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Why Representation Matters: Education in the COVID 19 ERA
SUNY Oswego
Brown, Nichole ( Speaker )
Mariano, Alana ( Speaker )
Maldonado, Anabelle ( Speaker )
Menjivar, Astrid ( Speaker )
Meyer, Brandan ( Speaker )
Obahiagbon, Ehizogie ( Speaker )
Dalton, Tamara ( Speaker )
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Quest 2021


The School of Education Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC II) scholars believe that representation matters in the 21st century, especially during a global pandemic. This pandemic has further exposed America’s devastating inequalities and inequities affecting already marginalized Americans the most, specifically black and brown students across our P-16 classrooms. COVID-19 has just widened the systemic inequities in education. During this presentation, TOC II scholars will discuss the obstacles P-16 students face, how they are currently seeing them being addressed during their clinical experiences and in their own college classes, and possible solutions for students’ continued success. The scholars will address ways to prepare pre-service teachers, P-12 students, teachers, and administrators to advocate for underprivileged groups to prevent such imbalances among student success from persisting. By the end of their presentation, the TOC II scholars hope that you will be able to answer the following questions: Why does representation and culturally responsive sustaining education matter, even more, today than pre-COVID, and how do we start prioritizing the mindsets to begin addressing the issues? ( ,, )
Session Chair: Nichole Brown
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