1931 Oswego State Normal School Seventieth Annual Graduation Program

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1931 Oswego State Normal School Seventieth Annual Graduation Program
Creation Date:
June 17, 1931


Subjects / Keywords:
Commencement Excercises
Grammar Course
Grammar School Graduates
Industrial Teacher Training Course
Intermediate Course
Kindergarten-Primary Course
Normal School Orchestra--New York--Oswego
Professional Elementary Certificate
Special Classes for Exceptional Children
Oswego State Normal School--New York--Oswego
Rites & Ceremonies
Agne, Marion Frances
Allen, Ferne Eleanora
Bahr, Clara Margaret
Bareham, Elsie V.
Barrington, Florence
Bennett, Mabel E.
Benson, Flossie Lydia
Benson, Sarah Hubbard
Bertsche, Frank T.
Biggers, Bertha E.
Bishop, Jane Isabel
Blake, Arlene Ann
Bond, Dora Mae
Bond, Ellen Frances
Bradley, Laura Tenney
Brannon, Olive Margaret
Bull, Lila Gladys
Burkart, Florence Catherine
Callahan, Teresa Frances
Carroll, James Edward
Carson, Florence Eva
Cavellier, Nellie May
Clute, Jeannette Mae
Colbert, Mary Alice
Colman, Mildred Mae
Cottrell, Doris Estelle
Courteville, Hazel
Cowles, Iva Mae
Cummings, Catherine Ursula
Cunningham, Dorothy Elizabeth
Cypher, Ellen Woods
Davies, Menna
Day, Ruth
Delaney, Loretta A.
Donaldson, Ruth C.
Downs, R. Parker
Drake, Eileen Doris
Edgar, Clara Ouderkirk
Edmonds, Arlene Laura
Farnel, Alberta G.
Ferry, Frederick C., Dr.
Field, David Albert
Fields, Hetty A.
Fields, Lewis P.
Finnan, Catharine Margaret
Finnerty, Alice Mary
Flanders, J. K.
Fleming, Maude Allie
Folts, Delila Fuller
Forton, Aletha Mae
Gannett, Ruth Lina
Gilbert, Ruth Lovilla
Goewey, Grace L.
Grant, Elsie Penelope
Greenley, Dorothy May
Guernsey, Edgard Albert
Guernsey, Evelyn Ruth
Hallock, Edith Mary
Halsey, Bessie
Hanno, Muriel M.
Haresign, Neta L.
Heigl, Marie E.
Hess, Bertha M.
Himple, William F.
Hoage, Julia Florence
Huggins, Geraldine M.
Hunt, Georgiana
Hutchins, William Ward
Irland, Raymond James
Jacobs, Marion Pearl
Jacquette, Dorothy Marie
Jepson, Savilla W.
Jones, Kenneth J. J.
Kany, Julius F.
Keller, Ada Pearl
Kimball, Lois Cecelia
Kitchen, Buelah Louise
Kubis, William W.
Laurie, Hazel Marie
Lauther, Mildred
Lavere, Mary Catherine
Legg, Helen G.
Lewis, Mildred Adams
Loane, F. Carol
Lory, Mildred Irene
Mace, Vivian Irma
Manning, Mary Muriel
March, Dorothy B.
Martus, Mary Alice
Mayer, Gertrude Isabelle
McCarthy, Mary Genevieve
McDermott, Ellen Jeannette
McGrath, Mary Louise
McSperit, Helena
Monnat, Margery A.
Muldoon, Ruth
Mulvaney, Mary C.
Neary, John Bernard
Patterson, Audria V.
Piez, Richard K.
Plantz, Dorothy Lucile
Powers, Freda Marie
Randles, Marion Shirley
Reagan, Velma Mary
Riggs, James G.
Russell, Mary
Russell, Mary Agnes
Ryan, Valentina Jane
Scanlan, Kathryn Isabelle
Scheutzoe, Helen R.
Shahan, Leona May
Shapiro, Rose Janet
Simmons, Carol Beth
Smithling, Luverne Marie
Stack, Mary Ellen
Stacy, Ruth Louise
Staley, Emma
Stets, Louise
Summerville, Mary Elizabeth
Taffner, Margaret Elizabeth
Terry, Lilian Edna
Todaro, Michael
Treichel, Helen Mae
Twoomey, Genevieve
Upcraft, Kenneth William
Vreeland, Reverand F. B., Jr.
Waldron, Raymond Arthur
Webster, Lois E.
Whalen, Rose Marie
White, Mildred C.
Williams, Florence Ellen
Williams, Genevieve Greene
Wise, Harold E.
Wood, Gladys May
Woodruff, Florence Sarah
Yerdon, Eva Randall
Young, Clara Margaret
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1931 Oswego State Normal School Seventieth Annual Graduation Program. 4 leaves. A list of participants and graduates has been added to the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
June 17, 1931 ( eng )
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CAPTION:June 1931 Graduation Program

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