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Issue 10 Fall 2009 In this issue: Database Update p. 1 Food for Fines November 2 25 p. 2 Of Challenges and Changes p. 2 p. 2 New to the Library p. 2 Friends and Family Weekend Book Sale p. 3 Textbooks @ Your Lib rary! p. 3 L ibrary Plans Learning Commons p. 3 And Continues Valuable Collaboration with CTS October is National Information Literacy p. 4 Awareness Month Banned Books p. 4 New Author Gift to Special Collections p. 4 @Penfield is produced by the staff of Penfield Library, SUNY College at Oswego. For further information or to see this publication in alternate format please contact Tom Larson at (315) 312 3539 or e mail Newsletter address: www.oswego.e du/library/newsletter/issue10.pdf Penfield Library SUNY Oswego Oswego NY 13126 (315) 312 4267 @ Penfield Database Update This past summer, l ibrarians were engaged in a project aimed at dealing with budge t reductions in a manner that would also result in the least possible damage to the print and electronic content that we offer to faculty and students. We first examined our remaining print journal collection to identify titles that have good quality elec tronic equivalent s Titles that met this criterion were cancelled, with some exceptions. We kept, for example, titles that have high quality pictures or photos in the print v ersion that are not duplicated adequately online such as Dance and Herpetologi cal Review As a second measure, we compared duplication between titles held in the many databases to which we subscribe. Th e re is a great deal of duplication there, but reviewing the 35,000+ titles that we now have access to is co mplicated by several fa ctors, for example : A single title may be held in many databases, but each database may provide coverage of differe nt years of the publication. Some databases may include everything in the print equivalent and others only selected material. Some databases and do not add material until it is already several months old. Some provide pdf copy, others may include only html copy and s till others provide both. Librarians pored over reams of data in order to make decisions about h ow to relinquish databases without the loss of significant content. Low use and high cost were also factors in decisions made. Ul t i mately, we fee l that relatively few tr uly unique ti tles were lost. If you discover that a database that you used is no lon ger available, there is still a very good chance that the title you are searching for is available in another of our databases. We know that moving to a new database can be frustrating and inconvenient but, given the situation, and the need to identify th e best places to economize, we did our best to minimize the impact. For those who di scover that a relied up on title is simply gone from the collection, we have reser ved a small amount of mone y to replace individual titles of value. Let your liaison libr arian know if you have experienced this and we will do our best to recover that title for you.


2 Database Update Biology Digest, Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO), Criminal Justice Abstracts Lexis Nexis and Scribner Writers Series are no longer available. The Project Muse database will be available until December. On the positive side one of our vendors, EBSCO, is providing SUNY with cost effective access to the following databases: Al t HealthWatch, Computer Source, Computers & Applied Sciences Complete, Environment Complete, Health Source, Humanities International Complete, Canadian Reference Centre, Points of View Reference Center, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, Religi on and Philosophy Collection and Vocational and Career Collection. It is perhaps also worth noting here that negotiations between SUNY and the Elsevier Corporation for the Science Direct database are nearing completion at this point, after almost a year at the table. SUNY is currently at the end of a five year contract for this important database. The negotiations have been difficult to say the least and nearly all of the Arts and Sciences colleges, along with the University Centers, will experience lar ge billing increases next year for continued access to Science Direct We have looked closely at our use of this database and, based on those figures well over 20,000 uses last year we are fully invested in continuing to support it but the increase in Mary Beth Bell, Director, with Kathryn Johns Masten, Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian Food for Fines at Penfield Library November 2 25 Penfield Library is once again sponsoring Food for F ines a and other fees with food donations. Each item of food will cancel $1.00 or less in fees ( Exception: r amen type noodles will be accepted as 4 packages = $1.00) Only pre packaged, unopened food in cans, boxes or plastic jars can be accepted: n o glass, perishables, or damaged/expired items please. Food will be accepted for fees only, not lost book costs Items will be donated to the Human Concerns Food Pantry in Oswego. Any food /monetary donations will also be g ratefully accepted. For further information ask at the Circulation Desk or email Of Challenges and Changes Penfield Library has recently created a space in SUNY unes U. We have just begun to put materials in our space, but expect to upload more content soon. In addition to efforts in iT unes U, the Library now offers a version of its web b ased Information Literacy tutorial, The Lake Effect Research Challenge in an Angel friendly format that can be imported as a component of your Angel course shell This version of The La ke Effect Research Challenge has assessments that can be linked to your grade book. Please contact Shannon Pritting ( ) if you are interested in importing the Challenge into your A ngel course. Shannon Pritting, Special Projects Librarian Round the Clock Service We have a new addition to our suite of reference services Ask Us 24/7 chat! This pilot proj ect was started in January 2009 in collaboration with the Nor thern Ne w York Library Network and other academic libraries across the country. Ask Us 24/7 offers an added level of convenience, providing faculty and students with assistance at just the time you need it no matter what time of day that might be. All partic ipating librarians are equipped with information about our resources and services so they can provide expert help. To access this service, click on the blue Ask Us 24/7 icon on our Ask A L ibrarian page Barbara Shaffer, Reference Services Coordinator New to the Library! We are most pleased to welcome two new full time staff members to the Penfield team. Brenda Parkhurst is our new secretary, coming to us from Facilities, Mainte nanc e, and Operations. She brings a great wealth of information and ability gained from her 25+ years of service to the University. Dr. Ray Morrison is our new Head of Access Services. He comes to us from MidAmerica Nazarene College, in Olathe, Kansas, wher e he was Director of Libraries for over 20 years. He will now provide oversight for circulation, reserves, and related functions. In addition to his copious professional presentations and publi ca tions, he is active in Rotary and the Boy Scouts. We we l come you both to Penfield


Friends and Family Weekend Book Sale Again a Success! Penfield Library Associates, the official Friends of the Library group f or Penfield Library, sponsors two book sales every year, both held in the basement of the library. The most recent sale, on Saturday, October 17, 2009, was a success, with well over a thousand used books finding new homes. Please join us again for book sales in the future! Textbooks @ Your L ibrary! For the last several years, our Information Desk h as been deluged with requests from students requesting textbooks used in their courses. We view these requests as outcries from students who may not be able to handle the financial burden of purchasing several expensive texts per class. Library b udget li mitations do not allow for the purchase of this type of material. Interlibrary Loan has been an option used by many students, but has been normally unsuccessful due to short loan periods. A number of librarians have been in discussions however, to fin d a viable answer to this problem. We have considered a number of options and have decided to test a model that has worked for other academic libraries around the country. W ith faculty collaboration we plan to initiate a pilot i n the spring of 2010. We will be asking faculty to donate a copy of required text s to Penfield for placement on Reserve. Faculty will designate the type of r eserve loan: 2 hour, over night, or some variation for the semester. At the end o f the semester these textbooks will be returned to faculty members. Penfield Subject Liaisons will reach out to their department faculty at the end of the fall semester and will encour ag e them to participate in this project. If you have any questions, please call me at 312 3545 or email me at Deborah Curry, Coordinator, Collection Development/Acquisitions Library Plans Learning Commons and Continues Valuable Collaboration with CTS For over a decade, sta ff in academic libraries have been developing new models of service and building new facilities that cater to an increasingly technology wise and social student body. These students expect us to provide robust computing facilities, access to a broad ran ge of digital information resources, and technology rich spaces that support collaborative learning and group study. Students also want the assistance of expert staff to help them throughout the research process from 3 information gathering to assignm ent completion no matter what the format. Libraries that have created such facilities often refer to them as Information or Learning Commons ; t hey are environments designed f o r creation and support and require a shared effort between libraries and other campus entities for their success. Penfield Library has been developing its own concept of public computer workstations including laptops that can be checked out from the Circulation Desk, designated group study space with wireless connectivity and power ready tables for easy laptop use, and created the Lake Effect Conference Room ( with a large screen TV /monitor ) f or collaborative projects. A ddition ally our two classrooms provide a setting for not only information literacy instruction but also practice space for student presentations. Generous f unding from private donors technical help f rom Campus Technology Services (CTS) & SUNY support helped realize man y of these initiatives This year we a r e partnering with CTS on several new projects that will further our efforts toward developing the Learning Commons. The first project is the creation of an experimental classroom in the library, a dynamic space where faculty and students can experiment wi th instructional technologies, furniture configurations, and pedagogical styles to improve learning and teaching at SUNY Oswego. A steering committee was formed to help develop the concept. Anyone interested in joining this steering committee should cont act Dave McQuin (CTS) or Chris Hebblethwaite (L ibrary). Our second project relates to the campus iTunes U initiative. To encourage faculty and professional s taff to iTunes U site, CTS, in cooperation with the library, is offering two options. The first is a studio in the library equipped with pre configured hardware and software for record ing podcasts and video vodcasts. The room is expected to open this fall In addition, CTS put together three podcast recording kits and 5 vodcast Circulation Desk for home or office use. For information about production of multimedia content go to Our third collaboration is a pilot this fall to discover the pros and cons of providing Technology Suppo rt Center Information Desk. Both the library and the Technology Support Center have a strong service ethic and we believe that combining our information and technology services will help contribute to s tudent success. We hope that this pilot project will result in guidelines for us to follow as we further develop this idea. Chris Hebblethwaite, Information Commons Coordinator


4 October is Information Literacy Awareness Month President Obama recently declared October National Information Literacy Awareness Month In recogni tion of this, Penfield Library is raising awareness of Information Literacy through displays and promotional materials to raise awareness. In addition to Library Instruction, the Library is finishing Information Literacy Infusion Programs to be distribute d soon to coordinate our efforts t o ensure that all students are information l iterate by graduation and are prepared for lifelong learning. Librar y Instruction Webpage Information Literacy Program. Shannon Pritting, Special Projects Librarian Banned Books @ Penfield Each year Penfield Library joins thousands of libraries across the country in celebrating Banned B ooks Week and our right to read. We again mounted posters and displayed books that have been -books that some person or organization has re quested to be removed from the shelves of American libraries. This year we also part Civic Engagement Coalition to provide programming and food for thought for the entire college community. New Author Gift to Special Collections li brary staff acce pting the gift from the author and illustrator. Left to right: Lewis Turco, author, Elizabeth Young, Special maker, and Master Printer, and David Clendinning, Associate Library Di rector. Penfield Library is always please d to accept gifts of materials for our Special Collection Department. This past summer faculty emeriti author Lewis Turco and illustrator George their collaborative work, Bor dello to the library. The volume consists of original poems by Turco, printed on rtist made from cotton linters, cattail leaves, sisal rope, and recycled acid free paper scraps Each of the 22 leaves also features an original engraving The volume may be viewed by appointment in the Special Collections Department at Penfield, or online at borde llo _poems_ with_print/index.html Penfield Library #17 CAMPUS MAIL Penfield Library #17 CAMPUS MAIL