1892 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program.

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1892 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program.
Creation Date:
June 28, 1892


Subjects / Keywords:
Commencement Excercises
Elementary English Course
Advanced English Course
Classical Course
Kindergarten Training Class
Scientific Course
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Allen, Effie Alger
Anderson, Lettie M.
Bennett, Florence G.
Benz, Emma C.
Bretsch, Homer L.
Brooks, Ada J.
Brower, F. Van Antwerp
Brower, Sophia Wyckoff
Bruster, Eleanor J.
Bruyn, Minetta C.
Burnham, Flora E.
Burr, Adda M.
Clark, Jane Brown
Cochrane, Helen V.
Coleman, Claytina
Compton, Zadie Z.
Cornwell, Mary Estelle
Culkin, Barabara R.
Davis, Jane Lovell
Douglass, Harriett M.
Dumass, James L.
Edsall, Alice
Finnegan, Rose E.
Fisk, Frances A.
Fox, Angeline
Gardner, Mary A.
Goodrich, Mary A.
Goodwin, Helen M.
Griffith, Edith W.
Hancock, Mary Candee
Haskin, Almeda
Hayden, Ordella Beatrice
Hoag, Grace M.
Hollis, Andrew P.
Hoyt, Helen E.
Hull, Kate Westbrooke
Kelton, Mary E.
Kinney, Margaret C.
Kirkwood, Helen B.
Lawrence, Helen E.
Leavenworth, Elizabeth S.
Lowe, Dorothea
Marcy, Carrie Olive
Marshall, Mary Ella
Molther, Susan Niles
Mudge, Alice E.
Noosbickel, Eliza B.
Peet, Carrie M.
Potter, Blanche Curtiss
Reed, Harry E.
Reed, Louise E.
Rose, Elizabeth D.
Russell, Mary E.
Shaw, Helen E.
Sherer, Amanda B.
Skipper, Ida
Stannard, Mary E.
Stanton, Edith
Stavely, Margaret C.
Thompson, Annie I.
Thomson, Anne
Tremaine, Belle
Unkenholz, Lucy E
Van Deusen, Lucie M.
Wart, Ina C.
White, Ellen F.
Wright, Bernice M.
Wright, Margaret Oliver
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Documentary Artifact ( nmc )


Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program. ( eng )
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June 28, 1892 ( eng )
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CAPTION:Commencement, June 1892

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