1919 Oswego State Normal & Training School Commencement program

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1919 Oswego State Normal & Training School Commencement program
Creation Date:
June 20, 1919


Subjects / Keywords:
Class Officers
Course in Industrial Arts
Elementary Teachers' Course
Kindergarten-Primary Course
Manual Arts Course
Normal Grammar School--New York--Oswego
Normal School Orchestra--New York--Oswego
Special Drawing Certificate
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Adcock, Dorothy
Alfred, Louise
Allen, Nelson M.
Andrews, Edward
Anthony, Emma
Anthony, Fred
Anthony, Herbert
Armbrecht, Edna
Armstrong, Gertrude E.
Babcock, Elinor
Ball, Mary C.
Barnes, Grace Elizabeth
Barnes, Margaret
Batchelor, Isabelle
Beadle, Lois
Bennett, Eileen
Bessell, Bessie Leah
Bishop, Donald
Bombardier, Delor A.
Botting, Helen B.
Botting, Helen Bird
Bradt, Anna
Brown, Grace E.
Brown, Marjorie
Bryant, Catherine
Carroll, Mary Elizabeth
Clark, Grace C.
Clark, Marian Grace
Clock, Grace Lonnell
Coe, Verna
Collier, Cecile
Conrad, Arthur Buddeberg
Conrad, Henry Clifford
Converse, Dorothy
Covell, Agnes Rose
Curtin, Mary Joanna
Daily, Leona May
Douglas, Madalene
Dowd, Sherman
Dunn, Gertrude L.
Dutcher, L. B., Reverend
Early, James M.
Ernst, Maude A.
Fanning, Agnes C.
Fitch, Adelaide Capen
Fobes, Lucile M.
Forscutt, John Richard
Franklin, Angeline C..
Gallagher, Serg. Fred
Gardner, John
Gaul, Serg. Henry
Geer, Gladys M.
Gill, Mary K.
Gray, Dorothy Edna
Gray, Eleanor A.
Green, Benita
Griffen, Dorothy Violet
Griffiths, Margaret E.
Grimm, Bessie June
Harmon, Dorothy V.
Hart, Ethel M.
Helmer, Edith Gertrude
Hollister, Gladys
Hopkins, Thomas
Horton, Frances L.
Howe, Kenneth
Ingalls, M. Virginia
Jensen, Dorothy
Johnson, Ruth
Jones, Florence E.
Judson, Emma F.
Kane, Lillian Theresa
Karpinski, Edwards
Kellogg, Walter Guest
Kline, Violet Tracie
Loucks, Doris I.
Loudon, Edward
Macdowell, George
Mackey, Mary Elizabeth
Mahaney, Anna R.
Martin, Helen Mae
Mather, Rosalyn
McCarthy, Alice Helen
McGann, Dorothy
McGrath, Helen E.
McLaughlin, Margaret
McMann, Elizabeth
McMann, Evaline
McNamara, Jane L.
Millott, Henrietta
Morgan, Amey Morrison
Mulcahy, Margaret C.
Mundy, M. Margaret
Parker, Anna
Pelin, Robert
Penfield, Lida S.
Perkins, Stanley
Pierce, Beatrice
Poucher, Jane
Richardson, Rose A.
Rider, Ethel C.
Robinson, Helen Corinne
Robison, Irene Viola
Roosa, Nora A.
Sanford, Emma Pearl
Shannon, Harold
SinClair, Frederick
Smith, Harry
Southgate, Alice
Stowell, Merrick
Sullivan, Mary Katherine
Terrott, Frances A.
Thomason, Col. Henry T.
Turner, Hortense Eleanor
Van de Bogart, Grizzella
Veley, Blanche Beatrice
Veley, Ruth Rosemond
Walker, Muriel E.
Wallace, Rene
Warner, Madelyn A.
Weigelt, Henry
Whitney, Alexis
Wildrick, Hazel M.
Winchester, Rev. M. J.
Woods, Ruth D.
Workman, Pearl Elizabeth
Workman, Verna Chetney
Zulauf, Hilda Madalain
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1919 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement program. Tri-fold. A list of gradautes and participants has been added to the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
June 20, 1919 ( eng )
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CAPTION:1919 Commencement Program

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