1912 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement program

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1912 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement program
Creation Date:
June 25, 1912


Subjects / Keywords:
Academic Course
Class Motto
Class Officers
Drawing and Manual Training Course
Kindergarten Course
Kindergarten-Primary Course
Normal Course
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Ash, Alice L.
Bartlett, George Wilbur
Bassett, Katherine Elizabeth
Bassett, M. Elizabeth
Bayley, Edna Mae
Benson, Jeanette
Bentley, Ora E.
Benton, Roderick
Bishop, Elsie D.
Bowers, David F.
Brooks, Myron W., Jr.
Browne, Dorothy Loretta
Browne, Hazel M.
Brownell, Emma Jeanne
Burns, Sherman Moran
Burt, Mabel O.
Carroll, Emelie Frances
Chandler, Laura May
Chapman, Irene Winifred
Chiuminatto, Adelaide Mary
Cohn, Rebecca M.
Combs, Belle Rose
Connor, Nora E.
Craley, John H.
Crawford, Catherine Sydney
Cullinan, Gertrude J.
Currie, Ethel Louise
Dalton, Kathleen Cecilia
Darling, Mary Austin
Davis, Eva Winifred
Davis, May Ida
Davis, Winifred
Deady, Eva Carolyn
Dinnan, Agnes
Doane, Ruth Angeline
Dodd, Grace E.
Dolan, Marguerite Elizabeth
Downing, Katharine Louise
Dudley, Edith May
Dunlop, Jessie Genevieve
Dwyer, Agnes Jane
Ebblie, Lena Jennie
Ellis, Alta V.
Endres, Joseph John
Engle, Ada Elizabeth
Faber, Loretta Regina
Farrell, Agnes Marguerite
Farrell, Rose Eugenia
Ferguson, Pauline M.
Ferguson, Pauline Margaret
Ferris, Harvey D.
Fetterley, Maude B.
Flanigan, Helen Loretta
Fox, Carina Pearl
Frickey, Lena H.
Frink, Marion Margaret
Gaul, Mildred
Gibbons, Mary Aliced
Gould, Anita Margaret
Grainger, Carrie
Gros, Edith Elizabeth
Gunston, Edith
Hannay, Ethel M.
Harden, Laura A.
Harding, Rachel Anna
Hawkins, Marie
Haynes, George William
Hillabrandt, Lena M.
Hoke, Mabel Clarice
Houghton, Selena
Hourigan, Genevieve A.
Hutchinson, Jessie Louise
Jennings, E. Bella
Jerrett, Raymond N.
Joy, Augusta Mary
Kark, Florence Blanche
Keeler, Leah Jane
Kendal, Maud
Kimber, Gladys Harriet
Kirwan, Thomas A.
Kocher, Mabel Alice
Leadley, Esther
Lord, Lucy Ann
Lyke, Isabelle Irene
Manchester, Dora Bell
Mangus, Leta Frances
Margrey, Minnie Lenora
McCarthy, Helen Gilchrist
McCloskey, Bryson de Haas
McCriskin, Helen Elizabeth
McDonald, Louise Helen
McKnight, Elsie Jane
Miller, Laura Mae
Milligan, Edith W.
Mott, Helene Rosamond
Mottram, Marjorie
Murphy, Mary E.
Niles, Mary Ellen
O'Brien, Eva Mary
Olmstead, Marguerita B.
Parr, Dorothy
Parr, Ida Marie
Peirce, Ella W.
Peno, Bernadette Cecilia
Perry, Arthur L.
Perry, Arthur Louis
Phillips, Bessie Louise
Pierce, Ella W.
Poucher, Isaac B.
Purcell, Marguerite J.
Regan, Joseph John
Rhees, Rush
Robertson, Hazel Clare
Robinson, Florence, Elizabeth
Rogers, Mary F.
Rolfe, Helen M.
Roller, Laura Mary
Rounds, Olive Cleora
Samsel, Irene May
Savage, C. S., Reverend
Schilling, Marguerite E.
Shants, Carrie Ella
Shear, Sylvester R.
Shenk, Virginia May
Shore, M. Irene
Simons, Ethelyn W.
Skinner, Mildred M.
Smedley, Gail Madden
Smith, Fred Joseph
Spath, Loretta B.
Spicer, Edna Middleton
Spink, Gladys Mary
Stone, Maude Ellen
Sumner, Lillian Annis
Sweeny, Margaret Catherine
Tillapaugh, Mary L.
Tonks, S. Ethel
Towse, Leah
Travis, Emma
Turner, Ethel Augusta
Washington, Edith E.
Washington, Ruth Isabel
Welch, M. Loretta
Werner, Mary Elizabeth
Whitcomb, Hazel Collamer
White, Elizabeth Bertha
Willer, Mary Eno
Wright, Doris Lucile
Wright, Etheldred G.
Wright, Jennie Estella
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Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement program. Trifold. ( eng )
A list of graduates is included in the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
June 25, 1912 ( eng )
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CAPTION:June 1912 Graduates

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