Grandfather Clock
Tall Case Clock

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Grandfather Clock Tall Case Clock
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wood case, clock parts


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Faculty - Student Association of State University College at Oswego--New York--Oswego
Clocks & watches
Bieling, Robert F.
Lunan, William
Robinson, Frank E.
Wassenaar, James E.
Webster, Donald F.
Clock, Tall Case


Grandfather clock on display in Special Collections, room 8, the Reading Room. ( eng )
Provenance described in August 13, 1971, memorandum to Mr. James Wassenaar (Housing/Student Services) from Frank E. Robinson (Industrial Arts Department faculty member). ( eng )
* Placement of long-case clock in the lobby of Waterbury Hall. ( eng )
* Clock was purchased with Faculty-Student Association funds "to be placed in the Waterbury Hall lobby untikl such time as the historical room in the library was finished. This is verified in memoranda from Foster Brown's office in 1962 and early 1963." ( eng )
Mr. Robinson is "instructing Mr. Bieling (Robert F., Plant Superintendent) to move the clock at the earliest possible time to the historical room in the library where it is to be set up and made operative so that all parts of the college community can enjoy it, and it can be cared for on a daily basis through the assignment of that responsibility to one of our custodial staff." ( eng )
cc: Mr. Webster (Donald F., Library Director in 1971) ( eng )
This memorandum can be found taped to the inner-side of locked front clock door. ( eng )
The photographs in Media links show the placement of the grandfather clock in the Reading Room, view of the overall clock, close-ups of clock face and interior view of pendulum bob, pendulum rod and weight. The photographs were taken in June 2014 by Special Collections staff. ( eng )
The clock face is printed, "William Lunan. Aberdeen". There is also a square opening at 6:00 with a date. ( eng )
Special Collections staff has the key to the door on the front of the clock. Opening the door allows a view of the pendulum and weight. Also, up through the top of that compartment to the clock works. ( eng )
At this time the clock is not running. Current Special Collections staff do not recall the clock running. (Earliest recollection is the fall of 1998.) ( eng )
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CAPTION:Grandfather Clock in room 8

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