Great Lake Review - Fall 2016

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Great Lake Review - Fall 2016
Bandru, Christina ( Contributor )
Afolayan, Dorcas ( Contributor )
Bandru, Joey ( Contributor )
Bates, Alysha ( Contributor )
Birner, Ali ( Contributor )
Calobrisi, Michael ( Contributor )
Capuano, Marissa ( Contributor )
Castro, Wilson ( Contributor )
Charap, Sarita ( Contributor )
Connelly, Abigail ( Contributor )
Costello, Sara ( Contributor )
Crane, Emilee ( Contributor )
Crofoot, Ryann ( Contributor )
Darling, Gabrielle ( Contributor )
de los Santos, Nelson ( Contributor )
Debolt, Megan ( Contributor )
DeSacia, Alex ( Contributor )
Feely, Allison ( Contributor )
Gilroy, Sam ( Contributor )
Goleski, Emily ( Contributor )
Gronich, Dori ( Contributor )
Gurdon, Hanna ( Contributor )
Hagberg, Dana Rae ( Contributor )
Hlat, Max ( Contributor )
Hughes, Alicia ( Contributor )
Jayne, Victoria ( Contributor )
Kesselring, Scott ( Contributor )
Licata, Camillo ( Contributor )
Lipson, Kayla ( Contributor )
Lockhart, Dimitri ( Contributor )
Lyndaker, Jarred ( Contributor )
Manganaro, Melissa ( Contributor )
Maphia, Sean M. ( Contributor )
McIntyre, Mary ( Contributor )
Miksad, Marissa ( Contributor )
Napoli, Cameo ( Contributor )
Nieder, Elsa ( Contributor )
Paquette, Zachary ( Contributor )
Pasquarelli, Sarah ( Contributor )
Paulo, Kassadee ( Contributor )
Richer, Kendall ( Contributor )
Rusaw, Lacey ( Contributor )
Sanford, Lauren ( Contributor )
Short, Katie ( Contributor )
Sigurdson, Joe ( Contributor )
Smith, Carlene ( Contributor )
Sokolowski, Evelyn ( Contributor )
Specioso, Marissa ( Contributor )
Spriggs, Dariah ( Contributor )
Staller, Kirsten ( Contributor )
Donnelly, Laura ( Sponsor )
SUNY Oswego
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Great Lake Review is SUNY Oswego's student-edited literary and art magazine. Great Lake Review is published, in general, every semester, and contains primarily student art, poetry, fiction, and other literary works.

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FALL 2016 Great Lake Review


e Great Lake Review SUNY Oswegos Literary Magazine Fall 2016 e Great Lake Review is open to submissions throughout the year. Please submit your ction, nonction, drama, poetry, and visual art as an attachment to: Like us on Facebook: /pages/Great-Lake-Review @greatlakereview on Twitter @greatlakereview on Instagram e Great Lake Review is a product of your SA fee


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e Great Lake Review SUNY Oswegos Literary Magazine Fall 2016 Special anks Laura Donnelly English and Creative Writing Department Editor-in-Chief Christina Bandru Managerial Editor Ryann Crofoot Secretary Marissa Capuano Treasurer Kirsten Staller Head Editor of Drama Katie Short Head Editor of Fiction Evelyn Sokolowski Head Editor of Nonction Gabrielle Darling Head Editor of Poetry Emily Goleski Faculty Advisor Laura Donnelly Drama Editors Dorcas Afolayan Emilee Crane Cameo Napoli Lauren Sanford Fiction Editors Alysha Bates Nelson de los Santos Allison Feely Dimitri Lockhart Melissa Manganaro Kendall Richer Nonction Editors Alicia Hughes Hanna Gurdon Kassadee Paulo Lacey Rusaw Poetry Editors Joey Bandru Abigail Connelly Camillo Licata Kayla Lipson Carlene Smith


TABLE OF CONTENTS Art Unimaginable: Half Lonesome, Half Empty by Marissa Miksad ......... ................................................................................................Cover Rainbow Light by Marissa Miksad .........................Rivers End Page Adamo Ignis Branch Distortion Gathered for Nature Difference Music in Lights Gate at Gettysburg Still City Tree of Cycle A Time to Remember Drama How Do I Start by Scott Kesselring .............................................. Grinding by Wilson Castro .......................................................... An Unfortunate Encounter by Sam Gilroy .................................... Ice Prick by Max Hlat ................................................................... Cracked by Victoria Jayne ........................................................... Fiction The Morning After by Max Hlat .................................................... Eddie by Jarred Lyndaker .......................................................... Blood Runs Thick by Sean M. Maphia .......................................... Firm on Two Feet by Zachary Paquette ......................................... The Times That My Sister was There by Mary McIntyre ................. LaPorts by Sara Costello ............................................................. Oh, Shush by Sarah Pasquarelli ...................................................


Poetry Cut the Boy a Break by Alex DeSacia............................................. Recognition while Fishing on the Lake at the Cabin by Joe The Man with the Blue Feet Amaranthine Take Aim & Reload 5 Seconds of Courage Feelin Some Typha Way Goodnight Driving


1 Adamo Ignis Dana Rae Hagberg


2 How Do I Start Scott Kesselring INT. UNIVERSITY LIBRARY COMPUTER LAB NIGHT PAN ACROSS SIGN Hour Computer Lab and it pans to show the computer lab. ON ALYSSA front of a computer with a black screen protecter over the monitor. Papers sprawl across the computer stations next to her. Alyssa types furiously at her computer. headphones as he walks over and sits right next to Alyssa. BRAD Uhhh can you move your stuff? WIDE SHOT ENTIRE LAB ANGLE ON BRAD AND ALYSSA Alyssa clears her papers off Brads computer station. ALYSSA lab is free.


3 Brad doesnt notice Alyssa so she turns back to her computer and continues typing. HITLERs REVENGE and she looks over at his screen. The screen is a pixelated mustaches running towards the player. ALYSSA playing that piece of garbage that I assume is supposed to be some please do it at another computer? Brad moves the right side of his headphones off his ear so he can hear Alyssa while she talks. BRAD to offend you with my piece of garbage. Didnt mean to ruin your come youre starting it atBrad glances at his watch. ALYSSA


4 to do days of research to get to this point. You know that! BRAD I do? ALYSSA Brad throws his headphones off. BRAD WHAT?! ALYSSA Its the bacteria lab due online by I forgot. You never come to class. BRAD Well shit Im screwed! Brad closes his game and opens up the internet and begins furiously searching. ALYSSA This is what happens when you dont make a schedule Brad. You should do what I do! I color coordinate all of my folders by academic building and byBRAD Done!


5 ALYSSA What?! Theres no way! BRAD Welcome to the age of the internet Alyssa. All I had to do was search this lab and I found tons of reports and I got my A. Brad closes his eyes and gives Alyssa a smug smile. Alyssa glances towards Brads screen and sees the download bar again. ALYSSA Oh no you dont. There is no Ive spent over a week on this to get my A and youre gonna get one in a few minutes. Youre gonna have to do some work to get your A. BRAD God for someone so smart you really are dumb. How the fuck am I supposed to do a lab report with no lab? Alyssa starts searching through her papers and throws a small ALYSSA There. The whole class found the


6 same results so you can use mine. Now you can answer all the lab questions on your own! BRAD do all this tonight? ALYSSA Join the club. CAMERA PANS UP TO CLOCK FADE TO CLOCK gotten? BRAD Me? Oh I am tearing through this ALYSSA questions. Brad how far are you really? Alyssa stands up and sees Brads screen is a blank Word document.


7 Are you kidding me?! Are you serious Brad?! Youve been sitting here for over an hour and havent done anything? I let you use my HAVE TO DO and all you do is sit there? God I hope you fail youre stupid lab. As Alyssa turns to sit back at her computer Brad grabs her arm. BRAD Wait please dont go! Alyssa I really appreciate everything youve ALYSSA Just what? BRAD I dont understand it. Any of it. ALYSSA Well maybe you should come to class sometimes and youd actually learn something. BRAD Its not my fault that I... nevermind. ALYSSA Huh? BRAD Dont worry about it.


8 ALYSSA BRAD done too much already. ALYSSA I know I dont have to..I want to. Alyssa smiles at Brad and Brad smiles back. plate? This is before we placed the E. Coli in. This serves as our control... CAMERA PANS UP TO CLOCK FADE TO CLOCK BRAD So the gram stain shows that the Cholera vibrio grew the fastest during the three days? ALYSSA Exactly! See? You got this. BRAD this! You should be a teacher! ALYSSA


9 BRAD Thats good! because I want to. ALYSSA Huh? BRAD want to. I uh...I open my dads antique shop in the mornings. Hes gotten real sick lately and I dont want him to over work himself. So I moved back home and commute to campus. I had to change my schedule to make them all evening classes. This is the one class I couldnt trying to get by but its hard when you cant actually learn in class. ALYSSA BRAD really talk about it. ALYSSA So how come you shared it with me? blushes as well.


10 So uh...what game were you playing before? It must be good if you came all the way here at night to play it. BRAD Oh this? Brad turns back to his computer and opens the game back up. Look at the bottom. ON COMPUTER SCREEN The bottom of the screen reads Created by Brad Wilcox ON BRAD AND ALYSSA ALYSSA BRAD the past year. I can only work on it program. ALYSSA This is incredible! BRAD So its not a piece of trash? ALYSSA Oh my god Brad I am so so-


11 BRAD Dont mention it. ALYSSA Do you mind if I play? BRAD Sure! Alyssa turns her chair towards Brads computer and leans over to use his keyboard and mouse. the real Hitler. ALYSSA What will pressing E do? BRAD trap him so that Franklin D Roosevelt can run up and kick him. ALYSSA Thats so funny! How did you think of this stuff? BRAD ALYSSA Youre so lucky! I wish I was as creative as you. BRAD your brains!


12 ALYSSA them? BRAD them all already! Youre a natural at this! ALYSSA I try. Brad and Alyssa laugh as CAMERA PANS UP TO CLOCK FADE TO CLOCK ON COMPUTER SCREEN wrapped in it. FDR walks from offscreen and starts to kick him as the game closes. ALYSSA Did I do it right? BRAD Thats it! You did it! You beat the game!


13 ALYSSA game! but she accidentally kicks her computer and the screen goes off. Oh no...oh no oh no oh no what happened? What did I do?! Alyssa begins to push her monitor power button but nothing happens. BRAD back up and e-mail it to her. ALYSSA BRAD Why didnt you save it?! ALYSSA Whenever I do work in the library I never save til I have to at the end to e-mail it! BRAD ALYSSA Theres no time! Its due in like


14 back to Alyssa. BRAD report and you can turn it in. ALYSSA BRAD Yes you can. If it werent for you I wouldnt have even remembered this assignment. Plus you helped I could do. ALYSSA Thank you Brad! Alyssa leans forward and gives Brad a hug. He seems shocked at tower underneath Alyssas desk. BRAD Hold on a second. Brad moves under the desk and plugs in a loose cord and Alyssas screen comes to life. ALYSSA Oh thank god!! Brad youre a life


15 saver! Thank you! BRAD Brad closes his eyes and opens his arms for a hug. Alyssa steps into the hug and gives Brad a quick peck on the cheek. Oh..uhh wasnt expecting that. ALYSSA Im sor* BRAD Alyssa blushes and Brad smiles back. Maybe we could hang out again soon? But instead of the library in could be in a restaurant on Friday? ALYSSA Id like that. Brad and Alyssa smile and walk out of the library together. FADE OUT


16 e Times at My Sister Was ere Mary McIntyre delivered into this world. From the little stories that my family told She got to sit under a heat lamp while my family waited for the news that I was going to be okay. My mom told me that she was one of the last people to hold me because by the time I was put safely wooden kitchen table for me as I tried to take out the screws from replaced the year before we left for college. The once spotless table kinds of trouble together. all the way. single day and usually had high water cargo pants on because I hated change and I loved being different than everyone else. One of my many problems was my locker. The fairly new blue locker was the lock for what seemed like the thousandth time. I was running


17 end of the square building and opened my locker with ease. I was on time to class that day. my sisters royal blue sweater and her favorite silver necklace. draw a gavel on it because we were both on the mock trial team. on the door. I beamed with pride as she smiled and waved. After on my striped shirt was crinkled. I kept watching for her to come through the door. She walked in late with her new boyfriend. Rachael wanted to take her boyfriend to an extreme ropes course in the Adirondacks in the middle of the summer before as my mom tried to convince me to come along. My mom thinks our dog curled up at my side. second time right before the beginning of my senior year. The work until I called her. Rachael was nervous about leaving her


18 couch and we sat there. Holding each other up as we cried. I didnt know that Rachael had gotten me a present Skaneateles. I presented it to her with the poem that came with a silver photo frame with a picture of us hugging was nestled in we are home.


19 Branch Distortion Marissa Miksad


20 Cut the Boy a Break Alex DeSacia There are days when the chest binder is just a tad too tight. Is it worth the pain every time he breathes? Or does he take the risk of being seen as his dead identity? Can his wide hips be noticed easily? How low can he make his voice go? He cannot slip up. Everything has to be perfect. He has to be cautious of how others are perceiving him. Is he boy enough for them? He cannot slip up. He has to make everything perfect. He has to pass to be able to survive because one of the scariest experiences is just living when youre trans gender. He feels sheer terror as he steps into the mens room simply because one careless mistake can give him away. One small slip can give him a bashing just like the one he endured the other day. He cannot stroll home from school without a fellow student shouting TRANNY! through the open window of their run-down pick-up truck. And though many of them know, he cannot slip up. He cannot give them something else to meddle about.


21 He cannot skip a day of trying his ultimate best to be as masculine as possible. A day of rest would be a day of ridicule because he will no longer be playing the part of transgender in the eyes of those who cannot understand him. In the eyes of those that cannot feel how hard it can be to breathe will see him as giving it up. Those who cant feel the bruises on his back from being pushed around the hallways cannot allow him to take a break. No! He cant take a break! They shout through words like Tranny, he-she, and freak of nature! He cannot allow himself to slip up for one small second The violence he faces everyday forces him to either stay in the closet or be as out as he possibly can be. Lingering in between will leave him vulnerable for slashes of hos tility. No one can understand the complexity of the problem he faces every single day. The body dysphoria he feels when he looks in the mirror outweighs the need to take a deep breath. The simple need to play the part for the judging masses can leave him skipping meals just to try to make those wide hips a bit smaller. The violence he feels now is brutal. But, oh God, he cannot allow them to see the F on the birth feel the end of the shaming. So, he cannot take a break.


22 He cannot take off that too-tight compression shirt that is holding down the femininity that shouldnt even be there. able to pass or not. He cannot allow his already strained voice to rest because a single high-pitched hello, can give his whole prefered identity away. Slipping up is not an option for him because the chance of violence against him so high. Hundreds of transgender people are murdered with rage, beaten with irrational hatred tattooed on the attackers knuckles. who just want to be who they were really meant to be. Hundreds of transgender youth are found with a noose, woven with hatred, around their necks. So, No. He cannot slip up. He cannot take a break. Everything has to be perfect. Because the meaning of survival for a transgender individual is simply being able to pass. So, please, cut the boy a break. Reach out and help your fellow brothers. Your sisters, your friends. culty. A preferred name is just as valid as the dead name that was stamped on them at birth. You may not see it, but a gash the size of a gorge can be found in the center of his soul where the violence stuck much too deep.


23 Lift him up with the respect he deserves and with the terms he wishes to hear every day yet he is starved of. Cut him a break and call him handsome. Cut him a break and use his preferred pronouns. Cut the boy a break and leave him seeing the hope shining at the end of that long and dark tunnel. At times, he can be found hiding under the single shield he has left after a relentless war against his only dream and all he will need is a hand to pull him up. Cut the boy a break.


24 LaPorts Sara Costello Two chocolate chip pancakes with extra Italian toast pleaseand a chocolate milk! Eleven words that left my lips once a week almost every walls surrounding us just felt right, like we were meant to be there get to serve us even though the place was packed and there was really no time for bickering. There was the booth of fun old folks talking to my dad about the Bills game or the latest St. Marys while we waited. My dad would adjust his hat every so often, sometimes playing with his cherished American Flag pin that was stuck in his one of many Turkey Trot t-shirts. My older brother, Zach, would play with his hat, wanting to be just like dad. Cc, my older sister, would laugh, sitting crisscross-applesauce in the booth, rocking back and forth. After Kevin was born, wed sit him in the most likely unsanitary, dark brown to cover the stains, plastic high chair. Hed wiggle around, obviously uncomfortable, and cry when he re come and we would link hands and pray, smiling and giggling at each other because we knew we were going to have a good day. stability and safety. It was time spent with dad while mom stayed home and had quiet time to herself a true treat in our household. to add a few errands, but we had a staple to-do list that we never strayed from. As I grew up, things kept changing in my life, like starting school and doing sports, but I could always count on my Saturdays. The fact that these cherished days could be taken away from me never crossed my mind. Even when my parents an nounced their divorce, I thought I would still have these set plans. They warned us that some things would have to change, but I didnt realize that by some things they meant everything


25 weekly adventures. Id take my last buttery bite of toast and chug the rest of the magical chocolate milk. My sister and I were con vinced they used a secret potion to make it taste so good. Though rip the bill and money out of my dads hands while hed ask me to do the mental math of what change Id get back. Id just roll my eyes and keep moving. One of the waitresses would watch and laugh as they walked to meet me at the register. Theyd let me pierce the stake that sat next to the register through the bill as they got my change, then continue to laugh as Id scurry back to the booth. How much change did you get back? Is that the right amount? I dont know dad ; mental math is just so hard. How are you supposed to learn if you dont try? means two handfuls. You got all the tricks dont cha? watch me skip to the machine next to the door. Id have to make the hard decision of the candy combination I wanted for the day they had Chiclets, Skittles, and Mike & Ikes. Id be so excited that Id miss the quarter slot a few times and wouldnt get it right walk back to the car, holding hands as best as one can with hand fuls of candy. My dad would warn us to look out for the people who whipped around those corners with zero cares in the world, and kept looking back and forth until we reached the navy blue Durango he seemed to have forever. Id have to stretch my legs as far as they could go to climb in, trying to go as fast as possible so we could start the journey.


26 Sara, you need to share that candy with your brothers and sister, he would say as he looked back to make sure we were buckled in. But dad Cc doesnt like candy, Kevin doesnt have teeth yet, and I dont like Zach. That doesnt mean you cant make the offer, Sara Joan. Now is everyone buckled in? He had already looked to see and knew we were, but he always did the little things to show his love. It was just his way. At the age of ten, the ground beneath my feet shook and crumbled, letting me fall into a black pit of confusion and hurt. I unless I was the one to do it. I know thats a nave concept, but it equation. But slowly my beloved small town diner started to crum same. I noticed the people staring at my sister and the visible effects of being born with an extra chromosome. I became aware of Zachs absences and how he never wore a hat anymore, as if he couldnt even fathom doing something my dad would do. I saw the fake smiles on peoples faces as they passed by and said hello. I stayed away from the candy machine because it probably hadnt been cleaned since its installation twenty years ago. I could taste the grease on all the food invade my mouth with every bite. I watched them poor the chocolate milk from a bland off-brand carton into my glass. I couldnt look away from the stains on the walls and would never step in the bathroom tucked in the back left corner of the diner. My favorite place slowly lost its magic and my hope started to fade a little more. But dad I want to listen to Circle of Life Phantom of the Opera scares me; I dont want to listen to it. Sara, weve listened to Circle of Life two times, Zach


27 should get a turn listening to what he wants. School of Rock taught me that three is the magic number that means we need to listen to it again. If we dont well have bad luck forev- Okay, thats enough Miss. Drama Queen. One more time and thats it. Theres no need to bring School of Rock into the argu ment. Youre the one who made us watch it dad. Most of the bickering was centered around what would be playing through the speakers and the volume at which it was played. My personal preference was always Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King while Cc fought for Phantom of the Opera and Zach want ed to jam to Queen or Styx. My dad always made sure that we all got to listen to our favorite songs off of each C.D. In our heads, he did this because he wanted to show he loved and cared for all of us equally, but I think deep down we all knew he just wanted us to shut up and stop arguing. the top of our lungs, only taking breaks to beg our dad to turn up to a crawl and sticking our noses to the windows to gawk at it as if loop around neighborhoods and whiz by abandoned factories, with nothing, but more roads to explore ahead of us. ports not-so-glamorous family owned pet store. This is where we would buy two of our dogs, a cat, and way too many hamsters. All of our pets were purchased on one of our Saturday outings, usually after we mustered up our best pouty faces; maybe some fake tears, and made a phone call home to mom. than the last hamster. I pinky promise that Ill feed it this time!


28 I love you so much mom, dont you love me? She would end up caving and wed bring the new family member in the car, screaming out names that we wanted to use, one after the other. One of us would be cradling our new pet, thinking that if we even slightly loosened our grip, they would be gone for something along the lines of, I hate this but I have to pretend its okay because I love you. it even though she clearly did not want to almost every hamster we got ended up pooping in her hand before we could get it to the cage. Shed just roll her eyes, clearly trying to hold back a grin while we all giggled under our breaths, no one wanting to be the stand there on the black and white tiles of the kitchen, shaking with laughter, cherishing the good times we spent, all together Ive signed three different petitions to close them down for animal meaning. Our car rides grew shorter as did our patience for each other, so we would just listen to whatever was on the radio and try not to blow up on whoever was in the car. Zach stopped coming around, saying he had too much school stuff to do or hockey to play, but I knew that he really just couldnt stand being around my dad. Kevin spent the time reading, checking out of whatever small talk we were having, hoping his comics would suck him in so he might be able to live in a world lack of eye contact. Cc would stare out the window, still sitting crisscross-applesauce while rocking back and forth, forever stuck in the mind of a seven-year-old. I picked up Saturday morning shifts at the caf I worked at because Id rather wake up with the ing latte than avoid eye contact with someone who used to be my best friend but had slowly turned into a stranger


29 and sorrow. I couldnt see that my dad still wore his Turkey Trot shirts, American Flag pin, and the baseball hat I got him in Boston. I couldnt hear Cc still singing along to whatever was playing in the car. I didnt pay attention to Kevin while he tried to explain why Marvel is better than DC. Id focus on whatever book I was reading, refusing to look out the window at the trees with faces or the red brick mansion. I ignored the sad looks my dad would cast in my direction and slammed the doors before his I love you could reach my ears. I refused to accept that things might be able to go back to normal, or we could make a new normal. I started hanging out with my friends more than my family, skipping the meals and parties where we had to all be there and pretend everything was okay. Id spend most of my time thirty minutes away in Buffalo, hoping those thirty minutes would take away some of the pain. Sara, youre always coming to the Buff, why dont we come to you? Its really okay, my mom will stop at the mall and wa- see all the places you love! Guys, its really okay. Ill just come to y- So are we picking you up at your moms or dads? Moms. ite booth in the front corner, Carly coming over to take our order. I took a deep breath, looking around at the familiar paintings on the walls, seeing the memorial for Sarah above the giant stove. I locked my eyes on the old candy machine, putting my hands in my Earth to Sara, are you gonna order anything? Two chocolate chip pancakes with extra Italian toast pleaseand a chocolate milk.


30 Gathered for Nature Marissa Miksad


31 Recognition while Fishing on the Lake at the Cabin Joe Sigurdson I caught the hangover early on and starting killing beers and felt better. slept in the cabin. I rocked one back and glared into the top of world. This will kill you someday. Yes. cast the line.


32 The Morning After Max Hlat because of how comfortable it is to keep your eyes closed. Just your eye get burnt by the sun leaking in through the window. Who the fuck forgot to close the blinds? Your. Head. Is. Pounding. You lie there and try to remember how dumb enough you offered you a drink. Her. The girl with the Star Wars shirt. She probably had no idea how strong that punch was. You remember When does the diner close? You dont have the energy to stomach cant handle much at this point. Did you puke last night? You pray it wasnt in front of a girlStar Wars Girl. Get your mind either. You consider that maybe the party was actually pretty things. You feel like you know that guy. You think about how much of a dick he is. You try and make yourself feel better by making fun actually think hes a decent guy. Is that better or worse? You want decide hes probably a dick. You rise from the bed like the most disheveled vampire ever. You really need to go to the gym more. Youre glad you cut You dont really feel like showering.


33 around. You might have a bad day. Shit. You think of the night before. You can hear the music in window. You looked around the party at your friends. You didnt Theres still this morning to think about. You look into the mirror. Holy shityou need to shower. You look awful. You water going down your back is irresistible. You wash a little bit but the water is what seems to be reviving your head back to rehabilitation. The throbbing in your head seems to be letting up. You stand there and let the water pour on you. You dont care about wasting the hot water today. Why should you? Youre hungover as fuck. why a game that was supposed to get people drunk was so is uncharacteristic for you. You never remember being this good arm. You thought so hard about keeping your cool. It was no big how you werent paying attention to the rules. You used this as an excuse to ask her for help to see if that can get the two of you talking some more. You still feel like shit the more you move around your apartment. You dont even feel like lifting your feet above more slowly getting tighter and tighter. You have such a terrible feeling


34 You think about the game more and more. Right as Star and she left to go into the other room with him. You could only You still tried to have fun with your friends despite being a wouldnt work. then your mind wanders to the cleanliness of the bathroom. even though you already told yourself to do something. You wash You brush your teeth with your extra special I Just Puked because the mint will upset your stomach and you remember how rough it was the last time you had to dry heave. You continue to think back to the party. Star Wars Girl focused more on having a genuinely good time than she did on note of that. Part of what made her so cool was that exact detail fun. going to land on tequila. Your night couldnt take anymore of that


35 that dreaded shot. Fuck those guys. You manned up and drank And thats where youre atslugging around your bloody apartment like a dickhead. You arrived home last night and apparently decided to throw everything that was on your couch around the apartment to make room for you to sleep despite having a perfectly cleared bed. Eventually you made it up there but dont remember how or when. You dont make too much It takes you way too long to get your shoes on. You think youre probably still kinda drunk. You decide against driving and walk to the diner instead. Your decision to go to the diner gets better and better the more you think about how long its been make this morning beautiful in a strange way. The autumn winds and rustling leaves give the pain in your body a sense of ease. You look around more than you have in the past. This is one of the different. shitty this morning had been going. You cycle through all of the probably ruined by it. Brunch better pull a pretty solid miracle out of its ass if youre going to even smile. behind you in high school shows you to your booth. Its a lonely booth in the corner by one of the doors that leads into the kitchen. You sit down with your back to the door and look at the menu. You see your true hangover medicine listed as a combo


36 Were actually out of some ingredients that make the says a pleasant voice behind you. Youre heart brokenyour egg after last night. You turn around to see her. Her! Star Wars Girl! She works here? You didnt know that. You say hello to which she early. Her brother? Thats who that was? My shift is actually You smile and nod. Youre going to have a great day.


37 Difference Marissa Specioso


38 The Man with the Blue Feet Dariah Spriggs kiss my face. takes me back to the shiver of the man who sits, capped in white, clenching a cup of misfortune, asks only for change. And I, like everyone else, in hats pulled over their ears and coats wrapped around their shoulders, with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters jingling in the pockets of their jeans, like some sort of Christmas carol, look straight ahead and pretend not to notice the man with the blue feet who uses snow as his blanket.


39 Eddie Jarred Lyndaker belong to his Uncle Caleb. torn carcass of which lies crumpled on the carpet. Hes not supposed image of his uncle. I used to carry Caleb to bed like this all the time when he was Eddies age. I carried him to bed a time or two after he reached the looks now. Thats one of the reasons Id like to keep Eddie away from alcohol when he gets of age and starts wondering. Ill tell him theres lots more to life. Ill tell him that you dont need it to be cool or to feel to myself. We tried getting Caleb to slow down. It wasnt our parents fault. only drank at parties and Mom had a glass of chardonnay at night when know about life get treated like they dont and the people who dont get treated like they do. I reach the top of the stairs and turn into Eddies room. I must be careful getting him through the doorframe. Hes a lot longer than Eddie loves them. They help him sleep. Caleb used to drink Nyquil to sleep when he was old enough to buy it. He got addicted to that also. It getting smokes at three in the morning. He swerved right into oncoming


40 pray to whatever holds sway over our short lives. I pray that Eddie will know better. I pray that he wont be enticed by the high school ideas of being cool. I want him to grow up knowing that he is good enough on his own to do and feel as he pleases. the futility of it. At least he doesnt have trouble sleeping. Thats a start.


41 Music in Lights Marissa Miksad


42 Amaranthine Elsa Nieder Magenta light casts over the disheveled landscape of my bed Shade that beckons him to the mountains of my sheets Carnadine passion sets the wasteland ablaze The lights over the door are blue Because I used to watch another through the keyhole And the two share me like their name My bed becomes an ocean in amethyst sunlight And time a boat that rides the violet waves


43 Grinding Wilson Castro arrangement. A stand out piece is a single couch in C facing the audience with a coffee table in front of it. A door lies SR and SL. The play begins with Speaking role in the middle and he describes his feelings in the future as his body lives in the present. Speaking role is wearing all white while Movement role wears black and has fresh black paint on his hands. SPEAKING ROLE SPEAKING ROLE sits in the center of the couch and pulls out a cell phone. SPEAKING ROLE to be held by. I wont even be granted that. SPEAKING ROLE Phone lights up and makes a ding noise.


44 Phone lights up and makes a ding noise. Youd done this beforePhone lights up and makes a ding noise. I made promisesPhone lights up and makes a ding noise. I dont want to keepPhone lights up and makes a ding noise. SPEAKING ROLE looks at the phone. SPEAKING ROLE SPEAKING ROLE takes a rose in a vase from behind the coach and places it in the coffee table. one feeling nervous. SPEAKING ROLE And here is when I learn what it truly meant to be part of a communityMOVEMENT ROLE enters


45 carrying them to the couch. The rose vase falls over. MOVEMENT ROLE begins to grope SPEAKING ROLE everywhere leaving behind black marks on their clothing SPEAKING ROLE does MOVEMENT ROLE begins kissing SPEAKING ROLEs neck. SPEAKING ROLE lied about my age and he could tell but he likes them young. Ill remember seeing a wedding ring later and feel even dirtier. MOVEMENT ROLE moves SPEAKING ROLE so hes leaning over the coffee table and begins kissing him from behind. SPEAKING ROLE sees the rose in the vase on the ground. SPEAKING ROLE kissesSPEAKING ROLE MOVEMENT ROLE slides hands down SPEAKING ROLEs spine


46 leaning back and eyes closed. SPEAKING ROLE would he touch me like that. SPEAKING ROLE looks about their body and sees all the black marks on them. ENSEMBLE men enter through SR paint on their hands. They proceed to touch SPEAKING ROLE in in black. SPEAKING ROLE One ENSEMBLE member enters in white through SL door crossing to SR. SPEAKING ROLE -but I wont be like me anymore.


47 Gate at Gettysburg Marissa Miksad


48 Blood Runs Thick Sean M. Maphia Darkness. This is all I see. I feel like Im trapped in someones and plastic from old childrens toys. It smells like my basement from my childhood home. I am in the basement of my childhood home. I can start to make out the dark outlines of everything that was down here from I was a kid. I was making sure I didnt trip over any of the old toys that Mom Ouch! I stub my toe on one of those damn fake lawn mower toys that Nothing. witchs voice and echoes around all over the place. It feels like the and further. It almost sounds like static and keeps coming in and out like FM radio. church bells that rang out next to my home when I was a kid. I know You shouldve been there. You shouldve kept me safe. Ive never been so scared before. Why did you let them hurt me? blinds me. Why did you let me die?! A ghostly woman appears as soon as my eyes adapt to the light.


49 me of Medusa. She starts to swoop in for attack. Shes going to kill me. I know it. My own mother is going to kill me. down my face and panting like a dog. I look all around my room to double check that Im actually in my apartment and not the basement. Im hyperventilating. a bad habit I picked up to calm my anxiety after my mothers nightmare has been escalating. Ive had to take time off of work because of it. to its normal speed again. I look at my alarm clock to check the time and date. I slowly get out of bed. The apartment really needs a the blinds. I look out the window and see nothing has changed. I I turn off my music and on the TV then start my shower. I get in and feel the cold water hit my face like a ton of tiny anchorman say something that catches my attention. Or at least I think I am. Whos there? I ask as a reach for something to protect


50 that womans horrible face will appear again. Nothing. Just the grimy tiles of my shower and my old shower curtain. I do live prank or my anxiety. I slap myself really hard to see if Im in a mark on my face. OUCH! I scream out loudly in pain. It feels as if claws dug into marks on my stomach. I have never been so scared in my life. The voice echoes in the bathroom. I look for it better get out of my damn apartment. Im armed! unlocked. I hear a shrill scream. Its my mother. She picks me up And then darkness.


51 Take Aim & Reload Ali Birner Bang Shot again. Another Grenade thrown, Left my arm hanging By a thread of sky-blue-pink peonies And my heart swirled in cold comfortability. How bloody the next war May be, I will have a new Addition to my collection Of watercolor disarray, scattered Daises and orchids, Making it more bearable To keep forcing each other Into the others heart. Bang. Shot again. Another Grenade thrown, You know I cant say no to. Roses prick my vein, Making it easier to Stand the endless nights


52 Of screaming lovely words of Hate to each other and Leaving the door locked For good this time. No more delightful Daffodils or searing Lust of lavender. Bang. Ive been shot for good.


53 Still Victoria Jayne


54 Zachary Paquette One. Here you are. Quite honestly, you Arent even sure how this is happening. Usually that voice In your head tells you that you shouldnt even Bother. Today was different. Your breathing is abnormal. Only the sweet kick of adrenaline Recalling every book you have ever read talking Or something along those lines. Two. Oh god. Is that sweat? You Start wondering why your hands are sweating so Back out. It isnt too late. How you are still able to stand up Straight if your knees are so weak? Yet somehow, you Still walk. You know this can still go wrong. But those emotions Three. You realize that you Have been holding your breath this Entire time. You can feel your heartbeat thumping In your ears. Maybe it is too bright Outside, but you swear that you are feeling a little Dizzy. You cant even begin to imagine how someone does this


55 Themselves like some kind of leech you Cant get rid of. Four. You wanted to say again? You got say? You had spent so long planning out exactly the words you would use. Each word cleverly planned so that you could Accomplish your goal. And in an instant, all of that Disappeared. Any backup that you had when you First took that brave step has long Disappeared now. Five. This is it. It has been the longest few Moments of your life. Everything has led You dont even know what is going on Shaking it like an earthquake. Then you arrive, and in a single Moment, everything boils Into an explosive bubble Take a breath. And go.


56 City Michael Calobrisi


57 An Unfortunate Encounter Sam Gilroy EXT. COUNTRY ROAD DAY pulled by two horses. INT. CARRIAGE SAME TIME LADY ELIZABETH Cottonmouth. Oh how I do so much LORD COTTONMOUTH moment with you is a precious gift that I hold near and dear to my heart. LADY ELIZABETH something. LORD COTTONMOUTH EXT. CARRIAGE COUNTRY ROAD SAME TIME Lord Cottonmouth exits the carriage to see that his DRIVER the side of the road.


58 LORD COTTONMOUTH thou scathed in the least? KNIGHT Jesus! What the hell is your problem? LORD COTTONMOUTH But perhaps a thank you to our Lord is in order for keeping you alive in such a wreck. KNIGHT A thank you to our...? Are you shitting me right now? You totaled my horse! LORD COTTONMOUTH And for that I extend my humblest KNIGHT minutes. I cant believe this. The Knight walks over to his horse to assess the extend of the damage.


59 LORD COTTONMOUTH An even temperament is an honorable thing. Insults wont remedy your KNIGHT this horse two weeks ago. She was brand new! LORD COTTONMOUTH circumstances at hand. KNIGHT second no it didnt! You still wrecked my horse! LADY ELIZABETH Is everything all right? LORD COTTONMOUTH ELIZABETH! IM TAKING CARE OF IT! Sorry about her. Back to the matters Sir Knight?


60 KNIGHT Seriously? Are you serious right LORD COTTONMOUTH that perhaps youKNIGHT Premiums are too expensive when you live a high risk lifestyle. You of the carriage. DRIVER gonna blame it on the spot of brandy I had before this afternoons outings! KNIGHT Your driver is drunk. Nice. Real nice. LORD COTTONMOUTH right the wrongs that have transpired today. Whatever it is I dont hesitate to ask.


61 KNIGHT LORD COTTONMOUTH You make a mockery of my offer. KNIGHT can use one of these horses youve got right here and take my place in the ring. LORD COTTONMOUTH Sir Knight. KNIGHT LORD COTTONMOUTH It would behoove you to cease your insubordination. KNIGHT insubordination because I think Im intimidating! LORD COTTONMOUTH I insist you stop this tomfoolery at once!


62 KNIGHT Boo Hoo! The big bad knight is being mean to me! LORD COTTONMOUTH ENOUGH! window. LADY ELIZABETH LORD COTTONMOUTH I SAID IM TAKING CARE OF IT! GO ELIZABETH! LADY ELIZABETH KNIGHT Shes hot. LORD COTTONMOUTH KNIGHT Give me one of your horses and the girl and well call it even. LORD COTTONMOUTH A horse I will relinquish to you.


63 shall not. She shall stay with me. The Knight draws his sword from its holster and points it at Lord Cottonmouths throat. the reigns. KNIGHT LORD COTTONMOUTH Thats Cottonmouth! KNIGHT Whatever. So why do they call you Thickbush? FADE OUT.


64 Sarah Pasquarelli It was the coldest day in October and most of the leaves had already fallen off of the big tree in Grandma Bettys front yard. Your six cousins and your sister were playing tag, a game you despised because you were the smallest and the slowest. Instead you were examining the one exceptionally yellow leaf in the pile your father just raked up for you to jump in. This leaf hadnt even started to get brown like all of the other crunchy, dying leaves. This yellow leaf seemed to glow in that last yard on Heather Lane. You scanned to your right, down the street, to look for a leaf brighter than yours. But all you found was more brown. You looked up at the sky to compare it to the sun, but the sun never came up that day. The clouds just made everything more dull. You looked left, past the DEAD END sign and into the woods. Still, no more yellow. Not even orange. You decided that you had found the only pretty leaf left. You tucked it inside the pocket of your purple, corduroy pants and ran over to the im portant-looking, metal box that you and your cousins used as home base during tag. You thought the big metal box was some sort of remote that con trolled all of the houses on Heather Lane. You later found out that it was just an electrical box. Once you were older and it was no longer bigger home base, you all tried to sit on it together. As soon as you got bumped off, you heard your father and aunts calling your names. You stood up and brushed the dirt off your butt before anyone saw. Kids, come say good bye to grandma! shouted Aunt Kathy from the front doorway. lined up, one-by-one, at Grandma Bettys bedroom door. Ever since you could remember, Grandma Betty got really, really sick every winter. You, your sister, and your cousins would take turns going into her room, kissing her cheek and saying I love you. and saw Grandma Betty in her bed, propped up on a mountain of pillows. Your dad was sitting at her feet. Come here, little bear, she whispered. You ran over and hopped onto the bed next to her.


65 der and you backed off. Oh, shush, said Grandma Betty, opening her arms to hug you. You rested your head on her chest, which felt less squishy than usual. After a minute, Grandma Betty fell asleep. Your dad scooped you up and set you on your feet beside the bed. Remembering the leaf, you pulled it out of your corduroy pocket and placed it on the nightstand. It looked much brighter when it was outside on the brown grass. Grandma Bettys room was painted purple and her lamp had beads dangling from the shade. Her hair was golden like the leaf, only prettier, with curls. The leaf looked dull there, surrounded by all of Grandma Bettys beautiful things. You kissed her cheek, said, I love you, and grabbed your dads hand to walk out. ** taking turns jumping off of the diving board. They were having a splash contest. You never won because you were the smallest. Your three oldest cousins, big and solid like their father, always won splash contests. They ing suit. She always sat next to the jet near the stairs of the pool where the heated water came out. You never understood why she kept the pool heated to ninety degrees in the middle of summer. She went in the pool about three times each summer. The rest of the time she mostly watched you and the other kids from her shaded patio with your parents, aunts, and uncles. She was sipping what looked like chocolate milk out of a straw. Can I have some? you asked. No little bear, you wouldnt like this, she said, its a mudslide. It looks like chocolate milk, can I try it? you persisted. She put her straw in your mouth and you sucked up what tasted like chocolate milk mixed with nail polish. You spit it out into the pool and heard two of your cousins yell, Ew, gross!


66 Grandma Betty said, Oh, shush! and scooped up the murky pool water with her hand and tossed it into the grass. ** On Christmas, Grandma Betty gave the girl cousins matching chiffon pajamas. The four of you ran down the hall, shoved into the small purple bathroom, and changed into your new pajamas. You hopped up and down to look at yourself in the mirror and convinced yourself you looked Aladdin Im Cinderella! squealed your sister. No, I am! shouted your cousins in unison. The three of them car ried on like that for a few minutes until your sister pointed out that she was casting, you all zoomed back into the living room to get appraisal from the camera-ready adults. Oh look the girls! yelled Aunt Kathy. mom. Macys, whispered Grandma Betty, on sale. Come here, girls, Grandma Betty said while pushing her walker down the hall. I want to get some pictures of you on my new comforter. The four of you scurried past her, into her room, and hopped on the bed. The pajamas really did look pretty next to her frilly comforter. Stand tallest to shortest, said Grandma Betty while clutching her brand new Kodak. You scooted into your rightful spot at the edge of the photo. Do four little monkeys, grandma! yelled your cousin. She crossed her arms and shook her head. Okay, girls, she said, one time. The four of you jumped and shoved when she started chanting, Four little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped her


67 head, she tapped your sisters arm and she hopped off and pouted. Gramma called the doctor and the doctor said, no more monkeys jump ing on the bed! She repeated this until you were the last monkey on the bed. You always let her win! whined your sister. Your cousins shook their heads, agreeing. Oh, shush, said Grandma Betty, the lit tlest monkeys are they best jumpers. ** Going to Grandma Bettys house was your favorite part of Easter because she always bought those giant, pre-packed Easter baskets from the drugstore that your parents refused to buy. And Easter was very clear ly her favorite holiday. She got up early each year to hide hundreds of Before the minivan even pulled into the driveway you already spotted four eggs that were in your reach: one on the ground next to home under the pine tree, which you knew was going to hurt. The rest of them required height or the ability to climb trees, neither of which you had. You shoved out of your booster seat, almost elbowing your baby brother, and followed your sister out of the sliding door of the van. She apparently saw the egg under the tree too, so you raced over here! The two of you stopped in your tracks and moped back toward the driveway. Grandma Betty handed you each a basket and put her arms around you. You tried to tug away from her grip on your shoulder so you could at least get a head start. Be patient, she said. There are plenty of eggs that only a little more than last year, but still less than your sister and cousins. The eight of you ran into the living room, dumped your baskets and started shak found the eggs with the ten-dollar bills because they were always in the


68 hardest hiding spots. All of your eggs made noise, so you counted your coins while everyone else counted dollars. You were angry, but at least you had more candy than them. You saw sparkly boots walk past your basket and an egg Mom, what on Earth is she gonna do with that? whispered your dad. Oh, shush. ** The one night, senior year, your parents decided you were going to take a last minute trip to see Grandma Betty. She made some Bundt cakes and she wanted each of her kids to have one. Your little brother had to miss a basketball game, but he wasnt mad because he loved her Bundt uncles, and cousins sitting in the kitchen. They were quietly eating cake while watching the news on Grandma Bettys tiny kitchen television. You followed your parents into her room and your brother walked closely behind you. Grandma Betty was lying down in a small bed that was set up right next to her own bed. Aunt Melissa was sobbing at the foot of the old bed. Your dad went over to comfort his youngest sister. You hung out with your cousins in the living room and they asked how your sister was doing at college. You knew she was drinking too much but you said good. After a while of meaningless conversation and three pieces of cake, it was time to go. Come say goodbye to grandma! shouted Aunt Kathy. your brother and little cousins waited patiently behind you. You took turns going into her room, kissing her cheek, and saying, I love you. Grandma was asleep the entire time you were there and when you kissed her cheek she said, mommy. You backed away, shocked. Your dad put his hand on your shoulder to walk you out and assured you she was just dreaming. On your way out of the house your mom said, Lets stay a little while longer. After working in a hospital for twenty years she knew what death looked like. Everyone sat in the living room on various pieces of your brothers hand. Aunt Melissas scream broke the silence and every one, but the little kids started crying. Your brother looked at you, con


69 fused. bedroom. He was a still, silent crier with a straight face and a few measly tears. He put his arm out to hug you and you glanced into her room. She was already gray and her jaw was wide open. Your mom opened the window and later told you she was letting the spirit out as if anything could trap Grandma Bettys spirit. Her golden wig was glowing on the nightstand, the brightest it ever looked. She was buried in the fall, before all of the leaves died. The last time you saw the wig, a pink, sequined shirt that Grandma Bet sad seemed wrong. Looking around at all of your sobbing relatives, you could almost hear her. Oh, shush.


70 Feelin Some Typha Way Sarita Charap Chest waders leak black mud, silty water, tiny microbes Tardigrade dreams held by cosmic bear hands Dont get eaten up Sundew sticky spindle arms ready to hold those Six legged wanderers who wander no more Menyanthes trifoliata, three leaved sanctuary to larval bog buck moth Rarest beauty only few have seen Little turtle hides among the poison sumac Dont touch! Red itchy hands that cut invasive cattail in the summer heat Typha agustifolia, latifolia, glauca Thick stemmed, rhizome bountiful pain in my ass Heavy lopers mow them down I am catcher of turtle Handler of snake Guardian of the bog God among cattail


71 Marissa Miksad


72 Goodnight Megan Debolt I cannot imagine anything more perfect From the dark velveteen ears of my old rabbit As I rub my cheek not yet angry and red But rather smooth as the condensation resting on my window pane. In that kind of dark where the wet cold cotton is falling Until it blankets the Earth, whether green, grey, or brown It shivers its glittery arms into an embrace so bitingly cold


73 Purple Rose Dori Gronich


74 Firm on Two Feet Zachary Paquette ready to pitch. as always. High School. will let that be your image for now. Max cursed. That isnt good. I placed the bat on the ground. Maybe it isnt as bad as we think. I cleared my throat. Im going over there. What? Why? This isnt the time for you to be all goody goody. They might be really pissed! Max put his hand on my shoulder. Good luck. I could feel a hard lump in my throat. On my way around the


75 it at me for breaking his fence. I tried going over lines that I would say if the person got mad. The house was certainly not the nicest on the block. The smile that actually made me forget why I was even there in the Hello. How can I help you? she said kindly. I quickly snapped out of my brief trance. I remembered what my father had drilled into my head about greeting new respect. Good afternoon. My name is Cole Sky. My friends and accidentally hit a ball that went through your fence out back. I am terribly sorry about all of this. I can help pay for the damages. Is that what that noise was? I thought the squirrels were making a racket again. She paused. It is bad? A man walked up to the front door and looked at me. Cole? What are you doing here? Mr. Mathews? You live here? Mr. Mathews was my biology teacher. I would never tell really interesting when he talked about human anatomy and how it worked. I would often talk with Mr. Mathews after class about medical things. He was my favorite teacher. Of course I could never admit that to my baseball-obsessed friends who believed I before. said was really into your class? The one who plays baseball?


76 I blushed. Thats me. fence out back. Mr. Mathews turned around to look at the damage through a window. It isnt so bad. I looked at him confused. I can pay you for damages. Ill give you my parents informa This felt weird. I felt guilty. Maybe someone else would especially since it was someone I knew. There must be something I can do. anything. something for us. Both Mr. Mathews and I looked at her in confusion. Our daughtershe doesnt get out much. Shes homeschooled and doesnt exactly get to interact with a lot of people besides us. Thats right! Mr. Mathews said. Maya loves baseball! How was that possible? I damaged her property! Shouldn't they be furious at meand all I had to do was talk to their daughter for a little while? I never once had a problem with meeting new be done with this whole mess in two hours. Easy. were signs. The chair elevator that went up the stairs. The smell Mayas room and gapped the moment I saw her.


77 upside-down. urge to make her smile. Is your rug that comfy? Maya slowly shifted herself to look at me. She grins widely. Its soft. I said. Maya smiled. Hi. What is your name? Maya. Who are you? Cole. Why are you upside-down? I dropped my notebook. I grinned. Are you stuck? at her side. Yeah. I scooped her up and placed her back on her bed. That her bed was one of those hospital beds that could be raised up hung up on the wall. And then on a dresser on the other side of I also noticed that Maya made no effort to make herself more where I put her down. Her head only moved to face me. Isnt that uncomfortable? Darlene walked into the room. walk. Mayas face turned bright red. Mom! Why are you here? I hit a baseball into your yard. Your mom let me into


78 Baseball Guy? Mr. Mathews walked into the room. Maya watches the people who play out in the park from her window. You are Baseball Guy! You always hit home runs! Okay! I spent the next hour talking to Maya. I learned all about her dreams to be an Olympic athlete where she would be a needed to take every day. He showed me some things about each one. I learned how to prepare the needle and what pills needed to be taken when. It was fascinating and felt really good to be helping her out like that. biggest smile I had ever seen in my life. She couldnt even turn everything those other kids outside her window were doing that she couldnt. I left the Mathews household with the strangest feelings. Maya. I couldnt stop thinking about her and everything I learned about. I wondered what I could do to help her. hardly paid any attention in class. down the hallway between classes. Baseball on the brain? know.


79 What do you mean? with the best baseball team. My future is set in stone. What else would it be? I shrugged. I dont know. I dont think that I want to play baseball for the rest of my life. I want to do something that will make a difference. You know what I mean? Youre Cole Sky. Baseball is in your blood. You live and We have played baseball our entire lives. Its what we are best at. Why bother doing something that we arent good at? What if I want to try something else? talking nonsense. He then grabbed the textbook I was carrying. See this? This is for them. The guys who arent superstars. We wont ever need to know. Its the femoral artery. Its the femoral artery. It is located I heard you. Why the hell do you know what that is? I shrugged. I kind of like biology. I was thinking about maybe becoming a nurse in the future. mean a doctor? get a little angry with him. that you are going to be stuck in baseball for the rest of your life.


80 Baseball Guy all my life. Why should I bother even thinking about doing anything else? I probably wouldnt even be good at being a nurse. Did you forget something? remembered that I never retrieved the ball from the backyard. I saw through my lie. I knew she did. She knew that I knew. be drawing right now. I blushed. It was embarrassing to have her see right upstairs. Cole! You came back! Of course! Awesome! Maya said. She smiled brightly. What are you smiling about? Maya looked at me confused. Why not? I like being happy. Being happy is the best! I sucked in a breath. Suddenly that felt like a really stupid question. Just then Mr. Mathews walked into the room. Welcome


81 bother. No way! You should always come! Maya said. Mr. Mathews nodded. Youre always welcome here Cole. shots and your pills again. I immediately walked over to him. I watched as he getting them ready. You seem to like this kind of stuff Cole. Are you thinking about doing this in college? Are you sure? I know of some great medical schools that I could recommend for you. I sighed. Nope. I am going to be a baseball player. Its in my blood. I think you would be a great nurse! Maya said from her bed. I turned to her. But you said I was Baseball Guy. Maya laughed. Cole is Cole. You dont have to be Baseball Guy if you dont want to. I walked over to her. You really think that? Maya smiled. You could be a superhero! I pulled up a chair a paused for a moment. I was totally to tell me to do it. I really liked helping Maya. I wanted to do something like that for the rest of my life. I caught a glimpse of her drawing in her notebook. I pretty good. What do you have there?


82 Maya quickly ripped the page out of her notebook and crumpled it into a little ball. Then I watched as she tossed the ball into the waste basket on the other side of the room. and retrieved the paper ball. I returned it back to her. Do it again. Olympics! Mayas eyes widened. They have that? Really? Maya frowned for a moment. That brief moment felt heart-wrenching. There must be something I could do for her! us for a walk? A walk? I looked over a Maya. How? Maya laughed. I have a wheelchair stupid. A wheelchair. Wait! An idea came into my head. make you an athlete! I sat down. My heart was racing. It was alright to be this Darlene and Mr. Mathews found and sat down next to me. There is the college student! Mr. Mathews said. How is nursing school? but you showed us the way. Thank you again. even when I didnt myself. It was so simple. Wheelchair Basketball. Now its Mayas turn to be a superstar.


83 Tree of Cycle Marissa Miksad


84 Ice Prick Max Hlat There is a large ice mountain, frozen completely, surrounded by many others. On the vis ible section of the mountain there are two men, STEVE and RICK, hanging from long climbing wires. Rick is above Steve slightly. They are cov ered, head to toe, in both climb ing and winter apparel. There is both blizzard-like snow falling and loud wind howling. There is a third wire, parallel to theirs, absent of anyone. they must yell over the wind. STEVE Rick? RICK STEVE


85 RICK The best of friends, mate, you and me, buddy. STEVE promise to be honest with me? RICK Hell yeah, bro, I got you. STEVE But, like, you say that. (beat) You promise right? RICK You know it. STEVE Okay. (pause) Are you sleeping with Jessica? There is a long pause. RICK


86 STEVE No my dog. Yes, my wife Jessica the person to whom I am mar ried. RICK After Rick speaks the two of them are nearly obliterated by a falling ice chunk. They scream, then ca sually return to their conversation. STEVE clothing that I know for a fact arent mine. RICK Guy stuff? STEVE RICK Oh!


87 STEVE RICK Dont ask me, youre the one accusing me of sleeping with your Rick is cut off by the wind nearly tearing them from the moun tain to their shared doom. They scream, and again, casually return to their conver sation. STEVE I mean I wouldnt call you out unless I saw your Barcelona jersey in the closet. RICK Maybe shes just getting into that team? STEVE You know I wouldnt marry her if that was a possibility. RICK


88 she needs more. I, um, Becky told me. You know, girl gossip. STEVE RICK Sometimes you dont listen to her, like really listen to her and Rick tries to ice-pick up slightly, but he loses handling and almost falls but Steve steadies him. Thanks, man. STEVE No problem. RICK But, yeah like shes a complicated person and wont stick around long if you dont Rick is cut off as they hear the third person, JERRY, climbing up his rope. Jerry is struggling, and mak ing loud grunting noises. As he climbs, Rick and Steve stop their climbing and


89 watch until he is al most even with them. Jerry stops and takes a few breaths after the tough climb. JERRY (heavy breathing) You know Im going to have to agree with Rick on this one, Jessica is a woman of many layers and you seem to only see a few of those layers. STEVE sheets the other night? There is a long pause. JERRY Listen we can spend all day here asking if there was a foursome in your bed but it wont get us anywhere. STEVE RICK I Listen I dont Its not like He is interrupted by a


90 large ice chunk almost swiping all three of them off the moun tain. They scream in horror then return to climbing. STEVE You guys are horrible people! Youre both married! JERRY Diane was cool with it. STEVE Tell me she was the fourth. Jerry and Rick speak at the same time: JERRY RICK Hell yeah! They stop. There is a very long pause. They


91 continue to climb in silence. RICK with like free toppings and stuff. STEVE I highly doubt th oh wait I can smell it! JERRY Damn I forgot my wallet. STEVE Ill cover you. JERRY Thanks, man. STEVE (quickly) Fuck you. RICK Man, Vermont is awesome. LIGHTS. END.


92 A Time to Remember Scott Kesselring

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93 Driving Megan Debolt Driving. The windows are down and the hot, dry air moves fast complex, the old white and brown building marked with an M. and you already know the door is unlocked even though youve warned Mima a thousand times about the danger. Driving. To doctors appointments, to get this test, and that test to check her pacemaker, to draw blood, to get results back. but you dont care, you would listen to her forever if you could the yodeling in the front seat of the car, the goofy chair dance you and your sister always laughed at the way she would reach her bony hands back and tickle you. the ice cream trips that really Hit the spot. Driving

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94 Its when youre Driving that you get the call. And you have to turn around and keep driving even though you no longer can see out the windshield and wipers wouldnt do you any good and youve got to get your sister as fast as you can and you cant breathe and youre frozen and praying to someone youre not ever sure just hoping that you are going as fast as you can. Driving. Your sister gets in, cheeks also wet with thousands of hugs thousands of weekends spent watching Disney movies thousands of nursery rhymes read in the back yard thousands upon thousands just running down cheeks as if they too are trying to escape what you know. You feel as if youre going to get sick, but you keep Driving

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95 and your mom is trying to keep calm in the front set of the car, but she keeps asking you to text your aunt, but your dad tells you not to, but you do it anyway because even though you dont want to know you want to know you need to know. So when she texts you and tells you that you and your sister need to stay in the waiting room even though you dont know you know. And you hate yourself because no matter how fast you drove you just didnt drive fast enough. Driving. The windows are down and the hot, dry air moves fast across your cheek. You pass the apartment complex the old white and brown building, marked with an M. And you look at the little blue hat on the dashboard, and you notice the curtains have changed, and you know the door is locked, and you know that you cant stop. You just have to keep on driving.

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96 Cracked Victoria Jayne EXT. SUBURBS DAY Bob Marleys Three Little Birds plays. EXT. ROBERTS DRIVEWAY DAY ROBERT INT. TOYOTA PRIUS DAY its contents confused. ROBERT I dont care if this ruins your plans Janice. INT. POWER WHEELS CAR DAY EXT. SUBURBS DAY Billy drives down the side walk. INT. TOYOTA PRIUS DAY the folder.

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97 ROBERT Well Im sorry Janice I didnt EXT. ROBERTS DRIVEWAY DAY Billy drives onto Roberts driveway. He approaches the PRIUS. INT. TOYOTA PRIUS DAY The music stops with a BANG. Robert looks up. ROBERT I have to call you back. Robert hangs up the phone. He looks back; sees nothing. EXT. ROBERTS DRIVEWAY DAY He gets out of his car and walks to where the sound occurred. prius. Billys power wheels car is in perfect condition. What have you done!? Robert crouches to look at the crack. He goes to touch it and he sharply inhales. BILLY Relax. Nothing a little Play-Doh

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98 ROBERT What is wrong with you? BILLY Listen sir... You have nothing to worry about. Billy gets out of his car. He approaches Robert. I know a guy that can help. ROBERT I dont have time for this. I... ... Have you been drinking? BILLY ... No. ROBERT box. You reek of apples. BILLY How dare you accuse me of such a thing. I am a responsible driver. ROBERT from that foul smell.

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99 BILLY am allowed to consume what I choose. ROBERT Not if you are going to be operating heavy machinery. BILLY Listen. You are overreacting. I have been in far worse. This is an ROBERT There is a giant crack in my car! BILLY guy. He can do anything with PlayDoh. One time he was able to put a ROBERT I dont need your guy. I need a real mechanic. BILLY I have dealt with your criticisms friends? That is another story. I am leaving. INT. COP CAR DAY

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100 away. The cop pulls over and gets out. EXT. ROBERTS DRIVEWAY DAY COP Is there a problem here? ROBERT has been drinking. COP SIR! Billy stops his car and turns to the cop. BILLY What? COP I am going to have to see your license. BILLY Fine. COP I am also going to have to check your B.J.C. BILLY My what? COP

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101 Damn it we got a runner. the run. He is not compliant. I repeat he is not compliant. alone with the damaged Prius. FADE TO BLACK.

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102 Marissa Specioso

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Were Nice People