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About Display to Archives

The Display-to-Archives Program is an ongoing, campus-wide effort to recognize, exhibit, collect, and promote access to SUNY Oswego faculty’s scholarly and creative work. It collects and makes accessible the professional work of our faculty that meets the SUNY Board of Trustees’ criteria for scholarly and creative work. The program began in 1988 under President Stephen Weber. Though this program was initiated for faculty, staff also participate and add to the impressive range and depth of scholarly and creative work done at SUNY Oswego.

Faculty members are invited to donate copies of their recent published professional work—books, chapters, articles, music scores, media, translations, etc.—or material such as programs and reviews related to their recitals, exhibitions, theater productions, etc.

Material from the past two years forms two continuously running exhibits per year in the library’s lobby. Older donated material goes directly into the College Archives. Following each display, the donated materials become part of the library's permanent collection and are cataloged for the "Faculty Publications" section of the College Archives in Special Collections.

Each year a reception is held to honor all participants. Dates for getting material to the Library for the next exhibit and bibliography are May 31 and Dec 31.  

Public collection includes bibliography, sideshow, and first page of Oswego faculty scholarly works.