1925 Oswego Normal School Graduation Program

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1925 Oswego Normal School Graduation Program
Creation Date:
June 18, 1925


Subjects / Keywords:
Commencement Excercises
Industrial Teacher Training Course
Intermediate Course
Junior High School Course
Kindergarten-Primary Course
Normal School Orchestra--New York--Oswego
Oswego State Normal School--New York--Oswego
Rites & Ceremonies
Agne, Bernice Pearl
Anthony, Jessie
Appleman, Viola
Barnard, Alice
Bauer, Arthur W.
Bigley, Curtis F.
Bishop, Margaret H.
Blake, Kathryn V.
Bradway, Margaret
Brefka, Henry P.
Brownell, Earl Harvey
Buck, Carmen G.
Burditt, Donald Brimigion
Burnham, LaMont H.
Butler, Earl W.
Cady, Aleda
Campbell, Cleone
Carnwright, John Clayton
Carter, John
Clayton, Fred
Clayton, Hassel
Colburn, Janet Agnes
Cornwell, Dorothy Ellouise
Crahan, Mary G.
Cuddeback, Zillah Grace
DaBoll, Edna Marguerite
Davies, Julia A.
Davis, Leslie
Dearborn, Ned H.
Delling, Grace M.
Delong, Hayden Fay
Donovan, Mary Teresa
Dooley, Arleen Elizabeth
Dunbar, Leroy
Durm, Dororthy
Ebert, Sarah Helene
Edwards, Robert C.
Emerick, Stanley
Enos, Theordora
Falkinburg, Ella Marie
Fasset, Marian E.
Faust, John H.
Fenske, Norma
Flaherty, John Joseph
Foley, Marguerite Mary
Fortsythe, Edmund M.
Gannon, Marion
Glassford, Edwin
Glassford, Marion Ruth
Greene, LeRoy M.
Greenwood, Alice Gertrude
Groat, Tressa Thompson
Hager, Bessie M.
Harrington, Catherine Mercedes
Harris, Luella May
Hart, Anthony C.
Heagerty, Helen Margaret
Hoagland, Muriel
Jacquette, Frances Margaret
Johnson, Maude C.
Jones, Charles
Judd, Evelyn L.
Judd, Winifred
Kelly, Edna Mary
Kelly, Mary Catherine
Kerman, Herbert Charles
Kimball, Lois
King, Beatrice
King, Ella I.
Kittams, James S.
Kogan, Clarence Harry
LaBarge, Grove
Lamb, Lawrence
Lamson, Morris
LeBaron, Walter A., Jr.
Legg, Ina Marion
Lewis, Virginia
Livingston, Mabel Elizabeth
Lyke, John Mayrand
MacCombie, Vera
Mahnke, Mildred Ellen
Malone, Anna M.
McCann, Mabel
McCarthy, Esther M.
McCarthy, Robert J.
McKale, Dorothy
Medlong, Bertha
Merring, Curtis N.
Metcalf, James M.
Mitchell, Clarence
Morgan, Edna Huntley
Mundy, Agnes Beatrice
Murphy, Gertrude Elizabeth
Mylott, Margaret Elizabeth
Nichols, Leone Wood
Norton, John Francis
O'Brien, Evelyn
O'Connor, Frances Winslow
O'Connor, Marie W.
Orth, Merald K.
Osgood, C. Sumner, Reverend
Owens, B. Alfreda
Petermann, Robert John
Piez, Richard K.
Quillman, Ruth M.
Randall, Helen Winifred
Reagan, James E.
Reese, Hazel Lucile
Richards, Lola
Richmond, Charles L.
Rundell, Howard M.
Russell, Laurence Seymour
Sant, Ethel
Sharp, Fannie Rosetta
Skelly, Patrick Henry
Smith, Veronica Mary
Southgate, Louise
Stagner, Lora Gertrude
Stevens, Lucy Laura
Taylor, Fred
Taylor, Thomas
Thompson, Ethel Marie
Tompkins, Kenneth R.
Toms, Eva
Troy, Katherine Ann
Wakeman, George Miner
Wallace, Ina May
Watkins, Reba Anne
Weigelt, Henry Smith
Weigelt, William
Werner, Joseph
Whitcomb, Glen
White, Doris Elizabeth
Whitney, Edwin
Woodruff, Ruth Alice
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1925 Oswego Normal School Graduation Program. Bifold plus second (3 1/2" x 6") insert with Grammar School Graduates' list of names. A list of participants and graduates has been added to the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
June 18, 1925 ( eng )
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CAPTION:1925 Graduation Program

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