1942 Oswego State Teachers College Commencement + Baccalaureate programs

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1942 Oswego State Teachers College Commencement + Baccalaureate programs
Creation Date:
June 7 - 8, 1942


Subjects / Keywords:
Commencement Excercises
General Elementary Course--Four-Year--Bachelor of Education
Industrial Arts Course, Bachelor of Science in Education
Oswego State Teachers College--New York--Oswego
Rites & Ceremonies
Andrews, Margaret Ellen
Barry, Frances Louise
Barry, Theda
Barry, Theda Marguerite
Beavers, Dorothy
Beha, Margaret Mary
Benini, Edmond E.
Best, Carlene Mary
Bishop, Frances Merle
Brown, Doris
Brown, Doris Caroline
Cavellier, Mary Elizabeth
Corso, John F.
Culeton, M. Jane
Dickow, Walton Albert
Dunbar, Leroy A.
Ealden, A. Marie
Essner, William Harold
Fahey, Mary Katherine
Fellows, Edward Clayton
Fulton, Elizabeth Anne
Gaebler, Mary Beatrice
Gifford, Marjorie Elora
Greenberg, Martin M.
Gwinn, Robert Story, Jr.
Haddad, Reverend George
Haessig, William Burke
Hennessey, Joseph Thomas
Hubbard, Priscilla Jean
Hyde, Francis F.
Ingalsbe, C. Alan
Johns, Alfred S.
Johnson, Anne
Kallgren, Carl A., Dr.
Kenneth, Edna Mae
Kieper, Beatrice Veronica
Kirsch, John A. W., Reverend
Kirschner, Naida Louise
Kosowski, Alfreda Ann
Lasher, Hiram S., Jr.
Lavenburg, Helen Irene
Law, William Andrew
Leggett, Dorothy Rae
Leland, Sigmunt N.
Longhway, Annamae
Loschiavo, Charles
Mahaney, Betty Margaret
May, Reverend George
McCormack, Helen Marguerite
McLaughlin, Kathryn Theresa
Millis, Ethel Lillian
Miner, GIlbert Bertrand
Moore, James A.
Morrison, Tom
Murray, Dorothy Una
Nelson, Betty S.
Newstead, Lyla Lorraine
Nichols, Alice Gertrude
North, Ethel Irene
Outterson, Gilbert George
Piez, Richard K.
Pomphret, Ellen Margaret
Preston, Thomas Sumner
Ranta, John W.
Riley, Rita Frances
Robbins, Eva I.
Rundell, F. Newton
Scheele, Mary Margaret
Segal, Stanley John
Seymour, E. Elizabeth
Sizer, Reverend Henry S.
Smithers, Doris Elnora
Snyder, Beatrice Louise
Snyder, Walter A.
Stern, Barbara Hermine
Sullivan, Mary Florence
Swetman, Ralph W.
Swinyard, Nora Irene
Trass, Wilford Lynn
Travis, Raymond S.
Ury, Harvey Edson
Waldron, Phyllis M.
Walker, Genevieve C.
Weltz, Helen Marie
Wheeler, Jane
Will, Robert J.
Williams, Marshall D., Reverend
Wolford, Roland Frederick
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Eighty-first Annual Commencement program. Oswego State Teachers College. ( eng )
Baccalaureate Service program. ( eng )
June 7, 1942 ( eng )
June 8, 1942 ( eng )
A list of participants and graduates has been added to the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
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CAPTION:1942 Baccalaureate program

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