1st Session (1965-66) Legislative Documents

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1st Session (1965-66) Legislative Documents
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Legislative Documents from the 1st Session (1965-66) of the State University of New York at Oswego Student Association.
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STUDENT ASSOCILTION RESOLUTION INDEX -S.wea& Lagislntivc Session Resolution No. 1. 2. Rugarding Stud~nt Parking lots Regarding student ourriculum and advisor informtion


Student Association Stato Univcrsity of New York Coll~gc at Oswcgo March 23, 1966 A RESOLUTION Tho following rosolution was approvcd and actod upon: Be it rasolvcd of thc Studcnt Lasociation Sonatc of the Stato Univcrsity of Ncw York Collogo at Oswogo: Whoroas: thc northernmost student parking lots and access roads arc in a doplorablo condition and bhcreas: oaoh atud~nt who drives a vehiole to campus must pay an annual foo of $4.00 for parking, Bc it resolv~d that the appropriate organization, bc it the Dc-vclopmcnt Lssociation or the State Department of Works ~ivision on oaxpus, takc immediate steps to alleviate this situation by: 1. filling in with gravel or an appropriato material thc huge rut in thc road bctwcen thc two parking lots or 2. doing whatcvcr else is in their powor to help oorrcct the doplorablo oondition. Bc it further rcsolved that a copy of this rosolution bc sont to thc appropriatc collcgo officials to d~monstrato studsnt oonccrn with this problcm, 1= RESOLUTION Tha following resolution was approvod and acted upon: Be it resolvcd of tho Studont Lssociation Senate of tho Statc University of New York Collogo at Oswogo:


(Resolution 2 Continucd) Whcrcas: many studcnts aro ignorant of th~ courses required for th~ir curricu1um and, IJhcreas: many students have not b~cn informed of the nmo of thair advisor, Bc it rcsolvcd that each new studcnt be notificd, by means of cur-riculum m~etings or bulletins, of his advisors and requircd courses. 2nd Legislative Session 5th Sonatc Meeting October 3, 1966 Resolution 1 ION Bc it rosolvod this, the third day of October, 1966, that: 1, We, as olcctad roproscntativ~s of thc student body of Oswego Stata, do hcroby roquest the attorncy-general of thc State of NGW York, to conduct, or hav~ conduotod, an investigation into tho affairs of the State University Colloge at Osw~go Dovelopncnt Association, and to subsequcntly lay baro tho facts of its operation to the gonc~al publio, inoluding its scopc of activities, its purposes, and its f inancial structure. We tho students bolisvo that a public appraisal of this private corporation is, at this time, important, not only to Oswogols Faculty and Students but to the taxpayers as well. Signed, Pr~sident of SeAq., Vice-Prosidcnt of S.?., Sanators 2. Bo it furtber resolved that copics of this request be sent to Governor Rockcfcllcr, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Frank D. O!Connor, State Senator John Hughos, Assembly Spcakar Anthony Travia, Senato FIajority Leador Earl W. Brydgcs, Scnator HI Douglas Barclay, dssembl~n Edward F, Crawford, nnd to the S.U.C.O. Development Lasociation, and President James Pcrduc, S.U.C.O.


October 10, 1966 A RES OLUTIOEJ BC it rosolvcd that the Studont Lssociation of the State University of Now York College at Oswego: Whoroas: It is felt that the collcge class as a functioning and effective organization at Oswego has outlived its usefulness: Bc it rosolvcd that the Studont Association cannot prohibit tho eloction of class officers by tho mombars of an individual graduating class, but neither will tho Student Asociation rocogniz~ any class structure, i.e. class officers, as legitimate organizations on tho Oswcgo campus. Be it further resolved that the President of tho Studant Lssociation will appoint, with thc consont of the Senate, thc Chairman of the Seniors! Committco, It shall be the duty of this cm~ittce, in cooporation with tho appropriate collcg~ officials to provide for tho traditional functions of tb~ graduating class in relation to the announcements, a clhss gift, and Senior Wock activities. This committee shall be ahoson from the members of the current junior alass in the Spring somcster, The committoe shall then p~esent a budget roquest for its activities for the following y~arrs graduation oxorcisos and exponscs to thc Troasurer of the Student 3ssociation by Lpril 15, It shall then bc incorporated into thc proposed Studcnt Association budget for tho following year. Passed by Roll Call Vote 9-1-4 2nd Legislativo Session 8th Sonato Mceting Rssolution 3 C RESOLUTION BG it resolved of tho Student University Collcgc at Oswcgo: October a, 1966 Scnate of the Stato Whcrcea: Lighting facilities are inadequate in Student Parking Lots 1, 3, and 5, and poorly lighted lots mcy .esult in security problems and unneces. ~ry accidanfn*


(Resolution 3 Continued) Bc it roeolved that the Student Assooiation Senate endorse any measures that may bo taken to overcome or alleviate tho current problom, Passod (14-0-1) :Lpp~oved: Oatober 24, 1966


Bo it rccomcnded by the Rules and Procedures Committee of the Student Lssooiation that the, following rulcs and procedures for the operation of tho Senate bo adopted. Rule I Prosidont Pro Tompore Section 1, The President pro tompore shall be a voting member of tho Student Senate and shall be elected by a majority of tho Senate by a socret ballot. Section 2. He shall take charge of all V2oe Presidential duties in the absence of tho Student Body President, Section 3. He shall vote in all business before tho Senate, but shall vote last when be is presiding, Rule I1 T orripor ary Chaimnan Seotion 1, The Vioe Prasident shall have the right to nmo a nomber; of tb~ Senate Tom~orarv Cbairmn in the event that both he and the President pro tempore will be absent from a meeting of the Student Senate, but such appointment shall not extend beyond adjournment of that meeting, Section 2, During his appointment bs shall have all powers of the President pro tempore, Rule I11 Legislative Secretary Section 1. The Legislative Secretary shall prepare suoh memoranda and other material as the Senate or the Student Body Vice President may direct, Section 2, The Legislative Secretary shall prepare copies of all Bills, Resolutions, and Rec mendations and deliver the same to the member3 of the Senate. Section 3. In the case of the absence of tho Legislative Secretary, be will be replaced by a member of his staff selcoted by him with the approval of the Vice President. Rule IV Parliamentarian Section 1. The Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the Vioe President, Section 2. He shall serve as the Presiding Officergs advisor and consultant on procedural mat tors. Section 3, ,111 questions of procedure shc'; be directed to the Presiding Offioer who may consult with the ~arlimentarian-before ruling ok the question. The opinions of the Parliamentarian have advisory power only.


Rule V Order of Business d .pa:, *@at? Thc order of Business of the Student Senate shall be as follows: Call to Order Roll Call Approval of IIinutes Exeoutive Reports Committee Reports Old Business New Business General Lnnouncenients Adjournments Rule VI Attendance Section 1, Every member shall be present at every Senate meeting unless cxcussd or unavoidably prevented from attending, Section 2, Any member unable to attend and having in his possession papers relative to the business before the Senate shall leave the same with the Secretary. Section 3. Any member wishing to be excueod from a Senate meeting must submit a written excuse to Legislative Secretary before that meeting. Excuses will be read by The Legislative Secretary after the roll call vote, A majority vote of the members present will determine status of eaoh excuse. Those senators not handing in nn excuse will be considered as being unexousably absent, Section 4, Censure and Expulsion a. The second unexcused absence, fourth excused absenoe or/and accumulation of four absences automatically places the name of the absentee before the Senate for n vote of censure. be The concurrenoo of two-thirds (2/3) of the total Senate is needed for the censure of a member, Votes of cenaurs must be recorded in the minutes. c, The fourth unexcused absence, the sixth excused absence or an aooumulation of six absenoes automatically places the name of the absentee before the Senate for a vote of expulsion. d, Votes of expulsion must be recorded in the minutes and reported back to the residence unit involved. A vote of expulsion must be a two-thirds vote, o. Any Senator guilty of violating any of the above regulations shall be notified by the Legislative Secretary one week prior to consideration of said violation,


Section 5. Leaves of Lbsence a. C Senator may obtain tcrnporary leave of absence for reasons of illness only. They must provide a substitute who is accepted by the Senate. The substitute will have all privileges of a regular Senator, Be it recormended by the Rules and Procedures Committee of' the Student hsociation that the following rules and procedures for the operation of the senate be adopted. Rule 1 Lttendance Section 1. Every member shall be present at every Senate meeting unless unavoidably prevented from attending, Seotion 2, Lny merriber unable to attend and having in his possession papers relative to the business before the Senate shall leave the same with tho Secretary. Section 3. At the bsginning of eaoh legislative year, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate shall tabul~te the nunber of probable Senate meetings for that year. A Senator who is absent for 1 more than 25:: of that yearly pro jeoted total will be autoniatically expelled from the Senate and a special eleotion should be held as soon as possible to fill the vacancy. Section 4, Lny Senator who has missed 255 of the total of the projected meetings will be notifiod by the secretary and informed that one more absence will be tantamount to his dismissal,


2nd Legislative Session Senate Meeting February 13, 1967 Resolution 7 A RESOLUTION Be it resolved of the Student Senate of the State University College at Oswego: The Student Association reaffirms that one of its prime objectives is to serve as the student body agency in the presentation of student opinion in matters affecting student life and affairs. It is our opinion that student participation in the policy-making stages presently engaged in by the Oswego Faculty Assembly of the State University College at Oswego would be benefioial to the educational processes engaged in by the college, The Student Association respectfully requests the Oswego Faculty Assembly to soliait student partioipation in the following Councils of the Assembly: (1) The Academic Policies Council (2) The Admissions Counoil (3) The Student Affairs Council (4) The Graduate Council (5) The Library Council All representatives granted seats in the various Counoils would be appointed by the President of the Student Association upon the consent of a majority of the entire Senate of the Student Association, Amendment 2/3 of the members of the Defeated 2-10-1 Passed Unanimously Legislative Session Senate Meeting February 20, 1967 Resolution 8 A RESOLUTION Be it resolved of the Student Senate of the State University College at Oswego: In order to illustrate and amplify student freedom for the Students at State University College at Oswego, the following speoifio policies are adopted by the Senate:


7) provided the student does not claim without (Confit) authority to speak or act in the name of the University or one of its organizations, 8) The University shall endeavor to develop in its studenta the realization that all citizens not only have the right but the obligations to inform themselves about problems and issues of concern to the community and the nation. It shall encourage students to formulate points of view regarding these issues and give expression to them, 9) In discharging the rights and obligations of citizenship and in exercising freedom of expression, students must also recognize their responsibilities to other individuals, to the University, to the atate, and to the nation, and to society in general. Orderly and dignified expression and conduot shall be expected. The Student Senate recommends that the foregoing resolution be adopted by the proper authorities of the University, 2nd Legislative Session 20th Senate Meeting March 6, 1957 Resolution 9 Be it reaolved of the Student Senate of the State University College at Oswego: That my law passed by the Student Association may not become effective retroactively.




Part 40 Seotion IV. Part 1. Part 2. 8% 2: Part 5. Part 6, Exeoutfon of legialation..r.r...r.*rr..;.5 Student Aseooiatfon President, empowered,.S Written opinion of exeoutive 8epartmente.S Special sessions.... ........... ....ooooo.~ Reoommendation of measures.. ...........o 05 Agreements with outside agen~ies,..~~....~ Represent the Student Assoofation,. l .. l .S Assume powers not denied by the OO~B~~~U~~




CONSTITUTION OF THI.3 STUDENT ASSOCIATION STATE UNIVB3SITY OF NEW YORK COLLEGE AT 0SWM;O ARTICLE I Section I All legislative power herein granted shall be vested in the Senate of the Student Association. Section I1 1. The Senate shall be composed of members chosen annually by the living center or oentera. (The term living center shall be defined in the By-Laws of this oonstitution.) 2. All Senators shall be regularly enrolled students of the State University of New York College at Oswego with an auoumulative grade point index of at least the college minimum for good academic standing, and each shall at the time of his oleotion be a member of that living center or of one of those living oenters from whioh he shall be chosen, 3. Senators shall be apportioned among the several living oenters within the college aooording to the respective numbers in the living oenters. The enurneration shall be made 30-60 days prior to the All-Canpus Eleotion on the basis of estimated membership in eaah living oenter for the coming fall semester, The Senate shall determine the number of Senators to be chosen by each living center or group of living oenters. The number of Senators shall never exceed 25 nor be less than 15. No living oenter shall be denied representation* 4. When vaoancies oocur in the Senate by resignation or otherwise, they shall be immediately filled by Writs of Election issued by the Executive Authorities of the living center or oonters affeoted, and eventually filled by speoial elections conduoted among the residents of such living oenters. 5. The Vioe-President ofthe Student Assooiation shall be the President of the Senate, but shall have a vote only in the event of a tie. 6. The Senate shall choose its other offioers, and also a president pro tempore, in the absence of the Vice-President, or when he shall exeroise the office of President of the Student Assooiation. 7, The Senate shall have the sole power of irapeacbment and trial of impeachments. In all cases of impeaohment the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall preside, except in the oase of his own Impeachment in which case the VioePresident of the Student Assooiation shall preside, No person shall be convicted without the concurrence of 2/3 of the members mesent. 8. ~ud~ement in cases of impeachment shall not extend further then to removal from office, and disqualifioation to hold and enjoy any offioe of honor or trust in the Student Assooiation.


1, Senators may be elected at an open election of the members of their living oenter or living oenter group. 2, The Senate shall assemble at least onoe every full academio week during the college year, exoept during the weeks of final examinations and the first week of the fall semester. 3, All Senators shall be elected at the time of the All-Campus Eleotion, Seotion IV 1. The Senate shall be the judge of the elections, returns, and qualifications of its own members; and a majority shall oonstitute a quorum to do business, But a smaller number may convene and ma be authorized to compel the attendance of absent rnerdrs under such penalties provided bx the Senate, 20 fie Senate may deternine the rul%s of its proceedings, discipline its members for disorderly bebavior, and with the oonou??renoe of 2/3-1s of the total Senate, expel a member. 3. The Senate sha'T1. beep a journar of its ~roceedings, and from time to time publish* thewsame, and the yeas and nays of the Senate on any question shall, at the desire of 1/5 of those present, be entered in tbe journal. Seotion V No Senator shall, during the time for which he was chosen hold any other oivil office under the authority of the Student Assmiation and no person holding any offioe under the Student Assooiation shall be a member of the Senate during his continuanoe in office. Section VI Bvery bill which shall have passed the Senate, before it beoomes law, shall be presented to the President of the Student Assooiation. If he approves it he shall sign it; but if he returns it with his objeotions to the Senate, they shall enter the objections in the Journal and proceed to reoonsider it. If' after such reconsideration 2/31s of the total Senate agrees to pass the bill it shall beoorne law. But in all oases the vote of the Senate shall be determined by yeas, nays, and the names of the persons voting for and agalnat the bill shall be entered in the Journal, If any bill is not returned by the President within-10 regular olass days after it has been presented to him; the same shall be law, in like manner as if he had signed it, unless the Senate by its adjournment prevents a return in the form of a veto, in whioh oase it shall not be law. Section VII The Senate shall be empowered: 1. To supervise the All-Campus Eleotion; 2. To assess a Student Association tax (This tax shall be uniform throughout the Student Assoo.) ; 3. To determine the expenditures of the Student Assooigtion Tax for the general welfare of the Student Aasociation;


4. To have authority to make reconanendations over all matters of policy affeoting student welfare under this constitution; 5. To determine the line of sucoession to the office of Student Aasooiation President following the Student Association Vice-president; 6. To initiate and enact any legislation nooessary to implement the foregoing powers or to fulfill the purposes of this constitution as aet forth in the preamble exoept where such jurisdiotion shall be denied by the polioies of the State University of New York or the State University of New York College at Oswego, Seotion VIII 1. No money sball be drawn from the treasury, but in consequenoe of appropriations made by law, and a regular statement and account of the receipts and expenditures of all money sball be published from time to tinle. 2. The Senate shall pass no law regarding the internal operation of any student organization recognized under the authority of the Office of the Dean of Students, Section I): 1. Upon presentation to the Senate af a petition of 25% of the number of voters in the previous All-Campus Election, any bill which they shall deem necessary shall be submitted to the Student Assooiation within 2 weeks after the presentation of the petition to be aooepted or rejected; and, if aooepted, shall have the same standing as any bill passed by the Senate and signed by the Student Association President. 2. The Senate may, by 2/3ts vote of the total membership, submit any bill to the Student Assooiation who shall aooept or rejeot it; and if accepted said bill shall have the same standing as any bill passed by the Senate and signed by the Student Assooiation President, ARTICLE I1 Section I 1. The exeoutive power sball be vested in a Student Aasooiation President who sball, together with the Student Aasooiation Vioe-President, be elected by an All-Campus Election at the earliest practioable date during the period from the 15th of Iiarch to the 15th of April; and hold offioe for a term of one year commencing the 1st day of ''lay of the same year. 2, The President and Vice President shall be regularly enrolled students each with an accumulative grade point index of at least two-tenths of a point (62) above the college minimum for good aoademic standing, and sball not be eligible for graduation until the completion of the semester in wbioh their term of office ends. The President at the beginning of


the fall semester during his term of office shall be at least a first senester junior with the minimum of oredits to be considered as such, and the Vioe-President shall be at least a seoond semester sophomore. 3. In tbe event of the inability of the President %o discharge the powers and duties of his office, the same shall devolve on the Vioe-President. Seotion I1 1, The Student Association President, before taking office shall take the following oath of office: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully exeoute the Office of President of the Student Association, and will, to tbe best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the oonatitution of the Student Association of the State University of New York College at Oswego. Seotion I11 The inolude: 1. The 1. duties of the Student Assootation President shall The presentation of a legislative program to the Senate at the first Senate meeting following his eleotion and at the beginning of eaoh semester;. The appointment, with the consent of the Senate, of all the officers whose appobbent shall not be otherwise provided for; The presentation of period10 messages upon the State of the Student Association to tbe Senate; The exeoution of all legislation of the Senate for whioh he shall be responsible to the Senate, exoept where a speoific executive department shall be given authority, in whioh oase the appropriate exeoutive head shall be responsible to the Senate. Section IV Student Assooiation President shall be empowered to: Require the opinion In writing of the p~inoiple of ficer of any exeoutive department upon any subject relating to the department; Convene suoh speaial sessions of the Senate as he shall deem neaessapy; Reaommend to the Senate such measures as be shall deem neoessary and expedient; Enter into agreements with agenoies and organizations outside the oollege oomunity by and with the consent of the Senate and the proper college authorities; Represent the Student Association personally, and through his appointed representatives, in all its dealings with agencies and organizations outside the oollege community; Assume such other exeoutive powers as shall not be denied by tbe polioies of the State University of New York or the State University of New York College at Oswego, or by this oonstitution.


ARTICLE I11 Section I The judioial power shall be vested in a Supreme Court and sucb lower courts as the Senate sball establish, The number and manner of selection of justioes of the Supreme and lower courts sball be determined by the Senate and the appointments of the justices of the Supreme and lower courts sball yequire approval by a 2/3ts vote of the Senate. The tern of office of the justices of the lower courts sball be for one year, Justices of the Suprerne Court sball serve from the time of thei~ appointment until they shall vacate their office by resignation or otherwise, Section I1 The Senate shall establish suoh administrative offices as it sball deem necessary for. the operation of the Supreme and lower courts and the Supreme Court shall appellate jurisdiction over any lower court created by the Senate, Seotion I11 The judicial power s ball extend: 1. To all oases to which the Student Assooiation sball be a party exoept as otherwise stated in the following parts of this section. 2. To the student approval of all looal student organization constitutions. 3, To any case involving the constitutionality of an act or ruling of the Student Association, 4. To any oase involving violation of an act of the Senate exoept as otherwise stated in the following parts of tbia section; 5. To any dispute between students, or between a student organization and a student, or between student organizations, if no lower oourt, housing unit court, executive committee or cornmission, judicial board, or standards commit tee shall have prior jurisdiction, in which case the Supreme Court sball have the power to deoide whether the trial or bearing was oonduc ted properly with the power to remand such cases back to the original trial body, 6, And to any other oase where jurisdiotion shall not be denied by the policies of the State University of New York or the State University of New York College at Oswego. ARTICLE IV This Constitution may be amended in the following manner: Upon the signing of a petition by 255 of the nmber of voters in the previous All-Campus Election, or by a 2/3ts vote of all the member8 of the Senate, an amendment may be presented to tbe Student Assooiation within two weeks after the presentation


of the petition, in the case of suoh a presentation, to be accepted or rejeoted, and if aocepted shall be valid to all intents and purpoaea as part of this oonstitution. ARTICLE V 1, All engagements with organizations or agencies outside of or within the college shall be as valid against the Student Association under this oonstitution, as under the Assooiated Student Body Counoil. 2, This constitution, and the laws of theStudent Association which shall be rnade in pursuanoe thereof, and allengagements entered into, or whioh shall be entered into, under the authority of the Student Assooiation shall be the supreme law of student life at the State University of New York College at Oswego except where they may conflict with the policies or practices of the State University of New York or the State University of New Yorh College at Oswego, 3. The Senators before mentioned and all executive and judicial offioers, of the Student 'ssociation, sball be bound by oath or affirmation to support this oonstitution. ARTICLE VI The ratifioation of this constitution shall be determined by at least a quorum vote of the Assooiated Student Body as establishe? under the oonstitutlon of the Associated Student Body Counoil. ARTICLE VII This oonstitution shall take affeot inanediately and shall be implemented by the present Associated Student Body Counoil until Nay 1, 1966, at Mhich the the new Senators, Student Association President and Vioe-President, and other oivil offloials shall assume the powers and duties of their respective offioes, and at whioh the this article sball be expunged, BY-LAWS 1, A living oenter shall be defined for the purposes of Senate apportionment to one of four oategories as follows: (a) on-campus residence halls, (b) off-campus residenoe units reoognized as residence halls by the college, (0) fraternity and sorority houses, and (d) comuters~(al1 students not residing in living oenters categorized by a, b, or c above,) The Senate shall determine eaoh year the groupings of the several living centers for the purposes of apportionment and enumeration of Senatoes to be eleoted by those groups of living centers. 2. Permanent speaking seats shall be awarded to: I a) A representative of the Offlce of the Dean of Students b) A representative of the Office of the Co-ordinator of Student hctivities (a) The exeoutive heads of C,U.B,TI., A.W.S., and Athletic Council (d) And to the delegated representative of any organization which the Senate shall designate by a majority vote,


3, The legislative session shall be one (1) year in length and shall begin on the first day of Hay in one year and end on the last day of April of the following gear. 4. All meetings of the Senate shall be conduoted by Roberta f Rules of order, ?T?fT ?i?ms s ball be a. President and Vice-president of the Student Assooiation b, Senators of tbe Student Aesociation c, Justices of the Supreme and lower courts d. Chairman and members of the various departments and the committees of the Student hsaooiation Exeoutive and Judic ial brano hes. 6. A Senator or a Juatioe at his own disoretion may choose to partioipate in any of the various departments and committees of tbe Executive branch of the Student Association for the purpose of aiding him in discharging the duties of his office. 7. Theae by-laws may be amended by a 2/3fs vote of all the members of the Senate. A11 by-laws to thie constitution shall be subjeot to interpretation as bills under the provisions of Article I, Section 9 of the oonstitution.


STUDENT ASSOCIATION BILL INDEX First Legislative Session BILL NO, ACT 1. To establish the bill form of the State University of New York College at Oswego for the Stu$ent Association Senate, 2. Presentation of Appointments 3. To establish a Department of Finance, bTo establish a Proportionate Allotment for the College Union Board of Hanagers. 5. To establish a Department of Faoulty Committees and Aoademio Affai~s. To establish a Department of National and International Affairs. To establish a Department of the Arts, To establish a Department of Publio Relations and Student Servioes. To establish a Department of Campus Activities. To establish a Senate Rules and Prooedure Cmiittee. To establish a Senate Finanoe Cornittee, To establish a Central Lighting Fund under the Student Assooiation.


Student Association State Univeristy of New York College at Oswego Senate 1st Legislative Session 1st Senate Fieeting Bill 1 AN ACT To establish the bill form of the State University of New York College at Oswego for the Student Assooiation Senate, Be it enaated of the Senate of Student Assooiation of the State University of New York College at Oswego: This bill form is the atandard bill form to be used at all Senate meetings henoeforth for the purpose of maintaining procedure for the passing of legislation. 11. Form The form to be used is that which is given on the following page. It shall then be entered on tbe'page preoeding this bill in the Journal of the Senate. This form of bill will be so modified so as to Inolude at the decision of the Senate at the end of any bill to oame before the Senate enumeration of a roll call vote suoh as to include the names of the Senators and their votes. Approved: Robert D. IioCarthy


Student Assooiat ion State Univemity of' New York College at Oswego Senate -CIC Legf slative Session Senate IIeetfng Date: Bill Introduced by: AN ACT Be it enaated of the Senate of tb8 Student Association of the State University of New York College at Oswego:


(Sill 4, Section 11, Continued) 2. Countersign all vouchers in cooperation v/" with the advisor to CUB of M, (The vouchers will have first been signed by the student official of the specific committee of CUB of M which is responsible for the expenditures itemized on the voucher,) Auditing will be done under the guidance of the Development Association, Books will be kept in the Development Association and by the CUB of M Treasurer, To facilitate auditing, copies of the final budget should be presented to the Development Association and also kept on file in the office of the Student Association Treasurer. The books of CUB of M will be open to inspection by the Student Assooiation Department of Finance at all times, This inspection will not hamper the processing of vouchers of the CUB of Ma The student Association will no't assume responsibility to pay any deficit inqurred by the CUB of Me 111. Continuance and Revision The fee will remain constant until change is initiated, Any change in this fee will be reviewed by the Dspartment of Finance and then will be presented to the Senate for final approval. Policies governing the expenditure of these funds will be determined by the CUB of M with the approval of the Department of Finance. These rules and procedures will be effective as of July 1, 1966. They are subject to review at the end of one year period by a joint Student Association and CUB of M committee. Approved: Robert Do McCarthy 1st Legislative Session 3rd Senate Meeting April 13, 1966 Bill 5 AN ACT To Establish a Department of Faculty Cpmmittees and Academic Affairs Be it enacted of the Senate of the Student Association of the State University of New York College at Oswego: J


(Bill 5 Continued) Purpose To generally promote and help coordinate the joint efforts of students and faculty in governing the college community of the State University of New York College at Oswego. To endeavor to maintain and enhance student involvement in the counoils, oomittees, and boards of the College Assembly and other suoh faculty commissions for the betterment of the college oommunity. To generally promote in its dealings with students and faculty the continuanoe of healthy and beneficial student-faculty relations and an atmosphere of trust and cooperation among the students, faculty and administration of the college in the attainment of the goals thereof. To maintain subdepartments and/or committees as designated by the Senate and in the following sections of this bill to administer these programs, academic or honors in nature, which may be the responsibility of the Student Association. Powers and Duties A. Present to the appropriate faculty councils, committees, boards, or commissions such reoommendations in pursuance of the above stated purpose which it deems necessary or whioh shall be proposed by the President and/or the Senate. B, Recammend measures to the President to be proscnted to the college administration regarding matters whioh may be related to thc above stated purposes. C. Recommend measures to the President to be presented for the approval of the Senate regarding policies and struoture of this department and matters which may be related to the above stated purposes. D. Establish student committees parallel to existing faculty councils, committees, or boards which it deem necessary. E. Maintain committees within this department to administer the following programs, academic and honors in nature: 1. Selections for Whots Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities, 2. Spring Honors Convocation.


i ill 5, Section 2, continued) 3. Room scholarships for needy and deserving freshmen ontering thc college (tcn scholarb ships for room rent for a full yeaP in a campus resident hall.) 4. Other such programs designated or established by the Senatc. Dclcgate the administration of programs listed under Scction 11, Pnrt E, above to honor societies, service organizations, or otbcr suah groups on the campus with approval of the Senate. Those groups would be responsible to this department, however, in tho administering of such programs. 111. Membership A. Thc mcmbers of this department shall bc: 1. Tho Chairman of the Department of Faoulty Committees and Academia Affairs. 2. Student representatives on faculty commissions. 3. Chairmen and members of conunittscs within the department (axoopt the chairmon and members of groups described in Soction 11, .Part F.) B. The President shall appoint each year with the approval of the Senate: 1. The chairman of the Department of Faculty Committees and Academic Affairs. 2. Student representatives to faculty commissions. 3. Chairmen of committees within thc departments (cxccpt tho ahairmen of groups described in Scction 11, Pnrt F.) Approved: Robert D. McCarthy 1st Legislative Scssion 3rd Senate Mecting AN ACT To Establish Dcpartmant of National and Intornational Affairs


(Bill 6 continued) Be it enacted of the Senate of the Student Asdooiation of the State University of New York College at Oswego: I. Purposo In recognition of the need for international understanding and involvcmcnt in thc society and current affairs of the nation and the world, the Department of National and International Affairs is cstablishod for the purpose of: A, Providing inf orrnat ion for and encouraging study and travel abroad. B, Encouraging intcrost and involvement in national and Intcrnational affairs. C. Aiding forcign studcnts in understanding the Axncrican people and oulturc and helping thcrn to adjust to and take part in our campus community. D. Working in coopcration with student organizations and college offioials to provide an organized campus-wide program for thc fulfillment of thc above stated goals. 11. Powers and Duties A, Provide an information service for studonts of Oswcgo regarding programs available for study and travel abroad. B. Provide an information scrvicc for students rcgarding national and internationa.1 affairs of thc day. C. Establish and maintain each ycar a program of lccturcs, discussions and othcr activities conccrning a particular topic of national and/or intcrnational affairs. In this endeavor the Dcpartmcnt may work indcpondcntly of and/or in coopcration with organizations and agcncics of the Student body and thc college. D. Establish and maintain a cornmittco tho powers and duties of which shall bo as follows: 1. Award six scholarehips cach ycar at a maximum of $1,000,00 cach to foreign students at Oswego in coopcration with the appropriate college off icinls. 2. Arrange for talks and discussions during which forcign studcnts may mo6t and talk .with onc anothcr and othor mcmbers of thc collogc community. In this endcavor the oommitteo may work independently and/or in ooopcration


(Bill 6, Scotion 11, continued) D, 2. with organizations .and agcncics of thc (Conrt,) studcnt body md thc collegc, 3. Makc othcr efforts in fulfilling the purposcs of thc Department of National and International Affairs in rclatlon to the Oswcgo foreign students which it may dc~m ncccssnry and in cooperation with studcnt organizat ions and collegc officials. E, Kecp abrcast of statements and proposals which may bc boncficial in furthering thc goals of international cducatlon and understanding in thc nation, thc stat^ Univcrsity of Ncw York, and the State Univcrsity of Ncw York Colloge at Oswogo. 111. Memborship Thc mcmbcrs of this Department shall be: 1, Thc Chairman of the Department of National and Intcrnational Affairs. 2. Tho Chairmon and mcmbors of oommittces within thc Dcpartmcnt. Tho mcmbcrship of this Dcpartmcnt shall bo unlimited in number. The Prcsidcnt shall appoint cacb year the Chairman of tbc Dcpartmcnt of National and International Affairs and Chairmen of committees within tho Dcpartmcnt. Thc Chairman of the Dcpartment and thc Chairman of thc Committee on Foreign Students shall bo appointcd with the approval of the Scnatc, Approvcd: Robert D, MoCnrthy 1st Lcgislativo Session 3rd Scnate Mccting April 13, 1966 Bill 7 AN ACT To Establish Dc~rtmcnt of tho Arts Bc it cnactcd of the Scnatc of the Studcnt Association of the stat^ Univcrsity of Ncw York Collcgc at Oswcgo: I, Arts Committees J A. Within thc Dcpartmcnt of thc Arts shall bc the following student-faculty arts oommittecs:


i ill 7, Scction 1 ~ontinucd) 1. Art Exhibition Committcc 2. Conccrt-Csscmbly Committee 3. Fcstival of thc Arts Committcc 4. Sbcldon Lccturc Scrics Committee Be The functions, structures, and proccduros of those committcos sball rcmain tho samc as undor thc Lsaociatcd Studcnt Body Council oxccpt for th~ addition of studcnt Vioo-Cbairmon for thosc having faculty Chairmen. 11, Membership A. Tbc mcmbcrs of this Dopartmont sball bc-: Chairman of the Dcpartmcnt of thc Arts Campus Coordinator of Cultural Activities Chairman of Art Exhibition Comitte~ Advisor to Art Exhibition Committec Chairman of ConocrB-Aesc-mbly Cormnittoo Vice-Chairman of Festival of tbc Arts Chairman of Fcstival of thc Arts Vicc-Chairman of Conocrt-Assembly Committec Chairman of Sholdon Lccturc Scrics Vicc-Chairman of Sheldon Lccturc Scrics B. Ex-officio mcmbcrs sball be: 1. Prcsidcnt of tbc Studcnt kbssociation 2. Dcan of thc Collcgc 111. Chairman of thc Dcpartmcnt of tbc Arts A. The Chairman of thc Dcpartmcnt of thc Arts shall bc ~ppointcd oacb ycar with tho approval of the Scnatc. B. Powers and Dutics 1. It shall bc thc rcsponsibility of thc Chairman of this Dcpartmont to coordinate thc aotivitics of tbcsc comittccs in so far as it may bc ncccssary in providing an arts program with sufficicnt varioty and in the gcnoral wclfarc of thc collcgo community. 2. To assist and advise the Prcsidont and Trcwurcr of tho Studcnt Association each ycar with thc incorportntlon of thc cxpcnscs of thcsc comrnittccs into tbc Studcnt lAssociation budgct for thc coming ycar. 3. To assist in sccking and maintaining an activc studcnt mcmbcrsbip on thc arts oommittcos.


4, To maintain communications bctwccn thc arts committccs and thc othcr dcpartmcnts, branches, and officcrs of thc Studcnt Association as to tbc aotivitics and plans of thcac committccs. 5. To assist thc Prcsidont of tho Studcnt Assooiation in proposing rcvisions in this Dopartmont and thc arts committccs to the Scnatc and the appropriato oollcgo officials aftcr which this soction (Scotion 111, Part B, #5) shall bc cxpungcd. Approvad: Robcrt D. McCarthy 1st Logislativc Scssion 3rd Scnatc Mccting April 13, 1966 To Establish Dcpartmcnt of Public R~lations and Studcnt Scrvlc~s Bo it cnactcd of thc Scnato of thc Studcnt dssociation of thc Statc University of Ncw York Collogc at Oswogo: 1 I, Membership A. Mcmbcrs of this Dcpartmcnt shall bc: 1, Tho Chairman of thc Dopartmont of Public Rclations and Studcnt Scrvicos. 2. Thc Chairman and rncmbcrs of thc comitt~oa within thc Dapartmant. B. Thc Prcsidcnt shall appoint cach ycar thc Chairman of thc Dcpartmcnt of Public Rclations and Studcnt SCTV~CGS C. Thc Chairman of tho Dcpartrncnt shall bc appointed with tbc npproval of thc Scnatc. 11. Powcrs and Dutics A. Maintain committccs for providing the following Studant dssociation Sorviccs: 1. Studcnt Handbook 2, Collsgc Ring


(Bill 8, Soction 2 Continuod) 3. Bus sorvicc for studonts to official collcgc f unc t ions 4. Otbcr acrviccs whosc ndministration may bc dclcgatcd to this Dopartmcnt by the Prcsidcnt and/or thc Scnatc B. Maintain committees for providing tho following PUblic Relations doviccs for the Studont Association 1, Studcnt Association Monthly Ncwslottcr 2. Studcnt Govornmcnt Orlcntation Booklct 3. Gcncral publicity for Studont Association cvonts and activitics Rpprovcd: Robert D. McCarthy 1st Lcgislativc Scssion 3rd Scnata Mooting Bill 9 J AN ACT To Establish Dcpartmcnt of Campu.s nctivitics Bc it cnactcd of thc Scnatc of tho Studcnt Associntion of thc Statc Univcrsity of New York Collcgc at Oswcgo: I, Purposc It shall bc thc purposc of this Dcpartmcnt to aid in thc fulfillment of thc purposos statod in the Prcamblc of thc Constitution of thc Studont Association as tbcy may rclato to clubs and organizations on tha Oswcgo campus through tbc administration of thosc pro rams dclcgatcd to tho Dcpnrtmcnt by thc Prosidcnt and 7 or tbc Scnatc, 11, Powers and Dutios Administor thc following programs and activitics: L. 3 loadorship confcrcnoo for any and all intcrcstcd studonts B, Workshops for clubs and organizations from timc to timc on the following and rclatcd topics: parlimcntary procedure, rnomb~rship, f inancos, student govcrnmont policy orientation, co-ordination of activitics


(Bill 9, Scction 11, Continued) C. +"31 Lctivitics Fair during thc fall scrncstcr for all clubs and organizations D. A Campus Chcst program as organizcd and administcrcd undcr thc Aasociatcd Studcnt Body Council Approved: Robert D, McCarthy 1st Lcgislativc Scssion 3rd Scnatc Ncoting April 13, 1966 Bill 10 AN ACT J To Establish Sonatc Rulcs and Proccduro Committoo BC it ~nlCt~d of the Sonatc of tho Stud~nt ~ASsociation of thc Statc Univc~sity of Ncw York Coll~gc at Oswcgo: Mcmb~rs of this committcc shallbc appointed by thc Vicc-Prosidcnt of thc Student flssociation with thc majority approval of tho total Sonato. 11. Mcmbcrship A. All mcmbcrs of this committcc shall be Senators. B. Mcmbcrship of this committw is not to cxcccd thrcc mombcrs. C. A Parliruncntnrian may bc appointcd by the VicePrcsidcnt of thc Studcnt Association from thc Scnatc or from thc student body at largc. In cithor caso, this Parliamcntnrian shall bc an ox-officio mcmbcr of thc Scnate Rulcs and Proccdurc comittce without a votc. 111. Powcrs and Dutios To suggcst legislation on rulos and rcgulations For Scnatc proccdurc. Cpprovcd: Robert D. MoCarthy


1st Lcgislativc Sossion 3rd Scnatc Mccting Bill 11 To Establish Scnatc Financc Committee Bc it cnncted of tho Scnatc of thc Studcnt Assooiation of' tbc Statc Univcrsity of Ncw York Collcgc at Oswcgo: Mcmbcrs of this committee shall bc appointed by thc Vicc-Prasidcnt of thc Studcnt Association with thc majority approval of thc S~nntc. 11. Mcrnbcrship All mcmbcrs of thls comniittoa shall bc Senators, B, Mcrnbcrship of this committoc is not to oxccod t brco mcmbcm. 111. Powcrs and Dutics 1. To suggcst lcgislation pertaining to rcvcnuo bills. To dcal wit purposc of of financc, thc Scnato dcom it ncc statute. h and discuss and invcstigatc for tho establishing lcgislation all matters allocation, and asscssmcnts with whic is conccrncd whon thc Sonatc shall ossary or whcn othorwiec providcd by 1st Lcgislativc Sassion 5th Scnata Nccting April 27, 1966 Bill 12 To Establish a Ccntral Lighting Fund Undcr thc Studcnt Association Bc it cnactod of thc Scnat~ of tho Studcnt Assooiation thc Statc Univcrsity of Now York at Oswogo: I. Purposc


(Bill 12, Scction I Continued) To coordinate tho lighting cxpcnsas of organization budgcts undcr one central fund undcr Studcnt Association. B, To act as a scrvloc committ~c undcr Sfudcnt tissociation for lighting shows opcn to the campus of studont organizations, Tcc hnical Coordinntor 1. Staff monbcr appointed and salaricd by thc Spocch and Thcatrc Dapartrnont. 2, Act as a liason bctwccn tho lighting conmittcc and pcrforming arts organizations. 3. Coordinate schcdulc for lighting based on Master Calendar, Studcnt Tcohnioal Supcrvisor 1, Lppointod by Tcohnioal Coordinator 2. Suporvisc technical production of porfoming arts organizations, 3. Train cmploycos, Salaried from Studant Association at $1,~0/hour, ~ployccs and Trainccs 1, To bc hirod through tho Financial Aids Offico. 2, and/or pcrsonal oontacts of Technical Coordinator, Studcnt Tochnioal Suporvisor, or othcr cmploy~cs, 3. To b~ the working crcw, undcr tho Studont Technical Supcrvisor for pcrforrning arts shows. 4. To bc salaricd from Studcnt Association at $1.2S/hour for employee and trainco, A, Mctintaincd undor Studcnt ~ssociation Budgct. B, To bc composcd of thc lighting oxponscs of individual organizations in thc porf oming arts, C To include pravious SA allocations for maintaincnco of carbon arc projcotor,


(Bill 12 Continued) IV. Rcsponsibilitics A. Student ,Issociation Lighting Committoo 1. Will work dircctly undcr tho Dcpartmont of Public Relations and Studcnt Scrvfcos. 2. Rulcs and rcgulations for operation will bc cstablfshcd by thc oommittc~ and approvcd by thc chairman of thc Dcpartnont of' Public Rclntions and Stud~nt Sorviccs. 3. Will not assunc tho responsibility for cdditional cxpcnscs incurrcd abovc a 2% contingency of tho projcctod allotment. B. Performing Arts Organizations 1. Eust rormin within projootod allotmsnt for lighting cxpcnscs, 2, Must abidc by rulos and rcgulations cstablishod by tho Lighting Committee. Lpprovod: Robert D. McCartby