SUNY Oswego Creative & Scholarly Works: Faculty Donated Material – Nov. 1, 2002 – Oct. 31, 2003

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SUNY Oswego Creative & Scholarly Works: Faculty Donated Material – Nov. 1, 2002 – Oct. 31, 2003
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SUNY Oswego Creative & Scholarly Works Faculty Donated Material Nov. 1, 2002 Oct. 31, 2003 Arranged by Faculty Name & Date Donated Andrews, David [Economics] Oct. 2003 Commodity Fetishism as a form of life: language and value in Wittgenstein and Marx. Marx and Wittgenstein: Knowledge, Morality and Politics Ed. Gavin Kitching and Nigel Pleasants. London: Routledge, 2002. 7894. Baloglou, George [Mathematics] Oct. 2003 _____ and Nick Nicholas, Trans. & Commentary. An Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds New York: Columbia U.P., 2003. Brady, Ivan [Anthropology] March 2003 The Time of Darwins Reef: Poetic Explorations in Anthropology and History Walnut Creek, CA: Alta Mira Press, 2003. May 2003 [Rev. of] Cannibalism and the Colonial World, ed. by Frances Barker et al. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 8.4 (2002): 767768. Card, Robert F. [Philosophy] April 2003 Using Case Studies to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Ethics Courses. Teaching Ethics 3.1 (2002): 1927. Casey, Jean [Counseling & Psychological Services] Oct. 2003 _____ and Gerald J. Solan. Police Work Addiction. The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin June 2003: 1317.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 2 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 20022003 Chambers, Jean E. [Philosophy] April 2003 Responses and Dialogue: Response to Clone Alone by Carson Strong and Are There Limits to the Use of Reproductive Cloning by Timothy Murphy. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 11 (2002): 169179. Oct. 2003 Ethicists as Architects: Revising Moral Theory Using All the Tools. Philosophy in the Contemporary World 9.1 (2002) 2737. Chaudhari, Ram [Physics, Emeritus] April 2003 Editor. Vigyan Prakash: A Science Magaz ine published by World Hindi Foundation 1.1 (2003). April 2003 Editorial. Hindi Jagat 3.3 (2002): 2. April 2003 Editorial. Hindi Jagat 3.4 (2002): 2. April 2003 Problems in the Development of Hindi. Hindi Jaget 3.4 (2002): 36. April 2003 Editorial. Hindi Jaget 4.1 (2003): 1. Oct. 2003 Editor. Vigyan Prakash 1.3 (2003) Oct. 2003 Development of Science: A Historical Perspective Part III. Vigyan Prakash 1.3 (2003): 1832. [In Hindi] Oct. 2003 Editorial and Development of Science A Historical Perspective, Pt. II. Vigan Prakash: A Science Magazine Published by World Hindi Foundation 1.2 (2003): 2432. Oct. 2003 Tradition of World Hindi Convention. Hindi Jagat 4.2 (2003): 23. Oct. 2003 Challenges to Hindi in the Twenty First Century. Hindi Jagat 4.4 (2003): 2. Oct. 2003 Editorial : Usefulness of Hindi. Hindi Jaget 4.4 (2003): 2.


SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 3 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 20022003 Cole, Robert [Communication Studies] April 2003 The Rhetoric of New York Identity in Film: A Midw esterners Phenomenology. Journal of the Illinois Speech and Theatre Assoc. 71 (Fall 2002): 2535. Oct. 2003 _____, Clifford E. Kobland and Julia T. Wood. Student Companion for Julia T. Woods Communication Mosaics . 3rd ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/ Thompson Learning, 2004. Oct. 2003 _____, Clifford E. Kobland and Julia T. Wood. Instructors Resource Manual for Julia T. Woods Communication Mosaics: an Introduction to the Field of Communications . 3rd ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thompson Learning, 2004. Conrad, David [History] April 2003 Pilgrim Fajigi and Basiw from Mecca: Islam and Traditional Religion in the Former French Sudan. Bamana: Art of Existence. Ed. Jean Paul Colleyn. New York: Museum for African Art, 2001. 2535. Cox, Donald D. [Biology, Emeritus] April 2003 A Naturalists Guide to Seashore Plants: An Ecology for Eastern North America Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse U.P., 2003. Darvill, Thomas [Psychology] See James Pagano October 2003 See Paul Stewart Sept. 2003


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SUNY Oswego Scholarly & Creative Works Page 6 of 13 Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego 20022003 April 2003 _____ Pianist, and Russell Guyver, Violist. An Evening of Chamber Music, March 12, 2003. The Fulton Music Assoc., All Saints Church, F ulton, NY. April 2003 _____Pianist, and Russell Guyver, Violist. [concert] Church of the Resurrection, March 13, 2003. April 2003 _____ Pianist, and Russell Guyver, Violist, in Concert. Amnesty International, Ridotto del Teatro dellUnione Viterbo, 16 March 2003. Loe, Mary [Library] April 2003 [Rev. of] Critical Survey of Poetry 2nd ed., by Frank N. Magill and Philip K. Jason. Choice March 2003. 15 May 2003< April 2003 [Rev. of] Columbia Grangers Index to Poetry in Anthologies 12th ed., ed. by Tessa Kale. Choice Oct. 2002. Choice 15 May 2003< http://www.choicere April 2003 [Rev. of] Mighty Fine Words and Smashing Expressions: Making Sense of Transatlantic English by Orin Hargraves. Choice May 2003. 15 May 2003< http://www.choicereview Lonky, Edward [Psychology] See James Pagano October 2003 See Paul Stewart Sept. 2003 Loveridge Sonbonmatsu, Joan [Communication Studies, Emerita] Feb. 2003 Winged Odyssey : Poems and Stories Syracuse, NY: Hale Mary Press, 2002.


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