1914 Commencement and Dedication of New Building, Alumni Reunion and Banquet, Pageant program

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1914 Commencement and Dedication of New Building, Alumni Reunion and Banquet, Pageant program
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July 1, 1914


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Academic Course
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Commencement Excercises
Critic Course
Elementary Teachers' Course
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Normal School Orchestra--New York--Oswego
Sheldon Hall--New York--Oswego
Alumni--New York--Oswego
Building Dedications--New York--Oswego
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Adkins, Robinson Edwin
Allen, John L.
Anibal, Marjorie M.
Austin, Flossie S.
Avery, Edna Arvilla
Baker, Louis W., Jr.
Ball, Madge L.
Barden, Florence Jane
Bassett, Karl E.
Bentley, Laura Ida
Benyon, Charlotte
Blauvelt, Mary Beatrice
Brandt, Genevieve
Breese, Hazel
Breese, Hazel M.
Brooks, Ruth Edna
Buerman, Winifred Ruth
Bunker, Mary Grant
Burhyte, Charles Herbert
Cackett, Mary J.
Cates, Myrtle Georgina
Chryst, Mary Estelle
Clarke, F. O.
Clarke, Ruth E.
Clemens, Grace Adelma
Clute, Lulu Mae
Cooke, Viola Louisa
Cornell, Bessie Louise
Corrigan, Nan E.
Cronin, Mary Agnes
Crowley, Ellen Mary
Cullen, Alice J.
Curtis, Maude Esther
Daley, Alice V.
Dean, Florence Elizabeth
DeLaney, Genevieve M.
Dodds, Halla Jean
Driscoll, Gertrude Elizabeth
Dryer, Mildred Lucilla
Duffy, John M.
Dutcher, Mary H.
Edwards, Winifred A.
Edwards, Winifred Alice
Faber, John F.
Fabing, Catherine L.
Fabing, Catherine Leona
Farmer, Edythe B.
Finegan, Thomas E., Dr.
Finley, John H.
Fischer, Gertrude Inez
Flatman, Winifred A.
Foothorape, Ellen
Frack, Mildred R.
Frawley, Anna Marie
Frawley, Ellen M.
French, Louise Hewitt
Gesner, Richmond H., Reverend
Gibbons, Eileen Elizabeth
Gibson, Helen Marguerite
Gillman, Lena Maud
Grady, Edward Lappin
Grady, Frances Katherine
Hakes, Elizabeth Getman
Hamel, Eugene J.
Hanagan, Florence A.
Hanley, Frederick P.
Harding, Rachel A.
Hathaway, Edna Elizabeth
Hedges, Dorothy
Helt, Rubie
Henderson, Ella Lauretta
Henrick, Kathleen V.
Hinckley, Adeline
Hoag, Hazel Morgan
Horton, Faye C.
Hoyle, Frances Rhodes
Hubbard, Harriet Walsh
Huntting, Edith May
Isdell, Ida M.
Jewett, Hugh A.
Johnson, Elizabeth Cole
Johnson, Irene Bethia
Keane, Frances Ann
Kerwin, Thomas Daniel
Kimball, Anna A.
King, Pearl A.
Klein, Agnes Loyola
Korbel, Helen M.
Kurtz, Elsie M.
Lally, Zita Marie
Landers, Frederick W.
Lawton, Jesse Alvin
Lewis, Charles Albert
Lipe, Mabel Gertrude
Loftus, Nellie Teresa
Loomis, Ralph A.
Lord, Lucy Ann
Lovell, Myron R.
Luke, Isabel Irene
Lyon, Reva Hall
Mack, Marie Margaret
MacLaughlin, Florence
Male, Anna Eleanor
Manchester, Lulu M.
Manktelow, Anna Elizabeth
Massinelli, Rose Genevieve
Matteson, Joseph Robert
McCann, Mary Ethel
McCarthy, Ellen V.
McConnell, Vernice Anna
McLaughlin, Teresa M.
Meiss, Hazel Genevieve
Milo, John Emerson
Milo, Mattie
Mitchell, Anna M.
Mitchell, Evelyn F.
Morse, Laurel V.
Mott, Frieda C.
Murphy, Mary Frances
Myers, Amelia
O'Connor, Ella M.
O'Geran, Mary L.
Olmstead, Harry L.
Olmstead, Harry Lester
Orr, Marion C.
Osborne, Evelyn S.
Ostrander, Marion E.
Park, John
Park, John W.
Park, Joseph C.
Parr, Dorothy
Parr, Sidney T.
Parr, Violet E.
Perry, Hattie Louise
Piez, Richard K.
Plumb, A. Webb
Poucher, Isaac B.
Prendergast, Florence M.
Pullen, Bonita
Regan, Mary Ellen
Riggs, James G.
Robillard, Mildred Lorraine
Rose, Annabel
Rudd, Grace Adelia
Sant, Julia Agnes
Saternow, Marion Irene
Savage, Leslie
Scales, Caroline L. G.
Scheutzow, Ruth L.
Schuyler, Eleanor L.
Scott, Mae
Servatius, Lauretta H.
Shannon, James Edgar
Shants, Mary Rickard
Shea, Marguerite A.
Silvernail, Inez E.
Sinclair, Anna L.
Sinnamon, Carolyn
Smith, Elizabeth C.
Spencer, Lee A.
Stevens, Harriet E.
Stewart, Violet Ruth
Stewart, Violet T.
Stickle, Florence Marion
Stone, Ruth Ellen
Sullivan, Marguerite F.
Sumner, Eunice Elizabeth
Syms, Kathleen Agnes
Tether, Chester
Tiffany, Sarah Miranda
Towse, Leah Mary
Trinkhaus, G. F.
Trowbridge, Ethel
VanHorne, Ethel A.
Waggoner, Cora F.
Waggoner, Cora Fannie
Walker, Mabel Blanche
Walrath, Marjorie Elizabeth
Walsh, Monica Walsh
Washington, Ruth I.
Waterman, Charlotte
Watson, Arvilla Finch
Webster, Louise Amelia
Williams, Burnice L.
Wilson, Bertha Catherine
Wolfenden, Ann Amelia
Woodruff, Edith Irene
Woods, Margaret J.
Workman, Violet Anna
Wright, Helena Florence
Young, Alice I.
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1914 Commencement and Dedication of New Building, Alumni Reunion and Banquet, Pageant program. 30 pages and cover. Good condition, some stains, small amount of curling on edges. ( eng )
A list of graduates and participating faculty members is included in the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
July 1, 1914 ( eng )
Includes newspaper clipping, ( eng )
"School Building Brings $12,500. Old Oswego Normal Structure Sold at Public Auction. Buffalo Man's Bid Is High. Property Said to Represent Investment of $250,000 -- Grounds May Be Converted Into Lots. Special to the Post-Standard. Oswego, June 19. -- ( eng )
The old Oswego Normal School building abandoned by the State Department of Education last year was sold at public auction to-day to W. A. Robbin, representing the Buffalo Housewrecking & Salvage Company. Mr. Robbin's bid of $12,500 was accepted by P. W. Cullinan, who represented the State Department. ( eng )
The property represents an investment of $250,000. ( eng )
The Buffalo firm will probably wreck the building and divide the grounds into building lots. ( eng )
There were several bidders. John S. Parsons of this city opened with an offer of $10,000." ( eng )
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CAPTION:1914 Commencement & Pageant

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