1899 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program

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1899 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program
Creation Date:
June 26, 1899


Subjects / Keywords:
Class Officers
Classical Course
Critic Course
English Course
Kindergarten Primary Course
Kindergarten Training Course
Scientific Course
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Andrews, Maude Genevieve
Armstrong, Mary Louise
Bardley, Harriet Emma
Bates, Marion E.
Bloomfield, E. Elizabeth
Burchell, Durward Earle
Cahill, Stella Marie
Carney, Elizabeth T.
Christy, Marion Frederica
Clark, Mary Florence
Cochrane, Janet Barr
Cole, Rudy Marie
Conner, Marie Geneva
Coy, Bessie M.
Cummings, Julia Mary
Curtin, Harriet Louisa
Curtis, Helen L.
De Garmo, Prof. Charles
Dexter, Carolyn M.
Dwinelle, Marion Ruth
Edman, Jose
Fineren, Minne
Flanagan, Elizabeth E.
Fuess, Kate
Galvin, Paul Howard
Grant, Henry Earl
Grant, L. Belle Goodwin
Grant, Mary Louise
Hayes, Katharine A.
Hibbard, Elizabeth
Himes, Jessie Scott
Hopkins, Nellie Irene
Irick, Olive May
Jarvis, Mabel A.
Jones, Delta Pearl
Kingsley, Mary Grace
Levalley, Rene T.
Lewis, George Lyman
Lovell, Harriet S.
Lyon, Cornelia Butler
McKinley, Mary Edna
Moore, Grace May
Munger, Henrietta Louise
Myers, Eva Grace
Noonan, Elizabeth C.
O'Geran, Mary L.
O'Shea, Marguerite Frances Gertrude
Oliver, Eloise Marie
Pearson, Mary C.
Phoenix, Lydia Ellen
Post, Sara M.
Post, Sara M.
Reed, Estelle Gibbs
Reese, Charlotte Evelyn
Roat, Anna Louisa
Rose, Calla Bell
Rowe, Bertha Martin
Salisbury, Grace P.
Scales, Caroline L. G.
Scott, Edith A.
Seides, Julia Louise
Stella B. Vincent
Stevens, Harriet E.
Stewart, Serita E.
Stryker, Mabel F.
Tarbox, Kathleen Alley
Thayer, Florence Lucinda
Volkomer, Augusta
Walter, Ida R.
Weed, Margarette E.
Weiser, Mary Ella
Weiser, Sara Anna
Wygant, Bessie Belle
Zehrung, Ethel B.
8: Communication Artifact ( nmc )
Documentary Artifact ( nmc )


Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program. 4 leaves, folded and tied with braided string. ( eng )
Fair condition, small portion missing on lower left corner; 3/4" tear in middle of front cover. ( eng )
June 26, 1899 ( eng )
General Note:
CAPTION:June 1899 Commencement

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2005.004.0042 ( accession number )

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