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Issue 11 Spring 2010 In this issue: Art and the Environment @ Penfield p. 2 Do You Have a Suggestion? p. 2 Multimedia Production Room p. 3 Open Letter to Oswego Faculty p. 1 Penfield J oins Facebook p. 3 Seen a Good Film Lately? p. 3 Students win Awards p. 3 Do you igloo? Coming soon! @P enfield is produced by the staff of Penfield Library, SUNY College at Oswego. For further information or to see this publication in alternate format, please contact Tom Larson at (315) 3123539, or email Newsletter address: Penfield Library SUNY Oswe go Oswego NY 13126 (315) 3124267 @Penfield Penfield Librarys Information N ewsletter An Open Letter to Oswego Faculty Dear Faculty, Penfield Library needs your help! As the spring semester draws to its busy end in the Library, we are already think ing about next fall. Some of the projects we will be working on this summer have the potential to really make a positive difference in students experiences of the Library and in their approach to data gathering and research for the classes in which they are enrolled. The success of several of these projects, however, depends on how well we are able to create connections with you. You may recall from your own years as a student that academic libraries have traditionally not purchased textbooks. There are several very good reasons for this decision p rimar ily that libraries do not have the budgets to supply students with their texts. In recent years, weve seen more and more libraries depart from this thinking as weve seen ever larger numbers of student s at the beginning of each semester struggling because they are unable to purchase copies of their class texts. The disappointment on students faces when they realize that the library will be of no help in solving their dilemma is hard for us to watch over and over again each day. So, Penfield is also jumping on the bandwagon to try to help students out by using our book sale proceeds to purchase a single copy of very expensive texts and of texts that are used in large classes. Our money will not go far, however, as it is a relatively small pot of dollars. So w e would like to ask that any faculty member who has an extra copy of a text they are using, to please consider donating it to Penfield to place on reserve for students. We will catalog these items to make them easily accessible and ask that students not take them out of the building. We experimented on a small scale with this idea this spring and believe it is worth expanding the program with your help. The earlier you can get titles to us the better for students as they need them from the first day of the semester. The Library also needs your help with another extremely important project. As increasing numbers of our faculty (continued on page 2)


Open Letter (continued) are using An gel to teach or to engage students in class conversations, we are trying to figure out how to best incorporate selected portions of the vast array of online services and databases that the Library offers into the course material you provide for your students in Angel. As an example, lets suppose you are teaching an Education course. W ouldnt it be helpful for students if the Librarys E ducation Research G uide a link to our catalog, a link to our plagiarism tutorial or even simply a link to the ERIC database were right there to greet them every time they log into your course? The Library will be bringing a new and very sophisticated Electronic Reserves program up this summer. This program makes i t extremely easy for either you or the Library staff i f that is your preference, to embed reserve readings into your Angel course shell. For almost any course being taught, on campus or off, we can provide specialized online resources that can be of great benefit to students. How much more likely it is that they will find these resources if they are right there in your course shell t ha n if they must find them on the Librarys website, which can sometimes be intimidating, particularly to first year students. A lso, if you are teaching at the Metro Center a nd would like to have a librarian come down to the Center to introduce your students to the virtual library that is at their disposal, p lease let us know. We would love to do this more often. I have much more to relate but will do so in the fall. You wi ll see some changes in the Library when you return to campus in August, and, with any luck at all, we will be working together next fall on a program study for future renovations in Penfield. Meantime, have a happy, healthy summer and do let us know if w e can help you in any way to get ready for the fall. Mary Beth Bell Library Director Do Y ou Have a Suggestion? This year we finally outgrew our old suggestion box, a padlocked wooden structure that we kept at the front entrance of the library. Now, if you have an idea for improving the library, or want to ask about why we do something the way we do, you can use our new, simpleto use online suggestion box! Find the Make a Suggesti on link under the Contact Us/Forms element on the librarys home page. We would love to hear from you! 2 Art and the Environment @ Penfield This semester the library hosted several art exhibits. The first exhibit was the annual Faculty and Staff art show, which was won by our very own Ray Morrison (Access Services) with the photo reproduced below. We finished the semester with a show entitled Art Students Interpret Environmental Issues The show, comprised of artwork done by SUNY Oswego studen ts and curated by librarian Deale Hutton, was designed to depict themes of habitat, global warming, endangered species, caretakers.... According to Hutton the students demonstrated not only understanding of the concepts but great creative depth in depic ting both positive (wind power, beauty of nature) and negative (pollution, environmental destruction) aspects of the theme. One of the outstanding artworks now on display is Alison Richmonds Windmills


Multimedia Production Room in Penfie ld Library If you are a faculty member or graduate student and would like to create multimedia course material to post on SUNY Oswegos iTunes U site or in Angel, CTS and the Library have some resources that can help. Last fall CTS installed a recording studio on the second floor of Penfield Library in room 210, near the Periodicals/Media Desk. This recording room, referred to as the Multimedia Production Room, contains a PC and a Macintosh desktop computer with software and hardware for audio and video recording and editing. Each station contains a stereo headset with microphone, a webcam, Audacity software for recording and editing audio, and Camtasia software for capturing and editing video. Camtasia can help you record video using the webcam or i t can capture screen images and actions from the computer display. For your convenience, the room can be reserved in advance A d etailed description of the room and its resources as well as information about how to reserve it can be found at If you would like to do your recording at home or in your office, you can sign out an iPod or laptop kit from Penfields circulation desk. The iPods can be used for recording audio, while the laptop kits can be used to record and edit audio and video just like the stations in the Multimedia Production Room. We hope you will take advantage of these resources to experiment with instructional desi gn, creat ing products that will excite both you and your students. Chris Hebblethwaite, Media Librarian Penfield Joins Facebook Penfield Library has entered the world of Facebook There you will find the latest news about whats up at Penfield, including information about our programs, events and resources. Y ou wi ll also find links to stories about the broader world of libraries research, and reading. We invite you to connect with us there! Follow Penfield's Facebook postings by clicking on the icon on our Library homepage, or sign up to receive all the updates instantly through your personal Facebook account. Barbara Shaffer, Coordinator of Reference Services 3 Seen a Good Film Lately? Penfield Library Reference and Instruction Librarians have been busy making How Do I Videos using screencasting software. These videos which can be used as standalone products or im bedded in Angel course spaces, use multimedia to capture the process students need to know to get to library materials. The software used by l ibrarians records the movements on the computer screen, and allows for further enhancements. These videos cover a variety of topics including how to find a book, how to find a specific journal, how to locate research guides, and how to evaluate a website. Future videos currently being developed are how to customize Google Scholar, using Interlibrary Loan, and how t o find and evaluate scholarly journals. Please take a look at videos produced so far at: If you have an idea for a video you would like us to do, contact Shannon Pritting, Penfields Special Projects and Instructional Technology Librarian He can be reached at Students win Awards At the end of each Spring Semester Penfield honors the student assistants who help us provide excellent library service to the Oswego community throughout the year This year the fete occurred on May 6 with a pizza and salad party. Graduating seniors were honored, and two student assistants won our Outstanding Student Assistant of the Year award. Pictured with director Mary Beth Bell (at right) are winners Shelly Barbernitz (Access Services) and Sherrifa Bailey (Tech Services). Congratulations!