Spot for One

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Spot for One
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Advanced Creative Non-fiction Writing 408
Jackie Magurno
SUNY Oswego Creative Writing Program
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This piece follows the story of myself, as I developed as a rower. I learned the meaning of being a team player, taking chances, and stepping outside my comfort zone. Is winning truly what its all about, or is it about who is by your side through it all and what you have learned in the process?
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While writing a creative non-fiction piece there are many elements in which I try to incorporate in my work. As a non-fiction writer, a few important elements that I always try to add in my pieces that I think are the most important are dialogue, imagery, detail, character development, theme, and setting. All of these elements are very important in developing a well written piece that is catching to one's audience, however I think that imagery is extremely important. The purpose of imagery is to take advantage of all of a reader's senses and build them into something vivid and real in the reader's imagination. Imagery is a way of describing something symbolically, using words to create a picture in the reader's imagination. It is used to heighten the effect of language and is often an extension of word-choice. As a creative non-fiction writer I have learned great ways to incorporate lots of these elements into my work to truly strengthen myself as a writer.

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