1907 Oswego State Normal &Training School Class Night Exercises program.

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1907 Oswego State Normal &Training School Class Night Exercises program.
Creation Date:
June 24, 1907


Subjects / Keywords:
Class Honors
Class Motto
Classical Course
Commencement Excercises
Critic Course
English Course
Kindergarten-Primary Course
Manual Training and Drawing Course
Normal Course
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Albertson, Sarah Wilson
Archer, Mildred St. John
Ashley, Ruth Abigail
Bennett, Lulu Pauline
Bickford, Sydnie
Bodine, Esther E.
Bogart, Helen Leonard
Bosshart, Emma A.
Brogan, Grace Margaret
Brown, Anna Lilias
Brown, Charles H.
Carr, Elizabeth Regina
Casey, Anastasia
Caywood, Orielle Bell
Chapman, Mabel Eleanor
Close, Marian S.
Coats, Eva Maria
Coleman, Pleadus Lucelia
Cornell, Latitia Allis
Cullinan, M. Florence
Davis, Ella Nora
Denton, Carrie L.
Diment, Grace Elwood
Dresser, Florence Esther
Elias, Caroline
Fanning, Mary L.
Fineron, Mary Alice
Forsyth, Martha Wallace
Fox, Edna L.
Gaffney, Fanny Honora
Gilbert, Terrance W.
Graves, Celia M.
Green, Flora Carolyn
Grossen, Jeanne I.
Hardie, Alice Mary
Hartshorne, Frank Laura
Hayden, Sarah L.
Hollenbeck, Ella E.
Hughes, Mary Annie
Huntley, Lula V.
Jones, Margaret Lloyd
Kandt, Herman W.
Kavanaugh, Margaret Louise
Kingsbury, Carrie Isabelle
Lenden, Elizabeth Gertrude
Lockhart, Marguerite
Long, Mary Helen
Lovejoy, Margaret
Mack, Francis E.
Marsh, Bertha A.
McCarthy, Mary Elizabeth
McFarland, David S.
McGrath, Jane Louise
McGuire, Donald S.
Meyer, Clara Elizabeth
Monasterial, Cenen S.
Mongin, Carolyn Gertrude
Nelson, Ruth Paton
O'Gorman, James M.
O'Neil, Marie E.
O'Neill, Mattie E.
O'Shea, Lucille I.
Ochoa, Ramon Y.
Oot, Ada Agnes
Patchin, Mary Alethea
Power, Grace Nita
Reed, Sarah Glazier
Richardson, Alice Gertrude
Robinson, Jessie C.
Rulison, Lillian Josephine
Santos, Alejandro C.
Sayer, Clara Mabel
Scott, Addie D.
Spring, Grace Louise
Stowell, Margaret Grace
Sutton, Jessie T.
Taylor, Dorcas Waite
Thompson, Anna May
Trout, Margaret
Van Riper, Leoine Veronica
Van Wyck, Anna S.
VanBuren, Gretchen E.
Watson, Ruth E.
Weed, Irene Rebecca
Wetsel, Ruth S.
Woodford, Sara Maria
Wyman, Edith Carolyn
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Oswego State Normal and Training School Class Night Exercises program. Bifold. ( eng )
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June 24, 1907 ( eng )
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CAPTION:June 1907 Commencement

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