1904 ONS graduating class

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1904 ONS graduating class
Northrup ( studio )
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9" x 6 1/2"


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Oswego, NY
Oswego Normal School
Baker, Estelle
Beecher, Mabel C.
Briggs, Loretta A.
Connolly, Mary
Cosi, Florence E.
Elve, Mina E.
Gardener, Edna Howell
Grace Narr, Grace
Helen A. Sackett, Helen A.
Helen D. Gardner, Helen D.
Jenkins, Charlotte W.
Jenne, Bertha
Lavere, Mary J.
Lee, Margaret R.
Levi, Hilda
Louise M. Martin, Louise M.
Lyon, Harriet
Macdonald, Clara S.
Minor, Edith S.
Morrow, Idella M.
Nelle A. Peck , Nelle A.
Orla A. Barton, Orla A.
Packard, Mary
Rhetta, Henry
Robertson, William D.
Rorty, Bertha C.
Schafer, Freda S.
Scott, Bertha H.
Spray, E. Dean
Tague, Catherine L.
Wandling, Ida L.
Whitmore, Eunice M.
Winslow, Kathleen F.
Print, Photographic
8: Communication Artifact ( nmc )
Documentary Artifact ( nmc )


Oswego Normal School graduation class of February 1904. 34 individual oval-shaped portraits. Each portrait has a handwritten name printed below. The following list of names begins with the upper left corner, reading left to right. ( eng )
Top row: "Nelle A. Peck ; Ida L. Wandling ; Orla A. Barton ; Helen D. Gardner ; Harriet Lyon ; Louise M. Martin ; Bertha C. Rorty ; Mary Packard." ( eng )
Second row: "Catherine L. Tague ; Hilda Levi ; Edith S. Minor ; E. Dean Spray ; Clara S. Macdonald ; Freda S. Schafer ; Mary J. Lavere ; _____ Pratt ; Florence E. Cosi." ( eng )
Third row: "Grace Narr ; Bertha Jenne ; Loretta A. Briggs ; Idella M. Morrow ; Eunice M. Whitmore ; Wm. D. Robertson ; Mabel C. Beecher ; Margaret R. Lee ; Kathleen F. Winslow." ( eng )
Fourth row: "Helen A. Sackett ; Charlotte W. Jenkins ; Edna Howell Gardener ; Henry Rhetta ; Estelle Baker ; Mina E. Elve ; Mary Connolly ; Bertha H. Scott." ( eng )
Black & white photograph. Includes photocopy. ( eng )
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CAPTION:Class of February 1904

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