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One Hundred Fifty-Eighth Commencement
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SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2019 MARANO CAMPUS CENTERSTATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT OSWEGO ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHTHCommencement HailOSWEGOVoices fill the air Singing reverently Pledging our school fair Truth and loyalty This our song we raise In her name and praise Oswego, Alma Mater Hail to thee!


1 The College MedallionContentsThe Ceremony9 a.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 2 12:30 p.m. Program & Procession .......................................................... 3 4 p.m. Program & Procession ................................................................. 4 Academic Traditions ............................................................................... 5 Officers of the College ............................................................................. 6 Commencement Speakers ...................................................................... 8 Student Speaker ..................................................................................... 10 Alumni Banner Presenters ................................................................... 10 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student Excellence .......................... 11 Possibility Scholars ............................................................................... 12 College Honors Program and Honors Programs ............................... 12 Honor Organizations ............................................................................. 13 State University of New York Board of Trustees ................................................................................... 14 State University of New York at Oswego College Council ...................................................................................... 14 SUNY Distinguished Faculty ............................................................... 14 Retiring Faculty and Professional Staff .............................................. 14Degree Conferrale 9 a.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. e 12:30 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Business. e 4 p.m. ceremony includes undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from the School of Communication, Media and the Arts and the School of Education. Undergraduate Degree Candidates College of Liberal Arts and Sciences ................................................ 15 School of Business .............................................................................. 20 School of Communication, Media and the Arts ............................. 23 School of Education ........................................................................... 26 Division of Extended Learning ......................................................... 28 Graduate Degree Candidates ................................................................ 29 Class of 2019 Senior Class Gifts ............................................................. 33 Public Ceremonies Committee ............................................................. 35 Special Thanks ........................................................................................ 35 Visitor Information ................................................................................. 36 Alma Mater ............................................................................... back cover


2 PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Lisa Glidden, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Eusebio Omar van Reenen, President, Student Association Kristen Eichhorn, Dean, Graduate Studies Patricia Clark, Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Mary Canale, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Jerri Howland, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Dean of Students Rodmon King, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Nick Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael Goldych, Member, College Council Kristin Ann Shanley-Graves, Member, College Council Brian McGrath, Member, College Council Scott Furlong, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Mildred Garca, President, American Association of State Colleges and Universities, Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters Deborah F. Stanley, PresidentImmediately following the 9 a.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess. 9 A.M. PROGRAM | COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCESThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORDER OF EXERCISESPrelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 158th CommencementLisa GliddenNational AnthemLed by Douglas Woolever Introduction of Platform PartyLisa GliddenWelcome Deborah F. StanleyGreetings Kristin Ann Shanley-Graves Eusebio Omar van ReenenRecognition for Military ServiceScott FurlongRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaScott FurlongRecognition of Honor StudentsScott FurlongPresentation and Conferring of Honorary Degree Deborah F. Stanley Mildred GarcaCommencement SpeakerMildred GarcaPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Kristen EichhornPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*College of Liberal Arts and Sciences , Patricia ClarkAlumni Banner PresentationAndre NicholsCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Douglas WooleverAdjournment of the 158th CommencementLisa GliddenRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp TelemannREADERS Lisa M. Glidden, Associate Professor, Political Science Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt, Professor, EconomicsHONORS MARSHALSLaura Brown, Professor, Human Development Sarah Hanusch, Assistant Professor, MathematicsUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSRobert Zuber, Adjunct Professor, Computer Science Mihoko Tsutsumi, Assistant Professor, MusicGRADUATE MARSHALSEvelyn A. Clark, Associate Professor, Sociology Lyn Blanchfield, Visiting Assistant Professor, HistoryFACULTY MARSHALSRachel Lee, Assistant Professor, Atmospheric and Geological Sciences Elizabeth Wilcox, Assistant Professor, Mathematics


3 PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Lisa Glidden, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Eusebio Omar van Reenen, President, Student Association Kristen Eichhorn, Dean, Graduate Studies Richard Skolnik, Dean, School of Business Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Mary Canale, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Jerri Howland, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Dean of Students Rodmon King, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Nick Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael Goldych, Member, College Council Brian McGrath, Member, College Council Scott Furlong, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Jeff Ragovin, Chief Growth Officer and Investor, Social Native LLC and Managing Partner of Ragovin Ventures, Honorary Degree, Doctor of Human Letters Deborah F. Stanley, President 12:30 P.M. PROGRAM | SCHOOL OF BUSINESSThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORDER OF EXERCISESImmediately following the 12:30 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.Prelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 158th CommencementLisa GliddenNational AnthemLed by Faith Strohm Introduction of Platform PartyLisa GliddenWelcome Deborah F. StanleyGreetings Darlene Baker Eusebio Omar van ReenenRecognition for Military ServiceScott FurlongRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaScott FurlongRecognition of Honor StudentsScott FurlongPresentation and Conferring of Honorary DegreeDeborah F. Stanley Jeff RagovinCommencement SpeakerJeff RagovinPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Kristen EichhornPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Business, Richard SkolnikAlumni Banner PresentationShaleena Campbell Zina Campbell Charge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Faith Strohm Adjournment of the 158th CommencementLisa GliddenRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Irene E. Scruton, Assistant Dean and Director MBA Programs School of Business Dean Crawford, Professor of AccountingHONORS MARSHALSMary McGowan, Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance and Law Kristin Sotak, Assistant Professor, Marketing and ManagementUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSSteve Abraham, Professor, Marketing and Management Yilong Eric Zheng, Assistant Professor, Marketing and ManagementGRADUATE MARSHALSAndrea Pagano, Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance and Law Raihan Khan, Professor, Marketing and ManagementFACULTY MARSHALSGraig Arcuri, Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance and Law Sarah Bonzo, Associate Professor, Marketing and Management


4 PLATFORM PARTY Mace Bearer , Lisa Glidden, Chairperson, Faculty Assembly Eusebio Omar van Reenen, President, Student Association Kristen Eichhorn, Dean, Graduate Studies Julie Pretzat, Dean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Pamela Michel, Dean, School of Education Jill Pippin, Dean, Extended Learning Mary Canale, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations Jerri Howland, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Dean of Students Rodmon King, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Nick Lyons, Vice President, Administration and Finance Darlene Baker, Member, College Council Michael Goldych, Member, College Council Brian McGrath, Member, College Council Scott Furlong, Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs Noreen Falcone, Past President of the U.S. Federal Association Order of Malta, Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters Yvonne Spicer, Mayor of the City of Framingham, Massachuetts, Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters Deborah F. Stanley, PresidentImmediately following the 4 p.m. ceremony, you are invited to a reception held north of the Convocation Center. * Families and guests are requested to hold their applause until all names have been read. ** Audience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty, and platform party recess.Adjournment of the 158th CommencementLisa GliddenRecessional**Juan F. La Manna, OrganistSelections from La Vaillance by Georg Philipp Telemann READERS Joanne E. O’Toole, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction Michael Riecke, Assistant Professor, Broadcasting and Mass CommunicationHONORS MARSHALSAleksandra Kraszpulska, Assistant Professor, Theatre Patrick Mathis, Visiting Assistant Professor, TheatreUNDERGRADUATE MARSHALSMihoko Tsutsumi, Assistant Professor, Music Cindi Giovo, Adjunct Professor, Curriculum and InstructionGRADUATE MARSHALSMichael LeBlanc, Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services Benjamin Enter, Associate Professor, ArtFACULTY MARSHALSSandra Bargainnier, Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Wellness Mya Brown, Assistant Professor, Theatre Prelude and ProcessionalJuan F. La Manna, Organist Selections from Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarConvening of the 158th CommencementLisa GliddenNational AnthemLed by Santa-Li Zambrano Introduction of Platform PartyLisa GliddenWelcome Deborah F. StanleyGreetings Darlene Baker Eusebio Omar van ReenenRecognition for Military ServiceScott FurlongRecognition of Retiring Faculty and Professional StaScott FurlongRecognition of Honor StudentsScott FurlongPresentation and Conferring of Honorary DegreeDeborah F. Stanley Noreen Falcone Yvonne SpicerCommencement SpeakersNoreen Falcone Yvonne SpicerPresentation and Conferring of Graduate Degrees*Kristen EichhornPresentation and Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees*School of Communication, Media and the Arts, Julie Pretzat School of Education, Pamela Michel Alumni Banner PresentationAbigail ButtacavoliCharge to GraduatesDeborah F. StanleyAlma MaterLed by Santa-Li Zambrano 4 P.M. PROGRAM | SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION, MEDIA AND THE ARTS | SCHOOL OF EDUCATIONThe procession begins with the entrance of the chair of the Faculty Assembly bearing the college mace, followed by the retiring faculty and professional sta, summa cum laude graduates leading the undergraduate candidates, graduate candidates, the emeriti faculty, and faculty led by marshals who escort them to special seating areas. When they have taken their places, the platform party enters. The president of the college concludes the procession wearing the college medallion.ORDER OF EXERCISES


5 Academic TraditionsThe Commencement Setting — The 2007 ceremonies marked the first graduations to take place in Oswego’s Marano Campus Center. Located in the heart of campus, the Marano Campus Center represents the college’s social hub and a gathering place for events appealing to a wide range of student, faculty and community interests. This $25.5 million building was the first new construction on our lakeside campus in 35 years when it opened in the fall of 2006.The Academic Procession — The centuries-old pageantry of the academic procession dates from ancient traditions rooted in the early universities. Since the clergy were in charge of the first academic ceremonies, they followed the familiar order of religious processions.The Tradition of Academic Attire — Caps, gowns and hoods worn at college and university functions date from the Middle Ages. Monks and students of that time wore them to keep warm in the damp, drafty halls of learning. From these practical origins they have developed into the accepted garb which symbolizes scholarly achievement. Baccalaureate gowns have a long, pleated front with shirring across the shoulders and back. They are primarily distinguished by flowing sleeves pointed at the fingertips. These gowns may be worn open or closed. The master’s gown is worn open and the sleeve is cut so that the forearm comes through a slit just above the elbow. The lining of the hood is satin and the color represents the school conferring the degree. The velvet border color represents the discipline in which the degree was earned. Doctoral gowns are traditionally worn open, but either open or closed is acceptable. They carry broad, velvet panels down the front and three velvet bars on the full, round sleeves. This velvet trim ming may be either black or the color distinctive of the degree. Mortarboards or caps worn with baccalaureate and master’s gowns generally have black tassels. The tassel of the doctoral cap is usually made of gold bullion. The doctoral hood gives color and meaning to the academic cos tume. Its silk lining bears the color of the institution conferring the degree. The hood is bordered with velvet of a prescribed width and color to indicate the field of learning to which the degree pertains.Honor Cords for Military Service — United States veterans and reserve and active duty military graduating from SUNY Oswego are wearing red, white and blue honor cords in recognition of their service. The College Medallion is worn by the SUNY Oswego president as a symbol of authority at all official ceremonies such as Commencement and Honors Convocation. Oswego is represented in the perfect center of the medallion by a tiny green and gold circle. The dot is located properly on an outline of New York state, which itself surmounts a globe to show the relationship of our institution to the state and the world. Fashioned by Dominic T. DiPasquale of the Art Department for president James Perdue’s 1966 inauguration, the medallion was a gift of the Class of 1966 for the occasion. A wreath of gold leaves surrounds the globe and is circled by a flat band bearing the engraved college name and two dates: 1861, the college founding; and 1948, the founding of the State University of which Oswego was a charter unit. On the clasp above the medallion sits a gold lamp of knowledge, emblematic of a seat of learning. (Photo, page 1.)The College Mace — In medieval times the mace was a weapon of offense with the metal head often heavily spiked. Today it appears chiefly in ceremonial functions of churches, governments, colleges and universities. The head of the Oswego mace holds a jade sphere symbolizing the university of wisdom and knowledge, surrounded by four silver flanges unfolding petal-like without imprisoning the sphere and representing the potential of disciplined imagination, the goal of higher education. The richness of the jade and the rose wood shaft reflect the pomp and solemnity of academic ceremony. A gift of the Class of 1969 for President James Perdue’s inauguration, the Oswego mace has been in use at Commencement ever since. Joseph F. Shoenfelt of the art faculty created its design and silver work, with the rosewood turning by William D. Todd, formerly of the technology faculty. (Photo, page 25.)Academic ColorsBrown ............................. Fine Arts Citron ..................... Social Science Copper ......................... Economics Crimson ..................... Journalism Dark Blue .................... Philosophy Drab ........................ Accountancy, Business Science Gold ..................... Science Kelly Green .................... Medicine Lemon ................. Library Science Light Blue ..................... Education Orange ....................... Engineering Peacock Blue ...................... Public Administration Pink ..................................... Music Purple ..................................... Law Sage Green ...................... Physical Education Salmon Pink .......... Public Health Scarlet ............................ Theology Silver .................. Oratory (Speech) White ........................ Arts, Letters, Humanities


6 Officers of the CollegeDeborah F. Stanley President President Stanley is the 10th President of SUNY Oswego. Her tenure has been driven by bold and inclusive leadership and a broad vision resulting in increased academic excellence, campus renewal, and successful fundraising. Under her leadership, new programs such as electrical and computer engineering, human-computer interaction, biomedical and health informatics, and the online MBA programs were established. She pioneered the Oswego Guarantee and the $300 Graduation Return on Investment. Her ambitious campus-wide renewal plan encompasses hundreds of millions of dollars in renovations and construction, including the environmentally designated LEED Gold Shineman Center, the modernization of the college’s arts building Tyler Hall; and the recently renovated Wilber Hall, marking the centralization of all School of Education departments under one, contiguous roof. She earned a baccalaureate degree with honors, and a juris doctor degree from Syracuse University. Scott Furlong Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs The college’s chief academic officer, Furlong, joined the Oswego family in July 2017. Furlong is responsible for leadership of all instructional and academic programs, overseeing more than 100 academic programs in the college’s four schools with more than 550 faculty, as well as a range of academic support staff and offerings. A renowned public policy scholar and co-author of two books, Furlong previously served as dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where he led and participated in many efforts to further integrate the ideals of a liberal arts education into the UW-Green Bay curriculum. He earned his bachelor of arts degree in government from St. Lawrence University, and his master of public administration and Ph.D. in political science from American University. Mary Canale Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Canale came to Oswego in 1996 as the coordinator of the Oswego State Fall Classic. She later became assistant director of development and, in 2002, instituted the major gifts program before becoming associate vice president for development. A 1981 alumna, Canale was integral to the success of both of the college’s comprehensive fundraising campaigns as well as the Possibility and Marano Scholars programs. Appointed vice president for development and alumni relations and executive director of the Oswego College Foundation in 2016, Canale serves as the college’s principal fundraiser and has helped to achieve unprecedented growth in the school’s endowment, which consistently shows stronger returns than peers. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Rodmon C. King Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer King is responsible for implementing the college’s strategic diversity and inclusion goals, while leading the cultivation, enhancement and promotion of an environment of equity and inclusion for all. Working at Oswego since July 2018, he provides counsel on all matters pertaining to diversity and inclusive excellence. King previously excelled as associate vice president for academic affairs and diversity initiatives at Centre College in Kentucky. Prior to that, King was a philosophy faculty member at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva. King received his doctorate and master’s degrees in philosophy from the University of Rochester and a bachelor of art degree in religion and philosophy from Roberts Wesleyan College. Nicholas A. Lyons Vice President for Administration and FinanceAs SUNY Oswego’s officer in charge of financial operations and facilities, Lyons has overseen 16 years of construction and renovation that have gone far in transforming the campus. He has served the State University since 1978, having worked previously as assistant vice president for administration at SUNY New Paltz, as university internal control officer and in several administrative positions at System Administration and the Research Foundation of SUNY. He holds degrees in business administration from SUNY Morrisville and SUNY Plattsburgh. At Oswego, he oversees finance, student accounts, human resources, environmental health and safety, University Police, physical plant, facilities services and construction and purchasing. Jerri Howland Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management; Dean of StudentsHowland was named vice president in 2019 after serving as interim vice president for the past year. In this leadership post, she oversees all student affairs operations and activities. Howland began serving as associate vice president of student affairs and dean of students at Oswego in 2014, supervising several units including campus life (student involvement, intramurals and recreation, event management) and student conduct. She assisted in enhancing student life programming and services on campus to foster increased student success. Howland previously served as dean of students and assistant dean for campus life at Rhode Island School of Design. Her entire career has been dedicated to higher education in various student life, support and student development positions. She earned a Ph.D. in student affairs administration and research from the University of Iowa; master of arts from Southeast Missouri State University; and bachelor of science from Frostburg State University.


7 Pamela A. MichelDean, School of Education Michel previously served as chair of the curriculum and instruction department and taught in the graduate literacy program. She earned her bachelor’s in music and education from Elmira College and a master’s and Ph.D. in reading and language arts from Syracuse University. She is the author of the book The Child’s View of Reading: Understandings for Teachers and Parents, as well as many other publications contributing to the field of literacy. She has presented widely at local, regional, state, national and international levels throughout her career on issues related to evaluation of reading difficulties, future directions of literacy clinics and children’s perceptions of reading. Julie PretzatDean, School of Communication, Media and the Arts Pretzat became dean in 2015 after serving as the school’s first associate dean. Previously she chaired Oswego’s music department and served as interim chair of theatre. While a music professor, she received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. She has organized and conducted hundreds of performances by community and college choral groups and has collaborated with college, community and professional choral, musical theater and opera groups throughout Central New York. She has done extensive work at the college in accreditation, academic advisement and creating first-year seminar courses. She holds a bachelor’s from Smith College, a master of music from the University of Michigan and a doctor of musical arts from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Richard J. SkolnikDean, School of BusinessBefore becoming dean of Oswego’s School of Business, Skolnik served as chair of the accounting, finance and law department and as director of the master’s in business administration program. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has been involved with the CFA Institute in numerous areas. He has published research articles on investments, higher education pedagogy and financial economics. He has a Ph.D. in managerial economics and a master’s degree in operations research and statistics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Michigan.Jill PippinDean, Extended Learning Before rejoining Oswego in January 2014, Pippin served for eight years as dean for continuing education at Jefferson Community College. Her career, spanning both academic and business positions such as director for graduate services and enrollment, adjunct business instructor, director of operations, and major accounts manager, as well as her experience earning an MBA from Franklin University, has instilled a passion for providing access to higher education at all levels of the educational pipeline. Previously, the Oswego alumna developed the Jefferson Higher Education Center, facilitated the growth of Jefferson’s military services on Fort Drum, and established other innovative and community-oriented programs for adult and non-traditional students. In 2013, she was awarded the 2013 Continuing Education Association of New York’s Outstanding Continuing Educator Award. Kristen EichhornDean, Graduate Studies Eichhorn was appointed dean in July 2017 after serving the institution in several leadership roles, including Presidential Faculty Fellow, interim dean of extended learning, SUNY Faculty Senator and chair of communication studies. Eichhorn was nominated and accepted as an American Council On Education Fellow in 2016-17, spending a year in Cornell University’s Office of Provost. Eichhorn has a distinguished record of teaching and research and her publications include co-authoring the “Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships” textbook and research papers in multiple international journals. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Canisius College, master’s from West Virginia University and Ph.D in communication from the University of Miami. Patricia ClarkInterim Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing Clark has served the campus community in several capacities since her 2002 appointment, including as the department’s chair from 2013 to 2017, then as associate dean. She has served on numerous campus committees, supported many student initiatives and events, and has served as faculty adviser to the Rainbow Alliance and the Black Student Union. Her many awards include a Nuala McGann Drescher Award and a National Endowment for the Humanities summer stipend. Clark holds a bachelor of fine arts and English, and a master of arts in English from Syracuse University, and a Ph.D. in English from Miami University (Ohio). Her teaching and scholarship center on 20th century and contemporary African American and U.S. literature.


8 Commencement Speaker sMildred Garca President, American Association of State Colleges and Universities Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters As president of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities starting in January 2018, Dr. Mildred Garca is the first Latina to lead any of the six presidentially based higher education associations in Washington, D.C. She also was the first Latina president in the largest system of public higher education in the country, the California State University system, at California State University, Dominguez Hills in 2007.Garca went on to serve as president of California State University, Fullerton from 2012 to 2018. Under her leadership, the university saw a 30 percent improvement in six-year graduation rates and a 65 percent improvement in four-year graduation rates for first-time freshmen – both university records. Fullerton, the largest university in the California State system serving more than 40,000 students and having an operating budget of almost a half-billion dollars, also eliminated the achievement gap for transfer students and cut it in half for first-time freshmen. Annual gift commitments nearly tripled. The institution is now number one in California and second in the nation in awarding bachelor’s degrees to Hispanics, as well as sixth in the nation in graduating students of color. President Barack Obama chose Garca to serve on the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, and the U.S. Secretary of Education tapped her to serve on the Committee on Measures of Student Success. A first-generation college student, she earned a doctorate in education from Teachers College at Columbia University. Garca holds numerous honors, including the American Council on Education’s Reginald Wilson Diversity Leadership Award, and was a Distinguished Alumni Honoree of Columbia University. She has held both academic and senior-level positions at several universities nationwide, including Arizona State University, Columbia University, Penn State University, Montclair State University, and The City University of New York.Jeff Ragovin Chief Growth Officer and Investor, Social Native LLC and Managing Partner of Ragovin Ventures Honorary Degree, Doctor of Human Letters Tech pioneer and industry veteran Jeff Ragovin — a SUNY Oswego alumnus from the class of 2000 — is the chief growth officer of Social Native, a technology platform reinventing how brands create content through people. Social Native develops high-quality, custom content; its business model involves paying talented consumers to create content for the brands they love, as the company aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand to create unparalleled efficiency and scale in the creative industry. He also serves as the founder of Ragovin Ventures, which advises startups with proven methodologies and techniques to scale faster and smarter. Ragovin was the co-founder of Buddy Media, playing a central role in guiding the company from a start-up into the largest enterprise social marketing suite in the world. Founded in 2007, Buddy Media empowered brands and agencies to organize and control their social marketing programs. Buddy Media also enabled companies to publish content, place and optimize social ads, and measure the effectiveness of social marketing programs. Salesforce acquired Buddy Media in 2012 for $800 million. Ragovin is often asked to speak on digital marketing at leading industry-wide events including SXSW, Mashable, the Direct Marketing Association, CES, Digital Hollywood, Internet Week, Social Media Week, Mediapost, Dreamforce, IAB, Forbes, Startout and many others. He hosts the “Marketing Mix” podcast, which features some of the world’s most influential C-level executives. Ragovin was born and raised in Manhattan and graduated from Oswego with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and mass media. He serves on the board of directors for the South Fork Sea Farmers (SFS2), a non-profit that works in partnership with the East Hampton Hatchery to create a sustainable world through aquaculture. SFS2 plays a key role in cleaning waters and providing a sustainable food production system through oyster cultivation and education.


9 Noreen Falcone Past President of the U.S. Federal Association Order of Malta Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters A respected community leader and philanthropist, Noreen Reale Falcone has demonstrated an unwavering devotion to the preservation of human dignity and faith in the human spirit. Early in her career, as an elementary school teacher in the North Syracuse Central School District, she empowered young people to believe in themselves and to achieve their greatest dreams. In the 1990s, she was invited to join the Order of Malta, the fourth-oldest lay religious order in the Catholic Church, and went on to serve from 2006 to 2009 as the first female president of the U.S. Knights of Malta, one of 59 chapters worldwide in the 900-year history of the international Order of Malta. Among her current volunteer activities, Falcone is a member of the Board of Trustees at Le Moyne College, a member of the Syracuse Diocese Foundation Board, and a volunteer and an honorary member of the board at Francis House. In the past, she served as president of the Manlius Pebble Hill School board and president of its Board of Trustees, chair of the Central New York Community Foundation, a member of the Board with the New York State Council on the Arts for eight years, and as a trustee of Syracuse Stage, among many other leadership roles. Her philanthropy has transformed communities in Central New York. She and her husband donated a building valued at $3.3 million to provide Catholic Charities of Oswego County, and related nonprofits, with office space they needed to serve the community. Falcone also provided funding for a building for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Syracuse. She and her family endowed the Noreen Reale Falcone Library at Le Moyne College to ensure it would be available to students for generations. Among her many honors are the National Society of Fundraising Executives’ Philanthropist of the Year Award, the Order of Malta Grand Cross, Post-Standard Lifetime Achievement Award and Le Moyne College Leadership and Distinguished Alumni awards.Yvonne Spicer Mayor of the city of Framingham, Massachuetts Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters Dr. Yvonne Spicer, a 1984 alumna of SUNY Oswego who also earned a master’s degree from Oswego in 1985, was sworn in Jan. 1, 2018, as the first mayor of Framingham, Massachusetts, the same day Framingham officially became a city. As the first African-American woman to be popularly elected mayor in the state of Massachusetts, Mayor Spicer is focused on establishing a transparent government that inspires community involvement from all citizens. A leading national advocate for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, Mayor Spicer previously served as vice president for advocacy and educational partnerships at the Museum of Science, Boston, where she was known for building partnerships in STEM education with policymakers, school districts, municipalities, businesses and non-profit organizations. Prior to that, she was an administrator for Framingham and Newton public schools. Appointed to the Massachusetts governor’s STEM Advisory Council in 2010 by Gov. Deval Patrick, she served as co-chair of the council’s Teacher Development Committee; she was re-appointed in 2017 by Gov. Charlie Baker, serving on the Computer Science and Engineering and the Career Pathways committees. Mayor Spicer also served on the Massachusetts Business Roundtable, the Massachusetts Office of the Treasurer Economic Empowerment Trust Fund and on the Standing Committee on Ways and Means. She served as 2018-19 president of the International Technology Engineering Education Association, an organization designed to build capacity for technology and engineering education globally. Mayor Spicer grew up in Brooklyn and has lived in Framingham 32 years. An extraordinarily active and generous alumna of Oswego, she graduated with a bachelor’s in industrial arts and technology and a master’s in technology education. She earned her doctorate in educational leadership at University of Massachusetts, Boston. Mayor Spicer was instrumental in establishing the 2001 Massachusetts technology/engineering curriculum framework and the first-ever K-12 assessment for technology and engineering. She has also served as an advisor/content expert to the National Governors Association. Mayor Spicer has been a consultant to numerous states on technology and engineering standards, strategic leadership development and business engagement.


10 Andre Nichols College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Nichols, a native of Whitesboro and political science major, is a proud student of the Educational Opportunity Program, where he later became a peer leader. He was a staff member of Vote Oswego before serving as senator at-large, attorney general and senate president pro tempore for the Student Association. Nicholas has been vice president of the Auxiliary Services Board of Directors, and served on numerous Student Association committees and campus committees. A student representative on the Oswego Alumni Association Board of Directors, he also was senior Class of 2019 coordinator intern. Nicholas also interned for the New York State Assembly District 119. He intends to pursue a career in law and public service, focusing on civil rights and civic engagement. Alumni Banner PresentersAbigail Buttacavoli School of Communication, Media and the Arts and School of Education Buttacavoli, from Albany, graduates with a bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication with a minor in business administration. At Oswego, she was very active in student organizations and the School of Communication, Media and the Arts. She was news director for the student-run TV station, WTOP 10, president of the National Broadcasting Society Alpha Epsilon Rho and a co-director of the Dr. Lewis B. O’Donnell Media Summit. Buttacavoli has a passion for journalism, and has interned at both Spectrum News in Albany and at CNY Central in Syracuse. This April, she signed her first full-time offer to be a television news reporter at WWNY-TV in Watertown, starting in May.Student SpeakerEusebio Omar van Reenen President, SUNY Oswego Student Association A junior double major in biochemistry and political science from Walvis Bay, Namibia, Africa, van Reenen is the first international student to become SA President. He first visited Oswego for the international GENIUS Olympiad high school science, arts and sustainability competition the college hosts, where he received a scholarship to return. He has been a senator and director of diversity, equity and inclusion in the Student Association, a Funnelle Hall Resident Assistant, a Laker Leader for New Student Orientation and University Colleges Representative in the Student Assembly of SUNY, comprised of student governments of all SUNY campuses advocating for more than 1.4 million students on the state and federal level. His active focuses have included sustainability, women’s and LGBTQ+ rights, equality, diversity and inclusion of underrepresented and students of color; including spearheading the “Equal Pay for Equal Play” movement for club sports to eliminate the gender-funding gap, implementing free menstrual products in bathrooms across campus; plus leading efforts to eliminate singleuse plastics and reduce the carbon footprint of campus operations. He remains committed to using his platform to push the campus forward and grant all Lakers an equal opportunity to thrive. Zina Campbell School of Business Campbell graduates with a bachelor‘s in business administration. During her time at Oswego, her leadership roles included vice president of the Cut the Craft Club and the Chi Alpha Epsilon honor society, an Educational Opportunity Program peer leader, a Mentor-Scholar Program mentor and a writing tutor. Her entrepreneurial spirit fueled her to seek opportunities to serve her home community of Harlem, where she co-founded, with twin sister Shaleena ’19, the Harlem Dress Collective (HDC), a non-profit that works towards social development of lower-income high school students by providing free prom dresses. In the long run, she plans to use her degree to support her goal of being a business owner; until then, she hopes to work in corporate social responsibility. Shaleena Campbell School of Business A business administration major, Campbell’s leadership positions include president of Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society, treasurer of the Cut the Craft Club, writing tutor and academic peer coach. Thanks to a Jose Ramon CAPA scholarship, she studied abroad in London. This past year, seeking to impact her hometown, she co-founded, with twin sister Zina ’19, the Harlem Dress Collective (HDC) nonprofit prom dress drive. With help from Oswego faculty and students, she rasied funds and received other resources to aid in HDC’s mission to empower girls in Harlem. Campbell plans to pursue a career in program management, while continuing to run HDC. One day she hopes to use her skills in program management to make HDC her full-time job.


11 A leader in education and an advocate of free public schools, Edward Austin Sheldon (1823-1897) was responsible for opening the Oswego Primary Teachers’ Training School. Sheldon’s pioneering ideas in object teaching became a model for other normal schools throughout the nation and around the world. Sculptor John Frances Brines designed the statue that was constructed with penny contributions from school children throughout the state in 1899.SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Student ExcellenceThe highest student recognition through the SUNY system, the award recognizes students who earn high grade-point averages and make outstanding contributions to their campus and community.Manna Job Biology major The Yonkers native, also minoring in chemistry and psychology, has accomplishments in research, leadership and community service. She won a Best Presenter award at the national Sigma Xi conference in San Francisco, and is preparing a manuscript for that research on how a widely used chemical impacts the environment. Job earned the Dr. Walter Freund Memorial Scholarship, served as a teaching assistant, trained students in lab work, was vice president of the Pre-Health Care Club and served as a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advisory Council member. A member of the Alpha Phi Omega service organization, Job volunteered locally and in India and the Philippines. Jennifer Ofodile Biochemistry major The Brooklyn resident, who migrated from Nigeria in 2013, has been on the President’s List for a perfect GPA in her time at Oswego. She assisted a widely publicized study to remove volatile chemicals from the air with houseplants, winning an American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry. Her honors include the Hubert B. Smith Diversity Award, Peter ’75 and Andrea Guglielmo Bocko ’73 M’75 Award and the Black Women for Black Girls Development Scholarship. She also has been a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society; volunteer leader for GENIUS Olympiad; and Educational Opportunity Program teaching assistant and mentor for first-year students.Joely Rice Broadcasting and mass communication major Rice has maintained a high cumulative GPA as an all-online student. The IMG model began her career at age five, has appeared in national ads and also was a Sports Illustrated Kid Video Reporter. A role model for girls on social media, she hosts a weekly “Photoshoot with Joely Live” on TikTok, where she has over 600,000 fans, inspiring tweens and teens about life, goals and having fun whatever they do. Rice worked in three internships in New York City through Oswego. This semester, she worked on an independent study to market and create social media content for new apps called Dropchat and Popshop Live.Dylan Richmond Physics major Recipient of a SUNY Oswego Possibility Scholarship, the Johnson City native earned his latest honor through challenging research, demanding internship positions and assistance to younger physics students. He has minors in astronomy and computer science. Richmond is first author of a published research article, “Inkjet Printing All Inorganic Halide Perovskite Inks for Photovoltaic Applications.” He has another perovskites paper in submission and has a third, on gold-terminated graphene nanoribbons, in progress. The Physics Club president did research in stellar astrophysics at Max Planck Institute in Germany, presented at an American Physical Society conference and earned a National Science Foundation experience at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


12 Honors ProgramsHonors Programs have been instituted for outstanding students in the fields of biology, chemistry, economics, history, mathematics, meteorology, physics, political science and psychology. The eligibility requirements for these programs are rigorous and the coursework itself is beyond the scope of that of regular classes. The following students from this class have completed an Honors Program:Brighton Bernard – Psychology Bryce Colvin Psychology Richard DeMaddis – Chemistry Tienna DeRoy Chemistry Rananjaya Subash Gamage – Chemistry Jasmine Gomez – Chemistry Christina Li – Chemistry Peter Mancarella Psychology Jack Marcucci – Biology Jennifer Ofodile – Chemistry Grace Roessling – Psychology Andrew Sommer – Biology Elizabeth Tirone MeteorologyCollege Honors ProgramThe Oswego College Honors Program consists of a core of courses in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, philosophy and history designed to stimulate students’ intellectual growth and develop their analytical abilities. Unlike traditional courses, which present material from a single field of study, Honors Program courses are multidisciplinary, drawing ideas and information from many fields and addressing concerns common to all the disciplines. In addition to Honors core requirements and all the requirements in their majors, Honors Program students must also meet requirements in laboratory science and a foreign language and complete an Honors Thesis, in which they explore a topic in some depth. The following students from the Class of 2019, wearing silver tassels, are completing the requirements for the SUNY Oswego College Honors Program:Elizabeth Andrews Tiffany Baez Sarah Bailey Anna Beggel Lauren Boyce Conor Breese Charles Christ Colleen Curran Gage Davidson Mikaela Ditonto Brian Emigholz Anais Galvez Lauren Hardy Gwendolyn Healy Victoria Heist Kimberly Hirsch Jessica Kisluk Abigail Langer Ada Ng Melissa Orleman Rebecca Ortlieb Sean Owen Nicole Schroeder Jacqueline Slazyk Samantha Synan Alyssa Szyszkowski John Thompson Elizabeth Tirone Christopher Wells Rachael Windhausen Amanda Zumpano Possibility ScholarsThe Possibility Scholars Awards are presented to the graduating Possibility Scholars in recognition of their accomplishments in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields throughout their four years as a scholar. Such accomplishments include rigorous laboratory-based summer research projects through the Summer Research Institute and an international service learning experience through the Global Laboratory to study real-world problems such as mitigating climate change, controlling emerging diseases, reducing extreme poverty, developing sustainable energy resources, and wisely managing water and food systems.Christina Li Joseph McGee Ada Ng Dylan Richmond Matthew Seymour Tenaja Smith-Butler


13 Honor OrganizationsAlpha Psi Omega National Dramatics Honor Society – an honorary society founded in 1924 that recognizes outstanding student achievement in college and university theatre. Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society for Adult Learners – recognizes the special achievements of adult students who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work. Beta Alpha Psi National Business Honor Society – the international honorary organization for accounting and finance students and professionals, recognizes academic excellence and promotes professional development and service activities among its members. Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society – recognizes high academic achievement of students in biological sciences. Dedicated to stimulating interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in the biological sciences, as well as promoting research, innovation, and collaboration among students of the life sciences. Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society for AACSB Accredited Schools – serving business programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Chi Alpha Epsilon Educational Opportunity Program Honor Society – recognizes the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria and serves EOP students. Promotes continued high academic standards, fosters increased communication among its members, and honors academic excellence achieved by those students. Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society of Professional Counseling and for Professional Counselors – established in 1985 to provide recognition for outstanding achievement and service within the profession by counselors-in-training, counselor educators, and professional counselors whose career commitment is to research and serve through professional counseling. Delta Phi Alpha German Honor Society – recognizes excellence in the study of German; promotes higher scholarship and study of German language, literature and civilization; emphasizing aspects of German life and the culture of universal value contributing to the eternal search for peace and truth. Epsilon Pi Tau International Honor Society for Professions in Technology – membership based on high scholastic attainment, participation and leadership in Technology in the college and in the community, and professional qualifications and promise. Epsilon Upsilon Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG) National Health Honorary Society – Established in 1967 is an honorary for health education known for its rich history of serving students and the health profession through teaching, service, and research. Gamma Kappa Alpha National Italian Honor Society – formed to acknowledge superior scholastic performance in the field of Italian language, literature and culture, and is open to membership at institutions of higher learning in the United States and Canada. The society encourages college students to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of, Italian culture, art and history. Kappa Delta Pi National Education Honor Society – recognizes excellence and fosters mutual cooperation, support and professional growth for educational professionals. Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society – promotes scholarship and research in anthropology by recognizing and honoring superior achievement in the discipline among students, faculty and other persons engaged in the study of anthropology. Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Studies Honor Society – represents what Aristotle described in his book, Rhetoric, as the three ingredients of persuasion: Logos meaning logic, Pathos relating to emotion, and Ethos derived as character, credibility and ethics. Mu Beta Psi National Honorary Musical Fraternity – co-ed service fraternity encouraging fellowship among musicians and is devoted to the study and performance of music. Omicron Delta Epsilon International Economics Honor Society – recognizes scholastic attainment and honors outstanding achievements in economics — establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics. Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society – recognizes and encourages superior leadership and exemplary character, excellence as students and leaders in student groups, organizations, and activities. Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society – requires a high overall GPA and even higher GPA in history, sponsoring student trips and outside lecturers. Phi Beta Delta – an international honor society recognizing students, faculty, staff and alumni; who possess a deep commitment to international affairs, education, and research; who have made significant contributions to expanding global engagement and world awareness. Members of this honorary are wearing bronze medallions with red and yellow ribbons. Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society – promotes superior scholarship in all academic disciplines, honoring students who excel in scholarship in order to stimulate others to strive for excellence. Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society – recognizes out standing scholarship in the French language and lit eratures, to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Americans for the cultural contributions of the Frenchspeaking world, to stimulate and to encourage French and francophone cultural activities. Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society – members are indicative of superior attainment in music and personal qualifications pertaining to an outstanding exponent of the art. Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society – stimulates scholarship and intelligent interest in political science to provide a framework for enriching the exposure of its members and community to the study of government and issues of public concern. Psi Chi National Honor Society for Psychology – encourages, stimulates and maintains excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. Sigma Delta Pi National Hispanic Honor Society – recognizes excellence in the study of Spanish and provides incentive for Spanish language study, leadership, and service. Its motto is the Greek phrase “Spanas Didagi Progomen” meaning “Let’s go forth/continue forth under the teaching/guidance of the Spanish language.” Sigma Iota Rho is an interdisciplinary international affairs honor society. Promotes and rewards scholarship and service among students and practitioners of internal studies, international affairs, and global studies. Fosters integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs. Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society – honors outstanding scholarship in physics; encourages interest in physics at all levels; promotes service of its members toward fellow students, colleagues and the public; and provides fellowship of those who excel in physics. Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society – confers distinction for high academic achievement in English and Creative Writing and promotes interest in literature and writing. Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society – recognizes scientific achievement, enhances health of research enterprise, fosters integrity in science and engineering and promotes the public’s understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition. Tau Sigma Academic Honor Society – recognizes and promotes the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students. Vega Junior and Senior Women’s Honor Society – women’s junior and senior honor society which places strong value on academic leadership and community service.


14 State University of New YorkBoard of TrusteesH. Carl McCall Chairman Merryl Tisch Vice Chairman Joseph Belluck Michael Braun Courtney Burke Eric Corngold Robert Duffy Angelo Fatta Gwen Kay Eunice Lewin Stanley Litow Richard Socarides Carl Spielvogel Edward Spiro Cary Staller Nina TamrowskiChancellor of the UniversityKristina M. JohnsonSUNY Oswego College CouncilJames McMahon Chair Darlene Baker Saleem Cheeks Richard Farfaglia Michael Goldych Kristin Shanley-Graves Brian McGrath Baye Muhammad Eusebio Omar van Reenen Student Representative State University of New York Distinguished FacultyThe Distinguished Faculty Rank programs encourage an ongoing commitment to excellence, kindle intellectual vibrancy, elevate the standards of instruction and enrich contributions to public service. They demonstrate the State University’s pride and gratitude for the consummate professionalism, the groundbreaking scholarship, the exceptional instruction and the breadth and significance of service contributions of its faculty. Appointment constitutes a promotion to the highest academic rank, and it is conferred solely by the State University Board of Trustees. The list below recognizes SUNY Oswego’s active teaching faculty recognized by such rank. Alok Kumar, 2016 Distinguished Teaching Professor, Physics Tracy Lewis, 2014 Distinguished Teaching Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures Alfred Frederick, 2010 Distinguished Service Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Alfred Stamm, 2007 Distinguished Service Professor, Atmospheric and Geological SciencesSUNY Oswego Retiring Faculty and Professional StaffChristopher Baltus Professor, Mathematics Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1986 Eugenio Basualdo Graduate Coordinator, Career and Technical Educator Preparation Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1982 John Belt Associate Professor, Department of Technology Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1975 Judith Belt Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Technology Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1994 Glynn English Assistant Dean, Advisement, School of Business Director of BASAC Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1996 Susan Fisk Assistant Director, Computing Services Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1983 Kathleen Flaherty Financial Aid Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1986 Jesus Freire Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1993 Mark Humbert Director of Financial Aid Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2001 Linda LaFevre Instructional Support Assistant, Provost Office Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1997 Robin McAleese Senior Counselor, Counseling Services Center Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1995 Ray Morrison Coordinator of Access Services and Business Librarian, Penfield Library Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2009 Elizabeth Oberst Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations and Stewardship Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1994 Miyako Schanely Director of Fort Drum Educational Consortium Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2002 Kenneth Shaw Professor, Marketing and Management Initial Appointment to Oswego: 1989 Edward Zak Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Technology Initial Appointment to Oswego: 2011


15 Connor Beirne, Commack ** Brandon J. Belke, Ontario Cassidy Anne Bell, Mahopac Gage S. Benham, Greece ** Theo Berenson, Colden Alexandra L. Bergin, Massapequa * Brighton Allen Bernard, Evans Mills *** Haley Lauren Best, Baldwinsville Robert J. Bianco, Merrick Alexander Ernest Bielfeld, Monroe * Alexandra M. Birner, Buffalo Dalton James Bisson, Bowie, MD * Samantha Blum, Hicksville Evan Michael Bogucki, Bethpage ** Stephen Peter Bona, Armonk Stormy Bonet, Bronx Joshua Daniel Bostick, Syracuse Gregory Botschagow, Highland Mills Nathan T. Boughton, Jamesville * Jacob Anthony Boyzuck, Oswego Antonio Michael Bradley, New York * Taiheid K. Bradshaw, Brooklyn Nika Brailowsky, Valley Stream Sean Z. Brancato, Patterson Sara Maria Braun, Randolph * Samantha Judith Bree, Staten Island *** Connor G. Breese, Canandaigua Molly Hope Brem, Schenectady *** Connor M. Brennan, Hopewell Junction Kenneth Brennan III, Oswego ** Anthony R. Brienza, Phoenix ** Kimberly Jewel Denise Brown, Brooklyn ** Nikki Grace Brown, White Plains Cheyenne H. Brown-Wallace, Queens Village Victoria E. Brumley, Manassas, VA Joshua T. Bucher, Oswego Christopher Luigi Buono, Southold Marissa Ann Burden, Waterloo Edili Burgos, Bronx Nathan Luke Burkhardt, Fort Edward * Kaitlyn Elizabeth Burns, Clay Tyler Andrew Burns, Eastport Peter James Bush, Syracuse Savannah G. Bush, Fulton Perla J. Buten, New York Eric Byerwalters, Rensselaer Roselyn D. Cabral, Bronx Akim C. Cadet, Spring Valley Zachary J. Calaprico, Clay Jodi Marie Neshia-Gaye Calder, Syracuse *** Kaitlin M. Campanini, Brewster Tyler J. Campbell, Sayville Preston James Canty, Rockaway Park College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the largest academic division in SUNY Oswego, boasting 18 academic departments, 15 interdisciplinary programs, five graduate programs, and several certificate programs. Providing a learner-centered community committed to high intellectual standards, the college offers more than 40 undergraduate majors in subjects ranging from American studies to zoology, nearly as many minors, and eight cooperative degree programs. Through in-depth study in traditional and interdisciplinary programs, we prepare students to identify and develop productive solutions to the many challenges facing regional, national, and global civil society.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2018, May 2019 and August 2019. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80–4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60–3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30–3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Julia L. Abbey, Clay William Gilbert Adams III, Johnson City ** Casey M. Adner, Oswego Eric Adsit, Lowville Patrick Edward Aebly, Ronkonkoma Jonathan F. Agoglia, Staten Island Adhel M. Akol, Nedrow Awokoryo Akwetey-Aboagye, Bronx Christopher Alcine, Brooklyn Zariah Imani Aldrich-Banks, Bronx Steven J. Alexander, Ballston Lake Abigail E. Allen, Painted Post Jashaun T. Allen, East Meadow Jessica Allen, Mexico Brandon M. Alling, Schuylerville Nana Kofi Amamu-Yeboah, Bronx ** Alexander Michael Amanatides, New Windsor *** Kyler Anderson, Poughkeepsie * Elizabeth M. Andrews, Staten Island Kade Naquan Andrews, Felts Mills Sierra Diamond Andrews, Bronx Michael E. Anilonis, Point Pleasant Boro, NJ Michael H. Anthony Jr., Oswego Ross Paul Appelbaum, Castleton on Hudson Zachary David Apuzzo, Staatsburg Ashly Marielle Arbizu, Oswego Lainey Michelle Archibee, Mannsville Daniela Arias, New York Austyn P. Armbruster, Corinth Jessica Marie Arnold, Syracuse Kayla Alexis Ashe, Islip ** Jonathan Charles Ashline, Oswego *** Kathryn Austin, Rodman Destiny M. Aybar, Albany Loretto F. Azzopardi, New York James Douglas Bachman III, Barker ** Jiyeon Baek, Seoul, Republic of Korea Bryan Anthony Baez, Brooklyn Tiffany Baez, Arverne Cheyanne B. Dominguez-Bailey, Jamaica ** Alexa Kaitlyn Baker, Syracuse *** Sushmita Banerjee, Haryana, India Emily Ann Barbay, Seneca Falls * Kasey Lyn Barber, White Sulphur Springs Maria Barinova, Staten Island Amaris Aliyeh Barker, Brooklyn John O. Barnes, Greenwich Thomas P. Bassett, Watertown ** Courtney Rachael Baxter, Middletown Vicky Beato, Bronx James Robert Bechtel, Parish Cory Becker-Warren, Oneida Alexandra Damaris Beemer, Sackets Harbor


16 Sarah Capacci, Seneca Falls Megan A. Capuano, Liverpool Christopher Paul Carey, Monroe Elisabeth Rachel Carey, Skaneateles Caitlyn A. Carlisle, Adams * Joshua D. Carney, Oswego Zarac J. Carson, Pine Bush * Danielle Angelica Caruana, Phoenix Nattalie C. V. W. Castellano, Fulton Alan Castillo, New York Hali Anne Castrovinci, Livonia Adrianna Katherine Catalino, Baldwinsville * Luke Thomas Cavanaugh, Kirkville Aitor Celaya Jometon, Fulton * Elias Anio Cerussi, Gardiner Kevin Matthew Chamberlin, Vestal Alexander R. Chambers, Fulton Benjamin Charles, Sparta, NJ Colton Charles, Pomona Ryan D. Chartrand, Baldwinsville Stephanie Chen, Brooklyn *** Seth Wilkie Chiasson, Oswego Emenike Joseph Chima, Yonkers ** Catherine Rose Choquette, Central Square Chynna Jade Chou, Great Neck *** Charles J. Christ, Jacksonville, FL * Marcello Cierro, Cornwall Sophia D. Cilione, Thompson Ridge Ivana V. Citera, Poughkeepsie Jeffrey Clark, Brewerton Michael A. Claudio, Bronx Matthew D. Clemons, Oswego * Ryan Louis Cobane, Walton Capri Coggi, Camillus Marissa Rose Cole, Spencerport Kevin Darnell Coleman, Oswego Vaughan I. Coleman Jr., South Ozone Park * Bryan Collado, Howard Beach Nicholas Arthur Colozzi, Glen Head * Bryce Colvin, Hudson Falls Erika N. Compton, Cicero Emily Rose Conklin, Suffern * Codie J. Corso, Phoenix * Sara J. Costello, Lockport * Lynnell Cote, Liverpool Stephen Caelon Courtney, West Islip Michael Joseph Crisafulli, Oswego Michael A. Crowell, Liverpool * Jaelyn Rose Cruz, Woodhaven Brianna M. Cullen, Manorville * Ashly R. Cumbo, Hoosick Falls Alexandra E. Cummins, Hilton * Emely R. Curiel, Bronx * Colleen Elizabeth Curran, Stony Point Camille C. Cushnie, Jamaica * Echo Elizabeth Cutter, Hudson Falls Hali Madison Dacey, Piffard Seth J. Dahar, Oswego Jordyn Marie Dala, Macedon Lorenzo M. D’Amore, Staten Island Jabari Camilo Joel Daniel, Brooklyn Matthew Carl Danza, Watertown ** Shakhar Dasgupta, Oswego ** Gage Kylar Davidson, Liverpool ** Jennifer Fay Davidson, Liberty ** Noah P. Davidson, Philadelphia ** Robert L. Davies III, Manlius Jonathan DeFreitas, East Syracuse Alyson C. Decter, Manhasset Hope E. DeFazio, Baldwinsville * Emily Dawn Defilippo, Horseheads Jacob Alfred Delia, Tappan ** Richard William DeMaddis, Mastic ** Leah Kathryn DeMatteo, Marathon Nicole Margaret Dempsey, Centereach Maria Grace DeRenzo, Newark ** Tienna M. Deroy, Jewett City, CT ** Alexander DeSacia, Oswego Elisa Descartes, Pomona Jessica Autumn DiCesare, Rensselaer Mackenzie Diebold, Mahopac Tristan J. Dietschler, Lyons Kayla E. Dignan, Ronkonkoma Jack M. Dillon, Deer Park Victoria L. Dishaw, Ontario * Anthony Disotell, Evans Mills * Mikaela Rose Ditonto, Orchard Park Tyler William Doan, Port Byron Dawa Dolma, Woodside Emily Margaret Domicolo, Oswego * Raina Domuracki-Galante, Webster *** Marina D. Donaghue, Syracuse ** Breck James Wolfgang Donohue, Attica Megan N. Donovan, Oswego Beau N. Dorien, Croton on Hudson ** Leeann Elizabeth Dragos, Valatie *** David Drake, Canandaigua Morgan Taylor Drescher, Levittown Andrew L. Driscoll, Oswego Brandon L. Druschel, Cicero Mclaine Duggan, Hamburg Laura Joelle Dumpson, Mineola Alinda Jane Dygert, Syracuse * Taylor Suzanne Earle, Monroe Matthew Benjamin Eberhart, Lake Grove Oyemwen Edebiri, Brooklyn Cierra Edwards, Farmington Tanishae R. Edwards, Bronx Nicole Ehmann, Rochester ** Cicely D. Ekross, Baldwinsville Skyler Robert Elkins, Medford Marissa Ellison, Waterloo ** Brian M. Emigholz, Cicero *** Erin P. Engle, Eden Madolyn D. Engle, Oswego Alana Danielle Erkus, Plainview * Carlie Suzanne Evans, Syracuse Dajah Evans, New York Kim Brian D. Fadul, Richmond Hill Colton D. Fallon, Yorktown Heights * Sally Anyi Familia, New York Gionna Rose Fanti, Port Jefferson Station Catherine L. Faruolo, Cortlandt Manor * Alexis Feldman, Rockaway Park Emily Jane Feldman, Brewster ** Bianca Nicole Fernandez, Flushing Brianna Dawn Fernandez, Oswego Patrick J. Fico, Washingtonville Kelsey D. Finch, New York * Jordan Fleming, Cicero Shauna A. Fliss, Peru * Jessica C. Flores, Bay Shore Emma K. Flower, Caneadea Joanna Follett, Oswego Katelyn Fong, Brooklyn Courtney Lorraine Forbes, Remsen Kara E. Fortunato, Farmington Angela M. Frampton, Pine City Alex Franceschi, Bronx Shane A. Francis, Springfield Gardens Jeremy Michael Frank, Merrick Daniel Marcus Freudenvoll, Rochester Kevin M. Frier, East Amherst * David Ethan Fuenzalida, Mount Sinai Emily Marie Fultz, Oswego Katherine Edith Galey, Hamburg Christopher Stephen Galgano, Wingdale Chamanka Sajini Gamage, Pita Kote, Sri Lanka ** Rananjaya Subash Gamage, Mattegoda, Sri Lanka Sarah J. Gamarra, Delmar Timothy Gass, West Monroe Julia Renae Gaudio, Mastic Ayomide M. Gbadamosi, Brooklyn * Matthew J. Gehm, Lisle * Steven M. Gerencser, Monroe Jos Roberto Giler, Bronx Joseph D. Glaser, Coram Brendan Daniel Goldberg, Valley Stream Haley Babe Goldberg, New York


17 Meredith S. Golden, Monroe Alec Benjamin Goldstein, Ulster Park * Emily K. Goleski, Southampton * Joseph Christopher Goliber, Middletown Hector Manuel Gomez Jimenez, Bronx * Jasmine C. Gomez, Brooklyn Darryl E. Gomez-Lewis, Brooklyn * Jade Gonzales, Brooklyn Diane Gonzalez, Long Island City Hannah K. Gonzalez, New York Violeta Gonzalez, Elmhurst She’Bria Lou’Evia Love Gordon, Buffalo Katrina Lee Gorman, Nassau Patrick Leo Gosney, Binghamton Henry C. Grayman, Bronx Taylor Jo Griffin, Wappingers Falls Jo Helen Marie Gromoske, Clyde Lucas Jackson Grove, Glastonbury, CT Rachel E. Grupp, Coram Claudia Marie Halbauer, Valhalla * Michaela J. Hale, Oakfield *** Chad T. Halson, Poughkeepsie Alexis M. Hanna, Oswego *** Lauren E. Hardy, Martville Versace Natalia Hardy, Brooklyn * Samantha Harrington, Fulton Cayla Harris, Owego * Jaden Nikole Harris, Vestal Justin A. Harrison-Phillips, Newark Emma R. Harrod, Webster Samantha C. Hartman, Elmira Michelle A. Hassman, Kings Park * Daniel Robert Hatch, Solvay Haley A. Hawkes, Camden Chase L. Hayes, Lake Placid * McKenzie Hayes, Syracuse Emory Haynes, Syracuse Austin M. Hazzis, North Massapequa ** Gwendolyn Jane Healy, Springwater * Allison M. Hearn, Waterloo Olivia Ann Heckmann, Congers *** Victoria Susan Heist, Alden Harrison R. Hensley, Ithaca Herath Mudiyanselage Sachintha Chanuka Herath, Kandy, Sri Lanka Ryan John Heslin, Valley Falls Hannah E. Hess, Lindenhurst ** Claire Deanna Hewitt, Syracuse ** Acala P. Hill, Owego Erfan Haq Himel, Bronx ** Kimberly Margaret Hirsch, Peekskill * Abigail Hollister, Oswego Christine E. Hotaling, Fulton Todd M. Houston, Liverpool Bailey Hrycko, Waterloo Stephanie L. Hudson, Oswego * Hunter Clinton Hughes, Phoenix Matthew T. Hughes, Endwell Peter Kuruc Humphreys, Liverpool Jiwook Jason Hur, Oswego Kimberly S. Hydar, Yonkers Anthony J. Ianno, Liverpool Kingsely Tochukwu Ibezim, Rochester Alexander Mohamed Ibrahim, Oswego * Kristen Marie Igo, Binghamton Jesse Fechukwu Ijomah, Monroe Stephen Nigel Iskander, Fayetteville Thomas J. Jackson, East Amherst Shubham Jain, West Babylon *** Hye Jeong Jang, Oswego Jaritza Elizabeth Jara, East Patchogue Martin A. Jaworowski, Wading River Hannah G. Jensen, Campbell *** Manna Mariam Job, Yonkers Lennisha Cindy Rosilie John, Mattydale Jequana Sylvia Johnson, Brooklyn Tyler A. Johnson, Johnstown Cody Lee Jones, Seneca Falls Danielle Marie Jones, Stephentown Mathew Thomas Jones, Oswego Abel Jorge, New York * Asya Kadic, Istanbul, Turkey Dambar Kafley, Syracuse Madeleine Grace Kaleta, East Greenbush Nicholas Kanauer, Macedon ** Joshua Andrew Karns, Rochester * Margarita Helena Katsaitis, Highland Sonya Kedarnath, Bronx Allison C. Keenan, Stony Point Jennifer Maredi Kelley, Oswego John P. Kennedy, Stony Brook John Brookfield Kennedy, Syracuse Michael Thomas Kensell, Goshen Scott Austin Kessel, Warners * Taisha Latania Khalil, Far Rockaway Yadav Khatiwada, Syracuse Jonah A. Kieffer, Moravia Diane Kim, Syracuse Maro Kim, Cheong-Ju, Republic of Korea *** Christopher Ross King, Rodman * Brooke E. Kocsis, Phillipsburg, NJ *** Michael Austin Kolacki, Fairbanks, AK * Tahera J. Koli, Brooklyn Chie Kondo, Handa, Japan Paige Kopp, Liverpool * Michael Korzelius, Buffalo * Kerry L. Kosiur, Schenectady Theresa Marie Kotalik, Roscoe, IL Benjamin Needham Kratz, Auburn Ashley M. Kshyna, Warners Emma K. Kuczkowski, Litchfield, NH Arianne Kurtzner, Albany Brandon Ladd, Fulton * Joseph J. LaFrance, Wading River Kierah Marie LaGrave, Plattsburgh ** Abigail M. Langer, Shoreham Randy Lau, New York Ross P. Lauber, Rome *** Carly Alexis Lawless, Fort Montgomery Zitouni Layachi, Long Island City Michael B. Leone, East Meadow Thomas Charles Lerner, West Babylon Kervans Edmund LeRouge, Valley Stream Lauren Anna Coren Levine, Yonkers ** Vadim Levkov, Camillus *** Christina Li, Brooklyn Edward James Liberty, Ilion Nicholas J. Licitra, Manlius Brian Lin, Woodside Gaoping Lin, Seneca Falls Sean T. Linehan, Oswego * Kaitlyn Lipari, Staten Island Jaielle Litchison, Oswego Cassidy E. Livingston, Sauquoit Alyssa Michelle LoMeli, Washingtonville *** Kimberly K. Long, Poughkeepsie Nicholas A. Loper, Kings Park Alyssa Nicole Lopez, Montgomery * Junwei Lu, Oswego Donna Garcia-Luchka, Rockville Centre Benjamin A. Lupia, Cicero * Mackenzie Nicole Lynch, Ilion Garrett Douglas MacKenzie, Rochester Laura Marie Madore, New Hartford Emily Louise Magee, Hamburg Colin A. Maggiolo, Sugar Loaf Sierra A. Mahoney, Hyde Park * Rachel Maitino, Schenectady *** Peter Joseph Mancarella, Pittsford Colt Seth Manis, Middletown ** Rachel Ann Mannino, Fishkill Natalie Hope Mansion, Schenectady Aye Aye Mar, Rensselaer Oscar W. Marchi, Saratoga Springs *** Jack P. Marcucci, Altamont Jennifer Marie Marino, Auburn Victoria M. Marks, Syracuse Aaron Martinez, Yonkers


18 Joel Martinez, New York *** Syna S. Matchanickal, Yonkers Andrew P. Matthews, Massena Haley Rene Mattison, Clay Ryan M. Mayer, Chester Cassidy Mayers, New York Chad D. McArdell, Baldwinsville Michele McAuliffe, Geneva * Joseph McCarthy, North Bay * Jordan Alicia McCauley, Oswego Kailey Elizabeth McFarland, Selden *** Ryan T. McHale, Clifton Park Khalil Micah McIver, Rochester Nathan Hilton McKean, Oswego Karly McKenna, Tannersville Allyson Mclyman, Syracuse ** Catherine McMullen, Corfu Terrance McNeil Jr., Bronx Nicholas Jacob McSweeney, Liverpool ** Jaclyn McTigue, Selden Burhan Adam Meghezzi Sr., Liverpool Deniela Mejia, Brooklyn Erika Mendoza Rivera, Alton Lindsey Mercurio, Ontario Dillon J. Mergenthaler, Canandaigua * Scott Charles Merry, Oswego * Rachel S. Meyer, Manlius ** Kayla Jean Meyers, Parkersburg, WV ** Anna Rose Michel, Lyons ** Audrey Leigh Milillo, Lynbrook Christina Lynn Mill, Patterson * Cherilynn Vock Miller, Macedon * Gabrielle Margaret Miller, Mahwah, NJ Kayla Scharel Miller, North Syracuse * Kaitlyn Milmore, Washingtonville *** Brian L. Monahan, Seaford ** Daniel J. Monahan, Seaford Robert Allen Moore III, Liverpool Mike S. Morales, Hawthorne Xavier Morton, Groton Tessa Marie Mosher, Marcellus Lucia Seraphina Mueni, Rome David John Mulia, Staten Island John Richard Mullaney, Staten Island ** Abigail Joy Mullett, Syracuse Regina R. Murphy, Bronx Tracie L. Murphy, Oswego Mariah L. Murrell, Fulton Ye Bhone Myat, Mandalay, Burma Amanda Marie Myers, Syracuse Dahdralee O. Myrie, Mount Vernon Christian Michael Nairy, Webster *** Brandon Michael Naman, Monroe * Sarah Madeline Nashak, Farmingdale *** Luiza M. Nawrot, Staten Island * Matthew E. Neininger, Canandaigua Jovine M. Neita, Bronx Shamala Nelson, Brooklyn Thomas Escher Nelson, Oswego * Rebecca Nesel, Red Hook Lauren Elizabeth Nevil, Farmington Ada Ng, Brooklyn Randy Le Nguyen, Syracuse Victoria Nguyen, Syracuse Andre Joseph Sherwood Nichols, Whitesboro Isabella N. Njimogu Padua, Bronx James Henry Nugent, Penfield * Rohne Martin Fawkes Nyberg, Oriskany Falls ** Nicole O’Brien, Amsterdam Iliana Lorena Ochoa, Syracuse Andrew O’Connor, Mahopac Kyle P. O’Connor, Dexter ** Katelyn Elysa O’Donnell, Lockport *** Jennifer Chidera Ofodile, Brooklyn * Timilehin Femi Ogunjana, Amsterdam Thomas Patrick O’Halloran, Bronx Dasia Stephanie Ajane Ojeda, New York * Alexander J. Olson, Cicero Michael David Olson, Falconer Amanda Lee Onorato, East Meadow ** Melissa Louise Orleman, Buffalo William Orrego, Nanuet Rebecca L. Ortlieb, West Leyden Rachel A. Osborne, Clay John Edward Osterhoudt, Little York Francesco J. Papa, Utica Anastasia Katheryn Papworth, Syracuse Joonwoo Park, Seoul, Republic of Korea Alyssa R. Parks, Mattituck * Landon James Patmore, Manalapan, NJ Desiree D. Pedrosa, Oakland Park, FL Kaitlyn Rose Perez-Giron, Woodhaven Caitlin H. Perkins, Brooklyn * Angelina Perrone, Sayville Nadira Persaud, South Richmond Hill Shawna Kayla Persaud, Bronx Tyler M. Petty, Wappingers Falls Morgan E. Pickreign, Pennellville * Alesha V. Pilon, Corning * Cody Ryan Pitcher, Ontario * Sarah Nicole Pittman, Spencerport Sarah Pizzarelli, Poughkeepsie Matthew Joseph Ponteliona, Rockaway, NJ Christopher Poska, Waymart, PA Manuel Costa Pragana III, Hopewell Junction Kassidy Pratt, Saratoga Springs Olivia K. Pratt, Chaffee Petinia D. Prince, White Plains Christina G. Prunesti, New Rochelle ** Alexandra J. Puccia, Elmsford Dayna N. Puccio, Ridge Matthew V. Pugliano, Waterford Dillan Thomas Purdy, Baldwinsville Justin Daniel Purtell, Fulton Christi E. Raia, Mastic * Ian Kerim Ramazan, Forest Hills Lindsey J. Ramsey, Oswego ** Victoria L. Rankin, Yellowknife, Northern Territories Iyanla E. Raspberry, Valley Stream Swin Ratnayake Ratnayake Mudalige, Minuwangoda, Sri Lanka ** Abhishek Rauniyar, Brockport Tyrone Ray, Middletown Rebecca S. Reagin, Port Jefferson Station Zachary Reiss, Clyde * Samara L. Renner, Cicero ** Corey Matthew Restani, Clay Jessica Sarah Rice, Baldwin Lauren Rice, Lansing * Dylan Jay Richmond, Johnson City Elwin Riger, Huntington Station Katelyn Joan Rinaldi, Latham Aaliyah A. Ripley, Brewerton * Randy Rivera, Brooklyn Tatiana Mary Rivera, Brooklyn David Antonio Rivera-Munoz, Brooklyn Dylan Rizzo, Fulton Michael Paul Robinson, North Syracuse Luz Marie Robles, New York Joseph Gabriel Rocco IV, Whitesboro Jack J. Roche, Hudson Falls * Anilcia Rodriguez, Port Jefferson Station Emmanuel Rodriguez, Sloatsburg Ilany Rodriguez, New York Stephany Rodriguez, New York * Grace Catherine Roessling, Pelham, NH Heather Lynn Rohr, Mexico * Dor A. Rondel, Brooklyn Diogenes Jose Rosario, Bronx ** Justin R. Ross, Fulton Megan A. Ross, Swan Lake *** Kelly A. Rothschild, Ossining Hailey Dylana Russell, Youngstown Nicholas Andrew Russo, Syracuse Austin Kirkpatrick Ryan, Oswego * Brigid Monica Ryan, Buffalo Angelique Salgado, Oswego Kathryn Jacqueline Salmonsen, Accord


19 Jan Sampsell, Manlius Dawson Francis Samson, Fulton Carolyne Nicole Sanchez, Bellerose Joseph Cesare Sansone, Hawthorne Mariah Yasmin Santana, Oswego John Lewis Santos, Schenectady Jassmany Luis Saraguro, Nanuet Kayla Marie Sardella, Endwell * Tharushi S. Malsha Sathkoralage Fernando, Colombo, Sri Lanka * Jake Nicholas Sauter, Hopewell Junction James A. Schaller, Poughkeepsie ** Alison Lee Schank, Cornwall Kevin W. Schluter, New City Kenneth Schoolcraft, Syracuse Alaina Jean Schopp, Fulton Jacob Matthew Schrader, Elbridge Justin M. Scuderi, Smithtown * Alec Tyler Sczepanski, Lancaster Christy J. Sebring, Richville Jennifer Deepika Selvaraj, Chappaqua Alexander Franklin Senia, Williamsville Skylar A. Senn, Shelby Township, MI Kelsy X. Sercu, Rochester Caitlin R. Serowik, Endicott Daniel Michael Seymore, Myrtle Beach, SC Christian Seymour, Watertown ** Matthew Robert Seymour, Dryden Robert H. Sgroi, Islip Daniel Jon Shatrau, Oswego Shanell Denise Shaw, Jamaica Trae William Sheldon, Fulton Emmylou C. Sherman, Long Eddy Kyle M. Sherry, Laurens * Jia Xing Shi, Brooklyn *** Kathryn R. Short, Whitney Point Valerie Shoykhet, Brooklyn Lucas D. Simmons, Tonawanda Imani Asabi Simpson, Port St Lucie, FL *** Veronica Singh, Greater Noida, India * Courtney Elizabeth Sipes, Chestertown, MD ** Jacqueline Elizabeth Slazyk, Hamburg * Rose Katie Small, Mineola * Anna Noelle Smith, Wallkill * Chynna R. Smith, Brooklyn * Tenaja LaBonnie Smith-Butler, Bronx Zachary William Snow, Canastota *** Evelyn Sylvia Sokolowski, Massapequa Edgar Solis, Elmsford ** Gabrielle M. Solomon, Smithtown *** Andrew J. Sommer, Whitestone ** Jonathan Michael Sorensen, Liverpool * Mary K. Sorensen, Liverpool Sarah Elizabeth Sorensen, Slatersville, RI Allison R. Soss, Stony Point Jill Maria Southwell, Jamestown Michael Scott Southwick Jr., Jamestown ** James Edward Spagnola III, Minoa Nicole E. Spangenburg, Conyngham, PA Andrew James Spano, Smithtown ** Samantha E. Spence, Fairport Devin Spencer, Liverpool * Kierstin V. Spooner, Phelps * Joanna Springall, Whiting, NJ Michael Ryan Stackpole, North Bellmore Natalie Rita Stager, Syracuse ** Caleb Murray Stahl, Cato Sarah Katharine Stamberg, Highland Jenna E. Standish, Southold Thomas Ivan Steding, Central Square * Anna J. Stephens, Liverpool * Tristan Heather Stobnicke, Liverpool Rebecca Eileen Streeter, Virginia Beach, VA * Nicholas Preston Stubba, Oswego Yudis Subedi, Syracuse Alison C. Sullivan, Dedham, MA Christian Sumano, Poughkeepsie Erika R. Sutherland, Dundee *** Laura Elizabeth Swaine, Fayetteville Faye P. Swett, South Jamesport Jacques M. Sylvain Pena, New York Samantha Riley Synan, Belchertown, MA * Elisabeth Mary Syron, Binghamton *** Robert P. Taglia, Valhalla * Kaitlyn Anna Talmage, Calverton Hiroto Tanaka, Kashiwa, Japan * Gregory Thomas Tavani, Nanuet Jesse Loren Taylor, Oswego * Tevin Taylor, Yonkers Cheyenne Mackenzie Teeter, Oswego ** Emily Tepfenhart, Oswego Laura Thacker, San Jose, CA * Raymond William Theiss, Liverpool Collin Thompson, Syracuse *** John Ross Thompson, Beacon Gabrielle Thorpe, Elbridge * Merlin Tiisler, Staatsburg ** Elizabeth Ashley Tirone, Amherst Jack C. Tofallos, Middletown Bojan Topalovic, Syracuse Rena M. Topor, Chadwicks Jonathan R. Torres, Bronx Natalie L. Torres, New York Emir Tortopoglu, Istanbul, Turkey Christopher L. Townsley, Staten Island Fatima M. Traore, Bronx Morgan A. Treacy, Malta Noah Trombley, Plattsburgh * Nicole Renee Turlington, Hamlin Brandon Scott Twiss, Theresa Michelle Uroza, Brooklyn Jenna Lyn Uryevick, Huntington Station Chantel Rene Vactor, New York * Eleni Maria Vakirtzis, Beacon * Christian R. Van Cleef, Orient Schuyler Ervin Van Order, Vestal Kridzely Vargas, New York Danni Tatiana Vasquez, Bronx Conor Daniel Vaughn, Liverpool Jonathan Bruce Velasco, Utica ** Mailie Ana Velazquez, Oswego Cliff-Simon Vital, Rockaway Beach Emily Vogt, Lindenhurst Dominic J. Volpe, Avon Arianna Joy Vona, Akron * Aleksandr Voytovich, Minoa * Richard James Wallace, Oswego ** Benjamin C. Walley, Malone Patrick Eugene Walsh, Williamson * Jin Taek Wang, Chungbuk, Republic of Korea Hannah Elizabeth Watts, Norwich Alexander Ray Webb, Buffalo Nimashi Apekshika Jayathilake Weerasinghage, Oswego ** Christopher D. Weiman, Windham *** Christopher Randall Wells, Rensselaer ** Samantha K. Wheeler, Lacona Kelsey Alexandra White, La Fayette Rebecca L. Wilcox, New Haven Michaela Williams, Bronx Gillian Willis, East Quogue Joshua C. Willson, Buffalo * Benjamin Farrow Wilson, East Syracuse Vanessa Elizabeth Wiltsie, Oswego Michael Scott Wolstenholme, Oneonta Erica Wong, Flushing * Briann M. Wood, Red Creek Douglas Parker Woolever, Poughkeepsie * Shareese A. Worrell, Brooklyn * Shangying Xu, Brooklyn *** Shannon E. Yearwood, Red Hook David Yeboah, Brooklyn * Bohdan Yevdokymov, Warners Cara Marie Zacharias, Seaford * John Zalewski, Mexico Joseph I. Zawada, Calverton Kyle D. Zeller, Shortsville Eric Zou, Brooklyn


20 * Brian S. Abad, Glendale Nicholas David Abbott, Fulton Caitlynne Rose Abraham, Weedsport Kevin Abraham, Webster * Michael James Abrams, Bellmore Alexis Juliet Acevedo, Highland Mills * Kayla Marie Adam, Sterling Cayla Adelman, Centereach *** Xin Ai, Chuzhou, China Taylor Ann Aiello, Liverpool * Justin Akin, Schaghticoke ** Amy Alba, Oswego *** Ahmed Ali Albajari, Brooklyn * Kristen Albright, Oswego ** Maria Rose Aldrich, Fabius Benjamin Alekhin, Newtown, PA Kyle C. Alexanian, Lyons Julise Alliance, Brooklyn * Marie Josephine Aloi, Syracuse Courtney Lauren Ameele, Palmyra Catherine Lucille Anastasia, Olean Anthony Richard Angora, Rochester Magdalen M. Apostolov, Slate Hill ** Drake David Arnold, Middleport Jerrold L. Aryeequaye, Corona Benjamin Atkinson, Syracuse * Rita Y. Azzer, Central Valley Sarah Bailey, Albany Keara Danielle Baiocco, Cornwall Natasha A. Balkoski, East Setauket Nicholas J. Bandini, Bellmore Andrew Bano, Baldwinsville Justin Tyler Barrett, Kendall * Julia Mary Bartell, Pearl River Maclain T. Bartlett, Penfield Thomas Bashen, Holbrook Ervin Bautista, Bronx * John Becker, Port Jefferson Station * Lyndsey Grace Becker, Canastota * Anna Beggel, Warwick Georgy Vitalievich Belov, Ekaterinburg, Russia * Kenneth William Benedetto, Williamstown *** Matthew Joseph Beniamino, Penn Yan Eugenia Benson, Cato Matthew Arne Bergstol, Sloatsburg Alexander Joseph Berry, Verona * Cameron S. Berry, Chandler, AZ Brittany A. Betancourt, Bronx Christopher Wendall Beverly, Bronx Mahllet Beyene, Rochester Francis John Birmingham, Hopewell Junction Manny Boaten, Brooklyn John Douglas Boss, Lake Grove Amanda C. Boughan, Savona Brandon Boutwell, Geneva Lauren Olivia Boyce, Altamont Catherine Boyko, Fayetteville Melissa J. Bradnick, Hampton Bays Colin Brand, Hopewell Junction * Alexis Tene Brayley-Speer, Brewerton * Cayce R. Breitmaier, Oneonta Nolan Joseph Brendese, Troy Sean M. Breslin, Fairport Kelsey Elizabeth Brockner, Callicoon * Kristoffer Brun, Upplands Vasby, Sweden Alecia S. Bryan, Bronx Joseph E. Bunn III, Brooklyn Thomas William Burch, Potsdam Kevin Burke, Fairport Brian P. Bushnell, Red Creek Thomas G. W Byrne, Amityville Marykathleen Cacchione, Camillus Dylan J. Cafalone, Wampsville Matthew J. Calabro, Clifton Park Kailey Ann Calverese, Canastota * Shaleena Ivory Campbell, New York * Zina Campbell, New York Alexandra Natalie Candela, Holbrook Andrew J. Caraciolo, Massapequa ** Giuseppe William Carberg, Schenectady Jenna Rose Carr, Hopewell Junction John T. Casey, Poughkeepsie Mateo Castillo, Staten Island * Douglas Ezequiel Castro, Huntington Station Marie Mabel Castro, Bronx Nicholas Chilson, Johnson City Marco R. Christiano, Shrub Oak ** Rachel M. Cifaratta, Liverpool Matthew John Cinque, Port Jefferson Station Brendan Cioffi, West Nyack Michael E. Civisca, West Nyack Zackary J. Clement, Sayville Eric Charles Close, Gloversville * Lilyanna R. Coleman, Owego Angelina J. Colone, Baldwinsville * Nicholas Valentino Colone, Baldwinsville * Garrett M. Coon, Cicero Jesse Corcoran, Glen Spey Gabriel A. Corso, Bronx Kevin Daniel Cortes Nieto, Queens Village Leanne Nicole Cotter, Canastota Steven James Cox, Amsterdam Jordan Vincent Crescente, Liverpool * Nicolas Dale Shea Criscione, Cohoes Matthew Gerald Croce, Islip Terrace *** Rachel Aime Cronin, Hopkinton, MA Matthew Peter Cummings, North Syracuse Alexis Czyz, Syracuse John DaCosta Jr., Syracuse Nickolas Charles Damante, Pleasant Valley Malik I. David, Brooklyn Genevieve N. Davis, Grand Island Destiney Amani Day, New York Ezequiel Zeke De La Cruz, Brooklyn Justin A. Delavalle, Rock Tavern Joseph Robert Demarco, Fresh Meadows Nicholas DeMarco, Watervliet * Elizabeth Marie DeMartino, Syracuse Zachary Nicholas Dennison, Parish ** Madison Dent, Middleport * Mitchell Edward DeWolf, Newark Kevin Dickson, Huntington Station Joseph Fausto DiLuca, East Rockaway Anastasia N. Dinh, Syracuse Patrick Michael Dodski, Sterling School of BusinessTo keep pace with a rapidly evolving business world, programs in the School of Business integrate classroom learning with advanced computer applications and vari ous forms of applied education, such as case studies, simulations, group projects and internships. Nationally accredited by AACSB International — the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business — the school offers seven undergraduate majors, a master’s of business administration, an MBA health services administration program as well as three five-year combined bachelor’s/MBA degree programs, one in accounting, one in broadcasting and mass communication, and one in psychology.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2018, May 2019 and August 2019. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80–4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60–3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30–3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel.


21 * Ethan J. Doe, Dansville ** Shannon Dolan, Pennellville Ralph B. Domond, Nyack Jed William Donkoh, Bronx Trevor Christopher Donnelly, Fairport Connor James Donohue, Stony Point * Jessica A. Dorans, Brewerton Sydney Ireland Doris, Gansevoort Kendall J. Dron, Webster Michael John Drummond, Pleasant Valley Courtney Alexandrea Dubin, Baldwin * Ellyse R. Freeman, Savannah Kateri Dunfield, Blossvale Allen Daniel Durutovic, Plainview Michael A. Edwards, Oswego * Ethan Jacob Ehrlich, Livingston, NJ Robert Thomas Emerson, Lake Grove Marisa A. Engelbrecht, East Syracuse Marilyn Alicia Eshun, Bronx * Robert Aaron Fairchild, Cicero Brett Fallarino, East Meadow * Michael A. Farruggia, Chester Elizabeth Marie Fay, Liverpool Elizabeth Felton, Boiceville * Sarah Feminella, West Islip Kenneth J. Ferguson, Holtsville Nicholas Fidler, Oceanside * Jenna Fields, Sackets Harbor Joseph Cosimo Figliomeni, Cicero Matthew Firmano, Staten Island Kyle J. Fitzgerald, Stony Brook Olivia Fitzwater, Bath * Robert E. Fogarty, Liverpool Jacob D. Foti, Cato Noelle M. Fracasse, Poughkeepsie Jonathan M. Fried, East Setauket * Mackenzie L. Friesner, Walworth * Michael James Frigin, Pulaski Kreig Matthew Fuhlbrigge, Canaan James D. Furney, Rome Mark A. Fyvie, Schenectady Griffin Gabriel, Cicero Cameron Richard Gambler, Farmingville * Sebastian Garcia, New York Andrew J. Garen, Monroe Mathew Gartner, Hopewell Junction Ryan Steven Giancola, Ronkonkoma * Joseph Patrick Liberato Giannantonio, Rochester Stephen Giannotta, Auburn Austin B. Glazer, Harrison Thomas J. Goebel, Ontario Dylan Grant Goldstein, Merrick Randall Frank Gordon, Oswego Caleb Jordan Gould, Port Crane Nicholas V. Gramuglia, Glenville Briana L. Greco, Staten Island Jonathan Theodore Greenwood, Hastings Bailey Grenga, Eastport Lilia N. Grucza, Hamburg Hunter Guest, Middleburgh Cameron Nathaniel Guglielmo, Fort Edward Christina Guindy, Oswego Anthony D. Gullotto, Liverpool * Emily M. Gunn, Binghamton Kiersten Liana Guthro, Mannsville Kasandra Leah Guyette, North Tonawanda William F. Hahn, Cicero Jacob Handel, East Rockaway Eric E. Harley, Rochester Matthew William Hassig, Binghamton Megan Joy Hatton, Bloomsburg, PA * Yuxue He, Shanghai, China Jake Healy, East Meadow Matt Hennessy, Manorville Khalia Antionette Hepburn, Mount Vernon Canyon Hicks, Oneida Devin M. Higgins, Oswego Dovid R. Hirsch, Yonkers Christopher M. Hlavaty, Poughkeepsie Trevor Tobias Hoffmier, Newark Valley Conor Henry Hogan, Washingtonville * Robert George Hohmann, Staatsburg ** Samuel Roy Holden, Averill Park Christopher Hood, Oceanside Ethan J. Hopkins, New Hartford Connor Joseph Hoyng, Rochester Ryan Hunt, Fishkill * Marina Christy Hurlburt, Palmyra Safuran Hussain, Astoria Peter R. Ianniello, Mamaroneck Timothy Ilasi, Selden ** Ashley Omonivie Irabor, Uniondale Joshua Troy Jasewicz, Baldwinsville *** Sunghyun James Jeon, Los Angeles, CA * Andrew Jason Jetter, Plainview Michael A. Jimenez, Valhalla Ruben Jimenez, Hyde Park Danielle Lea Joanis, Durhamville Kiernan Johnson, Clifton Park Kassandra Ruth Jones, Hannibal Richard Jones, Hopewell Junction Robert Jovanovski, Syracuse Kejsi Kaca, Bronx Tyler D. Kamp, Fairport Gun Ho Kang, Seoul, Republic of Korea Eri Kanno, Saitama, Japan * Jacob Z. Kaplan, Endicott ** Menusha Sanjani Karunanayake Pathirannahelage, Reading, MA George Joseph Kassis, Jamesville Holly Lauren Keating, Cazenovia ** Thomas Francis Xavier Keegan, Skaneateles Matthew James Kelley, Hamburg Marshall C. Kiesow, Gansevoort Ha Rin Kim, Guilderland Brenna Kirgan, Windsor Matthew J. Klingbeil, Saratoga Springs Bailey Klingener, Centereach Breanna Klugh, Leicester Emily Anne Knowlden, Horseheads * Haru Kobayashi, Tokyo, Japan James Anthony Koller, Beacon Ethan Samuel Kreit, Melville Carly E. Kurtinaitis, Miller Place ** Cameron Pierre LaBarge, Cicero * Aron Nicole Lane, Horseheads Seanna Marguerite Laneve, Syracuse Nicholas Larrabee, Nichols Hannah Laurin, Plattsburgh ** Julia J. Lavery, Oswego *** Alysha Agnes Lawton, Baldwinsville Patrick A. Leddy, Bohemia Cooper M. Lee, Webster * Jonghun Lee, Paju-si, Republic of Korea Moriah A. Lee, Syracuse Griffin J. Lenkiewicz, Oswego Zachary Tyler Levine, Suffern Yinghui Li, New York * Genesis Licil, Bronx * Rebecca J. Lindeman, Rochester ** Daniel J. Litavsky, Henrietta ** Kwamiah Jestinee Little, New York * Yue Liu, Shanghai, China Dimitri Cheslav Lobacz, Binghamton Jeffrey G. Lombardi, Cornwall Tammy K. Ly, Syracuse Gregory Macaluso, Cicero *** Sean MacShane, Garnerville Thomas G. Macutek, Albany Mayol A. Malak, Syracuse * Rachel L. Marcus, Wappingers Falls Michael P. Marine, Hudson Falls George Albert Marshall III, Saint James Jacob Evan Martin, Bernhards Bay ** Sheryl Nicole Martin, Greenwood Lake Gabriel Michael Massaro, Webster * Alexander Timothy Masterson, Bayville Nicholas Stephen Matro, Marcellus * Benjamin L. Mayers, Brewerton Nathan T. Maynard, Brockport Keivan C. McCauley, Big Flats * Kyle David McCloskey, Hopewell Junction * Morgan Marie McDermott, Hamburg Mark James McElroy, Garnerville James Thomas McHugh, Wantagh Kamen Cutrone McIlroy, Liverpool Nicole M. McKela, Auburn Kyle T. McKenna, East Northport Kyle T. McNamara, Middletown Daniel Thomas Meehan, South Hempstead Jasmilex Mejia, Bronx Paolo Joseph Mento, Liverpool Kevin Mercado, Bronx * Nikolas Robert Merluzzi, Clay Carlton O. Merritt Jr., Laurel, MD Nicole Meza, New York Ross Patrick Miles, Hopewell Junction Mario Nicolas Milio, Tappan *** Selena Marie Millares, Tivoli Christopher F. Miller, Syracuse ** Yan Carlos Minaya, Allentown, PA Alexsis Minnick, Calcium David Minnoe, Syracuse Matthew A. Mirtuono, Hopewell Junction * Kayla Jean Moccio, Wingdale


22 Isaac C. Molzen, Clarence Emily Rose Moore, New Baltimore Jackson T. Mordaunt, Marietta * Kelsey Leigh Morgan, Vestal Richard Moriarty, Liverpool Brittany Lynn Morrill, Corfu Gabriel A. Muenzer, Tarrytown Benjamin Michael Mulson, Poestenkill Daniel A. Munoz, Oswego Devlin Radford Murphy, Oswego Meganne Murphy, Phoenix Tyler James Myers, Syracuse Meghan M. Nagle, Mastic Beach Michael Nappo, Clarence * Madeline Elizabeth Nelson, Queensbury * Richard Joseph Nichol, Rochester * Brandon Nicholson, West Seneca Courtney Lynn Nicholson, Syracuse *** Dillon Nimako, Schenectady John G. Nirelli, Canastota * Brian T. Nolan, Syracuse * Aaron William Norton, West Stockbridge, MA ** Kyle Dennis Norton, Oswego Dominic Notarnicola, Smithtown Alexandra Nicole Nuzzo, Bohemia Jessica Lee O’Connor, Lockport ** Kaitlin M. O’Connor, East Amherst Brendan P. O’Donohue, Selden Lars Erik Ohlsen, Erieville Jacklyn Okunola, Arverne Keanu Olea, Kingston Patrick O’Reilly, Greenlawn Sean Ormsby, Warwick Julio Oscar Ortiz, Syracuse Timothy John O’Sullivan, Syracuse *** Sean Paul Thomas Owen, Horseheads Anna Marie Paden, Stony Point Cer Par, Syracuse * Nicholas P. Pecorella, Spencerport Justin M. Pedolsky, Sea Cliff Kotikalage Cleira Savindini Perera, Makewita, Sri Lanka Carissa Marie Perkins, Avon Dominique S. Perry, Jamaica Timothy C. Peters, Watertown Noah Piekarski, Liverpool * Austin Pirro, Camillus Michael Thomas Pistone Jr., Coram Kaitlin Brooke Popow, Voorheesville Victory C. Porter, Washington, DC Roshan Pradhan, Syracuse Brandon Wesley Price, Bronx Zachary F. Price, Niskayuna Allyssa Pries, Rochester Ryan Quinones, Hauppauge Sami T. Rajput, Ossining Tarah-Anne Rancy, Queens Village John David Raymond, East Patchogue Samantha Reagan, Himrod * Brigid Elena Regin, Syracuse John P. Reilly, Cornwall Owen Dustin Reynolds, Rome Michael Joseph Riccardi, Staten Island Eric W. Richardson, Rochester Antonio B. Rodriguez, Brooklyn Roman Rodriguez Jose, Bronx * Jacqueline Cheslock Romeo, East Norwich Miguel Romero, Bronx Dennis Macoy Roper Jr., Catskill Nicolas Rosello Jr., Staten Island Miriella S. Rosenblum, Staten Island Maxwell Ross, Brewerton Briana Ashlyn Roy, Lake Placid Justin Ian Rubin, Plainview Joseph D. Ruffalo, Newark * Joshua Michael Sabey, East Syracuse Wesley Sakran, Syracuse Christian Ross Salama, Monroe Colton Sandford, Jordan Tulio Santos, Bronx Victoria Rose Sapp, Marion Nathan A. Sawicki, Hamburg Trevor Schaller, Blauvelt *** Josephine A. Scherer, Manchester * Bradley D. Schilling, Liverpool Emily Christine Schiro, Oswego Alexander William Schmidt, Ilion ** Derek L. Schnorr, Victor * Jennifer F. Schottmiller, Henrietta Zachariah Paul Schuck, Carthage Tyler Schwacke, Bloomingburg Daniel S. Schwartz, Plainview Pharaoh A. Scott, New York * Mark A. Sculley, Baldwinsville *** Amanda C. Seiler, North Tonawanda ** Rachel A. Serianni, Lockport Matthew Eric Seybold, Johnson City * Teresa Shattuck, Syracuse * Michael Jeremiah Sheehan, Hyde Park Shelby Elizebeth Sherwood, Syracuse Sabrina A. Shortall, Burlingham Zackary Sikarevich, Staten Island * Jason Michael Siracuse, Rochester Sarah Rebecca Slater, Brooklyn * Jacob Michael Smallman, Liverpool Bradley W. Smith, Himrod Daniel W. Smith, Adams Deondra M. Smith, Oswego Kirk Maxwell Smith, Southold Luke W. Snyder, Winchester Center, CT Kyaw Soe, Syracuse * Diana Esther Soler Frias, New York Daniel L. Soto, Mastic Luke Patrick Stapleton, Syracuse Kortney Steele, Lacona ** Jeffrey M. Steinhoff, Cortland * Bryan Joseph Stewart, Elmira Brandon Sumner, Stony Point *** Matthew James Sundberg, Beaver Falls Brian Christopher Tack, Baldwinsville Joseph R. Taglienti, Highland Nicole Cecilia Taylor, Phoenix Wilberson Theodore, Troy Aaron Arthur Thomas, Bronx ** Janeah C. Thomas, Elmira Kiera Marie Thompson, Babylon William Albert Thresh II, Chittenango * Miranda Lynn Tice, Oswego * Kevin Edison Tirpak, Louisburg, NC * Joelle Tomasello, East Aurora Johnna Marie Tombolillo, Oswego *** Nicholas A. Toutant, Watertown * Joshua B. Townsend, Cicero ** Ashley Marie Trevor, Ilion James Trombacco III, Brewster Shanelle S. Trombley, Chaumont * Carl G. Trossen, Saugerties * Sabrina A. Trovato, Massapequa * Christine Tucker, Bronx Alexandra Marie Turoski, East Greenbush * Heidi Esther Upah, Syracuse Aiden VanLoan, Fort Plain * Christopher Morgan Varian, Mahopac Ellery Vasquez Jr., Garden City Zaina Alexandra Vasquez, New York Gabriela Y. Velez, Albany Kevin Vella, Hartsdale Katherine Grace Vicat, Baldwinsville Eric B. Victor, Chester Eric R. Vishneowski, Liverpool * Trevor Johann Vold, Winsted, CT Bradley Vrooman, Oneida Calvin Thien Hoang Vu, Murrieta, CA * Benjamin H. Wakefield, Lowville * Danielle M. Walker, Baldwinsville Bret W. Weiss, Brewster Cody John Weiss, Riverhead Michelle Ann Wesolowski, Buffalo Elizabeth Westcott, Oswego * Raymond J. Wheeler, Sauquoit Christopher J. Whitton Jr., Hopewell Junction * Kayla Ann Wild, Syracuse Jarrod F. Wilkom, Smithtown * Justin Paul Willson, Buffalo Rachael Brianna Windhausen, Liverpool ** Mary Beth Windheim, Wappingers Falls Bryan Patrick Woodburn, West Islip Jennifer Lynn Wright, Parish Bradley James Wroblewski, Lockport Collin Wyant, Jasper * Lucas Yankloski, Ontario * Christopher A. Yannuzzi, Massapequa Matthew Zakala, Rome * Ruxin Zheng, Brooklyn Nicholas M. Zingaro, Liverpool * John Steven Zopf, Liverpool Robert Joseph Zywicki, Liverpool


23 School of Communication, Media and the ArtsThe School of Communication, Media and the Arts brings together programs related to the study and creation of messages through art and music, electronically and via the spoken word. The school combines the strengths of fine and performing arts programs in art, music and theatre with the highly diverse department of communication studies. Nine undergraduate degree options and three master’s degrees are offered in addition to interdisciplinary majors and minors. Graduates in this division are identified by tri-colored cords representing brown for art and theatre, crimson for communication studies, and pink for music.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2018, May 2019 and August 2019. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80–4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60–3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30–3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Posthumously awarded degree. The college community is saddened by Justin’s recent death. ** Tahirah S. Abdo, New York *** Louis Joseph Algiere, Johnson Jacob B. Alverson, Leicester Frank B. Joesph Amoruso, Island Park ** Elizabeth Irene Anderson, Johnstown * Emily H. Apicello, Riverhead * Jamie Abigail Aranoff, Glen Head Jonathan Arcese, Oakland Gardens Neomie Arevalo, Floral Park Isabella Arikian, Neponsit Joseph Nicholas Arrigo, Syracuse Evan J. Bailey, Liverpool Jackson Baker, High Falls Ramsey Lee Baker, Ronkonkoma Brittney Isaline Banks, Bay Shore Bradley M. Bargelski, Liverpool Paul S. Barney, Syracuse * Nathaniel Donald Bates, Windsor Kayleigh Ann Bell, Brewerton * Zachary G. Bell, Rochester * Danielle M. Benincasa, Barneveld * Asha Netanya Ayana Bey, Bronx *** Kristen B. Beyer, Lowville Kacee Asia Biggs, New York * Valerie Elizabeth Blaha, New Paltz Noah E.D. Blake, Montclair, NJ * Joshua M. Boehme, Rochester Kelvin Lomont Bowman, Warwick ** Timothy Robert Brenner, Stony Point *** Taylor Beau Briceno, Calverton Shannon L. Brookes, North Chili ** Sarah Brown, Oswego Kayla C. Brun, New York Shakira Janay Bryant, New York Brendon M. Budd, Norwich Matthew R. Bullard, Baldwinsville Kristopher Ryan Burgmeier, Sandy Creek * Ryan Thomas Butkowski, Tonawanda *** Abigail S. Buttacavoli, Niskayuna Amada Penelope Caba, New York Curtis Logan Cady, Oswego Brendell Caines, Bronx * Kimberly Nicole Campbell, Scipio Center Margaret R. Carey, Stony Point Quinn Alexander Carey, Grand Island * Mackenzie Lee Carhart, Baldwinsville * Sabrina Carlo, Deer Park Justin C. Carmona, Bronx * Bryan C. Carroll, Syracuse Madelyn Marie Cerminara, Saranac Lake Lawrence F. Chiappone, Syracuse Morgan Ciccarino, Vestal Madison Mary Cline, Binghamton Cassidie Ann Codispoti, Endwell Bryce Nathan Cohen, West Hempstead Scott T. Cole Jr., Cicero Sara Collier, Cazenovia Stephanie Marie Conley, Oswego Thomas Arthur Connolly, Wynantskill Brandon Steven Cortes, Miami, FL * Olivia Katherine Cosgrove, Goshen Nicholas A. Craner, Syracuse ** Devin Christopher Croad, Vernon Glassford Crossfield, Laurelton Sabrina M. Cruz, Bronx Victoria Marie Cupoli, Cicero * Alina Erin Daly, Cataula, GA Shaina L. Daniels, Long Island City Bianca M. Davis, Bronx Sabrina DeJesus, New Rochelle Anthony David Del Piano, Smithtown Haofeng Deng, Brooklyn Zachary Anthony Denton, White Plains *** Nicholas Robert Derbabian, Croton on Hudson *** Veronica Devries, Fairport Natalie Discenza, Syracuse Madison Marie Doner, Oakdale * Rebecca Donnelly, Breezy Point * Samantha Donnelly, Breezy Point Jonathan Michael Dunn, Baldwinsville Ariana Elizabeth Dzibela, Carmel Ryan D. Edinger, Liverpool Jacob L. English, New Woodstock Caitlyn M. Ennis, Pennellville Isabella A. Falcigno, New York ** Julie Elizabeth Farquhar, Glenfield Cynthia Fernandez, Newburgh ** Emily Elizabeth Fisher, Sparta, NJ * Samantha Lynn Flavell, Westerlo Zachary Cozey Florio, Bronxville Christina Victoria Formica, New Hyde Park * Sean Patrick Foster, Manorville Alexander G. Fox, Marcellus MacKenzie C. Fox, Voorheesville Hannah Elizabeth Kohsman Francisco, Camden ** Nicole Ashley Frisbie, Saugerties Minori Furuya, Kanagawa, Japan *** Rachel Lauren Futterman, Vestal Makenna N. Gagnier, Geneseo * Samuel R. Gannon, Valhalla Zachary D. Garner, Ballston Spa Angelo Nicholas Gentile, Selden Stephanie M. Gentz, Ontario Marina Celeste Giambrone, Fairport


24 Wyatt Austin Gilbert, Holland ** Brad Mathew Gorham, Fulton Daniella N. Granata, Yonkers * Kimberly Grunden, Fayetteville Taek Min Gweon, Seoul, Republic of Korea Courtney Marie Hall, Lyons Samantha Lynn Hallenbeck, Rome Ian T. Hamilton, Brewerton *** Rachel N. Harden, Hopewell Junction Mic-Anthony Hay, Brooklyn * Frank Heagle, Mohegan Lake * Olivia Paige Heller, Cornwall Stephanie Marie Helzer, Auburn ** Derek W. Hempstead, Altamont Sarah G. Henry, Orangeburg Malaysia Maryah-De’Shara Hill, Newburgh * Tyler M. Hoag, Queensbury Raven Skye Hobson, Oswego Alyshia Hull, Pulaski MacKenzie Jean Hungerford, Spencerport Kevin Hylas, Stony Point *** Emma Elizabeth Jarvis, Auburn Marquel Tyre Jeffries, Buffalo * Zachary J. Jocz, Clay *** Kara Margaret Johnson, Marcellus * Ju Hui Kang, Oswego * Sean M. Kantor, Bellport Leo T. Karr, Almond William H. Kearney, New City Shannon Louise Kelly, Poughkeepsie Riley Ann Kenney, Binghamton Alexis E. King, Brewerton ** Jessica Marie Kisluk, Alden Destiny N. Knight, Rockaway Park Kelsey Lynn Kotas, Camillus Nicholas Vincenzo Krasoski, Cicero *** Justin John Kraus, Holtsville ** Daniel Christopher Kuter, Rochester Ashley Marie LaForce, Madison Tara Danielle Lagoe, Oswego Shelby Katherine LaGray-Masters, Utica Sarah Lynn Larson, Eastchester Long Yin Lau, Liverpool Margaret M. Lechner, Rochester * Celine Joie Lee, Cortlandt Manor Melissa E. Lee, Bronx Ryan T. Lee, New Haven Tess LeAnne Legler, Vernon Brooke Lee Lehr, Buffalo Joshua John Levenson, East Meadow * Emmy Liang, Flushing Nicole Lightfoot, Bernhards Bay * Dominick J. Lioto, North Syracuse * Shamus Jeffery Lobene, Kendall Dominique N. Lockwood, Oswego * Julianne Marie Loney, Wantagh Kamille Loney, Brooklyn Destiny Y. Lopez, Woodside Aidan James Ludington, Monroe * Brandon Jacob Macey, Troy Michelle Magargal, Cincinnati, OH Ivana Maldonado, Brooklyn Maxwell William Marshall, Binghamton Vernely Marshall, Bronx William Harold Mason, Rochester Kayla Matthews, Rochester * Arden Q. McBride, East Syracuse Samuel Blue Mcclosky, Glenville Aidan Patrick McHale, Brewster Sage McLaughlin, Washington, DC Rasheda A. McLean, Bronx Conor Michael McMillin, Massapequa Park * Alexandra McWhirter, Aquebogue Erich J. Meile, Liverpool Joshua Robert Mendez, Wyandanch Jessica S. Metz, Brewerton *** Julianna Mitchell, Phoenix * Travis Edward Miller, Ballston Spa Monica M. Millick, Homer Vanessa Lucas Miranda, Monticello * Alessandra Briana Mohr, Port Washington Sara Monroe, East Northport Chelsey L. Moore, Boonville Timothy Michael Moore, Auburn Haley J. Moran, Syracuse ** Kelly Elisabeth Morency, Webster Teresa Morris, Summit Josephine Morron, Elmhurst Danielle Lucia Mosca, Fishkill * Ceseley Caruso Mulligan, Montgomery Erin Hope Niland, Old Chatham Rebecca J. North, Oswego *** Keri E. O’Brien, Smithtown Marissa Jean Ohl, Painted Post * Vincent A. Oles, Croton on Hudson Carol M. O’Malley, Oswego Brianna N. O’Neil, Baldwinsville Maria-Ray Ossino, Wappingers Falls Jade Hope Wilbur, Spencer * Erin Kathryn O’Toole, Hilton *** Jessica Katherine Ouderkirk, Stony Brook * Kendall Padovani, Sloatsburg Robert Palatsky, Schenectady Youngmin Park, Oswego * Cole David Parzych, North Syracuse Micah C. Pasinski, Fayetteville Dalton James Patterson, Brooklyn *** Kassadee Cayla Paulo, Stillwater * Sara Morgan Pellegrino, East Meadow Jonathan T. Pelletier, Richford Samuel Pelliccia, Melville Catalina Elena Penailillo, Dix Hills Anthony F. Pensero, Syracuse Dante L. Perez, Bronx * Maria Christine Pericozzi, Lancaster Devon Perri, Grand Island * Theresa Felice Kala Personna, Nanuet Eugene Merrill Roderick Petrie Jr., North Syracuse Jake A. Piacenti, East Islip Hannah Kathryn Pickering, Amsterdam Cindy Pietrakowski, Maspeth Lisa Ann Pollina, Commack *** Seth Benjamin Prevratil, Albany Skye Chancel Prosper, North Babylon Boni Iris Quatroche, Dunkirk Margaret Jane Queen, Eagle Bay * Stephanie Elizabeth Radomski, Lewiston Conor D. Reilly, Merrick Michael Timothy Reilly, Binghamton Isaiah Resto, New York * Katie D. Reynolds, Pawling * Tyler William Rhinehardt, West Monroe Evan Michael Ribaudo, Northborough, MA Hope Riga, West Seneca Dominic Mauro Rizzi, Wappingers Falls Daniel Robertson, Kings Park Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Cohocton Ryan Rodriguez, Brooklyn Benjamin Joseph Roeland, Newark Samantha Tyler Rogers, Nanuet Seth W. Rogers Miller, Fulton Ethan Thomas Romano, Syracuse Sarah Elizabeth Rousell, Webster Morgan L. Rowe, Cicero * Charid Ivette Ruiz Irigoyen, Bronx *** Kevin Andrew Russell, Liverpool Kris Russo, Sag Harbor * Lydia Russo, Blue Point Rocco Aniello Russo, Lake View Jessica Margaret Ryan, Liverpool Kerry Claire Ryan, Sound Beach * Ashley Lauren Sacco, Syracuse * Alex J. Salvarezza, Holbrook


25 * Samuel A. Sandler, Airmont Joseph C. Santarelli-Hansen, Clay Ian David Saunders, Fulton Peter J. Sawicki, Endicott Nathan J. Scalisi, Manlius Cameron P. Schultz, Schoharie Asia Nicole Schuster, Astoria Stefanie R. Sciolaro, Newburgh Luke J. Scoville, Binghamton Julianna Maria Scro, Liverpool Owen Seery, Greenlawn * Eugene James Segrue, Binghamton Andrew Thomas Selanikio, West Sayville ** Alexander Michael Seubert, Oswego Troy Michael Seymour, Morrisonville Vikram George Shah, South Salem Abigayle Kateland Shaw, Syracuse Adrienne M. Shelton, Niagara Falls Charles Allen Shipley, Thurmont, MD Deshauntae Armani Simmonds, Bronx Ezekiel J. Sliwka, Auburn * Jacob J. Small, Saint Albans Brianna Smith, Auburn Kelly Smith, Hampton Bays Kiara Shea Smith, Gouverneur Ryan Benson Smith, Oswego Samantha L. Smolak, Auburn Stephen T. Snider Jr., Watertown Jason Sobierajski, Lindenhurst Hannah Louise Sojka, Alden * Tanisha M. Solomon, Bronx * Briana Lynn Springsteen, Binghamton Elizabeth K. Stanistreet, Camillus Tyler Joseph Stellmack, Liverpool ** Savannah Lauren Strait, Amherst ** Alayna Christine Swartz, Gowanda * Alyssa M. Szyszkowski, Rochester Kaitlin Tagliaferri, Binghamton Austin Michael Tanner, Cape Coral, FL Adam Daniel Taxier, Port Washington Michaela H. Taylor, Pittsford Ciara Rae Tobin, Clifton Park * Frederick Torres, Bellerose Victoria Elizabeth Trivison, Liverpool Kayla M. Tucek, New City Anthony Michael Twomley, Staten Island * Stephanie N. Ulakovic, Hamlin Jacob Richard Vanderbroek, Canandaigua * Kaitlyn VanRiper, East Syracuse * Rebecca Marie Velez, Newburgh * Logan Claire Verburg, Wolcott Joseph Thomas Viola, Oakland Gardens Carly R. Violante, Sauquoit Brigette Ann Wagner, Massapequa * Christopher Severin Wallace, Coxsackie Brittney Watts, Rochester Gregory J. West, Huntington Mark A. Westbrook Jr., Syracuse *** Jessica Mae Wickham, Syracuse * Leah Wolf, West Monroe Taylor L. Woods, Pine Bush * Christopher John Yackel, Floral Park *** Liberty Rococo Yalch, Richland ** Estefania M. Yanza-Villa, Patchogue Cody R. Young, Baldwinsville Ryan Zalduondo, Pearl River * Santa-Li Naomi Zambrano, Rochelle Park, NJ *** Katherine Luisette Zenteno, Ellenville Evan M. Zimmer, Liverpool * Amanda P. Zumpano, Farmington The College Mace


26 Alexia Catherine Abelgore, Fulton Isaac Adu-Agyei, New York ** Nicholas Albert Aemmer, Liverpool Zeina Maria Akl, Jamesville *** Anna Altawal, Wampsville Anthony James Arcaro, Liverpool Camila Arredondo, New Rochelle * Jessica Lyn Attaway, Liverpool ** Pearlene Gail Augustin, Laurelton * Shanique Shamara Bailey, Rosedale Brandon R. Baker, Warwick * Samuel J. Baker, Canandaigua Kaylee Marie Baldwin, Oswego * Colin M. Barry, White Plains * Alysha Consuelo Dolores Bates, Rushville ** Olivia R. Bauer, Lacona * Kyle James Bautista, Poughkeepsie Alison Berger, Plainview Joseph A. Bertonneau, Oswego * Amanda Leigh Betz, Greenlawn ** Alyssa Moroz Bleau, Fulton Madison L. Bohlman, Rocky Point Ryan X. Brown, Marcy Tiffany Jane Brown, Pittsford Yalonda Buie, Syracuse Audrey M. Burbidge, Cazenovia Mattison Burdick, Fulton Katrina Marie Burghdurf, Red Creek * Jill Elizabeth Burns, Johnson City Brennan Liberte Butler, Lake Placid Leslye Caba, Brooklyn Justin Canale, Oswego Kristen Marie Cappiello, Northport Rocco Anthony Caprioli III, Hauppauge Ariana Rose Carbone, West Islip Nicholas Carbone, Brooklyn Emma Jean Carey, Clifton Springs Sean Carney, Endicott ** Jacob D. Cauwels, Newark Jennifer Lee Cesarski, Oceanside Cassidy L. Chainyk, Albany * Hong Chen, Staten Island Jeffrey Cifelli, East Islip * Ashley Claris, Bronx *** Stephanie M. Cook, Colonie Samuel A. Cope, Clifton Park *** Natalie Mary Cordaro, Baldwinsville ** Stephanie Danielle Cosme, Smithtown Haley M. Cox, Marcellus Shanelle A. Cox, Brooklyn Cameron Y. Curry, Rochester Austin C. Dalli, Saint James ** Maryella Davenport, Cobleskill ** Joseph V. Davis, Philadelphia Nicole E. de Beaumont, Saugerties Matthew Daniel DeBlasio, Valley Cottage ** Amelia K. DeJarnette, Valatie Michael Vincent Dellicarri, Congers Arianna Barbara Delos, Scotia Adam W. Dergosits, Schenectady * Elizabeth Ann DeRubertis, Rensselaer Elizabeth M. DeSantis, Fulton Jude Michael Desilvio, Syracuse * Nicole M. Desmond, Smithtown * Elizabeth Mary Dietschler, Lyons Courtney Dineen, Rochester * Samantha L. Dolan, West Granby, CT * Michael Evan Doscher, Bohemia * Rwanda Mhyasia Douglas, Rochester Rosa Duran Nunez, Brooklyn ** Ethan Durocher, Sterling ** Brooke M. Ebersold, Verona Onyinyechi Echefu, Stony Point Charles Benjamin Edic, Baldwinsville ** Emily Joan Emmons, Chittenango Bruce Charles Entelisano II, Rome * Emil J. Erlandson, West Valley Taylor M. Evans, East Elmhurst Kaylee Lynn Fallat, Auburn Jade R. Farrell, Monroe ** Laura E. Finn, Marcellus Danielle Marie Forbidussi, Binghamton * Alaura May Francis, Baldwinsville Darlene Malaysia Franklin, Carmel *** Kasey Summer Fuller, Calcium * Gabriella Marie Galeazzi, Bohemia ** Meghan A. Galuppi, Liverpool ** Anais Jeanne Catherine Galvez, Pasadena, CA Michael J. Gambro, Cortlandt Manor ** Lauren Gargano, Middle Island Olivia L. Gasbarra, Rochester ** Amanda K. George, East Rochester Benjamin James Goerner, Utica Andy Jesus Gomez, Bronx Casey Shannon Gray, Auburn Jaquana T. Green, Brooklyn Adrianna Guidetti, Albany Helen Marie Haas, Springfield, TN * Christopher Michael Hallock, Tappan Audrey Ann Hand, Marion Tara Ashley Hansen, Nanuet School of EducationInnovation in authentic learning has been a hallmark of SUNY Oswego since its founding in 1861. This creative spirit still thrives in the School of Education, where innovative methods grounded in research and early experiences in the field help students become teachers, counselors, school leaders, and wellness and technical professionals ready to meet the challenges of today’s global and diverse educational institutions and communities. The school is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2018, May 2019 and August 2019. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80–4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60–3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30–3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel.


27 Nicholas Henry Haramis, Lynbrook Joshua Hatfield, Middletown * Edward T. Heinrichs, Middle Island *** Allison Melissa Hemmer, Livingston Manor Corinne Hendricks, Lindenhurst * Steven Daniel Herbs, Rexford Jahnae T. Holmes, Rochester Elisha Holton-Chandler, Hancock ** Natalie Alyssa Horton, Ballston Lake Jason Hui, Brooklyn ** Matthew Joseph Hunter, Liverpool Matthew Haynes Hunter, East Syracuse * Lisa Iaccarino, Monroe Victoria M. Idowu, Brooklyn * Just Impolyt, Norwich James Joseph Irving, Bohemia * Abigail Jackson, Malta Joshua T. Janiszewski, East Rochester Rubens A. Janvier, Brooklyn Maya Jeannine Jean, Rockaway Beach * Wilmer O. Jimenez, Fulton Dillon Bruce Johnson, New Paltz * Emily Christine Johnson, West Sayville Alexandra M. Joslyn, Hector Adriana M. Kells, Victor Olivia R. King, Cicero ** Katherine Ellen Knopp, Oswego Zoe Aries Koff, Katonah Alexandria Raye Korzeniowski, Syracuse Brennan William Krall, Dundee ** Lindsey N. Kregel, Watertown * Chanel Lauren Smith, Mexico * Courtney Lamb, Oswego * Toni M. Laneve, Syracuse Gerard Richard Lasponara, Rochester Nicholas V. LeClair, Liverpool ** Rachel Nicole Lee, North Haledon, NJ *** Chloe Marie Lonergan, Cicero ** Gustavo Anthony Lopez, Eastchester Sarah Kathleen Loudon, Evans Mills * Emily Rose Lynch, Camillus * Jocelyn Lyon, Wilson Patrick Ma, Staten Island Mohamed P. Magassouba, Brooklyn ** Kevin Gerard Mahon, Oswego Michael J. Mangia, Smithtown Corey W. Marshall, Webster Elizabeth Martorano, Pleasant Valley Caroline E. May, Baldwinsville * Sarah Lynn Mc Cullough, Montgomery * Brian J. McCabe, Port Washington Joseph G. McGee, Valley Stream Maxwell D. McGowan, Camden Nicole Rose McKenna, Fishkill * Erin E. McLoughlin, Goshen Sean Patrick McNutt II, Amherst ** Sara Rosemary Meal, Lockport * Mary Katherine Medico, Fulton * Gabriella Hope Mei, Wappingers Falls Vanessa Mirch, Greene * Jennifer Leroux Moore, Syracuse Khadija J. Muhammad, Rochester *** Tyler John Munn, Whitesboro * Mabel Munoz, Jackson Heights * Jillian Nickel, Bohemia ** Alexis Joel Nieves, Corona *** Makenna Marie Nolan, Rochester Jessica Marie Norris, Lyons Brian Martin Nugent, Sloatsburg * Maggie M. O’Brien, Albany * Timothy L. Olmsted, Spencerport * Diana N. Orsini, West Babylon Amy Paulino, Bay Shore *** Michael Jerome Petrie, Clinton Peter Kyle Phillips II, Huntington Alyssa T. Polan, Holbrook Andrew James Popp, Cortland Megan K. Powell, Kirkville * Matthew Field Quenneville, Brewerton * Alyssa Maria Quigley, Syracuse Griffin William Randazzo, Coconut Creek, FL ** Joseph Reale, Syracuse * Vincynthia K. Reeder, De Witt Samantha Danielle Rezende, Smithtown Katherine Sonia Robinson, Oswego Isabel Nicole Rodriguez, Massapequa Park * Jordan P. Rodwell, Rochester Vanessa Rojas, Yonkers Serena Ruggiero, Selden *** Kalem Marquis Rutledge, Rochester Collin Christopher Sangster, Syracuse ** Nicole Schroeder, Mastic David Seecharan, Bronx * Abigail Marie Shafer, Elbridge Jessica M. Shafer, Malone ** Abigail Shaw, Elmira Joseph Timothy Sheppard, Auburn Diane Elizabeth Sigler, Wantagh Yin Yin Sim-Fellows, Oswego Gregory M. Simon, Hawthorne Gage William Slachciak, Rome Allison M. Smith, Syracuse Jacob W. Smith, Canastota * Rachel E. Smith, Hancock Jamir Ferebee, Staten Island Emily M. L. Sprague, Lorraine ** Celleste G. Stafford, Auburn Andrew M. Stevens, Hannawa Falls Nigeria C. Stewart, Brooklyn Robert Sweeney, Syracuse Emily Corinne Taxin, Bayside ** Alison Nicole Teneyck, Hopewell Junction Maria Tesorio, Chittenango Isaiah Reginald Pierre Thomas, Brooklyn Milena Mayarie Toribio, New York * Andrew S. Tully, Monroe Melannie Ulloa, Bay Shore Britney A. Underwood, Hempstead Justina Ushang Utionkpan, Springfield Gardens ** Erika Marie Wallace, Fulton Colleen Elizabeth Waters, Poestenkill *** Abby A. West, Marathon ** Sarah Danielle Whatley, Syracuse Zachary James Whelan, Cortland * Carly Anne Williams, Fulton Christian Hanlon Wilson, Liverpool * Erin E. Wilson, Centereach Stuart Robert Winn II, Camillus * Laceyanne Woite, Buffalo Sophia Mary Woltman, Fort Edward * Lauren Marie Woods, Deer Park * Ariana L. Wright, Queens Village Tristan Francis Wunsch, New City Mary Alannah Young, Pulaski ** Qiaoting Zhen, Brooklyn * Christine M. Zogaib, Hamburg


28 Division of Extended LearningThe Division of Extended Learning is committed to providing access to highquality education to people of all ages and stages of life and career. The division works with academic departments to create, deliver and support innovative and responsive credit and non-credit programming to diverse audiences in order to open gateways to new careers, enhance skills or pursue lifelong learning, spanning multiple modalities and locations. Non-traditional and part-time students earning baccalaureate completion degrees online, in the evening, and in blended programs at our Syracuse campus receive the same high quality education as on-campus students while maintaining the ability to balance their personal and professional commitments. Degrees include broadcasting and mass communication, business administration, human development, and public justice.Candidates for Baccalaureate DegreeSubject to completion of all degree require ments, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees in December 2018, May 2019 and August 2019. In an effort to honor graduating seniors individually, SUNY Oswego selects faculty members to read each graduate’s name as they receive congratulations from their dean and the president. *** Summa Cum Laude (3.80–4.00) identified by gold cap and gown. ** Magna Cum Laude (3.60–3.79) identified by gold honor stole. * Cum Laude (3.30–3.59) identified by gold honor rope. College Honors Program identified by silver tassel. Gary M. Agnew, Syracuse Diana Asprovski, Liverpool Timothy E. Bahantka, Rochester Jan Carlos Bernard Santos, Brooklyn Claire Catherine Bills, Ballston Spa Leanne Christine Birch, Nedrow Brendon Michael Candella, Marcy Katie Lynne Carleton, Coeymans Sheila Marie Carvey, Fulton John Joseph Cazzola II, Liverpool Cassandra Rae Cherebin, Baldwinsville Ryan Lee Cochrane, Baldwinsville Gregory N. Collins, Syracuse A’Dayja Brionna Cotton, Rochester Natalia Yohandaly De Los Santos, Bronx Marissa Anne DeLand, Camillus Meagan E. Dennison, Central Square Christopher M. Derda, Minoa Joshua P. Devendorf, Syracuse *** Kristina M. Dullen, Liverpool John Charles Fedele, Syracuse Daniel T. Gabriel, Syracuse David Robert Gardner, Syracuse Talia Marie Gennarelli, Binghamton Andrew Mark Holl, Syracuse Catherine G. Holt, New York Mills Nathaniel Lachlan Hughes, Auburn Leah Monique Johnson, Liverpool Stephanie An Joseph, Oswego Rebecca Lisseth Keeler, Marcellus Meredith Lynne Lapka, Plainview Timothy P. Lyon, Little Falls * Jeffrey A. Mahar, Camillus Katie Susan McIntyre, Syracuse Amanda L. Miller, Martville ** Selena A. Miller, Mexico Juanita Ann Mullen, Geneva *** Johnathan Nucci, Rochester * Amy Pavlides, Clay Michael Prince, Liverpool Jessica Radesco-Verdi, Medford Melissa Jenelle Reed, Syracuse Leah Anne Reigle, Binghamton Brian Rhatigan, Delmar Gretchen Ariel Rhinehart, Geneva *** Joely Sandra Rice, De Ruyter Kayla Elizabeth Richmond, Syracuse Ashley E. Sandbrook, Baldwinsville ** Jessica C. Rockwell, Central Square * Keanna L. Rose, East Syracuse Gabriel John Rys, Brewerton Kalee M. Schreiber, Bloomfield * Brittany Nicole Shoults, Oswego Samantha M. Simonetti, Webster Scott B. Sochia, Central Square Bertina A. St John, Syracuse Michele R. Stevenson, Binghamton Matthew P. Stone, Mount Sinai * Veronica J. Stroh, Cazenovia Patrick L. Twiss, Mexico Edward Robert Tyler, Central Square *** Nicholas Ryan Vance, Baldwinsville Rebecca A. Wolford, Fulton * Kaitlyn Marie Yager, Liverpool


29 MASTER OF ARTSRaynier E. Breton, BA SUNY Oswego Gaetano Bruscino, BA SUNY Farmingdale Jacob Richard Byron, BS SUNY Cortland Zhushun Cai, BA University of Kansas Michael Joseph Carroll, BA SUNY Oswego Sage Owen Chase, BA SUNY Oswego Amanda Rose Ebrahim, BA SUNY Oswego Sevgi Evren Familo, BS Yildiz Technical University Brandan Matthew Galloway, BA SUNY Oswego Rachel S. Hernon, BA SUNY Oswego Rachelle Grace Hills, BA Charles Sturt University Yarbrielle Ingram, BFA SUNY Oswego Donavon O’Brian King, BFA SUNY Oswego Asli Kinsizer, MA Dokuz Eylul University Noelle Courtney Law LeRoy, BS SUNY Oswego Michael McKinley Mariuz, BA SUNY Oswego Colleen M. McClure, BA SUNY Oswego Lillian M. Meaney, BA SUNY Geneseo Oliver Ranjula Medonza, BA SUNY Oswego Hannah Kate O’Brien, BS SUNY Oswego Tara L. O’Grady, BA SUNY Oswego Ethan Leroy Osborne, BA Nazareth College Barbara Joyce Parsons, BS SUNY Oneonta Sarah Grace Pasquarelli, BA SUNY Oswego Kathleen M. Percival, BA SUNY Oswego Sylvia Pericles, BS SUNY Oswego Heng-Hao Pu, MS National Chiao Tung University Kristen Ann Ray, BS SUNY Oswego Anne Elizabeth Reynolds, BA SUNY Oswego Chantel A. Richardson, BA SUNY Oswego Lauren Ashley Sageer, BM Berklee College of Music Khairunisa Hasnein Sharif,BA SUNY Oswego Nicholas Louis Siciliano, BS SUNY Oswego Rebecca Ann Szabo, BA SUNY Oswego Chih Yao Tsai, BA Fo Guang University John Carlo Pineda Verceles, BA SUNY Oswego Melissa E. Wilson, BA SUNY Oswego Hanye Zhang, BA Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityMASTER OF ARTS IN TEACHINGMikhael Jacob Benson, BA SUNY University at Albany Jane Conaway, BFA SUNY Oswego Alexis Mae Froio, BA SUNY Oswego Daniel E. Gaylord, BA Bloomsburg University Susan Katherine Marcus, BA SUNY Cortland Stephanie M. Zdimal, BA Keystone CollegeMASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONMichael James Abrams, BS SUNY Oswego William Robert Allen, BS SUNY Oswego Anthony Richard Angora, BS SUNY Oswego Michael Ryan Austin, BS SUNY Binghamton University Vahe Balayan, MD Yerevan State Medical University of M. Heratsi Brittaney A. Barr, BS SUNY Potsdam Casey K. Battles, BS SUNY Oswego Christopher Mosseau Beaulieu, BS SUNY Oswego Anna Beggel, BS SUNY Oswego Danielle Alyssa Benigno, BS SUNY Oswego Matthew Arne Bergstol, BS SUNY Oswego Andrew Christopher Blackburn, BS SUNY Polytechnic Institute Kathryn L. Blackman, BS SUNY Binghamton University Whitney Beth Bonnie, BA SUNY Oswego Caitlin Elizabeth-Rae Bradley, MS University of Buffalo Kelsey Elizabeth Brockner, BS SUNY Oswego Jeffrey Donner Brown, JD Syracuse University Jason William Brown, BS SUNY Oswego Giuseppe William Carberg, BS SUNY Oswego Douglas Ezequiel Castro, BS SUNY Oswego Joshua M. Catrine, BS SUNY Oswego Jack E. Choinski, BS SUNY Oswego Marco R. Christiano, BS SUNY Oswego John W. Clack Jr., BS Rochester Institute of Technology Kevin James Clifford, BS SUNY Oswego Christie Nicole Cockayne, BA SUNY Oswego Cody M. Conway, BS SUNY Oswego Lydia J. Cosgrove, BS SUNY Oswego Steven James Cox, BS SUNY OswegoD ivision of Graduate StudiesThe Division of Graduate Studies hosts more than three dozen graduate programs across all four colleges and schools. Graduate students are able to access these program at our Oswego and Syracuse campuses, online and at certain work sites in the region. We provide an environment that produces the next generation of leaders who are interested in a global mindset, ethical communication and an appreciation for diversity and inclusion. Candidates for Master’s Degree and Certicate of Advanced StudySubject to completion of all degree requirements, degrees will be conferred upon those individuals listed herein who have met the requirements of their respective degrees. Graduate degree recipients are hooded by the provost and college or school dean, and receive congratulations from the dean of graduate studies and the president.


30 Jeremy Lee Dalton, MS SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry Michael Jon D’Auria, BS SUNY Oswego Paul Delluomo, BS SUNY Oswego Daniel E. Deming, BA SUNY Binghamton University Darcy J. DiBiase, BA SUNY Oswego Joseph Fausto DiLuca, BS SUNY Oswego Ethan J. Doe, BS SUNY Oswego Matthew Aaron Doell, BA St. John Fisher College Jessica A. Dorans, BS SUNY Oswego Samantha H. Downs, BS SUNY Geneseo Michael John Drummond, BS SUNY Oswego Pooja Fandan, BBA Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak Daniel Joseph Finnin, BA University of Colorado Mackenzie E. Galloway, BA Le Moyne College David Gao, PharmD St. John’s University Gage C. Geminn, BS SUNY Oswego Joseph Patrick Liberato Giannantonio, BS SUNY Oswego Stephen Giannotta, BS SUNY Oswego Lauren Ginocchetti, BS Le Moyne College Brian Stafford Gittens, BS SUNY Oswego Harrison Goebel, BS SUNY Oswego Adam Julius Guardado, BS SUNY Oswego Megan Joy Hatton, BS SUNY Oswego Crystal Hewitt-Gill, BA SUNY University at Albany Amanda Leigh Horowitz, BA University Delaware Justin A. Huber, BS SUNY Buffalo State College Christopher L. Jadotte, MSW NYU Silver School of Social Work Joshua Troy Jasewicz, BS SUNY Oswego Jeremy Joslin, MD, BS Michigan State University Stuart Jeffry Kapps, BS SUNY Oswego James Alex Kazlausky, BS University of New Haven Thomas Francis Xavier Keegan, BS SUNY Oswego Nicholas A. Kersey, BS SUNY Oswego Brian Edward Killeen, BA Arcadia College Alysha Agnes Lawton, BS SUNY Oswego Jessica Kathryn Lebduska, DPT Ithaca College Juan C. Leon, BS SUNY Farmingdale Henrique Lopes Ramos, BA Julio De Mesquita Filho Paulista State University Aleksandr Lukatskiy, BA CUNY Hunter College Nari Lee-Manuel, BS Cornell University Arnold Matatov, BS SUNY Oneonta Amir Matta, MD Alexandria University Robert C. Mattern, BS SUNY Geneseo Morgan Marie McDermott, BS SUNY Oswego Shannon Elizabeth McGahan, BBA Stonehill College James Thomas McHugh, BS SUNY Oswego Travis Edward Miller, BA SUNY Oswego Yan Carlos Minaya, BS SUNY Oswego Erika Lyn Minor, BA Arizona State University Wanjun Mo, BA South China Normal University Chelsey L. Moore, BA SUNY Oswego Kelsey Leigh Morgan, BS SUNY Oswego Cody Jack Murphy, BS SUNY Oswego Kelly Virginia Murphy, BS SUNY Binghamton University Stephen J. Musacchio, BS SUNY Oswego Nicole Eileen Navratil, BA SUNY Oswego John Bruce Nelson, BS Louisiana College Madeline Elizabeth Nelson, BS SUNY Oswego Basil Ugonna Njoku, BA Abia State University Aaron William Norton, BS SUNY Oswego Kyle Dennis Norton, BS SUNY Oswego Kaitlin M. O’Connor, BS SUNY Oswego Thomas John Olesczuk, BS Winthrop College Danielle R. Patterson, BA SUNY Stony Brook Jeffrey Petersen, BS SUNY University at Buffalo Austin Pirro, BS SUNY Oswego Nicholas Quiroz, BS SUNY Oswego Henrique Lopes Ramos, BA Julio De Mesquita Filho Paulista State University Michael A. Redcross, BBA Siena College John P. Reilly, BS SUNY Oswego Brian Regel, BS SUNY Oswego Elizabeth K. Rhode, BS Le Moyne College Natasha Nickole April Roberts, BS CUNY Lehman College Jacqueline Cheslock Romeo, BS SUNY Oswego Miriella S. Rosenblum, BS SUNY Oswego Joseph James Ruggio, BS SUNY Oswego Wesley Sakran, BS SUNY Oswego Josephine A. Scherer, BS SUNY Oswego Jheanell A. Schmidt, BS St. John’s University Derek L. Schnorr, BS SUNY Oswego Emily Faith Schenck, BS SUNY Potsdam Mitchell A. Schrader, BS Ithaca College Charley Elyse Scott-McGrail, BS SUNY Oswego Othmaro C. Service, BS SUNY Oswego James William Simon, BA SUNY Oswego Stephanie Nicole Sinsabaugh, MS Keuka College Jessica L. Slack, BA SUNY Oswego Martha Pritchard Spear, BA Smith College Margaret Malia Spofford Xavier, PhD Cornell University Choopong Sripraipan, BS Chulalongkorn University Elizabeth Marie Stapleton, BS SUNY Oswego Jamie Patricia Stoltz, BS SUNY Oswego Ashraf R. Sunesara, PharmD St. John’s University Justin Richard Taylor, BS US Naval Academy Jillian N. Travis, BS SUNY Oswego Carl G. Trossen, BS SUNY Oswego Joseph Michael Turdo, BS SUNY Binghamton University Stephen Thomas Varughese, BBA CUNY Baruch College Eric R. Vishneowski, BS SUNY Oswego Zachary H. Weigand, BS SUNY Oswego Kayla Ann Wild, BS SUNY Oswego Jonathan Noah Williams, BS SUNY Empire State College Rachael Brianna Windhausen, BS SUNY Oswego Sarah Elizabeth Woods, BS SUNY Oswego John Steven Zopf, BS SUNY OswegoMASTER OF SCIENCEOhoud Jaza M. Alotaibi, BS King Saud University Christopher L. Bartlett, BS SUNY Oswego Stacy L. Baum, BA SUNY Oswego Edward John Blanch, BS SUNY Buffalo State College Suzanne Marie Campbell, BA SUNY Oswego Kevin Robert Clark, BS SUNY Oswego Karie C. DeHart, BA SUNY Potsdam Emma Kathleen Donovan, BA SUNY Oswego Lindsey Lois George, BA SUNY Cortland Mikayla Elizabeth Glode, BS Cazenovia College Sean Kenneth Green, BA SUNY Oswego Austin Mary Guida, BS Northern Arizona University


31 Ishara Rebecca Harris, BA SUNY Oswego Timothy Tiljevang Jones, BS SUNY Oswego Kelly Green Kearns, BA SUNY Oswego Dawoon Ko, BA SUNY Oswego Kimberly Eileen LaGatta, BS SUNY Oswego Dominick Manno, BA SUNY Oswego Mohamed Mari, BS Jordan University of Science and Technology Ashley Michelle Martin, BS SUNY Cortland Rachel Maria McGriff, BA SUNY Oswego Lileth Tatjana Muench, BA SUNY Oswego Josef R. Perez, BA Columbia College Hancock Field MaryCatherine Elizabeth Rice, BS SUNY Oswego Carly Simmons, BA SUNY Oswego NancyAnn Smith, BS Clarkson University Rachel A. Vincent, BA SUNY Oswego Ashley Nicole Williams, BS SUNY Morrisville Kimberly Ann Zettel, BA Temple UniversityMASTER OF SCIENCE AND CERTIFICATE OF ADVANCED STUDYChristopher Jordan Baber, BS Gardner-Webb College Theresa Marie Brown, BA SUNY Binghamton University Troy Nelson Calkin, BA SUNY Oswego Kayla Elizabeth Cargen, BS SUNY Cortland Emma Isabelle Coomey, BA SUNY University at Albany Chelsea L. Delgiorno, BA SUNY University at Buffalo Mary Dimond, BA SUNY University at Buffalo Jessica M. Esper, BA SUNY Polytechnic Institute Ashlee Elizabeth Fairchild, BA Le Moyne College Carly M. Hewitt, BS Syracuse University Maxiel Jaime, BA SUNY Oswego Emily L. Lamb, BS SUNY Oswego Kennedy Taylor Langlois, BA Le Moyne College Ciera L. LeFlore, BS SUNY Oswego Mercedes Mackin, BS SUNY Plattsburgh Marta Lorena Mendoza, BA SUNY Oswego Emily E. Morehouse, BA SUNY Cortland Sarah J. Paquette, BS St. John Fisher College Jacob A. Quilty-Koval, BA Le Moyne College Elizabeth Nicole Sawyer, BFA Rochester Institute of Technology Caitlyn Rose Scordo, BS SUNY Brockport Erica Sparks, BS Cazenovia College Joelle A. Traub, BA St. John Fisher College Marisa Kay Valentino, BA SUNY Cortland Kelsey Ann Whitaker, BS National University Annalise E. Winkler, BA SUNY PotsdamMASTER OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATIONMahmoud Oudah G. Aljohani, BS Tabuk University Cassandra Beaver, BT SUNY Cobleskill Jillian Denise Bergemann, BS SUNY Oswego Emma Victoria Bernhard, BS SUNY Oswego Michael Beshures, BS SUNY Oswego Russell J. Blasko, BS SUNY Oswego Courtney Michelle Bobbett, BS SUNY Oswego Gael K. Bobby, BS SUNY Empire State College Jacquelyn Renee Bourgeois, BS SUNY Oswego Christopher J. Britts, BS SUNY Oswego Madeline A. Brown, BS SUNY Oswego Eric Wilson Bugbee, BT SUNY Cobleskill Jessica T. Bye, BS SUNY Oswego Michael John Cavender, BS SUNY Oswego Stephanie M. Ciesla, BS SUNY Oswego Devon Cohen, BS SUNY Oswego Kristin Anne Conklin, BA Marist College Marisa-Marie Conslato, BS SUNY Oswego Joanna Kathleen Damiano, BS SUNY Cortland Ashli Teresa Deming, BS SUNY Oswego Aaron L. Dennis, BT SUNY Cobleskill Patrick Jonathan Dennis, BS SUNY Oswego Ronald Joseph Diego Jr., BS SUNY Oswego Leisel P. Everdyke, BA Calvin College Anthony Nicholas Facchini, BS SUNY Oswego Kevin John Finerghty, BS SUNY Oswego Kelly K. Granteed, BS SUNY Oswego Lilia Grutka, BS SUNY Oswego Spencer Raechelle Hill, BS SUNY Oswego Brittany Mae Hilton, BS SUNY Oswego Justyn Hunter-Ceruti, BS SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology Philip T. Kinane, BA SUNY Oswego Joya M. King, BS SUNY Oswego Mercedes Korine LaVeck, BS SUNY Oswego Andrea L. Macy, BS SUNY University at Albany Mackensey L. Martens, BS SUNY Oswego Lia Massimo, BS SUNY Oswego Kaela Ann McDaniels, BS St. John Fisher College Hailey Victoria McKay, BS SUNY Brockport Ashley Christine Michlovitch, BS SUNY Oswego Danae Louise Mitchell, BS SUNY Oswego Chelsea Rae Monahan, BS SUNY Geneseo Devin Jay Murphy, BS SUNY Oswego Tila Chand Neopaney Sr., BS SUNY Oswego Sara Elizabeth Noll, BS SUNY Oswego Scott Alan Oldenburg, BS SUNY Brockport Kelly Leigh Prucker, BS SUNY Oswego Cortnie May Purce, BS SUNY Oswego Sidney Rajab Sr., BS SUNY Oswego David Matthew Randall, BS SUNY Oswego Mark Steven Rogers, BS SUNY Empire State College Megan E. Russell, BS SUNY Oswego Tamie Lynn Searles, BS SUNY Cortland Jennifer Sessano, BS SUNY Oswego Tara M. Shadduck, BS SUNY Oneonta Kajuan Lateif Smith, BS SUNY Oswego Carolyn Anne Souser, BS SUNY Oneonta Jeffrey Sutton, BS Nazareth College Heather Lynn Tysco, BS SUNY Buffalo State College Michael T. Vincent, MBA Syracuse University Jacklyn Waltz, BS Le Moyne College Caitlin Marie Weinsheimer, BS Syracuse University Carter R. Whalen, BT SUNY Cobleskill Kelsey Francis Wilson, BS SUNY Oswego Virginia Wilson, BS Geneva College Deborah Lynne Young, BS SUNY Oswego Tori A. Zerrahn, BS SUNY BrockportMASTER OF SCIENCE IN TEACHINGVeronica Adjin, BA SUNY Oswego Kayla Nicole Brennan, BA University of Tampa Maritza Crain, BA University of Medellin Robert J Donnelly, BA SUNY Oswego Nicholas Jay Dunsmoor, BA SUNY Oswego Alyssa Falinski, BS SUNY Binghamton University Sarah Marie Guidone, BA SUNY Oswego


32 Mark Joseph Heath, BA Ave Maria University Corinne Elizabeth Kelly, BA SUNY Oswego Meghan Jeanne Kilts, BT SUNY Morrisville Joshua Richards Lewis, BA Marshall University Gregory Vincent Massara, BS SUNY Geneseo Alyssa A. McMahon, BA Davis College Lacey M. Mikochik, BS SUNY Oswego Paul Michael Nardone, BA SUNY Geneseo Lauren K. Ness, BS SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry Lydia E. Nevin, BS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Courtney Taylor Pasco, BS SUNY Oneonta Tara Raeann Pickard, BS SUNY Oneonta Nellie Kay Owens, BA SUNY Oswego Brice Henry Rebeor, BS SUNY Oswego Laura Janette Renaud, MA Syracuse University Mackenzie Marie Ross, BA SUNY Geneseo Leanne Marie Sampson, BS SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry Anthony John Sauve, BA College of Saint Rose Emily Mary Shackleton, BS SUNY Oswego Miranda Paige Smith, BA SUNY Oswego Taylor P. Thorne, BS University of Prince Edward Island Sabrina Mia Tomassetti, BA SUNY OswegoCERTIFICATE OF ADVANCED STUDYShawn Christopher Akley, MSED SUNY Oswego Amber Mae Allenbrandt, MSED SUNY Geneseo Trisha L. Fogarty, MA Western Governors University Ashleigh M. Barnhart-Burto, MS Walden University Matthew David Barr, MA University of Phoenix Jennifer L. Bartlett-Prati, MA University of Phoenix Mrs. Elizabeth Reed Brown, MSED St. Bonaventure University Elizabeth A. Carpenter, MS Rochester Institute of Technology Toby Joshua Coleman, MSED SUNY Oswego Dawn Marie Cooley, MSED SUNY Geneseo Katrina Roan Davenport, MS Trident University International Kalen A. Dotson, MS Le Moyne College Karin Michelle Dykeman, MSED SUNY Oswego Candace Tiffanie Fitzgerald, MS Syracuse University Joseph Francis Folino, MSED SUNY Oswego Kristin M. Fox, MS Old Dominon University Katlin M. Ginney, MSED SUNY Oswego Corey D. Graves, MSED SUNY Cortland Chrystal Leigh Guarasci, MSED SUNY Oswego Greta Barklund Johnston, MS Rochester Institute of Technology Debra Chistolini Kasmer, MSED Syracuse University Lyndsey Marie Keil, MS St. John Fisher College Jennifer Lynn Kelsey, MS St. John Fisher College Christal Jensen Kent, MED Elmira College Daniel William Killenbec, MS Syracuse University Cristina N. Knapp, MS Syracuse University Jonathan Leigh MacKerchar, MSHS Touro College Patrick John McNamara, MS Le Moyne College Paul Sloan Moskal, MED SUNY University at Buffalo Joseph T. Muller II, MA Webster University Peter Matthew Neeves Jr., MED SUNY University at Buffalo Michael Christopher Newman, MED Georgia Southern College Carol V. Nicholson, MSED SUNY Geneseo Chelsea Lynn Nohle, MST SUNY Potsdam Stephanie Ann Norkett, MED SUNY University at Buffalo Melissa Rose O’Donnell, BS SUNY Cortland Laura J. Palmisano, MED St. Lawrence University Erin Kathleen Peck, BS Keuka College Jared Thomas Plantz, MSED SUNY Potsdam Kristy Marie Pryor, MS SUNY Oswego Catie Reeve, MED Kent State University Megan Rohlin, MSED SUNY Oswego Daniel Ross Rupert, MSED SUNY Oswego Ann M. Sherwood, MA Syracuse University Carrie Anne Smith, MST SUNY Potsdam Laurie Grupe Smith, MS Syracuse University Julie A. Suber, MSED Walden University Christine Michelle Taylor, MSED Nazareth College Christa Jo Tolbert, MSED SUNY Potsdam Laurie Anne Turton, MSED SUNY Oswego Adel Valdes, MA Syracuse University Michelle Anne Walker, MS Syracuse University Stephanie Marie Widrick, MSED SUNY Potsdam Toyia T. Wilson, MSED St. John Fisher College Kristin Louise Youngs, MSED SUNY PotsdamGRADUATE CERTIFICATE Behavioral ForensicsNancyAnn Smith, BS Clarkson UniversityHealth Information TechnologyChristopher L. Bartlett, BS SUNY Oswego Magdalena Collins, BS Babes-Bolyai UniversityIntegrated & Social MediaAmanda Rose Ebrahim, BA SUNY Oswego Colleen M. McClure, BA SUNY Oswego Melissa E. Wilson, BA SUNY OswegoInterdisciplinary Trauma StudiesSuzanne Marie Campbell, BA SUNY Oswego Karie C. DeHart, BA SUNY Potsdam Emma Kathleen Donovan, BA SUNY Oswego Mikayla Elizabeth Glode, BS Cazenovia College Sonali Kumar, BA SUNY Oswego Lileth Tatjana Muench, BA SUNY Oswego Carly Simmons, BA SUNY Oswego Michaela Cathleen Smith, BA SUNY Oswego Ashley Nicole Williams, BS SUNY Morrisville Kimberly Ann Zettel, BA Temple UniversityIntegrated Health SystemsTara L. O’Grady, BA SUNY OswegoNursing Home Admin CerticateMatthew Aaron Doell, BA St. John Fisher College Timothy Aaron Pethybridge, MBA SUNY Oswego Jessica L. Slack, BA SUNY Oswego Elizabeth Anne Thulen Smith, MSED College of Saint RosePlay TherapyDawoon Ko, BA SUNY Oswego Ashley Michelle Martin, BS SUNY Cortland


33 C lass of 2019 Senior Class GiftsSUNY Oswego congratulates and thanks the Class of 2019 for their philanthropy to The Fund for Oswego . More than 115 seniors, faculty and staff helped support the senior class. In recognition of their philanthropy to their college, student donors are wearing a green cord today. Alexis Acevedo In honor of my family.Gary Agnew In honor of my wife Stephanie. ank you for your support. I love you!Maria Aldrich In honor of my family.Abigail Allen For all the mad scientists.Neomie Arevalo In honor of myself.Camila Arredondo Gracias a mis padres, Jos y Lilia, por todo el apoyo.Jerrold Aryeequaye In honor of my family.Destiny Aybar ank you so much to my friends and family for the never-ending love and support.Keara Baiocco In honor of my parents, I’d be nowhere in this life without you!Kelsey Brockner Cheyenne Brown-Wallace In honor of my family.Kayla Brun In honor of EOP.Alecia Bryan anks to everyone who was there for me every step of the way!Curtis Cady In honor of my peers.Steven and Mary Canale In honor of the Class of 2019.Marie Castro In honor of Skylyn and my family.Aitor Celaya In honor of Oswego.Alex Chambers To make better robots.Brianna Cullen anks to my family and friends for the constant support.Shaina Daniels ank you Shay for pushing yourself and not stopping. ank you friends for dealing with me.Gage Davidson In honor of my loving and supportive family.Jessica Dorans In honor of my family, friends, and classmates.Sydney Doris In honor of my family.Rwanda Douglass In honor of those who aided in my journey.Kristina Dullen In honor of my family.Taylor Earle In honor of my class and family.Robert Fogarty In honor of myself.Michael Frigin Jasmine Gomez In honor of my family.Darryl Gomez-Lewis anks for everyone who helped me do this.Rachel Grupp In honor of my family for supporting me through my education process.Adrianna Guidetti In honor of my family.Anthony Gullotto In honor of my family.Stephanie Helzer ank you to my parents, Steve and Elaine, for always supporting me in life and college! Shout out to my sister, Erica, who will be transferring here this fall!Ryan Heslin In honor of the faculty.Acala Hill Raven Hobson In honor of Communication Studies.Malcolm HugginsAbby, Alex, Chris, Emily, Greg, Jamir, Kayla, Ryan, Sheryl, and Skye: Congratulations and good luck!Kingsley Ibezim ank you to all friends and family who have helped me achieve my goals!Shubham Jain Jaritza Jara For my family.Danielle Jones In honor of Professor Hammerly.Jennifer Kelley In honor of my late brother Mark Kelley Jr. who passed in March 2017. Love you!Adriana Kells In honor of my future students.Brenna Kirgan In honor of my family.Breanna Klugh In honor of my family.eresa Kotalik In honor of my family and loved ones who I wouldn’t be here without.Nicholas Krasoski In honor of my parents, friends and the love of my life.Shannon L. Kelly In honor of my mom, and my family for always supporting me. Love you!Kwamiah Little In honor of my journey.Tammy K. Ly In honor of myself.Brandon Macey ank you to all of my friends and professors who have helped me along this journey!Emily Magee In honor of my lovely friends.


34 Peter Mancarella ank you to my family, friends, and Dr. Bovier for your support.Melissa Manwaring In honor of the Oswego State Ice Eects’ seniors.Arnold Matatov In honor of the MBA Oce.Ryan Mayer In honor of SAVAC of SUNY Oswego.Kailey McFarland Nicole McKela In honor of my children.Sara Meal In honor of my family.Erika Mendoza Rivera In honor of my family.Rachel Meyer Christian Nairy In honor of my family.Brandon Naman In honor of Professor Knowles.Ada Ng Victoria Nguyen In honor of Professor Halpin.Andre Nichols Grateful to my family, friends, and EOP for this journey.Alexandra Nuzzo In honor of my amazing family and friends.Jerry Oberst , Admissions Oce and Betsy Oberst, Alumni Oce In honor of the Class of 2019.Julio Ortiz In honor of my family.Cer Par I want to thank my family, friends, the sta and most of all God!Alyssa Parks So thankful for my friends and family.Nadira Persaud In honor of my OE Family.eresa Personna Tyler Petty Manuel Pragana Skye Prosper In honor of my family and boyfriend who supported and empowered me to ourish throughout this journey. And I want to thank my mentor Malcolm Huggins for shaping me into the young woman I am today.Sami Rajput In honor of my family.Melissa Reed In honor of my family.Ilany Rodriguez Would like to thank friends and family for love and support.Katy Rinaldi In honor of my mom and dad.Hailey Russell Kayla Sardella In honor of my mom.Emily Schiro Would like to thank her friends and family for their love and support.Christy Sebring Jennifer Selvaraj In honor of my family.Alexander Senia ank you Mom, Dad, and Natalie for all your support over the years!Ashley M. Sewer In honor of all the love and support from my family.Adrienne Shelton In honor of my friends and family.Sarah Slater In honor of everyone who believed in me.Jacob Smallman In honor of Sigma Gamma.Anna Smith In honor of my family.Kirk Smith In honor of my friends and family.Chynna Smith In honor of my family.Margaret SpillettIn honor of A&D awesome interns Jackie , Kass , Melissa , Sally , Tyler .Tina St. John In honor of Dr. L. H. Brown. ank you for setting the benchmark.Jenna Elizabeth Standish In honor of my loving family.President Deborah F. Stanley and Mr. Michael J. Stanley In honor of the Class of 2019.Rebecca Streeter In honor of my family who always supported my goals, love you always!Riley Synan In memory of Sue and Hugh Gibbons and Jeanne Synan.Emily Taxin In honor of the School of Education.Isaiah omas In honor of my father and grandmother.Mary Toale and Katherine weatt In honor of the Class of 2019.Johnna Tombolillo In honor of my family and Ben Davis.Joey Tse Congratulations to our EOP graduates!!! We are so proud of you!!!Stephanie Ulakovic In honor of my family.Michelle Uroza In honor of my loving supportive family, boyfriend and professors – thank you.Jenna Uryevick In honor of my dogs.Cli-Simon Vital In honor of family and friends who supported me.Nimashi Weerasinghage In honor of Professor Kamal Mohomad.Melissa Wilson MIn honor of my parents.Taylor Woods In honor of my baby brother.Shareese Worrell In honor of all my support systems.Jennifer Wright In honor of my family and friends who supported me throughout my journey.Ariana Wright In honor of my family.Ruxin Zheng In honor of my family.


35 Public Ceremonies Committee Special ThanksA special word of thanks is extended to those individuals who volunteer to serve as marshals and ushers for the day. Thank you also to the Maintenance and Custodial Staff, University Police, SAVAC, Registrar’s Office, Publications Office, Campus Technology Services, and Auxiliary Services, including the College Stores and Dining Services staff, for their work and participation in Commencement. An additional thanks to our trumpeters: Andrew Sigurdson Adolescence Education, Social Studies Connor Shene Undeclared Joshua Symborski Music Andrew Buyea Applied Mathematics Richard Bush Technology William Canning Campus Technology Services Lori Cook Facilities Maintenance and Operations Patrick Devendorf Accessibility Resources Erin Dorsey Office of Business and Community Relations Michael Flaherty Public Ceremonies Committee Chair, Auxiliary Services William Hammond Facilities Maintenance and Operations Malcolm Huggins University Development Rebecca Kempney Facilities Maintenance and Operations Joy Knopp University Development Tyrone Johnson-Neuland Campus Technology Services Leigh Viscomi Residence Life and Housing Ellen McCloskey Office of the President Mark Mirabito Psychology Karen Moore Extended Learning Tim Nekritz Communications and Marketing Jordan Perry Admissions Jose Ramos Facilities Maintenance and Operations Vernon Reynolds Facilities Maintenance and Operations John Rossi University Police Michelle St. John Registrar Barbara St. Michel Campus Life Holli Stone Campus Life Daniel Tryon Technology Trumpeters announce the beginning of the commencement ceremony.


36 Visitor InformationEmergency AssistanceMedical assistance is available on the ground floor in the Marano Campus Center.University Police315.312.5555Lost and FoundInquiries should be directed to University Police at the phone number listed above.RestroomsRestrooms are on all Marano Campus Center levels. Ground floor restrooms are in the main lobby; second-level facilities serve upper seating.RefreshmentsRefreshments are not permitted on the arena floor. However, refreshments are available before and during the ceremony at Crossroads on the upper level of the Marano Campus Center.College StoreFresh flowers, frames and an assortment of emblematic clothing and merchandise will be available before and after the ceremonies in the concourse of the Marano Campus Center.ReceptionAll graduates, family members, guests, faculty and staff are invited to attend a reception north of the Convocation Center immediately following each ceremony.Photographs and VideotapingAudience videotaping and photography are permitted only from seats. We plan to post a recorded version of the ceremonies after the events on the college’s YouTube channel, sunyoswegovideo. A professional photographer will be present at the ceremony. Graduates will be emailed a link from the photography company to view their photos. Graduation pictures can be ordered online at to Audience MembersOur commencement ceremony may be taped and broadcast via TV, radio, and/or the internet in both live and delayed time formats. By attending this event, you are granting permission to have your likeness or image and your voice broadcast without restriction and without right of inspection or approval. Entrance into the event grants permission for your likeness or image to be used without remuneration and releases the campus and its representatives from all claims and liability relating to these broadcasts or their reuse. DepartureAudience is to remain seated until all graduates, faculty and platform party recess.Contact SUNY OswegoOffice of Admissions, 315.312.2250 229 Sheldon Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126


SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2019 MARANO CAMPUS CENTERSTATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT OSWEGO ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHTHCommencement HailOSWEGOVoices fill the air Singing reverently Pledging our school fair Truth and loyalty This our song we raise In her name and praise Oswego, Alma Mater Hail to thee!