1932 Oswego State Normal School Commencement program

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1932 Oswego State Normal School Commencement program
Creation Date:
June 16, 1932


Subjects / Keywords:
Bedford Construction Co., Inc.
Grammar Course
Industrial arts
Intermediate Course
Kindergarten-Primary Course
Normal School Orchestra--New York--Oswego
Normal School Orchestra--New York--Oswego
Professional Elementary Certificate
Special Classes for Exceptional Children
Oswego State Normal School--New York--Oswego
Rites & Ceremonies
Andrews, Paul V.
Auth, Jack Walter
Avery, Alice Sara
Ballieul, Ferdinand Arthur
Bates, Claude Harold
Bates, Harry E.
Bennett, Edith Clark
Bennett, Norman H.
Benzing, Alice Mildred
Berben, Mary Wilhelmina
Blanchette, Loretta Doris
Blockinger, William Frederick
Bosworth, Charles Thomas
Bradway, H. Margaret
Brier, Josephine Edith
Buttimer, Edward P., Reverend
Byrne, James, Dr.
Cavert, Reverend Walter D.
Crozier, Gerald W.
Davis, Doris Beverly
DeLaVergne, Louis Boyd
Demmon, Helen Lucinda
Dinda, Emma Marie
Donahue, Lillian Gladd
Doverman, Max
Dunbar, LeRoy A.
Dunn, Katie Rachel
Dwight, Carlton E.
Dwyer, Mary M.
Fifield, Kenneth H.
Flynn, Marion Jeanne
Gannon, Marian Ruth
Graves, Frank P., Dr.
Halsey, Lyle Harmon
Hanno, Kathryn Annette
Haugaard, William E.
Hayes, Flora A.
Hendricks, Marray
Holmes, Margaret Blanche
Jones, Barclay
Jones, John Robert
Kascur, Charles
Keller, Julie Adelaide
Lamb, Lawrence E.
Larchar, Lewis L.
Longley, Merle E.
Lont, Rowena Eris
Loomis, Joseph H.
Loudon, Thomas
MacCombie, Vera Janet
Marchak, Peter
Marian, Olympia Virginia
Martin, Margaret Elizabeth
McKale, Dorothy Marie
Meade, Olive G.
Nai, Eligio
Nencetti, Albert S.
Nichols, Alice Gertrude
Nichols, Frances Irene
Pelow, Irene Myrtle
Phelps, Mary Frances
Piez, Richard K.
Piquegney, Clara Doris
Pomilio, Marie Dorothy
Putnam, Louise Helen
Quirk, Edward James
Reed, Lela Howell
Rhamsdorf, Gene
Richards, Lola Gladys
Riggs, James G.
Robotham, Ruth Louise
Rode, Edith Mary
Rose, Chester
Saunders, Albert D.
Schneible, Irene Rose
Schneider, Elsie Rose
Schuler, Albertine Louise
Scriber, Carroll
Shepard, Dewitt Clinton
Simon, Louise Catherine
Snyder, William E.
Starks, Arthur Elbert
Steeper, Ruth Adaline
Stever, Raymond Dudley
Stocks, Pearl Foster
Tallon, Willard Thurston
Thomas, Ruth
Tollerton, Dorothy Elizabeth
Toms, Eva
Travis, Leslie Kenneth
Tucker, Ruth Mildred
Tyler, Lloyd Ward
Wallce, George E.
Waugh, Herbert Guy
Weiand, Adeline Marie
Wells, Alfred D.
Westcott, Angie O.
WIlson, Lewis A.
Wycoff, Jeannette Damon
Yancey, Lydia A.
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Documentary Artifact ( nmc )


1932 Oswego State Normal School Commencement Program and Dedication of Industrial Arts Building. 4 leaves. A list of participants and graduates has been added to the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
June 16, 1932 ( eng )
General Note:
CAPTION:June 1932 Graduation Program

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