene Stewart In honor of my family.Emma Strujo ank you to my amazing family, I wouldn’t be where I am today without all your love and support.Danielle Testa ank you Mom and Dad for all your love and support over these past four years!Alexis ompson I would like to thank my family for their support and love throughout my whole college experience.Mary Toale and Katherine weattIn honor of the Class of 2018.Madeline Troia In honor of my loving parents, siblings, and family. I love you always.Tenzin Tseyang In honor of my ama Sonam Dolkar.Bree-Anna Vaughn ank you so much! I wouldn’t be here without you. I love you guys! Mom, Ary, Wes.Sarah Woods ank you Mom and Dad for everything you do to support my dreams and all I do .Christopher Wypyski Shannon Vigh In honor of my loving parents. Richard Yonkers In honor of endless support from my family and friends.


35 Public Ceremonies Committee Special ThanksA special word of thanks is extended to those individuals who volunteer to serve as marshals and ushers for the day. Thank you also to the Maintenance and Custodial Staff, University Police, SAVAC, Walker Health Center, Registrar’s Office, Publications Office, Campus Technology Services, and Auxiliary Services, including the College Store and Dining Services staff, for their work and participation in Commencement. An additional thanks to our Trumpeters: Meghan Gillen Senior, Zoology Daniel Knowlton Freshman, Adolescence Education, Social Studies Tyler Doan Junior, English Leah Joseph Freshman, Psychology Richard Bush Technology Department William Canning Campus Technology Services Lori Cook Facilities Maintenance and Operations Patrick Devendorf Disability Support Services Erin Dorsey Office of Business and Community Relations Michael Flaherty Auxiliary Services, Public Ceremonies Committee Chair Jacob Gardener Residence Life and Housing William Hammond Facilities Maintenance and Operations Malcolm Huggins Intercollegiate Athletics Tyrone Johnson-Neuland Campus Technology Services Rebecca Kempney Facilities Maintenance and Operations Joy Knopp College Foundation Ellen McCloskey Office of the President Mark Mirabito Psychology Karen Moore Extended Learning Tim Nekritz Office of Communications and Marketing Jordan Perry Office of Admissions Jose Ramos Facilities Maintenance and Operations Vernon Reynolds Facilities Maintenance and Operations John Rossi University Police Michelle St. John Office of the Registrar Barbara St. Michel Campus Life Holli Stone Campus Life Daniel Tryon Technology Department Trumpeters announce the beginning of the commencement ceremony.


36 Visitor InformationEmergency AssistanceMedical assistance is available on the ground floor in the Marano Campus Center.University Police315.312.5555Lost and FoundInquiries should be directed to University Police at the phone number listed above.RestroomsRestrooms are on all Marano Campus Center levels. Ground floor restrooms are in the main lobby; second-level facilities serve upper seating.RefreshmentsRefreshments are not permitted on the arena floor. However, refreshments are available before and during the ceremony at Crossroads on the upper level of the Marano Campus Center.College StoreFresh flowers, frames and an assortment of emblematic clothing and merchandise will be available before and after the ceremonies in the concourse of the Marano Campus Center.ReceptionAll graduates, family members, guests, faculty and staff are invited to attend a reception north of the Convocation Center immediately following each ceremony.Photographs and VideotapingAudience videotaping and photography are permitted only from seats. We plan to post a recorded version of the ceremonies after the events on the college’s YouTube channel, sunyoswegovideo. A professional photographer will be present at the ceremony. Graduates will be emailed a link from the photography company to view their photos. Graduation pictures can be ordered online at to Audience MembersOur commencement ceremony may be taped and broadcast via TV, radio, and/or the internet in both live and delayed time formats. By attending this event, you are granting permission to have your likeness or image and your voice broadcast without restriction and without right of inspection or approval. Entrance into the event grants permission for your likeness or image to be used without remuneration and releases the campus and its representatives from all claims and liability relating to these broadcasts or their reuse. DepartureAudience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty and platform party recess.Contact SUNY OswegoOffice of Admissions, 315.312.2250 229 Sheldon Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126 rev. 05.31.18