1911 Commencement of the Oswego State Normal and Training School and of the Normal High School and the Alumni Reunion program

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1911 Commencement of the Oswego State Normal and Training School and of the Normal High School and the Alumni Reunion program
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Academic Course
Class Motto
Class Officers
Classical Academic Course
Commencement Excercises
Critic Course
Kindergarten Course
Kindergarten-Primary Course
Manual Training Course
Normal Course
Oswego State Normal and Training School Local Board of Managers--New York--Oswego
Alumni--New York--Oswego
Centennial Celebrations--New York--Oswego
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Aber, William M.
Allard, Frances
Allen, William H.
Alvord, C. P.
Anderson, Robert, Dr.
Andrews, Louisa Plumb
Bagley, Dr. William Chandler
Baker, Florence E.
Baker, Louise F.
Baker, Sara Anne
Baldwin, Frances Inez
Baldwin, William A.
Barry, Teresa J.
Bassett, Wayland G. S.
Bechard, Lucienne M.
Beebe, Olive C.
Bell, Florence C.
Benson, Cadwell B.
Birbe, Mary A.
Bishop, M. Harriet
Bloomfield, M. Elizabeth
Blum, Jeanette
Booth, Anna W.
Boyle, Ellen M.
Boynton, Grace A.
Bradford, Cynthia
Bradley, Jessie R.
Brewer, Anna M.
Brewster, Marguerite E.
Brinkerhoff, George J.
Brown, Ella Sackett
Brown, Harriet J.
Brown, Lulu F.
Brown, Marion
Brumfield, Harriet
Brumfield, Harriet W.
Buckley, Gertrude A.
Buerman, Mabel S.
Bullard, Mary A.
Burden, Anna E.
Burns, John H.
Burns, Robert L.
Burr, Minnie L.
Byrne, Ethel I.
Carpenter, Rodella A.
Carr, Ruth M.
Cheney, Clara Robinson
Churchill, Mabel
Clancy, Laurence
Clarke, F. O.
Clarke, Frederick O.
Coe, Frank S.
Coleman, Anna L.
Colihan, Elsie M.
Connor, Anna V.
Conroy, Sarah E.
Coone, S. Mortimer
Corr, Elizabeth A.
Crocker, Mabel
Cronan, George D.
Cullen, Francis E.
Cullinan, P. W.
Curry, Sarah E.
Cusick, Helen S.
Daily, Harriet
Dalton, Kathleen C.
Daly, Winifred
Damm, Mary V.
Davies, Margaret L.
Davis, Cornelia M.
Davis, Geo. H.
Davis, May I.
Dennehy, Jennie E.
Dorland, Marie J.
Dowd, Margaret L.
Dowdle, Jessica
Downey, Robert A.
Dunlap, Mabel
Dunlop, Grace A.
Earhart, Lida B.
Earley, Michael J.
Eddy, Mary E.
Eddy, Ruth
Edwards, Austin
Edwards, Irene
Everts, Ethel L.
Ewings, Mabel W.
Failing, Mildred
Farley, Lucy I.
Farnham, Amos W.
Farnham, Leroy D., Dr.
Farrell, Margaret L.
Farricy, Eleanor M.
Fay, Margaret C.
Ferguson, Helen M.
Ferguson, Isabel
Finegan, Thomas E., Dr.
Flynn, M. Gertrude
Foster, Margaret A.
Fuller, Bertha
Garland, Lena C.
Geer, Amber M.
Gere, Robert W.
Gesner, Richmond H., Reverend
Gilmore, Marjorie E.
Gorman, Katherine A.
Graham, Susan P.
Gray, Alice
Greenfield, Catharine S.
Grossen, Jeanne
Hahner, Carrie Roosa
Hamilton, Fannie Snow
Handy, Hazel D.
Hanford, Clarence D.
Harger, Bessie A.
Hayden, Sabra M.
Hayes, Jennie L.
Hayes, Katharine A.
Healby, Reba E.
Healy, Mildred P.
Healy, Reta H.
Hellganz, Frances L.
Herman, Mabel U.
Herrig, Anna B.
Hodder, Marval A.
Hoffman, Ruth Christine
Hoke, Mabel
Howe, Anna D.
Hoyt, Helen E.
Hunt, Marguerite L.
Hunt, Mary M.
Jacks, John P.
Jenne, Marion R.
Jones, Lewis H.
Joy, Eugene H., Reverend
Kane, Helene A.
Karpinksi, Louis Charles
Kegg, Bertha M.
Kelly, Helen V.
Kettle, William F., Reverend
Kincaid, Stella
Kirwan, John J.
Laing, Mary E.
Lamoree, Ruth F.
Lane, Ina Cooper
Lawrence, Carrie N
Lawrence, Isabel
Leadley, Esther
Lester, Ordelia A.
Lewis, George A.
Lewis, Katherine M.
Lewis, Lena M.
Lewis, Thomas D.
Loftus, Ethel
Loveridge, Lina Lyman
Lyon, Catherine E.
Mackin, Irene M.
Martin, Esther E.
Martin, Marguerite E.
Martin, Neil S.
May, Joseph
McCall, Ralph H.
McConnell, D. H.
McConnell, Vernice A.
McCormick, Marion B.
McGinn, Mary T.
McGrath, Jane Louise
McTiernan, Margaret E.
Meagher, Katherine W.
Meyers, Ida G.
Mitchell, Lucy H.
Mollison, Gilbert
Morey, Florence J.
Moroney, Genevieve L.
Mountsier, Mabel
Mowry, Ethelyn F.
Murphy, Nellie M.
Myers, Amelia
Myers, Florence E.
Neal, Helen P. Howell
Nelson, Mary L.
Nolan, James P.
Noyes, Pearl M.
O'Brine, Mary J.
O'Connor, Mary L.
Ottley, Mildred E.
Parker, Minnie B.
Parsons, John C., Dr.
Patterson, Elizabeth C.
Pease, Ruth E.
Peck, Flora E.
Pellettieri, Rosina A.
Peno, Mary A.
Perry, Arthur L.
Pierce, Luella Phillips
Place, Agnes V. W.
Plumb, A. Webb
Poucher, Allen W.
Poucher, Isaac B.
Ransom, Eliza Taylor, Dr.
Rappleye, Walker G.
Reynolds, Ernest
Richards, Charles W.
Richardson, A. W.
Richardson, Kate
Riggs, Lizzie Spicer
Ripley, Ellor Carlisle
Roat, Anna Louisa
Robinson, Mary H., Dr.
Robinson, Lulu L.
Roethgen, Nellie L.
Rogers, Ruth I.
Rosenqvist, Olga S.
Russell, Thomas G.
Rylah, Mabel
Savage, Leslie
Savage, C. S., Reverend
Sax, Henry W.
Schuyler, Eleanor L.
Seamans, Ruth E.
Sellier, Elizabeth M.
Severance, Lena Hill
Shear, S. R.
Sheldon, Charles Stiles
Shibley, Eleanor
Shriver, Ralph F.
Sisson, Eugene P.
Smith, Margaret K.
Smith, Sarah E.
Somers, Harriet P.
Speir, Edna R.
Spicer, Edna M.
Squires, W. H.
Stanley, Everett Milton
Stavely, Margaret C.
Steele, Samuel W., Reverend
Stephenson, Kenneth R.
Stevens, Lillian Oriet
Still, Clara F.
Still, Marion E.
Stimets, Charles C.
Stone, Donna I.
Stone, Florence M.
Stoneroad, Rebecca
Storms, Estelle F.
Stowell, Martha W.
Stowell, Merrick
Taplin, Lee N.
Taylor, Mollie Jemison
Thompson, Uldrich
Tompkins, Ada Eckert
Tooley, Queenie R.
Towse, Anna B.
Traver, Florence M.
Tucker, Nellie E.
Tufts, Edith May
Tuttle, Ezra A.
Tyler, Ruby M.
Underwood, Lottie E. Hamilton
VanHee, Nina M.
VanOtt, Benjamin H.
Wakeman, Mary
Walsh, Sarah M.
Walters, Irene H.
West, Mabel E.
Wetherald, Grace
Whitcomb, Hazel C.
White, Mildred E.
Whittenhall, Ethloine
Wibbe, Sophia A.
Wilde, Mabel A.
Woodhull, Julia B.
Worth, William A.
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Commencement of the Oswego State Normal and Training School and of the Normal High School and the Alumni Reunion. Program. Sixteen pages with cover, tied with a white braid. ( eng )
A list of graduates is included in the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
1911 ( eng )
Room 6, 48/1/42, Box 1 of 2, Folder 1-10 ( eng )
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CAPTION:1911 Semi-Centennial Exercices

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