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About Faculty Portraits Exhibit

The Faculty Portraits Exhibit Collection of faculty portraits resulted from an Art Department Photography II class project assigned by Dr. Robert Steinen beginning in 1967. Dr. Steinen continued to add photographs, taken by himself, through 1975.

The 32 faculty and administrators portraits were produced for an assignment to document a senior professor with at least twenty years of service at Oswego. The Photography II student selected the professor. Faculty members represented in the Faculty Portrait Exhibit are: Francis P. Hulme, Erwin Palmer, Johnson Cooper, Charles B. Yager, Max Ziel, J. Sherwood Dunham, Dorothy Rogers, James R. Hastings, George Stark, Robert Van Schaack, Taylor Harter, William McGarvey, Charles Turner, Orla Loper, Paul Rogers, Robert Crego, James Perdue, Frank Robinson, Norman Whitten, Robert Stroud, Aulus Saunders, Paul Goodwin, Robert McWilliams, Donald Snygg, Joseph Shoenfelt, Charles Wells, F. Lee Martin, Donald Buck, Vernon E. Rank, Ernest G. Wise, William Hanks and Maurice Boyd.

To see the original photos, please contact Special Collections, Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego at archives@oswego.edu.