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Global Perspectives II: Study Abroad and Virtual International Internships
SUNY Oswego
Dembele, Awa ( Speaker )
Gaye, Fadi ( Speaker )
Watson, Lyric ( Speaker )
Ortiz, Jasmine ( Speaker )
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Quest 2021


From Oz to Abroad: Overcoming the F’s of Study Abroad by Awa Dembele, Fadi Gaye. There are certain obstacles that often stop students from considering study abroad. These barriers are often referred to as the Four F’s, a term coined by Dr. Margery Ganz from Spelman College. These 4 F’s are: Friends, Family, Fears, and Funds. For this presentation, we have added two more F’s to the mix: Fit and Faculty. In this presentation two study abroad alumni, Awa Dembele and Fadi Gaye, will expand upon their own experiences with each of these F’s to share how they were challenged by these obstacles, as well as how they overcame them. The presenters will also share how their experiences abroad impacted their lives overall, including the impact on their academics and career paths. ( ,,,, )
Virtual International Internships: Past, Present, and Future by Lyric Watson, Jasmine Ortiz. The global pandemic and suspension of international travel has meant traditional study abroad, and internships abroad, have had to transform quickly into a more flexible and virtual format. Join Education Abroad as we take a look at the past, present, and future of virtual internships abroad. Our student panel will discuss topics related to their personal internship experiences. Bring your questions for this interactive panel session and learn how Education Abroad continues to engage students in meaningful global experiences.
Session Chair: Josh McKeown
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