1913 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement program

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1913 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement program
Creation Date:
June 21, 1913


Subjects / Keywords:
Class Motto
Class Officers
Commencement Excercises
Kindergarten Course
Kindergarten-Primary Course
Manual Arts Course
Normal Entrance Course
Professional Course
Oswego State Normal and Training School--New York--Oswego
Rites & ceremonies
Allen, Lois Bell
Allis, Marjorie May
Archer, William Earl
Austin, Elizabeth Graham
Aylesworth, Ada Lucille
Bannon, Anna Catherine
Barber, Leah
Bidinger, Margaret Anna
Blakeslee, Inez Clarissa
Bliss, Ethel Vanderveer
Boylen, Agnes Mary
Brown, Dorothy
Brunswick, Harry F.
Bryan, Elmer Burritt
Bullock, Carl Henry
Bunker, D. Leon
Burr, Minnie Louise
Byrne, Ethel Isabel
Carpenter, Marcia Nora
Carroll, Helen Marion
Cavanaugh, Jeanette L.
Chard, Jessie Beatrice
Close, Alison Jean
Cochrane, Harriette S.
Cole, Emily Bertha
Connelly, Vivian Frances
Coppernoll, Olive Ruth
Corrigan, Katherine Marie
Crahan, Bernadette Annette
Crane, Ellen Elizabeth
Crimmins, Anna Alice
Crowley, Daniel J.
Davis, Ethel Florence
Denton, Estelle P.
Depew, Susie Adelaide
Deuel, Mabel Etta
Donahue, Helen Louise
Dowd, Elizabeth Cecil
Drumm, Mary Louise
Dullea, Mary Lianda
Dunn, Irene Elizabeth
Eckes, Doraetta
Eddy, Jessie Gertrude
Farley, Lucy
Farmer, Florence C.
Finnegan, Marie Elizabeth
Galloway, Ruth
Gardner, Beatrice Sturtyvant
Gleason, Katherine
Green, Elizabeth Katheryn
Gregory, Ethel Maude
Groat, Isabel Margaret
Hack, Marjorie Bertha
Hamlin, Bessie May
Haralla, Anthony T.
Hardie, Orla
Hawkins, Agnes Marie
Hayes, Edith Mae
Heacock, Laura E.
Hendley, Mary Chesley
Hilbert, Sophie Elizabeth
Hitt, Mildred A.
Holley, Geraldine Louise
Hopkins, Thomas Wells
Hunt, Marguerite Louise
Hutchinson, Alice Josephine
Ingalls, Carrinne Matilda
Jenkins, Josephine Emma
Jenne, Marion Ruth
Keefe, Abram C.
Keefe, Abram Charles
Kiley, Jessie Louise
King, Florence Christina
Langan, Paul Conway
Law, Charlene Adelle
Leahy, Anna Loretto
Leonard, Ruth M.
Loftus, Laura Victoria
Loos, Helen Wilson
Lynch, Grace Elizabeth
Lynch, Kathryn
MacDonald, Camilla Leona
Mack, Agnes Catherine
Mallory, Iris C.
Marguerite Friman
Marie O'Grady
May, Joseph Leslie
McBride, Alice Isabelle
McCarthy, Kathleen Marie
McCollum, M. Marie
McCriskin, Marie A.
McKinstry, Marietta VanD.
McPeak, Anna Marie
Moore, Ruth Grinnell
Moran, Minnie Elizabeth
Moroney, Genevieve Louise
Moroney, Helen J.
Moroney, Margaret Elizabeth
Murray, Gertrude Regina
Nelson, Ruth Amy
Nester, Irene Estella
Northrop, Hazel E.
O'Brien, Anna Josephine
O'Connor, Alice E.
O'Connor, Alice Elizabeth
O'Hara, Anna Mae
O'Rielly, Estella D.
Ostrom, Nenah Belle
Owens, Emma Mary
Park, Bessie
Parsons, Edith Moffatt
Parsons, Helen F.
Pease, Ruth Elizabeth
Peterson, Ellen Mary
Peterson, Hilda Marie
Poucher, Isaac B.
Powell, Elsa Julia
Raby, Margaret Mary
Randall, Alice Louise
Raynor, Charlotte Elizabeth
Remington, Stella
Robbins, Harriet Frances
Robinson, Florence Adelaide
Roda, Charles William
Rogers, Marie C.
Scheutzow, Evelyn Josephine
Schneider, Ruth Margaret
Scully, Frances Marie
Shalibo, Teresa Elizabeth
Shea, Ethel Marie
Sheffield, Ruth Mary
Simonson, Grace May
Sinclair, Anna Laura
Slauson, Nina Ella
Smith, Estella Mary
Smith, Gladys Sarah
Smith, Mabel Leonora
Smith, Mercy
Somers, Florence Wilkins
Stanton, Hazel Olive
Stebbins, Rena Catherine
Steele, Samuel W., Reverend
Stewart, Elsie M.
Stone, Frederick L.
Sylvester, Harold Dexter
Terry, Margaret Josephine
Tiby, Mary Josephine
Tidnam, Alice Blanch
Travis, Eva Pearl
Van Wie, Marion Babbitt
Wagner, Julia D.
Wetmore, Edwin Delos
White, Greta Fanchon
White, Pearl S.
Whitney, Olive Clara
Wiesner, Dorothy Emma
Wilcox, Harriet Mae
Williams, Ruth Eveline
Wilson, Marcia Marion
Wilson, Mary Belle
Wood, Alice Vera
Wood, Genevieve
Woods, Eugenia Beatrice
Wright, Betha Harriette
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Documentary Artifact ( nmc )


1913 Oswego State Normal and Training School Commencement program. Printed on back, "Work of The Printing Department, State Normal and Training School, Oswego, N.Y." ( eng )
A list of graduates is included in the People Search Terms tab. ( eng )
June 21, 1913 ( eng )
Tri-fold. ( eng )
Fair condition, fold in center, staining on back cover, wrinkles along top edge. ( eng )
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CAPTION:1913 Commencement Program

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