Faculty Donated Material - Nov. 1, 2000 – Oct. 30, 2001

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Faculty Donated Material - Nov. 1, 2000 – Oct. 30, 2001
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Faculty Donated Material Nov. 1, 2000 Oct. 30, 2001 Arranged by Faculty Name and Date Donated Altschuler, Bruce E. [Political Science] Jan. 2001 [Rev of] Letters from Law school: The Life of a Second Year Law Student by Lawrence Dieker, Jr. The Law and Politics Book Review 11.1 (Jan. 2001) 35. Bennett, Mary [Library] Oct. 2001 Editor. Documents to the People of New York State : Official Newsletter of the New York State Library Assn., Government Informatio n Roundtable. v. 20 (2000) & v. 21 (2001). Bobrowski, Paula E. [Marketing & Management] Feb. 2001 ______ and Pamela L. Cox. Gateway to Business 2nd Ed. Corvalis, OR : Pacific Crest, 2000. Feb. 2001 A framework for Integrating External Informat ion into New Product Development : Lessons from the Medical Technology Industry. Journal of Technology Transfer 25 (2000) 181192. April 2001 The Product Development Process : A Comparison Between U.S. and Japanese Medical Diognostic Imaging Industrie s. International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management 2. (2000) 218232. Sept. 2001 _________and Pamela L. Cox. Gateway to Business 3rd. Ed. Corvallis, OR: Pacific Crest, 2001. Brady, Ivan [Anthropology] Oct.2001 Whence History? [Rev. of] Remembrance of Pacific Pasts : An Invitation to Remake History . Ed. Robert Borofsky. Current Anthropology 42.3 (June 2001) 4434. Oct. 2001 [Rev.of] Social Cartography : Mapping Ways of Seeing Social and Educational Change . Ed. Rolland G. Paulston. Visual Anthropology Review 16.1 (2000) 8688.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 2 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Oct. 2001 Pacific Island Poetry and Fiction: Fire Knees, Festival, When You Were Here, and Island Chains. Drunken Boat: An Online Journal of the Arts 31Oct. 2001

SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 3 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Cox, Pamela L. [Marketing & Management] See Bobrowski, Paula, Feb. 2001 See Bobrowski, Paula, Sept. 2001 Doffou, Ako [Finance and Law] Sept. 2001 _______ and Jimmy E. Hilliard. Information Inherent in Implicit Distributions. Research in Finance 18 (2001) 195 220. Friday, Matthew [Art] Jan. 2001 The Everson Bienniel 2000 : Post modern Sublime . York Art Guide (Spring 2000) 1115. Gordon, Howard [Presidents Office] August 2001 Someone is Screaming [short story and interview with author]. Preventing Violence in Schools : A Challenge to American Democracy Mahwah, NJ : Lawrence Erlhaum, 2001. 7994. Gump, Brooks [Psychology] Oct. 2001 _____ and Karen A. Matthews. Are vacations good for your Health? The 9 year Mortality Experience After the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial. Psychosomatic Medicine 62 (2000) 608612. Oct. 2001 ________, Deborah E. Polk, Thomas W. Kamark, and Saul M. Shiffman. Partner Interactions Are Associated wit h Reduced Blood Pressure in The Natural Environment: Ambulatory Monitoring Evidence From a Healthy, Multiethnic Adult Sample. Psychosomatic Medicine 63 (2001) 423433. Oct. 2001 _______, Karen A. Matthews, Michael F. Scheier, Richard Schulz, Michael W. Bridges, and George J. MaGovern. Illness Representations According to Age and Effects on Health Behaviors Following Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery. JAGS Journal of the American Geriatric Society 49 (2001) 284289.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 4 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Heidelbaugh, Nola J. [Communications Studies] Sept. 2001 Judgment, Rhetoric, and the Problem of Incommensurability Columbia, S.C.: U. of S. Carolina 2001. Hinrichs, Roger [Physics] Oct. 2001 ________ and Merlin Kleinbach. Energy: Its Use and the Environment 3rd ed., Orlando, FL: Harcourt, 2002. Judd, Thomas W. [History] Oct. 2001 Britain. Magills Guide to Military History Ed. John Powell. [n.p.] Salem Press, 2001. 220222. Kleinbach, Merlin [Technology Education Emeritus] See Hinrichs, Roger Oct. 2001 Korbesmeyer, Brad [English] April 2001 Performance of World Premiere of Piaf in Vienna by New Jersey Repertory Company at Long Beach, NJ, Dec. 731, 2000. Written by Brad Korbesmeyer. Directed by Peter Bennett. Performance of Piaf in Vienna by The Acting Company of Riverside Theater, Feb. 111, 2001. World Premiere Performance of Incident at San Bajo as an opera, based on play by Brad Korbesmeyer, performed by The Riverside Opera Ensemble. Music by Patrick Byers. Libretto by Peter Bennett. Theatre for the New City, N.Y.C., March, 2001.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 5 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Kumar, Alok [Physics] April 2001 ______ and Scott L. Montgomery. Telling Stories : Some Remarks on Orality in Science. Science as Culture 9.3 (2000) 391404. LeFevre, Joseph [Chemistry] Nov. 2000 ________, The Effect of Structure on the Resolution of Dansyl Amino Acids Using Beta Cyclodextrin as a Mobile Phase Additive in Reversed Phase Thin Layer Chromatopography. Chromatographia 52 (2000) 648 652. Ma rch 2001 Isolating Friedelin from Cork and Reducing It to Friedelinol and Epifriedelinol. Journal of Chemical Education 79 (April 2000) 535 538. Mian, Sarfraz A. [Marketing & Management] August 2001 Editor. TIM Newsletter [Technology and Innovation Management Div. of the Academy of Management.] 13. 2 & 13.3 (2001). Middleton, DeWight R. [Anthropology] Sept. 2001 Exotics and Erotics : Human Cultural and Sexual Diversity Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Pr., 2002. Mohamed, Kamal I. [Biology] Oct. 2001 __________, Lytton John Musselman, and Charles R. Riches. The Genus Striga (Scrophularlaceae) in Africa. Annals of the Missouri Garden. 88.1 (2001) 60103.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 6 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Murphy, Patrick M. [English] June 2001 Editor. The Tempest : Cri tical Essays New York: Routledge, 2001. June 2001 Interpreting The Tempest : A History of its Readings. The Tempest: Critical Essays Ed. Patrick M. Murphy. New York: Routledge, 2001. 372. Nelson, Andrew [Rice Creek Field Station & Biology] Sept. 2001 [Editor] Rice Creek Research Reports, 1999 2000. Oswego, NY: Oswego State University [SUNY Oswego], 2001. Osborne, Nancy Seale [Library] May 2001 In the Shadow of a Miracle: Loretto Academy of Our Lady of Light for Girls/ Santa Fe, New Mexico, 19491953. Syracuse, NY: Hale Mary Pr., 2001. OShea, Edward [English] Oct. 2001 Modernist Versions of The Tempest : Auden, Woolf, Tippet. The Tempes t : Critical Essays Ed. Patrick M. Murphy. New York: Routledge, 2001. 543559. Oct. 2001 [Review of] Outsiders Together: Virginia and Leonard Woolf by Natania Rosenfeld. Modern Fiction Studies 47.2 (Summ 2001) 508510. Pagano, James J. [Environmental Research Center] Sept. 2001 Analytical, Risk Assessment, and Remedial Implications Due to the Co Presence of Polychorinated Biphenyls and Terphenyls at Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites. Remediation (Winter 2000) 516.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 7 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Perticone, Eugene X. [C ounseling and Psychological Services Emeritus] Oct. 2001 Just Two for the Road. San Jose : Writers Club Press, 2001. Presley, John W. [Provost & English] Oct. 2001 D.H. Lawrence and the Resources of Poetry. Language and Style 12.1 (Winter 1979) 312. Rpt. in Twentieth Century Literary Criticism vol. 93, Farmington Hills, MI: Gale, 2000. Part of Literature Resource Center online. Oct. 2001 Narrative Structure in Gravess Novels of the 1930s. In Robert Gravess Historical Novels Ed. Ian Firla. Frankfurt, Germany: Peter Lang, 2000 83100. Oct. 2001 Focus : An Extended Bibliographical Description. Gravesiana 2: 3&4 (millennium double edition [2000]) 273285. Robert Graves in America [Review of a Conference]. Gravesiana 2: 3&4 (millenium double edition [2000]) 398404. Oct. 2001 A Concession to Modernity and Freedom : First Things [poem]. Troubadour : The Best of Rhyme at the year, 2001. San Antonio, Texas: Towers and Rushing. 13. Oct. 2001 Frizzling in the sun: Robert Graves and the development of mass tourism in the Balearic Islands. Expressions of Culture, Identy and Meaning in Tourism Ed. Mike Robinson et al. Centre for Travel and Tourism : Athenaeum Pr., 2000. 231244. Reed, Kimberly A. [ Sociology] March 2001 Managing our Margins : Women Entrepreneurs in Suburbia. New York: Routledge, 2001 Roodin, Paul [Psychology & Experience Based Education]. See Brown, Laura Hess, Oct. 2001


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 8 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Rule, Audrey [Curriculum & Instruction] Sept. 2001 __________, Manuel T. Barrera III, and Aftou Diemart. The Effect of Writing in Computers Versus Handwriting on the Writing Achievement of First Graders. Information Technology in Childhood Educat ion Annual [n.p.] (2001) 215228. Sept. 2001 Hands On Materials for Teaching Phonological Awareness and Phonics Dubuque, IA : Kendall/Hunt Pub., 2001. Sept. 2001 Environmental Print Activities for Language and Thinking Skills Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Pub., 2001. Sept. 2001 The Inspiration to Study Clay. J. of Geoscience Education 49.1 (Jan. 2001) 5663. Sept. 2001 Alphabetizing with Environmental Print. The Reading Teacher 54.6 (March 2001) 558561. Sept. 2001 Elefantastic Bingo . ERIC, 1999. ED 432460, microfiche. Sept. 2001 [Introduction] Measurement Activities for Increasing Student Curiosity, ERIC, [n.d.] ED 438162, microfiche. Rule, William K. [Physics] Sept. 2001 _______, S.E. Jones, O. Toness, and D.M. Jerome. Normal Penetration of Semi Infinite Targets by Ogive Nose Projectiles, Including the Effects of Blunting and Erosion. Thermal Hydraulics, Liquid Sloshing, Extreme Loads, and Structural Response 2001, 2001 ASME Pressure Vesssels and Piping Conferenc e, Atlanta, Georgia, July 22 26, 2001. New York: American Soc. of Mechanical Engineers, 2001. 5359. Sept. 2001 ________, M.E. Stephenson, S.E. Jones and R.C. Bradt. Effects of Precipitation Hardening 2024 Aluminum on its High StrainRate Deformation . Thermal Hydraulics, Liquid Sloshing, Extreme Loads, and Structural Response 2001, 2001 ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, July 2226, 2001. 2529.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 9 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Sept. 2001 ______, John D. Cinnamon, S.E. Jones, and J.W. House. Validating the High Strain Rate Strength Estimates generated from High Speed Film Data and a Revised Elementary Theory for the Taylor Impact Test. Proceedings of the ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference, Seattle, WA, July 2327, 2000. New York: American Soc. of Mechanical Engineers, 2000. [n.p. on ths copy] Sept. 2001 _______ and S.E. Jones. On the Optimal Nose Geometry for a Rigid Penetrator, Including the Effects of Pressure Dependent Friction. International Journal of Impact Engineeri ng 24 (2000) 403415. Schmitt, Elizabeth Dunne [Economics] Dec. 2000 Does Rising Consumer Debt Signal Future Recessions? Testing the Causal Relationship Between Consumer Debt and the Economy. Atlantic Economic Journal (Sept. 2000) 333346. Dec. 2000 _______ and Lawrence M. Spizman. Unintended Consequences of Tort Reform: Rent Seeking in New York States Structured Settlements Statutes. Journal of Forensic Economics 13.1 (2000) 2948. Schnorr, Roberta [Curriculum & Instruction] Oct. 2001 _________, Alison Ford, and Linda Davern. Learners with Significant Disabilities. Remedial and Special Education 22.4 (July/August 2001) 214222. Skolnick, Richard [Finance & Law] Oct. 2001 Discount Retail Profitability : A Harbinger for E Commerce? Journal of Business Strategies 18.2 (Fall, 2001) 4453.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 10 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Oct. 2001 Product Differentiation and Cost Leadership: Their Effect Upon Profit Margin and Asset Turnover, New York Economic Review (Fall 2000) 3 13. Smith, John Kares [Communication Studies] Nov. 2000 Accardo, Tony (Big Tuna), Drake, Alfred., Peppard, George, and Ray, Martha. The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives vol. III and IV. New York : Scribners 2000. Smith, Steven M. [Engl ish and Office of Learning Support] Oct. 2001 Bowling Night [poem]. West Wind Review: Twentieth Anthology [n.p.]: Southern Oregon University, 2000. 18. Stamm, Alfred [Earth Sciences] See Valentino, David Sept. 2001 Stuck, Mary Francis [Sociology] Nov. 2000 Comp. and Ed. Structures and Processes of Inequality. 3rd Ed. Acton, MA: Copley Custom Publishing Group, 2000. Thibault, Edward A. [Sociology] Feb. 2001 ______, Lawrence M. Lynch and R. Bruce McBride. Proactive P olice Management 5th ed. Upper Saddle River; NJ : Prentice Hall, 2001. Valentino, David W. [Earth Sciences] Sept. 2001 _______, Alfred Stamm, Benjamin Connor, JoAnn Thomas, and Jeffrey Chiarenzelli. The Impact of Precipitation on Electrical P roperties of the Shallow Subsurface at Rice Creek Field Station: Experimental Design and First Results. Rice Creek Research Reports 19992000 (2001) 1122.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 11 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Sept. 2001 Late Paleozoic Dextral Transpression in the Crytalline Core of the Pennsylvania Re entrant. The Mid Atlantic Piedmont : Tectonic Missing Link of the Appalachians (Special Paper 330). Ed. David W. Valentino and Alexander E. Gates. Geological Society of America, 1999. 59 71. Sept. 2001 _______, Richard W. Valentino, and Bart J. Lamport. Interaction Between Paleozoic Strikeslip and Thrust Shear Zones in the Philadelphia Structural Block, Central Appalachian Piedmont. Geological Society of America, 1999. 2939. Sept. 2001 ______ and Alexander E. Gates. Asynchronous Extensional Collapse of a Transpressional Orogen: The Alleghanian Central Appalachian Piedmont, U.S.A. Journal of Geodynamics 31 (2001) 145167. Vanouse, Donald [English] Oct. 2001 The Blighting of Love and Growth in J.M. Coetzees Boyhood. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Literature and Psychoanalysis, Urbino [Italy], July, 1999. Ed. Frederico Pereira. Lisbon, Portugal: Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, [n.d.]. 229235. Oct. 2001 Stephen Crane 1870 1900. The Heath Anthology of American Literature 4th ed., vol.2. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2002. 495497. Oct. 2001 [Rev. of] Stephen Crane, Journalism, and the making of Modern American Literature . Stephen Crane Studies 9.1 (2000) 2326. Oct. 2001 Crane Studies in Baltimor e. Stephen Crane Studies 8.1 (1999) 2023. Vermilye, Jon [Theatre] Oct. 2001 [Frontpiece: Photograph of scene of The Tempest Oct. 1626, 1997, SUNY Oswego Theatre Department, directed by Mark Cole.] The Tempest: Critical Essays Ed. Patrick M. Murphy. New York: Routledge, 2001.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 12 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Warkentin, Craig [Political Science] April 2001 Reshaping World Politics : NGOs, The Internet, and Global Civil Society. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2001. Weber, Peter G. [Biology] Sept. 2001 ________ and Michael Holy. Butterfly Populations at Rice Creek Field Station, 1999 Season. Rice Creek Research Reports 1999 2000, (2001) 410. Wellman, Judith [History] Dec. 2000 Grass Roots Reform in the BurnedOver District of Upstate New York: Religion, Abolitionism and Democracy. New York: Garland, 2000. Jan. 2001 Larry Garas Liberty Line in Oswego County, New York, 18381854: A New Look at the Legend. Afro Americans in New York Life and History 25.1. (Jan. 2001) 3355. Young, Eli zabeth [Library] Nov. 2000 ________ and Michael Fosmire. Free Scholarly Electronic Journals: What Access Do College and University Libraries Provide? College & Research Libraries 61.6 (2000) 500508. Young, Rosalie R. [Public Justice] Nov. 2000 Ive Always Wanted to be A . But Now Im Not So Sure : A Survey of Students Career Plans. C & U : A Journal of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers 76.2 (Fall 2000) 916.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 13 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 2000 200 1 Zakin, Helen [Art] Nov., 2000 Mariawald: Cistercian Narrative. Stained Glass as Monumental Painting: Proceeding [of] Corpus Vitrearum Medi Aevi, XIX th International Colloquium, Krakow 1998, 1416 May. 273 280. Zakin, Richard [Art] March, 2001 Cerami cs: Mastering the Craft 2nd Ed. Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 2001.