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International Students 2 Expanded Printer Services 2 Technology for Checkout 2 McNair Scholars 3 New Student Photo Contest 3 Building News 3 Oswego Reading Initiative 4 Librarian in Johnson Hall 4 Writing Center 4 Archives and Special Collections 5 Success Fair 5 Mentor Scholar Program 5 Research at the Metro Center 5 Library Exhibits 6 Library Hours 6 Book Sale 7 Food for Fines 7 New Librarian 7 Calendar of Events 8 Inside Issue 17: SUNY Oswego Issue 17 Spring 2013 @ Penfield During the fall semester, you may have noticed on the wall across from the checkout/reserves desk READ posters that featured SUNY Oswego faculty, staff, and students. Maybe you took a READ bookmark while checking out a book or while walking past the checkout/ reserves desk. The READ campaign is from the American Library Association to promote the value of literacy and libraries. The posters and bookmarks were made possible with the creative design talents of Patrick Freebern Mary Tyson and Angela Varos students in Art 414: Graphic Design Practicum, taught by Cara Thompson The students created new posters and bookmarks which include six new participants: C. Eric Hellquist (Biological Sciences), Malcolm Huggins (Intercollegiate Athletics), Roxanne Jackson (Art), Grace Maxon (Graduate student, Counseling and Psychological Services), Oswego Jazz Project: Rob Auler, Trevor Jorgensen, and Eric Schmitz (Music), and Barbara Shaffer (Penfield Library). I have always been very fond of reading, and working on the READ campaign for the library enabled me to combine two of the things that I love most reading and graphic design. Working with the other members of my team on the project was very enjoyable, and working on the large format of the poster proved to be an interesting challenge. I am proud that I was able to assist Penfield Library, and hope that my posters Thank you to Patrick Freebern, Mary Tyson, Angela Varos, Cara Thompson, and all the participants for making the READ project a success! Tina Chan l to r: Angela Varos, Patrick Freebern, Mary Tyson. Background: Framed poster of C. Eric Hellquist. Photo by Tina Chan. Framed poster of Max Clarke and Grace Maxon.


during orientation sessions to some core library services and resources they will now have at their fingertips. Not surprisingly, ways of using the library and accessing needed resources vary between libraries and cultures. meaning that only library staff may enter the stacks areas where all the books are shelved? At Penfield, everyone has the opportunity to browse and discover those hidden treasures! So here are our top tips for good research. Please help us spread the word to your students and friends! 1. Use the library website as your portal to scholarly resources. Our Research Guides by Subject are a good place to begin, where you will find tabs leading to several types of resources. If you are asked to log in to databases, use your LakerNet ID, just like you would to use a computer. 2. 150 computers and several printers are available in the library. 3. There are quiet spaces, group work spaces, individual study carrels, 24/7 spaces, technology equipped spaces, and more lots of variety for different needs! 4. Citation guides your papers. 5. Writing workshops take place every Friday at 3 pm in Library Classroom 1 or 2, and they are loaded with useful information! 6. AND most importantly remember to Ask a Librarian when you have questions about any of these chat (available 24/7), or email. There are even librarians that specialize in every subject area. There are so many reasons to visit Penfield Library, either in person or online, and we look forward to seeing you all soon! Barbara Shaffer Page 2 @ Penfield, Spring 2013 Welcome, International Students! Expanded Printing Services SUNY Oswego, Penfield Library Penfield Library is pleased to announce our new, expanded printing services. 1. The number of quick print stations has been increased from two to three. These are located near the stairwell on the first floor. 2. There is now a printer in the 24 Hour Room. 3. The library laptops available at the Checkout/Reserves Desk can print either to the 1st floor printers OR to the TRC printer on the 2nd floor. This should be particularly helpful to those working on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the library. 4. Students can print to the 1st floor lobby printers, the 24 Hour Room printer, or the TRC (2nd floor) printer from their personal laptops by downloading the appropriate drivers from the CTS personal printing page Natalie Sturr New Technology for Checkout nd Floor Service Desk. The App Store is made available, so students, faculty, and staff should feel free to put anything from the App Store or iTunes on the devices and use them as if they were their own. No need to worry about accounts and passwords; we meticulously erase the iPods when they come back. They also record HD videos and take excellent photos for multimedia projects. The iPods check out for 7 days, and come ready to connect to campus wifi. Emily Thompson


@ Penfield, Spring 2013 Page 3 McNair Scholars Paired With Librarians SUNY Oswego, Penfield Library For several years, librarians have been involved with the McNair Scholars Program at SUNY Oswego. derrepresented students in graduate programs. With a faculty mentor to guide them, students undertake a major research project designed to be similar to one they might encounter as graduate students. In addition to working with a faculty mentor, each student is paired with a librarian whose subject area most closely matches the research interests of the student. Each student and librarian pair will typically meet several times during the semester. As the research question or thesis is refined, the librarians recommend specific databases, search strategies, search terms, and more to help their students locate the best information on the topic. For librarians, the opportunity to work closely with highly motivated students and to help guide them through a lengthy research process is very satisfying, and we look forward to seeing the final results of the research projects. Karen Shockey New Student Photo Contest We discovered the visual talents of our new students who entered original photographs of Penfield Library to the New Student Photo Contest. Xiaoying Wang 1 st Katelyn Cardone nd place, and Sharon Souva image of the Federal Reporter stacks won 3 rd cebook page to view all contest entries Congratulations to our winners, and a special thank you to all the new freshmen, transfer, and international students who got involved! Michelle Bishop Building News The construction in the front hallway and 24 Hour Room is complete, and we are excited about our new look! Upon entering the library, you will notice new lighting, ceilings, and doors in the hallway between the Lake Effect Caf and the 24 Hour Room. Beginning with the new semester, the front doors will remain open when college is in session. At closing, we will simply secure the library by pulling down a gate by the Checkout/Reserves Desk and locking the glass doors to the caf. The hallway will become part of the 24 Hour Room, giving it a second entrance and exit. An added benefit is that you will be able to wait inside should you arrive before the library opens. Within the 24 Hour Room, the restrooms have been completely remodeled and are now handicap accessible. A printer has been added to the 24 Hour Room, along with a few additional tables and chairs. At the caf end, access is now easier direct from the hallway, without having to pass through the narrow gates by the Checkout/Reserves Desk. Some new tables and chairs have been added to the caf, with access to electrical outlets on the walls that were previously hidden by the piano. Within the library, some new chairs have been added to the second floor and Classroom 1. A dozen tables are in the process of having tabletop outlets installed and will be distributed throughout the second floor. The third floor, unfortunately, simply lacks the electrical supply to plug in such tables, and improvements there are awaiting major library renovations. Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome. When we can, we will certainly act upon them. Tom Larson


@ Penfield, Spring 2013 Page 4 From the Writing Center Oswego Reading Initiative Writing tutoring is available in Penfield Library rooms 302, 303, 305 & 306. Tutorial services will be provided Mondays through Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Fridays 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Sundays 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Writing tutoring is also provided during the week in Hart Hall and Johnson Hall; see the schedule on TutorTrac for these hours. Students can view the schedule and make appointments by visiting the Writing Center website The tutors provide sensitive and constructive help with essay planning, organization, development, and revision. The Writing Center has a staff of 11 undergraduate tutors, 2 graduate students, and 1 professional. You can learn more about the writing tutors by reading their bios on the Writing Center site. Instructors across the disciplines are encouraged to request a classroom visit by a tutor. In addition, the Writing Center will continue to sponsor its Write Ways Series of weekly workshops during the spring semester. These workshops are presented by staff and faculty from Penfield Library, the Writing Center, and various academic departments. They are free and open to all interested students, staff, and faculty. The workshops cover a variety of helpful topics such as sentence level skills, the writing process, research writing tips, using writing related software, devising resumes and cover letters, and writing personal statements. Workshops are scheduled Friday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:00 in Classroom 1 or 2. Detailed information for the workshops will be circulating across campus on flyers, posters, digital signage, and the oswegodaily list digest. The campus community should contact Steve Smith with any requests or questions about the Writing Center. He can be reached at 312 3762 or Steve Smith SUNY Oswego, Penfield Library Check it out! The 2013 14 Oswego Reading Initiative (ORI) selection is The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl by Pulitzer Prize winning author Tim Egan. This non fiction account of the Dust Bowl, which includes interviews with folks who survived the man made ecological disaster, really resonates as we deal with the increasing impact of current man made ecological disasters. There are connections to history, earth science, economics, ecology, political science, health sciences, creative writing, and sociology that will hopefully entice numerous faculty to incorporate these some reviews of this book. Penfield Library will put at least one copy of The Worst Hard Time on course reserves at the start of the summer 2013 semester. At this time, copies of the 2012 13 ORI book, City of Thieves, are available, one on an e reader. Michelle Parry Librarian in Johnson Hall In fall 2012, Johnson Hall became the first residence hall to offer librarian hours, and we look forward to continuing this service in spring 2013. brarian workshops, and for a research help station beginning after spring break. Weekly hours will begin at that time on Thursday evenings, 6 8 pm. Michelle Bishop


Page 5 @ Penfield, Spring 2013 Penfield Success Fair From the Archives and Special Collections Display to Archives exhibit. We invite your contributions for the next Display by April 30. The 24th annual faculty reception will be on Wednesday, February 20 at 4 6 pm in the Lake Effect Caf. New images will soon greet you upon your entrance to Special Collections in the lower level of the library. Ten photographs have been enlarged by the Office of Publications, and are in the process of being framed and matted for installation. Images include school children from the early 20 th century, the campus bus (did you know we had one?), and candid images of college life from generations past. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit. Elizabeth Young SUNY Oswego, Penfield Library The Penfield Success Fair was a successful collaborative effort between Penfield Library, LifeStyles, CTS, OLS, Compass, The Point, and Counseling Services. In addition to walking away with free giveaways, more than 300 students were able to connect with caring and knowledgeable support service representatives. Students gained helpful information regarding research help, technology help, counseling services, making healthy choices, campus involvement opportunities, and career and academic advisement. Thanks to all who participated. Special thanks to LifeStyles for its generous support of the fair. Michelle Bishop A student learns about the Writing Center. Middle School Mentor Scholar Program Visits Penfield On November 30, Penfield welcomed the energy of Oswego Middle School students from the Mentor Scholar Program. The Mentor Scholar Program is an academic and social mentoring program that partners SUNY Oswego undergraduates and Oswego Middle School students through the academic year. Our visitors had the unique opportunity to experience a day of college life, which included a tour of PenSchool librarian, MaryAlice Brunell. Michelle Bishop Research at the Metro Center? No problem! Just as their on campus counterparts, students and faculty at the Metro Center have lots of scholarly resources and library services available for their research needs. Our collection of online journals and books continues to expand, with growth this year especially focused on the Metro Center and online programs. You might want to visit our Ebook or Journals by Title webpages to browse or search our current online holdings. Our Ask A Librarian services include research help in formats convenient for distance learners, including telephone and 24/7 online chat. Even the print and video materials at Penfield Library are available as part of our full menu of services for distance learners. For more information, see our Research Guide for Distance Learners and choose the tab that suits your needs. Barbara Shaffer


Page 6 @ Penfield, Spring 2013 Lake Effect Caf and Front Hallway Gallery : March 7: Post Secret U., sponsored by Active Minds April: Self 1st Floor Displays Under Staircase : February: Black History Month, Black Student Union March: Post Secret U., sponsored by Active Minds April: National Alliance of Black School Educators May: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 1st Floor Display Next to Computer Lab : April: Rice Creek Field Station Second floor lobby : April 1 12: Photographs of Barcelona, Spain, by Cameron Bruhns, student artist Library Exhibit Schedule SUNY Oswego, Penfield Library Library Hours Spring 2013 Mon Thu: 7:45 am 11 pm Fri: 7:45 am 9 pm Sat: 10:30 am 9 pm Sun: 11:30 am 11 pm Expanded hours for exams begin May 4 Please see our website for exceptions to our regular hours.


Page 7 @ Penfield, Spring 2013 SUNY Oswego, Penfield Library Food for Fines During the fall semester, almost 600 food items were donated to the Food for Fines program sponsored by Penfield Library. The items were given to the Human Concerns Food Pantry in Oswego, then distributed to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each food item cancelled $1 in overdue fines that students had accumulated. see it as a win Penfield Library has been providing this service to the community for almost 20 years. Plans are already in place to continue Food for Fines for the next holiday season. Ray Morrison Penfield Library welcomed its newest librarian in October. Leah Galka is a visiting librarian and the liaison to the Curriculum and Instruction, and Educational Administration departments in the already a familiar face around the library, as she has been an adjunct reference librarian at Penfield for approximately two years. In her new position, Leah will be responsible for choosing books for the Curriculum and Instruction, and Teaching Resource Center collections, as well as teaching library instruction classes for education students. She is the contact person for research help or book requests for the Curriculum and Instruction department. working with the School of Education students and faculty, and encourages them to contact her with any Leah Galka, Reference and Instruction Librarian. Photo by Emily Thompson. Book Sale 2013 Join us for the library book sale on Monday, April 15 from 9 am 6 pm in the library basement. We have non DVDs, CDs, audio and video cassettes, and magazines. We also have special priced items for 50% off the something for you. Tina Chan

PAGE 8 Ask A Librarian: 315 312 4267 Checkout/Reserves Desk: 315 312 2560 Penfield Library Spring 2013 Calendar of Events Fridays, 3pm 4pm, February 1 May 3 Write Way Series Workshops, Classroom 1 or 2. See page 4 for more information. February 14, 12pm 4pm Penfield Loves You Day. Enjoy refreshments, make Valentines, and learn about the latest library technology at the Technology Petting Zoo. February 20, 4pm 6pm Display to Archives Reception, Lake Effect Caf. Scrabble Tournament Date to be determined. April 15, 9am 6pm Library book sale, basement. See page 7 for more information. Quest Day, April 17, 11:00am Effect Caf. April 30 Display to Archives deadline for faculty and staff to submit scholarly and creative works. Week of Finals Coffee for finals and extended hours, Lake Effect Caf. May 13 14, 10:30am 2:30pm Free massages sponsored by Counseling Services Center, Classroom 2.