1908 Oswego State Normal &Training School Commencement Exercises program

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1908 Oswego State Normal &Training School Commencement Exercises program
Creation Date:
June 23, 1908


Subjects / Keywords:
Class Motto
Class Officers
Classical Course
Commencement Excercises
English Course
Kindergarten Course
Kindergarten-Primary Course
Manual Training Course
Normal Course
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Bagley, William Chandler, Dr.
Bame, Mabel F.
Barney, Martha Anna
Bearss, Olive Rhoda
Blake, Adella M.
Bracy, Lily A.
Bredenberg, Esther
Button, Mildred Elizabeth
Clancey, Eva Marie
Coe, Aurel Luella
Colby, Jessie M.
Connell, Mina
Cooper, Mary Irene
Curtin, Ellen Rose
Dinnin, Louise E.
Dwyer, Zita M.
Edick, Harry
Effinger, Minnie
Essig, Elizabeth M.
Farrell, Kathryn Agnes
Fenton, Mary Madeline
Fitzgerald, Jane Elizabeth
Flattery, Mary K.
Garland, Anna M.
Gleason, Helen Mar
Green, Ella
Gridley, Bessie Louise
Gurney, Grace Etta
Healy, Anna Veronica
Ingalls, Leta J.
Jemison, Molly Bernice
Johnson, Lucile Currie
Keane, Rose A.
Kelly, Elizabeth Hortense
Ketchum, Elizabeth Marguerite
Kingsbury, Charles Irwin
Klein, Sarah
Koontz, Bessie L.
Lamoree, Grace Louise
Lamy, Nelly E.
Leary, Agnes Louise
Lehon, Mabel Veronica
Linhan, Margaret Agnes
Magary, Reverend Alvin E.
Mallon, Lillian Adeline
Maudlin, Gertrude
Maxwell, Bessie H.
McCormack, Mary Agnes
Merrill, Allene Le Count
Meyer, Agnes Olive
Moore, Laura Russell
Murtha, Katherine Geraldine
O'Grady, Katherine Marie
Orvis, F. Le Moyne
Park, Lucy Sarah
Patterson, Lois Marco
Pegg, Anna Jennie
Pherson, Adella
Potter, Frances Teresa
Poucher, Isaac B.
Powell, Helen May
Prior, Margaret C.
Randall, Edith Mabel
Raymond, Phyllis
Reynolds, Ernest
Rhodes, Mary Algenia
Richmond, Margaret Law
Sammons, Elizabeth A.
Scanlon, Rosetta T.
Selleck, Leah Rosetta
Shutts, Eva D.
Smith, Sarah E.
Sweezey, M. Elaine
Tallcott, Flossie E.
Taylor, Clara Dudley
Terry, Laura Grace
Tillotson, Gertrude Newland
Tollerton, Edith Ray
Wallace, Ethel L.
Whaley, Edith Agnes
Wilcox, Clare Ethel
Wilson, Anna Marie
Wright, Etheldred Gertrude
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Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement Exercises program. Bifold. A list of graduates has been added to the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
June 23, 1908 ( eng )
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CAPTION:June 1908 Commencement

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