1945 Oswego State Teachers College Commencement + Baccalaureate programs

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1945 Oswego State Teachers College Commencement + Baccalaureate programs
Creation Date:
June 10, 1945


Subjects / Keywords:
Commencement Excercises
Elementary Course--Bachelor of Education--Four-Year
Industrial Arts Course, Bachelor of Science in Education
Industrial-Vocational Course, Bachelor of Science in Education
Sheldon Memorial Organ--New York--Oswego
Oswego State Teachers College--New York--Oswego
Rites & Ceremonies
Angel, Marion
Baker, Phyllis O'Brien
Batchelor, Ruth Ellen
Bishop, Helen Alice
Blank, Franklin K., Reverend
Brown, Marjorie Ball
Brown, Olive Caroline
Burden, Elizabeth Marie
Butterworth, Esther Irene
Carroccio, Rosalie J.
Carroll, Elizabeth Marietta
Clark, Dorothy Brown
Coon, Maria E.
Culver, Betta Marguerite
Davies, Vincent J. A.
Derousie, Henrietta Grace
Donovan, Irene Beatrice
DuBois, Frances Arlene
Ellis, Kathryn Emmons
Emmanuel, Dorothy Ruth
Evans, Arthur Walwyn, Reverend
Fava, Angelica Gloria
Featherly, Shirley E.
Finn, Mary Ann
Fuxjager, Robert M.
Goodness, Jeanette Florence
Grieve, Elizabeth J.
Griffiths, William, Reverend
Groat, Gladys J.
Hartnett, Patrick J., Reverend
Hartwell, Ernest, Dr.
Hudson, Harriet C.
Jackson, Marjorie Elizabeth
Johnson, Harold B.
Jones, Margaret E.
Jorgensen, Robert Lorents
Kambas, Margaret
Kehoe, William Lawrence
Kellogg, Gertrude C.
Kitts, Helen Margarite
Kowalski, Jeanne Morris
Malchoff, Elinor Jane
Malek, Paul
Mathews, Charles E., Reverend
Matteson, Margaret Miner
McLaughlin, Mary Carol
Meade, David E.
Neuhoff, Ruth Celine
Piez, Richard K.
Reid, Betty Louise
Ridgeway, Luther M.
Ridgeway, Luther Milton
Roarke, Doris Elizabeth
Rogers, Constance Burr
Rogers, Milly Lindsley
Rossberg, Rita Carol
Sarat, Helen
Seifert, Blanche
Shackleton, Elizabeth Jane
Smith, Betty Jane
Smith, Joan Edelle
Sutherland, Norma Joy
Swetman, Ralph W.
Tutunjian, Albert S.
Tyler, Jane B.
Van Duyne, Evelyn Ruth
Wagner, Glenn A.
Waldman, Robert David
Warner, Dorothy LeBlanc
Waterman, Mary Rose
White, Izora Elizabeth
Wilder, Irene Jane
Wolford, Betty Irene
Wright, Jane
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Oswego State Teachers College Eighty-Fourth Annual Commencement program and Baccalaureate Service program. ( eng )
June 10, 1945 ( eng )
A list of participants and graduates has been added to the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
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CAPTION:1945 Commencement program

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