1900 State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program

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1900 State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program
Creation Date:
June 26, 1900


Subjects / Keywords:
Class Officers
Classical Course
Critic Course
English Course
Kindergarten Primary Course
Kindergarten Training Course
Scientific Course
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Allen, Ellen Frances
Allen, Jennie Edith
Baker, Jennie
Balcam, Lucia C.
Balch, Florence L.
Bard, Adah May
Beadle, Cynthia Harriet
Bishop, Elizabeth E.
Boardman, Harriet Elizabeth
Britton, Harriet Ward
Corbett, Anna Loretta
Cornwell, Lena Catherine
Cowell, Edna Annis
Culver, Alice Storey
Davis, Theresa Marion
Day, Elizabeth Thompson
De Clercq, Caroline B.
Dodge, Nettie L.
Donovan, Elizabeth K.
Donovan, Mary Agnes
Doty, Jessica Winifred
Dowdle, Josephine K.
Downes, Maude Alice
Edes, Katherine B.
Fitzpatrick, Mary Marcella
Foskett, Ida May
Gourlay, Matilda E.
Graham, C. Louise
Griffin, Harriet Huntington
Hanford, Clarence D.
Husted, Evelyne Adelaide
Jessup, Harriet Foster
Kelsey, Grace Elizabeth
Kethcam, Helen Eulalah
King, Anna Marie
King, Elizabeth E.
King, Margaret A.
Lane, Jessie Griswold
Leavitt, Louise Baker
Lighthall, Maye E.
Lighthall, Maye E.
Littlefield, Ellen Josephine
Lockwood, Stephen Roy
Mace, William H., Dr.
McCaffrey, Cora A.
McMelan, Marion
Millis, Mary Elizabeth
Moore, Nancy Eldrich
Morehouse, David P.
Morgan, Melda
Munt, Sophia Anna
Murray, George S.
Page, Mary Blanche
Parrish, Anna Fairchild
Peach, Mattie E.
Potter, Anna
Reese, Lizzie A.
Roat, Anna Louisa
Russell, Angeline Catherine
Squires, Frances H.
Stickle, Lottie
Stoddard, Orrie Schnedicher
Taylor, Evelyn Hamilton
Tompkins, Ada Eckert
Utter, Ada E.
Watkins, Adelaide V.
Webster, Alice Ferguson
Welch, Helen M.
Williams, Anna
Williams, Anna Katherine
Williams, Mary Elizabeth
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Documentary Artifact ( nmc )


State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program. ( eng )
June 26, 1900 ( eng )
General Note:
CAPTION:June 1900 Commencement

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