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The Ontarian
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Aeronautics Shop--New York--Oswego
Airplane Patrol--New York--Oswego
Alpha Delta Sorority--New York--Oswego
Army Reserves--New York--Oswego
Art Exhibition Committee--New York--Oswego
Assembly Programs--New York--Oswego
Baseball Squad--New York--Oswego
Baseball--New York--Oswego
Basketball--New York--Oswego
Best Ice Cream Co.--New York--Oswego
Beta Tau Epsilon Fraternity--New York--Oswego
Block "O" Club--New York--Oswego
Bob's Atlantic Service--New York--Oswego
Cantebury Club--New York--Oswego
Clio--New York--Oswego
Co-Op Book Store--New York--Oswego
Coe Brothers Laundry--New York--Oswego
College Pharmacy--New York--Oswego
Corregan's Tailoring Service--New York--Oswego
Dashner's--New York--Oswego
Debate Club--New York--Oswego
Dramatics Club--New York--Oswego
DuBois Press--New York--Rochester
Electricty Shop--New York--Oswego
Epsilon Pi Tau--New York--Oswego
Frank L. Gould Bus Line--New York--Oswego
Freshman Orientation--New York--Oswego
General Elementary Shop--New York--Oswego
Health Council--New York--Oswego
Herby's Diner at the Forks--New York--Oswego
Home Dairy Cafeteria + Bakery--New York--Oswego
Industrial Arts Club--New York--Oswego
Industrial Arts Shops--New York--Oswego
Inter-Sorority Council--New York--Oswego
Interfraternity Council--New York--Oswego
Longfellow Club--Oswego State Normal School
Maltby-Campbell Co.--New York--Oswego
McDonald's--New York--Oswego
Men's Recreational Assocation--New York--Oswego
Metal Shop--New York--Oswego
Metcalf Bros.--New York--Oswego
Metropolitan--New York--Oswego
Morrall Studio--New York--Rochester
Navy and Marine Reserves--New York--Oswego
Newman Center--New York--Oswego
O'Keefe's Restaurant--New York--Oswego
Ontarian--New York--Oswego
Ontarian--New York--Oswego
Orchestra--New York--Oswego
Oswego City Savings Bank--New York--Oswego
Oswego County Savings Bank--New York--Oswego
Oswego Netherland Co., Inc.--New York--Oswego
Oswegonian--New York--Oswego
Oswegonian--New York--Oswego
Pontiac--New York--Oswego
Psi Phi Fraternity--New York--Oswego
Red Cross
Savas Coffee Shop--New York--Oswego
Scrap Drive, Metal--New York--Oswego
Sheldon Forum--New York--Oswego
Sigma Phi Rho--New York--Oswego
Soccer--New York--Oswego
Sons of the Wilted Wallet--New York--Oswego
Speaker's Union--New York--Oswego
Student Council--New York--Oswego
Student Recreation Association--New York--Oswego
Symphonic Choir--New York--Oswego
Thompson West End Diner--New York--Oswego
Women's Athletic Association--New York--Oswego
Workman's Flower Shop--New York--Oswego
Cadet--New York--Oswego
Gliders--New York--Oswego
Students--New York--Oswego
Teachers--New York (State)--Oswego
Abbott, Gertrude
Alford, Harold D.
Bardeschewski, Richard
Bilkey, Arlene Jesse
Borden, Ruth Lona
Borst, Eleanor Schilling
Clement, Fern
Craley, Mary Louise
Dore, Irma
Dye, Loraine Cates
Foley, Cecilia Ann
Gallagher, Patricia E.
Gallagher, Theresa A.
Gokey, Barbara Elizabeth
Golicki, Stella Esther
Groat, Charles
Grubel, Edna
Haresign, Lois
Henry, Donald F.
Hullar, Mary Rose
Huntley, Bettye
Jackson, Harold H.
Jones, Blanche Neidhardt
Kaiser, Janette S.
Kessler, Joseph M.
King, Hamilton I.
Knapp, Frances Helen
Lavenburg, Dolores Elaine
Little, Alice
Lowrey, Burling
MaGill, Esther J.
Mathews, Peter
McLaughlin, James A.
Mills, Thelma E.
Mohr, Nancy
Nash, Harold Edward
O'Brien, Greta
O'Connor, Irene
Parrish, Frank
Philo, Lydia Taylor
Price, Thomas
Reiner, Walter
Ritchie, David
Roney, Lyman
Rosen, Alexander
Ruth, Clifford
Sadler, Mary
Savas, Bessie Peter
Scanlon, Eleanor
Schafer, Norma Louise
Schickling, Betty
Slade, Betty Jane
Somerville, John
Stevens, Betty Reid
Stewart, Rita
Swetman, Ralph W.
Taylor, Louise
Thompson, Jane
Tifft, Phyllis
Tower, Donald
Vivier, Virginia
Walsh, Aileen Marguerite
Weeks, Margaret E.
Wilber, Gordon
Wilson, David
Wittenberg, Fern
Wood, June
York, Carol V.
Zahn, Mary
Zimmer, Virginia
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1943 Ontarian. 90 pages. 4 copies ( eng )
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