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Business: Investments, Inclusivity and Optimizing Allocations
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SUNY Oswego
Aquino, Daniela ( Speaker )
Pasquarella, Anthony ( Speaker )
Tatar, Adam ( Speaker )
Dominguez, David ( Speaker )
Perez, Victoria ( Speaker )
Tano, Marcel ( Speaker )
Sotak, Kristin ( Speaker )
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Stock Selection Methods of the SUNY Oswego Investment Club by Daniela Aquino, Anthony Pasquarella, Adam Tatar. We review the ratio analysis we use to select stocks ( ,,, )
Inclusivity in higher education by David Dominguez, Victoria Perez. Inclusivity, or the practices, policies, and procedures that seek to create equal access and opportunities to those who are marginalized, are important in higher education. If students do not feel included, they may not benefit from their educational experience or may even leave the institution. In the current research, we assessed the effects of inclusivity by manipulating images on a flyer for an on-campus event. In one flyer, the image was of all females; in another flyer, the image was of all males; and in the last flyer, the image was of a mix of males and females. Results revealed that this manipulation made participants less likely to attend the hypothetical event when students did not feel included. Future research and implications are discussed.
Optimized Allocation of Five-Asset Portfolio by Marcel Tano. Using Modern Portfolio Theory, I optimize the allocation of a 5-asset portfolio by maximizing its Sharpe Ratio on an Excel-based platform.
Session Chair: Kristin Sotak
Collected for SUNY Oswego Institutional Repository by the online self-submittal tool. Submitted by Zach Vickery.

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