1898 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program

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1898 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program
Creation Date:
June 28, 1898


Subjects / Keywords:
Class Officers
Classical Course
English Course
Kindergarten Training Class
Scientific Course
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Adams, Ethelyn Blanche
Alexander, Laura Victoria
Allen, Millie A.
Allington, Sarah May
Armstrong, J. Beecher
Baker, Ella Maude
Baker, Sara Anne
Bamber, Gertrude M.
Black, Mabel E.
Bretsch, Homer Lawrence
Burton, Clara Brannan
Burton, Mary Doddridge
Cannon, Lilian H.
Cavellier, Helen M. L.
Churchman, Elizabeth Winthrop
Collins, Winifred May
Conner, Anna Howard
Crawford, Helen Anna
Derby, Marcia Grace
Dower, Marion Louise
Dunn, Anna Marie
Feeney, Mabel Sweetman
Frost, Isabelle
Fuller, Grace Gertrude
Gardner, Irene
Gibbs, Lina Belle
Gill, Helena A.
Gittins, Clara Margaret
Grant, Martha C.
Gregg, Mary
Grigson, Clara Lula
Hawks, Edward B.
Heagerty, Mary
Hoffman, Ruth Christine
Hutchinson, Myra Isabel
Kelly, Mary Ellen
Lathrop, Lily Mather
Loveridge, Lina Lyman
Macgregor, Frances Louise
McCaffrey, Isabelle
Mead, Mary
Meagher, Mary Louise
Munger, Jessie Strong
O'Connor, Mary Teresa
Oliver, Lucy M.
Phillips, Lida Angeline
Phoenix, John Lane
Regan, Anna Mae
Rhoades, Fanny F.
Ripley, Marion Adelaide
Robinson, Emma F.
Sarr, Winifred J.
Scholfield, Bessie M.
Scott, Anna May
Sheridan, Mary J.
Simpson, Elizabeth Catherine
Simpson, Jennie L.
Smith, Clara V.
Snyder, L. Grace
Sullivan, Anna T.
Sweeney, Julia Mary
Taylor, Mary Grace
Terry, Ada Curtis
Tompkins, Edith Antoinette
Wagner, Ellie Baird
Weeks, Nellie Louise
Westfall, Carrie Frances
Wilcox, Jessie Birdena
Willis, Ida Emma Myers
Winslow, Ella Elizabeth
Worster, Sherman Francis
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Documentary Artifact ( nmc )


Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program. Bifold. ( eng )
June 28, 1898 ( eng )
General Note:
CAPTION:June 1898 Commencement

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