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On the Right Path
Angela Tylock
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Human Rights


My time at SUNY Oswego has help shaped my passion for my majors in political science and global and international studies. Throughout this time, I was able to discover who I am and find the path for my future working human rights domestically and abroad.
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As a freshman at SUNY Oswego, I was asked to take part in an incredible opportunity to travel abroad to Peru, hike the Inca trail, and participate in a home stay with an indigenous family who had no running water and a limited education - a life I could never imagine. This trip would change everything for me. An election had just taken place in Peru and I was interested to see how this process worked in another country. I asked our tour guide how the people picked who they voted for and the answer was heartbreaking; the trademark of one of the candidates was spray painted on several buildings still. A soccer ball. Given the limited education these people had about policy, soccer was something they all knew well. As soon as I came back to Oswego I found myself diving deeper into political science to investigate human rights and third world politics to better understand the challenges of other countries. Through my research, I investigated forced sterilization that was occurring around the world as a violation of the right to be free from inhuman treatment. I formed a thesis about the importance of the human right to water. This came at a time when Flint, Michigan found that their government had not protected the water they were drinking and promoted their own economic goals. As I read my thesis over for the final draft, I knew that fighting for human rights both abroad and domestically was my path. But how would I, a SUNY Oswego political science student, become a human rights advocate? The summer going into my senior year, I received the opportunity to be an investigative intern at the New York State Division of Human Rights. During this internship, I discovered that there are so many people in New York State who had no idea this Division existed. This opened my eyes to the fact that millions of Americans know very little about human rights, let alone when they are being violated. This internship let me investigate potential human rights violations such as discrimination in the workplace and the right to privacy, and made me feel so confident that working in this setting was what I wanted to do. My experiences at SUNY Oswego were far from over. I was selected to be an intern during the 2016 Vote Oswego Campaign. I would be spending my final fall at Oswego ensuring that students would be able to exercise their right to vote in ways that the Peruvians I met my freshman year did not. This campaign was non-partisan and helped over 2,600 students on campus get registered to vote or request an absentee ballot. Being a member of this campaign helped me realize that my leadership skills and experience abroad would be my key to becoming an advocate for human rights here in the United States. A SUNY Oswego political science student can change the world.

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